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1. Banshee (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead (2013)
Lucas sets off an alarm while trying to steal a painting from the Harrisburg State Museum. The security system boxes him inside the museum and prevents his escape. He contacts Job to help him break out. When Carrie calls him to tell him to stay away from her and her family, she finds out she is on a job and decides to help him. While this is going on, Job finds himself the object of demeaning and bigoted comments about his appearance from three jackasses in the restaurant. In Banshee style, Job takes care of the three punks and makes them his bitches. Carrie arrives and help Lucas escape. Not so surprisingly the two still have the magic and still work well together. Senator Schumacher is pressuring Lucas to solve the case and bring justice for his son. On a hunch and because he wants to get to know her better, Lucas brings in Deva to look at some pictures to see if she can identify anyone. Carrie is less than thrilled about this. However, Deva is helpful and identifies Arno Webber as an associate of Hanson, the man who organized the rave and sold the tainted drugs. After Lucas and Deputy Yawners arrest Arno from a neo-Nazi commune, they learn that he has proof that Proctor killed Hanson. They go to Proctor's home to arrest him. On the drive back to the Cadi, they are attacked by the Moody's. They want to get revenge against the Sheriff for killing their brother Marcus. While the idiots are arguing amongst themselves if they should kill Proctor too, Lucas escapes and takes them out one by one. In the process, he rips off the ear of one of them - "Half deaf is better than all dead".
2. Two and a Half Men (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Lookin' for Japanese Subs (2011)
Charlie is amused, inspiring and genuinely supportive, unlike worried Alan, when Jake and Eldridge start a website to promote 'Dumbass', their even worse version of Jackass. After meeting Rose 'after her honeymoon', the forbidden fruit-effect reduces Charlie to painful efforts to stalk her beach-house, only to be 'allowed' to 'seduce her into adultery'.
3. Royal Pains (2009 TV Series)
Episode: This One's for Jack (2012)
Boris hesitates whether to invest in cousin Claudette's medical technology gadgets project, so he asks eager Evan and cautious hank, distracted by Jack's demise, as test clients. Evan happily makes up with Paul and gets great test results with Divya, but Hank scolds him for 'patient abuse'. Hank is recalled to three rascal brothers whose gold-fashioned, clueless grandmother can't dissuade them from trying out crazy jackass stunts to post on YouTube. When Evan pulls rank, as Divya's shares give him a majority, control-freak Hank bluntly pulls out of HankMed.
4. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Eric McCormack/Jay-Z (2002)
In the opening monologue, Rudolph Guiliani (Darrel Hammond) records campaign endorses; in the opening monologue, Eric McCormick states that he's anything but gay; one-legged Amber competes on The Bachelor; Rachel Dratch goes into a destructive rage when losing a game of Celebrity; political campaigns ask the viewers to personally call the candidates on the phone; Paula Zahn (Tina Fey) falls in love; On Weekend Update, Gene Shalit (Horatio Sans) makes cheesy puns for current movies; a councilman appears on Joey Mack's radio show; John Hancock insurance is sold for the worst of the worst-case scenarios; Johnny Knoxville (McCormick) stars in Jackass: The Musical; a barmaid (Maya Rudolph) sets Reggie (Tracy Morgan) straight on his stories; Jay-Z performs "Guns & Roses" with Lenny Kravitz and "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" with Beyoncé.
5. Bewitched (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Daddy Does His Thing (1969)
It's Darrin's birthday. Maurice, who has come to appreciate Darrin if only because he makes Samantha happy, comes by for an unexpected visit to wish Darrin a happy birthday and to give him a birthday present: a perpetual calendar that allows Darrin to have powers of witchcraft. After Darrin declines the gift, an incensed Maurice accuses Darrin figuratively of being a jackass. So Maurice literally turns Darrin into a jackass. Beyond the issue of Samantha trying to get her father to turn Darrin back into a human, other problems arise in the forms of nosy Gladys Kravitz, who sees the jackass and does what she believes is her neighborhood and public duty to get rid of it, and Maurice himself, who may not be able to reverse the spell as easy as it was to perform the spell in the first place.
6. Neighbours (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.5727 (2009)
Team-Declan & supportive Dingo-fans finally seem in control of practical baby-care, but now, back in school, faces over-protective fears and bullies such as jackass Justin. Lucas riskily balances his poker-hunger, this team among mates, and Elle demanding 'their' evening home. Dan accepts Toadie's plan to sue the hospital.
7. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013)
Eighty-six-year-old Irving Zisman is on a journey across America with the most unlikely companion: his eight-year-old grandson Billy, in "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa". Jackass characters Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville) and Billy (Jackson Nicoll) will take movie audiences along for the most insane hidden camera road trip ever captured on camera. Along the way Irving will introduce the young and impressionable Billy to people, places, and situations that give new meaning to the term "childrearing". The duo will encounter male strippers, disgruntled child beauty pageant contestants (and their equally disgruntled mothers), funeral home mourners, biker bar patrons, and a whole lot of unsuspecting citizens. Real people in unreal situations, making for one really messed up comedy.
8. WWF Raw (1993 TV Series)
Episode: WWE Draft Special (2007)
The episode begins with a brief statement from Vince McMahon, who says this is "Vince McMahon Appreciation Night," and that the loss of the ECW title to Bobby Lashley hasn't affected his mood. Jim Ross and the other announcers explain the "WWE Draft" and that several interpromotional matches will have draft picks available for the winner's brand. Match results: * Edge (Smackdown!) def. John Cena (RAW) by countout. The Great Khali is drafted to Smackdown!; * C.M. Punk (ECW) pinned Carlito (RAW). The Boogeyman is drafted to ECW. * Umaga (RAW) pinned Balls Mahoney (ECW) in a squash match. King Booker and Sharmell are drafted to RAW. * Bobby Lashley (ECW) def. Chris Benoit (Smackdown!). Benoit is drafted to ECW. * MVP (Smackdown!) def. Santino Marella (RAW). Torrie Wilson is drafted to Smackdown!; * The Miz (Smackdown!) def. Gene Snitsky (ECW). Chris Masters is drafted to Smackdown!; * Candice Michelle (RAW) def. Kristal Marshall (Smackdown!). Bobby Lashley is drafted to RAW. * Batista (Smackdown!) def. Jeff Hardy (RAW) and Elijah Burke (ECW) in a Triple Threat Match. Ric Flair is drafted to Smackdown!; * 15-man interpromotional battle royal: Randy Orton (RAW) eliminated Matt Hardy (Smackdown!) to win two picks for RAW: Gene Snitsky and Mr. Kennedy. Throughout the episode, vignettes featuring various superstars of past and present were aired, almost all anti-Vince McMahon. Featured: Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Snoop Dogg, Steven Glover (Steve-O from "Jackass"), Donald Trump, WWE Diva Ashley (who got support from Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah), Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and The Iron Sheik (appearing together), Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks), NBC sports announcer Bob Costas, Captain Lou Albano, "Mean" Gene Okerlund and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. In addition, Mick Foley, Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes made live appearances to deliver their anti-McMahon promos; plus, several video packages were aired highlighting McMahon's career, many of them including his feuds with various wrestlers with McMahon playing the part of the heel. In the final segment, McMahon went to the ring to address the crowd, but appearing clearly distracted, left after uttering only a quiet "Thank you." He walked to the back and, after walking past a group of wrestlers, was guided toward the back door by Jonathan Coachman. McMahon walked to and stepped inside his parked limousine, which immediately exploded into flames.
9. Pinocchio (1940)
Jiminy Cricket, a vagabond insect, spends a rainy night at the shop of toymaker Geppetto. The Blue Fairy brings a marionette to life after Geppetto wishes on a star for a son, and Jiminy Cricket is appointed the new boy's conscience. He has a devil of a time keeping up as Pinocchio is willingly lured through various forms of temptation, the most frightening of which leads him to Pleasure Island, where he drinks, smokes, and is almost turned into a jackass.
10. Jackass: The Movie (2002 Documentary)
Johnny Knoxville and his crazy friends appear on the big screen for the very first time in Jackass: The Movie. They wander around Japan in panda outfits, wreak havoc on a once civilized golf court, they even do stunts involving LIVE alligators, and so on. While Johnny Knoxvile and his pals put their life at risk, they are entertaining people at the same time. Get ready for Jackass: The Movie!!
11. World's Greatest Dad (2009)
Lance Clayton is a man who has learned to settle. He dreamed of being a rich and famous writer, but has only managed to make it as a high school poetry teacher. His only son Kyle is an insufferable jackass who won't give his father the time of day. Lance is dating Claire, the school's adorable art teacher, but she doesn't want to get serious -- or even acknowledge publicly that they are dating. Then, in the wake of a freak accident, Lance suffers the worst tragedy and greatest opportunity of his life. He is suddenly faced with the possibility of all the fame, fortune and popularity he ever dreamed of, if he can only live with the knowledge of how he got there.
