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1. Lost in Space (1965 TV Series)
Episode: The Reluctant Stowaway (1965)
An historic day. The Robinsons - John, Maureen, Judy, Penny and Will - become Earth's first family of outer space, on its way, accompanied by pilot Maj. Don West, to colonize a planet circling Alpha Centauri; however, Dr. Smith, as an enemy agent of a foreign power, means to set them on a course of doom by reprogramming the robot to destroy their ship, the Jupiter 2, eight hours in space. The unfortunate doctor winds up caught in his own treachery and hurls off into space with the Robinson party. His excess weight first throws the ship off course, then, with the robot coming to life and bashing all the controls, they all become "hopelessly lost in space."
2. Lost in Space (1998)
With the Earth running short of natural energy resources the Jupiter mission to colonize and exploit Alpha Prime seems to be the only chance of survival. Professor John Robinson ('William Hurt' ) together with his wife Maureen, his family and fighter pilot Don West (lead a desperate attempt to create a Hyper-Gate in orbit around the planet Alpha Prime to enable the rescue of Earth to begin. However, others have different reasons for reaching Alpha Prime and Dr. Smith sabotages the Jupiter 2 but fails to get clear and becomes an unwelcome stowaway aboard the ship. To escape the gravitational pull of the sun the Hyper-Drive is fired and the Jupiter 2, after a trip through hyperspace, emerges into a completely unknown part of the galaxy. A search of the star charts reveals that they are completely lost in an uncharted sector of space but this is only the beginning of their problems...
The year is 2058. Most of the Earth's natural resources are virtually exhausted and will no longer support human life. The government decides that another planet shall be the human race's new home and the government begins construction of two "Hypergates" that will allow the human race to travel across space to the distant planet Alpha Prime. Government scientist Professor John Robinson, decides to set up a vital space mission. Along with his family: His wife Maureen, their children, oldest daughter, medical officer Judy, troubled teenage daughter, video technician Penny and their youngest son, gifted robotics expert Will and joined by heroic military fighter pilot Major Don West, John and his crew travels to Alpha Prime on-board the spaceship "Jupiter 2". But the traitorous Dr. Zachary Smith, working for terrorists known as the Seditions, uses the ship's robot and sabotages the mission and sends "Jupiter 2" off-course. But as Jupiter 2 is caught in the gravitational pull of the sun, John uses the ship's hyper-drive to escape. But John, his family and Major West learns that they've entered a uncharted part of the galaxy and they are lost in space.
In the near future, earth's fossil resources are about to be used up. In an attempt to save the human race, scientists have begun building a gate, through which faster than light travel will be possible - but only if there is a gate at the destination to receive the travelers. The Robinson Family has been chosen to travel to Alpha Prime - the only other inhabitable planet known - at normal speed, ten years, cryogenically frozen. But Dr. Smith, a sinister man, sabotages their spaceship, Jupiter 2, but is also betrayed by his people. So, he has to work together with the Robinsons in order to survive himself. When Jupiter 2 is falling into the sun, the only chance to survive is to activate the hyperdrive - without a gate at the other end. Soon, the Robinsons are someplace really unknown, where they meet unfriendly silicon-based space spiders, take in a little ape-like creature and name new star systems after Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig. They have to reach Alpha Prime in order to build the second gate, or earth's only hope is gone.
3. Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1988 TV Series)
Episode: Time Chasers (1997)
A man breaks the fourth dimension and sells his find to Bob Evil without thinking he'd have to go back in time to fix everything Bob Evil messes up. Meanwhile, the SOL is just driving about time and space until Mike utters the words "Lost in Space," which encourages Tom and Crow to act out dialogue inspired from the TV show. When Mike botches a parallel parking job with the Widowmaker, he and Pearl exchange an unlikely light hearted conversation into why she's so evil while Tom hogs the TV remote control on the Satellite. Later, in an effort to help Mike's lot in life, Crow uses their time machine to go back to Wisconsin in 1995 where Mike is working at a cheese factory and talk him out of getting into temp work later on. Mike's band becomes his all consuming desire and Crow goes back to the present to find Eddy, Mike's abusive older brother who fills Crow into Mike's new fate, which isn't pretty at all. Crow decides he has to go back in time to stop him from stopping Mike from following his dreams, The Bots try to convince Mike to say "Guilligan's Island," but he's not taking the bait. Mike and Pearl then exchange more light hearted conversation while enjoying Yoo-Hoos until Mike discovers there's a spare Crow still in Wisconsin in 1995.
