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1. An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)
Zack Mayo grew up without much parental guidance following his mother's suicide when he was an adolescent. His naval seaman father, who was stationed in The Philippines at the time, became his official guardian, a role to which he admitted he did not want. As such, Zack grew up to be a loner and without a true sense of home or adult responsibility. Regardless, he, as a young man, decides to enlist in the navy to become a jet fighting officer, with the initial thirteen week training to take place at the air naval station on Whidbey Island, Washington. He plans on taking as easy a route possible through training, even if it means bending the rules and cutting corners. The drill instructor, Sergeant Emil Foley, seems to relish humiliating the recruits - especially Zack - with the ultimate goal of making them "DOR" aka drop on request. Despite being warned against who are known as the "Puget Debs" i.e. local girls who try to trap the officer candidates so that they can escape their drab factory lives, Zack and his best friend among the other officer candidates, Sid Worley, take up with two possible Puget Debs, Paula Pokrifki and Lynette Pomeroy respectively. Zack's experiences with Sgt. Foley are an obstacle to him making it through the thirteen weeks without DORing, but also make him come to an admission of why he wants to become an officer. And his experiences with Paula, Sid and Lynette provide him with some grounding as to what it means to be a grown up, despite Paula and Lynette's outward goal of becoming officer's wives by whatever means required.
2. Through a Glass Darkly (1961)
Martin, a college professor, his wife Karin, Karin's seventeen year old brother Minus, and Karin and Minus' widowed father David have convened at the family's summer home on an island off the coast of Sweden to celebrate David's return from the Swiss Alps, where he was substantially completing his latest novel. The family has long lived a fantasy of they being a loving one, David's extended absences which are the cause of many of the family's problems. Without that parental guidance, Minus is at a confused and vulnerable stage of his life where he is a bundle of repressed emotions, most specifically concerning not feeling loved by his father and concerning the opposite sex. He is attracted to females as a collective but does not know how to handle blatant female sexuality, especially if it is directed his way. A month earlier Karin was released from a mental institution. Her doctor has told Martin that the likelihood that she will fully recover from her illness is low, her ultimate fate being that her mental state will disintegrate totally, although she has functioned well since her release. In his love for her, Martin has vowed to himself to see her through whatever she faces. As Karin begins to lose grip on reality, Minus is the one most directly affected, although it does bring out the issues all the men are facing with regard to their interrelationships.
3. Susan and God (1940)
Wealthy New Yorkers Barrie and Susan Trexel's marriage has long now been in name only. Self-absorbed Susan's disregard of her family has led to Barrie's drinking. They never see their now teenaged daughter, Blossom, who is shuttled between boarding school and summer camp. With no parental guidance, Blossom has become a slightly awkward young woman. Barrie and Susan's mutual friends side largely with Susan if only because they don't like to be around Barrie when he's drunk, which is all the time. The only exception among their friends is Charlotte, who secretly feels compassion for Barrie. While Susan is away on vacation in Europe, Barrie decides to sober up for the sake of his family, which includes reuniting with Blossom, who he learns wants more than anything for them to become a real nuclear family. Returning from Europe, Susan does whatever she can to avoid Barrie by hiding out at their friend Irene's house - where many of their mutual friends have convened - while advancing her latest "cause". She has found God and is a follower of a new religious movement that tries to expose the truth in God's name, which she does with her group of friends. Barrie does eventually catch up with her, and partly using her new-found relationship with God against her, negotiates them spending the entire summer together at their closed up country house with Blossom, much for Blossom's sake. Among the stipulations are that Barrie will grant her an immediate divorce if he falls off the wagon, and on her doing that sex will not be part of the arrangement. As the summer progresses, both Barrie and Susan may come to a better understanding of what they each need, both for themselves and out of a relationship.
4. High School Caesar (1960)
Matt Stevens is the big man at high school. He sweats the students for protection money, acquires copies of tests for a fee, and has rigged the votes so he can beat Kelly in the election for student president. Aside from his anointed acolytes, Matt is almost universally despised. His parents are obscenely rich and spend their time travelling in Europe rather than giving him the parental guidance he needs. Things begin to get ugly when some of the teens resist his power and show Matt up at the drag race.
