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1. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Broken (2013)
The BAU travels to Austin, Texas where three separate murders have taken place, the victims being two young women, and one young man. Each was last seen at a large but different social gathering. All three victims were savagely beaten, however the two women were stripped naked, while the first victim, the male, was re-clothed after being beaten while naked. Upon further investigation, they learn the male victim was a closeted homosexual, leading the team to believe that the unsub is a repressed homosexual who murdered the female victims after not being able to perform sexually with them, and murdered the male victim after feeling guilt after having had sex with him. When a fourth victim, another male, is discovered, another emerging piece of evidence is the exact same style men's watch placed on the last two victims, both watches deliberately set at a different time than what is actual. The team has to uncover the meaning of the watch and the time to which the watches were set to discover the identity of the unsub and who his ultimate targets are.
2. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Chain of Command: Part 2 (1992)
Picard's team has been lured to the Cardassian planet Celtris 3's fake 'metagenic' biological weapon-installation where he is captured and interrogated at threat of death and truth-drugged. The Enterprise's present Captain Edward Jellico believes the negotiations with the Cardassians are heading for war, especially now Picard's failed intrusion is reported by the 'scandalized' Cardassians. Picard is stripped naked and suspended by the wrists for a thirsty night before torture by a pain-inducing implant made with a geminite knife. The Cardassians prove to Jellico that Picard is captured but deny the spy POW status, so he'll suffer a terrorist's fate unless the Federation admits starting a war or retreats from the sector. After scanning the Cardassian ship for indications where they were Jellico, Data and Gordi guess right Picard was tricked to betray the Federation defense plans for Minos Kordas and get permission to make a bold counter-move, requiring best pilot Riker, who openly disapproves of Jellico's cold style and attitude. As Picard resists physical pain, psychological torture by lies is used, but he also finds a way to retort there...
3. The Girl Next Door (2007)
Loosely based on the true life events surrounding the torture Sylvia Likens faced during her stay with her aunt and her death, this movie is an adaptation Jack Ketchum's 1989 novel of the same name. Story begins with a road accident witnessed by David Moran which sets his mind into a fierce reflection of his not so good childhood memories of Meg and how they first met in 1958. After the death of their parents in a car accident, Meg and her crippled sister, Susan come to stay with their aunt, Ruth Chandler, a sadistic psychopath with their three sons, Willie, Ralphie, and Donny. Meg and her sister become an easy target and fall prey to their aunt's cruelty and her only hope is David, who happens to be her neighbor, who seems to be already captivated by her beauty. After days of mental and physical abuse from her aunt, Meg finds courage, one day to report the events to Officer Jennings. But to her disappointment, her aunt is not arrested and her life, which she thought could never get worse took a bad turn. As a punishment her aunt Ruth, her children, and their friends binds Meg in the cellar with her hands tied to the rafters. They play a bizarre game of "confession", and when Meg has nothing to confess, she is stripped naked. Rest of the story covers the various brutal and horrific tortures, Meg's seemingly unending agony, until one day things change. One day, David goes to visit Meg only to find her being raped by Willie. When he's done with her, Ruth even offers to allow David to do the same, which he refuses. But when things get bad, and Ruth decides to etch few words into Meg's stomach with a heated needle, David tries to run but is himself caught and tied up as he helplessly watches as Meg is mutilated with a blowtorch to "destroying her desire for men forever." as her aunt puts it. Next day David gets up in the cellar and finds Susan sitting beside her sister who seems to be on her deathbed. David unties himself and decides that its time to change things. He lights a fire in the cellar to catch the attention of the neighbors and when Ruth enter the cellar he beats her to death using Susan's crutches. And to their luck Officer Jennings arrives to help them out. The rather painful and chaotic memory ends with David retrieving Meg's mother's ring from Ruth, and giving it to her before she finally succumbs to its wounds. Though these memories have marred his life and engraved his soul with such sadness, that not even time cure, the only thing that keeps David going on are those beautiful words that Meg taught him, "It's what you do last that really counts."
