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1. Father Brown (2013 TV Series)
Episode: The Face of Death (2013)
When Clarence Clifton is murdered at a charity treasure hunt, its organizer Professor Galloway believes he was the intended victim as they wore identical fancy dress. Daniel Walsh, whose father had recently been killed by Lady Margaret's car (the professor's wife), is the chief suspect and disappears. Then Lady Margaret is killed after sacking servant Thomas Dilcott, secret lover of her daughter Lucia. The villagers suspect Daniel but Father Brown looks closer to home for the solution.
After his father is run over by Lady Margaret Galloway, Daniel Walsh makes harassing phone calls as he is not convinced it was an accident. Surprisingly, Lady Margaret refuses to follow her husband's advice and call the police. When Captain Clarence Clifton is killed at Lady Margaret's Charity Nest Hunt, her husband professor Patrick Galloway believes he was the intended victim. Naturally, Daniel Walsh is immediately suspect but is nowhere to be found. When Lady Margaret is found dead the next day, Inspector Valentine is ever more convinced Walsh is his man but Father Brown isn't convinced. His ticket to the hunt gives him the vital clue needed to identify the killer.
Since lady Margaret Galloway fatally ran over his vagrant lush father by suspiciously speeding car, Daniel Walsh harasses her by Phone and publicly claims it was homicide. During the birds theme society treasure hunt she hosts at the estate, daughter Lucia's found-out lover, servant Thomas Dilcott, is fired and family friend captain Clarence Clifton is murdered, wearing the same mask as her spineless, devoted husband, professor Patrick Galloway. Unlike inspector Valentine, father Brown refuses just to assume missing Daniel's guilt.
2. Murder, She Wrote (1984 TV Series)
Episode: Murder in a Minor Key (1987)
College music student Michael 'Mike' Prentice discovers that his professor Tyler Stoneham published a song based on a theme part of one of his assignments as his own composition, under the alias Alden Gilbert, but can't prove the plagiarist theft. The professor's wife Christine Stoneham also suspects him of adultery with a student. Professor Harry Papasian, Stoneham's assistant, is furious not to be mentioned as co-author on their new music dictionary. Stoneham is found stabbed to death in the archives where Mike was looking for the original partitions, enough for an arrest. His friend, law student Chad Singer, starts sleuthing, helped by fellow music student who helps trace more musical malversations to Broadway. Christine actually has a secret affair herself with Vice Chancellor Simon. Musical producer Max Hellinger promises Papazian $5,000 to help find some Gilbert songs, Chad finds out. After the lyrics writer is traced, Chad stages an elaborate reconstruction to trick the killer...
Jessica Fletcher introduces the case of a murder on a college campus. During a noisy student protest, music Professor Tyler Stoneham is killed, stabbed in the chest with a tuning fork. Unfortunately for student Mike Prentice, he had broken into Stoneham office to find evidence that the professor had stolen one of his compositions and sold it as his own. In the darkened room, he didn't see the dead body until a university policeman arrived and turned on the light. Although Mike is arrested there are many possible suspects: an academic rival who feels his been cheated out of proper credit for a book; Stoneham's wife, who thinks he may have been having an affair; a theater producer who is still waiting for the last song in his soon-to-open musical. Mike's friend Chad Singer sets out to solve the crime.
3. Silent Witness (1996 TV Series)
Episode: Long Days, Short Nights: Part 1 (1996)
When Mark James' decomposing body is found in an abandoned building, there is every indication that he was part of some occult ritual. An upside down cross was carved on his chest, his wrists were bound with ivy and he was strangled. All evidence points to his friend Sebastian Bird, a rich idler who allowed James to live in his house but who had also developed a expert knowledge of the occult before being sent down from Cambridge for having had an affair with a professor's wife. Sam Ryan's testy relationship with the police continues as she is having difficulty establishing a forensic link in the case and also for publicly criticizing the well-liked Police Surgeon, Dr. Richard Owen, for attending the crime scene without the proper protective clothing. Sam also has to deal with her rebellious nephew Ricky, who is constantly fighting with his mother and announces that he has left home to move in with her.
4. Emergency! (1972 TV Series)
Episode: The Professor (1973)
A professor working with the Secret Service is experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia and Dr. Brackett resents the interference of the government agents in the professor's care, where the professor's wife talks to Dixie, whose husband was brought over to the hospital, for a physical examination. Roy has an admirer calling him everywhere, despite Johnny saying to both Dixie and Dr. Early, his partner has no "charisma", and needles him relentlessly about it. Between the phone calls, the firemen assist a plane crash victim, deliver a premature baby, and help prevent a suicidal man from jumping off a building under construction.
