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1. Who Do You Think You Are? (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Paul Mercurio (2010)
Actor, dancer and TV chef Paul Mercurio is probably best known for his role in "Strictly Ballroom". In "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" he embarks on a journey into his ancestry to investigate rumours of a mafia connection and discovers a political kingmaker leading a double life. After his parents divorced when he was six, Paul and his siblings were raised in Western Australia alone by his Mum. He never got to know his father Gus until he was an adult. Gus immigrated to Australia from the US in 1956 and Paul knows little about the family that Gus left behind . Along the way Paul learns of a rumoured mafia connection, violence, murky political patronage and innocents caught in the crossfire.
2. The Bloody Indulgent (2014)
In an attempt to savagely chew the blood out of a B-rated strip club owner named Sid (Brian Gaskill), a skeezy indulgent vampire, Burt (Kevin Richardson), whose zest for "life" is equaled only by his addiction to really expensive, exotic drugs, hides out (and dopes up) at an upscale drug den, owned by a photographer who seems to have grown a dark whimsy of killing herself. Dori, Sid's girlfriends, and the other rather unique and humorous strippers at the club (Diva Zappa, Tracey Leigh, Laura Martin... ) are hell bent on revenge and declare war on Burt. In the meantime, Burt's sidekick Todd (newcomer Brandon Heitkamp) grapples with his new station as a vampire, turned by Burt in a moment of blood-lust, and also grapples with his ensuing bisexuality, a by-product of being turned into a vampire... he thinks. This sexy-violent musical is full of hot dancing girls and boys, drug addled nymphettes, existential zombies and gallons of blood rounding out this French New Wave version of a Pulp Fiction meets Strictly Ballroom romp.
3. The Big Shot-Caller (2008)
As a child, Jamie Lesser watched 'Strictly Ballroom' ninety-seven times a day and dreamed of becoming a salsa dancer. But in 'real life', his social awkwardness, failed love life and severe near-sightedness got in his way. After insurmountable disappointments, he turns to his estranged sister, Lianne, a streetwise, self-proclaimed hip hop dancing dynamo, inspires him to follow his dream, reclaim his self-esteem and become what he was truly meant to be.
4. 1% One Percenters: Search for a Screenplay (2005 TV Movie)
It's been 30 years since a biker movie was a box-office hit in Australia but if film maker Martin Brown succeeds it won't be too much longer before we see a big budget biker film based on the 1984 Milperra massacre. 1% One Percenters Search For A Screenplay is a documentary that follows Brown's almost masochistic attempt to develop a feature film about the Milperra biker massacre that took place in suburban Sydney on Father's Day, 1984. On that day, two rival outlaw biker clubs, the Comancheros and the Bandidos, engaged in open warfare at the Viking Tavern. After a violent shoot-out in the pub car park in full view of terrified members of the public, six bikers and a 15-year-old girl lay dead. Film maker Martin Brown has had a rich and varied career in the entertainment industry including a 10-year association with BAFTA winning director Baz Luhrmann as art director for Strictly Ballroom, co-producer of William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet and lead producer of Moulin Rouge. Brown knows there is a "gripping human story" behind the Milperra Massacre and he plans to tell this story in a multi-million dollar feature film titled 'Brothers in Arms'. 1% One Percenters follows Brown's perilous journey as he tries to uncover the truth about what happened on that fatal day. Until now this event has been off limits to film makers. 1% One Percenters trails Brown as he searches for the right director, the right screenwriter and enough funds to bring the true story about Milperra to the big screen. Among the people Brown meets are Comanchero president and Milperra survivor 'Jock' Ross, Bandido vice president 'Bullets', Bandido Milperra survivor 'Porky', Lee Denholm, the girlfriend of 'Snodgrass' the Bandido leader at Milperra, ex Bandido Milperra survivor 'Caesar' Campbell and investigating police officer ex superintendent Ron Stephenson. Witnessing these meetings, the documentary is able to reveal the story behind Milperra for the first time on television. By documenting his journey and incorporating archive film of the massacre and interviews with bikers, witnesses and police 1% One Percenters Search For A Screenplay provides a unique insight into one of the seminal events in Australian social history
5. Shteps (2002)
It's "Best in Show" meets "Strictly Ballroom" via "Kids in the Hall". It's a unique movie filled with surprises. It's a dance-comedy about mouth guards. It's an anti-drug story that's funny. It's charming and independent and everything Hollywood is not. It's Steps, a film that draws its inspiration from the Marx Brother to Monty Python and it was done on such a shoe-string budget, it would make a studio executive blush.
6. My Biggest Fan (2008 Documentary)
Tara Morice played Fran in "Strictly Ballroom", which wowed audiences in over 80 countries and became a classic. She was thrust into the whirlwind of celebrity. That was 15 years ago. Then came 9/11. On that night, Mildred Levine, a 75 year old, lip-synching great grandmother, living in a retirement village in Coconut Creek, had organized a screening of "Strictly Ballroom" for her monthly movie night. As the red curtain came down, her audience rose to their feet, as best they could, and cheered for the first time that terrible day.That night, Mildred wrote her first ever fan letter to Tara, and has never stopped. Inspired by tapes of Mildred's big variety show "Follies", Tara travels to Coconut Creek to meet her fan for the very first time. She begins to understand why Mildred is such a fan, and meets the exuberant cast of "Follies" in the lead up to the spectacular opening night. "My Biggest Fan" documents an unlikely friendship forged between two women from very different worlds, and re-affirms the power of a movie to bring people together.
7. Advance Australian Film (2014 Documentary)
It's been 20 years since an Australian film (Strictly Ballroom) has reached number one at the yearly Box Office and our films have consistently grossed under 5% for the years. So what can we do to make a change? Independent filmmaker Courtney Dawson goes on an exploratory journey, chronicling the development of our national cinema over the years, by speaking with filmmakers, actors, industry professionals and the general public. The documentary also examines changes that are occurring across the world, such as crowd-funding, social media marketing and alternative distribution models which are empowering filmmakers today and changing the way movies are being produced and accessed.
7 titles.