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1. The Walking Dead (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Pretty Much Dead Already (2011)
Glenn tells everyone about the walkers in the barn which adds to the tension among the group. Shane is still arguing they should give up any hope of ever finding Sophia while others refuse to leave. With Carl now healthy, Hershel tells Rick that they are to leave by the end of the week. Dale takes action to make their stay safer but it leads to a confrontation with Shane. While Rick helps Hershel rescue two walkers trapped in a bog, Shane prepares to storm the barn and dispatch the walkers.
2. The Walking Dead (2010 TV Series)
Episode: The Distance (2015)
The morning after the huge storm, Sasha and Maggie come across the man who has been following them and left a supply of water. Aaron tells them he's their friend and they have nothing to fear but Rick has no trust left in him and isn't prepared to take any chances. Aaron says he and his group live in a walled city where people have families, homes and lead as normal a life as is possible in the circumstances. With some encouragement from Michonne Rick agrees they should all go with Aaron to Alexandria, Va. but afraid of walking into a trap, refuses to follow the route he's suggested. Rick alternate route leads them into a confrontation with a large group of walkers.
3. The Walking Dead (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Them (2015)
After the deaths of Beth and Tyreese, the group of survivors is deeply affected, especially Maggie and Sasha. Soon their cars run out fuel and they walk on the road without water and food and followed by walkers. They are attacked by dogs and they eat their meat. They find bottles of water on the road and a note "from a friend" but they refuse to drink. When a storm comes, they get water and seek shelter in a barn. During the night they are under siege by walkers but they survive. In the morning, Maggie and Sasha meet their "friend".
4. Game of Thrones (2011 TV Series)
Episode: The Children (2014)
Jon Snow goes beyond the wall to kill Mance Ryder. He captures Jon Snow, but treats him well and offers peace. Unexpected riders storm in from all directions and slaughter Mance Ryder's men. The army is that of Stannis Baratheon, who takes Ryder as a prisoner on Jon Snow's advice. Cersei confronts her father regarding her supposed marriage to Loras Tyrell, and confesses the truth about hers and Jamie's incest. Daenerys listens to the grievances of her people and puts the dragons under captivity in the dungeons after her missing dragon Drogon kills a small girl. Bran and company travel north and finally reach their destination, where they are attacked by the Wights. A mysterious little girl leads them to safety who claims to be one of an ancient race of the Children, born before the First Men. Brienne and Podrick encounter Arya and the Hound on their journey towards the Eyrie. A fight ensues, and the Hound is left mortally injured; Arya escapes. Elsewhere, Jamie frees Tyrion and tells him that Lord Varys will help him escape, and bids him farewell. Tyrion has a mission of his own. He murders Shae, lying on Tywin's bed and then kills his own father. He is then hidden inside a crate and put aboard a ship departing for the Free Cities. In the end, Arya rides to a seaport and finds a ship ready to sail. She is allowed to travel in it after gives the captain the iron coin given to her by Jaqen, uttering 'Valar Morghulis'.
5. Game of Thrones (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Mother's Mercy (2015)
Stannis awakens to find the winter storm has passed, something Melissandre attributes to the Lord of Light and the sacrifice they made. He also learns that half his army has deserted him and someone close to him has committed suicide. He nonetheless marches on Winterfell but the Boltons are waiting for him. At Castle Black, Sam asks Jon to send him to Oldtown so he can learn to become a maester. Ser Davos pleads Stannis' case but the Watch simply doesn't have the forces to spare. Jon Snow doesn't realize the extent to which some of his men disagree with his actions. In Braavos, Arya visits Ser Meryn Trant and strikes one name off her list. She pays a heavy price however. In Dorne, Jaime, Myrcella and Trystane say their farewells and set sail for home but Ellaria has the last laugh. In Meereen, Ser Jorah and Daario set off to find Daenerys while Tyrion stays behind with Missandei and Grey Worm to govern the city. Daenerys has traveled to a faraway and unfamiliar place. In King's Landing, Cersei decides to confess and pays a heavy penance.
6. The Vampire Diaries (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Let the Right One In (2010)
When Stefan and Damon make a dangerous new enemy, Stefan suddenly finds himself in a perilous situation when a handful of the vampires from the tomb abduct him and hold him hostage in their farmhouse to torture him. Damon and Elena try to convince Alaric to work with them to help rescue Stefan. Meanwhile, Matt is hopeful that his mother, Kelly, may be back to stay. Jeremy tries to convince Anna to turn him into a vampire. Anna refuses, but she soon learns that Jeremy's reason is not what she thought. After her car breaks down in a storm, Caroline makes a horrific discovery that shocks everyone in town.
