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1. Midsomer Murders (1997 TV Series)
Episode: Judgement Day (2000)
Midsomer Mallow hopes to win the Perfect Village competition on what is ominously called Judgement Day, but the village representatives are worried about their chances when a local young burglar and gigolo is found stabbed to death with a pitchfork. Barnaby and Troy are on the case. Meanwhile, Joyce ends up in Mallow, too, when she wins a contest to be one of the judges for the competition. Cully also has business there: interviewing a famous retired actor for her book about the theater.
Years after a spoiled-rotten brat butchered her family's housekeeper in Midsomer Mallow, it's one of the three finalists in a countryside magazine's 'Perfect village' competition. But it also experiences, preceded by an earlier wave of burglaries, several murders, starting with the one on gigolo Peter Drinkwater, the more daring burglary partner of butcher Ray's son Jack Dorset. After Barnaby and Troy trough several locals with various possible motives, the killer strikes again at and shortly after the village's grand party for the competition judges, who include Barnaby's wife, while their daughter interviews retired theatre celebrity Edward Allardice.
2. Two and a Half Men (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Madame and Her Special Friend (2005)
Charlie and his extremely rich neighbor, Norma, behave as enemies. Alan, on the other hand, who scorns that his brother's latest willing conquest's IQ is even lower then her age, but treats Norma as a gentleman, wins her favor and enjoys her generosity, despite the lack of romantic interest on his part. In Charlie's analysis he becomes an expensive male gigolo -a comment without any judgment intended- by considering letting her name an alternative therapy center after him. Although it is to be built in Beverly Hills this goes wrong in an unexpected way.
3. Married with Children (1987 TV Series)
Al Bundy is an unsuccessful middle aged shoe salesman with a miserable life and an equally dysfunctional family. He has a very attractive but lazy wife named Peggy who constantly nags him to death while throwing the little money he earns away on herself. He also has a very promiscuous teen aged daughter named Kelly who makes up in attractiveness what she lacks in IQ points, and a not so attractive but bright teen aged son named Bud who seems to think he is a ladies man. To add to Al's misery is his yuppie next door neighbors Marcy and Steve. Marcy and Steve eventually split up with Marcy keeping the house next door to the Bundys and Steve moving away to be a forest ranger. Later Marcy gets remarried to a gigolo named Jefferson who is the male version of Peggy. The sitcom revolves around Al's never ending attempts to better his life which always leads him right back to where he started.
4. Married with Children (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Married... with Who (1991)
After a drinking binge at a bankers party, Marcy reveals herself to be married to a mysterious hunk named Jefferson D'Arcy, whom Al finds out to be a gigolo and con artist. To make Marcy feel better to this unexpected change in her life, Peggy decides to throw a formal wedding ceremony for Marcy and Jefferson in the Bundy's back yard, in which nothing goes a planned.
5. Columbo (1971 TV Series)
Episode: Murder in Malibu (1990)
Romance author Teresa Goren has finally been convinced of the truth: her lover, gigolo Wayne Jennings, loves her money, not her. That means their planned wedding is off, not to mention any hope Jennings has of getting his hands on her money. When Goren turns up dead, Jennings is suspected, but is apparently cleared by later evidence. But Lieutenant Columbo watches as Jennings turns his eye to Goren's sister, and begins wondering if he's really so innocent after all...
6. Columbo (1971 TV Series)
Episode: It's All in the Game (1993)
Gigolo Nick Franco is a violent, two-timing cad. His current paramour, Laura Stanton, has had enough. With the help of a young woman named Lisa, she murders her lover and sets herself up with an airtight alibi. When Columbo starts sniffing on her trail, Laura quickly works to seduce the married detective, hoping that her sex appeal will throw the usually stubborn Lieutenant off the scent.
7. CSI: Miami (2002 TV Series)
Episode: Stiff (2011)
The CSIs are led into the sexy world of male gigolos when they uncover an unusual murder weapon.
