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1. Beverly Hills Pawn (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Sinatra & the Super Bowl (2014)
In this episode of Beverly Hills Pawn, record producer, Ray Barnes, is summoned into the Dina Collection to look at a piece Yossi put aside specially for him. Later, Yossi and Cory meet with Entrepreneur, Bert Martinez, who insisted they come take a look at one of his most treasured items, knowing it will blow them away. Back at the store, Former LA Raider, Doki Williams, comes in looking to pawn his most prized possession. Finally, a costume worn by Oscar-winning-actress Jennifer Lawrence in the recent blockbuster, Silver Linings Playbook, is brought into Aria and Cory by a very inspired fan.
2. Celebrity Style Story (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Jennifer Lawrence (2015)
Jennifer Lawrence always knew she'd be famous. She grew up in Louisville, Kentucky playing field hockey and softball in addition to modeling on the side. After a visit to New York with her mom, a talent agent sees her during a photo shoot, and J-Law's acting career gets kicked into high gear. First came roles on Monk and Medium, then a sitcom. Jennifer then branches out into movies with roles in some indie dramas. At 20, she lands her first Oscar nomination for Winter's Bone, wins the award two years later for Silver Linings Playbook and is the star of one of the biggest franchises of all time - The Hunger Games. Her modeling skills came in handy as she starts rocking the red carpet in designer gowns by Oscar de la Renta , Calvin Klein and her favorite, Christian Dior. She went from Kentucky teen to Oscar-winning starlet in by the time most actresses are just getting started. Jennifer Lawrence is sassy, straight-forward and oh-so stylish.
3. Shongram (2014)
'Shongram' is a romantic drama set during the 1971 Bangladesh liberation struggle. A daring reporter 'Sarah' (Asia Argento) interviews a Bangladeshi Londoner named 'Karim' (Anupam Kher) on his deathbed, who finally shares his account four decades later. A young Karim and Asha fall in love in the most testing of times. This becomes a complicated relationship, as Karim is a Muslim boy and Asha is a Hindu girl - that is just one aspect which provides a rollercoaster journey for the two protagonists. It stars legendary Hindi cinema artist Anupam Kher (Silver Linings Playbook, Bend it Like Beckham, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge), Hollywood and European star Asia Argento (Triple X - starring Vin Diesel, Marie Antoinette) alongside Bangladeshi artists Aman Reza and Dilruba Yasmeen Ruhee.
4. San Fran (????)
"San Fran" is a 97-minute dramedy feature film and is about a man struggling with the collapse of his marriage spending a weekend in San Francisco with his estranged brother and an old gay classmate who is keeping a secret, and discovers how much change the bonds of family and friendship can take. A dramedy in the tone of "Silver Linings Playbook" and homage to the City by the Bay in the vein of "Manhattan."
4 titles.