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1. Days of Our Lives (1965 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.9503 (2003)
Marlena remembers a room in the fortress and is determined to try Tony's way; it evokes a stormy night of pain, with Rolf's now encouraging voice: the birth of a son, then a girl; Tony believes those twins are his too. Jack and Jen make love, once more completely in love. After Nancy's break-up with her father, Chloe is back with Brady, who strips first into the jacuzzi, then serenades her. In hospital, Roman tells Kate he heard fine boy Sean confess Colin's murder. Larry nearly died in his own carbon-monoxide trap, gets out, hears Bo check by- who sees the lid slipping on his sewage entry and chases, fights and overpowers Welch. Shawn runs from hospital, just in time to give the keys to the uniformed officers who found the Brady house locked- no, it's nailed fast, he knocks in a window and saves Belle and Hope, assures Belle he still loves her.
2. Neighbours (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.6875 (2014)
As his towel must come down, nude model Matt is saved by the bell of a fire alarm, as later turns out because Bailey couldn't allow his cop dad's dignity to be wrecked by smart-phone-uploaded Internet to help Lou win a dirty bet. Paul, who drives everyone crazy by refusing to decide on Charlie's new name before the reopening, and Daniel finally decide on Kate's suggestion: reviving the original The Waterhole. Amber's boss-mentor Rick Blaine was hired to take photographs, but rudely chases utterly confused Doug, who accidentally knocks over an expensive lens. Josh, although a pillar of strength for his worried-sick elders, is furious enough to resort to a sneaky reprisal.
3. Saved by the Bell (1989 TV Series)
The later version of Good Morning Ms. Bliss, the show was moved from Disney to NBC. The only characters from the GMMB that went on to Saved by the Bell were Zack Morris, Screech Powers and Lisa Turtle. In addition, Zack's long time neighbor, Jessie Spano joins the gang. New Student A.C. Slater joins the gang as well. Zack's long time crush Kelly Kapowski, comes into Bayside High School. This gang of six faces life with their problems. Several include Zack being in detention, to Screech winning a chess match against their arch enemy. The show follows the gang throughout the four years of high school. However, during the senior year, Kelly and Jessie decided to leave the show. This occurred after only half of the episodes have been shot. With still another half a season left, the gang welcomes Tori Scott, Zack's new girlfriend. In the Tori series, the gang comes up with new school songs, and Mrs. Belding, yes Mr. Belding's wife bear a child. The show closes with the separation of the graduating class of Bayside High School. The show then continues to Saved by the Bell, The College Years
4. Saved by the Bell: The New Class (1993 TV Series)
Episode: Belding's Baby (1993)
Scott volunteers himself and Weasel to babysit Mr. Belding's infant son, Zack, (named after Zack Morris who helped deliver it in the previous 'Saved By The Bell' series) in order to stay out of detention, and later he volunteers the child for baby modeling to impress a new girl, named Ashley, from Pacific Coast High.
5. Grange Hill (1978 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #15.13 (1992)
It's the twins' birthday, but there's no present from their father. Becky gives Natalie a large card, but Natasha a tiny one. Their mother gives them matching pullovers. In the wake of the confrontation with St. Joe's, the participants worry that the teachers know who was involved. Richard gives Natasha a card, but she tears it up. Ray wants to know what side Justine is on - but she's not telling. Mr. Robson interrogates her, but she merely says she was with Chrissy. Ray's alibi about watching snooker doesn't hold water. Fran and Maria try to talk Justine out of writing up the fight for the newspaper. Ms. Janowitz rather rashly promises that she could arrange for Justine to stay with her in Chicago in the holidays, but Justine seems to have made an assumption that Liam could come too. A local news reporter comes to find out about the school newspaper and talks to Justine. While her back is turned, he cheekily jots down what she's written on her screen, about the previous night's spot of bother. Afterwards, he goes to see the Head to get her opinion. Justine tries to get Liam to promise that he won't be involved in any more gang warfare. In response, he gives her a token ring. Maria and Richard's advertising of their home-made trainers bears fruit - Richard meets a prospective buyer at a local café - but finds he has to fork out for cake and coffee. The shoes don't impress... but then Maria arrives, and recognizes the would-be buyer. In the end, the shoes are sold... but there's not much profit to show for the deal. The next day, Ray is called into the Head's office once again - someone has identified Ray as being involved in skirmishes near some shops. In cookery, Diane's carelessness starts a fire, which means that Ray is saved by the bell - for the moment and the school is evacuated. Outside, Mrs. Keele uses the opportunity to tell everyone about the worries that the parents have expressed about discipline breaking down. A local newspaper is thrust into Justine's hands and she realizes that the report she had been working on has been lifted and used by the local reporter who had visited her. The Headmistress gives one final warning - let the excitement go - or you will!