5. Evil Dead II (1987)
Ash and his girlfriend Linda are in a remote cabin in the woods. There he discovers a tape recorder that a professor had used to record incantations from the Necronomicon XMortis - the Book of the Dead. When he turns it on, the recording releases a dark, sinister force from the woods. It turns Linda into a zombie, her soul possessed by some hideous demon, and then tries to do the same to Ash. Other people come to help Ash, but one by one they are taken over by the Evil Dead force that also possesses Linda, the Professor, and the Professor's wife...and they try to make sure Ash is...Dead by Dawn!
Ashley Williams travels to a secluded cabin in the woods with his girlfriend Linda where they find a tape recording of a professor and a book of evil. This unleashes a bunch of evil spirits that constantly terrorize Ash. Meanwhile a journalist comes to the area to study the book of evil. Ash and her end up having to survive this swarm of evil until morning comes.
A young man, named Ash, takes his girlfriend Linda to a secluded cabin in the woods where he plays back a professor's tape recorded recitation of passages from the Book of the Dead. The spell calls up an evil force from the woods which turns Linda into a monstrous Deadite, and threatens to do the same to Ash. When the professor's daughter and her entourage show up at the cabin, the night turns into a non-stop, grotesquely comic battle with chainsaw and shotgun on one side, demon horde and flying eyeball on the other.
Sequel to The Evil Dead where Ash does not manage to escape the evil from the first movie. Retelling the story only leaves Ash and his girlfriend in the beginning for whatever reason. Ash must now survive another night in the cabin accompanied now by the Professor's daughter, a mechanic, an associate of the Professor, and the mechanic's girlfriend. But the thing in the darkness vows that they will be -- Dead By Dawn.
6. She's Working Her Way Through College (1952)
Shapely burlesque dancer Hot Garters Gertie aka Angela Gardner meets her former teacher John Palmer, now a professor at Midwest State... where she decides to begin her new college career. She rents a room; her new landlady proves to be the professor's wife. Among romantic complications, Angela helps the downtrodden dramatic arts department put on a potentially popular musical show...but someone's discovered her secret past. Does she have an ace up her garter?
7. Creepshow 3 (2006 Video)
"Alice": The suburban Alice is an annoying teenager that does not like the neighborhood where she lives. When her father uses a universal remote control developed by Professor Dayton, she moves to other dimensions with other families and when she returns, she's transformed into a rabbit, and is forgotten by her family. "The Radio": The security guard Jerry buys a radio developed by Professor Dayton from a street vendor. The radio talks to him and gives instructions to steal US$ 300,000.00 from a criminal, kill a couple of smalltime crook neighbors and move to another city. When Jerry decides to bring the prostitute Eva with him, he seals his fate, when he destroys the radio and has a tragic surprise. "Call Girl": Rachel's a call-girl and serial killer. When she's hired by the weird Victor, she kills him while having sex, but later, she finds the truth about the odd teenager. "The Professor's Wife": Professor Dayton invites his two best former students to introduce his fiancée Kathy in a dinner party. Charles and John believe Kathy is an android and decide to disassemble her in the best episode. "Haunted Dog": The mean, abusive and reckless Dr. Farwell is serving in a free clinic in a poor neighborhood. When he accidentally drops a hot-dog on the sidewalk, he gives the dirty sandwich to a homeless beggar and the man dies. Then he is haunted by the ghost of the beggar.
This follow-up to the George Romero/Stephen King-launched anthology series features five new tales of horror and a wraparound. The main stories deal with alternative realities ("Alice"), possessed communication devices ("The Radio"), vampires and serial killers in lust ("Call Girl"), mad inventors ("The Professor's Wife"), and hauntings from beyond the grave ("Haunted Dog").
There are five new tales of horror and suspense in this follow-up to George A. Romero & Stephen King's 1982 horror anthology classic. In "Alice", a snotty teenage girl gets her just desserts in the form of a demonic universal television remote. In "The Radio", a security guard is driven to the very brink of madness and eventually murder thanks to a possessed radio. Next up, in "Call Girl" a murdering, cold-blooded prostitute accidentally hooks up with a vampire client. In "The Professor's Wife", a demented professor with a taste for pranks tricks his two best students into believing he's getting married. But there's something rather sinister about his new bride-to-be. Lastly, in "Haunted Dog", a cruel miserly doctor kills a homeless man by purposely giving him a contaminated hotdog - a tale of savage revenge from beyond the grave.