4. Mean Creek (2004)
When Sam Merrick is beaten up by local bully George Tooney, Sam's older brother Rocky and his friends Clyde and Marty plan to pretend it's Sam's birthday to "invite" George on a boat trip in which they would dare him to strip naked, jump in the lake, and run home naked. But when Sam, his girlfriend Millie, Rocky, and Clyde see George as not much of a bad guy, they want to call off the plan, but Marty refuses. Will the plan go ahead as planned?
5. Standing Up (2013)
Based on one of the most beloved Young Adult novels of all time: Two kids are stripped naked and left together on an island in a lake - victims of a vicious summer camp prank; But rather than have to return to camp and face the humiliation, they decide to take off, on the run together. What follows is a three day odyssey of discovery and self-discovery.
6. Chelsea Lately (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #6.29 (2012)
In her opening monologue, host qv##nm1314546## talks about what she usually does on President's Day and who her and Chuy's favorite US presidents of all time are. Chelsea and her round table panelists qv##nm2002507##, qv##nm1327303## and qv##nm1579753## discuss a male Arizona sheriff who had to step down from volunteering on qv##nm1797713##'s presidential campaign due to allegations that he threatened to deport his former illegal immigrant boyfriend back to Mexico if he made their relationship public, the arrest of a female stalker of qv##nm1188907##'s who broke into his pool house when he wasn't home, a father who accidentally played a pornographic movie at his child's birthday party instead of the intended qv##tt0472181##, and a Pennsylvania man who stripped naked in a Wal-Mart parking lot then went inside the store to steal a pair of socks. Since it's Oscar season and since Chelsea has no time to see the nominated movies, she hires an elderly Armenian couple to watch and review the movies for her. And Chelsea chats with guest qv##nm1086543## about her new movie qv##tt1838544##, her relationship with her sister, her menagerie of pets including a one-eyed cat and a stuffed miniature horse, her Glamour magazine cover photo, and her single status.
7. Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (2000 TV Series)
Episode: Incredible Hippo (2006)
In a harrowing office accident involving a bagel, happy-go-lucky Peter Potamus consumes radioactive pellets which transform him into THE CREATURE! Or rather, he turns green and his waist-size triples in seconds, which, let's face it, would send anyone over the edge. On the brighter side, his new flowing mane leaves him bearing a striking resemblance to Frank Stallone! Now, even the slightest stress, such as rending an impossible-to-open mustard pak (sic), can cause the Creature to appear and terrorize the office! Will any escape the bestial hipposity? Meanwhile, Reducto freaks out, strips naked and despoils his house with a mixture of duck feces and potting soil. In other words, business as usual.
8. Room 222 (1969 TV Series)
Episode: Naked Came We Into the World (1969)
When one of the long-time teachers resigns as the advisor for the Junior Class Night, a musical presentation, Alice Johnson eagerly volunteers for the position. Principal Kaufman is reluctant at first to appoint her, but he relents under pressure from Pete Dixon and Liz McIntyre. Alice promises the class that it will be "their" presentation, and that she will allow them to run it the way that they want. She comes to regret this, however, when her shyest student, Helen Loomis, comes up with an unforgettable finale: everyone in the cast will strip naked on stage.
9. Jungle Holocaust (1977)
A plane crashes in the jungle. One of the survivors gets lost and while trying to find a way out of the jungle he gets captured by cannibals. He is humiliated, stripped naked, and thrown in a hole with a bird for a while. Eventually, he escapes with the help of a cannibal girl and tries to find his plane so he can go home.