12. Aftermath (2012)
Searching for a happy ending to a tale of unimaginable disaster and horror, nine strangers find themselves holed up together in a farmhouse cellar in rural Texas. The United States has hastily become embroiled in World War 3. A young doctor named Hunter survives the nuclear attack and is thrown together by happenstance with a group of wounded and frightened victims, including Elizabeth, a strong-willed confidant to Hunter, Brad - an antagonistic redneck jackass, and Jennifer, a barely coherent young woman suffering from severe post-traumatic stress. Together, they attempt to endure the devastating holocaust as they struggle with claustrophobia and conflicting personalities. In a makeshift shelter, Hunter and his dying companions wait for news from the government while fending off hunger, radiation sickness, and a horde of frightened and dying refugees.
13. My Boys (2006 TV Series)
Episode: Managers (2006)
Brandon is moving and painstakingly gets the gang to help him. While Andy's abusively bossy wife Meredith is in Wisconsin for a weekend, he's allowed to treat his friends (especially three neglected jackasses, including Sheldon 'Squid') to an 'Andy festival' of poker, nachos and drinks. Meanwhile Mike finally gets Kenny to be enterprising with dates then just coffee. PJ gets drunk, 'Fun Andy' lost and intoxicated.
14. Jackass 3D (2010 Documentary)
'Jackass 3D' opens with the entire cast all lined up, each wearing a different color of the rainbow, in front of a rainbow colored background, each in turn being attacked in various ways. Some of the footage is slowed down for maximal effect. This is repeated again at the end of the movie with additional explosions mixed in with gallons of water to wash away the cast- chaos is resumed. Throughout the movie the team are subjected to the usual foray of physical abuse from team members or perform hilarious stunts (including some of the more stomach turning stunts such as the Sweat suit cocktail, Toy Train Eruption and Poo Cocktail Supreme - not for the weak stomached!).
15. Biography (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Steve-O (2011)
Profile of the wild daredevil who became a star with the "Jackass" franchise, famously introducing himself to TV viewers when he swallowed and regurgitated a live goldfish on air. But fame came at a heavy price and put him on a downward spiral that led to a threatened suicide in 2008. Now three years sober and with his biography, "Professional Idiot," coming out, Steve-O is hopefully a new man.
16. The Dinner Game (1998)
The wealthy editor Pierre Brochant and his friends have a competition: every Wednesday, each one of them invites the dumbest jackass he can find for a dinner, where each one of the guests is invited to talk about himself as much as possible. Later, after the guests say goodbye, the group of friends makes fun and elects the more stupid and imbecile guest. Pierre invites François Pignon, a man that works in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and makes "maquettes" to forget his beloved wife, who had went away with a friend of him two years ago, for the dinner. However, a tough pain in one vertebra of his spinal column does not allow Pierre to meet his friends for the game and he stays alone with solicitous, but clumsy and stupid François in his apartment. Every attempt of François helping Pierre goes wrong, becoming the night of Pierre a terrible nightmare.
17. Social Suicide (2015)
Social Suicide is a teen thriller loosely based on Romeo and Juliet examining the extreme lengths teenagers will go to get noticed on the internet today. After two teenagers die and one is in a coma, police interrogate Balthazar while seeking their prime suspect. But while the police wade through masses of footage: CCTV, Jackass style stunts, vlogs, vines, memes, snapchats and mobile uploads, Balthazar plots to escape from custody so he rescue his best friend before it's too late. Social Suicide serves up suspense, thrills, drama and romance while the audience is kept guessing until the very end. But more importantly, Social Suicide is a film with heart and gives this classic tragedy a very modern twist.
18. Jackass 3.5 (2011 Documentary)
Because too much is never enough! The complete cast and crew of Jackass 3D return with an all-new UNRATED movie. Loaded with OVER AN HOUR of outrageous bonus footage, get all of the hilarious pranks, stupidity and mayhem you crave with Jackass 3.5.
Because too much is never enough! The complete cast and crew of Jackass 3D return with an all-new movie. Loaded with OVER AN HOUR of outrageous bonus footage, get all of the hilarious pranks, stupidity and mayhem you crave with Jackass 3.5.
