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1. Suits (2011 TV Series)
Episode: To Trouble (2016)
After signing a plea deal to spare his colleagues at Pearson Specter Litt, Mike is confronted with the harsh realities of prison life. Meanwhile the once bustling Pearson Specter Litt offices feel like a ghost town. The firm will have to deal with the fallout from Mike's crime before they can begin to rebuild.
2. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1 (2007)
The Yellow Eyed Demon transports Sam, Andy, and Ava along with other "Special Children" Jake and Lily to the remains of a ghost town to initiate the first steps of his war against mankind. Dean contacts Bobby Singer, Ash, and Ellen for help in locating his brother.
Dean parks the car in a diner and waits in the car while Sam brings some fast food and pie. Suddenly he realizes that Sam vanished and finds the staff murdered. Without any lead, he meets Bobby and calls Ash; later, Ash calls Dean and when they arrive in the Roadhouse, they find the place burned to the ground, Ash and other hunters dead and Ellen missing. Meanwhile, Sam awakes in the ghost town Cold Oak, South Dakota, with Andy and Ava and they meet two other strangers, Jake and Lily. The Yellow-Eyed Demon visits Sam in his dream and explains that only one member of the group will survive and become a soldier in his army of demons.
3. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Croatoan (2006)
Another one of Sam's visions in which Dean kills a man by name of Duane Tanner sends the Winchesters to Rivergrove, a near ghost town facing mass demonic possession. Sam and Dean begin to believe that the demons are trying to destroy the town from the inside out when the remaining town-folk try to kill them.
Sam has a vision of Dean killing a man with a scar on the forehead, and the Winchester brothers drive to the small town of Rivergrove, Oregon. They discover that the victim is Duane Tanner, a pacific local that lives with his family. Sooner they disclose that most of the dwellers are possessed by a demoniac virus transmitted by blood, and they believe that demons want to destroy Rivergrove with the virus and spread an outbreak to the other towns.
4. Community (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Paradigms of Human Memory (2011)
As the study group gathers to assemble their 20th and final Anthropology diorama of the year, they begin reminiscing about their favorite times together - including a trip they made to a western ghost town, a last minute glee club performance and the array of costumes that Dean Pelton has managed to wear over the year. Meanwhile, Troy's pet monkey returns, only to disappear back into the school's ventilation system.
5. Charmed (1998 TV Series)
Episode: The Good, the Bad and the Cursed (2001)
Victor Bennett brings Phoebe to a ghost town and asks her if it could be a good investment. Phoebe sees two ghosts and she gets physically linked to one of them, the Indian Bo. When Bo is shot by the mean Sutter, Phoebe is also hurt. Leo is unable to heal her, so Cole travels with Prue to a parallel world, trying to stop the looped curse in the town and save Phoebe.
6. Murder, She Wrote (1984 TV Series)
Episode: Night of the Coyote (1992)
In Silverville, New Mexico, Max Teller has turned a ghost town into a tourist attraction, but a bank loan officer wants to buy it, a former cohort in crime arrives to blackmail him, and a thieving hand that he fires threatens him. When the Silverville Museum burns, mysterious Sheriff Keeyani appears to get word from the spirits that it was arson, but Jessica realizes he is covering standard police procedure with a show. Max is killed, and it may have been related to treasure missing from an 1898 holdup.
Visiting Susan Lindsay in Chaco Springs, Jessica enjoys Max Teller's reenactment of the 1898 last New Mexico stage coach robbery by the legendary Cutter McGee. Banker Ben Judson's offer to buy the ghost town, abandoned after the silver mine ran out in 1905, in turned down. Max and historian Charles Strickland where after the never recovered loot. Shortly after Max fires scamming supplier Earl, his Silver City's museum is arson-wrecked, the next day Max is murdered. Jessica helps sneaky but competent Navajo sheriff Sam Keeyani find the murderer and the treasure.
7. The Brady Bunch (1969 TV Series)
Episode: Grand Canyon or Bust (1971)
While stranded in a desert ghost town, most of the Brady family tries to figure a way to save themselves, while Mike and Peter head off on foot for help. They are eventually saved when Mike and Peter return with Zaccariah and their car. Zaccariah really was coming back to set them free after he registered his gold claim. With their vehicle and gear returned, the family heads to their ultimate destination of the Grand Canyon, which does not disappoint them. After spending the first day and night atop the canyon, they descend to the canyon floor on mule-back, much to Alice's dismay. After they set up camp, Mike tells all the kids not to go exploring on their own as they don't know the terrain. But the family hits its second crisis of the trip when Bobby and Cindy go missing. Unknown to the rest of the family, Bobby and Cindy were intrigued by an Indian boy they spotted, who disappeared when they ran after him. Bobby and Cindy eventually get lost. As night approaches, everyone becomes concerned.