8. Will & Grace (1998 TV Series)
Episode: A Chorus Lie (2002)
Will is asked by Karen to accompany her to an event that she normally attends with Stan which ends with them dancing in the spotlight. When her friends see her with Will, they assume he's her gigolo and she offers his services, And when women approach Will he assumes they want him as a lawyer. And they run into Beverly Leslie who doesn't believe that Will's a gigolo. Jack is auditioning for a Gay Men's Choir. It comes down to him and a guy named Owen. Jack tries to find a way to eliminate him and he thinks he found something; that he is straight. So he invites him to the apartment to get him to admit he's straight. But he fails, he turns to Grace, who is feeling down because guys haven't been responding to her flirting and when she sees him, she's inspired.
9. A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
In the future, artificial intelligence has involved in such a way that a family can now accept a near to life like child. This is exactly what the Swinton family does, but when things get worse for the relationship between the family and this new child, they send it out to survive on its own. With only the name David and a passion to become a real boy, the child becomes friends with Gigolo Joe and sets off to make it become a reality.
10. Agatha Christie's Marple (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Towards Zero (2007)
Miss Marple is visiting an old school friend, Lady Camilla Tressilian, along with an eclectic group: Neville Strange and his wife Kay, his former wife Audrey and her childhood friend and cousin Thomas Royde, Ted Latimer (who is something of a gigolo and very attracted to Kay Strange) and finally Freddie Treves, a retired solicitor. When Treves is found dead the day after a dinner party at Lady Tressilian's home and Lady Tressilian herself is found bludgeoned to death a short time later, Miss Marple must sort through the complex set of relationships among all the players, and determine what role the tale of a child's crime may have had to play in the deaths.
11. Neighbours (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.6608 (2013)
Caught snooping by Sheila, Mason and Bailey convince her the cash, which she states having find, supposedly was earned and hid embarrassed by 'gigolo' Lou. Grandpa plays along to collect the fortune from her, but demands the truth from the rascals. Served a subpoena by gloating Ajay, Paul is openly appalled that Andrew's first concern isn't for the firm, the knave that his father's isn't for the explosion victims. Lou finds a negative pregnancy test, assumes it's Lauren's but thus makes her realized Amber secretly had serious sex. Grilled by her parents, the birdbrain admits that her lover is robber Robbo and tries to 'deflect' anger by blurting out to mother that Bailey helped Mason by driving her car as getaway and father kept well-meaning kid son's part out of official records.
12. Perry Mason (1957 TV Series)
Episode: The Case of the Betrayed Bride (1964)
Todd and Jimmy Meacham anxiously await the return of their recently widowed Aunt Nellie to the United States. Their uncle Herbert died and they wish to pursue the planned conversion of the family estate, Hacienda Grande, into a residential subdivision that could generate $10 million in just a few years. Imagine their shock when she arrives with a new French husband, the much younger Pierre Dubois. Nellie is eccentric and flighty and refuses to talk business, and they're sure Dubois is a gigolo, so they try to tempt him to stray by hiring pretty French maid Marie Claudet. They know they have a rival for the development in Roger Brody, who has offered $2 million in cash for the land as is. Jimmy Meacham hires his good friend Paul Drake to go to Paris to see what he can learn about Nellie's new husband, but when Pierre Dubois is found dead floating in the pool, it's Marie Claudet who is charged with murder. Perry Mason agrees to defend her in court and find the true killer.
13. The Love Boat (1977 TV Series)
Episode: The Italian Cruise: The Venetian Love Song/Down for the Count/Arrividerci, Gopher/The Arrangement: Part 1 (1982)
The crew goes to Italy to work on a cruise ship there. Among the passengers is a family whose patriarch and matriarch (qv##nm0000308## and qv##nm0001859##) originally came from Italy and accompanying them are their 2 daughters (qv##nm0044489## and qv##nm0000880##) and granddaughter (qv##nm0005288##). Into the trip, the couple bicker to the point that they're considering separating. One of the daughters (Baxter) is meeting someone on a sort of blind date but, not known to her, is a gigolo (qv##nm0083709##). And the granddaughter (Osmond), who's been promised to another guy back home, meets a local (qv##nm0416625##) and is attracted to him. And Gopher meets a local woman (qv##nm0635782##), who says he reminds her of someone she knows. While on shore, the man, who's the spitting image of Gopher, kidnaps him and assumes his identity.