19. Punk'd (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Bam Margera (2012)
Skateboarder and jackass prankster Bam Margera has the time of his life punking celebrities. 'Teen wolf' Tyler Posey's brothers help set him up at a drive-in where orders are badly filled and car vandalism follows suit. Jersey Shore reality star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is set up by his girlfriend, who pretends to be kidnapped during a ship robbery by a fiend who only negotiates with Ronnie, rather then a (fake) cop. Tony Hawk's skateboard foundation supposedly auctions a mobile home to finance a new ramp, Tyler the Creator is made to believe he blow it up by failing to turn off the grill.
20. Punk'd (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.7 (2003)
A Punk'd team standing in for studio security submits Jackass star Wee Man to absurdly strict metal detector control, and even Jack Osbourne, who fell earlier for a similar scam, actually drops trou while abused for supposed 'attitude'. Stephen Dorff politely acknowledges a supposed super-fan from Philadelphia who keeps shouting his party drinks, only to be stuffed with the $8,000 bill, then just as gentlemanly leaves without paying the excess. Ashton's fictitious Nevada Department of racketeering and her partner (in cahoots), Carey Hart, set up Pink with fake papers 'proving' she deals in stolen motorbikes.
21. Package Deal (2013 TV Series)
Episode: The Imperfect Storm (2014)
Ryan befriends his hero, local celebrity weatherman, Storm Chambers. But when Storm turns out to be an annoying jackass, Ryan is left looking for ways to shake this new friendship. Meanwhile, Danny uses diplomacy to thwart a robbery at the tea shop and is proud of how well he handled it. But when his brothers point out that the teenaged assailant wasn't even armed, Danny's sense of manliness is greatly diminished. And Sheldon's attempt to date an animal shelter employee backfires when he falls in love with something else: a dog.
22. Tanked (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Pranks and Dranks! (2013)
Brett and Wayde travel coast to coast on this episode of Tanked. Jackass creator, Jeff Tremaine, gets a tank gnarly enough to be the centerpiece of this prankster's man cave and back east, Tropical Smoothie Café gets a sweet treat for its customers.
23. Jackass 2.5 (2007 Video)
The crew have now set off to finish what as left over from Jackass 2.0, and in this version they have Wee Man use a 'pee' gun on themselves, having a mini motor bike fracas in the grocery mall, a sperm test, a portly crew member disguised as King Kong, as well as include three episodes of their hilarious adventures in India, namely drinking beer off of Shridhar Chillai's several feet long fingernails; having one of the crew lie on a bed of nails with two snakes - one on his chest and one between the legs, as well as a decorated elephant in the background; and finally having a half-naked Indian Sadhu drink one of the crew's urine.
24. Nitro Circus (2009 TV Series)
This TV serious is about one group of outrageous friends performing mind blowing stunts. Much like Jackass, you will think: "Why would they do that?". Except in Jackass, everything is meant to result in failure and to be hurt. But in Nitro Circus, you have to succeed, otherwise, death could occur. Follow the hilarious group of friends perform extreme stunts for your entertainment, while putting their life at risk at every step of the way.
This TV serious is about one group of outrageous friends performing mind blowing stunts. Much like Jackass, you will think: "why would they do that?". Except in Jackass, everything is meant to result in failure and to be hurt. But in Nitro Circus, you have to succeed, otherwise, death could occur. They constantly push each other each day to have the most fun anyone ever could on the face of the earth. Follow the hilarious group of people perform extreme stunts for your entertainment, while putting their life at risk at every step of the way.
This TV serious is about one group of outrageous friends performing mind blowing stunts. Much like Jackass, you will think: "why would they do that?". Except in Jackass, everything is meant to result in failure and to be hurt. But in Nitro Circus, you have to succeed, otherwise, death could occur. They constantly push each other each day to have the most fun anyone ever could on the face of the earth. Follow the hilarious group of people perform extreme stunts for your entertainment, while putting their life at risk at every step of the way.
25. Nitro Circus (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Hollywood Nitro (2009)
The Nitro crew finds itself in the heart of Hollywood with Arnold Schwarzenegger's stunt double. Their first feat: riding inside a massive steel ball of death and attempting to back flip over it. They then meet up with friend Johnny Knoxville, and convince him to get back on a bike for the first time since Travis broke his penis. In true Nitro style, they proceed to terrorize another Jackass star, Steve-O, who discovers he is deathly afraid of motorcycles.
26. CKY2K (2000 Documentary)
Outrageous skate video introduced the world to Bam Margera, the insane, parent hassling daredevil that would gain fame for risking life and limb on MTV's Jackass series. Includes a very chaotic trip to Iceland, some rather disgusting fecal footage, a some furniture surfing on the highway, and a demonstration of how to destroy a rental car and get off scott free.