4. Zenon: The Zequel (2001 TV Movie)
Zenon Kar, 15, is two years older in 2051 but none the wiser about the dangers of meddling, but when she shows Nebula a new game and how to play it she inadvertently empties out Commander Planks Office and is assigned work detail in the Alien Patrol lab. Worse the space station is now under command of the military and General Hammond is assigned to command the station and boots Commander Plank out of his office. Even worse, he assigns Zenon to look after his daughter who turns out to be her old nemesis, Margie, who's demanding and threatens to have her dad kick Zenon and her family off the space station if Zenon doesn't obey her. Zenon then discovers that her space station is being decommissioned due to damage from the plot by Wyndum and Lutz and sneaks down to Earth to try and stop it after getting a message from aliens that seem to want to meet with Proto Zoa, but Margie wants to go too and sneaks down to Earth as well, but making it look like Zenon forced her to go with her. With the help of Aunt Judy, the girls track down Proto Zoa who has gone into hiding due to a dry spell and convince him to join them. With Margie, Aunt Judy, Nebula, Orion the Alien Patrol lab guy, Proto Zoa and her mother, Zenon goes to meet with the aliens near the moon. Unfortunately their ship runs out of fuel and they nearly crash to their deaths on the moon, but the aliens show up and rescue them. The aliens turn out to be friendly and communicating with Zenon telepathically, reveal that they have been lost in space for three years and need the ship's navigation charts to get home, thinking it impolite to just take them. After getting the charts, they then tow the ship back to the space station where General Hammond refuses to relent, saying the space station is too badly damaged and must be destroyed. Margie stands up to him for once, but it isn't enough until the aliens return and repair the space station as a thank-you gift for helping them. With the space station saved, Commander Plank and General Hammond are assigned to command it together and Plank and Aunt Judy get married at a wedding that Proto Zoa plays at, dedicating his new song to Zenon having been revitalized by the whole experience. It's also realized that the aliens were actually trying to communicate with Zenon, not Proto Zoa and were using the transmission of his old concert to do so. Margie convinces her father to let her stay and she and Zenon become friends while Zenon gets a possible love interest in Orion.
5. The Angry Red Planet (1959)
The first spaceship to Mars, presumed lost, is found in space and brought back to Earth by remote control. Only two from an initial crew of four are still alive, but one is unconscious due to an attached alien growth, while the other is traumatized, blocking out all memory of what happened. In hopes to save the unconscious crewman, the amnesiac is interrogated back into remembering. Those in charge thereby learn of the terrible dangers awaiting anyone venturing into the spooky, ruddy stillness of the very alien Martian ecosystem.
Our first manned flight to Mars returns after being thought lost in space. Only two survivors (Mohr & Hayden) of the original four are on board. Mohr has a green growth on his arm, and nothing that the doctors do will kill it. Hayden, under hypnosis, tells of their adventures on Mars. Thought to be a dead planet, it's inhabited with man-eating plants, giant Bat-Rat-Spider-Crab monsters, a strange city on a lake, and a one-eyed monster that dissolves anything that it swallows or touches.
A rocket ship returns from Mars. Contact was lost since the ship arrived on Mars. Now the crew does not answer any radio messages from mission control. The people from mission control try to land the rocket ship by remote control and investigate what happened on Mars.
