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1. South Park (1997 TV Series)
Episode: Pip (2000)
Presented by "A British Person", this episode looks at the background of the character Pip, in the form of a South Park version of "Great Expectations". Young Pip, having first been employed in the service of Miss Havisham, an insane heiress, learns that an unknown person has paid to have him sent to a fine boarding school so that he may be raised as a gentleman. After finishing his schooling he returns to visit Miss Havisham, whom he believes was his mysterious benefactor. Only now does he learn what the woman's true intentions were, at which point the story separates completely from the original Dickens novel.
2. Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1988 TV Series)
Episode: Master Ninja I (1992)
Lee Van Cleef and his stunt double help to show Timothy Van Patten how to be a ninja and save the day. Meanwhile, the Bots build a model muscle car to symbolize the loner persona of Post WWII America, or something like that. The Mads go first in the Invention Exchange with intravenous gourmet meals before Dr. Forrester smothers Frank with a pillow. Joel goes second by introducing a series of pop-up books for grown ups with titles ranging from "The Plague" to "Great Expectations," though he draws the line when Crow tries to present "Naked Lunch." Timothy Van Patten's role in this "movie" leads Crow to believe there's a Made-For-TV conspiracy with no point whatsoever. Later, after the SOL's Showdown of the Theme Musics, Joel and the Bots demonstrate different styles of numchucks and then asks people to mail in their ideas for new chucks. In the end, the SOL is inspired by the funk-based music from the "movie" and comes up with the Master Ninja Themesong, which plays on during the credits after Frank is caught trying to smother Dr. Forrester in turn.
3. Mr. Pip (2012)
Mr Watts is the only white man left on the island after the blockade. He opens the school and introduces the children the 'Great Expectations.' Matilda, the teenage narrator finds comfort in the story of a Victorian orphan when her own world is falling apart. The Redskins, an army sent to destroy the local rebels are getting closer. Matilda writes 'Pip' in the sand. This simple act leads to terrible consequences when the Redskins suspect Pip to be a rebel leader and demand he be brought before them.
4. Great Expectations (1946)
As a young orphan boy Pip lives with Joe Gargery, the local blacksmith and his shrewish wife. He's not yet 14 years old at which point he will begin his apprenticeship as a blacksmith so he lives a carefree life. He meets two people who will have a great impact on his future: an escaped convict from a prison ship destined to Australia and Estella, a young girl who lives with Miss Havisham in a dusty falling down old mansion. After several years, Pip receives tremendous news: a secret benefactor has decided to fund his becoming a gentleman and Pip promptly moves to London where he shares rooms with Mr. Pocket and learns to become a man of great expectations, all on the £250 per year he receives from his benefactor. He also becomes a snob however, something that shames him later on. As he learns the identity of his secret benefactor, he also learns the true meaning of joy and life.
5. The Millionaire Matchmaker (2008 TV Series)
Episode: The Running Man and Great Expectations (2013)
Thirty-seven-year-old Joe Bayen was raised in Paris and has a net worth of $40 million. The entrepreneur and former champion runner wants to settle down and have a family, but he keeps traveling the globe for business. Patti's second millionaire this week is Florida lawyer Frank Cerino. All the women Frank meets can't reach his "great expectations." This week holds a twist, as one millionaire backs out before his mixer, forcing Patti to help out a third client, Teague Eagan, who made his fortune in music and sports.
6. Breaking Amish (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Facing Demons (2013)
The cast has great expectations when they finally make it down to Florida, but there's trouble in paradise. Jeremiah's surprise visitor has an ulterior motive for showing up and Kate comes to Sabrina's rescue when she gets caught in the middle.
7. The Bridge (1959)
A couple of days before the end of World War II, seven sixteen year-old German boys from a small village are recruited for military service. The idealistic Hans Scholten, Albert Mutz, Walter Forst, Jurgen Borchert, Karl Horber, Klaus Hager and Sigi Bernhard join the army on 26 April 1945, with great expectations and enthusiasm to defend their motherland Germany in the front against the will of their parents. Their English teacher, Stern, unsuccessfully tries to convince Commander Fröhlich to refuse the enlistment of the youngsters. After one day's training, the soldiers are summoned to the front, but the Commander of the 463rd Battalion of the 3rd Company assigns Sergeant Heilmann to stay with the rookies "protecting" a useless bridge in their village in order to spare the boys.