14. Melrose Place (1992 TV Series)
Episode: Love Reeks (1994)
Chris proposes marriage to Jane and she accepts in which he urges her to drive to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding. Sydney learns about this and knowing that the two-faced, sociopath Chris is just a gigolo after Jane's money, she tips off Michael and Kimberly about it in which they follow Jane and Chris to Vegas to break it up. In Vegas, Kimberly persuades Michael to get married themselves instead. Back in Los Angeles, Jake comforts Sydney after hearing about her terrifying run-in with Chris and gives her a job at Shooters at a waitress. Meanwhile, Susan cancels her plans with Alison to go on a date with Billy and when Alison finds out, she starts drinking again. Also, Jo ends up in the hospital after breaking down in pain due to the extreme stress of the custody suit.
15. Peter Gunn (1958 TV Series)
Episode: Skin Deep (1959)
A knockout heiress is clubbed to death with a poker while flirting on the phone. Her uptight sister ('Katherine Bard') employs Gunn to locate her. The late extroverted heiress worked for a florist, apparently luring wealthy men, and had frequent-buyer status at a lonely hearts bureau. In a nightspot where guitarist qv##nm0021843## is playing, Gunn digs up a tip on a gigolo working the missing sister.
16. Nip/Tuck (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Damien Sands (2007)
Jealous over Sean's new-found fame, Christian convinces Sean to tape a reality show based on their careers as plastic surgeons by hiring Bliss Burger, now a Hollywood TV producer, to assist. But the realty show only brings out the inter-most secrets of Sean, Christian, as well as the people in their lives when Eden returns and reveals the tryst between Christian and Julia, who finds out about Oliva's brief tryst with Liz. Meanwhile, a middle-aged gigolo agrees to participate in Sean and Christian's reality show and to allow a facial without anesthesia using only acupuncture, while Eden also shows up and again comes onto Sean's senses.
17. Nip/Tuck (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Alexis Stone II (2009)
Christian fields surgical requests from both Alexis over her trans-gender surgery, as well as Matt's cell mate, Kelser, who wants an unusual favor. Meanwhile, Julia plots to get back at her manipulative mother after years of emotional abuse. While Sean and Julia try to form a united front for custody of Annie and Connor, Erica learns troubling details about her new Italian husband, Renaldo, whom is not only a closeted gigolo but a pedophile.
18. Midnight Cowboy (1969)
Attired in urban cowboy garb, Joe Buck is a naive Texas hayseed having just arrived in New York City to make it big as a gigolo solely to his preferred clientèle of rich, attractive women. His belief in his charms on the female persuasion has been reinforced his entire life, he believes, by all the females with who he has had encounters, past and present, family, friends and lovers. However, life in New York City is not all he wants it to be, being out-hustled by most people he meets, they who he does not have the fortitude to hustle right back to get what he was originally due. Largely out of having nowhere else to turn, he eventually befriends one of those hustlers, a sickly man with a gimp leg named Enrico Rizzo, who is nicknamed Ratso by those who don't much like him, that nickname which he doesn't much like. Joe ends up squatting with Ratso in a room he has found in a condemned and thus otherwise empty building. As they lean on each other for support, they work together for their mutual benefit and survival. But as Ratso's health deteriorates over the winter, Joe changes his focus to achieving Ratso's dream of moving to Miami.
