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1. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment - the fate of Earth and existence itself has never been more uncertain.
2. The Walking Dead (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Strangers (2014)
Rick and the others hear a call for help and rescue Father Gabriel Stokes who is under siege from a small group of walkers. Stokes claims that he has been living nearby in his church but has never killed a walker. Rick is wary of Stokes while some of the others come to believe his story that he's lived off canned goods collected during a food drive they held just before the crisis broke out. They set off on food run but Bob has a very close call with a walker. Later he meets people from their recent past. Carol and Daryl set off after the people who kidnapped Beth.
3. The Walking Dead (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Clear (2013)
Rick returns to his hometown with Carl and Michonne to get weapons and ammunition from the police station to protect the prison against the Governor's future attack. However, they find the arsenal empty, and Rick decides to collect guns hidden in the bars. Out of the blue, they are attacked by a man that shoots them but they vanquish the sniper. Rick recognizes Morgan Jones, who is insane after the death of his son. Meanwhile Carl goes with Michonne to retrieve an important souvenir and get a cradle for Judith.
4. The Walking Dead (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Spend (2015)
Glenn, Noah, Tara, Eugene, Aiden and Nicholas head in a van to a building material warehouse to get equipment to repair the electric grid. However, Aiden accidentally causes a tragedy in the group. Abraham and his group are collecting wall to expand the compound when they are attacked by walkers. His leadership saves Francine and achieves an extra work load from the group. Carol has a conversation with Sam and discovers that Pete beats on Jessie and Sam. Meanwhile, Gabriel seems to be mad and poisons Deanna advising that Rick's group is evil and she should have not received them, and Maggie accidentally overhears his words.
5. Shameless (2011 TV Series)
Meet the fabulously dysfunctional Gallagher family. Dad's a drunk, Mom split long ago, eldest daughter Fiona tries to hold the family together. Eldest son Philip (Lip) trades his physics tutoring skills for sexual favors from neighborhood girls. Middle son Ian is gay. Youngest daughter Debbie is stealing money from her UNICEF collection. Ten-year-old Carl is a budding sociopath and an arsonist, and toddler Liam might actually be black, but nobody has a clue how.
6. Shameless (2011 TV Series)
Episode: A Night to Remem-- Wait, What? (2015)
Frank arrives at Lou's to pick up his six figure insurance settlement and is shocked to learn that he's already collected it. Meanwhile, Fiona and Gus continue to hit if off, so much so that Gus admits he's falling in love with her. Meanwhile, Lip visits Amanda and her family at her luxurious house in Miami. Carl starts a new job as a drug dealer but quickly realizes he's in over his head. Ian goes overboard when he starts stealing suitcases from the airport baggage claim.
7. Game of Thrones (2011 TV Series)
Episode: The House of Black and White (2015)
Arya arrives in Braavos and goes to the House of Black and White but is refused admittance. After several days, the man who refused her entry finds her living on the streets and takes her to the House where he reveals his true identity. In Mereen, one of the men killing the Unsullen is arrested and Daenerys orders that he stand trial. When the assassin killed, she has the murderer executed earning her the enmity of the slaves she has freed. Brienne finally comes across Sansa, who makes it clear she is not in need of protection. In Dorne, Ellaria Sand wants Doran Martell to seek revenge for the death of his brother. In King's Landing, Cersei takes charge of the small council and Jaime sets off for Dorne to collect Myrcella. At the Wall, the men of the Watch select a new commander.
8. Game of Thrones (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Walk of Punishment (2013)
Arya may have found a new protector but one of her friends decides not to continue on their journey. Robb arrives in Riverrun for his grandfather's funeral but is not pleased to hear that his uncle Edmure failed to follow his orders and attacked Tywin Lannister's army. His plans to entrap the Lannister's army are now ruined. At King's Landing, Tywin Lannister relieves Baelish of his duties as treasurer and assigns the task to his son Tyrion, who openly admits that he has far more experience spending money than managing it. While collecting the accounting books at Baelish's brothel, Tyrion has a gift for Podrick. In Astapor, Daenerys decides to buy all 8000 of the Unsullied and offers one of her dragons as payment. North of the Wall, the surviving members of the Night's Watch try to stay alive. They stop at Craster's keep and Samwell sees that Gilly is giving birth. Jaime manages to convince his captors that Brienne could bring a hefty ransom provided she is unharmed and left with her virtue intact. His captors agree but Jaime is forced to pay a dear price.
9. Peaky Blinders (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #2.4 (2014)
Campbell uses Thomas's export licence to blackmail him into committing another murder for the Irish gangsters, the target being a political opponent of the crown's pro-treaty plan for Ireland. In London Arthur, whose cocaine habit is scaring his younger brother, leads the Blinders on a rampage to take over Sabini's club whilst Thomas's distillery in Camden Town prepares to send five hundred bottles of whiskey to Prohibition-hit America, two events which drive Sabini into proposing a pact with the Jewish mob. Michael is taken on as Thomas's accountant and discovers the family's terrifying power when a pub which refused to serve his black friend gets destroyed. May Carleton collects Thomas's horse, Grace's Secret, for training and he calls on her a progress report, ending up in bed with her. On his return to Birmingham he gets the details of his assignment from Campbell and makes a phone call to London.
10. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Dodger (2013)
Now the whiz girl knows about Olivier, she sides with Digger to 'force' him taking the case, outside his father's blacklist, of Dodger, a jewel thief who enforces accomplices' help by fixing explosive neck collars. Making a drama out of her snatched vintage purse, self-absorbed brat Thea gets a blink of the real world when confronted with the snatcher, handsome poor Roy Harper, who needs to pay his mother's medical bills. Moira conspires with a triad lord to murder Tommy Merlyn's father Malcolm. Oliver sets a trap by auctioning priceless jewels from the Queen collection.
11. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: In the Beginning (2008)
Castiel appears again to Dean, insisting God has a mission for him, but won't elaborate. He supernaturally transports Dean, with the task 'no to let it happen', to parental hometown Lawrence, Kansas, in 1973, just when dad John is to propose to ma Mary Campbell. Dean discovers John is still ignorant, but Mary a hunter, like her grim father, Mary Campbell. Teaming up with him, Dean discovers a yellow-eyed demon is trucking ignorant locals to permissions in ten years. later he finds it's not to collect their souls, but an elaborate long-term plan, and his true identity, Azazel, is a scary as his human one. Castiel brings a grim conclusion.
12. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Wendigo (2005)
While camping in Blackwater Ridge, Lost Creek, Colorado, three teenagers vanishes in the woods. Dean and Sam arrive in the place tracking their father, and they meet Haley Collins, who is trying to find her brother. Dean and Sam pretend to be Rangers and decide to help the girl, joining her expedition, and sooner they find that the creature is a Wendigo, a fast and cannibal partially human being that hibernates for twenty-three years, awaking for collecting and store human flesh.
13. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Bugs (2005)
In Oklahoma, a gas company employee is killed by insects in the housing development Oasis Plans. Dean and Sam decide to drive to the compound to investigate the event. They go to a open barbecue in the house of the owner of the lands, Larry, and meet a real state agent, pretending they were interested in buying a house. Sam becomes close to Larry's son Matt, who collects bugs. When the agent dies with spider bites in her bathroom, Dean and Sam discloses that the area is a land cursed by Indians many years ago, when they were annihilated by the American soldiers. The two brothers try to convince Larry to leave the place to save the life of his wife and Matt.
14. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Sex and Violence (2009)
Sam and Dean head to Bedford, Iowa, posing of FBI agents to investigate the murder of a woman that had her head smashed by a meat tenderizer by her beloved husband Adam Benson. They discover three similar cases and Dr. Cara Roberts explains that the three husbands had anomaly in their blood work, with the presence of oxytocin a.k.a. love hormone. The Winchester brothers call Bobby and they conclude that a siren might be casting a love spell. Bobby advises that they need blood sample to revert the spell and Sam stays with Dr. Roberts to collect the samples. Meanwhile FBI Agent Nick Monroe arrives in Bedford to investigate the case and he discloses to Dean that in all the crime scenes there was the Mediterranean plant hyacinths. Dean recalls that he had seen the plants in Dr. Roberts' office and calls Sam; however, his brother is having sex with the prime suspect. Dean teams up with Nick to chase Dr. Roberts.
15. Outlander (2014 TV Series)
Episode: The Reckoning (2015)
Jamie and the others manage to rescue Claire from the hands of Black Jack Randall but Jamie is particularly upset with her for wandering off into the woods and getting caught in the first place. Harsh words are exchanged but Claire is prepared overlook anything he's said - but she isn't quite prepared for the punishment she receives at his hand for disobeying him and putting everyone's life in danger. They return to Castle Leoch where Jamie must explain to Laoghaire MacKenzie how it is he is now married. Colum MacKenzie meanwhile is none too pleased with their return, particularly that they were collecting money for the Jacobites.
16. Outlander (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Rent (2014)
Claire accompanies Dugal and other clansmen as they travel to various villages and collect rents. She befriends the clan's solicitor, Ned Gowan, who accompanies them to deal with records and receipts. She spends much of her time alone as the men gather around the campfires telling ribald tales, always in Gaelic, so as to exclude her. In the villages, they accept many forms of payment including money, grain and livestock. Claire is unsettled by how little the men seem to care for the villagers well-being and is surprised to see Dougal collecting money with which she believes he's lining his own pockets. She soon learns that the money is for an altogether different purpose.
Dougal leads the annual MacKenzie clan party to collect rent from every village, however desperately poor. Relunctant Claire is taken along as healer and strikes a friendship with the 'accountant', former attorney Ned Gowan. Her distaste for the harsh methods, such as displaying Jamie's bared flogging-scarred back, and grueling tariffs is easily matched by the shock to find that most is not raised for the laird but a secret purse, at first sight just Dougal's, at second the patriot cause of the Stuart pretender Charles, which she knows will only bring bloodshed at Culloden three years later, but no Scotsman would even listen. Jamie again proves himself the perfect gentleman protector, but even Angus's ruffian pack defends a clan guest's honor. They're all surprised by undercover British lieutenant Jeremy Foster.