Documentary by Bam Margera and friends includes stunts, pranks and performances by CKY, the alternative metal band who's drummer is Jess Margera, brother of the director and star. The tape is one of the early interpretations of Jackass, and is considered one of the greatest skate movies ever made.
27. Parental Control (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #4.3 (2007)
Dad, Beau and his girlfriend, Teresa likes having his sweet, outgoing daughter, Lindsey around. Unfortunately, they despise her boyfriend of 11 months and wished Hunter just go away. They think he's too arrogant and disrespectful of their era by claiming he's a non-conformist. They agree he needs some time away from her permanently and sets Lindsey up with Sean and Jack to change her mind about her so-called perfect match. Hunter is forced to watch the dates in the living room with her father and his girlfriend. The girlfriend pick is Sean, a sweet creative artist who takes her to a studio to make Tye-Dye shirts. He makes a t-shirt of Lindsey's boyfriend being depicted as nothing more than an arrogant jackass. This angers him as her father laughs at him. He says he's not arrogant, he's just being honest. This is followed by lunch as she explains about the times Hunter has indeed insulted her father's era of the 60's and why he and his girlfriend wants him gone. Dad's pick is rock drummer, Jack. He takes her to try her hand on guitars and drums. This is followed by a snack as she explains why her father and her boyfriend doesn't see eye to eye. At the end of the dates, Lindsey compliments her father and girlfriend for choosing Sean and Jack, but she also has great times with her boyfriend. Sean is the first to go as she feels that he doesn't pay enough attention to her. Then she weighs in what she likes and dislikes about Jack and Hunter. She likes the fact Jack is fun and sweet, but his position as a drummer in a rock band could put serious strains on their relationship. Then she tells Hunter, she likes the fact he's tons of fun to be around, sweet and being a non-conformist. But she needs him to stop being very arrogant and disrespectful to her father and girlfriend and start treating them better. Because she knows he's very capable of doing so. Jack is the next to go as she decides that Hunter's the man for her. Her father and his girlfriend are disgusted by the fact that Lindsey chose to stick her asshole, arrogant boyfriend over their picks. During the closing credits, she kisses Hunter as he decides he's moving in with them.
28. Parental Control (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #3.23 (2006)
Natalie is a sweet, cute, and levelheaded blonde who her parents love so much and enjoy having her around. Unfortunately for her, they don't care for her choice of men, especially her boyfriend of six months. They think Guy is nothing more than a dimwitted jackass who constantly pees on walls in public, shows off his tattoos, obnoxiously disrespect them and likes cheating her with other girls, especially his ex-girlfriend. They agree that they have to get rid of him as fast as they could. They decide to set Natalie up on two blind dates with Chris and Austin. They hope that in dating them, she'd see that Guy is nothing more than a dumb, obnoxious jackass and dumps him. Mom's pick, Chris takes her to an art studio whey try body painting which is followed by a shower and lunch as she explains why her parents don't care about Guy showing off his tattooed body. Dad's pick, Austin, takes her out to ride mini-bikes which is followed by cupcake baking as she explains why her parents think that she and her boyfriend should go their separate ways. At the end of the dates Natalie has a hard decision on hand as she eliminates Chris because she sees him as a friend. Next, she tells Austin that she had a great time on their date as he was fun and kind, but she feels that he may not have time for her. Then, she turns to her boyfriend and tell him how much she's had a great time in their relationship and he has been sweet to her. But she wants him to stop cheating on her with other women and quit disrespecting her parents because they mean everything to her. She decides that Guy is just perfect for her and sends Austin out the door. Austin made the comment that he wanted her mother more than her and she does deserve a dumb ass for a boyfriend. This followed by Guy and Natalie walking out on the streets during the closing credits.