19. Sunset Blvd. (1950)
In Hollywood of the 50's, the obscure screenplay writer Joe Gillis is not able to sell his work to the studios, is full of debts and is thinking in returning to his hometown to work in an office. While trying to escape from his creditors, he has a flat tire and parks his car in a decadent mansion in Sunset Boulevard. He meets the owner and former silent-movie star Norma Desmond, who lives alone wit her butler and driver Max von Mayerling. Norma is demented and believes she will return to the cinema industry, and is protected and isolated from the world by Max, who was his director and husband in the past and still loves her. Norma proposes Joe to move to the mansion and help her in writing a screenplay for her comeback to the cinema, and the small-time writer becomes her lover and gigolo. When Joe falls in love for the young aspirant writer Betty Schaefer, Norma becomes jealous and completely insane and her madness leads to a tragic end.
20. Hung (2009 TV Series)
Episode: The Pickle Jar (2009)
West Lakefield students choose "Coach Ray" to be the recipient of their fall fundraising efforts, but Ray sees their pickle-jar donation as an embarrassing metaphor for his downward spiral. All is not lost, however - Tanya has a couple of leads that could jumpstart Ray's gigolo career. But is Ray ready, willing and able enough to follow through? Meanwhile, Damon is shattered when he rushes to his sister's defense during drive-in family night, only to learn that Darby doesn't want his help.
21. Hung (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Just the Tip (2010)
Ray's new co-partnership with Tanya and Lenore gets off to a rocky start when he "holds back" during a tryst with Claire, a client, so he turns to Tanya for advice. Later, Ray and other teachers picket the school in anticipation of summer layoffs. Jessica, already filled with doubts about her marriage to Ronnie and refusing to take calls from Lenore after her experience with the no-show gigolo, is stung by criticism from Darby and Damon. Looking to get an edge on Lenore and regain Ray's trust, Tanya ventures into a tough neighborhood for liberating pimping advice from a real pro.
22. Tales from the Crypt (1989 TV Series)
Episode: Till Death Do We Part (1993)
Smooth young gigolo Johnny Canaparo makes a living as the kept boy of dangerous mob-connected older woman Ruth Sanderson. Johnny incurs Ruth's lethal jealous wrath after Ruth finds out that Johnny has been romancing attractive young waitress Lucy Chadwick on the side.
23. A Single Man (2009)
It's November 30, 1962. Native Brit George Falconer, an English professor at a Los Angeles area college, is finding it difficult to cope with life. Jim, his personal partner of sixteen years, died in a car accident eight months earlier when he was visiting with family. Jim's family were not going to tell George of the death or accident, let alone allow him to attend the funeral. This day, George has decided to get his affairs in order before he will commit suicide that evening. As he routinely and fastidiously prepares for the suicide and post suicide, George reminisces about his life with Jim. But George spends this day with various people, who see a man sadder than usual and who affect his own thoughts about what he is going to do. Those people include Carlos, a Spanish immigrant/aspiring actor/gigolo recently arrived in Los Angeles; Charley, his best friend who he knew from England, she who is a drama queen of a woman who romantically desires her best friend despite his sexual orientation; and Kenny Potter, one of his students, who seems to be curious about his professor beyond English class.
24. Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999)
Deuce Bigalow is a less than attractive, down on his luck aquarium cleaner. One day he runs into a male gigolo who asks him to look after his precious fish while he is away on business. However, he wrecks the house and needs quick money to repair it. The only way he can make it is to become a gigolo himself, taking on an unusual mix of female clients. He encounters a couple of problems, though. He falls in love with one of his unusual clients, and a sleazy police officer his hot on his trail.
Deuce Bigalow is a fish tank cleaner until he gets a temporary job watching over a gigolo's house. But when Deuce accidentally wrecks the house, he is forced to compensate by becoming a gigolo himself! He takes on interesting clients (a tall Norwegian woman, a rotund eater in drag, a roommate who curses every five seconds, a nurse)...and together with a detective chasing Deuce down...