17. Mr. Robot (2015 TV Series)
Episode: eps1.0_hellofriend.mov (2015)
Cyber-security engineer Elliot Alderson leads a model citizen life as gray mouse in an ICT consultancy firm. However he privately hates huge companies, especially arrogant, much dumber executives, and has proven his hand as a relatively innocent innocent vigilante hacker. Now he's spotted by a Mr. Robot's brilliant collective, which invites him to their well-equipped major hacking project.
18. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Cushion Saturation (2009)
During one of the more quiet moments of a paint-ball tournament where Leslie and Howard are alone in hiding waiting to be killed, they decide to make their final moment memorable by making out. This act is the beginning of a relationship of sorts between the two. Howard finds that one of the perks of being in a relationship with Leslie is that she has access to things at work that others don't, these things which she is willing to share with Howard, all at a time when the department budgets are being slashed around them. Howard learns that a relationship with Leslie has its gives and takes. Meanwhile, Penny accidentally shoot a paint-ball on Leonard and Sheldon's couch exactly on the spot where Sheldon sits. Will Sheldon notice that Penny has flipped the cushion over, and if he does, what will the collective do about fixing Sheldon's sitting spot both in the short term and the long term?
19. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Maternal Combustion (2015)
Both Leonard and Sheldon's mothers are coming to town to see them win an award for their joint research. The two diametrically opposed in viewpoint mothers have never met each other before. Their arrival places an interesting dynamic not only with each other, but in their dealings with Leonard, Sheldon and Penny individually and as a group. They each may gain some insight into their collective lives in the process. Meanwhile, Bernadette feels like she is mother to three children in the form of Howard, Stuart and Raj, almost like she has to channel the role that Debbie played. Especially for Howard, it's not a role he wanted his wife to be. Can Howard step up to the plate to be more the husband that he feels he should be for Bernadette?
20. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Space Probe Disintegration (2015)
Raj was part of a team which launched the New Horizon Space Probe nine years ago to collect data about Pluto, the probe which is now within distance to provide its first data... that is if it is still operational. While waiting to hear any news about the probe with Howard and Bernadette, Raj can't help but feel totally stressed. He makes a surprising decision on how to calm down. Meanwhile, Penny and Amy, who feel that they always have to do what Leonard and Sheldon want to do, are given the privilege of deciding what the four will do for the day. As Penny wants to do something that she knows Leonard and Sheldon will hate, Sheldon comes up with the answer to appease Penny: dress shopping. While Penny and Amy are in the change rooms, and Leonard and Sheldon wait outside, each pair talks about their respective friendships, most specifically the issue of compromise.
21. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Nerdvana Annihilation (2008)
On a whim, Leonard buys a replica of the time machine from the 1960 film The Time Machine for $800, only to find that it is actually life-sized. Penny becomes angry when his new purchase causes her to be late for work and lashes out at the guys for being grown men who still play with toys. This causes Leonard to rethink his priorities to the point where he is ready to sell his beloved collection. The guys try and talk him out of it, but Sheldon blames his current distress on a hypocritical Penny whose apartment also has collections of stuffed bears and Hello Kitty memorabilia.
22. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The 2003 Approximation (2015)
Leonard and Penny have finally made the decision for Leonard to move into her apartment, Leonard relinquishing all his rights to his and Sheldon's apartment. They try to soften the blow in delivering the news to Sheldon, whose mind changes on the issue when Bernadette informs him that he could find a better roommate than Leonard. When finding that replacement doesn't come as easily as Sheldon thought, he reverts back to what he considers the last stable time in his life, namely just before he met Leonard in 2003. That drastic change to living life like he did twelve years ago may give Leonard and Penny some pause about what their moving in together will do for their collective lives. Meanwhile, Stuart is looking for a band to play for free at the store. Howard and Raj believe they can fulfill both Stuart's request and their lifelong dream by forming a band of their own. Their concept for a band is even the same of folk-oriented acoustic sci-fi inspired music. But is a concept enough to sustain their band, especially when they may be working on different priorities?
23. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Cooper Extraction (2013)
Just as he is about to head to the airport, Sheldon decides to tell his friends that he is going to Texas to fill in for his brother-in-law at his sister's at home baby delivery. With Sheldon away, his friends decide to have a Christmas tree decorating party at Sheldon and Leonard's place. The fact of Sheldon not being there and having a discussion about the movie qv##tt0038650##, the gang hypothesizes about what their collective lives would have been like if they didn't know Sheldon, most specifically if Leonard didn't move in to Sheldon's apartment. Beyond the fact that many of them wouldn't have ended up even knowing each other let alone those that ended up as couples, each person interjects a little of what they like to think would have happened to each person as each story progresses.
24. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Work Song Nanocluster (2009)
Based on a some products that she made previously and sold to friends at a nominal profit, Penny is contemplating starting a home-based business called Penny Blossoms, in which she would make and sell flower shaped hair barrettes. Penny asks Sheldon for advice on the business aspects so that she can possibly turn this venture into a full time job. Sheldon agrees if only on the stipulation that she must listen to everything he says and not to make any sarcastic remarks. She agrees. But when Leonard, Howard and Raj get wind of what Sheldon and Penny are up to, the four guys collectively can't help but provide more than their two-cents worth of advice about every aspect of the business. The advice turns to total control. Problems arise because they forgot internal communication between departments of the business is key to success.
25. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary (2009)
Now that Leonard is dating Penny, Howard reminds him of a pact they made that if one of them gets a girlfriend that he should ask his girlfriend to set up the other one with one of her friends. Leonard doesn't remember it but Sheldon does. So Leonard asks Penny and she reluctantly sets him up with a girl named Bernadette. They go on a double date, and they don't have anything in common which makes Leonard and Penny think it's a mistake. Sheldon goes to the comic book store and learns there's a collectible card tournament, Raj wants to enter and needs a partner and asks Sheldon but he doesn't think it will a challenge. But when he learns Will Wheaton will be joining he sees this as his opportunity to get back at him for not showing up at a convention he was suppose to attend which Sheldon went to.
26. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Separation Agitation (2017)
Bert announces that he has met who he believes is his soul mate, a woman named Rebecca. The gang invites Bert and Rebecca to dinner at Leonard and Penny's so that they can all get to know this important person in Bert's life. Upon meeting her, they all slowly come to the belief that she is a gold-digger, she only after his money. Beyond what Bert decides to do with the information, the gang discusses what are acceptable and unacceptable reasons for wanting to be with another person as a mate. Meanwhile, it's getting closer to the day that Bernadette will be returning to work, when Halley will be placed in baby day care. Despite Bernadette's apprehension about leaving Halley, one comforting factor is that the day care is at Cal-Tech where Howard has easy access. Only the first day of leaving Halley at day care will show if the collective of Bernadette, Howard and even Stuart are ready to leave her with someone other than the three of them. And Sheldon and Amy host a special edition of "Fun with Flags". They believe that one good turn deserves another.
27. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Beta Test Initiation (2012)
Leonard and Penny have decided to start dating each other again, but Penny is worried that any little glitch in their second time around will stall or halt them getting back together. As such, Leonard proposes that they follow a computer software development process model, where each party directly involved in the development process provides constructive comments on the "product" i.e their relationship, so that they collectively can fix the problems before the product goes into the next phase of external testing. Penny agrees. However, the comments that each provides in and of themselves end up being viewed hypercritically by the person being criticized, and thus may halt the process in its tracks unless the critic can delve deeper into the psyche of the criticized, which in turn may have its own unintentional consequence. Meanwhile, Raj has started "dating" Siri, the voice of his new smart phone's voice recognition system. And Sheldon, with Amy's assistance, decides to host a once a week/fifty-two week video podcast on the fun of vexillology.
28. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Cohabitation Experimentation (2016)
A burst water pipe leaves Amy's apartment uninhabitable for five weeks. Penny and Leonard offer Leonard's bedroom as a place to stay for that time, while Penny and Leonard would stay in Penny's apartment, effectively meaning that Amy and Sheldon would be living together. However after speaking to Sheldon about the matter, the collective decide that Penny and Leonard will stay in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, while Sheldon and Amy will move into Penny's apartment, and treat it as a five week science experiment - Penny's apartment being the control away from Sheldon's comforts - to see if he would like to live with Amy after the five weeks is over. The experiment would allow him to evaluate the situation from a scientific perspective, seeing what worked and what didn't. As they will be sharing a bed, Amy and Sheldon decide to take coitus off the table to remove sexual tension as an evaluating factor. But the sex or lack thereof may be just one of many issues which could kibosh the experiment much sooner than the five weeks. However long, Leonard and Penny are determined to make the most of their Sheldon-free time. Meanwhile, Raj has been a constant presence at Bernadette and Howard's visits to the OB/GYN. The latest appointment includes the ultrasound, the sex of the baby which Bernadette and Howard have decided they don't want to know until the birth. However, Raj discovers the baby's sex. After getting over their anger at Raj knowing but they not, Bernadette and Howard reevaluate their decision in not knowing the baby's sex in light of Raj knowing.
29. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Middle Earth Paradigm (2007)
When Penny asks the guys to her party, which will include dancing, they seriously think about not attending as they aren't "dance" people. But when they learn it's a costume party (the fact of it being Halloween irrelevant), they change their collective minds and decide to go. Leonard wants this party to be an opportunity for Penny to see him as someone in her social circle. But Leonard's goals for the evening change when Kurt, Penny's ex-boyfriend, shows up, he who seems to be an invited guest and who Penny seems happy to see. Leonard, still smarting from his first and only other previous encounter with Kurt, tries to be Penny's protector while protecting himself from a potentially painful beating from Kurt.
30. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Big Bear Precipitation (2016)
Sheldon has been spending time in the virtual wilderness ever since Amy showed him a scientific study that proves spending time in the great outdoors significantly improves cognitive reasoning. When Leonard and Penny decide to borrow one of Penny's clients cabin for a weekend getaway, Amy is further able to convince Sheldon for them to tag along. Mother Nature prevents them from enjoying the great outdoors as was the intention of the getaway, but it does allow them to examine the state of their collective lives. Meanwhile, Raj has been more committed to the entire process of Bernadette's pregnancy and the whole issue of the baby than Howard. If Bernadette and Howard think Raj's involvement is crossing the boundary, Howard will have to step up to the plate and tell his best friend so,... or does it also mean that Howard has to step up to the plate in other ways?
31. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Tenure Turbulence (2013)
The death of Professor Tupperman opens up a tenured position at Caltech that Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Barry Kripke all qualify for. At first, the gang decides not to contact the tenure committee to improve their chances. Mrs. Davis of Human Resources, the woman who dealt with Sheldon after Alex's sexual harassment complaint, is on the tenure committee and both Leonard and Barry ambush her in the university gymnasium exercise room. Leonard's attempt to work out and talk to her at the same time causes him to have an asthma attack. Sheldon gives out stereotypical DVDs; Mrs. Davis received the miniseries Roots and Dr. Woo received the collected works of Jackie Chan. At first the guys all agree not to go to Professor Tupperman's memorial service. Later Penny tells Leonard that she helped Amy pick out a dress for it. Amy coaches Sheldon in what not to say and Penny shows up wearing a tight black dress to flirt with the committee members. They begin to argue, but ultimately decide to work together to prevent Barry from getting the job after he is promising to baby sit for Mrs. Davis. Later, Sheldon apologizes to Mrs. Davis that his gift to her was inappropriate and thanks her after he finds out that he, Leonard, and Raj are all on the final short list for the tenured position. She replies that they are all qualified in their fields despite their quirks which Sheldon doesn't understand. Sheldon tries to give her a hip handshake that also bothers her.
32. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Escape Hatch Identification (2017)
Raj has posted on social media that he can no longer afford his apartment and is looking for a cheaper place to live. Independent of each other, both Howard and Bernadette and Leonard and Penny want but don't really want to help their friend by offering him a temporary place to stay - the Wolowitz's garage and Sheldon's old bedroom respectively. After all three parties learn about all that is on the table as options for Raj, the collective decide that the best temporary solution would be for Raj to move into Sheldon's old bedroom. Although most knew Sheldon would feel uncomfortable with the situation - like Raj is invading his space - it is some other comments that Sheldon makes about the issue that places a strain between himself and Raj. Knowing that what he is feeling is irrational, Sheldon turns to Beverly for her professional opinion on why he is feeling the way he is. Beverly entering the fray has unintended consequences for all involved. Meanwhile, Sheldon is thinking about getting another roommate of another kind, Amy who makes her feelings about the issue well known.
33. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Locomotive Manipulation (2014)
Amy and Sheldon's annual relationship status discussion takes place in the lead up to Valentine's Day. Amy is able to convince Sheldon to go away for Valentine's to a bed & breakfast in Napa as what Amy hopes will be a romantic weekend will include some familiar faces in Howard and Bernadette going as well but more importantly something specifically for Sheldon, namely a trip on a vintage train to Napa. The question becomes whether both Amy and Sheldon will get out of the trip what they want, which on the surface may be incompatible, and especially as Sheldon's gift of the train trip comes first. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny have decided to have a romantic stay-at-home Valentine's. As such, they agree to dog-sit Cinnamon while Raj has his own solo romantic Valentine's Day star gazing. Their collective Valentine's Day takes a roller coast ride of emotions because of an incident initiated by Cinnamon.
34. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Holiday Summation (2017)
It's early January, 2017, and Leonard and Penny are hosting a regular dinner for their friends, the first time they've gotten together since the holidays. Each group has a story to tell which marred their holidays. Sheldon and Amy went to Texas to spend the holidays with Mary. Their issue revolves around the fact that, on Amy's initiative, they told fundamentalist Christian Mary about their cohabitation outside of wedlock. It is not only Mary's reaction to the news that has Sheldon irked, but also a secret that Amy divulges about that news. Leonard and Penny's story revolves around the day they ended up purchasing their Christmas tree, issues around which placed a pall on everything else that happened that day. And in the collective Wolowitz-Rostenkowski-Bloom household with Koothrappali thrown into the mix, they are still getting used to having baby Halley in their lives and the lack of sleep that she causes, especially in trying to get her to stop crying. It's not only the crying that is the issue, but also what, or more specifically who, can stop her from doing so.
35. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Lo-Fi (2008)
In the subway stations of New York, a gunman has been killing people by a .22 caliber shot to the back of the head. He is brazen in the fact that all the killings thus far have happened during the middle of the day in busy stations, most in full view of surveillance cameras. The gunman is always wearing a dark hooded jacket, but his face is obscured from the cameras by the hood being pulled over his head. The BAU are working on this case with the New York Police Department and the FBI's New York field office, that division led by Kate Joyner who the BAU team members notice looks a lot like Haley, Hotch's ex-wife. Beyond working on the case, Joyner has a specific professional interest in Morgan, which she shares with Hotch and which ultimately places a strain between Joyner and Morgan and by association Hotch. As the collective work on the case, it takes a turn for the worse when the unsub changes his MO. The case is made even more difficult when Garcia notices from the surveillance footage of two of the killings some discrepancies. As more and more obstacles face the authorities in catching the killer, Prentiss, with the NYPD's Detective Cooper out in the field, makes an observation about a potential unsub. The authorities then begin to realize the vast nature of the plot with which they are dealing. A car explosion ultimately rocks the case. Meanwhile, J.J. is forced to share some personal news with the rest of the team.
36. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Profiler, Profiled (2006)
Morgan is on his annual trip back to his old working class neighborhood in Chicago, the trip always to celebrate his mother's birthday. After getting into some trouble as a youth following his father's death when he was ten, Morgan started his life back to respectability through the neighborhood youth center, where he still visits every time he's in Chicago. He has a bit of a reputation in the neighborhood, both good and bad. The rest of the BAU are called to Chicago when Morgan is arrested for the murder of a neighborhood youth named Damien Walters. This murder is only the latest of three unsolved murders of youth spanning fifteen years. The lead investigator on what the CPD believes is a serial killing is Detective Stan Gordinski, who has had it in for Morgan since his troubled teen-aged years. Gordinski believes it is Morgan in part since Morgan always visits the grave-site of the first victim, a John Doe youth who was ultimately buried through the financial contributions of those in the neighborhood, that collection which was led by Morgan. Although they initially plan to do it under the radar of the CPD, the BAU work on the case of trying to find the boys' killer to exonerate Morgan. But Morgan comes into an internal issue when Hotch learns of some information about his past which Morgan failed to disclose when he joined the BAU. As such, Morgan doesn't take too lightly to the fact that his colleagues need to profile him.
37. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Hit (2012)
It's a lazy Saturday morning, a day off for the BAU. Beth has come over to Hotch's house to spend the day with him and Jack. JJ is playing with Henry while Will goes off to work. Morgan is going through Prentiss' just purchased house with her, the purchase pending the inspection which she seems to want to go badly as she seems to have buyer's remorse. Reid is Garcia's unofficial date to a sci-fi convention since she and Kevin split over his planned marriage proposal. And Rossi is heading home to bed after an all night cigar aficionado event... or so he says to Garcia and Reid, who he runs into. Their collective quiet is shattered when they are called to a botched bank robbery attempt, at which Will and his partner are one of the first on the scene. The reason the team is called in is that this robbery is the latest in a string committed by a group calling themselves the Face Cards, since the three robbers wear a mask of a playing card king, queen and jack respectively. At each of the seven robberies thus far, they have been unidentifiable, and they have killed one person by a gunshot to the abdomen, which the police up to this point considered secondary to the robberies themselves. The three are holed up inside the bank with several hostages, they've killed their trademark one person, they have no way out and the "jack" has a serious gunshot wound inflicted by Will upon his arrival. There is a stated hierarchy within the group, with the "king" the leader. Using recognition software, Garcia is able to identify the two males as brothers Chris and Oliver Stratton, low level criminals. Even after she takes her mask off and plays to the the surveillance cameras, the "queen of diamonds" is unidentifiable. The career status of the brothers and the actions of the queen make the team come to the conclusion that she is really the leader and the one with a hidden agenda beyond her vanity and sadistic streak (as she is the one who has done all the killing thus far). They also learn that she is working with someone on the outside. They have to discover her identity, her motivation, and her outside accomplice before she kills more hostages.
38. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Big Game (2007)
The BAU, minus Gideon who is doing some personal work at the Smithsonian, are having a rare social outing at a sports bar/club on Super Bowl night. The collective's evening is cut short when they are called into work to investigate the murders in rural Georgia of couple Dennis and Lacey Kyle in their home after a Super Bowl party at the house. Just prior to the murders, two people, one called Raphael, made a 911 call from the house saying that they would be killed because of their sin of material excess, Dennis who was a dot-com millionaire. The 911 message indicates a third person may be involved. Although the non-Raphael voice sounded scared but identified Raphael as the one who was going to kill, all on the call are joint perpetrators of the murders. Being mission based murders either led by the Bible or being guided by the unsubs' belief of messages from God, the BAU know that this group will become if are not already serial killers. The BAU learn that Dennis' murder was filmed using a camera from his own computer. The video has gone viral on the Internet. The filming of the murder, interviewing a witness of a previously unsolved situation at the Kyle's house, and another video from a subsequent crime scene may assist the BAU in tracking down the unsubs. Another 911 call associated with that second crime makes the BAU believe their initial estimation of the number of unsubs was wrong.
39. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Profiling 202 (2017)
Stephen Walker's first day with the BAU coincides with Rossi's birthday, something he no longer celebrates. It's because a serial killer he helped put away named Tommy Yates aka the Womb Raider - so coined because he mutilated his female victims' reproductive organs along with their vocal cords - made a deal with Rossi that once every year, on his birthday, he would divulge the location of one of his missing victims in return for his death sentence being commuted to life in prison without chance of parole. Yates was one of the inmates who escaped during the mass prison break last year, this the first year he's been out since the deal was made. Yates does contact Rossi today, not to divulge the location of one of his old victims, but of his latest victim, killed following the telephone call. She is Jody Wilson, unlike Yates' other victims who all led a high risk lifestyle. For this case, the team enlists the help of the agents in Rossi's latest advanced profiling seminar - by invitation only - as the seminar is considered on the job training. The collective minds discover that there is more to Yates choosing Jody than meets the eye. They also discover something new about Yates, which they believe means that he will escalate his murders. But they believe the key to finding Yates is the connection he has to Rossi - the "why" which will lead them to the "where". At the end of it all, the agents in the seminar, getting a first hand look at the work, may decide that it is not something they want as their future.
40. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Uncanny Valley (2010)
In Atlantic City, New Jersey, two women have thus far been identified as having died at the hands of the same killer. Both victims were drug-induced paralyzed and still conscious during their two-month abduction, but otherwise well taken care of. Both were also petite but physically fit, and in life were fashion conscious, although the clothes in which they were found did not match what they would have worn in real life, these new clothes which were more doll-like. And both dead bodies were found in a place that represents a fun childhood, one on a playground swing, another on an amusement park carousel. Because the two women have no other similar characteristics beyond their small stature, the BAU believe the unsub to be a woman who is "collecting" the victims as surrogates for a doll collection that the unsub has lost. When the BAU learn more about the doll line that the unsub is mimicking and after one of the pieces of clothing is analyzed, they stumble across a lead to the unsub and the reasons for her actions. But time is running out for the BAU as a recently abducted woman, who fits the profile, is a diabetic who will soon die regardless if she does not get her insulin shot. However, another aspect of her being a diabetic may also save her.
41. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Tribe (2006)
Aaron 'Hotch' gets a visit from his brother Sean, who intends to abandon the plan to study law, like their late dad and Aaron. Five students aged 19 are found horribly murdered in a vacant house in Terra Mesa, New Mexico, unbound, skinned alive, one impaled alive: traditional Indian torture methods. The team quickly suspects it must be the collective work of a 'pack'. First they consider the local reservation policeman Benjamin Blackwood's son John, a teacher noted for Indian activism. His tracker skills on the murder site concludes it was not the work of real Indians, as no tribe practiced all these methods, he agrees to act as a consultant. As the killers were probably not Indian but wanted it to appear so, next suspects are the heavily armed ADU. They were founded by local businessman Roy Minton, mainly recruiting from construction, to fight the Indian land claims. A fingerprint belongs to a sixth student, Ingrid Greisen. Her parents say they didn't even know she was missing as she lived totally apart. After father Peter Greisen follows the team's advice to call for Ingrid's release on TV, the kidnappers call. They are two ex-cons, who surrender and show the van she's in, after a promise nothing is told to the father. He would have paid them to kidnap his daughter without hurting her; they know nothing about the murders. Ingrid stopped following courses over a year ago - Hotch finds Peter hired a de-programmer and concludes Ingrid had to be kidnapped because she was in a cult sect. The hunt for the cult is on after Ingrid tells what she learned inside about the self-proclaimed 'Apaches' lead by 'Grandfather'.
42. Friends (1994 TV Series)
Episode: The One with the Inappropriate Sister (1998)
Joey's new roommate Ross is bored out of his mind, while on sabbatical, and shows absolutely not aptitude for relaxing and pranks. Phoebe is determined to 'spread joy' all over the city as Santa's elf collecting for charity, but takes it too personal while many New Yorkers rather dump trash then actually donate money in the bin, thus reviving 'street Phoebe'. Joey is exasperated: even a part for an Italian Brooklyn actor his age is nailed by an unfit celebrity, so Ross makes it his mission to coach him creating his own part by writing a script; alas Chandler's idea for a self-invented game gets Joey's attention far easier. Tired of Rachel's hopelessly procrastinating 'plan' Monica plainly asks Danny 'who ignored her on purpose' to data Rachel, and he immediately accepts; she sees him kissing a girl in town, but at his apartment finds it's just his sister Krista, yet instead of relieved she is rather appalled how physically close the adult siblings still are, and the other friends concur. Joey tells Ross and Chandler who are bickering about what Joey should do that he finished fives pages in the library and asks them to test-read aloud- they soon finds it's a script for the two of them to make up...
43. American Horror Story (2011 TV Series)
Episode: I Am Anne Frank: Part 2 (2012)
Convinced that Dr. Arden is a Nazi, Sister Jude hires a Nazi hunter, Mr. Goodman, to look into his past. He tells her of Operation Paperclip where American officials created false biographies for known Nazis and helped them relocate in the West. He tells her that SS officers have their blood type tattooed on their left arm. It all begins to go wrong when Anne Frank's husband shows up to collect his wife, who has had a breakdown since the birth of their baby. She's soon back at Briarcliff and Arden has his own plans for her. Meanwhile, Kit is released from solitary but Grace is to go ahead with her operation. Dr. Thredson follows through on his promise to Kit and also to Lana. The identity of Bloody Face is revealed.
