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1. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Buck Henry/Leon Redbone (1977)
The host for the episode is Buck Henry (his fifth appearance), and the musical guest is Leon Redbone (his third appearance). The skits for this episode are as follows: Gilda and Garrett introduce the five finalists in the "Anyone Can Host" contest, including an 80-year-old grandmother from New Orleans and the governor of South Dakota. During his opening segment, Buck Henry greets and interviews the five finalists. John Belushi credits his success in the decathlon to eating little chocolate donuts. The samurai psychiatrist commits suicide after angering his patient. A stunt baby stands in for an abuse scene in place of the actor baby. A motel sanitizing team shows how they clean each room. During the Weekend Update, Jane Curtain and Dan Aykroyd report on the Egypt-Israel peace talks, Jimmy Hoffa, and new breakthroughs in genetics, while Laraine Newman interviews the five finalists and Baba Wawa talks about meeting Omar Sharif in Jerusalem. A group of Russians on a train go through a series of overlapping flashbacks. Mr. Mike hosts the Rickey Rat Club. Leon Redbone performs "Champagne Charlie" and "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone".
2. Ashes to Ashes (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.6 (2008)
The squad investigates a £4000 robbery at a local post office by two men. It has all the earmarks of a criminal, Chas Cale, a bank robber that DCI Hunt had to deal with in Manchester. The second man also imitated Robert De Niro's "are you talking to me" during the robbery. They visit Chas only to find that he is now the chef in his own restaurant, his wife having forced him out of the business when he was diagnosed with epilepsy. DCs Carling and Skelton start checking out the pubs for the De Niro imitator. They soon have someone in custody, but he too has an alibi for the time of the robbery. Hunt is feeling his age and not very useful but remains convinced that Chas is somehow involved. Alex meanwhile is constantly feeling cold and thinks that in her real life she is dying.
3. Grange Hill (1978 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #26.10 (2003)
Annie's in a very dark mood, and has no answers to Maddie's predictable question about the location of Baz. Togger, Abel and Andy find the CCTV has been bundled up and returned near the computer - evidently the boy who is living in the old building doesn't want to be spied upon. Togger manages to communicate with the boy up in the old Tank Room, although not before he gets bitten. Kathy doesn't get quite the reply she wants when she asks Martin who he'd ask out if he had to give a name: he tells her matter-of-factly "you I suppose - none of the pretty girls would talk to me!" Maddie asks Kathy to cover for her at lunchtime - she wants to find out why Baz is at home. Togger gets to the root of who the boy is - he's lost his parents and he is staying up there because he doesn't want to be taken into care. Maddie taps on Baz's window. Hurriedly he gathers up money from the table, and goes to let her in. Kathy helps Josh overcome his difficulty in talking to Anika, playing her part. Unfortunately, while they are play acting an impossibly unrealistic dialog, Martin silently walks in, and is astonished to hear the turn of events - Josh asking Kathy out and her agreeing. Meanwhile, Togger is joined by the others, and the boy in hiding becomes uncomfortable with the large amount of people who know of his existence. He relaxes a bit though when they talk about his involvement in the mysteries that have been dogging them - the pyramid puzzle, the face in the photo... Maddie doesn't get too many answers from Baz. Outside the house he kisses her, which does at least reassure her; at the same time, Annie gets her mobile phone confiscated by Miss Dyson, and is frantically upset by its loss. After an exchange of words, she's made to stand in the corridor - Emma smiles. After the lesson, Annie gives the explanation that she needs her phone to stay in touch with her dad. Togger decides to help, but Maddie is also on the case, having encountered Annie as she heads off for P.E. While Miss Dyson is giving first aid to a nose-bleeder, Maddie grabs Annie's mobile back. Josh, with Kathy in the background egging him on, finally struggles to get out the question he's been trying to ask Anika - will she go out with him - she declines. Leah has a shocking announcement for Shannon - she's decided that she's going to leave school. She tells Mr. Malachay to stay away from her mother. Baz finally meets up with Annie, who's been reunited with her phone. Maddie once again demands to know what the great Wainwright family secret is all about - Baz must explain or they are through. "Okay," says Baz, "then we're through!" As it's the last day of term, Togger and Abel go and see the boy in the Tank Room, and leave him some provisions. Leah walks out of school with her possessions in a box. She explains to Shannon that her parents are back together again - sort of. Shannon is upset - all she has left at Grange Hill now is Hudson! Leah gets into her mother's car. Shannon watches her go: "Thanks, Leah," she says bitterly.