25. A Touch of Frost (1992 TV Series)
Episode: Fun Times for Swingers (1996)
Frost finds himself investigating the murder of Damien Law who was killed in his flat. Law was essentially a gigolo and a paid male escort who spent a great deal of time with a great many women. At least one client became obsessed with him and he also may have set himself up in competition with the long-time owner of an escort agency. Frost also determines that the case may be related to a recent suicide. Frost is also investigating a theft at the local cricket club. This time around, he is assisted by DS Prentice, a somewhat dour Scot.
26. Cabaret (1972)
Cambridge University student Brian Roberts arrives in Berlin in 1931 to complete his German studies. Without much money, he plans on making a living teaching English while living in an inexpensive rooming house, where he befriends another of the tenants, American Sally Bowles. She is outwardly a flamboyant, perpetually happy person who works as a singer at the decadent Kit Kat Klub, a cabaret styled venue. Sally's outward façade is matched by that of the Klub, overseen by the omnipresent Master of Ceremonies. Sally draws Brian into her world, and initially wants him to be one of her many lovers, until she learns that he is a homosexual, albeit a celibate one. Among their other friends are his students, the poor Fritz Wendel, who wants to be a gigolo to live a comfortable life, and the straight-laced and beautiful Natalia Landauer, a Jewish heiress. Fritz initially sees Natalia as his money ticket, but eventually falls for her. However Natalia is suspect of his motives and cannot overcome their religious differences. Also into Sally and Brian's life comes the wealthy Baron Maximilian von Heune, who has the same outlook on life as Sally, but who has the money to support it. Max is willing to lavish his new friends with gifts and his favors. Around them all is the Nazi uprising, to which they seem to pay little attention or care. But they ultimately learn that life in all its good and particularly bad continues to happen to them and around them.
27. Petticoat Junction (1963 TV Series)
Episode: A Millionaire for Kate (1964)
With the girls off to visit their Aunt Winifred, Orville, Betty Jo's boyfriend, is helping Uncle Joe around the hotel. The girls want to change their vacation plans when they learn that an old friend of Kate's from high school is coming for a visit. Kate admits that she had a crush on H.J. Grant - Herbie - when she was a freshman and he a senior. His letter implies that he is now wealthy, and is coming back to the valley on personal business. Kate has no expectations of Herbie, and will let whatever happens between the two of them happen. Uncle Joe, however, believes that Herbie is a gigolo after Kate's money. As such, Uncle Joe, with Orville's help, decides to do whatever he needs to to break up any possibility of a romance between Kate and Herbie, even involving the law. But if Uncle were to find out that Herbie is really as rich as he says, it may be more difficult for Uncle Joe to undo all the things he did against Herbie without some serious consequences.
28. Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955 TV Series)
Episode: Deathmate (1961)
Ben Conan is a gigolo who has been living off rich women for most of his life. His latest conquest is Lisa Talbot who is unhappily married. Her husband is a penniless brute who has taken control of her fortune and she desperately wants to get away from him. When Conan learns that a private investigator is looking into his past, he thinks it's time for him to move on but Lisa begs him not to go without her. She tells him that her husband is recovering from a heart attack the previous week and if only he would die, they would both be better off, financially and otherwise. Conan decides to take action but too late realizes what is really going on.
29. The Carol Burnett Show (1967 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #8.1 (1974)
Highlights of this eighth-season premiere include: guest Jim Nabors as the "Ringo Kid", a gunslinger who challenges the quick-draw machines to a penny arcade; a married couple (Carol, Harvey) get carried away in a binge of honest mutual criticism; musical performances from Jim ("One Life") and Carol ("Just a Gigolo"); and for the finale, a salute to the days of vaudeville.
