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1. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
The Munsters are a weird but honest family. Herman (the father) is Frankenstein's monster. Lily (his wife) and Grandpa (her father) are vampires. Eddie (their little son) is a werewolf. Marilyn (their niece) is the only normal one (that is the ugly duck of the family).
2. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Herman, the Master Spy (1965)
The Munsters are off for a picnic at Paradise Cove. While out scuba diving, Herman is caught in the net of Russian Troller #47. The Russians very excitedly think they've caught a missing link between man and fish. Moscow, however, is convinced Herman is a new kind of American spy.
3. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Family Portrait (1964)
Herman finds out that his family has won a contest, organized by Event Magazine, as the American Average Family of the year. The prize includes $5,000 dollars, and in order to win the money the magazine must send two reporters, to make an article and take some pictures of the family. Every member of the family must appear in the family portrait, and things got complicated when Grandpa says that he'll be out of the house. Herman gets furious with Grandpa, and demands him to stay with the family, in order to get the money prize. But Grandpa has made up his mind and that day he disappears. Herman, Lily and Marilyn are looking for him desperately, but there's no signal of Grandpa inside of the house. Herman and Lily decide to go out and look for Grandpa, in the places most frequented by him. They go to a restaurant, they look at the square, but nothing. Meanwhile, Marilyn receives the two reporters in the house. One of them begins to flirt with Marilyn, while the other starts to feel scared when he sees estrange things in the house, like Eddie playing or even Grandpa, who in fact never left the house and was hided in the basement. Herman and Lily return without success. During the night, the reporters are trying to get some sleep, but the scared one gets up for a glass of water and when he sees Herman and Lily walking in their pajamas by the corridor, he feels more scared and with his fellow begins to explore the house. However, when they bump into Herman, Lily and Grandpa, they run away from the house, despite the warnings of the magazine director, about returning without the average family story. Next day, the Munsters family portrait appears in the cover of the magazine. But there's a little detail, because in the cover says that this average family likes to celebrate Halloween every day of the year.
4. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Munster Masquerade (1964)
Marilyn's hanging out with Tom Daly, a young man from a good family. She's very happy with him, but he hasn't met Marilyn's family. So, Tom's family sends an invitation to Herman and Lily, for a masquerade dance party. But Grandpa hasn't been invited, and Lily intercedes and calls to Mrs. Daly, asking if Grandpa can go to the party too. Surprised, Mrs. Daly says that there's no problem if that Grandpa person assists to the party. Mrs. Daly tells her husband about the matter. They're suspecting about Munsters' good manners. Herman disguises himself as King Arthur, wearing a heavy armor. Lily disguises herself as a shepherdess (quoting Herman, she looks "positively awful") and Marilyn is a pilgrim. Grandpa disguises himself as Napoleon, mixing up the potions of Marlon Brando and Charles de Gaulle. At the party, things aren't going so good, because Mr. Daly hasn't talk with Herman. Besides, Grandpa is behaving in an eccentric way with Mrs. Daly. Marilyn encourages his uncle to talk with Mr. Daly, who has disguised himself as Frankenstein monster. Herman tells him that he reminds him to someone, adding that is curious that he isn't wearing a costume in his own masquerade party. Of course, Mr. Daly will get mad with Herman. The moment of award the best costume arrives. Herman gets the prize for the best King Arthur costume, and everybody asks him to take off the helmet. One man disguised as George Washington says that Herman is the best, because he's wearing a mask over another mask. Lily gets angry, and tells Herman that they're leaving, because they have been insulted. Herman's having fun, but after seeing himself at the mirror, concludes that he's been insulted. Marilyn is angry as well with Tom's family. Tom takes Marilyn home, where he finally meets Herman and Lily, but without their costumes. Tom runs away after seeing Herman, but Marilyn feels relieved about that. She didn't like Tom's family anyway.
5. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Herman's Happy Valley (1965)
When Herman buys ten acres of land in Happy Holliday Valley from a crooked magazine ad, the family is delighted to find it a complete wasteland. But the con artists want to get the land back when they can strike a deal to sell the area for use as a missile site. So, they decide to scare the Munsters off.
6. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Far Out Munsters (1965)
Eddie comes up with a new music taste: rock music. After putting a record in the phonograph, Herman and Grandpa get very angry about that noisy music. Later, a rock group manager sees in the paper that the Munsters' house is perfect as a shelter for The Standells, the rock group. The manager goes to visit the Munsters and offers them $1,500 dollars to rent the house for one week. Herman and Grandpa won't like the idea, but Lily considers that the money could be good for pay some debts. The family leave the house and go to a posh hotel. However, so much elegance won't fit with the family taste and quickly leave the hotel and return home. That night, they find that The Standells are having a party with a few guests, kind of marginal and strange. The guests receive effusively the Munsters, and invited them to join the party and to show them their intellectual and artistic qualities. Herman recites a funny poem, Lily sangs a romantic song, and finally Grandpa and the whole family will accept rock music, after hearing some tunes performed by The Standells, especially, The Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand", the big hit song of that year in America.
7. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: The Midnight Ride of Herman Munster (1964)
After a midnight visit to the drive-in, Herman falls a sleep in the family's Cadillac (not the Munster's Koach). The car is promptly stolen to be used as a getaway car on a bank job. When Herman awakens, the thieves mistake him for their getaway driver, Big Louie.
8. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Herman's Sorority Caper (1966)
Herman comes home with a violent case of the hiccups after a scary movie at the drive-in. Grandpa attempts to cure his son-in-law by putting him under a hypnotic spell. That night, two freshmen (one is Ken Osmond best known as Eddie Haskell on Leave it to Beaver) enter the Munsters' home on a fraternity pledge dare, thinking it to be abandoned. Mistaking the frozen Herman for an elaborate dummy, they sneak him out of the house to leave him at the Alpha Kappa Sorority as a prank. Herman awakes from his trance in a girl's closet at the sorority house, but escapes by jumping out the window after Grandpa rescues him.
9. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Grandpa's Call of the Wild (1965)
Eddie comes up with a great idea for the family: to camp at the woods. Everybody agrees to spent a few days with nature. Marilyn will stay at home because she has to study, and Lily asks her for to look after Spot. Everything is set in the car, and The Munsters are on their way to the wood. But when they're about to arrive, the rangers at the inspection hut see that the family looks very suspicious, because they've heard by radio about a group of eccentric people causing problems. The family settles near the lake, in a very nice spot, where Herman could fish with Eddie. Grandpa starts to behave in a strange way. He feels so bad when Herman begins to hammer a stick at the ground to set up the tend, because that remembers him the way that vampires are killed. Later, Herman and Eddie are fishing at the lake. Herman won't catch anything fresh, but rather cooked, when he catches a pair of fried fishes from a camp in the other side of the lake, and even a fried chicken. At night, it will clear that Grandpa is feeling a little bit homesick, hearing the wolves howling. He's so anxious to join with some of that fellows wolves, but Lily warns him that the last time he ended up with a police dog. Next morning, Lily discovers that Grandpa has gone. Herman says that there's nothing to worry about, because he can take care of himself. Lily's feeling worry about Grandpa, and later they hear by radio that a wolf has been caught. They added that, in fact, was a transilvanian wolf. But Herman prefers to stay at the camp, because he won't allow that Grandpa spoils his vacations. Lily decides to go to the ranger station by herself to claim Grandpa. At the station, the rangers won't believe Lily's story that the wolf is, actually, her father. But she talks to the wolf, and after scolding him, Lily hears that Grandpa doesn't remember how to become a human again. Nevertheles, the rangers won't allow Lily to take the wolf with her. That night Herman decides to rescue Grandpa. He opens the cage without problems, but one of the rangers sees Herman and he will think that is a big bear taking away the wolf. Next morning, the family hears by the radio a report, saying that a big bear has taken away the wolf. But the rangers will be checking out at the inspection hut. Lily manages to make Grandpa looks like a fancy fur, wearing it at her neck. At home, Herman will give to Grandpa a potion, in order to help him to become normal again. He takes it, and while he's chasing a cat he'll become human again.
10. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Love Comes to Mockingbird Heights (1965)
The Munsters receive a very estrange package from uncle Gilbert. Herman opens it with Lily and Eddie, and surprised they find out that that's a great treasure, full of gold coins. As a matter of fact, uncle Gilbert has asked them to keep the treasure until he arrives. They decided to deposit the treasure in the bank. In the process, they're assisted by a young clerk, Ben (Duncan McLeod) with whom Marilyn instantly feels attracted. Lily notices Marilyn's impression, and the next night she and Grandpa help her to have more intimacy in the living room with Ben. Herman disapproves that they're meddling in the relationship. Everything goes well to Marilyn, until Grandpa receives a mysterious call from a man, claiming that Ben's nothing more than an opportunistic rat, only interested in uncle Gilbert's money. Before he tells anything to Marilyn, Granpa tries a spell to help her, but everybody but Herman end up in a motel in Kansas City. Grandpa calls Herman from there, and warns him about Ben. Herman decides to wait him in Marilyn's room, and when Ben gets there, he'll have a scare of a hell. Dissapointed, Marilyn resigns herself to face the truth, but uncle Gilbert (a sort of "creature from the black lagoon") arrives to cheers the family up.
11. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Mummy Munster (1965)
Marilyn's at the museum making an school report. Lily asks Herman to pick her up, but before he will take an experimental sleeping pill, invented by Grandpa. The pill has a clock, which can be set for the number of sleeping hours. Grandpa sets the pill for nearly 10 hours. Herman arrives late to the museum and he got stuck inside. Searching for an opened door, Herman will find a rare Egyptian sarcophagus, studied by two specialists of the museum, whom believe belongs to King Tuth IV. But Herman believes that the sarcophagus is actually a phone boot. When he tries to make a call inside of the sarcophagus, accidentally he shuts himself up. Under the effects of the pill, Herman falls asleep inside of the sarcophagus. Lily's worried about Herman, and she believes that Herman has goofed again. Eddie sees in the paper the notice about an ancient mummy, with a picture of Herman sleeping inside of the sarcophagus. The scientists believes that Herman is the mummy of Tuth IV, the discover of the year. But Lily goes to the museum and claims to the scientists that the mummy is her husband. Confindently, Lily says her address and asks for the scientists that when Herman wakes up give him two dollars, so he can take a taxi to return home. The scientists believes that Lily's crazy and doesn't care about what she says. But later, Herman wakes up and scares the scientist assistant. At home, Herman asks Grandpa for another pill, because of the great results, but this time with less sleeping time. The scientist arrives with the police to the Munsters' house and demands Lily to tell where's the mummy. Lily says that there's no mummy and that they can see for themselves in the laboratory. Herman's sleeping peacefully in the laboratory, and the police takes him away. Grandpa and Lily aren't worry about Herman, because in a few minutes he will wake up. After hearing a mother-in-law-joke from one policeman, Herman wakes up laughing inside of the museum van, scaring the scientist and the policemen.
12. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Herman the Rookie (1965)
Herman's teaching Eddie how to make some hits in the park. But every ball is destroyed by Herman's strong hand or lost in the sky. One of them hits Leo Durocher's head, the real baseball player and manager... 8 blocks away! Impressed, Durocher wants to know who's the responsible of this hit. A reporter investigates and tells Durocher that Herman Munster was the man who made that powerful hit. Durocher goes in person to visit Herman, and offers him to play for his team. Obviously, Herman gets excited about the offer. Nevertheles, Lily is very tired about all the baseball thing, and doesn't want to know to much about it. At the beginning, Grandpa makes a few jokes about Herman's new sport career, but later he takes him seriously, mainly because of the generous contract. Herman will risk his job at the parlor, but he makes a test in the baseball field. However, the dream ends when the other players decline playing with Herman. Many of them got hurt because of the particular way of Herman of steals the bases or throws the ball. The family comfort Herman, but maybe there will be a chance for him in a football team.
13. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Hot Rod Herman (1965)
Eddie tells his friend Sandy Baylor that his father can beat Mr. Baylor at the Mockingbird Heights drag strip. Instead, Herman ends up losing the Munsters Koach on a bet. Determined to win it back, Grandpa constructs his own roadster, the Drag-u-la, to beat 'Leadfoot' Baylor at his own game and win back the family's beloved Koach.
14. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Underground Munster (1965)
Munster pet Spot runs away from home after Herman scolds it for leaving mud prints all over the kitchen. When Spot is sighted in the sewer system Herman goes down to fetch him, but gets lost himself. Soon local newspaper men have branded Spot a giant lizard monster, and Herman its 'mate'. The mayor, who is facing reelection, decides to bomb the sewers in order to get rid of the creatures once and for all.
15. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Herman Munster, Shutterbug (1965)
Herman has taken up photography as a new hobby and inadvertently snaps a picture of two bank robbers leaving the scene of the crime. The robbers in question soon locate the Munster's house (by searching for the Munster's Koach) in order to get their hands on the incriminating evidence.
16. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: All-Star Munster (1965)
Marilyn is sent home from college because her tuition has not been fully paid. Herman goes to talk to the dean, but is mistaken for basketball pro Moose Mallory and is tricked into signing up. When the real Moose and his hick father are sent home by the coach, they decide to take out their grievance on Herman Munster.
17. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: My Fair Munster (1964)
Marilyn is very depressed, because all her boyfriends run away when they meet Herman. But Marilyn thinks that is all her fault and maybe there's something wrong with her. Grandpa wants to help her, preparing a sort of love potion, with all kind of ingredients, like a woman tear or Frank Sinatra's charming. Meanwhile, the postman and Yolanda Cribbins, the neighbour, are talking very bad about the Munster family. The postman is very afraid of delivering the mail at the Munsters' house, while Misses Cribbins thinks that the neighbourhood uses to be nice, until the Munsters arrive. Next morning, Grandpa is planning to pour his love potion on Marilyn's plate. There will be oatmeal for breakfast. Grandpa pours out the potion on the plate. But Marilyn leaves without having her breakfast. Lily will return all Marilyn's oatmeal to the saucepan. Herman, Lily and Eddie will eat the oatmeal with the love potion. The potion starts to make effect. Herman and Lily become seductive for each other. In his way to school, Eddie will be chase by a bunch of girls, trying to catch him. At the garden, Misses Cribbins will find Herman very attractive, while the postman starts to flirt with Lily. During the night, they will receive the visit of the postman and Misses Cribbins, whom start chasing inside the house both Herman and Lily, trying to seduce them. Grandpa finds out what is happening, when Marilyn tells that she hadn't oatmeal that morning. As a matter of fact, Misses Cribbins asks Herman to call her "Yo-Yo". However, when the effect passes, the postman and "Yo-Yo" will see Herman and Lily as they are. So, they will run away from the house. Marilyn tells Grandpa that she prefers to be herself, instead of drinking love potions.
18. The Munsters (1964 TV Series)
Episode: A Visit from the Teacher (1966)
Eddie writes a school paper about his parents and life around the Munster home. His teacher and principal think what he has written is the product of an overactive imagination, until they head over to the Munster house and see for themselves. Grandpa invents a machine that harbors electricity from lighting bolts.
19. Pawn Stars (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Stairway to Pawn (2016)
Get your ghoul on with the Pawn Stars when a talking Herman Munster doll creeps into the shop. Will Chum think it's franken-tastic and make a deal or will he get spooked out? Next, things get amped up when a bass guitar signed by John Entwistle from the "Who" and John Paul Jones from "Led Zeppelin" is brought in. Will Rick pick up a sale or will he fret and miss out? And later, Rick's in mint condition when he checks out a rare 1867 Proof Shield Nickel. Will he strike up an offer or will he discontinue the deal?
20. The Lords of Salem (2012)
Heidi, a blond rock chick, DJs at a local radio station, and together with the two Hermans (Whitey and Munster) forms part of the "Big H Radio Team." A mysterious wooden box containing a vinyl record arrives for Heidi, a gift of the Lords. She assumes it's a rock band on a mission to spread their word. As Heidi and Whitey play the Lords' record, it starts to play backwards, and Heidi experiences a flashback to a past trauma. Later, Whitey plays the Lords' record, dubbing them the Lords of Salem, and to his surprise, the record plays normally and is a massive hit with his listeners. The arrival of another wooden box from the Lords presents the Big H team with free tickets, posters and records to host a gig in Salem. Soon, Heidi and her cohorts are far from the rock spectacle they're expecting. The original Lords of Salem are returning and they're out for blood.
21. The Ben Stiller Show (1992 TV Series)
Episode: Pilot (1992)
The cast introduces several comedy sketches, including: U2:The Early Years in which Ben Stiller impersonates Bono of U2 as the Patridge Family; Cape Munster - a parody of Cape Fear with Stiller as an adult Eddie Munster; Ben's Video Diary; What is Sexy?
22. The Munsters Today (1987 TV Series)
This is supposed to be the exact same Munster family as in the '60s series "The Munsters". One of Grandpa's experiments went awry, and put the Munsters into suspended animation for 20 years. Upon awakening in the '80s, they experience the same comic situations since they don't realize that they aren't "normal". Dad Herman resembles the Frankenstein monster, Mom Lily and Grandpa are vampires, son Eddie is a werewolf, and only beautiful Marilyn looks like a human.
23. The Munsters Today (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Still the Munsters After All These Years (????)
First set in 1966, the Munsters take part in Grandpa's latest invention, a sleeping machine. After setting the dial for 30 mins, the machine malfunctions and the dial gets set to forever. Flash forward to 1988, a land developer and his worker enter the Munster's mansion and revive the family who are in for a bit of a shock when try discover they've been asleep for 22 years. Can the family pay 22 years worth of bills and back taxes before they lose their house?
24. Shipping Wars (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Munsters ... The Final Frontier (2015)
Marc lands a Frankenstein sized Munster load from the classic TV show, but the biggest scare comes when he's forced to call Jenn in to help; meanwhile in the battle for space, Todd and Tamera ship a lunar lander and find out that gravity is not just a good idea, it's a law!
25. Spicks and Specks (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.30 (2005)
The teams were Alan Brough, Terri Psiakis and Kram, and Myf Warhurst, Rhonda Burchmore and Shane Bourne. The games played were Know Your Product (on Drummers and James Bond Themes), Cover Versions (Kram and Shane drew the song titles), Mondegreens, Substitute (Terri and Rhonda were the singers), and The Final Countdown. The show closed with a 1971 video clip from the TV show GTK of the musical group qv##nm5084412## playing Munster Blues.