4. The Jack Benny Program (1950 TV Series)
Episode: Johnnie Ray Show (1953)
Johnnie Ray's contract to appear on Benny's TV show arrives and Jack is horrified by his $10,000 fee. He storms over to Ray's home and offers him $250 instead. Johnny sings "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone," and "Cry" for Jack and the performance is so devastating, Jack is turned into a helpless bowl of jelly. Jack pays him $15,000. At the end of the show, Danny Thomas makes a guest appearance to plug his show qv##tt0045410##.
5. Space Pirate Captain Harlock (1978 TV Series)
Episode: Courage: The Death of the Commander (1979)
"Have a drink and talk to me. Sometimes people need to clear the air between them."The Arcadia leaves for space with Kiruta on board, after he was injured while trying to save Mayu. Before the final showdown, Kiruta confesses his true feelings to Harlock. About how he rescued a bunch of juvenile delinquents who were branded criminals, and how he wanted to create a future for them. He then drums up the courage to ferociously fight and closely battles with Mazone who board the ship. He then sacrifices himself to put up a defense and to protect Tadashi and First mate, Yattaran. Harlock buries him with respect.
6. Red Shoe Diaries 3: Another Woman's Lipstick (1993 Video)
Just Like That: A receptionist in a large firm cheats on her voyeuristic lover with a delivery boy who has a crush on her. Another Woman's Lipstick: A young wife discovers lipstick on her husband's collar. She follows him, meets his mistress, and has a lesbian fling with her. Talk To Me, Baby: A man caught cheating in a bar by his wife admits his past dalliances on the drive home, which gets his wife aroused.
7. Soul Train (1971 TV Series)
Episode: Rose Royce/Chico Debarge (1987)
1st song = "Take It From Me" by "Commodores" [ #38 R&B ]. 2nd song = "Serious" by "Donna Allen" [ #5 R&B ]. 1st lip-sync = "Doesn't Have To Be This Way" by "Rose Royce" [ #22 R&B ]. 3rd song = "Save The Best For Me" by "Bunny Debarge" [ #18 R&B ]. Video: "Looking For A New Love" by "Jody Watley" [ #1 R&B ]. 4th song = "Candy" by "Cameo" [ #1 R&B ]. 2nd lip-sync = "Talk To Me" by "Chico Debarge" [ #7 R&B ]. 5th song = "Respect Yourself" by "Bruce Willis" [ #5 Pop / #20 R&B ]. 3rd lip-sync = "Lonely Road" by "Rose Royce" [ #45 R&B ]. Line Dance = "She ( I Can't Resist)" by "Jesse Johnson" [ #28 R&B ]. 4th lip-sync = "The Girl Next Door" by "RChico Debarge" [ #59 R&B ].
8. Paranormal After Party (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Playing with Fire (2015)
Generic Black Shirt Group travels to Monroe, NY in this first part, of a two part, investigation of McGarrah's Inn. The inn was built approximately 1799 by John McGarrah, and in its day was known as a "4 Candle inn" (equivalent to today's 5-star hotel). Heaped in rich history, McGarrah's Inn is best known for its status as the oldest existing Mason Lodge room in the state of New York. The team is joined by special guest investigator, Chris DiCesare, known for his book "Surviving Evidence," and the subject of the film "Please Talk with Me," when he learned he had a gift for connecting to otherworldly entities. In this episode the team starts by exploring the attic where strange cold spots, several physical confrontations and numerous EVPs are caught. Next a second group tries their luck in the basement where reports of a shadow man, affectionately referred to as 'Steve,' has been known to linger.
