2 titles.

1. Professional Sweetheart (1933)
Ginger Rogers is America's "Purity Girl of the Air" an image she does not live up to. She wants to give up the job and title but her manager selects a "professional sweetheart" for her based on her fan mail. The man selected, Norman Foster, is a hick from Kentucky but he finally tames the lady.
2. The Secret Life of Buildings (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Work (2011)
Our workplace - from schools to offices and factories - should inspire us, motivate us and bring out the best of our abilities. But are these spaces doing just the opposite? Tom Dyckhoff makes some revelatory and shocking discoveries about how the buildings in which we spend our working life can physically change our brain, and shows why open-plan offices are bad spaces to work in. Armed with this new knowledge, Dyckhoff meets and challenges pre-eminent architects including Norman Foster and Zaha Hadid to re-evaluate their creations. He brings them face-to-face with the people who use their buildings every day. He even tries working in their buildings himself while taking part in an experiment to measure the impact on his brain. What do the results show about working in these spaces? Have we become so obsessed with iconic exteriors that we've stopped thinking about the people inside them? And is it possible to design a building that makes us feel happy while making us more productive too?
2 titles.