7. The Flash (2014 TV Series)
Barry Allen is a forensic scientist and crime scene investigator at The Central City Police Department with a reasonable happy life, despite the childhood trauma of a man in a red and yellow bizarre killing his mother and framing his father for it. All that changes when a massive particle accelerator created by visionary physicist Dr. Harrison Wells and his team at S.T.A.R Labs causes a malfunction creating a freak storm, killing many people and Barry being struck by lightning in his lab. He wakes up after a coma nine months later. He and his new friends at S.T.A.R Labs discover that he has superhuman speed and can run on both land and water. He can move, think and react at light speeds. He can also vibrate so fast that he can pass through walls, travel through time and lend or borrow speed. He heals more quickly than an average human. Later, he learns that he is but one of the many affected by the incident, most of them who are using their powers for evil. Determined to make a difference, Barry dedicates his life to fighting such threats as The Flash.
8. The Flash (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Fastest Man Alive (2014)
Barry escorts Iris to a university gathering honoring scientist Simon Stagg. When six gunmen storm the event, Barry changes into The Flash and tries to stop them. While he does save a man's life, he passes out before he can capture the robbers, which frustrates him. As Dr. Wells, Caitlin and Cisco scramble to find out what's wrong with Barry, Joe comes down hard on Barry for taking the law into his own hands and risking his life. Barry realizes that it wasn't six gunmen but a metahuman named Danton Black, who can make multiples of himself. Meanwhile, Iris becomes even more intrigued by the "red streak."
9. The Flash (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Pilot (2014)
Barry Allen, a forensic crime scene assistant for Central City Police Department, is struck by lightning during a storm affected by the particle accelerator from S.T.A.R. Labs when it explodes. Comatose for nine months, Barry awakens in S.T.A.R. Labs, having been placed in the care of his scientist idol, Dr. Harrison Wells, along with his assistants Dr. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon. Barry quickly learns that he can move at extraordinary speeds and that there were other "metahumans" created from the explosion. One of them, Clyde Mardon, is robbing banks with his ability to control the weather. In order to stop Clyde, Barry is outfitted with a suit that can withstand his high speed movements. He tracks down Mardon and, with the help of Detective West (who learns of Barry's abilities), Barry is able to stop Mardon. With his new powers, Barry vows to find out who killed his mother when he was a child, believing him to be another metahuman who has similar abilities of speed as he. Elsewhere, in a secret room at S.T.A.R Labs, Wells reveals he is not paraplegic, while reading a newspaper from the future concerning Barry's fate as the Flash.
10. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Oliver Queen and his father are lost at sea when their luxury yacht sinks, apparently in a storm. His father dies, but Oliver survives for five years on an uncharted island and eventually returns home. But he wasn't alone on the island where he learned not only how to fight and survive but also of his father's corruption and unscrupulous business dealings. He returns to civilization a changed man, determined to put things right. He disguises himself with the hood of one of his mysterious island mentors, arms himself with a bow and sets about hunting down the men and women who have corrupted his city.
After five years presumed dead, rich playboy billionaire Oliver Queen returns after his father's yacht sinks in a storm, where he drifts into an island and trains with other people stuck on the deadly island. Then he returns home to Starling City to right the wrongs his father made, armed with just a bow and arrows, with allies by his side.
11. X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
Since the dawn of existence, there has been an ancient being named En Sabah Nur who is believed by many to be the world's very first mutant. Awakened in 1983 after thousands of years in a deep slumber, he plans to rule the world and wipe out mankind with help from four new recruits (Storm, Psylocke, Angel and Magneto). With the fate of the world in uncertainty, Professor Xavier along with Raven, Hank and old ally Moira McTaggert, must lead a new generation of X-Men to fight the deadliest enemy they've ever faced.
12. Vikings (2013 TV Series)
Episode: To the Gates! (2015)
As soon as Floki has finished his siege apparatus, the Vikings start their double attack on Paris, where count Odo commands the defenders, whose courage is boosted by St.Denis's legendary 'oriflamme' relic. Ragnar's party mans the battering rams, incurring great losses to break down a city gate, only to be caught is a deadly long alley, from which they are beaten back. Bjorn and Rollo lead the storming of the walls from boats, but are also beaten, Bjorn even badly wounded. 'Emperor' Charles reappears to preside over the victory celebrations, while Ragnar confides in the late Athelstan he has a secret agenda, possibly hinting at pagan zealot Floki's utter failure. 'Usurper' Kalf, having fought side by side with Lagertha, gets her to become lovers, without burying her ambitious grudge.
13. Vikings (2013 TV Series)
Episode: What Might Have Been (2016)
Ragnor announces another raid on Paris at the Thing in Kattegat and although the fleet is battered by a storm after it sets out, the greatest challenge for the Vikings lies ahead in Paris, where Rollo awaits. Ecbert also has a journey in mind as he dispatches Aethelwulf and Alfred on a pilgrimage to Rome.
Ragnar announces another raid on Paris at the Thing in Kattegat and although the fleet is battered by a storm after it sets-out, the greatest challenge for the Vikings lies ahead in Paris, where Rollo awaits. Ecbert also has a journey in mind as he dispatches Aethelwulf and Alfred on a pilgrimage to Rome.
