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1. Dawson's Creek (1998 TV Series)
Episode: A Winter's Tale (2001)
While the rest of the school goes to the snowy mountains of Vermont for a ski weekend, Dawson stays behind to help Grams keep a bedside vigil at the hospital for the near-death Mr. Brooks. But things become complicated when Dawson learns that Mr. Brooks had earlier asked him to sign a medical clause which leads him to be forced to make an impossibly hard decision to decide whether or not to cut off Brooks' life support systems. Meanwhile, the ski trip evening takes an unexpectedly romantic turn when Jen sprains her ankle, she breaks into her room's mini-bar, gets drunk and nearly sleeps with Jack. At the same time, Drue and Anna Evans sneak into the events pretending to be another couple since Drue has been banned from the ski trip and Anna does not go to school at Capeside. Also, Pacey and Joey find their own ways to keep warm on the cold night by taking their relationship to the next level.
2. Dawson's Creek (1998 TV Series)
Episode: The Tao of Dawson (2001)
Pacey learns that Dawson and Gretchen are dating which doesn't suit him at all. So, Pacey tries to get Gretchen and her ex-boyfriend, Nick Taylor, back together when they go on a road trip to pick up her car at her college in Providence. Back in Capeside, Joey has her fair share of problems when she gets locked in a storage closet at the Yacht Club with none other than the loathsome sociopath Drue Valentine, whom has set up the whole thing to avoid visiting his estranged father in New York. Meanwhile, Dawson observes the feelings growing between Mr. Brooks and Grams and fears that Grams will get hurt when she finds out that Brooks, like her last husband, is terminally ill with cancer.
3. Dawson's Creek (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Self Reliance (2000)
When Bessie takes a weekend getaway, Joey's hoping to get some studying done. But between her responsibilities at the B&B and Pacey's affections, Joey's hard pressed to find a moment alone to study for an English exam, and as if that wasn't enough, she's trying to cope with her feelings about having seen Dawson kiss Gretchen the other night at the Christmas party. Pacey's got his own issues with that 'kiss' and he's convinced Dawson and Joey need closure, once and for all. Meanwhile, Dawson's collaboration with A.I. Brooks on a documentary on his life story begins, which rejuvenates Dawson's filmmaking spirit and learns more about Mr. Brooks, whom never got over his best friend stealing away his girlfriend. Also, Jen takes Jack to a "Gay-Straight Coalition" meeting in the hopes that he'll meet some gay friends. But Jen seems to fit in with the crowd more than Jack does, who meets the militant founder Tobey.
4. Dawson's Creek (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2000)
Jen reveals an important decision she's made with regards to college while Jack and Grams make a decision on their own for her. When Dawson comes up empty with answers to an important question on his college essay on registration for USC Film School, he turns to Mr. Brooks for inspiration and learns that Mr. Brooks' life in Hollywood eerily parallels Dawson's own life when Mr. Brooks left the filmmaking business after his best friend and girlfriend got together. Meanwhile, Pacey accompanies Joey to a formal party at the Yacht Club for prospective Worthington College students where the visiting dean, Walter Kubelik is impressed... with Pacey. Also, Gretchen takes over planning for Gail and Mitch's Christmas party at the restaurant where Mr. Brooks has a meeting of minds with Grams Ryan.
5. Dawson's Creek (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Hopeless (2001)
Mrs. Valentine forces Joey to go on a double date with Pacey to accompany Drue and his wealthy, dim-witted, girlfriend, Anna Evans, to make sure that Drue behaves himself. Of course this isn't an easy thing to do when Joey starts to get concerned over the attention that Anna is bestowing on Pacey. Meanwhile, Dawson has his own problems when he and Gretchen go out with two of her college friends and he realizes the span in between their ages. Also, Jack finally gets some positive attention from Tobey when he asks Jack for help in teach reading to grade school kids, and Mr. Brooks becomes more weaker from his illness during the final completion on Dawson's documentary. Knowing that his days are numbered, Mr. Brooks tells Dawson to continue to follow his dream as a filmmaker and not let the love of his life (Joey) slip away, and end up like him: a bitter, misanthropic, lonely old man.
6. Dawson's Creek (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Four Stories (2001)
Unusual episode about four separate plots told in chronological order rather than concurrently as in previous episodes. "About Last Night": Left behind at the ski lodge, Pacey and Joey are forced to go home by bus where they talk about their sordid night before where he is insecure about his performance and she brings up her own insecurity. "The Big Picture": In Capeside, Dawson is forced to face Mr. Brooks' death by going through his belongings with Gretchen. But soon, Dawson gets surprised to find out that he is Mr. Brooks' will and finds himself with a lot of money in his hands, and no idea of what to do with it. "Excess Baggage": As punishment for breaking into her hotel mini-bar and getting drunk during the class ski trip, Jen is forced to see a psychologist where she can discuss her "inner teen issues." But Jen finds the psychologist, Dr. Tom Frost, to know more about Jen than she does about herself. "Seems Like Old Times": Joey's path with Dawson's collide when they spend an evening catching up on the past weekend and its many happenings. Dawson thinks Joey is different in some way. Here, he asks her the big question: did she or did she not have sex with Pacey during the ski trip? Torn between hurting her best friend by being honest, or lying to him, Joey outright lies and says she didn't sleep with Pacey.