9. One Way Ticket (2001)
I am a civil servant at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. My boss, Loupiac, is having an affair with my wife. I can't take it any longer. I accepted this mission to escape the situation. 'Humanitarian Attaché': I have to take a young clandestine back to his country. He belongs to the tribe of the Grey Men of Irguiz, secluded since prehistoric times in a secret city of the Great Atlas. The kid is amazing. I suspect that his identity papers are fake, that he probably made up this legend. But to believe him is the best way to return him to his home, and it makes me feel good. The power of a legend is unbelievable, once you've decided to believe in it... Being with the kid makes me rediscover life, revive my dreams. And Valérie, the guide he talked me into employing, is about to become the biggest love of my life. Real life now begins...
10. Surviving Evidence (2013)
Following on the heels of the film, "Please, talk with me", comes: Surviving Evidence. This paranormal thriller is set in the present and seeks to raise as many questions in the viewers' minds as it may answer -- acting as a 'what if' exercise in regard to the relevancy, morality and application of paranormal experience in relation to free will, societal customs and what the future may hold.
11. Ok, Let's Talk About Me (2005 Documentary)
"next year I'm gonna be 18, when I'm 18 I'm gonna get my own place, have a car, have a nude girlfriend and you can come around to my place for pizza" Eddie on his 17th birthday Meet Eddie. He's a seventeen-year-old boy with Down syndrome. He's stubborn and charming, funny and sometimes temperamental. Through the course of a 26-minute documentary the viewer is invited to get to know Eddie - a rare treat - and journey with him as he turns 18 and prepares to leave school. Eddie's journey toward increased independence forms the story of this documentary while Eddie, with his witty banter and continual commentary interacts with the filmmakers/camera/viewer. While most films of this kind focus on the concerns of the parents of children with a disability, this film takes a unique perspective, allowing the filmmakers and Eddie's family to guide us through whilst maintaining a focus on Eddie's own changing perspective - what is important to Eddie and what does he feel gives him a sense of independence? "Ok, Let's Talk About Me" defies stereotypes of a person with Down syndrome and explores, implicitly the notion of choice and control in Eddie's life. How will Eddie respond to the changes being imposed on him and how will turning 18 live up to Ed's high expectations?
12. Rescued Nation TV (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Reporting on Rescued Events (2011)
Host Shawn A. Ward asks Hernandes and the viewers why are we as Generation X acting so crazy in the world today by not disciplining our children. Growing up Shawn states he remembers growing up how parents used to pray for each other and also getting a whipping by his next door neighbors parents for getting in some trouble. Host Shawn A. Ward goes on to say sometimes when your dealing with a specific generation biblically we always want to hit people over the head with the bible. For example when Rescued Nation's group titled Operation go get 'em went out on the street ministry at the Central West end (St.Louis) we met a homosexual and that he said "I want to come to church, I want to be apart of the ministry, I want to sing in the choir, but everytime I come everybody always looks at me, they judge me, they talk about me then when I leave I feel worse than I felt when I first came in". Shawn A. Ward goes on to say that sometimes in the house of God we can be so judge-mental not understanding the generation. Now we are dealing with a whole different type of generation. When we were growing up younger in church homosexuals would hide themselves, we wouldn't know who the fornicators were, we wouldn't know those who were using drugs but now in the house of God we know because they expose it widely they open it up and don't care anymore wearing it like a garment. So now how do we attract people dealing with these issues into the house of God? Well it's time now for us to stop hurting our generation, our young people and our young adults and start dealing with them where their at right now. Somehow we have to capture a generation that's why Rescued Nation takes it to where these people are like the skating event, bowling event, laser tag event, and the Eddie James praise break events because we are going were they are. At the Fresh Fire event with Eddie James ministries in Carmi, Illinois an interview with Haley Broom speaks about how she was changed as an extremist notably a homosexual and restored into a new woman in Christ.
13. Passengers (2014 Short Film)
Why stay in an unhealthy relationship, when the person you're meant to be with is willing to be with you. Passengers was written based on personal experiences in my life about the relationships that I had with the three women in my life, my girlfriend of six years, the girl I met in college that was also in a rough patch in her relationship, and my best friend who had feelings for me for 7 years, but got sick of my leading her on over and over and stopped talking to me cold turkey. It's the story of knowing that you should be with the person that means the most to you and if you wait too long, you'll lose them.