Ragnar completes the preparations for the new raid on Paris, with king Harald and his brother Halfnar, who take fellow Christian-hater Floki aboard. Thanks to his addiction to her 'medecine', freed Chinese Yidu gets Ragnar ti take her aboard as Frankish translator. Aboard, Bjorn learns the assassin's ring was Horik's and quietly broods on revenge on Erlendur, who blackmails Torvi to help kill her chosen mate or lose her son. In Wessex, king Ecbert takes command of the raid into Mercia, sending Aetelwulf along on son Alfred's pilgrimage to Rome with monk Prudentius. In Paris, Rollo sensed that while he prepares the emperor's only hope to defend his realm, schemers plot against him, while count Odo actually dreams of usurping the throne. The Viking fleet is dispersed by a storm but sails up the Seine, displaying terrorist cruelty, while Harbard is back in Kattegat.
14. Vikings (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Invasion (2014)
Four peaceful years have since passed with Ragnar as Earl. The time has come for an unlikely alliance to band together in pursuit of a common goal - a new raid on England. A storm pushes the Viking fleet to a new destination, and on the beaches of Wessex, Ragnar and his men may have met their match.
Four years have now passed and life is good for Ragnar and his group. Aslag has given him sons and is again pregnant but she's not too pleased with Ragnar's roving eye. Ragnar consults the seer about what the future holds for his sons, particularly Bjorn who he fears he may never see again. He also announces that they will again sail to England, joined by King Horek and Jarl Borg. Horek has decided against Borg raiding with them and while Ragnar has forgiven Rollo, he too is forbidden to join the raiding party. The trip to England is difficult and a storm pushes them further south to the land of Wessex ruled by King Ecbert.
Four years later, Ragnar is the happy father of the sons princess Anslaugh bore him, Ubbe and Hvitserk, and awaits a third child, but she grows insanely jealous although Ragnar still ignores firstborn Björn's fate since he opted to go with Lagertha, no less glorious according to the seer's prophecy. After building a fleet, it's finally time for the joint raid on England, but Rollo is forbidden to come along. King Horik decides last minute to renege on the promise to take earl Borg along and accepts widow Siggy as lover and adviser on Lothbrok weaknesses. A storm damages the fleet, which lands not back in weak Northumbria bit on the coast of famous king Ecbert's stronger realm Wessex. The first battle is a close call, but won with acceptable losses and Athelstan proves himself a true warrior.
15. Grey's Anatomy (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Bring the Pain (2005)
A storm rages in Seattle. Izzie is very disappointed by her date with Alex, and Meredith is upset with Derek. They both complain to George, which drives him crazy. At the hospital, Cristina is assigned a patient who uses porn as a pain killer, and Meredith takes care of an Asian girl who needs to see a Shaman before surgery. There is a power shortage, and George and Alex are stuck in an elevator with a critical patient. They need to perform heart surgery, but Alex is too freaked out, so George does it.
16. Grey's Anatomy (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Perfect Storm (2013)
As Seattle is plunged into a major storm, Meredith goes into labour. When the hospital loses power, her doctor and all the others are forced to work in the dark. Cristina must perform surgery in almost complete darkness while Arizona, Alex, and Lauren must ward off terrified parents. Then, just outside the hospital, a school bus full of people crashes and flips over, forcing several doctors to rescue its passengers. Cristina finally confronts Owen on his desire to have kids.
17. Grey's Anatomy (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Readiness Is All (2013)
With a major storm rolling in, the hospital is chaotic. Owen, Callie, and Ben's OR threatens to burst into flame at any moment while Lauren, Arizona, and Jackson work on the complex facial reconstruction. When Jason comes into the hospital in critical condition, Alex does everything he can to protect Jo. With Meredith's due date just weeks away, Derek urges her to slow down.
18. Homeland (2011 TV Series)
Episode: 13 Hours in Islamabad (2014)
Carrie and Saul are among the two that survive the initial attack on their convoy, with almost the entire marine unit based at the US Embassy deployed to deal with the attack as the convoy is still under siege by long range snipers. Carrie and Saul are unaware of what is happening at the embassy. Dennis tells Martha just before it happens that Haqqani is aware of the secret tunnel underneath the embassy as a way in and out, he orchestrating the attack on the convoy as a diversion to empty the embassy of all marines before he and his men storm the compound via the tunnel. With the staff at the embassy directed quickly to "pack up" and destroy all sensitive materials, Lockhart is made aware of and is given possession of the only copy of their Pakistani asset list, which he is to secure in the vault. As Haqqani and his men storm the embassy, Quinn and a marine private, one of the two marines still left in the compound, are able to hide from them, with Quinn and the private knowing that their first priority is to ensure that that asset list does not get into Haqqani's hands. During the siege, Tasneem and General Khan come clear to each other about their own priorities, and while they may outwardly have the same goal of Pakistani national security, they have different views on how best to achieve that. As the dust settles on what happens at the embassy and at the on-road attack site, some in the US contingent take unilateral, unsanctioned and/or unofficial action on how best to protect the American presence in the region.
19. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Romance Resonance (2013)
The anniversary of Howard and Bernadette's first date is approaching, and Howard wants to do something special and romantic for the occasion, namely write a song for her which he wants to perform for her with the help of their friends. This gesture makes Penny come to the realization that with the exception of having sex with him, she does nothing romantic for Leonard ever, while he does romantic things for her all the time. She tries to come up with her first ever romantic gesture to make Leonard feel good. But what she ends up doing doesn't quite have the effect she wants, while romance has been sitting in her closet all along. Meanwhile, Sheldon has been zoned out of all his friends' goings-on while he works on something. That something ends up being a breakthrough, namely the discovery of how to synthesize a new, stable super heavy element. This discovery takes the scientific world by storm. After receiving all this well deserved attention, Sheldon discovers that the attention is not well deserved as he made an error in his calculation based on misreading a table, meaning that he accidentally stumbled across his discovery rather than came by it from a purely scientific standpoint. Sheldon has to decide if his error will make him feel bad about what he nonetheless accomplished.
20. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Graduation Transmission (2015)
Leonard has been asked by those at his New Jersey high school to provide the commencement speech as this year's graduation ceremony. He plans to take Penny along with him, which along with his work is meant for him to show metaphorically his past that he is a success despite the pain he endured in high school. Their plans hit a snag when a storm on the east coast has grounded all flights into the region to make it to New Jersey in time for the ceremony. Penny, figuring there are other ways in this day and age of technology, arranges for Leonard to be able to give his speech to the graduating class via Skype. But Leonard has a change of heart about the core message of his speech as he gives it based on reliving that pain. Meanwhile, Raj has purchased a drone as a toy. As it isn't working, he asks Howard and Sheldon to help him fix it. While mechanically inclined Howard does whatever he can to fix it - which isn't as easy as he or Sheldon would have believed - Raj runs into an associated problem involving his father.
21. Black Sails (2014 TV Series)
Episode: VIII. (2014)
Silver's course clues actually lead to the Spanish gold galleon and its heavily armed escort's rendezvous island, but Gates tells Flint reckoning for his secret betrayals must follow the capture. Flint kills Gates, but Drefresne openly utters the accusations during the already dangerous canons fight, which thus is lost. The pirates are sunk and marooned, but a storm also wrecks the Spaniard. On Nassau, captain Vance and the wretched men he won from his former orphans 'foster father' in a deadly duel take the fort by surprise. Rather then risk a destructive battle, Eleanor agrees to ally herself with him, after having estranged several captain by intending to cut out her father completely.
22. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Sin in the Sisterhood (2011)
A body disguised as a scarecrow is found with a bullet wound in a remote cornfield, and the team is forced to work against the clock to avoid a storm and potential complications that would affect the evidence. Booth and Brennan interrogate the victim's three wives, who are also sisters, and learn that jealousy between the sisters and their desire for their husband's attention had caused a major rift in the family. Booth and Brennan also question one relative who disapproved of the victim's polygamy. Meanwhile, Cam loses confidence in her relationship with her on-call doctor boyfriend, but they both realize they need to make their relationship a priority.
23. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Girl with the Curl (2006)
The team is particularly disgusted to find the corps of a 9-year old girl, almost completely decomposed after three months in a huge interstate water supply maze. It's Brianna Swanson, a long missing top contestant in beauty pageants for children, whose mother Jackie Swanson was so obsessed with winning that she not only resorted to adult make-up (the reconstruction looked about age 30) but also excessive diet, teeth bleaching, dangerous doses of growth hormone and even deliberate mutilation by a permanent, ever-tighter corset. There's a tape of the Jackie furious at Brianna's refusal to keep competing half an hour before her disappearance. The father, Jackie's ex Dave Swanson, is a roof worker, fitting the bitumen traces of which were found on the corps. Zack finds traces of post-mortem abuse. Jackie's alibi and her claim that Brianna loved competing are confirmed, Brianna was mean, insulted and stole from fellow contestants. Angela finally accepts to date Hodgkins, but only to get it out of their system, only... Contestant Hailey's 17-year old brother Jeremy Farrell, who dresses 'emo', was seen lurking around and wears metal-tip shoes like Brianna was kicked with, but the wrong metal. The toxic place the body was in for two months until swept away by storms has a pageant medal, fitting a competitor's mother, ex-miss Kristen Mitchell, who might be eliminating rivals, but physically cannot by the abuser. Closer examination of substance traces indicates another line of suspects or an accident...
24. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Purging of the Pundit (2014)
With the help of "squintern" Rodolfo Fuentes, the Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a controversial conservative radio host whose remains were found in a storm drain. When the team discovers some of his extracurricular activities, they come across shocking evidence that narrows down the suspects. Meanwhile, Special Agent James Aubrey is desperate to gain the trust of Booth, and Brennan is worried about Booth's psychological well-being after recent events.
25. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Party in the Pants (2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Jack Spindler, a successful employee at a brokerage firm by day, but a stripper by night. When the team learns how Spindler's moonlighting affected his personal life, they start to question the people closest to him, including his stripper friend, Storm. Meanwhile, Booth's mother shows up after a 24-year absence in his life and makes a special request of him.
A demolition apprentice 'stumbles' upon a bloodily decomposing corpse, dressed in a male striper's fireman uniform. An implant identifies him as Jack Spindler, a successful apprentice in Seth Harrison's investment brokerage firm, where he seemingly objected to dirty tricks. He recently rowed with stripper-colleague Storm. Meanwhile Booth's initial joy over his long-absent mother Marianne's surprise visit years after she abandoned him and his brother due to abuse by his father turns bitter when he learns she plans to wed Reggie, whose children she helps raise for years.
26. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Patriot in Purgatory (2012)
Rival interns Finn, Aristoo, Colin, Wendell and Edison are teamed up to tackle the Smithsonian's sizable stock of unidentified corpses now the relevant missing persons database has been completed. Rivalry stirs the hoped-for productivity, except with Aristoo, who keeps focused on a single unfortunate male, who proves to be a Desert Storm veteran who became homeless. It suddenly attracts everyone's attention when it seems likely he died on 9/11, and possibly during the Pentagon crash. War hero Booth leans on Pentagon buddy lieutenant colonel Ben Fordham to help work out his surprising story.
27. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Twist in the Twister (2011)
A storm chaser with a shot at becoming professional may be murdered, but his corpse is mangled with half a neighborhood by the last tornado he studied. Booth, assisted by Lance as he refuses to bring his unborn child to danger zones, checks on the brother, who reluctantly financed the victim's top-notch home-made storm chaser-mobile, his surviving driver and competitors. Bones ignores all safety advice to consult storm chasers on the next tornado site. Hodgins comes up with a lullaby contraption and lies to prevent Angela's father from babysitting but revises his opinions on both.
The team discovers the remains of a so-called "storm chaser" who seems to have died while following a tornado. But footage recorded during the storm ultimately leads them to believe he was murdered. Meanwhile, Booth becomes increasingly overprotective of Brennan both at home and in the field, and sleep-deprived Angela and Hodgins come to terms with having Angela's father and rock musician babysit their infant son.
28. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Storm (2016)
Reid is trying to decide where to take his mother for vacation, Garcia is excited by her upcoming trip to London to visit with Emily, and Rossi and Hayden, who have decided to rekindle their relationship, try to figure out how to tell Joy they are back together as a couple. This calm within the BAU is shattered when at Hotch's house, a SWAT team storms in taking him into custody, all done in front of a traumatized Jack, JJ and Henry. A confused Hotch, who is placed under the authority of the federal government, eventually learns that the Department of Justice (DoJ) has been monitoring him for weeks based on testimony by Peter Lewis - Mr. Scratch - who was apprehended by the BAU in a case last year, has evidence of his suspicious activities involving the making of a bomb, and felt the need to bring him in now based on a 911 call he made. Hotch knowing that he made no such call, the BAU team members come to the quick conclusion that Antonia Slade, the serial murderer involved in their most recent case, is involved in what is going on with Hotch based on the cryptic nature of the message of that 911 call. As the team tries to work its way through Antonia to the source of the plot targeting Hotch, Hotch himself tries to use his profiling skills in convincing the DoJ that he not only is not the bomber they believe he may be, but that he is better positioned to help them in the long run working with the rest of the team than he is behind bars. His profiling work may come back to haunt him in this regard. What is going on may end up being far bigger than any of them initially imagine...
29. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: There's No Place Like Home (2011)
In the span of a week, the dead and beaten bodies of two Caucasian mid-teen boys are found in the aftermath of tornadoes in Wichita, Kansas. In addition, different body parts are missing from each boy, and each boy was a runaway who made money through street hustling. After dismissing the notion of the unsub wanting the authorities to believe the storms caused the pre-death trauma, the BAU determine that the tornadoes in and of themselves are part of the reason for the unsub's murder spree. After more bodies with different missing limbs are found, the BAU begins to figure out exactly what the unsub is planning on doing with the taken body parts. They get a break when there is a witness to the abduction of another teen-aged boy, albeit one with a stable family life. This latest act shows the team that the unsub is nearing the completion of his task which will take him, and by association them into chasing yet another tornado. Meanwhile, JJ and Will are having problems based on JJ's return to work with the BAU.
30. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Squall (2013)
A destroyer of the US Navy encounters an unexpected storm in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Virginia; two sailors on the weather deck find and recover the body of the ship's medical officer; Gibbs and company meet the vessel in Norfolk and start to investigate; Ducky comments on a wound and a bruise, possibly resulting from a jab by a hypodermic needle. McGee's father, a full admiral, temporarily aboard the ship, raises objections, creates friction, hassles Tim, and spreads discontent. The Duck finds a part of a broken needle in the body; Tony identifies a suspect, whom he and McGee interview aboard the ship. Burley, an agent afloat working with the team, learns about the removal of a tablet computer; Tony and McGee find the tablet, and McGee obtains data from it, thereby learning the name of the last visitor to the sick bay before the doctor died. The gang identify the killer and bust him. McGee walks and talks with his father.
31. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Hiatus (2006)
When Gibbs regains consciousness, they ask him what year it is, he thinks it's during Desert Storm and when Ducky goes to see him he doesn't recognize him. So Gibbs has sustained some kind of memory loss. When they rule out neurological cause, they think it must psychologically induced. So Sheppard tries to find someone whom Gibbs knew at the time. She discovers a secret Gibbs kept from all of them. She eventually finds the NCIS man who trained Gibbs when he first joined. She calls him and has him come over and Gibbs remembers him and he tries to help him remember. In the meantime, the others continue to try and find out what happened on the freighter, so they question everyone and the Captain reveals something. But they need Gibbs to make sense of it.
32. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Truth or Consequences (2009)
Gibbs, Tony, McGee, and Ducky investigate the death of a petty officer aboard a Naval vessel; later Tony and McGee screen potential replacements for Ziva; nobody in the gang has heard from Ziva, so Gibbs, Tony, McGee, and Abby all start sniffing and digging around; they trace her to a Jordanian cargo ship, which sank in a storm off the coast of Somalia, reportedly with no survivor. Tony urges Gibbs to stop Saleem, then the team makes a case to Gibbs and Vance, who reluctantly approves an "investigative" mission to Somalia, where (as a part of a plan) Saleem captures Tony and McGee, to whom Saleem administers a truth serum. Saleem also reunites Tony and McGee with Ziva, whom Saleem has tortured. Gibbs reverts to his sniper mode and gets out the three musketeers, then they all return to Washington, DC, where they, emotionally drained and thoroughly exhausted, receive a rousing welcome.
33. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Good Cop, Bad Cop (2009)
In the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania, a shrimping boat catches the body, mostly skeletal, of a Marine, SSgt. Daniel Cryer, who deserted in Kandahar six months before; he was last seen while boarding Damocles, the Jordanian freighter, supposedly lost at sea in a storm, which Ziva also rode en route to Somalia. Vance suspends Ziva's application while he questions her. Abby provides the position of the missing ship; a salvage crew finds the wreckage plus 18 more bodies, apparently executed before the sinking; all 18 wind up in Ducky's workshop. A Mossad officer, Malachi Ben-Gidon, shows up to "rescue" Ziva from the NCIS; he offers to tell Vance what happened aboard the ship. Mal says that Ziva shot Cryer; Ziva says that Mal did so; Abby and the evidence also say that Mal did so. Gibbs throws out Mal; as Gibbs asks, Ziva tells the rest of the story. Vance deals with a phone call, then Gibbs gives Ziva a paper, calls her a name, and tells her to get to work.
34. Friends (1994 TV Series)
Episode: The One the Morning After (1997)
The morning after Rachel declared they needed a break, she wakes up ready to work on getting back together - and Ross is drunk in bed with Chloe, the copy girl; Joey and Chandler warn him word will follow 'the trail' of women blabbering to Rachel, and at every step he's too late to stop it. Whe she storms in for an endless session of denial there's still love between them, whatever he tries, the other friends don't dare to leave the bedroom where Monica and Phoebe had been waxing.
35. House of Cards (2013 TV Series)
Majority House Whip Francis Underwood takes you on a long journey as he exacts his vengeance on those he feels wronged him - that is, his own cabinet members including the President of the United States himself. Dashing, cunning, methodical and vicious, Frank Underwood along with his equally manipulative yet ambiguous wife, Claire take Washington by storm through climbing the hierarchical ladder to power in this Americanized recreation of the BBC series of the same name.
36. American Gods (2017 TV Series)
Shadow is a man with a past. But now he wants nothing more than to live a quiet life with his wife and stay out of trouble. Until he learns that she's been killed in a terrible accident. Flying home for the funeral, as a violent storm rocks the plane, he is greeted by a strange man in the seat next to him. The man calls himself Mr. Wednesday, and he knows more about Shadow than is possible. He warns Shadow that a far bigger storm is coming. And from that moment on, nothing will ever be the same.
37. Modern Family (2009 TV Series)
Episode: The Storm (2016)
A huge thunder storm brings wide power outages and the whole family congregates at Jay and Gloria's to use their generator, but Jay has one foot out the door desperately trying to make it to a reunion with some old Navy buddies. Meanwhile, Phil tries to be the hero and redeem himself after a very embarrassing public panic attack earlier, but only causes more headaches for everyone. Mitchell and Cameron grasp at straws trying to salvage Lily's birthday party where the most popular girl at school is in attendance, and Haley turns up the seduction efforts with Andy.