5. El basha telmiz (2004)
The main themes in the movie are how money and lack of parental guidance can spoil and drive children to the dark side of the world. It also highlights the state of educational institutes these days that mainly concentrate on revenue more than education and morals. Police receives information about the illegal behavior of a group of students in one of the investment universities and that they deal in drugs. One of the police Generals Azmy sets a plan to catch those students by implanting an unknown lieutenant Bassiouny among those students to know the secret of drug dealing and arrest them. As the movie goes on we see the day& night life of this corrupted group that consists of four friends: Ingy the stylish girl whose main interest in life is fashion lines, Maya whose main interest is to love and be loved by any man, Hamza the singer and Tarek (Mohamed Ragab) the possessive leader and brain of the gang. In spite of their different characters the common thing between them is drugs, corruption and night parties. Bassiouny gets involved with this group falls in love with Ingy and emotionally attached with the rest of the group as he feels pity for their circumstances that drove them to this way of life. Finally Bassiouny arrests the real drug dealers whom we find out that they are the managers of the university!
6. The Bad Joke (????)
THE BAD JOKE is a dramatic feature film that illustrates the unhappy circumstances in which many European teenagers find themselves. The foundation of the European Union has established parity between countries with different economies and different average salaries. Many people from the weaker economic countries go to work in countries economically more strong, looking for better wages. The recent financial crisis and the lack of employment has dramatically increased the situation. Adults, in many cases parents, go to work in other countries and leave their young children without any parental guidance at home. At a young age, family represents natural protection; to have parents working in other countries creates a need and a major lack of help for a young person. The family crisis that is generated contributes to the uncertainty and well being in the lives of the teenagers. Furthermore, when a whole family decides to emigrate, the young person finds him/herself outside of the natural and familiar surrounding of friends, environment and acquaintances. This new situation exposes teenagers to temptations of going off track and to look to alcohol, drugs, prostitution and similar non-solutions, to solve the problems they faces but they didn't create. Of course, there are different ways to react to all this; some are good, many are bad and bring about bad consequences. THE BAD JOKE is a fruit of fiction, it is a new non graphic feature film that portrays some situations in which many adolescents and teenagers live and face the new challenges in today's new European Union. "The bad joke" is what the European Union creates for many teenagers.
7. Change, Orphans in the Storm (2014 Documentary)
A short documentary about the plight of the orphans of the world. It focuses on orphans who sing and dance, and the joy they have despite their extreme poverty, isolation and lack of parental guidance. Orphans In The Storm is an international charitable organization dedicated to feeding malnourished orphans and giving them human rights education so they can grow up able to go out into the world and live happier lives of their own choosing.
8. Ahla Al- Ayam (2001)
Ascertaining family values and honorable behavior attitude Ahla Al- Ayam is the first if not the only Arabic speaking Family. The film explores relations between youngsters based on differences in social ranks and absence of proper parental guidance, while staging cozy atmosphere inaugurated via sundry of songs actually performed by same actors, and enjoyable fun.