After disappearing without a trace and being given up for lost, a manned probe to Mars is observed returning to Earth but will not respond to any contact. After mission control risks an automated landing, they find that there are only two survivors, one critically injured and with some strange growth on his arm. Doctors turn to the other surviving astronaut, Iris Ryan, for answers, and discover the Martians' angry warning which, to paraphrase, would be, "You Earth kids stay out of my yard!"
6. Critters 4 (1992)
Just before bounty hunter Charile triggers his gun to destroy the last two Critter-eggs, he gets a message that it would be illegal to extinguish the race from the galaxy. He's sent a transporter where he puts the eggs - unfortunately the transporter takes him with it and then gets lost in space. After 53 deep-frozen years, he's found by a private wreckage collector team under the unscrupulous Rick. On behalf of the mighty company Terracor they bring him to an empty space station - but Rick is curious and opens the box... so Charlie has work again, to keep the Critters from eating everybody.
7. Mysterious Island (2012)
A cinematic adaptation of Jules Verne's 1874 novel "The Mysterious Island", the story begins during the American Civil War, as famine and death ravage the city of Richmond, Virginia. Five northern POWs make the decision to escape the war by hijacking a hot air balloon! Drifting through the night, they wake to find themselves marooned on a desert island, but they aren't alone... Littered with wreckage, the island is home to cast of survivors who have been lost in space and time, including Jules and Abby Fogg, two young women from modern times who become stranded while flying over the Bermuda Triangle. Faced with defending themselves against vicious pirates, terrifying creatures, and an active volcano that's ready to blow, they must find a way to survive and escape the island. Hope only comes when they encounter the island's oldest resident, Captain Nemo himself. With his help, they set to work crafting an escape... but will they make it in time before the island claims them forever?
8. The Robinsons: Lost in Space (2004 TV Movie)
In the year 2082, the Earth was invaded by aliens after it was long determine that existence of extra terrestrials was long thought to be science fiction. Major cities crumbled from the destruction of the beings from beyond the stars. The invasion came to a halt when Earth's own armed forces led by Col. John Robinson fought off the invaders and thus Earth won the battle which came to be known as "Robinson's Raid". 15 years have passed by and John Robinson attends a ceremony for his retirement from his services in defending the Earth from alien threat. It was an honoring ceremony, except John's kids aren't that excited about it because John hardly spent that much time with them. After moving from several different homes due to John's line of work created a gap in between his kids and his occupation. This dysfunctional family is one of the fewest families chosen to be part of the space program that is heading for a planet called Nova which will become occupied with a new farming colony. John hopes to make up for all the times he wasn't there with his family only for the space station to be invaded by an unnamed army of reptilian aliens. The Robinsons and a young military figure named Don West escaped the doom space station, only to find themselves lost in space.
Fifteen years after his daring raid turned the tide of an extraterrestrial invasion of the Earth, Col. John Robinson is retired from active service with grand ceremony. Hoping to repair damaged relationships with his estranged family, he volunteers them to take part in a multi-family colonization project bound for a newly-discovered star system. En route, the massive mothership is attacked by the same aliens he defeated so many years before. As alien forces board the ship, John and pilot Major Don West detach the Robinsons' landing pod and escape with the family through a nearby wormhole, becoming lost in space.
9. Hollywood Treasure (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Lost in Apes (2011)
Joe Maddalena and Jon Mankuta are on the road and heading to New Jersey to meet with John Azarian, a prolific 1960s sci-fi collector. John shows the team Ewoks, Storm Troopers, Light Sabers and laser pistols from his favorite show Lost in Space. Hoping to find Lost in Space items, Joe and Jon end up in Atlanta, Georgia. Unbeknownst to Jon, the late Joe Lombardi's work lays hidden away in a warehouse on the Raleigh Studios lot. Lombardi was a special effects pioneer who worked on King Kong, Star Trek, and Apocalypse Now. The co-owner of Raleigh Studios and grandnephew to Lombardi opens the vault to unveil racks upon racks of props and special effects items.
