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1. Gunsmoke (1955 TV Series)
Episode: Murdoch (1971)
Bob Random, making his last "Gunsmoke" appearance, plays still another rebellious teenaged son. This time he is out to spite his lawman father who is fanatically hunting a notorious outlaw gang. Scott (Random) has secretly joined the gang himself under the alias of "John Doe." Only about half the gang's members' names are known, so there are John Doe arrest warrants on the rest of them for a series of crimes -- some committed long before Scott and a young friend joined the gang. When the gang invades Dodge to try to knock over the freight office for a big payroll, Matt and the lawman are waiting. The ensuing wild gunfight leaves two of the four known gang members dead and the other teenager seriously wounded. To save his friend from dying from peritonitis, Scott surrenders and gets his friend to Doc, but insists that he and the friend are both "John Does" -- and could hang for crimes they never committed. Matt and Lucas Murdoch must somehow track down the last two gang members and persuade them to clear Scott's name even though it means nothing to them.
2. Gunsmoke (1955 TV Series)
Episode: Talbot (1973)
Eli Snider (Robert Totten, doing his last "Gunsmoke" in a small role), a not-so-gentleman farmer, chambers a round into his rifle to back-shoot Talbot, a gentlemanly visitor who had just done Eli's wife a small favor. Warned by the sound of the rifle cocking, Talbot whirls around with a revolver and fires. Eli fires into the sidewalk and falls dead upon his gun. The stunned Talbot fully expects to get put away, but to his surprise Katherine clears him in a hearing. The grateful Talbot starts to pay court to Katherine and soon falls genuinely in love with her. But one part of Talbot's story is missing -- he was in Dodge in the first place to case the bank for robbing it, and his comrades don't intend to let his newfound mission deter them from theirs.
3. Gunsmoke (1955 TV Series)
Episode: Kiowa (1970)
As this episode opens, the Vail family is sitting down to a meal. The oldest girl Melissa, who seems somehow different from the rest of the family, goes out to the barn to milk a cow. While there she is kidnapped by a member of the Kiowa tribe. At first we think that this is a simple kidnapping by a savage race of people and a posse is organized to pursue Melissa and her abductors. But as this episode progresses it becomes obvious that there is a very compelling reason for the abduction as Melissa's father seems to be only interested in following the Kiowa party and is reluctant to actually engage them. In what turns out to be a touching episode of Gunsmoke, (and without revealing too much of the conclusion) the plot of, "Kiowa" is an indictment of racial prejudice by depicting a man who has to deny and hide who and what he is to advance in the world.
4. Gunsmoke (1955 TV Series)
Episode: Zavala (1968)
Matt pursues the Rawlins gang into Mexico to the village of Zavala. Here he meets Paco and his widowed mother. Paco's father had been killed when he stood up to outlaws intimidating the people of Zavala. In his whole life, the only strong willed people Paco had ever seen were outlaws. He first thinks of Matt as such a person, until Matt tells him that he not here to kill the Rawlins' but to arrest them. "But only outlaws ever come to Zavala." Paco is fascinated with the fact that Matt is a US Marshall. In an unusual episode of Gunsmoke an unlikely relationship develops amongst the trio, Paco, his mother, and Matt. Paul Savage later adapted this episode into made for TV movie "Cutter's Trail" where Manuel Padilla Jr. reprises his role as Paco.
5. Pawn Stars (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Over the Top (2011)
Run for cover with the Pawn Stars when a World War I helmet blasts into the shop. The first metal helmet used by U.S. forces, will the guys butt heads to buy this piece or will they dig in for a long negotiation? Then, Corey and Rick are presented with a gun holster used on the long running TV show Gunsmoke.
6. The Streets of San Francisco (1972 TV Series)
Episode: The Hard Breed (1974)
Two "Gunsmoke" writers teamed on this modern-day Western set at a rodeo in San Francisco's Cow Palace. A bronc rider dies in what appears to be an accident. A rodeo clown looks around the scene after the police leave and discovers the rider's rope -- which was cut almost halfway through before it broke, leaving the bronc free to throw him. The police come back to investigate the scene, and before long the chief suspect is also murdered in another "accident."