8. Who Do You Think You Are? (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Paul McDermott (2014)
On the trail of his ancestors, entertainer Paul McDermott delves into the mystery behind his Mother's adoption and the cruelly brief lives and loves of his ancestors. He also uncovers a tale of hard times and great expectations in colonial Adelaide.
9. Great Expectations (2013)
This stunning adaptation of Dickens' classic tale was captured live from the Vaudeville Theatre in the West End. Although Great Expectations has been adapted for film on two separate occasions, once by David Lean in 1946 and most recently by Mike Newell, it has never been produced for The West End or Broadway, widely believed to be too difficult to translate to stage. However, this Jo Clifford adaptation has been universally acclaimed as a triumph on its sellout tour of the UK head of its West End debut. In addition to the production, this version include red carpet arrivals from the February 7 premiere and behind the scenes footage exclusively for cinema audiences.
10. The Cedar Tree (1976 TV Series)
Episode: A Lesson for Jim: Part 1 (1977)
Gates catches young Jim Tapper reading a copy of Great Expectations lent to him by Elizabeth and returns the book without asking Jim. Arthur supports Gates against Elizabeth resulting in a disagreement between father and daughter over Jim's right to achieve something greater in life. Rosemary meets with a guilty Arthur who is weary of their deception abroad. Jim is involved in an accident.
11. The South Bank Show (1978 TV Series)
Episode: David Lean: A Life in Film (1985)
Steven Spielberg, Alec Guinness and Omar Sharif appear in this tribute to the great British filmmaker, David Lean. Clips from many of his films, such as "Brief Encounter," "Hobson's Choice," "Great Expectations," "Doctor Zhivago," "Lawrence of Arabia," and "The Bridge on the River Kwai" are included. A unique insight into Lean's method and vision.
12. The Third Wish (2005)
The rags to riches story of Maggie Malone, an aspiring author who finds a rare edition of Great Expectations in the bookstore where she works. A seemingly magical book, Maggie is granted three wishes...or so she thinks. The true magic is actually being orchestrated by a mysterious benefactor, who has commissioned a handsome Oxford lawyer to guide her through a Cinderella-like transformation. The cynical Maggie soon finds herself spellbound by her dashing escort...and believing in the very fairy tales she writes about.
13. The Gateway Meat (2008)
The Gateway Meat is a disturbing and sadistic film, that strays far from the normal conventions of the horror genre. It is about a group of Satanists, living in a quaint, coastal fishing town. As the film progresses we get to know the character played by DeCaro himself, Markus. The film is mainly about how Markus struggles as he tries to deal with the great expectations that are placed on him after his fathers death. Markus' father, who was a Satanist, was trying to open up a portal into hell. Now that he is gone, Markus must take the reigns, and gain the power that his father wanted. With the help of his family and a couple of friends, Markus murders his way to power, as his young, preschool aged daughter watches."
14. Skater Boys (2005 TV Series)
In a oriented spin-off of the skater-punk movie 'Grind', starring Adam Brody -- Director Richard L. Fox takes the franchise into the world of television. Influenced by the original movie, and the hit song by 'Avril Lavigne', It captivates the raw emotion of high-school, from the skater teen prospective. Quoted to be Grind meets The OC, Skater Boys has the potential to be great, and the expectations are just that and more. Casting raw talent, these "real" kids take the prospect of high-school, and the passion that is skating to the next level, on their venture to go pro. Three grade nine students need to master the ultimate trick, and its not the 360 bunny hop twirl...high-school.
15. London Life (2015)
"London Life" is a realistic movie that shows the hardship faced by the students arriving in UK with great expectation and yet is a very tender love story. This film contains lovable feel good and endearing characters with lively dialogue, actual locations and an incident based story.
16. Gaz'lam (2002 TV Series)
Episode: Turning Over a New Leaf, Part 2 (2005)
As Sifiso prepares to leave rehab, he starts experiencing strange visions in his dreams. Khethiwe's parents come to Jo'burg for her upcoming graduation but they have some concern about their daughter's newfound religious path. Portia visits home after a prolonged absence and there is great expectations for their child's future, professionally and personally. When Coltrane catches Msizi smoking, he uses the opportunity to reach out to Thuli.