10. Hollywood Treasure (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Let the Bidding Begin (2010)
In the series opener, Joe and his team hit the ground running. With only ten days left till the next auction, the hunt is on. The team attempts to set straight an Internet rumor that one of the original sharks from the movie Jaws has been on display in a junkyard to attract visitors. Next, an avid collector of Lost in Space memorabilia has traveled to Profiles in History from the East Coast with hopes of adding to his collection. And in Chicago, Joe investigates the claim of a young man who is alleged to have the screen-used carpet bag from the 1960s Disney classic, Mary Poppins.
11. Tickety Toc (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Space Time (2013)
Tommy and Tallulah set off on a (make believe) space adventure to the outskirts of town. When they find themselves 'lost in space' with Chime Time looming, McCoggins has to save the day in a very unusual way! / Everyone in Ticket Town is painting a picture for an exhibition - and Tommy and Tallulah are determined to paint the biggest. When their huge painting of the clockhouse is carried away by the wind, it looks like Chime Time is doomed!
12. Testament of Orpheus (1960)
The poet Jean Cocteau is lost in space-time. He has been in the 18th century and is now turning up at different moments in professor Langevin's life. The professor has invented some bullets, which travel faster than light. With one of them he kills Cocteau, who is resurrected as his old self, but is still caught in the space between fantasy and reality. At a gypsy camp a woman saves a photo out of the fire and restores it. On the photo Cocteau recognizes Cégeste from his film Orphée. He tears the photo into pieces and throws it into the sea. Immediately Cégeste himself jumps out of the water. He brings Cocteau to a rogatory commission led by Heurtebise and The Princess from the film Orphée. Cocteau admits that he has constantly attempted to enter a world which is not his own, a world that is beyond the limits of man, and that disobedience is like a religion for him. The commission imposes on him the sentence of life. In a hall inside some stone ruins the goddess Athena kills Cocteau with her spear. His friends assemble around his body, but he resurrects from death, and walks away along a small road. Cégeste comes out from a rock and draws Cocteau into it, because they don't belong to life on earth.
13. Space Is the Place (1974)
Sun Ra--space-age prophet, Pharaonic jester, shaman-philosopher and avant-jazz keyboardist/bandleader--land his spaceship in Oakland, having been presumed lost in space for a few years. With Black Power on the rise, Ra disembarks and proclaims himself "the alter-destiny." He holds a myth-vs reality rap session with vblack inner-city youth at a rec center, threatening "to chain you up and take you with me, like they did you in Africa" if they resist his mplea to go to outer space. He duels at cards with The Overseer, a satanic overlord, with the fate of the black race at stake. Ra wins the right to a world concert, which features great performance footage of the Arkestra. Agents sent by the Overseer attempt to assassinate Ra, but he vanishes, rescues his people, and departs in his spaceship from the exploding planet Earth.
14. Agent for H.A.R.M. (1966)
Wimpy secret agent who looks like Dr. Smith from "Lost In Space" helps protect a scientist from a generic Iron Curtain country who has developed a gun that shoots boogers at people from a evil guy who looks like Pee-Wee Herman.
15. The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie (1972 TV Series)
Episode: Lost in Space (1973)
An animated version of the much loved 1960's TV series. This time the Jupiter 2 is a space shuttle on its way from Earth to Saturn, commanded by Commander Craig Robinson and crewed by Robon the robot. The passengers are Linc Robinson, Craig's brother, Geologist Deanna Carmichael and Professor of Biology, Dr. Zachary Smith, who is not a stowaway this time. During the flight they are caught in a meteor storm sending them through a space warp, causing them to be "lost in space". Nearing an inhabited planet they come under attack forcing them to make a crash landing where they find two alien races, but are they friendly?
16. ...Vanities... (2012)
Ron and Nora and their sixty-year long argument. Lorna and her busy empty day. Loran in an everyday confusion. Orlane and Arnold, lost in space and time. Six characters brought to make light of the quote 'Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!'