30. The Coroner (2015 TV Series)
Episode: That's the Way to Do It (2015)
After antagonizing several people by stamping out traditions, including Punch and Judy, abrasive mayor Una Drake is found dead in a hotel room. For all her moral stance she was in an affair with young gigolo Danny Ball though estranged husband Gavin seemed remarkably tolerant about it. She had been threatened by a friend of the Punch and Judy man and her daughter Hannah tells Jane that she had' hundreds' of enemies. Jane puts herself in danger to find out which of them killed Una.
31. Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005)
Deuce Bigalow ('Rob Schneider') goes to Amsterdam after a little accident including two irritating kids and a bunch of aggressive dolphins. There he meets up with his old friend TJ Hicks ('Eddie Griffin'). But a mysterious killer starts killing some of Amsterdams finest gigolos and TJ is mistaken for the extremely gay murderer. Deuce must enter the gigolo industry again to find the real murderer and clear TJs name.
After an accident with dolphins and elders on a beach, the clumsy fish tank cleaner and former gigolo Deuce Bigalow (Rob Schneider) is invited by his pimp friend T.J. Hicks (Edie Griffin) to travel to Amsterdam where he is presently living. Once there, T.J. Hicks is wrongly taken as a whore-men serial killer. Bigalow joins the gigolo's association trying to find the true identity of the murderer and clean TJ Hicks. Meanwhile, he meets the gorgeous Eva (Hanna Verboom), and while dating her, he suspects that she may be the wanted killer.
32. Silk Stalkings (1991 TV Series)
Episode: Crime of Love (1993)
Although Rita objects, a gigolo/killer-turned-writer is released on parole into the custody of his publisher. When the publisher's oversexed wife is found murdered, Rita immediately suspects the parolee but later learns that he's innocent of this crime.
33. Tales of the Unexpected (1979 TV Series)
Episode: Wink Three Times (1988)
Ten years previously the rich but gauche Babs Colport was persuaded by her friend Holly to hire and meet gigolo Dominic in a hotel bedroom. At the same time the equally bashful provincial solicitor Jeremy Tyler came to the hotel and was set up by Giles, an old school mate. A series of musical beds followed but with a happy outcome as, ten years later, a married couple return to the location where they first met.
Giles Wimbourne has some fun with his nerdish friend Jeremy Tyler. He tells Jeremy about the 'secret code' a hotel guest uses to arrange for a woman to be sent to his room. Meanwhile pretty but shy Barbara Colport arrives at the hotel to meet a gigolo for the first time.
34. 77 Sunset Strip (1958 TV Series)
Episode: Perfect Setup (1960)
Jeff goes to capture a thief sneaking back via a remote corner of the Islands. PI Jeff poses as a wandering gigolo, signing on as a guitar-strumming lounge act to attract lonely women to a struggling resort. Cricket Blake chirps along with him, but the new competition brings out the worst in a scheming philanderer and a torch-bearing local police chief.
35. Dirt (2007 TV Series)
Episode: God Bless the Child (2008)
Brent decides it's time to make the fact that he's the boss known to Lucy by allying himself with notorious gigolo Adam Proteau. Meanwhile, Lucy embarks on a dangerous mission of bringing down Tweedy McDaniel, the violent gangster/music mogul, but soon finds that Tweedy is connected to almost everyone. Also, Don finds himself a prisoner when he uncovers the deadly hidden secrets of a famous politician, named Cassie Hope, which involves her murderous son Craig, and the things he hides in his parents basement.
36. The Golden Palace (1992 TV Series)
Episode: Just a Gigolo (1992)
Nick De Carlo, a handsome patron says he cannot pay the bill and wants to work in the kitchen. The girls want to find something more appropriate for him to do and ask him about his trade. Nick says he is a gigolo. Shocked, the girls hire him anyway to wash the dishes. When Blanche's date dies, and Nick proposes to escort Blanche to her diner. They really hit it off on their date, and when he has paid off his debt, he thinks of changing jobs. Blanche offers him to stay at the hotel and take care of him. Roland takes Chuy to a seminar from the author of "Ready, Willing and Able" so he changes his personality. Chuy is supposed to walk on hot coal so he overcomes his fears. It turns out Chuy manages but Roland is afraid to do the same. Chuy talks him into it. Rick tells Blanche he does not want her to pay for everything. He wants to go back to Indiana and work in his brother's store to earn money. But he still asks for more money before he leaves. Rose finds out his hometown does not exist and threatens to tell Blanche. Nick gives up and leaves.