17. Great Expectations (2007 Documentary)
This film takes the viewer on a journey through possible and impossible architecture projects - from the beginning of the 20th century to today. From concrete illusions of grandeur to round grass covered dwellings under ground. The viewer will meet world famous architects and visionaries like Buckminster Fuller and Le Corbusier and experience their visions and ideas of how to build us a better world. With the help of animations unrealized projects come to life in this documentary that shows astounding visions of a world - as it could have been. Since the end of the 19th century industrialized man has been confronted with new kinds of possibilities and problems, all of which in one way or another are the consequences of a storm of technological progress. Amidst the smoke and wars, architects and artists saw early on that this was a world full of possibilities, with plenty of room for visionary ideas. They were motivated and driven by the problems of the day, be it a shortage of housing, urban decay or pollution. Their visions brought changes in our ways of living and dwelling that challenged our concepts of the good, the true and the beautiful. In this documentary we encounter the Anthroposophist head quarters in Switzerland, the functionalist cities of Le Corbusier and Archigram's projects where pop-art meets architecture. We also meet the self-taught inventor Buckminster Fuller and his light weight constructions, and Antti Lovag - the protector of round houses. Also we visit Habitat 67 - a building conceived from LEGO, Superstudio and their world without objects, Paolo Soleri's crystal like cities in the desert, and ecological housing under ground. Great Expectations is a film about architecture projects and visions which have brought changes in our ways of living and dwelling that challenged our concepts of the good, the true and the beautiful.
Great Expectations is the first documentary to present the grand architectural visions of our time. Visions where imagination has been allowed to run free. Sometimes unrealized and unbound by earthly conditions, sometimes realized and revolutionary to its inhabitants. But the film deals with far more than mere illusions of grandeur. It is the story of great thinkers who in different time-periods of the 20th century have suggested revolutionary changes to our ways of living - and how it is to live in their dreams. The answers vary, but the intentions of the architects were good - mostly. Using archive footage and animations, the film brings architecture of the past and plans never realized to life. Visiting inhabitants of the visions that became realized, their stories comment and contrast the ambitions of the architects.
18. Magwitch (2012 Short Film)
"Hold your noise!" - are the first words the convict Abel Magwitch growls at Pip in "Great Expectations". But what were the events that led him to become this manacled man covered in blood and mud? The story begins with Magwitch in solitary confinement upon a Prison Hulk. Suffering from a fever, the convict dreams about a life gone by, from his first crime to his first love and the daughter he lost forever. Inspired by the Charles Dickens Novel "Great Expectations".
19. 3 Seasons in Hell (2009)
Prague 1947 - a time of sensuality, extravagance, wit and great expectations . Ivan Heinz, a good-looking dandy with a provocative sense of humour has just turned 19. Running away from home he devotes himself to the celebration of freedom, revolutionary politics and artistic aspiration. He lives for the moment, discards the past, writes poetry and blindly immerses himself in his own world of idealistic politics, surrealism and personal discovery.
20. Tomorrow Morning (2006)
After twelve years spent abroad, the main character returns to his native city, where he meets his old love, friends and parents again They spend four days together and after that nothing will be the same in their lives. TOMORROW MORNING is a love drama. It speaks of a deep passion, sensuality, tenderness, jealousy, possessiveness , infidelity -conflict between irrational and rational. But, above all, it speaks of a need to bring back time, to treasure the moment of happiness and togetherness, the time of great expectations, the moment that happens once and never returns. It speaks of self rediscovery.
21. 60 Minutes Wednesday (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Katrina/Great Expectations/Shadow Divers (2005)
"Katrina" takes a look at the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. "Great Expectations" follows an unusual experiment where a problem student is given a second chance in a boarding school. "Shadow Divers" interviews two deep-sea divers who explored a WWII German submarine off the coast of New Jersey.
22. Chandrayaan (2010)
The feature film Chandrayaan is based on the glorious story of India's first Lunar Mission. Chandrayaan is a spacecraft, initially designed to be in an orbit 100 kilometers from the moon. It was Dr. Abdul Kalam, the then President of India who proposed that a Moon Impact Probe, MIP, should be included. Indian Space Research Organization accepted this as a challenge and began their toil. At the appointed time PSLV C11 rocket soared into space carrying Chandrayaan. November 14, 2008. Millions of Indians were waiting with bated breath and great expectations. That night at 8.10 the ejected MIP dived to the lunar surface. Seconds punctuated by intense suspense. At last, the MIP landed on the lunar surface and placed the Indian tricolor on the Moon.