A huge thunder storm brings wide power outages and the whole family congregates at Jay and Gloria's to use their generator, but Jay has one foot out the door desperately trying to make it to a reunion with some old navy buddies. Meanwhile, Phil tries to be the hero and redeem himself a embarrassing public panic attack earlier, but only causes more headaches for everyone. Mitch and Cam grasp at straws trying to salvage Lily's birthday party everywhere the most popular girl in school is in attendance, and Haley turns up the seduction efforts with Andy.
A powerful storm hits Los Angeles and causes widespread power outages, so the entire Pritchett clan hunkers down at Jay and Gloria's house to use their generator. Meanwhile, Phil tries to make amends for an embarrassing moment; Mitchell and Cameron desperately try to save Lily's birthday party; and Haley turn on her charm for Andy.
38. American Horror Story (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Nor'easter (2012)
It's Halloween and a major storm is expected in the area. Sister Jude decides to have a movie night in an attempt to calm the patients. She is being tormented by someone who knows about the auto accident she had before becoming a nun and sends her a newspaper clipping about the accident dated 1949. She turns to the bottle, a problem she had previously overcome. Meanwhile, a possessed Sister Mary Eunice wreaks havoc in the asylum, killing one of the patients and makes sexual advances to an incredulous Dr. Arden. Shelley thinks the storm is the perfect cover to escape but is intercepted by Arden who has a permanent solution to her trying to escape.
39. Orange Is the New Black (2013 TV Series)
Episode: It Was the Change (2014)
A storm brings all the prisoners to leave their normal places and be all together. After one of Red's groupies accidentally doesn't kill Vee but someone else who looks like her, Vee and Red start an all out war. Piper has gotten notification to leave Litchfield and go to a prison in Virginia, which is very upsetting. Poussey has a tantrum and destroys all of Vee's merchandise, which doesn't go so well for Taystee, Diaz and Bennett try to deal with their baby daddy issue, and at the same time Figueroa and Caputo have trouble with each other.
40. X-Men (2000)
In a world where both Mutants and Humans fear each other, Marie, better known as Rogue, runs away from home and hitches a ride with another mutant, known as Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine. Charles Xavier, who owns a school for young mutants, sends Storm and Cyclops to bring them back before it is too late. Magneto, who believes a war is approaching, has an evil plan in mind, and needs young Rogue to help him.
41. Sons of Anarchy (2008 TV Series)
Episode: The Revelator (2008)
In the wake of Tig's accidental killing of Donna, the Sons prepare for her funeral as Clay convinces them the 9ers were responsible for her death. With Laroy having betrayed Clay and stormed the Mayan gun sale before the money was handed over, SAMCRO find themselves in a precarious position; the 9ers have their surplus weaponry, the Mayans no longer trust them, and they have no cash. As Clay and Tig wrestle with their conscience, Stahl must come to terms with her own complicity in Donna's death. Meanwhile, Hale gets some advice from Unser about how to handle the murder. Determined to avenge the death of his daughter-in-law, Piney decides to go after the 9ers on their own territory. When the Sons get some bad news from their lawyer, Jason Rosen, they must call in every favor they can to try to find where ATF are keeping the witness against Bobby, with Clay planning to send Tig to kill her. However, Jax decides to do things another way, whether Clay likes it or not.
42. Sons of Anarchy (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Gilead (2009)
Having set SAMCRO up to storm a prayer group, the League's plans have worked out perfectly, with nearly all of the Sons in prison. Behind bars, Jax and Clay are at one another's throats more than ever, each blaming the other for their incarceration, as Bobby tries desperately to play peacekeeper. As Rosen works to get them out, SAMCRO finds that Zobelle's reach stretches into the prison yard, with the Aryan Brotherhood marking them for death, forcing Clay to turn to Laroy for protection on the inside. Meanwhile, Stahl returns to Charming to investigate the League's recent meeting with Cameron and Edmond. Although the League are off-limits to her, as they are being investigated by the FBI, she is pursuing a case against the Real IRA. Learning of the split between Clay and Jax, she sees an opportunity to use it in her investigation. Elsewhere, Opie's mother, Mary, tries to persuade Opie to pay more attention to his children, but when Clay calls him for a favor, he is forced to leave them with Gemma.
43. Hawaii Five-0 (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Mo'o 'olelo Pu (2015)
Kono decides to go sailing in the boat her mother made. Chin is worried that a storm is coming but Kono said she planned it that she'll avoid the storm. So she goes but the storm comes early and the boat is wrecked. Kono finds herself trapped on the water with only her board. While struggling to survive, she recalls all the things her mother taught her which helps her. The guys are working a series of robberies at pharmacies. It seems what was taken are what's needed to make meth. Chin knows a meth cook who just got out. They go to his son who doesn't care about his father. They eventually find the man and see he's back to his old stuff but claims he's only doing I to help his son. Chin upon learning about the storm is worried about Kono.