7. Dawson's Creek (1998 TV Series)
Episode: The Unusual Suspects (2000)
A sailboat owned by Capeside High's pompous Principal Dave Peskin, with "Class of 2001" written on the sail, and with his pet dog aboard, is found in the school swimming pool as part of a major school prank. As a result, Mitch Leery and Principal Peskin are after the guys who did it in which Dawson, Pacey, Jack and Drue are main suspects. Since, the dog that was on the boat instantly recognized Jack, Pacey had access to the yacht club and Dawson had access to the school keys. Each one has alibis for that day; Jack was at the soccer field with Jen to help plan a game. Dawson was cleaning Mr. Brooks parlor where he discovers that the that the old man was a former filmmaker from the 1950's. Pacey was with Doug on a routine police patrol where they squabbled about Doug's well being. Drue, despite his denials, is revealed as the culprit. But at the end, Joey finds out that Dawson, Pacey and Jack all teamed up to pull it off and to get Drue into trouble.
8. Dawson's Creek (1998 TV Series)
Episode: You Had Me at Goodbye (2000)
While Andie is recovering from her near-fatal drug overdose, Jack blames Jen for the incident, while Jen blames the deranged Drue for her life falling apart after he turns everyone, including Grams, against Jen by saying that she deliberately slipped Andie the ecstasy. Andie's father tells her that it would be better if she were to spend the rest of the year in Italy with her aunt, since she already has the credits required for an early graduation. Meanwhile, Joey is conflicted when she must ask Dawson to say a good word for a college acceptance form. Also, Dawson continues painting the misanthropic Mr. Brooks' house and realizes that the old man has his own personal life problems with his estranged family.
9. Dawson's Creek (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Admissions (2001)
While Joey glows after being accepted into Worthington University, Dawson is forced to face a crushing rejection when he is denied to NYU. Joey's elated mood, however, is tempered by a sobering realization due to the fact her sister, Bessie, runs a B&B she can't afford the $15,000 tuition requirement, until Dawson proposes a surprising solution: loaning her the money Mr. Brooks left for him in his will, which increases her guilt for lying to him about sleeping with Pacey. Meanwhile, Jen and Jack have nothing but options when it comes to college. While Jack's convinced that New York is the place to go, Jen isn't so sure she's ready to return there because of unresolved issues with her parents. Jen tries asking Drue for advice on her past, but he's no help.
10. Mr. Brooks (2007)
Earl Brooks is a well respected businessman in Portland, Oregon. Seemingly, the biggest issue in his life is the unexpected return of his spoiled daughter, Jane Brooks, from her freshman year in college, she who states she is dropping out but who he knows has another reason for her return. But the biggest issue in his life is that he is a serial killer, his targets always young couples in the act of making love. He is coined the Thumbprint Killer because he leaves thumbprints of the victims at the scene using their own blood. Earl knows he has a problem, the urge to kill a compulsion. He is constantly being egged on by a voice in his head he calls Marshall, the two who negotiate the murders. The only thing that he has been able to do to manage his "addiction" as he believes it to be is to attend AA meetings, which resulted in two years between his latest sets of murders. Detective Tracy Atwood is the lead police investigator, she who is going through her own problems. She, an heiress worth $60 million, is currently going through a messy divorce, her philandering husband who is demanding millions in the settlement. His and his lawyer's contention is that the settlement is for emotional distress due to her job, especially as Thorton Meeks, a violent criminal she put behind bars, has recently escaped, vowing revenge. As Tracy decides how to handle her divorce which could place her current cases in jeopardy, Earl has his own emerging problems. First, he is being blackmailed by a man calling himself Mr. Smith, who has photographic evidence of Earl being the Thumbprint Killer. And second, he eventually learns of the real reason why Jane returned home. These two issues, plus learning whatever he can about Tracy, lead to what he considers the best decision for his life, taking in part social good.
In Portland, the philanthropic businessman and family man Mr. Earl Brooks has been just elected Man of the Year. Mr. Brooks manages his factory of packages; lives in a comfortable house with his gorgeous wife Emma and has a rebel daughter Jane in college. However, Mr. Brooks has a dark secret: he is a psychopath serial killer also known as The Thumbprint Killer with an alter-ego called Marshall and addicted in killing. For two years, Mr. Brooks has attended the AA meetings and kept his addiction under control. However, Marshall returns and forces him to kill a couple of dancers that is making love in their house with open curtains. On the next day, Jane returns home without her BMW and a man named Mr. Smith (Dane Cook) visits Mr. Brooks in his factory with pictures of him in the crime scene; he is blackmailed and the man requests to participate in a murder. Meanwhile, the wealthy detective Tracy Atwood is having a troubled moment in her life: she has been investigating the murders of The Fingerprint Killer; is facing her former husband Jesse Vialo in a complicated divorce process; and is chased by the violent criminal Thorton Meeks that has escaped from prison and promised to kill her. When Tracy visits the crime scene, she suspects that Mr. Smith is an eye witness of the murder and presses him, and their fates entwine with the life of Mr. Brooks.
