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1. Dirt & Deeds in Mississippi (2016 Documentary)
With the 50th anniversary of the Mississippi 'Freedom Summer' approaching, and the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act also on the horizon, Dirt & Deeds In Mississippi is the timely untold story of how the Black landowners of Mississippi became the secret weapon of the American civil rights movement of the 1960's. Against tremendous odds, In the early 60's Blacks still retained title to over a million acres of land in Mississippi but were still being denied the right to vote. Dirt & Deeds is the revelatory account of how that land was used as a vital resource in the fight for freedom. Dirt & Deeds is the real story behind the Hollywood film 'Mississippi Burning'. Danny Glover has agreed to be the narrator.
2. Return to Mississippi (2004 Documentary)
More than 40 years ago, three civil rights workers were savagely slain in Neshoba County. That heinous crime was a watershed in the struggle for equality for African Americans. Return to Mississippi retells the story of the murders and the "Mississippi Burning" trial and examines the modern reality for African Americans in the southern United States. Andrew Goodman, James Chaney and Mickey Schwerner disappeared while teaching and registering African American voters for the 1964 US federal election. On August 4th of that year, their bodies were recovered from an earthen dam. In early 2005, in a landmark case that required the intervention of the US Supreme Court, a jury returned guilty verdicts against seven conspirators. Has the struggle for rights started 40 years ago been successful? Rare archival footage echoes the voices in new interviews with personalities that figured prominently then and now.
3. Corporate Dawgz (2002 Short Film)
Although mainstream filmmakers are fond of their White saviors, most audiences of color are not. Whether it's the FBI swooping in to rescue us in Mississippi Burning or a fearless teacher storming a "ghetto" school to prove our youth can learn as in Dangerous Minds, we are often offended by such cinematic myths that are more interested in appeasing White liberal sensibilities than raising complex questions about what Whites must truly sacrifice if they are sincere about ending racial injustice. Produced by Chica Luna Productions, Corporate Dawgz is a comedic ode to White revolutionaries who understand that what they give up in privilege they gain tenfold in humanity.
3 titles.