37. Sonny (2002)
New Orleans, 1981. Sonny Phillips, just discharged from the Army, returns home where the only life he's known is as a gigolo working for his mother. He wants to leave that behind, but the job his Army buddy promised doesn't materialize, and he can't escape his past.
38. One Step Beyond (1959 TV Series)
Episode: The Inheritance (1959)
In a seedy bar washed up drunk Michael Barry tells the presenter how an elderly countess to whom he was a gigolo died wearing a beautiful necklace, as did her dowdy companion who inherited the jewelry. Barry was not superstitious until he gave the necklace to another woman, who went the same way, leaving him unhinged.
39. The Affair of the Necklace (2001)
Paris, 1786: a woman in court. The Crown murdered her father for his views about the poor, now Jeanne wants her home and good name back. She believes all can be set right if she can talk to the Queen, whose House Minister rebuffs her. With the help of a courtside gigolo, she learns to use what others desire to get what she wants. She needs a patron: with forged letters, she convinces Cardinal de Rohan she is the Queen's confidante and can help him regain royal favor. Jeanne conspires to have the Cardinal purchase a fabulous diamond necklace for the Queen. He delivers it to Jeanne for Marie Antoinette. If the scheme breaks down, what then? Might this affair spark revolution?
40. Maigret (1992 TV Series)
Episode: Maigret and the Mad Woman (1992)
An elderly widow is sure someone is following her and entering her flat when she's away. Maigret assumes she is having senior moments and assigns a subordinate to escort her home. When the woman is found smothered to death, the detective is plagued with guilt and vows to apprehend her killer. The only suspects are her only relatives: her middle-aged daughter who disliked her mother, her paid gigolo, and her wastrel grand nephew who sponged off the victim.
41. The Jack Benny Program (1950 TV Series)
Episode: How Jack Found Mary (1954)
A reporter asks Jack how he found Mary, and Jack remembers himself as a straw-hatted Hollywood boulevardier, twirling a cane, singing "Just a Gigolo " - lured into a May Co. store by a sale on $ 1.99 guaranteed shirts. 22 years later as he's being interviewed, Jack's still wearing the garish shirt. Underwhelmed by Jack's charms, saleswoman Mary Livingstone cracks wise with Jack, while her female co-workers both slice him up and encourage Mary. Episode also features Rochester singing and scat-dancing with The Sportsmen Quartet on "I Get So Lonely."
42. The Soup (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #10.19 (2013)
This week, Joel McHale weighs in on the latest Hollywood headlines including the Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev getting support from girls on Twitter for his release. Plus, comedian and podcast host Marc Maron is in-studio with some titillating commentary on recent pop culture news, and "The Soup" gets an on-screen shoutout from "The Chew." Then, the crew tunes into the strangest moments from "Gigolos," "Small Town Security" and other hot shows.
43. The Soup (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #11.6 (2014)
Seattle superfan Joel McHale takes a break from gloating to serve up super viral videos, the craziest headlines and the wackiest reality clips of the week! In celebrity news, Kim Kardashian regrets changing her hair color and Paris Hilton wins big in blackjack. Plus, Dr. Oz and Tyler Posey from "Teen Wolf" stop by to sniff navel crust. Then, in reality TV news, we take a look at our favorite shows of the week including "Gigolos" where a manwhore tries to woo a woman by dressing as a centaur. All that and the best clips of the week from "Teen Mom 2," "Bigfoot Bounty," and Honey Boo Boo wins a pie-eating contest.