44. X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
In the future, the mutants and the humans that help them are slaughtered by powerful robots named Sentinels. Professor Xavier, Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, Kitty Pryde and her friends meet at a monastery in China and Xavier explains that the invincible Sentinels were created using the DNA of Mystique that was captured in 1973 when she tried to assassinate their creator Dr. Bolivar Trask. Xavier tells that their only chance is return to 1973 using Pryde's ability to join Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr to convince Mystique to give up of her intention. . However, only Wolverine can withstand the damages of the time travel. Will he succeed in stopping Mystique and the Sentinel Program and save the mutants and their human friends from annihilation?
45. How to Get Away with Murder (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me (2014)
The night of the bonfire has arrived. Knowing that Sam has once again lied to her, Annalise has arranged for the DA to take DNA samples from all of the men in Lila's life, including her professors. She tries to throw Sam out of the house but in the end, she's the one who storms out. At Nate Lahey's urging, Rebecca tries to get her hands on any text or email messages Sam may have sent to Lila. The other students descend on the house when Sam tries to stop her. The facts around Sam's death are revealed.
46. The Last Kingdom (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.5 (2015)
The peace has broken, the Danes are threatening Wessex, and a huge storm rages. Uhtred puts himself forward for a daring stealth mission to outflank the Danes and destroy their ships, but in the process attracts Ubba's attention and is challenged to a one-on-one fight to the death. Told as a boy never to fight Ubba, his chances against the man-mountain look slim.
The peace has broken, the Danes are threatening Wessex, and a huge storm rages. Uhtred puts himself forward for a daring stealth mission to outflank the Danes and destroy their ships, but in the process he attracts Ubba's attention and is challenged to a one-on-one fight to the death.
47. How I Met Your Mother (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Sunrise (2014)
Ted and Robin are out in the middle of the night looking for a missing Barney. Their conversation steers primarily to Ted's past love life, and their respective takes on the good and the bad. In this discussion, Ted also talks about when if any is the right time to let go of the things you love. Barney, meanwhile, is out wandering the streets in a drunken stupor. He comes across two young men named Justin and Kyle who are just coming into their sexual awakening. The threesome become mentor and eventually willing students. And after Lily storms out of the hotel room during her and Marshall's fight after he brings up San Francisco, Marshall continues the argument with several of the ghosts that are haunting that room.
48. How I Met Your Mother (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Lighthouse (2013)
The battle between Robin and Loretta escalates, placing Barney in the middle. The battle takes an unexpected turn when it enters the cooking arena. Two pieces of news may bring their battle to another level. Lily is fuming about Marshall's news, any words related to the law profession which set her off. Lily's current mindset keeps Linus busy. Daphne and Marshall, caught in a major storm, decide to take temporary refuge in Cleveland at the home of Ted's mother, Virginia, and her current husband, Clint. They may regret doing so after they find something in their vehicle leaving Cleveland, that something which was meant to assist in resolving the issues between the two of them. And Ted wants to visit the lighthouse near the inn, but he doesn't know how to get there and the inn clerk, Curtis, won't give him a map to it as Curtis feels it is such a romantic spot that single Ted will use the opportunity to jump off it and kill himself. Ted has to decide if he will take someone, anyone, namely Cassie, despite he knowing that she will never be the future Mrs. Mosby.
49. How I Met Your Mother (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Three Days of Snow (2009)
The storm of the century has hit New York in early 2009. The snowfall is supposed to last for three days, meaning that the city is at a virtual standstill for three days. Ted and Barney have made dates with two college girls - band mates - from out of town and are supposed to meet them at MacLaren's. Without each having the others' telephone numbers, Ted and Barney can only sit and wait to see if they show up. Without anyone else in the bar, Carl wants to close the bar early so that he can volunteer at a shelter, but Ted and Barney convince him to let them run the bar while he's gone. The start of their stint ends up being their dream as they've talked about buying a bar and never having last call. But as their dates show up, the night doesn't quite end up as they envisioned. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily have a long set of rituals. Among them is that whenever one goes away out of town, he or she brings back a six pack from the visited city while the other meets him/her at the airport carrying a chauffeur's sign. Lily is scheduled to come back from a trip to Seattle, but she and Marshall have agreed that she will neither bring back a six pack on this trip and Marshall shouldn't meet her at the airport, as they've matured beyond such rituals. However Robin convinces Marshall that he should go meet Lily at the airport since she's certain Lily will buy the six-pack regardless of what she said. And the woman seated next to Lily on the plane convinces her that Marshall sounds like the kind of man who will come pick her up regardless of their agreement. Will one of Marshall and Lily ultimately be disappointed by the action of their spouse in this matter?
50. How I Met Your Mother (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Game Night (2006)
During a game night Robin gets to meet Victoria. What actually was planned to be a funny night turns quite serious when Barney's former love Shannon gives an old tape to Lily which shows the "real" Barney. While watching the tape an embarrassed Barney storms off. When he returns, Barney tells a story from 1998, when he seems to have been a whole different person, and what made him the person he is today. To make Barney feel better, all others also tell their most embarrassing stories.
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