23. The Rock Apprentice (????)
Tim O'Brian has just started at a school for the gifted with the weight of great expectations upon him in the form of his dead father's classical legacy and his disabled mother and younger brother's dependency. He is desperate to improve his lot in life and break the confines of both his classical piano style and social status. Things begin to look up when he links up with a cool, female, rock guitarist and a bitter old rock and roll legend.
24. Texas Jack (1935)
Texas Jack's Immense Medicine Show is playing a small western town when a drunk, Cal Kramer, constantly interrupts and jeers the two comedians Nip and Tuck, probably with good reason since they are following Starlight the Wonder Horse who can add and multiply and tell the age and disposition of the patrons, and no good act ever follows an animal act. Texas Jack gets fed up and whips up on Kramer and the sheriff runs the show out of town. Riding ahead of the show the next morning on Starlight, whose star billing does not keep him from serving as a steed, Jack finds Ann Hall waiting at a flag station for a wagon to take her to the border town of La Hunta, where she has been hired by mail by saloon owner Dan Carey to, she thinks, teach school. The still-drunk Kramer shows up in a buckboard and tells her he has been sent to fetch her, but his actions scare the horses, they bolt and Jack rides to the rescue. Whipping Kramer for the second time, Jack leaves him in a ditch and drives her to La Hunta, after telling the show troopers to join him there. Skinny, a small boy that looks like he wandered over from the "Great Expectations" set, who makes money washing and currying horses, enters the saloon and hits up Biff Jones, Carey's chief henchie, for money owed. Jones, since there isn't a dog present to kick, beats up on Skinny. Jack also whips up on Jones, and makes the rest of the barflies cough up the money they also owe Skinny. Jack, back at the medicine show, tells Barney that his long search has finally came to an end. Dang if Jack isn't using the Medicine Show as a cover for his operations in tracing a man who, two years before, lured his sister across the border under the pretense of placing her in a school teacher's job, but forced her to become an "inmate" of a shady dance hall in Mexico, with the result she committed suicide. Jack is positive that Carey, then known as Andrew Cole, is his man and has the same intentions toward Ann.
25. Havisham: The Untold Story (2014 Short Film)
DTI Group Inc. and DTI Entertainment brings you the prequel of the all time best-seller novel "Great Expectation". Starring as Miss (Beatrice) Havisham (Neslihan Ece Kas) experiences the most shocking fact of life; :Love is not fair!" In her journey she will face the villain Compeyson (Onur Bilge) and also many more.
26. Something Old (2012 Short Film)
This is the story of Catherine Havisham, a bridezilla who has just discovered a typo on her wedding invitations. Before all hell breaks loose her friends come to the rescue. Crisis averted....or so they think. Taking its inspiration from Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, this Gothic take on Bridget Jones culture highlights the pitfalls of wedding excess and offers a horrifying glimpse of a loveless eternity.
27. Tzvetanka (2012 Documentary)
"Born in a wealthy family Tzvetanka passionately dreamed of becoming an actress as a child, but the history of her country completely changed her destiny. The 20th century was historically unique for Bulgaria, which survived the change of three epochs: monarchy, communist regime, and democracy. The epochs were changing and along with them the country and the people living in it. Tzvetanka is the story of my grandmother, a woman who has outlived the three epochs. Her life represents and reflects the stories of many others, of society and of the country itself." Youlian Tabakov Tzvetanka Gosheva was born in the family of rich merchants in 1926. When she was six her brother died, and she became the "boy" in the family and was prepared for taking over the family business. After 9th September 1944, the day of the communist revolution in Bulgaria, things changed drastically for her and her family. Tzvetanka's father was sent to prison without any clear conviction and everything that the family possessed was gradually confiscated. Later on, her father was accused of being an enemy of the communist party and the family was sent away in exile. Being a daughter of a convicted against the party automatically deprived her from the right to study, work and live equally to others. Despite that she was admitted at the medical academy in Sofia. Household, children, struggles in the field of science, day and night shifts as an anesthesiologist followed in the next 40 years. Ironically, her last working day was 10th November 1989, the day of the democratic "revolution". That was a day of great expectations. In the years of total chaos, that followed she was working in science and taking care of her grandchildren fighting with age and loneliness.