9. The Man and the Woman (1908 Short Film)
John and Tom Wilkins are brothers and most divergent in natures. John is a clergyman and a noble, upright fellow, while Tom is a scapegrace, wild, reckless and unscrupulous. Not having the parental guidance so essential in youth, his father being dead and his mother blind, he drifted into bad company, the contaminating influence deeply affecting his susceptible nature. Despite the earnest pleading of his brother John he sank lower in morass of transgression, spending most of his time at the ale house drinking and at cards. All this John has succeeded in keeping from his dear mother, whose blindness is almost a blessing, for a mother would rather her eyes be sightless than to view the indiscretions of her loved ones. So she possessed the blissful impression that her boys were both paragons of righteousness. God's mercy is unfailing; you will admit this Divine Charity. In the village there dwelt, as neighbors to Wilkins, Farmer Tobias and his wife, and their daughter, Gladys. Tom and Gladys grew up together, and were child sweethearts, which grew stronger with Gladys as time went on. So deeply did she love the handsome Tom that she put her entire trust in him, feeling sure that he would reciprocate her sacrificial devotion with the honorable obligation it merited. But, oh, how mistaken she was, and only after prayers and tearful entreaties does he agree to marry her, and then only upon condition that she elope. To this she consents most reluctantly, for which act she is disowned by her parents. The villainy that is wrapped up in the black heart of Tom. Truly a marriage ceremony is performed, but it is by a rowdy friend of Tom's, disguised as a clergyman, in fact, a mock marriage. For a time Gladys lived in ignorance of the truth, but it at last came out when Tom deserts her. Back to her home she trudged carrying her infant, and at the door she is met by her mother with open arms but when the father appears, he, still obdurate, drives her away. She then goes to John Wilkins, and tells her sad story. He calls Tom and demands he make immediate reparation. Tom treats the matter lightly and the brothers are on the verge of blows when the blind mother, like a ministering angel, appears, and Tom's heart is at last softened. He takes Gladys and their child to his bosom, while they receive the benediction bestowed by their priestly brother.
10. What Fools Men (1925)
Joseph Greer is a wealthy businessman in New York City with all the trappings including a prim-and-proper secretary, Jenny McFarlan, who takes dictation during working hours and, at night, minus her eyeglasses, serves as his nightclub companion and mistress. Then his daughter,Beatrice, whom he has never seen, shows up and moves in with him. Beatrice is a grown-up flapper who loves jazz, pool parties, flaunting prohibition and carrying-on in general. Most of her carrying-on is with the family chauffeur and her father does not approve, says so, and fires the chauffeur. His parental-guidance technique backfires as Beatrice ups and elopes with the chauffeur. Later, the father has some problems with his business associates and loses his business and most of his fixtures and disappears. But Beatrice locates him and there is a happy reunion between father and daughter, especially since daughter has brought along Jenny to cheer him up.
11. Lake Amber (2014 Documentary)
1990's China commissioned the 'reform and opening up' policy, the huge employment opportunities attracted thousands families around the country to the first Special Economic Zone-Shenzhen. Teenagers from these families were usually lack of parental guidance and shocked and influenced by the triad of Hongkong and their street culture. They followed their dreams and without any regret.
12. State of Mind (2013 TV Series)
Alec Pierce a college student leases an apartment with his only friend Nathan Jones. The house was marked as a crime site and was abandoned in 1974. The whereabouts and identities of the victims remained unknown but the killer's identity was released as his body was found hanging near the crime scene. The event was marked as a suicide and Samuel Heart's (killer) rejection and outrage was reported as the cause of the killings. Alec comes from troubled childhood where he had no parental guidance as his father abandoned him at birth and his mother was moved to a mental institute due to psychological illness. Nathan Jones is a young social college student who has been with Alec in his bad times and kept him calm to go through his tough times. The pilot opens with a tragic accident in the house where Alec pierce attempted suicide at the very same spot where Samuel Heart committed suicide. Jill (Nathan Jone's girlfriend) interrupts the attempt and saves Alec. The series progresses as Detective Zelerman investigates the case and Nathan Jones has been reported missing since the night of the incident. The struggle of finding Nate and the haunting of Samuel heart takes Alec, Jill and Zelerman on a journey that makes State of Mind the most unpredictable show ever seen on TV.
13. The Pacific Island (2015 Short Film)
When Dennis Williams (played by Mitchell Polonsky) enlists in the United States Naval Forces on December 3,1941; he has no idea of the challenges ahead. In the enlistment office, he meets Jay Turner (played by Bretton Miller) who is sent with him to the United States Naval Pacific Island Base. A dramatic Seth Friedman film that will leave you in tears. This hauntingly terrible moment in United States history is recounted in such a way so that you will never again view this tragic accident the same way. *****WARNING: THIS FILM IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE UNDER THE AGE OF SEVENTEEN WITHOUT PARENTAL GUIDANCE.*****
13 titles.