10. The Class (2007)
Shy nerd Joosep is the favorite victim of his macho classmates, mainly the jocks gang of cocky Anders, while the rest tends to applaud the unfair abuse 'show'. Joosep's father, a military macho, just tells him to 'stand up for yourself', not how. Rebuked by his girlfriend Thea for helping to lock stripped-naked Joosep in the girls' showers, jock Kaspar decides to shield Joosep from more gross abuse. He soon finds himself bullied as 'traitor', and later alleged 'queer buddy'. After Joosep takes his own stand out of principle and Kaspar's refusal to dub risks seeing him expelled and returned to his rural home, things escalate tragically.
11. Nefarious: Merchant of Souls (2011)
From the very first scene, Nefarious ushers you into the nightmare of sex trafficking. When you see a woman being dragged to the 'breaking grounds', you will feel her despair. You will follow beside her as she is beaten, stripped naked, then sold to the highest bidder. After she's auctioned off, she's taken to a location where she will be sold night after night. This sober look into modern-day slavery is designed to explore this horrific issue and uncovers the shocking truth that people are being sold in sex markets in some of the world's most 'developed' countries. Nefarious brings an array of experts from around the globe, lending their insights in a desperate attempt to find an answer to the crisis of the day.
12. Periphery (2015)
Leanne Cross is a elderly homemaker living in Vidalia, Georgia, who started living with her son, Randy, and her grandson, Benjamin, after Randy's wife Felicia left him to pursue a modeling career. Randy, now a single dad, spends his days teaching high school biology and coaching the local baseball team where is so Randy is the ace pitcher. Randy has immersed himself in Benjamin's baseball career to ensure he reaches his full potential and makes it to the major leagues. Randy once had dreams of baseball glory but they were cut short by a knee injury and he does not want the same thing happen to Ben. Randy's girlfriend, Vi Warner, is the owner of the local diner and she also wants to see Benjamin succeed, but she's getting tired of Randy's fear of commitment. After Randy's mom Leanne is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and learns that she only has a few months to live, she refuses cancer treatment and hires an attractive, solitary, live-in hospice nurse, Teresa Rowe. Randy is upset about his mother's decision to refuse treatment but he respects her choice and soon is smitten with Teresa. After Leanne makes amends with her ex-husband Noah, who apologizes for his philandering during their marriage, Leanne tries to set Randy and Teresa up on a date. When Vi finds out about this she confronts Randy by stripping naked in front of everyone at the town fair and demands that Randy sees her for who she really is and come to terms with his true feelings. It's an event that galvanizes the town and gives Leanne what she wanted all along - secure love and happiness for her son Randy, and a stable, loving family for Benjamin. What no one knows is that everything, in actuality, is part of Leanne's master plan to tie up loose ends before she passes on. In the end Leanne dies a peaceful death knowing that her family will be able to go on with fulfilling lives without her.
13. All stars - De serie (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Van jonge heren... (1999)
Hearing Mark is finally to wed Roos, the Swift Boys plan a grand bachelor evening after the game. Alas, Peter's Viagra pills slipped into drinks have a bewildering effect, notably on susceptible Willem, who has hallucinations, strips naked and tries to hump a cow, so Hero lures him to the showers. Roos finds out about the orgy and locks the boys in, so her hen night can steal all their expensive fun, except for the stripper twins, whom the club president makes believe he's the party boy.
14. Justine: Exotic Liaisons (1995)
A young girl dreams of various erotic liasons, she is kidnapped and made to strip naked, detects dodgy goings on an express train and strips naked, goes to New Orleans and strips naked...
15. 1087 (2017)
Nineth of September 1087, as the sun rises, Duke William of Normandy, King of England, dies alone, unloved, unmourned and stripped naked of clothing and jewellery at Saint-Gervais, Rouen. He leaves behind a Kingdom that is broken and shattered by the ruthless tyranny of his reign. He thought he had conquered England when he won a battle near Hastings in 1066 : He had reckoned without the unconquerable spirit of the English, and the treachery of his own wife and sons.