In his opulent, playful and sometimes serene debut film, Youlian Tabakov tells the chequered life story of a Bulgarian woman who survived three political regimes: monarchy, socialism and the present day. The director profits from having studied costume and design, which inspired him to interweave the documentary material with animated and staged sequences to produce a stream of imaginative and surprising images. His grandmother, Tzvetanka Gosheva, was born in 1926 to a rich merchant's family, which enabled her to attend a privileged school in Sofia. But this bourgeois background became her downfall after the war. Her parents were imprisoned as enemies of the party; her father would never recover from this. By sheer luck she managed to get permission to go to university. She became a doctor, though she suffered a lot of humiliation and obstruction in her work. Nonetheless, she remained in the country, even though she would have had opportunities to go abroad. Illness changes people, she says. Ironically, her last working day was 10 November 1989; the day Todor Zhivkov was overthrown. What follows is called democracy. Tzvetanka's eye for politics remains sharp even though she is slowly going blind. To her the new system is corrupt. She originally wanted to become an actress: in this film the diminutive woman delivers a great performance.
28. Wearing Velvet Slippers Under a Golden Umbrella (1970)
Dr. Kyi Thar (Myat Lay), who works at the intensive-care unit, Mental Health Hospital, Yangon, and the patient Ma Htar Htar (Myat Mon), an elder sister of a friend. They met for the very first time on his duty. Though the friend¹s family was from Mandalay, they came to Yangon, to Dr. Kyi Thar to take the medical treatment with great expectations. They were right as she was getting much better as time went by and in their relationship too. Both of them knew they were deeply in love, attached to each other without mentioning a thing. It was the patient, who tried to start a new beginning of their close relationship on the day they went out together. However, he severed relations with her against his will as he thought it was the best thing to do. He just tried to keep his morals as a doctor. But their separation left her with the feeling of deep hurt instead. She got worse when they met again after some time. The poor patient asked again her beloved doctor to go out together with a pat expression, "let's go out, anywhere!"
29. The Naturalization of Munkács László (2007 Video)
An American Dream is subdued by an American experience. Munkács László comes to the U.S. with ambitions of becoming an astronaut. Great expectations go unfilfilled, however, as László is slowly consumed by domestic cigarettes, television, and janitorial drudgery.
30. Divine Intervention: A Serendipitous Film About Britney Spears (2003 Documentary)
In 2003, Ruben Garay and Melanie Hellman embarked on a magical journey filled with hopes and dreams of great expectations. The purpose: Take a road trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana from Fort Myers Beach, FL to attend the "Rally Against Cancer" Event at the Summit Hospital hosted by Britney Spears and her family.
31. Polizisten - Innenansichten aus dem Polizeialltag (1999 Documentary)
"Polizisten" ("Police")is a long documentary about cops in Germany. I had decided it was time to let them talk about their situation instead of reiterating all that has been said by others about them. The film portraits nine men and women of different branches from border guards to a detective of the homicide dept. I wanted to find out how they cope with the great expectations, the responsibility, fears, wearing a uniform and a carrying a gun, with having to do society's dirty work, with the power they're entrusted with and with the mechanisms of alienation.
32. Living Like a Common Man (2011 Documentary)
Youngsters in developing countries all over the world dream of going to the West. They hope to earn money and get overseas experience to improve their positions at home. But once they arrive, they end up in low-status jobs and living crammed into small houses with other newly arrived migrants. This film follows the daily life in one such house in East London. The bunker beds are filled with young Indians, all from relatively wealthy families in Gujarat. When they return to visit India, their families have great expectations of their sons and daughters. Will these youngsters fulfil their own and their families' dreams?
33. El Certamen (2004 Documentary)
El Certamen follows each of them for a month during the creation, rehearsals, music and costumes prep and finally backstage at the theater the day of the finals. We witness the emotional and physical efforts required to succeed in this dance competition. The result is a vibrant document full of dance, music and great expectations.