Earl Brooks is a highly respected businessman and was recently named Portland's Man of the Year. He hides a terrible secret however: he is a serial killer known as the Thumbprint Killer. He has been attending AA meetings and has kept his addiction to killing under control for two years now but his alter ego, Marshall, has re-appeared and is pushing him to kill again. When he does kill a couple while they are making love, he is seen and photographed by someone who also has his own death and murder fetish. In a parallel story, the police detective investigating the murder is having problems of her own. She is going through a messy divorce and a violent criminal who had vowed revenge some years before has escaped from prison and is after her.
11. Studio One in Hollywood (1948 TV Series)
Episode: Mr. Mummery's Suspicion (1951)
Aboard the train on his way to work, Mr. Mummery is told about a cook that is poisoning her employers. He stares at his friend Mr. Brookes and complains that he has been feeling ill for several days, complaining about an upset stomach. Mr. Brookes suggests that perhaps he should look into his cooks background references to make sure that he and his wife are not the next victims.
A female cook is known to have been poisoning her patrons, and Mr. Mummery, an elderly man who doesn't quite trust his young wife, begins to suspect that she has jut hired the killer chef. He finds an open can of arsenic in the garden shed and convinces himself that the cook and his wife are in fact tampering with his tea in a plot to kill him. What he doesn't know is that, in actuality, the situation is much more serious than even he suspects it is.
12. Little Women (1933)
Josephine March and her three sisters Margaret, Amy, and Beth grow up with their mother's guidance while their father fights in the American Civil War. The vivacious quartet are very close and happy despite limited means. Laurie Laurence, the well off boy next door, takes a liking to Jo, and his tutor John Brooke eyes older sister Margaret during a party. Margaret marries Mr. Brooke but Jo rejects Laurie's proposal and moves to New York for new adventures. When Beth starts to lose her battle with Scarlet Fever Jo returns to her deathbed. Sister Amy returns married to Jo's one true love, Laurie, and we wonder if she will ever find someone to replace him.
Little Women is a "coming of age" drama tracing the lives of four sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. During the American Civil War, the girls father is away serving as a minister to the troops. The family, headed by thier beloved Marmee, must struggle to make ends meet, with the help of their kind and wealthy neighbor, Mr. Laurence, and his high spirited grandson Laurie.
13. An Aeroplane Elopement (1911 Short Film)
Maude Brooks is in love with an aviator, George Pinckney. Maude tells her father that she intends to marry George, as he is a splendid fellow, but her father will not listen to her. So she decides to elope. Maude meets George at the machine and together they fly up into the air. Mr. Brooks, who has been apprised of his daughter's intentions, starts in pursuit. He also flies in an aeroplane until something goes wrong. Then he has to descend and by devious routes manages to reach the express train, which runs to the neighboring town, where his daughter has fled to be married. An exciting race takes place between the flying machine and the locomotive. When the train reaches the station, Mr. Brooks hails an automobile and arrives at the church just as his daughter has changed her name to Mrs. George Pinckney. He is furious, but Maude's persuasiveness leads him to see things in a different light.
14. One on Reno (1911 Short Film)
Mrs. Appleby, whose husband is more interested in his books than her happiness, took the first train to Reno to obtain a divorce. She left a note on the table to this effect, which certainly brought Mr. Appleby's brains to a realization of what he had done. He too took a train to Reno, followed by Mr. Brooks, who was bestowing his attentions upon Mrs. Appleby, during her husband's negligence. Mrs. Appleby, after residing in Reno the required number of days by law, secured a divorce. Her ex-husband and Mr. Brooks, who called upon her wore unceremoniously turned out of her apartments. Then she started for home. Mr. Appleby's sorrow was turned into joy one evening when he read in the papers of a decision handed down by the courts to the effect that a divorce procured in Reno by a certain person was null and void. So he went over to his mother-in-law's house and found her more beautiful than ever. Then he lifted her up in his arms and took her to their old home, after planting his fists upon Mr. Brooks' nose, who dropped to the floor and took the count.
15. The Unfinished Letter (1911 Short Film)
Jasper, the negro janitor of an office building, asks Mr. Brooks, whose office he is cleaning, to write a love note to his sweetheart Lulu, as he cannot write or read. Mr. Brooks, while writing the note, is interrupted by a client. As he is talking with him, Mrs. Brooks drops in, takes a seat at her husband's desk (who is now in his private office), espies the letter, and leaves his office in despair. Just then Mr. Brooks emerges from his private office. He is dumbfounded at the note, and dashes out into the street to find her. However, after much talk, Mrs. Brooks is convinced that the letter is for Jasper, who quietly goes out.
16. Edible Adventure: Costa Rica (2006 Documentary)
Mr. Brooks takes the viewer from the oceans to the mountains of Costa Rica for an entertaining and educational view of the country, its people, and culture. Along the way, he gathers the ingredients for a wonderful vegetarian meal which is prepared and consumed.
16 titles.