16. Sexy! Naked!, Bound! (2010 Video)
Five lovely ladies are placed in naked bondage peril in separate vignettes. in the first tale, a woman is conned into wearing ropes and a gag, but is then divested of her bikini and hogtied. In the second tale, a red-haired English rose is stripped naked, tied to a chair and silenced with a red ball-gag. In the third piece, a blonde babe is left hogtied and duct tape gagged to struggle on a rug. In the fourth, a pretty gambler is caught cheating at cards. As a penalty, she is stripped naked and roped to a chair, her legs spread and her mouth covered with duct tape. In the final story, a long-haired brunette angers the wrong woman and winds up naked, bound and dangling from the ceiling.
17. The Kidnapping of Crissy Moran (2006 Video)
A beautiful former CIA agent carries a grudge against another operative and plots to hit him right where it hurts - by kidnapping his beautiful wife and holding her hostage. The lovely lady is knocked unconscious by the ex-spy's karate chop and securely bound and gagged. Her bondage concealed beneath a hooded sweatshirt, the buxom babe is forced at gunpoint to her captor's hideout. With her squirming captive writhing mutely beside her, the kidnapper issues her demands along with a threat - comply within the prescribed time limit or his wife dies. The victim is then stripped naked, tied securely to a railing with a automatic pistol pointed at her chest. If the kidnapper's demands are not met, a timer will automatically pull the gun's trigger. Will the CIA agent rescue his wife in time?
18. Startled Into Restraint (2011 Video)
Bondage film with six scenes. In the first a supermodel is overpowered as she sleeps, is stripped naked, then securely bound and cleave-gagged. In the next story and angry TV technician reacts angrily to an impatient party host and binds and gags the woman so he can install a big-screen TV in peace. In the next story, an innocent woman visiting friends in the city opens the door to a creep who quickly overpowers her. Tied to a banister, her hopes for a quick release are dashed when her friend returns home and fondles the naked girl instead. In the next story, housemates fall victim to home invaders and are left hogtied on their bed. In the last story, a sleazy photographer and his busty henchwoman grab his model and secure her to a chair after relieving her of her blouse and bra.
19. Chloro the Girls, Then Tie 'Em Up! (2007 Video)
Six vignettes of beautiful women chloroformed, stripped naked, bound and gagged. In the first scene, a buxom businesswoman is captured by a nasty burglar; in the second, two roommates are the victims of a home intruder; in the third, a party girl looking for a night of sex is overcome by her chloroform wielding date, who reduces her to a sleeping hogtied victim. Other scenes involve a damsel-in-distress captured by the home owner from whom she sought aid, two spa visitors who spend the weekend in mute bondage and an actress who gains a coveted role by leaving her chief rival trussed, muzzled and snoring.
20. Dangerous Diva Does Hollywood (2008 Video)
A sexy starlet and her lovely assistant ask Dangerous Diva to help her research her next role as a thief, but wind up bound, gagged and robbed. A cocky cop decides to take down the Diva single handed, but is soon hogtied, stripped naked and tickled furiously. A pair of beautiful blonde models with a larcenous streak are Diva's next victims. The two are bound securely and can only moan and fidget and the cat-suited crook steals their suitcase full of cash.
21. My Prisoner in Bondage: Eden Wells (2011 Video)
Looking for a man who owes him money, a criminal discovers the debtor's pretty girlfriend instead. Determined to send a message to the deadbeat, the crook quickly forces the buxom blonde to strip naked and, after securely binding and gagging her, forces her to submit to his not-so-tender fondling fingers.
22. Agent in Danger (2010 Video)
Three tales of beauties in bondage - in the first story, a buxom government agent goes undercover to gather evidence against a criminal organization. After leaving the real cocktail waitress bound and gagged in her apartment, the gumshoe assumes her identity only to be captured her cover blown. Will the lovely agent escape a gruesome fate? In the second yarn, a sensuous red-head thinks a burglar is her boyfriend playing kinky games. Will she realize the case of mistaken identity in time? In the third segment, a western heroine tries to get the goods on a gang of bandits, but she and her lovely sidekick are captured, stripped naked, roped and muzzled. Will the rangerette and her companion escape and bring the evil-doers to justice?