34. Dollar Down, Dollar a Week (1913 Short Film)
Bill Harcourt and Jim Harcourt, who have always shopped in the country by mail order, come to live in town and conclude to furnish a little flat on the easy payment system. They get out of work and out of money, and the furniture dealer snatches out his goods, leaving them in a bare establishment, barring the fact that each has a pair of pajamas. Their aunt and uncle, from whom they have great expectations, send word that they are coming to visit. Put to their wits' end to make an appearance, they borrow clothes and furniture from the neighboring flat and entertain their relations. The good impression is rudely shattered when the neighbors return suddenly. The neighbor strips the flat bare again and leaves the boys in their "dream robes."
35. Great Expectations (1998 Documentary)
Cultural historian Dr. David Parker and Thelma Grove of the International Dickens Fellowship discuss characters, themes and the plot, as well as the importance, of Dickens's novel Great Expectations. Key scenes from the novel are dramatized. Parker and Grove point out the associations of the characters with actual people and events in Dickens' hometown of Rochester, England, and offer different views on Pip's relationships with the characters Mrs. Havisham, Estella, Jaggers, Joe Gargery, and Magwitch. Themes discussed include penal reform, chains of events leading to catastrophic and unforeseen circumstances, unrequited love.
36. Folk Tales of The Monarch (2012 Short Film)
Starting in the pre-Berlin-wall era and culminating in a post-wall epoch where Fritz Lang's Maria in Metropolis, 1927, silent screen star Brigette Helm, sings with Charles Dickens's unsettling and ruined Miss Haversham from Great Expectations, 1861. Glimpses of ghostly children and fading elders willfully lead you through the austere and obsessed siren's lyrics and music. Starting with a sketch of characters, an 1890s stereoscope, a lyric inspired story line, and applying improvised performance within a restrained setting allowed for experimentation and exploration.
37. A Mongolian Girl with a Bag Full of Happiness (2012 Documentary)
Portrait of a young Mongolian women who came as a child from Mongolia to Eastern Germany with great expectations and experienced racism, hopelessness and the high unemployment rate of a small town in Brandenburg. In the film we are following her story from the first bananas she has ever eaten in her life, the solidarity in Eastern Germany, her drug experiences, mass consumption and how she found the way back to herself in the prostitution milieu.
38. Famous Authors: Charles Dickens (1996 Documentary)
Often considered the greatest English novelist of his time, Dickens suffered a difficult childhood. His father was constantly in debt which necessitated Charles being sent to work at the age of twelve in a blacking factory. Despite being deprived of an education by his parents, he worked hard and became an office boy in a law firm, then a county reporter, and finally a reporter of debates in Parliament for the Morning Chronicle in 1835. Dickens was known for the cruel and suffering characters he created, who lived in a world of iniquities. His social criticism was especially evident in some of his greatest works including "Oliver Twist" and "Hard Times". Other great Dickens novels include "A Tale Of Two Cities", "David Copperfield" and "Great Expectations" which is often considered his greatest works.
39. Victorian Days (1984 TV Series)
This Arts & Entertainment Network anthology series, hosted by actor John Cullum, presented recent BBC dramas (all set in the Victorian Era) in one hour segments. Titles included: "Beau Geste," "Great Expectations," "Fame is the Spur," "Fanny by Gaslight," "Jane Eyre" (with Timothy Dalton), and "Stalky & Co."
40. Great Expectations (2014 Short Film)
In the not too distant future, Australia has a big problem. The Great Barrier Reef is just not 'Great' anymore. People are complaining, tourists are unhappy, and finally the department of Fair Trading has stepped in. How will our heroes keep the tourist dollars flowing to a park that is just.. not that 'great' anymore? GREAT EXPECTATIONS is a comical tale of how to market a reef. After you've destroyed it...
41. RecordPlay (2008 Documentary)
"What makes me happy? - My boyfriend and my music". When Susanna a 21-year-old female Rapper is with the members from her HipHop crew she names herself confidently "MC Suza". The lyrics of her songs are about her everyday life: Susanna grew up in a children's home. She has little contact with her mother since she is in prison. "My mother was a very successful drug dealer", she admits. Nevertheless, Susanna radiates lots of positive energy. She feels the need to integrate into society. Regularly she works in a hotel kitchen. This continuous work provides her structure and some security. The owners of the hotel are like foster parents to her. But Susanna doesn't live a normal life. The lack of trust and security since early childhood make her a disrupted person. 12 month later everything has changed. Her mother is released from prison. Susanna is fired from her work and she split up with her boyfriend. With great expectations she renews the relationship to her mother.
41 titles.