26. Munster, Go Home! (1966)
Herman discovers he's the new lord of Munster Hall in England. The family sails to Britain, where they receive a tepid welcome from Lady Effigy and Freddie Munster, who throws tantrums because he wasn't named Lord Munster. An on-board romance had blossomed between Marilyn and Roger, but on land Marilyn discovers Roger's family holds a longstanding grudge against the Munsters. Herman upholds the family honor in an auto race; he and Grandpa also unlock "the secret of Munster Hall."
27. Wilsberg (1995 TV Series)
Episode: Mord und Beton (2016)
Private detective Wilsberg goes undercover in suit, posing as a rich investor's representative to Munster's elite Michael Lobland circle's major development project, for which Springers' landlord needs to clear her building*. Ekki snoops in the tycoon couple's taxes, and stumbles upon a squatter murder during arson in the old quarter.
28. The Munsters' Revenge (1981 TV Movie)
The owner of a wax museum has an exhibit dedicated to the Munsters. When he uses robots that look like Herman and Granpa to pull a jewelry heist, everyone thinks that the real Herman and Grandpa did it. They must prove their innocence and uncover the real thieves.
29. Here Come the Munsters (1995 TV Movie)
The Munsters come to America to search for Herman's brother-in-law Norman Hyde, only to find out that he has turned himself into Brent Jekyll, who is running for congress, and Grandpa must make a formula to change Norman back.
In Transylvania, a raged crowd expels the Munster family from their castle. While escaping from the villagers, Herman finds a piece of a letter from his sister Elsa Munster Hyde and his brother-in-law Norman Hyde from North America and the family decides to travel to California. When they meet their niece Marilyn, they are informed that Norman is missing and his wife is in coma due to her loss. On the next days, the Munster family faces problem with the adaptation in the new country: Lily meets her snoopy neighbors; Grandpa researches in the laboratory a cure for Elsa and finds a videotape that shows what has happened with Norman; and Eddie goes to the school and has problem with the local bully. When the candidate to the Senate Brent Jeckyll arrives in the location in campaign, Grandpa discloses the truth about the past of the bigotry candidate.
30. Power, Privilege & Justice (2002 TV Series)
Episode: Deadly Delivery (2008)
A compelling tale of family secrets, greed and murder when Donald and Marsha Levine are found dead in their mansion in affluent Munster, Illinois. Investigation is brought to bear on their only heir, Mark, home at the time and left alive, and Donald's businessman brother Robert Levine. What could have just been a simple robbery turned murder in 1989 looked more to be a case of the son, Mark, and, or his uncle Donald to have motives behind the double murder.
31. Hi Honey, I'm Home (1991 TV Series)
Episode: Grey Skies (1991)
Lloyd's inability to find a job leads to him losing his television person-hood and becoming a normal man with a severe case of depression. Elaine convinces Honey to take Lloyd to a therapist. She also gets him hired, but she pays his salary until Lloyd overhears her. Then Mike and company try to restore his spirits with a variation of "This is your life!" that doesn't go well. Lloyd only recovers when he gets a visit from Grandpa (Munster) Dracula.
32. The Europeans (1979)
It's the mid-nineteenth century. Adult siblings Felix Young and Eugenia Munster were born and raised in Europe and have a somewhat bohemian lifestyle reflective of their travels throughout Europe. Felix, who has little money, is interested in painting and the arts. Eugenia is a baroness by marriage. They decide to travel to New England to meet their maternal uncle and their three cousins, the Wentworths, for the first time, the Wentworths who live just outside of Boston. The Wentworths are highly puritanical, the uncle in particular who looks to a neighbor, Mr. Brand, to provide a moral compass to his three children, especially the shy Gertrude, who Mr. Brand wants to marry. The Wentworths are somewhat suspicious as to the reason for their relatives' visit, but nonetheless the uncle puts them up in a neighboring house on their property. While Felix enjoys the company of his cousins - especially Gertrude - Eugenia is a bit more standoffish and cognizant of the real reason for their trip to the United States. For Eugenia, another of their uncle's cousins, a Mr. Robert Acton, may just fit the bill related to her goal, which concerns her current marriage and financial security.
33. Blazing Stewardesses (1975)
BLAZING STEWARDESSES features Adamson's wife, cult scream queen Regina Carrol, and Yvonne DeCarlo, best know as TV's Lily Munster. This broad comedy, the sequel to NAUGHTY STEWARDESSES, finds a planeful of oversexed airline attendants touching down on a ranch. Little do they know, however, about the masked bandit lurking in the sagebrush, who just might ruin their plans for some lusty fun.