17. Policenauts (1994 Video Game)
Johnathan Ingram is one of "policenauts" assigned the task of upholding the law on a space station called "Beyond Coast". Ingram was lost in the space after an accident left himn out of control in his spacesuit. But the suit was equipped with a cryogenic-life sistem and 25 year later his frozen body was recovered. The new world arround him is very different, all his friends are old men and his wife has remarried and had a daugther. Johnathan returns to the Earth and become in a private eye but when is ex-wife's new husband goes missing and she visiting Johnathan to ask for his help, Ingram returns to "Beyond Coast". Helped by is old friend Ed Brown, he will discover many things about is past and the tragic accident that changed his life...
Jonathan Ingram is a former "Policenaut", astronauts with police training. In a freak accident, he is drifted away into space and is presumed dead. However, 25 years later, Jonathan is found alive and well due to the cold-sleep module connected in his suit. Three years pass. The year is 2040. Jonathan now works as a private investigator in the former Los Angeles. He is visited by his ex-wife, Lorraine, who asks him to find her husband Kenzo Hojo, whom has suddenly disappeared. Jonathan is reluctant to solve the case at first, but soon after, Lorraine is attacked and fatally wounded in a car bomb by a man in a motorcycle suit. Jonathan must put aside his fear of space and return to Beyond, where he meets his former partner Ed Brown from his LAPD days and who agrees to help Jonathan solve the case involving Hojo's disappearance and Lorraine's murder.
18. 002 operazione Luna (1965)
When a Russian space craft is lost in space with two cosmonauts on board, the KGB authorities abduct two petty criminals, Franco and Ciccio, to launch them into space and have them return to impersonate the lost cosmonauts, only to have the real cosmonauts, Paradowski and Borovin, return which the two duos cause misunderstandings abound.
19. Dino Crisis 3 (2003 Video Game)
It is the year 2548 and it has been 300 years since Earth lost its contact with the colony spaceship, Ozymandias. Somehow, it appeared near Jupiter. A team called S.O.A.R. (Special Operations and Reconnaissance) in the investegative shuttle lifts off to the Ozymandias to investigate. Suddenly, the Ozymandias launched lasers at the investigative ship, shooting off the ship's front cockpit. Then, the S.O.A.R. team got sucked out of the shuttle and most of the people were either lost in space or dead. Fortunately, few of the team members of S.O.A.R., Patrick and Sonya were able to survive and they both board the Ozymandias. What will await them inside? Will they be able to survive, rescue any survivors and find a way to return to Earth?
20. Kernel Panic (2012 Short Film)
Death or download! Brianna Weald. Pan galactic freelancer. Reluctant adventurer. A captain without a ship, a woman in trouble... Lost in space, captured in a gravity well and trapped inside a malfunctioning space suit, our consummate profanitist finds herself burying old grievances, shedding her suspicions and ejecting reservations in order to save her life. For on a hard drive, far far away, within the depths of the Heart Corporation's planet sized data-centres, lurks the newly improved saviour-ware that is VERSION 10. It's time for an upgrade...
21. The Devil and the Statue (1901 Short Film)
A magnificent Venetian oratory. On the left a large bay window through which may be seen the Grand Canal of the city of Venice. In the centre a colonnade and a hemicycle; to the right is a statue of the Madonna. At the beginning of the scene Romeo in his gondola sings to Juliet a sentimental song, then goes away. Hardly has he departed when the colonnade falls to pieces, disclosing the devil. Juliet, frightened, runs to the window and calls Romeo. The latter attempts to enter and protect his fiancée, but at a gesture from the devil the window is instantly covered with a grating and Romeo makes frantic efforts to break it. The devil begins to dance a wild dance before Juliet, who is beside herself from terror. The devil gradually becomes the size of a giant (a novel effect). Juliet implores the statue of Madonna, which becomes animated, descends from its pedestal, and stretching out its arms orders the devil to disappear. The devil grows smaller and smaller and finally becomes a tiny dwarf, then he is lost in space. The window resumes its first form and Romeo embraces his beloved, with the benediction of the Virgin.