6. Make Room for Daddy (1953 TV Series)
Episode: Linda's Giant (1959)
Nobody gives Linda's imaginary friend, Mr. Jumbo, a second thought until a school psychologist visits Danny and Kathy and suggests that Linda cannot separate fantasy from reality and faults Danny for all of this. Danny does all he can to spend quality time with his daughter, but when pressed, Linda will not admit that Mr. Jumbo is a figment of her imagination. Danny threatens to spank her for lying to him, but she is literally saved by the bell, when "Mr Jumbo," a new doorman at an adjacent building is at the door, vindicating Linda and utterly discrediting school shrink, Miss Richter, who has created much unnecessary grief for all involved.
7. The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story (2014 TV Movie)
"The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story" delves into the experiences of six unknown young actors placed into the Hollywood spotlight, exposing the challenges of growing up under public scrutiny while trying to maintain the squeaky clean image of their popular characters both on and off-screen.
8. Belle & Sebastian (2013)
In 1943, in the French Alps, the orphan Sébastien lives in a small village with his grandfather César, who is a shepherd, and his aunt Angélina, who is a baker. Sébastien misses his mother and believes she has traveled to America. He expects to get a watch with compass as a gift from her. The local Dr. Guillaume is a member of the Frech resistance that helps Jewish refugees to flee to Switzerland and the German Lieutenant Peter and troop are hunting down the resistance. When sheep are found slaughtered, César and the other residents believe that a stray dog that has been abused by his owner is the responsible and hunt it down. Sébastien finds the dog, gives the name of Belle to her and they become friends. But the animal is considered a beast by the inhabitants. Will Sébastien be capable to save Belle?
9. Good Morning, Miss Bliss (1987 TV Series)
The very first edition of the "Saved by the Bell" shows. Takes place at Indiana with a younger Zack Morris, Screech, and Lisa along with Mr. Belding. Nicole and Mikey, two other kids, also run around with Zack and the gang. Miss Bliss and Ms. Paladrino are the kids' teachers.
This show takes place at JFK in Indianapolis, Indiana. The focus of the show is on Ms. Carrie Bliss, the history teacher. Good Morning Ms. Bliss, does not take the form of the later show Saved by the Bell. In fact, the only students that were in this show that go on to Saved by the Bell are Zachery "Zack" Morris, Lisa Turtle, and Samuel 'Screech' Powers and of course Principal Richard Belding. This show is of the life of Carrie Bliss' problems with Tina Palidrino, Milo, and Richard Belding. The season ran for 13 episodes on Disney. The show then moved to NBC with the new name Saved by the Bell.
10. 12 Dates of Christmas (2011 TV Movie)
Starring Amy Smart (Just Friends, The Butterfly Effect) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Franklin & Bash, Saved by the Bell, NYPD Blue), 12 Dates of Christmas is a romantic comedy that follows Kate (Amy Smart), a young woman who re-lives the same first date on Christmas Eve over and over again. In an attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend on Christmas Eve, Kate ends up ruining her blind date with Miles (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), a handsome guy she's been set up with. In a strange twist of fate, Kate is given the chance to re-live Christmas Eve twelve times! Kate decides to embrace what Christmas Eve has given her -- a loving family, great friends and Miles, who turns out to be a great guy! However, just as she seems to think she has gotten it right, the clock strikes midnight and Kate must live Christmas Eve once again. Under these weird new circumstances, Kate learns to take risks and enjoy what she's been given. Thanks to the gift of Christmas Eve, Kate finds happiness by finally trusting fate.
11. Eve (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Private Dancer (2003)
When J.T.'s mother walks in on Shelly and J.T. in bed, Shelly fears their romance will be ruined unless she can win his mother's acceptance and respect. Meanwhile, Rita ends her relationship with the "perfect man," Roberto (MARIO LOPEZ - "The Other Half," "Saved by the Bell"), when she is repeatedly cast as the submissive partner in their sexual role-playing.