34. The Danny Kaye Show (1963 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #3.30 (1966)
Danny is joined by singer Edie Adams, actor Fred Gwynne and folk singer Glenn Yarbrough, along with series regular Joyce Van Patten. Spoofing Gwynne's role on "The Munsters" and NBC newscasters Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, the cast performs a sketch with Danny as 'David Dracula' and Fred by 'Chet Munster' as the broadcast team behind "The Munster-Dracula Report" with Edie as Fred's neglected wife 'Lily'. Fred and Danny appear in a spoof of "Gilligan's Island" with Fred as the skipper and Danny as his incompetent deckhand.
35. Hollywood Treasure (2010 TV Series)
Episode: The Munster Hunt (2010)
Joe Maddalena and his team host a Hollywood appraisal fair, and also hit up a convention and attempt to consign some valuable comic books. They hit the jackpot and score some Sleeping Beauty concept art. Meanwhile, Tracey is after items from the classic TV series, The Munsters and lands a meeting for Joe with Helen Darras, a friend of Butch Patrick, the actor who played Eddie Munster. Later, a special package is delivered to the Profiles in History office containing two infamous and valuable comic books: Superman #1 and the Green Hornet.
36. The Flintstone Comedy Show (1980 TV Series)
Fred and Barney have new positions as police officers, Wilma and Betty have jobs as newspaper reporters at The Bedrock Gazette with Captain Caveman. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are teenagers and they solve mysteries with Dino in a similar fashion to Scooby-Doo. The Flinstones have new neighbors named then Frankenstones, a family reminiscent of the Munsters.
37. Ramones Raw (2004 Documentary)
Climb in the van, buckle your seat belt and hang on tight because you're about to experience life on the road with the founding fathers of punk rock, The Ramones! The band that started it all stars in this all encompassing video scrapbook spanning the Ramones history making career circa 1979-1996, most of which is seen here exclusively for the first time anywhere! Ramones Raw includes vintage concert footage professionally shot on film in 1980, archived and nearly forgotten for over 20 years, plus countless memorable moments from the band's illustrious career, rare TV appearances, backstage footage and LOTS more all set within the core; a plethora of home video from the Ramones personal archives. Armed with a Hi-8 camera on the road for the final 8 years of the band's world tours, Marky Ramone captured it all on tape; the good, the bad and the ugly, immortalized here your viewing pleasure. No. 1 selling Director and Ramones aficionado John Cafiero has culled the cream of the crop of "raw" footage from the Marky Ramone video library and then some, compiling and presenting it in a unique style that gives Pinheads and Ramoniacs everywhere an exclusive fly on the wall perspective that's the next best thing to actually being in the band! See Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, Marky and CJ prove why the Ramones have stood the test of time with their simplistic yet immortal brand of music that influenced generations the world over. Also featured is an eclectic mix of guest celebrity appearances from Drew Barrymore, Carly Simon, Gilbert Gottfried, "Grandpa" Al Lewis (of "the Munsters"), Bono & U2, Debbie Harry & Chris Stein of Blondie and many more noteworthy personalities including legendary guitarist Robbie Krieger of the Doors performing the classic "Take it as it comes" live with the Ramones at the Hollywood Palladium in October 1992, touted by Johnny Ramone as "one of the highlights of my career." From their humble NYC beginnings at CBGB'S to induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Ramones have done it all. With "Ramones Raw" you'll feel like you were right there with them the whole time, standing beside one of the most important bands to break ground since the Beatles led the British invasion.
38. Germany from Above (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Stadt (2011)
"Germany From Above 2" is an aerial scanning of the country. Idyllic landscapes are combined with the real Science Fiction of satellite images and their high tech monitoring projects. This is the contemporary version of the a Heimatfilm: an astonishing HDTV view over a country, from the Wattenmeer to the Alps, from the river Rhine to the Elbe, from mining areas to Kreuzberg. Germany is completely covered by a network of cities. From the ten largest cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen and Bremen to the hundreds of small and middle-size cities. 85% of all Germans live in big and smaller cities. But why do Germans live so close to another? In the second season we look from above onto German cities and worm some secrets while flying on the unique German Zeppelin. A team of the Research Center in Jülich is measuring from the Zeppelin the pollutants and their distribution in the atmosphere. Is the air in Frankfurt or over the world largest chemical plant, BASF, in Ludwigsburg really worse than in the Black Forest or Freiburg. Aerial archaeologist Klaus Leidorf identifies the buried remains of the oldest German cities. Maching, in Upper Bavaria near Ingolstadt, used to be a big cities in the Celtic times. Up to 10,000 people used to live here in the Iron Age: it was the highest populated place north of the Alps. Thanks to the iron ore in the surroundings this Celtic city became the centre of the iron industry and was perfectly located in the crossing of trade routes and along the Donau. Klaus Leidorf can prove the existence of 7 kilometres of the city wall of old Manching. As early as in the Iron Age cities were the place of wealth and culture. But why did the old oppidum of Manching disappear for centuries before the Romans eventually took it over? Almost all German big cities