44. American Horror Story (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Birth (2011)
A flashback to 1984 shows young Tate's first encounter with ghosts in the basement. In the present day, Tate tells Nora Montgomery that she can't have one of Vivien's babies. Several of the ghosts have their eye on Vivien's twins and Constance faces off against Chad. She suggests that she keep her grandchild while he take Ben's child but Chad insists he wants both children. Violet tries a spell to get rid of some of the ghosts. After Ben collects her from the hospital, Vivien goes into labor at the house but only one child survives. Violet learns who fathered one of her mother's babies.
45. American Horror Story (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Edward Mordrake: Part 2 (2014)
Having to decide which of the freaks to add to his collection, Edward Mordrake learns more about them and their backgrounds. He shows a particular interest in Elsa who tells him about her days as a dominatrix in 1930s Germany. It's the pornographic films she also made that led to her losing her legs. Meanwhile Jimmy's motorcycle runs out of gas and with Maggie Esmerelda in tow they head off through the woods to get back home. When they see Twisty the Clown attack one of his prisoners, who has just managed to escape, Jimmy decides to do something about it. Dandy has his own ideas however. When Mordrake appears, we learn of Twisty's history and how he was bullied by some of the freaks while working as a circus clown and, unable to work, tried to end it all. Mordrake seems to have found the one he is looking for. Back at the freak show, Stanley arrives and tells Elsa he's a Hollywood talent scout.
46. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013 TV Series)
Episode: 48 Hours (2013)
When Jake makes an arrest without a lot of proof, he only has 48 hours to collect evidence, or else the "perp" will be released. After his unsuccessful interrogation of the suspect, Jake forces his co-workers to spend their weekend helping him crack the case. So, while the team is stuck at the precinct, Charles judges a pie contest between Gina and Rosa, and Holt helps Terry look better in the eyes of his in-laws.
47. Designated Survivor (2016 TV Series)
Episode: Misalliance (2017)
Tom, Cornelius and Seth are preparing for an imminent NATO summit in Toronto, the former president who informs Tom that an emerging issue, initiated by the French, will be the deescalation of nuclear arms globally. Tom and Cornelius have to devise a workable solution to proceeding, especially in ensuring that the Russians follow through if the west collectively decides to go ahead. However, things within the White House are causing Tom and by association some of his supporters some issue. Tom still has every intention of appointing Kimble Vice-President regardless of her appearance before the Ethics Committee on charges of graft against her. Tyler Richmond, former President Richmond's son, returns to the White House, requesting refunding for a public school arts grant program, which has to be renewed every five years under the original terms, those original terms which expire in one month. However Kimble may not have the clout to get this done for Tom in Congress in that it has to go through the Ways and Means Committee, which is headed by Owen Saldua, who is also the head of the Ethics Committee and who seems to be gunning after her. Kimble has to come up with a creative way to save her long standing political career from this general smear campaign, with the arts funding a possible casualty. And Tom also learns of Hannah's disappearance, which is eventually determined to be a kidnapping. While John and Mike follow the leads specifically related to Hannah to try and find her, Jason acts on his own under Hannah's previous direction to follow Patrick Lloyd. Elsewhere, Alex and Tyler have a heart-to-heart about leading a White House life, that talk which makes Alex reconsider her decision to have the kids at Camp David away from her and Tom.
48. Once Upon a Time (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Changelings (2016)
In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, Rumple collects Jack and Jill's son as bait to lure a powerful being to him. Back in Storybrooke, Gold tells the Evil Queen that she must kill Zelena, and the EQ makes a decision that will change her relationship with her sister forever. When Belle discovers Gold's plans for their son, she convinces Hook and Emma to help her steal squid ink that can immobilize him, and, as a result, Belle is left to make a sacrifice that will affect the lives of everyone in Storybrooke. Meanwhile, Jasmine finds a genie-less lamp that she hopes to use to save Agrabah, and Aladdin finds a way to be her hero.
49. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Damned If You Do (2013)
Parsons continues to badger Gibbs; Gibbs finally breaks his silence but only slightly. To the surprise of Parsons, AJ Chegwidden, a retired admiral and a retired judge advocate general (JAG) of the US Navy, arrives to defend Gibbs (because Vance has called him); Gibbs breaks a slight smile. Ducky and Palmer find bugs; AJ and Gibbs find that someone has tossed Gibbs's pad; Tony and Ziva join them; they all go to Gibbs's secluded cabin. McGee shows up and collects Tony and Ziva, then they investigate the death of a SEAL lieutenant; the widow has received his head in a cardboard carton; Palmer learns that it's radioactive. Tom Morrow, from the DoHS, gives some startling news to Vance; the three musketeers turn in their badges; Vance shreds one file, and Gibbs burns even more; Morrow hands Parsons a letter in which the IG of the DoD cancels the investigation; Parsons babbles; Gibbs goes on a top-secret mission. Four months later Gibbs takes a shot. [To be continued next season.]
50. Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000 TV Series)
Episode: Porno Gil (2000)
A bizarre chain of events finds Larry having dinner with a porno star (Bob Odenkirk). The party turns out to be one disaster after another when Larry breaks a lamp, is forced to take off his shoes, loses his watch, gets lost along the way, and has to do the dreaded "double goodbye". Meanwhile, Jeff undergoes emergency surgery and asks Larry to go to his house and retrieve his porno collection so Suzie doesn't see it.
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