23. Grab and Bind of Layla Sin: Sexy Spy in Bondage (2014 Video)
An inept novice spy is repeatedly captured, bound and gagged by the opposition. In her last mission, she is recognized, stripped naked and spreadeagled on a bed with a buzzing vibrator strapped to her clitoris and threatening to buzz her to repeated orgasms.
24. Police Cadet Caper (2012 Video)
An inept pair of crooks attempt to scam an insurance company with a fake kidnapping, but their plans falls apart when the busty coed crook fails to free herself to call the police. Forced to revise their plans, the criminals lure a police cadet into a trap, causing the policewoman to be roped and gagged. When the distaff criminal has a change of heart, her boss decides she should be stripped naked and bound as well before the buffoon makes his getaway.
25. Sexy Bondage Games (2010 Video)
A pretty English girl falls victim to a kinky couple who strip her naked, bind and gag her, then place matches between her toes. In the next story, a lovely long-haired brunette celebrates an anniversary in secure bondage. When two friends play bondage games, the tied-up victim shouldn't reveal damaging secrets, or their restraints might become much more stringent than she bargained for. As a warning to pay his gambling debts, a lithe granddaughter is abducted, stripped naked and left securely tied up and tape gagged.
26. The Naked Option: A Last Resort (2011 Documentary)
The Naked Option: A Last Resort tells the story of Niger Delta women who take a stand. Bucking transnational corporations, the corrupt Nigerian government, and a culture which dictates women are seen and not heard, they organize and take action. Their ultimate weapon: to strip naked in public.
27. Bound by Betrayal (2012 Video)
A pair beautiful burglars finds that crime does not pay when they are grabbed, stripped naked and hogtied by two tougher criminals who make off with the goods they've stolen. A third burglar gets her comeuppance when her would-be victim strips the crook to her panties, then leaves her bound and ball-gagged. In another vignette two naked sunbathers are captured by home invaders, gagged and tied to chairs. In the last story, a lovely blackmailer is grabbed by her victim, securely trussed and whisked away to parts unknown.
28. Desperate Housewives (2010 Video)
Two horny housewives climb into bed with the latest handsome husband to move onto their block. They fail realize their peril until the wrong spouse returns unexpectedly and exacts a terrible revenge on the pair of nymphomaniacs. She grabs the women, forces them to strip naked and then gags them in numerous positions, even rubbing ice cubes on her captives nipples. Finally satisfied with her neighbors' humiliation, she leaves the nude women tied to a tree with a "Home Wreckers" sign taped to their bodies.
29. Dangerous Diva's Devious Disguises (2008 Video)
Dangerous Diva is up to her old tricks. First, she pretends to be a newspaper reporter and pumps a naive woman for information about her priceless family heirloom and then, returning after dark, she breaks into the woman's bedroom, steals the bauble and leaves the victim naked, bound and gagged. In the next sequence, Diva sneaks into an office building and captures an innocent secretary, leaving her tied and helpless. When the device she's seeking isn't in the company safe, Diva forces the frightened woman her to reveal that the object hasn't arrived yet and the messenger doesn't know the secretary by sight. Diva strips the office worker, dons her clothes and heads out for the rendezvous leaving a writhing blonde struggling to free herself. In the last sequence, a beautiful brunette seeks vengeance against Dangerous Diva for leaving her tied up in her bathtub. Diva is overpowered and left roped and muzzled as her apartment fills with smoke that the arsonist and her henchwoman have set. Diva manages to slip her bonds and traces the two would-be killers to their lair and then leaves them stripped naked, ball-gagged and roped together.