8. Demobbed (2000)
The student, Bayonet, has managed to seduce his professor's wife, Bomb, an average working guy, has bought a factory and Bullet, the casino lover, is hiding from creditors. They all share a common path and conscription. In the army they teach you that everything must be smart and in order - cockades, straps and all, otherwise you're not fit to call yourself a person, you're a maggot. For a real man, there's no better place than the army.
9. Young and Willing (1962)
Harry Brown (Ian McShane in his introductory film role) is a somewhat rough student (the wild) at Kilminster University, who has the ability to win friends, especially the underdogs like Phil (John Hurt) who doesn't play 'rugger' and can't sink a whole pint of beer, and African student Reggie (Johnny Sekka). He also has a way with the girls (the willing), one of whom is his professors wife, who likes the students, but also her comfortable life with her boring husband more. After Harry is rebuffed, he takes up the challenge to hang a banner from the dangerously crumbling University tower. The rather weak Phil insists on being part of this escapade. This is a rather interesting film showing a University of the early 60s as a melting pot where many different rungs of society meet, and its message is still relevant today.
10. Petersen (1974)
Tony Petersen, a married electrician and ex-footballer, goes to university to study English. Petersen is odd man out at the uni. He receives extracurricular help from his stuffy professor's beautiful lecturer wife in her office. Their get-togethers there are quite rootine. The professor is also seeing one of his students after class. Petersen and the professor's wife talk about having a baby. But then she accepts an appointment to Oxford, provoking a rage in Petersen...
11. A Yank at Oxford (1938)
Lee Sheridan, a young American comes to study at Oxford University, but is instantly disliked by the other students, because of his brash and big-headed attitude. After several scrapes with the college professors, and the wife of the local book seller, he becomes a hero when he joins the rowing club, and coxes the boat crew to beat Cambridge, in the annual boat race.
12. Kate & the Indians (1979)
Kate and Lisa are two students who come to their professor's house to show him a medallion. After the professor's wife Mira spikes their drinks, she takes Lisa to a back room and rapes her. When Kate discovers this, Mira orders the mind controlled Lisa to give Kate the same treatment. Mira then has her servant Bane rape Kate too. The professor, who is chased out of the room by Mira, imagines how the medallion belongs to a guy called Bill who Kate seduces to guide her and the professor to a lost tribe. The group is caught. They find themselves having sex with their captors until the arrival of the High Priestess, who is in the image of Mira. After she has the professor and Bill tied up, she has two female Native Americans raping them, while she herself does the same to Kate. The tribe eventually rebels and the captives break free. Now feeling free from his wife's tyranny, the professor masters up the courage to save Lisa and Kate, although especially the latter.
13. Butterfly Dreaming (2008)
Anxious dreams, hallucinations, and paranoid reality torment a young math professor in the aftermath of his wife's death in a car accident. As madness, addiction and affairs send the story spiraling towards its conclusion, the truth about what really happened to the professor's wife comes into focus.
14. Doctor Down Under (1979 TV Series)
Episode: The Name of the Game (1979)
When Professor Beaumont asks to use the doctors' flat for the afternoon, Duncan assumes it's to entertain his bit on the side and when Griffin overhears Duncan tell Dick, he is only too happy to lead the professor's wife to the flat. In fact the young lady in question is the professor's niece, whom he is helping with her exams, but Beaumont doesn't want his wife to find out, so when Dick arrives with his card school, Beaumont joins in. Soon Mrs. Beaumont has taken his place and is winning money from everybody at the table.
15. The Two Faces of Fear (1972)
A professor's wife falls in love with her husband's assistant. When she learns he's planning to move to another city, she does everything she can to avoid it, with no success. Soon afterwards, he's found dead, in obscure circumstances.
16. The Guest (2013 Short Film)
The Guest is a modern dark fable starring Olivia Williams (Rushmore, Sixth Sense, An Education) and with an original score by Tom Hobden of Noah and the Whale. A graduate, Matthieu, turns up to his old professor's dinner party to discover he is the only guest. Marguerite, the professor's wife, ignores her husband in favour of devoting her full attention to Matthieu. As the evening progresses it becomes clear the couple are concealing a dark secret. Matthieu's curiosity gets the better of him.