14. Talk to Me About Sex (2012 Documentary)
'Talk to Me about Sex' presents an intimate view of how teens and parents from seven diverse families approach this difficult dialog. Director, Dr. Andrea Burgio-Murphy, uses her expertise as a child and adolescent psychologist to ease the expected embarrassment, resulting in revealing, educational, and often surprising discussion and disclosure. Topics explored include how much sex teens are really having, the true and false sexual information teens share with each other, the generational shifts in how teens learn about sex, and how parents can overcome personal discomfort to play an active role in their teens' sexual education.
15. All About Us (1993 Documentary)
All About US is an interesting foray into the thinking and the technology that lies behind the most popular tracks from Peter Gabriel's US album. It contains documentary coverage of the thinking behind the most popular music videos together with the actual music videos themselves. Music videos include:1. Digging In the Dirt 2. Steam 3. Blood of Eden 4. Solsbury Hill 5. Zaar 6. Come Talk to Me 7. Kiss That Frog. Directed by Michael Coulson, All About Us includes rare interviews and behind the scenes footage of Gabriel as he finishes his album and gets his haircut ready to go out on tour. It also features some of the 11 contemporary artists who were commissioned by Gabriel, in an innovative approach to marketing, to create works inspired by the songs. Each of the artists - Andy Goldsworthy, Yayoi Kusama, David Mach, Helen Chadwick, Zadok Ben-David, Zush, Rebecca Horn, Mickael Beth- Selassie , Ian Hughes, Jordan Baseman, Finbar Kelly and Bili Bidjocka were given a track as inspiration. Coulson recorded their creative process. Seeing the way that Gabriel has merged the artistic concepts of both his music, lyric, and the artistic interpretations into the completed music videos demonstrates the multi-layered meaning and message of his works.
16. Talk to me (2015 Documentary)
Talk to Me is a documentary on Krzysiek, a 21-year-old marijuana addict staying at a drug rehabilitation centre in Warsaw. The film, however, is not a typical narrative about addiction. A rare example of the real life seeping into the film, it shows a relationship between the protagonist and the director, who unexpectedly face a difficult situation. It is a coming-of-age story of growing feelings and a struggle against one's weaknesses.
17. Fala Comigo Agora! (2012 Short Film)
Talk To Me Now! tells the story of a middle class family that has sexual intolerance in the middle of their relationships. With an outstanding cast, the short cut follows Julio (Marat Descartes), a middle age man who works at night cross-dressed, singing jazz songs, on his attempt to have the acceptation of his father, Inacio (Antônio Petrin). The relationship between them gets tenser when Julio's brother, Emanuel (Cadú Fávero) go bankrupt and Julio begins to support the house, while looking after his grandmother Janice (Cleyde Yáconis). Talk To Me Now! narrates, in a surprising way, the unconditional love of a son for his father.
18. Karlton Says (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Real Talk with Trina Braxton (2012)
Trina Braxton from the hit reality television show Braxton Family Values made a stop in Augusta, GA, as a special guest for John Holden's Power Hitz, which airs Sundays at 11:35 on WJBF News channel 6. Miss Braxton took a few seconds to talk with me, Karlton Clay, about her new single "Party or Go Home," and the finale of season 2.5 of Braxton Family Values.
19. A Night with Lou Reed (1983)
A Lou Reed concert at the Bottom Line in New York City, 1983. Tracklist: Sweet Jane, I'm Waiting For The Man, Martial Law, Don't Talk To Me About Work, Women, Waves of Fear, Walk on the Wild Side, Turn Out the Lights, New Age, Kill Your Sons, Satellite of Love, White Light / White Heat, Rock And Roll.
20. Rober (2007 Short Film)
I never knew my father. I was one year old when he died and my mother never talked to me about him. Neither have I asked, it was an agreeable silence. At the age of twenty four I felt that it was time to know. I went on a journey trying to understand who he was through the people who knew him and the houses where he lived. I've both directed, held the interviews and photographed the whole time as it was important for me to preserve my real, temporal point of view of me, and the development of my journey and i wanted to expose the viewers to this experience as directly as possible. At first I interviewed my mother, who's giving me information for the first time, and then I had some clues. From there on I move between the three countries where he used to live - France, Israel and Chicago. Slowly, I began to realize who he was, and accordingly - who I am.
20 titles.