Mom and dad adore having their daughter, Natalie around. She's sweet, responsible, bubbly and cute. Their lives would be perfect if it hadn't been for her choice of men, especially her boyfriend of six months, Guy. They think he's nothing more than a dimwitted jackass that likes to be an exhibitionist on his body, pees on walls in public, very arrogant and adamantly disrespects her by cheating on her with other girls. They don't care that Natalie loves him, they agree that he's has to go. They decide to set her up on blind dates with Chris and Austin to get her to change her mind about having her loser of boyfriend in her life. This forces him to watch the dates in her house with her parents who wants him gone. Mom's pick is Chris and he takes her to an art studio to do body painting which doesn't impress Guy, but seeing her share a shower mom's pick angers him. This is followed by lunch as she reveals why her parents think that Guy should take his arrogance and his cheating elsewhere. Dad's pick is Austin and he takes her out to ride mini-bikes. This is followed by them baking cupcakes which she explains that her parents think her boyfriend is nothing more than a dumb ass that's dragging her down too much. At the end of the dates, Natalie felt that Chris was too boring and eliminates him. Then Austin is the next to go she decides she wants to keep Guy around despite her parents objections.
29. Parental Control (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #3.22 (2006)
Sweet and hard working, Sherry is dating her boyfriend from high school, Dustin, for over three years. She thinks he's creative, kind, honest and caring. Unfortunately for her, her parents doesn't see it the same way as her. They think of her boyfriend as nothing more an a reminiscing jackass with no future, his working as a clown doesn't impress them and feels that he doesn't treat her the same way as she treats him. Maybe their alternates in Adam and Jason would help her change her mind about him. This forces Dustin to stay in the living room with her parents as they watch the dates together. Mom's pick is Jason and he takes to a lake to splash around. He takes off her shirt which reveals her bikini. This upsets Dustin as he tell the parents about Mom's pick being a pervert. This is followed by a picnic as Sherry explains why her parents think Dustin and her should go their separate ways. Dad's pick is Adam and he takes to a Western Town to rough it. This is followed by a barbecue as she explains why her parents doesn't care for her boyfriend reminiscing about their times in high school. At the end of the dates, Sherry eliminates Adam for lack of caring. Then she weighs down what she likes and hates about Jason and Dustin. She likes the fact that Jason is kind and has everything going for him. But she feels that he could come off as an arrogant person and that'll be a problem. Then she turns to Dustin and likes the fact that he's creative, kind and sweet. She also enjoyed their time together. But she feels that his reminiscing about the past is going to cause problems for them. Sherry decides that she likes things the way they are and decides to give Dustin a second chance to change. Jason is eliminated and tells her that she think he's arrogant, look at her boyfriend's refusal to let go of the past. Her parents are angered by the fact they're stuck with Dustin.
30. Rude Tube (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Epic Pranks (2010)
YouTube shows all kinds of pranks. Some are innocent or childish, like farting. Some are regular or even masochistic Jackass-type stunts, like staging deliberate ball-busting or the worst-ever wedgie by car-traction, aggravated by a hook getting loose and bloodily wounding the back of the hero's head. Technology can also be targeted, like ruining a washing machine by putting a brick inside.
31. Rude Tube (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Don't Try This at Home (2010)
Many YouTube posts star 'heroes', voluntary or accidental, who often endure the most varied ordeals. Some set themselves up, alone, aided by mates or even in somewhat sado-masochistic jackass-competition, to take ludicrous risks like ailing fireworks at themselves or walking on stilts onto a gym treadmill. Sometimes innocent fun going somewhat wrong is only posted after enjoying something as gentle as a self-made water-slide. Sometimes it's just daring oneself to endure pure pain, like eating whole peppers.
32. Rude Tube (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Absolute Fails (2011)
YouTube shows ample cases of all kinds of things going miserably wrong. Sometimes people take crazy risks, up to straight jackass stuff. Often it's just Murphy's law striking at sports and any sphere of life, even with animals. The results include falls, injuries, embarrassment and other damages.
33. Rude Tube (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Epic Skills (2011)
YouTube posts lots of daring stunt, some showing 'epic skills at sports of just jack-assing. One gifted stuntman snowboards over a speeding train, others amaze by their throwing of Frisbee, rugby tricks, barbecue games, super-fast fast-food packaging. Rather ridiculous are hooter-played melody, eating a cookie using only facial muscles and variations on dance-hands.
34. Rude Tube (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Pranks and Stunts (2008)
Groups of people post the weirdest pranks, from lame ones such as PostIts all over the boss's office to mean ones such as an atomic wedgie given to an unsuspecting roommate with a car wrench. Individual - or group skills vary from playing a vegetable as if a musical instrument to an artful football ad parody, double-jointed contortions or freestyle mountain climber Dan Osman. Danger varies from street chain surfing to exercising while dangling at night from a 200 meter high crane without safety gear. Jackass stuff includes a life piercing on one's own tongue or 'hardcore sitting', actually crazy stunts in a wheelchair an a skating ramp. Some even post when it literally went bloody wrong.
