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1. Ghosts of Shepherdstown (2016 TV Series)
Destination America will investigate the paranormal activities within Shepherdstown, West Virginia, in its latest series. Produced by Blade Brothers outfit MAK Pictures, Ghosts of Shepherdstown will follow a trio of investigators trying to understand the slew of paranormal disturbances that constitute the majority of the historic town's 911 calls. Brought in by chief of police Michael King, the group includes paranormal investigator Nick Groff, tech whiz Bill Hartley and "paranormal sensitive" Elizabeth Saint. Each episode of Ghosts starts with a 911 call from a resident experiencing a strange happening, such as the sighting of a headless woman or the appearance of a body floating down the river. The police then call Groff, Hartley and Saint, who rush to the scene to look for evidence of ghostly activity. Later on, they enlist the help of local historians and psychics to understand the occurrences.
2. The Possession of Michael King (2014)
Michael King (Shane Johnson) doesn't believe in God or the Devil. Following the sudden death of his wife, Michael decides to make his next film about the search for the existence of the supernatural, making himself the center of the experiment - allowing demonologists, necromancers, and various practitioners of the occult to try the deepest and darkest spells and rituals they can find on him - in the hopes that when they fail, he'll once and for all have proof that religion, spiritualism, and the paranormal are nothing more than myth. But something does happen. An evil and horrifying force has taken over Michael King. And it will not let him go.
The filmmaker Michael King is grieving the loss of his beloved wife that died a couple of months ago. He is atheist and decides to make a film about the existence of the supernatural. He challenges the evil using people that worship the Devil to show that the belief in religion and the supernatural is superstition. However something goes wrong and Michael is possessed and becomes a threat to his little daughter.
3. Pulp (1972)
Michael King is a seedy writer of sleazy pulp genre novels under a half dozen sensational pseudonyms whose ambition is to dictate 10,000 words per minute to stenographers a la Earle Stanley Gardner. He's recruited by the agent of Preston Gilbert, a quirky ex-Hollywood star currently living reclusively in exile in Malta, to help him write his biography. Despite being pursued by an enigmatic hit man, Gilbert has a large entourage of eccentrics and remains an inveterate practical joker. After Gilbert is eventually murdered by an apparent priest, King tries to stay alive himself while interacting with a variety of idiosyncratic characters including an ersatz princess, a henpecked clairvoyant, and a cross-dressing hit man.
Chester Thomas King is a successful writer of pulp fiction. He has written and lived under many different pseudonyms, the most current being Mickey King. A native Brit, he is currently living in Italy. Much like one of his trashy novels, Mickey narrates the story of a recent adventure in which he was involved that by its end would send five people to the morgue... At his publisher's office, he is approached by a man named Ben Dinuccio, the agent of someone famous, who would at this time like to remain anonymous, to ghostwrite that famous person's memoirs. Mickey agrees if only because of the exorbitant fee offered. Before Mickey can meet the person in question, he is sent by Dinuccio on a multi-day tour throughout Italy to hide the person's identity and locale for safety reasons. Mickey will be contacted along the way by a yet unknown person, who will lead Mickey to his ultimate destination. An incident en route leads to Mickey questioning taking the job. That feeling is strengthened when he meets the subject person: ex-Hollywood movie star Preston Gilbert, whose private life was rumored to have been associated with gangsters. Preston has a wicked temper and unusual sense of humor. Another incident during Preston's dictation and Mickey's writing process leads to Mickey believing that his life is in danger, because of what he eventually learns is something that may be written in Preston's memoirs. Mickey has to do some digging if he is going to figure out what that story is, and who if anyone is trying to kill him.
4. A Man Called God (2010 TV Series)
Michael King vows to revenge his parents' death. He believes that he can use his power as head of an underground drug kingpin to punish those who hurt him. However, his beliefs are shaken when he falls in love with a reporter named Jin Bo Bae.
5. When War Comes Home (2016 Documentary)
EMMY AWARD winning filmmaker Michael King's new film WHEN WAR COMES HOME follows the lives of 3 veterans and their families as they make their way to a 'new normal,' after war. Struggling with PTSD, the film follows them in their day-to-day lives, capturing many of the challenges that all veterans who have been through war face. Three Iraq/Afghanistan War Veterans return home to discover their Post-Traumatic Stress affects not only their own lives, but the lives of their wives, children and friends. Witnessing these powerful stories and many others, retired Four Star U.S. Army General Peter Chiarelli leads the search for better treatment for these invisible wounds of war.
6. 11-44 (2009 Short Film)
Lily and John have a perfect love. The kind you only find in the movies. The kind you hope to experience but rarely do. With video love letters and kindnesses throughout her day, John expresses his love for his wife and the overwhelming joy she brings him. But what happens when an 11-44 call goes out on a loved one? Can you pick up the pieces? 11-44 is meticulously crafted by director Kristina Lloyd and lovingly brought to life by Haiti Harrison, Michael King and Christian S. Anderson. Is loss ever really the end? Deceased person...Coroner required.
7. The Lonely Londoner (2008 Short Film)
At the opening of our film there exists two separate worlds in Balham - the world of the young professional and the world of the unemployed - each containing a character upon whom we focus the audiences' interest. Our drama consists in the collision of these two worlds that changes the lives of two people who stand in direct opposition to each other. Both of these worlds rarely come into contact with each other except through the persons of Michael King and Clare Kelly.
7 titles.