7. Maverick (1957 TV Series)
Episode: Gun-Shy (1959)
The nominal plot concerns Bret Maverick's attempt to find buried Confederate treasure in Ellwood, Kansas. In reality, the episode is Maverick's parody of Gunsmoke. U.S. Marshal Mort Dooley keeps running Maverick out of town and is outfoxed as Maverick keeps returning. The Marshal, we're told, owns 37.5 percent of the Weeping Willow saloon run by Miss Amy (who owns 25 percent). Other owners include deputy Clyde (17.5 percent) and Doc Stucke (17.5 percent). Dooley faces off against Maverick in a scene shot similar to the opening credits of Gunsmoke. Luckily, Maverick is out of range of the Marshal's bullets.
8. The Bob Newhart Show (1972 TV Series)
Episode: Last TV Show (1973)
Bob's therapy group pressures him to hold a session on Public TV. This show sure won't be rerun during pledge week. By turning down the station's offer, Dr. Bob Hartley was trying to protect the members' privacy, but the patients worry that he's ashamed of them. Everyone agrees to be as open as usual. Opposite Gunsmoke plus the Bears on Monday Night Football with Dandy Don and Cosell, few Chicagoans will be glued to Psychology in Action anyway.
9. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Hell's Angels Luger/D-Day M1 (2011)
Rich barters for two pieces of history: an M1 Garand used during DDay and a Luger used in Howard Hughes' 1930s film "Hell's Angels". Meanwhile, the Gunsmoke crew races the clock to modify a hunter's favorite rifle for Alaska's deadly big game.
10. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Winchester Truck Gun, Ducks Guns (2012)
The Gunsmoke crew modifies a Winchester into the perfect "truck gun" that is functional with safety features and designs a special scope on a 5.7 FN for a target-shooting competitor. Kurt is under the gun to heavily engrave gun gifts for a charity event.
11. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Mortar Gun, Trapdoor Springfield (2012)
The Gunsmoke crew creates a historically inspired hybrid: an axe mortar gun. A client gets an extra surprise with his Trapdoor Springfield, a replacement for his lost, childhood gun. The Wyatts fly out to NASCAR driver Regan Smith's home for a gun deal.
12. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Sturgis S&W, 1898 Krag-Jorgensen (2012)
The Gunsmoke crew customize an 1898 Krag-Jorgensen rifle. Rich's motorcycle club brother wants a customized Smith & Wesson 686 Plus for the Sturgis rally. Kurt's disagreement with Rich over whether he can leave for engraving school comes to a head.
13. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Young Cowboy Action Shooter's Winchester (2012)
A young, fast Cowboy Action Shooter commissions Gunsmoke to build him a competition Winchester rifle and challenges Jon to a shoot out. Meanwhile, Paige helps an exotic animal rescuer custom order a S&W MP and takes his project from sale to reveal.
14. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Howdah Pistol; Superbowl Champ Rifle (2012)
The Gunsmoke crew recreate an 1883 Howdah pistol. Gunsmiths Jon and Doug have a friendly wager -- winner presents a Super Bowl champ with his custom rifle. Tempers flare when Kurt announces he wants to leave Gunsmoke to go to engraving school in Italy.
15. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Volleygun/Civil War Trade (2011)
The Gunsmoke team builds a 10-barrel, blackpowder volleygun. Rich strikes a hard bargain with a man selling a collection of WW1 and WW2 guns and takes a gamble when he trades a Henry rifle for two Civil War pieces. Paige gets a lucrative lesson in DCOA.
16. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Zombie Gun, Rocket Launcher (2012)
Tempers flare at Gunsmoke when gunsmith Scott takes the lead and manages the crew as they build a Zombie Apocalypse gun based on a Henry made Mare's Leg. Rich, Kurt and Paige fly out to a client's home to test fire a Vietnam War-era rocket launcher.
17. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Diamond Anniversary 1911/Shotgun Willy (2011)
The Gunsmoke crew creates a Wyatt-worthy anniversary gift for Renee: an engraved, silver, 10-carat diamond encrusted 1911 pistol. Rich delivers a customized shotgun to a buyer's castle and an Oliver North-autographed AR-15 to a high roller at a hanger.
18. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Bull Rider Gun, Texas Ranger Cache (2012)
The Gunsmoke team builds a pro bull rider a most unusual wearable gun. A teacher orders an M1 Garand to honor his grandfather who fought at Iwo Jima. Rich assesses a cache of Texas Ranger guns and memorabilia worth more than a half million dollars.
19. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Hand Cannon/Pink Pistol (2011)
The Gunsmoke crew accepts the challenge to build a 12th-century style hand cannon. Rich teaches Kurt the art of negotiating when they fly out to inspect a huge collection of semi-automatics. Renee may get the last laugh over a customized pink 1911.
20. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Avalanche Gun/AR10 Grenade Launcher (2012)
The Gunsmoke crew, led once again by Scott, builds a massive avalanche-triggering gun with two interchanagable barrels for a 50 calibre and a 20mm bullet. A female shooter orders an AR-10 with a grenade launcher to take back to her women's pistol league.
21. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Lapua Sniper Rifle/Machine Gun Cache (2012)
The Gunsmoke team prototypes a .338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifle for the local police department and overhaul an hierloom Remington shot gun. Rich and Renee negotiate for and test fire a cache of different types of machine guns worth $100,000.
22. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Double Barrel Cannon, His and Hers Revolvers (2012)
The Gunsmoke team creates a Civil War style double barrel cannon that is much safer than its failed historic prototype. Rich and Renee help a couple become more comfortable with their matching revolvers. Scott and Brian have a friendly competition.
23. American Guns (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Wounded Vet Rifle/60s Icons (2011)
Rich and the Gunsmoke team build a customized scout rifle for a wounded vet so he can hunt again, even with his limitations. Kurt joins Rich on a sale to an investor looking for iconic 1960s guns. The team tricks out a car 007-style. Paige wants a tattoo.
24. Shotgun Slade (1959 TV Series)
A late entry in the TV Westerns boom of the late 50s. Shotgun Slade unlike other show hero wasn't a marshal, sheriff or gunfighter for hire, but Slade was a private detective, hired to track down criminals, return stolen money, or solve mysteries surrounding the death of towns people. The show has more in common with shows like Peter Gunn and 77 Sunset Strip then Gunsmoke and Bonanza. Shotgun Slade depended on strong characters and story lines then action.
25. Music Scene (1969 TV Series)
"Music Scene" was presented by ABC TV in a 45 minute format, Monday evenings 7:30-8:15, a unique time slot that pitted it against CBS' "Gunsmoke" at 7:30PM and NBCs "Laugh In" at 8PM . The series had several hosts including Paul Anka, Lily Tomlin, Groucho Marx and David Steinerg who often served as host, writer, and comedian. This series presented a wider variety of musical guests than did ABCs earlier series "Shindig(1964). The main theme, as with "Shindig" was the hits of the day. In that tradition, "Music Scene" featured such guests as Crosby Stills and Nash, Janis Joplin, James Brown, Judy Collins, and The Rascals as well as The Beatles' in the form of their 1969 video, "The Ballad Of John And Yoko" . Early Rock, Adult Contemporary , R n B and Country were also featured with the appearances of Jerry Lee Lewis, The Everly Brothers,Tony Bennett, Eydie Gorme , Lou Rawls, Jerry Butler, Sonny James and others
26. California Firebrand (1948)
Monte Hale, accompanied by Chuck Waggoner, is on his way to Gunnison, California to visit an uncle when the two pals find an unconscious rider whom they identify, by a telegram in his pocket, as the notorious outlaw, Gunsmoke Lowry. The wire also reveals that Gunsmoke has been summoned to Gunnison by town mayor Lance Dawson. Monte keeps the telegram, continues on to town and, there, meets Joyce Mason who tells him that his uncle was killed while organizing the ranchers and miners against the ruthless, crooked and dangerous Dawson. Monte visits Dawson, shows him the telegram and Dawson, thinking he is Gunsmoke, makes him town marshal. Monte is told his first job is to run old Granny Mason off her mining claim. Joyce and Granny convince Monte that Dawson is trying to steal the claim. Jud Babbitt, with an alter identity of Jim Requa, and the secret power behind Dawson, tries vainly to kill Monte after the real Gunsmoke Lowry appears and exposes him. Monte and Chuck take refuge in Joyce's dress shop. The only way Granny Mason can keep her mine out of the hands of Dawson is to pay her taxes at the county seat, and Monte acts as a decoy to draw them off the outlaw gang while Joyce rides there with the tax money.