were born in old times: in the times of the Romans or during the High Middle Ages. They have been able to defend their position over the centuries. Cities founded by the Romans like Cologne or Mainz developed along the Roman garrison routes. Cities like Bamberg or Munster remained over centuries important bishop residents. Harbour cities like Bremen, Hamburg, Duisburg at the Rhine have been fighting for centuries to keep the access to the sea and readjusted constantly to the increasingly bigger ships or moved when the river changed its course through floods. In the Ruhr area the former steel giants in Dortmund and Essen are reinventing themselves after the deindustrialization and becoming real magnets for young people. Cities seem to be as tenacious as old trees - and from above you can see their growth rings. But why have we been living in the same place over centuries even when the old appeal of cities had long gone. And when does a place turn into an abandoned gold mining town, like Manching? When you look at it from above, you can recognise even in mega cities like Cologne other aspects. Where do we bury our dead in cities? In Cologne you can see a separate city of the dead. In German cities dead people were buried in different places over different times: in the centre of the city besides the church, then outside the city walls, especially during the big plagues. So cemeteries wandered over the centuries leaving their traces. WWII caused the most radical change in German cities. Hamburg, Dresden, Cologne and Dortmund, Nuremberg or Stuttgart were levelled to the ground between 1943 and 1945. Then the citizens had to decide how much they wanted to keep of the old, medieval labyrinth, or if they preferred to build a modern city. Today we long to the "old". We love high windows and the facades decorated with stucco that were heavily damaged during the war. Some cities, like Nuremberg and Munster, decided to rebuild some areas as they were in the Middle Ages, just slightly simplified. Today they remind us nostalgically of the good old times. It took a long time in Dresden the Frauenkirche was rebuilt. This allegedly historic building is laser-scanned from an helicopter. Other German cities were planned on a drawing table and were completely built out of the blue: the Kings of Baden decided to have planned cities like Karlsruhe, Mannheim or Freudenstadt, while the new towns like Wolfsburg or Eisenhüttenstadt were created by the two German dictatorships during the Nazi and the DDR. When looked from above, you can see the fashions and the confusion of city planning in big cities like Berlin or Munich. And sometimes you can literally feel it. In Berlin, for instance, you can measure the different heath areas. Some areas are up to 5° hotter than others in the summer. The UNESCO city of Bamberg is known also as the German Rome because of its seven hills, while Bremen is considered the most British German city and ranks at the top among the "most liveable city in Germany". Both cities are a feast to the eyes, no matter which perspective you are choosing. It is a mix of fate and building rules that makes out what we particularly like about cities. The little medieval city of Nördlingen in Swabia, which once was a free imperial city, is the perfect time travel: to the times when fields were still inside the city walls, the cemeteries were in the city centre and when sewerage, garbage collection and electricity did not yet make our lives easier.
39. The Schlocky Horror Picture Show (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Frankenstein vs the Creature from Blood Cove (2005) (2010)
Three renegade scientists have genetically engineered a half-man half-fish abomination, but they're not resting on their laurels, either. They've just reanimated Frankenstein's long-dead monster, too. The horror begins when the amphibious beast claims its first victims, killing a few bikini babes who only wanted to use his beach to take some cheesecake photos. With a cast of dozens including porn star Ron Jeremy, Russ Meyer's bosom buddy Raven De La Croix, The Munster's Butch Patrick, Star Trek author David Gerrold, and Troma CEO Lloyd Kaufman.
40. La bola de cristal (1984 TV Series)
This program for kids was composed by four parts. The first part was titled "Los electroduendes" and was a puppet show for kids. This part was hosted by Isabel Bauza. The second part was titled "El librovisor" and it was dedicated to the heroes of the Classic Greece. This part was hosted by Olvido Gara. In the same part they usually broadcasted a music videoclip. The third part was a series chapter. In the first and second season, "Our gang". In the third season, "The Munsters", and in the fourth and last season, "Bewitched". Finally the fourth part was simply titled "La cuarta parte" ("The fourth part"). This part was a documental for teens hosted by Javier Gurruchaga. The fourth part wasn't in the original program and came later.
41. Super Scary Saturday (1987 TV Series)
Al Lewis is back reprising his role as Grandpa (Munster), but this time as Grampa to host a series of horror movies every Saturday on TBS Superstation called "Super Scary Saturday". Grampa introduces each episode with information about the featured monsters for the week's particular movie. Some of the WCW wrestlers also make cameo appearances promoting their favorite monster from the featured movie as well.
42. Hollands glorie (1977 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.5 (1977)
Wandelaar has been fired by Kwel & Van Munster for insubordination's and finds himself owing them money. He takes a job on the freight ship Klazientje, who's Captain, Minnema writes a letter to the government indicating the injustice done to Jan. When Kwel asks him back as skipper on a tugboat Amelant, he immediately accepts and finds himself reunited with most of his former shipmates.