44. The Life: What's Your Pleasure? (2004)
A writer is interviewing prostitutes, porn stars and gigolos for her latest book. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the scholarship of the student of PHD of anthropology Rebecca finishes and she has financial problem to keep her apartment. Her neighbor and call-girl Adrianna introduces her to prostitution.
A young writer named Elisabeth (unseen except for a voice-over) decides to write her newest book on the world's oldest profession: prostitution. Based in Los Angeles, Elisabeth travels the world interviewing dozens of prostitutes ranging from call-girls, streetwalkers, even male and female gigolos. While Elisabeth is away, her neighbor Rebecca, an anthropology grad student, is drawn herself into the profession by her call-girl neighbor Adrianna who steers her to her top client Pierre.
45. The Theory of Flight (1998)
A dreamer who aspires to human flight is assigned public service after one of his attempts off a public building. This leads him to meeting a young woman, who is dying of motor neuron disease. The strong-willed woman admits her wish to be de-flowered before her death. The man, struggling to maintain his relationship with his girl friend, declines but offers to help pay for a gigolo to do the deed. The following events play off the inherent comedy and drama of the circumstances.
46. The Extra Man (2010)
Louis, a young teacher enamored of the age of F. Scott Fitzgerald, loses his job when he's caught trying on a bra he finds in a campus office. He decides to go to New York City to find himself and to be a writer. He answers an ad for a housemate placed by the eccentric and opinionated Henry Harrison; an odd-couple relationship starts. Louis gets a job selling advertising for a green magazine and fancies Mary, a co-worker. He meets Henry's neighbor, the hirsute Gershon, and Henry offers Paul schooling in the gentleman's world of being an "extra man" - a hired companion, a gigolo - for older women. Can Louis sort out these varied worlds as well as his own expectations?
47. The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (1961)
In Rome, the Contessa Magda Terribili-Gonzales is able to live a lavish lifestyle by foisting her small stable of young gigolos on wealthy and unsuspecting lonely women, or perhaps not so unsuspecting. She has a 50/50 agreement with those gigolos for any moneys received. One of those women is middle aged Broadway actress Karen Stone, who is at an age where she can no longer play the ingénue roles that made her famous. In combination with the recent death of her husband en route to Rome, Karen is feeling insecure in her career and life because of her age. The Contessa's choice for Karen is Paolo di Leo. Although Karen is wary of Paolo, her loneliness does get the better of her as she embarks on a relationship with Paolo. In her somewhat outward happiness, Karen begins to sever ties with her old friends, who she believes will be judgmental. But Paolo is slightly different than the Contessa's other gigolos. He in turn has an infatuation with Karen, who doesn't lavish him with money as do most of the other women. This lack of money places a strain between Paolo and the Contessa, who wants her fair share and will do anything needed to make sure Paolo does his "job", even at the expense of Karen's mental state.
48. Longshot (2001)
Jack Taylor is a Beverly Hills gigolo who is blackmailed by a corrupt and powerful businessman, Laszlo Pryce. He is forced to seduce a wealthy widow in NYC to obtain insider information so his blackmailer can profit. Jack desperately tries to prevent harm coming to his little brother Alex, but unexpectedly falls for the woman he is forced to betray. Now, he must choose.
49. The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (2003 TV Movie)
A failing star is faced with a lifestyle change when her rich husband suddenly dies while they are en route to Italy. She then sets off in a series of flings with gigolos found for her by an aging contessa. Each contact spirals further out of control until she becomes obsessed with one young man, who initially treats her well, but then with disdain.
50. Midnight (1939)
Showgirl Eve, stranded in Paris without a sou, befriends taxi driver Tibor Czerny, then gives him the slip to crash a party. There she meets Helene Flammarion and her gigolo Picot, who's attracted to Eve. Helene's scheming husband Georges enlists Eve's aid in taking Picot away from his wife. It works well... at first. Meanwhile, lovestruck Tibor searches for Eve. But then he learns she's calling herself Baroness Czerny!
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