27. Trailing Double Trouble (1940)
This 2nd entry in Monogram's series of 24 "Range Buster" series was remade as "The Gunman from Bodie, 1941", "Gunsmoke Mesa, 1944" and "Riders of the Dawn, 1945" with Oliver Drake somewhere in the vicinity on all four. "Crash" Corrigan, "Dusty" King and "Alibi" Terhune, the Range Busters, sight a wagon driven by Bob Horner being pursued by gunmen Kirk, Walt and Drag. The trio takes a hand and the gunmen gallop away. The runaway wagon is stopped and the dying Horner asks the Range Busters to aid his baby boy, the Bar-H Ranch and Marian and to "look out for Amos." Marian is Horner's sister and she is consulting with the Sheriff regarding the murder of her brother, two other Bar-H hands and the disappearance of her baby nephew. She says all the trouble started since the State begin to buy gravel from the ranch for the Medicine Hat Dam. Attory James Moreland is also present and states that Horner's will appointed him the baby's guardian. No such thing, of course, as Moreland is after the property for his own purposes and the killers all work for him. The Range Busters, accused of killing Horner and kidnapping the baby, have their work cut out for them.
28. Marshal of Gunsmoke (1944)
Citizens of Gunsmoke are being intimidated by Lon Curtis (qv##nm0940617##) and his gang who are preventing an election to vote on a township charter. Town banker Sam Garrett (qv##nm0712660##)obtains a U. S. Marshal's appointment for Ward Bailey (qv##nm0728811##). "Glowworm" Johnson (qv##nm0460906##)witnesses the murder of prospector "Nugget" Newcomb (qv##nm0010958##), by gang-member Pete Larkin (qv##nm0481756##). Curtis hires Ward's brother, Tom Bailey (qv##nm0370797##) to defend his henchman.
Ward Bailey arrives to become the Marshal of the unincorporated and lawless town of Gunsmoke where the outlaws have prevented an honest election. He quickly locks up some of them including one seen committing murder. But their defense lawyer turns out to be his brother who gets them all acquitted.
29. Gunsmoke Blues (2004 Documentary)
One weekend in November, 1971, bluesfreak, Link Wyler and his buddies from the Gunsmoke TV crew, gave in to temptation. On production hiatus, they bolted Hollywood to go and film Muddy Waters, Big Mama Thornton, Big Joe Turner and George "Harmonica" Smith, who were then barnstorming the U.S. Pacific Northwest with their bands.
30. Aquarena Springs and Ralph the Swimming Pig (2011 Documentary)
This documentary tells the amazing story of one of America's most famous vintage roadside attractions, Aquarena Springs, located in San Marcos, Texas. With the worlds only submarine theater, aquamaids, Glurpo the underwater clown, glass bottom boats, Swiss Skyride, Texana Village (think Gunsmoke),and Ralph the swimming pig -- Aquarena Springs was a state and national phenomenon throughout the second half of the 20th century. This nostalgic documentary transports the viewer back in time to hear the stories and see the images of that magical place called Aquarena Springs. Texas State University purchased the park in 1994 and considering the importance of water resources to human life and how that will only increase in the future, what happens next?
31. Gunplay (2007 Short Film)
Late 1800's ... Pine Box, Arizona... Hawkeye Lee, a notorious and dangerous desperado, walks from the courthouse toward the jail, flanked by two armed deputies. His hands are manacled, yet his behavior is bold and cocky. He stops, takes a step backwards, and shots ring out. Gunsmoke fills the air, and the deputies are cut down in a hail of bullets. Hawkeye's outlaw amigos spring him loose, and they disappear into a saloon. A lawman appears at the end of the street. U.S. Marshal Lightnin' Jack Cord rides into town with a Winchester across his saddle.
31 titles.