2 titles.

1. Married to Medicine (2013 TV Series)
Episode: A Fashion Faux-pas (2014)
As Mariah contemplates going to Quad's fashion show, Aydin gets ready for his big hair transplant surgery. Dr. Simone finally reveals her financial issues to a shocked and speechless Dr. Jackie. Meanwhile, Dr. Heavenly hears some startling information about Mariah. An explosion erupts at the Women of Atlanta fashion show when Reco Chapple and Mariah finally come face to face.
2. Reco (2010 Short Film)
A teenager is sent on a journey to fetch her aging grandmother and return her to the family farm. What seems on the surface to be a simple task is compounded when we learn that along her route lays a tiny house, the occupants of which she seems to have been trying to avoid. A scar on her forearm and some faint, distant memories are all she has to guide her. Who and what will she find inside the house in the meadow? Reco explores the theme of "fear of the unknown" and how it personally touches and influences each of the characters in the story.
2 titles.