43. Creature Features (2016 TV Series)
Episode: The Screaming Skull (2017)
A has-been rock star hosts horror films in his haunted mansion. Movie: "The Screaming Skull." Guest: Actress/Author Karen Lewis discusses her book "I Married A Munster", her memoir about being married to Al Lewis who played "Grandpa" on The Munsters.
44. Before You (2012 Short Film)
Cheyenne Jackson stars as a man traveling with his new fiancée (Christina Cole) to meet her parents for the first time. When they arrive at a creepy old mansion, however, the man realizes that this is not a normal family, and he may have made a grave mistake. Inspired by the 60s monster TV shows ("The Addams Family" and "The Munsters") and classic cinema of the 30s, 40s, and 50s, the video is a tribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood.
45. Young Blood: Evil Intentions (2012)
Raised in a torn home, one girl discovers she has the ability to make big changes, with even bigger consequences. Anavey Winchester (Autumn Ward), with the loyal help of her innocent little sister Anastasia (Zoe Cox), form an army of young blood thirsty vampires to kill all the adults. No one is safe. Will Anavey's dreams become a reality? Will Anastasia escape the cult before it's too late? Will the angry mob put an end to the insanity? With performances by Butch Patrick (The Munsters), Jamison Newlander (The Lost Boys), Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Entertainment.), Count Smokula, Sal "The Vampire Santa" Lizard and many others, "Young Blood" is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat and forever remind parents to respect their children.
46. Our Munster Memories (???? Documentary)
Multi-award winning Scottish film maker and "TV geek" Frank McGowan makes a historic TV pilgrimage to Hollywood to meet with fellow "Munster fans" and look back at the iconic TV family known as America's First Family of Fright in their various incarnations, meeting with the various producers, cast and talent who have brought "The Munsters" to life over the years.
47. Tenshi ni narumon (1999 TV Series)
Yuusuke as a shy, unassuming high school student whose father has gone abroad and left him alone at home for the first time in his life. He doesn't suspect how much his life is going to change -- on his way to school he stumbles upon a naked girl, with a halo over her head, sleeping in the forest. She wakes up and proclaims that he's her husband. He runs away but can't escape -- she's the new student in his class, and her family of Munster look-a-likes have moved into his house. After overhearing him declare to his unresponsive crush that she's like an angel to him, Noelle (the girl with the halo) declares that she's going to become an angel for her Yuusuke. There's a villain in the underworld who wants to make sure she never becomes an angel -- she has the halo and just needs to sprout the wings -- but the villain's agenda is not revealed until later in the series. Sugary-cute and excessively pink, the series starts of extremely cute but becomes darker and more twisted at the end.
48. The Karvers (2016 TV Movie)
In the spirit of old sitcoms like "The Munsters", theEeffect presents "The Karvers"...or at least a long lost episode of the forgotten series about a violent, mass-murdering bounty hunter/father and his family. In this particular episode, Mr. Karver's daughter, Kara decides to sneak out with a boy. Can you say, good grief?
49. Santini's Netzwerk (2013)
The Roman abbot Fortunato Santini (1778-1861) was passionate about music. This passion started when he was about 20 years old and went on to become his lifetime goal: to collect autographs or copies of manuscripts and scores of ancient music. His ambitious plan was easiest to carry out in Rome where there were hundreds of important libraries, private as well as ecclesiastic. His plan was also successful, however, thanks to his acquaintances and contacts in abbeys in Italy and throughout Europe. In only fifty years' time this collection of 20,000 titles in 4500 manuscripts and 1200 prints became the most complete musical library in the world. Many works of the history of European music would have been lost had it not been for Santini's collection. What motivated this man to build up such a huge collection? Was it instinct or passion? Or did he do it for money? Why today is the most vast and complete collection of Italian music from the 1500s to the 1800s in the city of Munster, region of Westfalia, Germany and not in Rome?
50. Munster Rugby: A Limerick Love Affair (2011 TV Movie)
Feature documentary, 'Munster Rugby: A Limerick Love Affair' from first time director Ronan Cassidy. The documentary profiles the Limerick rugby community and its relationship with the Munster team and features interviews with Liam Toland, Paul Warwick and Padraic O'Brien and many others. The documentary aims to give a revealing insight into the rich traditions surrounding Limerick rugby; the influence of family traditions, the club system, the intense desire to succeed and the remarkable passion for rugby. The story is interwoven with contributions from noted players from the past and present including Liam Toland, Paul Warwick Padraic O'Brien, Anthony Foley, Mike Prendergast, Jerry Flannery, Paul Neville, Paul O'Connell, Eoin Reddan and Brian O'Brien.
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