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1. The Simpsons (1989 TV Series)
Episode: The Monkey Suit (2006)
After seeing a museum exhibit on evolution, in which creation is labeled a myth, an outraged Ned Flanders teams with Reverend Lovejoy to blackmail Principal Skinner into requiring creationism to be taught in classrooms, eventually at the expense of any mention of evolution. Lisa becomes outraged herself, and forms a student organization to teach evolution, leading to a creationism vs. evolution trail, a la Inherit the Wind.
2. Smart Guy (1997 TV Series)
Episode: Trial and Error (1997)
The school's chemistry teacher Mr Bringleman presents to his class a very difficult test after which his grade book is set on fire and Moe becomes the prime suspect. Meanwhile, the school's drama society is setting up a performance of "Inherit the Wind".
3. What's My Line? (1950 TV Series)
Episode: Episode dated 14 August 1955 (1955)
Dorothy Kilgallen, Fred Allen, Arlene Francis and Bennett Cerf are this evening's panelists. First up is Mr. Al Fowler, an Iowa native and Navy man, who flew into the eye of Hurrican Connie. The panel is stumped, and Mr. Fowler wins by default. Next up are two ladies, Phyllis Raber and Anne Lindsay, who run a dog washing service. Arlene Francis identifies the women's' occupation, but host John Daly gives the women the win. Actor Paul Muni, appearing on Broadway in "Inherit The Wind," is the mystery celebrity guest. Bennett Cerf identifies him though Mr. Muni says nary a word and uses a violin to answer the panel's questions. Finally, Mr. Howard Burhler, a gentleman who pilots ships through the Panama Canal, is the final contestant. Time runs out, and Mr. Burhler wins by default. John Daly and the panel exchange their usual good nights, and Mr. Daly invites viewers to tune in next week. By: johnmike59
4. Working in the Theatre (1976 TV Series)
Episode: Playwright, Director & Choreographer (1985)
The panelists - playwright P.J. Barry ("The Octette Bridge Club"), lyricist Ellen Fitzhugh ("Grind"), director John Going ("Inherit The Wind"), playwright Fay Kanin ("Grind"), playwright Jerome Lawrence ("Inherit The Wind"), agent Bruce Savin, and director Clifford Williams ("Pack of Lies") - talk about their formal training; the relationship between directors, playwrights and casting directors; the key to successful collaboration; comparing the author's rights for stage versus film; the boundaries of a director's vision; and rising production costs and ticket prices.
5. Working in the Theatre (1976 TV Series)
Episode: Leading Men (2007)
Four acclaimed leading men - Jeff Daniels (Blackbird), Brian Dennehy (Inherit the Wind), Liev Schreiber (Talk Radio) and Kevin Spacey (A Moon for the Misbegotten) - discuss a wide array of topics, including whether the prefer rehearsal to performance, their experience in long runs and how great plays can carry actors along, the acting opportunities of appearing in many plays by the same author, how they find new challenges, whether they can still enjoy theatre as a member of the audience, and if its harder to do their work now that they're well known.
6. The Hunter Chronicles (????)
The first story in "The Hunter Chronicles" franchise... in GIANTS, protagonist MICHAEL HUNTER ("Hunter") a young investment banker on the road to closing a really big deal and becoming the investment bank's "rainmaker," has an epiphany and "inherits the wind" when he becomes a de facto investigator and whistle blower. Hunter discovers that the deal he is closing for megalomaniac GORDON METZER ("Metzer"), is fraught with peril, betrayal, exploitation, and will lead to environmental and personal devastation.
6 titles.