35. Rude Tube (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Clumsiest (2010)
YouTube 'stars' lots of clumsy characters. Many make entertaining falls from, into or over just about anything, even their own feet. Some need elaborate set-ups, like diving in a kayak. Some add (luckily their own) injuries to natural disasters like floods. Some failures come at a hefty price, like a tree falling onto a house or a reversing forklift ruining a huge stock of beverages. Some painfully regret a criminal dare, like swallowing a burning drink. Some jackasses even repeat a disastrous stunt with similar consequences. An incompetent cop accidentally gropes a frisked suspect's manhood. Some are fakes for adverts.
36. Gumball 3000: The Movie (2003)
A real life version of the famous 70's Cannonball Run movie called 'Gumball 3000'. Narrated by the legendary Burt Reynolds, watch the Jackass stars, mixing up their Dick Dastadley tricks with the Cuban Brothers, supermodel Jodie Kidd, Hip Hop and rock stars, Extreme Sports skateboard God Tony Hawk, World Moto X Champion Travis Pastrana, and numerous other eccentric characters as they race 3000 miles coast to coast in some of the world's most amazing and custom cars ever built. And be amazed at the Swedish Koenigsegg Supercar clocking up 242 MPH in Texas and talk his way out of a speeding ticket, as well as Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Bentley's, and even a nitros-injected VW Campervan take to the streets for the ultimate 'road trip'!
37. Missionary Positions (2005 Documentary)
After hearing God say the word 'PORN' to them, two young Christian pastors are off on a quixotic journey into the world of pornography. Their mission? To help the poor suffering masses who are in the grips of a dirty, filthy smutty PORNO PLAGUE that is sweeping the world through the internet. Their Journey takes them from the red light district of Amsterdam, to the Porn rehab facilities of Kentucky. They travel from the porn shows of Las Vegas to the porn sets of Hollywood. But Far from being Drawling, big haired, CBN-style televangelists, Mike and Craig are two young guys who use the language of the Jackass generation to get their message across, with midgets and puppets and smirky, pranky commercials you can't believe really exist. They put up billboards, drive around in their Porn Car, fly banners across beaches and build "the number 1 Christian porn site - xxxchurch.com." But doing the work of the Lord is not always easy. Not only are there money problems and personality conflicts, but also hate mail and Turkish computer hackers attempting to destroy their on-line ministry. Their wives are suspicious and Christian power politico Pat Roberston won't let them on his Christian news show. Ironically, the only real help Craig and Mike get comes from a publicity hungry, redemption seeking porn director named Jimmy D. When these three team up to produce a "Pete the Porno Puppet" public service announcement, it threatens to destroy them all. Whether you view porno as the scourge of modern society or a first amendment birthright, you'll find it hard not to root for two guys who take their religion seriously but fight so hard to keep their sense of humor.
38. Celebrity Paranormal Project (2006 TV Series)
Episode: Cult Commune (2006)
Shot a year before the rest of the series, this original never-before-aired pilot episode features Heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield, professional Jackass Wee Man, former MadTV star Debra Wilson, Playboy model Nikki Ziering, and Julio Iglesias Jr.
39. Tilva Ros (2010)
Bor, Serbia, once the largest copper mine, now just the biggest hole in Europe. Small union protests are going on. Toda and Stefan are best friends, skaters, who spend their first summer after finishing high school. Stefan's going to Belgrade to the University in fall. Toda says he wouldn't apply to the University even if he had the money. They spend time shooting "Jackass-like" videos and hanging out with Dunja, who came back from France for her holidays, and get into a quiet battle for her attention. In that strange relationship of dying friendship and rivalry they try to get ahead of each other. But when small union protest evolves into a huge riot their destructiveness will tie them together.
40. Reel Paradise (2005 Documentary)
June, 2003. During the final month of their year-long stay in Fiji, indie-film gurus John and Janet Pierson and their two children host a documentary film crew. John's been showing free movies at the 288-seat 180 Meridian Cinema, in remote Natokalan Village on the island of Taveuni. Reality intrudes in paradise: their home is burgled, the local Catholic priest criticizes John's project, their daughter's behavior may be threatening the reputation of her friend, and John's prickly personality follows him. Against this backdrop, the Fijians laugh at the Three Stooges, Buster Keaton, and "Jackass: The Movie." John finishes the year with ten movies in ten days: do movies matter?