30. Draupadi (1931)
This big-budget Mahabharata adaptation starts with Duryodhana's (Jagdish) scheme to appropriate the kingdom of Hastinapur by eliminating his Pandava cousins. When the Pandavas return from banishment with Draupadi (Ermeline), won by Arjuna (Kapoor) in a tournament, they establish their capital, Indraprastha. The films shows the Rajasuya Yagna ceremony and culminates in the famous dice game in which Duryodhan, backed by his scheming Uncle Shakuni (Hadi), wins the Pandavas' kingdom and then Draupadi herself, whom Yudhishthira (Elizer) then wagers and loses. Duryodhan commands that Draupadi be stripped naked in open court but Krishna (Khalil) saves her honour with a miracle.
31. Ticklephobia (2009 Video)
Lovely ladies woman are stripped naked, bound and tickled by heartless attackers. Scenes include a beautiful brunette who is locked in medieval stocks and has her bare feet placed in tickle torment and a buxom blonde who, after tickling her roommate unmercifully, is subjected to worse treatment when her petite friend breaks out her electric toothbrush.
32. Gigi Allens: Realtor in Ropes (2014 Video)
A female real estate agent interested in purchasing an old, dilapidated house to repair and flip is grabbed by a villain lurking in the shadows. The beautiful blonde is quickly stripped naked, bound and gagged. Her efforts to escape are unsuccessful and only result in more stringent bondage.
33. An Exciting Hunt (1907 Short Film)
A young woman and her maid go for a stroll in the park. The maid goes away, and the girl, siting alone in her folding bank, starts feeling the effects of the heat. After a look around to make sure that she is alone, she strips naked, and has a refreshing bath. While she is at it, a middle-aged couple approaches and decides to rob the girl's clothes. The woman strips her own, poor peasant's clothes, and dons on quickly the girl's dress; they leave in a hurry. The girl is distressed when she finds that she has only her undershirt to cover herself. A policeman wearing a white casket appears before the girl can dress, and she runs away, hunted by the policeman. Nearby, a man in a white suit and Panama hat is having a picnic with his family, greets a passing friend, and offers him some refreshment. Before they can toast, they're trample on by the fugitive girl, and the policeman close by. They all stand up and join the chase. A bearded man in a dark suit is out for a stroll in the park, and smoking a cigarette. Out of the woods comes the nude girl, running at him, and pleading for help. By chance, the man had a long cape draped on his left arm, and he promptly helps the girl to regain a modicum of decorum. He escorts her - to somewhere. The policeman, the picnic man and his three female companions, keep the chase on through the thick wood - long after they lost sight of the girl.
34. Pag Asa (2009 Short Film)
December 26th of 1941 the Filipino and American soldiers stationed in Manila are ordered to retreat to Bataan Peninsula and defend it. Along the way, somewhere half way in-between something goes really wrong for two Filipino soldiers. Miguel Reyes and Juan Santos have an important message to get to Bataan H.Q. before the Japanese can catch them. Miguel and Juan are stopped by a mortar which disables Miguel from continuing. Juan helps his friend out to take shelter and the unleashing of horror and war happens all around them. From outside their little hut hide out the world becomes smaller and smaller as two good friends from childhood try to keep each other from being killed. A Filipino woman is stripped naked and thrown just out of view where Miguel and Juan can only see her feet as Japanese rape and torture her. Powerless they sit and try to divert their own attention and look at the task at hand. If they don't deliver the message 1,000's of troops could be shot by friendly fire. With Miguel close to death Juan has to make a choice and a window of opportunity knocks so Juan takes it. Just outside something goes wrong and he has to save his good friend from an attacking Japanese soldier. Successful on fighting him off to only find his best friend had died. It's his turn to take revenge on the Japanese and deliver that message!
35. Tell My Story (2012 Short Film)
A politician lays slain in woodland, stripped naked by his murderer in waiting. A reporter looking for a scoop thinks he might just have found the unlikely protagonist and with it a front page exclusive. But for the sake of a story is his life now in danger?
35 titles.