12. S Club 7 in Miami (1999 TV Series)
Basically a BBC made "The Monkees" for the year 2000 and beyond. Borrowing heavily from "The Monkees" (1966) as well as Peter Engel's creations (such as "Saved By The Bell" (1989)), the S Club 7 are seven high energy, big personality, easy on the eyes British youths packaged for stardom through albums, television series and the occasional BBC special. The first of their projects to reach the Americas is "S Club 7 in Miami." In it their London manager, tired of his inability to get them off his back and into paying work, promises them a cushy thirteen week gig as the house band at an ultra fashionable Miami resort hotel. Only after they've moved in do they realize that their miserly new boss, Howard Borlotti, sees them more as slave labor then entertainers. In addition to their playful antics, wacky hi-jinx, and zany fun, each episode features a musical performance by the group.
13. Starlings (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.5 (2012)
Whilst taking Charlie to her football practice Fergir gets stuck in a traffic jam and his efforts to take a short cut lead to his arrest and a court appearance which discloses that he has many speeding fines for which he ends up behind bars. Fortunately his cell-mate is the current boyfriend of Fergie's ex-,who was responsible for the speeding fines and he persuades her to own up. Jan goes to her book club,not having finished the prescribed text and faces scorn from snooty fellow members though she is saved by Bell,who has read the book whilst Charlie helps Terry trounce long-standing pub quiz rival Brian Valentine and Loz gets a visit from bare knuckle fighter brother Lee whilst Grandad goes on his annual pilgrimage to the spot where he met his first love.
14. Atop the Fourth Wall (2008 TV Series)
Episode: NBComics #1 (2011)
Linkara takes a look at a comic promoting NBC's long-since retired Saturday morning line-up. He checks out such uninteresting cliffhangers involving Wish Kid, Yogi Bear, ProStars, Chip and Pepper, Saved by the Bell and other shows we didn't get up early to watch.
15. The Dog Who Saved Christmas (2009 TV Movie)
The Bannister family's new addition, Zeus (voiced by Mario Lopez of TV's SAVED BY THE BELL), the yellow Labrador, appears to be less than the dependable guard dog the family needs. However, when two burglars set out to break into the Bannister's home while they're away for Christmas, Zeus seizes the chance to be a hero, proving every dog - even this one - has his day. Dean Cain (TV's LOIS & CLARK), Gary Valentine (TV's THE KING OF QUEENS), Elisa Donovan (CLUELESS, TV's SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH), Mindy Sterling (AUSTIN POWERS), and Adrienne Barbeau (MAUDE, CARINVALE) also lend their voices in this heart-warming animated holiday movie.
16. Parfum de printemps (2016)
Once upon a time (in 2010 - to be more exact), there was a naive young man called Zizou, who came to a magic city (Tunis, to be more precise) where, on a popular souk and after some vexations, he found both work and a couple of friends named Adel, Hamma, Sindicato, Hadj Omar.... But life was not easy for all that as there were also villains (henchmen of power, Islamic fundamentalists and other mafiosi - to be more explicit) who alternately lured him to their sides, causing our gullible hero to endure blows, slaps and humiliations galore. Of course, there is no fairy tale without a pure, selfless love and a pure, selfless love did arise when Zizou, working a roof, caught sight of the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Unfortunately Aicha, the new princess of his heart, was confined in a house against her will by a gang of dangerous mafiosi. With such an obstacle to overcome, would the young man manage to save the belle, end up marrying her and live happily after? All the more as at that point people took it into their heads to start a revolution against their tyrannical grand vizier (Ben Ali - to be correct) and he found himself caught in the middle...
17. Finding Truelove (2012 Documentary)
Clay, Michael and Andrew are fascinated by a yearbook from Chico High's class of 1990 that they discover at a Value Village. Intrigued by the cryptic word "Caduceus" emblazoned across the cover, and by the countless sweet mullets and dream girls inside, the three friends lock onto one particular student: feather-banged mystery man Timothy Truelove. When the guys discover tickets for the 20th reunion available online, they can't resist the temptation to crash. This is hands down the most awesome road trip you'll ever take from Portland to Chico, California! Will they get busted by the Reunion Committee? Will Truelove show? What the heck does "Caduceus" mean anyway? The documentary equivalent of a John Hughes movie, Finding Truelove is an exuberant comedy that pays homage to all things '80s-from Saved By the Bell to Howard Jones to Back to the Future-with pure energy and heart.
18. Finding Bryon (2005 Documentary)
In 1991, an unsolicited audition tape was sent to a casting director in Hollywood by a 17 year old boy named Bryon L. Elkins from Byesville, Ohio. It was Bryon's dream to be on NBC's hit television series, "Saved By The Bell." For the next ten years, Bryon's tape was circulated through-out the entertainment industry as a joke. In the year 2000, Josh and Steve (two failing, Hollywood wanna-be's) saw Bryon's tape and related to his disposition. Fed up with the constant rejection and disillusionment of Tinsletown, Josh and Steve left L.A. for Ohio to make a documentary about Bryon's life. Upon arriving in Byesville, their experience ballooned into something much deeper than they had expected.