41. Bubba Raw, Vol. 1 (2008 Video)
"Radio Superstar Bubba the Love Sponge takes the insanity of his radio show and brings it to DVD. For fans of the show this is a must own, and if this is your first introduction to Bubba prepare to join the ever growing ranks of the Bubba Army. Bubba Raw 1 is the perfect mix of sexy women, jackass stunts and celebrity appearances.
42. Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Birds of a Feather (2011)
In this episode of Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin, Jeff journeys to the Breton National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana to assist U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries as they work to study and protect the Brown Pelican. Like the Jackass Penguin, the Brown Pelican is a precious bird that finds itself in critical condition due to catastrophic oil spills.
43. 88 Days in the Mother Lode: Mark Twain Finds His Voice (2015 Documentary)
150 years ago, 29 year old Samuel Clemens had to hide out from the San Francisco police for a few months. Virtually broke, traveled to Jackass Hill in the Gold Country where he spent the next 88 days doing a little mining, a little drinking, a little story telling and a little recuperating. He jotted a little story he heard tell about a jumping frog. Upon his return to San Francisco in February 1865 he developed that story and sent it East to be published. The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County launched the career of Clemens' alter ego Mark Twain and he went on to become America's most beloved author and humorist. In this film, we follow Clemens to the West from Missouri to Nevada, San Francisco and the Mother Lode. Re-enactments, interviews with Twain scholars and Twain's own words tell the story of what happened.
44. Beauty Day (2011 Documentary)
Before the body-threatening antics of Jackass came crashing into public consciousness, there was Ontario's Ralph Zavadil, aka Cap'n Video, who cascaded off roofs into snowbanks, jumped off ladders into half-empty swimming pools, and drank eggs through his nostrils. Beauty Day is a rambunctious documentary about this irrepressible pioneer of local-access cable shenanigans who entertained and outraged viewers in the small city of St. Catharines-until a special Easter Show, featuring a fat rabbit and adorable puppies (none of which were hurt), got him kicked off the air for good. With a nod to Werner Herzog, Cheel follows the life and times of Cap'n Video and finds that the Cap'n is still quite a firecracker.
45. The Steve-O Video: Vol. II - The Tour Video (2002 Video)
He's back! Steve-O of Jackass and CKY fame presents another volume of his Don't Try This at Home series, and this time he's on the road! Featuring footage performed on tour, see all the scenes that were just a little too extreme for the censors! Wee Man, Chris Pontius and Preston Lacy all make guest appearances in the wildest stage show on earth.
46. Green Hearts (2006)
In the centre of the life and vibrancy of Copenhagen, EPO, DINGO and GRANDPA work as bike messengers. Though in their thirties, the three cling onto their jackass lifestyles in the attempt to avoid adult commitment and boring sex lives. But love, reality, and responsibilities are getting real close. Will they succeed in their flee from adult life? And in the end, is that really what they want?
47. The Man Who Souled the World (2007 Documentary)
THE MAN WHO SOULED THE WORLD tells the story of Steve Rocco, the irreverent genius who transformed the skateboard industry from corporate to skater owned with a do-it-yourself punk attitude. Steve's antics and entrepreneurial impact on the skateboard business are huge and have ultimately had a significant influence on broader mainstream culture as Steve is the man who gave Spike Jonze his first directing gig, discovered Jason Lee and created Big Brother Magazine which became the genesis of Jackass.
48. 3000 Miles (2007 Documentary)
Tony Hawk and the stars of MTVs 'Jackass' race 3000 miles around the world from London to Los Angeles in just 8 days against 120 supercars in the famous Gumball 3000 Rally. '3000 Miles' follows the action, adventure and Jackass style antics along the way, with fast driving, crashes and sabotage adding to the drama and mayhem. Burt Reynolds eat your heart out!
49. Buzzkill (1996 TV Series)
Before they had "Jackass" or "The Tom Green Show" MTV had the reality series "Buzzkill" which featured three slacker buddies staging elaborate pranks and catching it all on tape with the help of special hidden cameras. Such pranks included fake auditions, fake fashion shows and photo shoots, one member of the series even got away with successfully impersonating fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi at a gala event and even super-star Whitney Houston was fooled (Ms. Houston was not happy when she learned it was a hoax).
50. Ultimate Predator (2006 Documentary)
A never-before-seen collection of insane animal encounters from the creators of "Jackass" and "Wildboyz." Manny "The Shark Man" Puig engages sharks, alligators, bears, snakes, and more. Features "Jackass" cast members Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O.
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