17. On This Monday (2014 Short Film)
Mahnaz, professor's wife is very confused in her life.That is why she betrayed her husband. Kamran studies philosophy and has plans to leave Iran but he dies in an accident. Hussein suffers from poverty and that forces him to steal.the film examines the lives of individuals, betrayal, poverty, confusion, and leaving Iran because they think that a better life awaits them outside.At the end of the movie all the characters are confronted unconsciously The movie shows the events of a day.
18. The Sideboard Folding Bed (1909 Short Film)
When leaving their home for their summer vacation the Professor forgets to lock the window. A tramp enters and is soon fast asleep in the new sideboard folding-bed. In the meantime the Professor remembered his carelessness and sends his wife home to close the window. She, seeing the tramp's clothes and thinking the Professor forgot them, carries them away. She then closes the folding-bed and exits. The tramp, finding the clothes gone, dons a suit of the Professor's wife. He is seen leaving the house by the window and is chased by a policeman and a big crowd of spectators. Some novel chases continue the picture. Seeing no escape, the tramp remembers the folding-bed, runs to the house and locks himself up in the bed. He is pulled out, however, and caught in his own trap.
19. Smithy's Grandma Party (1913 Short Film)
Professor Smithy, a physical culture expert, and his assistant, Swifty Sam, prepare to give a blowout for some chorus girls of the Gaiety Theater. The professor's wife being away, gives them an opportunity for having a grand old time. The girls, however, refuse to go to the Smithy home unless some female member of the family be present as chaperone. Smithy bribes the butler to wear his wife's clothes, and they make him up as a grandmother. The party is in the height of its sereneness, when wifey returns unexpectedly, demands that the butler return her clothes, dons them, and enters the gymnasium, where the party is indulging in a hilarious repast. Smithy recognizes his wife immediately and makes a break for the door, but she gets him, and gently but firmly thrusts him into the bathtub filled with cold water. The whole affair being cold, the guests leave in an unexpected manner.
20. The Hypnotist (1912 Short Film)
The clubs were the only bone of contention between McKendal and his young wife. She insisted that he neglected her, but he resisted all her appeals, and still kept coming home early in the morning. As a last resort, she left her home after his usual appearance at 6 A.M., and went to her parents. Her father was a renowned professor who was convinced that her husband could be cured of his erring ways by hypnotic suggestion. He 'phones a mesmerist, who appears in a flash of fire and smoke. The professor, after his alarm subsides, tells what he desires; it is the reformation of his son-in-law, but the hypnotist misunderstands his explanation and proceeds to put the professor himself under his power. The professor throws years off his shoulders and returns to his college days when he was himself a young-man-about-town. In the midst of his exhilaration, McKendal appears in quest of his wife and the two exit, followed by the hypnotist, the professor's wife and daughter. The professor and his son-in-law jump into an auto for a joyride, but the power of the hypnotist keeps them under restraint, even when the auto explodes and the two are landed by the side of a railroad track. The hypnotist calms the shrieking mother and daughter, and, by simply waving his arms, restores the professor and his son-in-law to themselves.
21. The Changing of Souls (1908 Short Film)
Professor Stone is lecturing on hypnotism at the University, especially on the problem how to hypnotize the souls of two human beings that they can he made to change, and he demonstrates this theory upon himself and a student, who has not yet quite recovered from yesterday's spree. The consequence of this being that the student's half-drunken soul quietly settles down in the sober body of the Professor, while the Professor's soul remains in the student's drunken body. The immediate outcome of this bewildering results in that the Professor at once leaves the lecture room together with the students, while the student shaking his head at the madness of the young men, goes to the Professor's house, where to his great astonishment no kind reception is given him on the part of the Professor's wife and daughter. In fact, the ladies are so inhospitable as to send for a policeman in order to have the wine-smelling student taken into custody, who, having, as is the habit of the Professor, pulled off his coat and boots, and is lying down on the couch. In spite of his protests he is put into jail, where, however, he soon gets somebody to keep him company, as the Professor, after having consumed rather too much in the students' club is taken into custody for street riots and carried to the same jail as the student The meeting between those two men with the changed souls is highly comical, but the Professor's soul in the student's body soon realizes that another changing of souls is absolutely necessary, so this is done all right, and as the Professor's wife and daughter arrive to inquire after their dear Professor, a light is thrown upon the whole matter to the entire satisfaction of all parties concerned.
21 titles.