19. Our First Fight (2000 Short Film)
When Billy's new girlfriend invites him to the gym for a workout, he doesn't expect it to be a boxing gym. Okay, a little light sparring between lovers seems harmless enough. But Lena has other ideas, and soon Billy realizes he's just walked into the fight of the century - man vs. woman - with no saving by the bell.
20. Before the Bell Rang (2003 Short Film)
In the 80's, "Saved By the Bell" was as much a part of our Saturday mornings as cereal and toast. But behind it all lies a dark secret that many would like to see buried. Follow Mario Mendez and Justin Jewel as they recount their rise and fall as the forgotten original cast members.
21. My Tale of Two Cities (2008 Documentary)
Screenwriter (St. Elmo's Fire) and TV writer/producer (Saved By The Bell) Carl Kurlander was living in Hollywood when he received an offer to go back to his hometown and teach at the University of Pittsburgh. In search for a more meaningful and balanced life for himself and his family, Carl decided to move back to Pittsburgh, the real life "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." Shortly after, Fred Rogers died, and the city of Pittsburgh declared itself "financially distressed." With both himself and his hometown in a mid-life crisis, Kurlander set out on a Don Quixote quest to make a film to help the place where he grew up. Armed with a cranky cameraman, funded by his dermatologist, and often battling his wife, who longs to return to the sunny West Coast, Carl asks his neighbors from the famous (Franco Harris, Teresa Heinz Kerry) to the not-so-famous (his old gym teacher, the girl who inspired St. Elmo's Fire) how this once great industrial giant, which built America with its steel, conquered polio, and invented everything from aluminum to the Big Mac, can reinvent itself for a new age. Kurlander goes cheese shopping with Teresa Heinz Kerry where they discuss her late husband John Heinz's belief that sometimes your worst problems can become your best opportunities; tosses a football with legendary Steeler Franco Harris and his brilliant son, attorney and entrepreneur, Dok Harris, who moved back from Washington, D.C. to help his hometown; and goes fishing in Pittsburgh's once polluted rivers and, after eating a catfish, visits famed coroner Dr. Cyril Wecht to find out if he will live. The film also co-stars former Treasury Secretary Paul O' Neill, transplant pioneer Thomas Starzl, Manchester Craftsmen's Guild CEO Bill Strickland, Joanne Rogers, (wife of Fred Rogers), Mr. McFeely of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (actor David Newell), and Sister Linda Yankoski, of Holy Family Institute who has received national headlines of late for taking in orphans from Haiti. Ultimately, the film explores what it means to come home again and how individuals can make a difference in re-energizing the communities in which they grew up. We are reminded of this by Pittsburgh's late Mayor Bob O' Connor who articulates in the movie that, even in dark times, if we work together and believe in ourselves, it can still be a "beautiful day in the neighborhood."
22. The Blundering Blacksmiths (1917 Short Film)
It is Sunday in Cobweb Corners. The ring of hammer in our hero's blacksmith shop is silent. The melody of a hymn steals out of the village church. The village belle is flirting with the simple-hearted smith. It is Monday, and the village belle is plunged in sorrow. Hiram Hardheart demands her hand in marriage. He will foreclose the mortgage. Enter the smith. Exit the villain. Fate opens the way to pay off the mortgage. The smith challenges One Punch Murph. They fight for a purse of $1,000. The village belle in boy's clothing sits near the ring, to urge her sturdy champion on. Round one. Saved by the bell. Round two. The blacksmith knocks out everybody, including the referee. Hardheart gets the money and the smith gets the girl.
23. The Networking Club (2019 Short Film)
Two local Moncton actors get in touch with Hollywood actor Troy Fromin (Saved by the Bell, Kung Fu Rascals). With the help of social media, they document their ups and downs of managing, organizing and collaborating on crazy competitions, impromptu public events, man-on-the-street interviews and Reality-TV styled talk show episodes. In a truth-or-dare style of approach, the actors challenge themselves either to no-holds-barred, soul-spilling confessions of their struggles of breaking into the entertainment business, or dare to relive and recreate crazy moments in their professional or private lives. How far are they willing to go? After all, in this industry, they say there's no such thing as bad publicity!
23 titles.