22. Play! (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Uke Goes to Outer Space (2010)
Space. It's everywhere. Well, OK, maybe not on a chartered flight to the Dark Star sandwiched between two obese Wookies, and there's not much elbow room in Tokyo, either. But, there's definitely lots of space in lots of other places and there's definitely space here on PLAY! for our host Uke Bosse to bring you the best new space shoot 'em ups like Dark Star One, and also to take an old school look back at 2D shooters like Space War and Space Invaders, and we also run down of the Top 5 best space games of all time! What more do you want? There's no room for anything else. No room, not enough space - get it? Why are you still reading? Hit PLAY! and go get lost in space!
23. Mutant on the Bounty (1989)
An interplanetary research team is in for unidentified flying laughs when a musician who is lost in space crash-lands aboard their ship. Even more hilariously, the ravages of deep space have transformed him into a horrific freak--and two unidentified men give chase.
24. Sonnenflecken (1998 Short Film)
A young woman and a little girl are playing football. When the ball flies into the air the black and white sequence transmutes into the red of the evening sky. High up in the air a bird is flying. The bird belongs to a dream. The beginning is programmatic. The various events flow seamlessly into one another and tell of the imponderability of growing up ­ dreams and expectations, work, frustration and the music which allows one to dance above it all. Rhythm of the heart... Two young women live with little Angie somewhere on the edge of the city. What do they expect from life? The film is a filigreed weave of the commonplace gesture and small acts of flight. Ildiko dreams of hot-blooded pirates. She wants to leave. Uschi stares up at the sky. She will stay. "In 200 years people will be living on Mars, or perhaps they won't." Everything is possible. Lost in space... Maybe there is even a paradise for Angie's dead guinea pig. Expectations remain in the balance, but why shouldn't it possible to have a stroke of luck... just for you...
25. It's Not My Show! (The Craig Show) (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Rap Battle (2013)
The rap battle episode! We put out a challenge to the entire town to get rappers to challenge us to rap battles and...no one show up (cough,,,cowards...cough). Anyways, we had fun and things kinda got personal towards the end of it. We also see the start of a beautiful relationship between The Real Rock and Mike Gee. One more thing, the first rap battle will be forever lost in space and time because the sound was not turned on (sorry not sorry...why did I write that) -Craig
26. The Space Experience (1987 Documentary)
Consists of six segments, each 26 minutes long. "Flying on Fire" shows why rocket power is necessary to break out of the Earth's gravitational field and examines how this power is created and controlled. "Staying Alive" explores the characteristics of the environment in space, focusing on its impact on people, and how we survive in it. "Astroworkers" takes a look at how the space experience affects and dictates what we want to do and how we do it, as we increasingly venture into space to accomplish specific tasks. "Space, Inc." examines how money is made and lost in space from profits in telecommunications to long-range gambles in the manufacture of drugs and crystals. "Exploring the Edge" investigates how space exploration has given us a new perspective on our planet, a greater understanding of our planetary neighbors, and an increased knowledge of the universe. "Outward Bound" takes a look at the human element in space and the importance of continued space exploration.
27. Kikô senki Doragunâ (1987 TV Series)
In the year 2087, the Lunar Empire of Giganos has taken over the Moon, and seeks to conquer the Earth. The Lunar Empire uses giant robotic mechs to achieve a superior advantage over the Earth Alliance... until one day when three special Giganos mechs, the Dragonars, are lost in space and land on a neutral space colony. Three of the residents - Ken Wakaba, Tapp Oceano and Light Newman - come across the suits and become their pilots, taking the fight to the Giganos to protect the Earth. But as the first ever humans to wield such advanced technology, do they have a chance?
27 titles.