8. The Brady Bunch (1969 TV Series)
Episode: Ghost Town, U.S.A. (1971)
The kids and Alice are in excited anticipation about the big surprise Mike and Carol are bringing home. The material part of the surprise is sitting in the driveway: a camper trailer. The other part of the surprise is that they will be taking it on vacation to the Grand Canyon. On the start of their trip, the family decides instead of heading for a campground for the first night, they, based on information from a pump jockey at a gas station stop, will head to Cactus Creek, a deserted ghost town, once a gold mining town, where they will set up for the night. After arriving at Cactus Creek and setting up camp, they find the town is as interesting as they had hoped, but it isn't as deserted as they believed. They are met by Zaccariah T. Brown, who has many a fanciful story of the gold rush days. Underneath Zaccariah's friendly exterior, the family will ultimately learn that he has plans for them that they would rather he didn't carry out based on what he believes their reason for being in Cactus Creek is.
9. M*A*S*H (1972 TV Series)
Episode: Good-Bye Radar: Part 2 (1979)
Radar is torn by both his personal news and the news he is going home. Everyone marvels over the Colonel's Wangensteen "gizmo." As Klinger struggles, Radar sees how much the 4077 needs him; he changes his mind about leaving. The sheer number of lives depending on him overwhelms him. Radar and Hawkeye snipe at each other and have a huge row. Colonel Potter knows Radar has done his part and he wants Radar to go home. Margaret's feelings about her "doll" surprise her. Chuckles calls him Walter as he says goodbye. BJ arranges for Peg and Erin to pick up Radar at the airport in San Francisco and says goodbye. There are echoes of Margaret's wedding when an OR session crashes a tearful, emotional going-away party... but for vastly different reasons. There are tears from his CO, who genuinely wishes him Godspeed. There are good wishes from Klinger, Margaret and Father Mulcahy, but the gang says a hurried farewell as they rush to OR. Radar and Hawkeye salute each other in lieu of dialogue. Radar wanders through the deserted mess tent where his party was about to be held and reads "We love you Radar" on a banner. He says another goodbye to his animals. Corporal Walter "Radar" O'Reilly (Gary Burghoff) is the ONLY veteran member of the original Altman classic 1970 film M*A*S*H who was also in the TV series. Last minute, slapdash "and guest starring credits" at the end of S7 were supposed to reflect worth: of the young actor who, figuratively, grew up on this show. Radar leaves the 4077 with as little hoopla as the original series billing suggests. When he gets in his jeep, Radar tells his driver he is going home to Ottumwa, Iowa. His driver is the only other person around; 4077 is a ghost town, as OR is full and there are no triaged patients. He tells Radar: "I guess anywhere you live is home." Radar ponders this idea as they drive away from camp.
10. Shameless (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #9.2 (2012)
His teaching job withdrawn Jackson is in the same boat as the others as the estate risks becoming a ghost town but the residents fight back,playing 'musical houses' by taking over each others' homes and claiming squatters' rights. Kenaway responds with fire bombs but the Maguires play to her greed,kidnapping her and making her an offer she does not refuse,which makes her rich and saves the estate. Frank is reconciled with new police recruit Carl but Kelly suffers a miscarriage.
11. MacGyver (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Three for the Road (1986)
Mac's old friend Tony, who infiltrated the mafia, was to hand him unspecified evidence in sleepy Mesa, but gets killed by two mobsters before they can talk. Tony tossed the satchel in the '59 Cadillac of has-been Hollywood star Guy Roberts, who told his wife June they were returning to Hollywood for a new movie. When his rental car proves impossible to repair even with Macgyverisms, Mac takes a ride from the couple, and puts his skills to defensive use of various parts of the old car to fight off three mobsters who are after the bag, full of counterfeit money Guy used some from to pay the motel when his credit cards were refused, but after a valiant duel on wheels they have to make a stand in a ghost town...
12. Bonanza (1959 TV Series)
Episode: Twilight Town (1963)
Little Joe is knocked unconscious and his horse is stolen by an outlaw. He wanders through the desert until he comes to a ghost town. He collapses in the street. When he comes to, finds himself being nursed back to health by a beautiful girl in Martinville, a quiet place full of friendly if mysterious townsfolk. After his recovery, Joe is surprised to be offered the position of Sheriff by the town's leaders. They tell him they need him to save them from a band of marauding outlaws. A woman attired in black warns Joe of the town's previous shameful betrayal of her husband, the town's previous sheriff. Still, Joe organizes resistance against the outlaws. In the end, Joe is forced to face the outlaws as the townsfolk grow increasingly diffident; and he is forced to come face to face with the final dark mystery of Martinville.
13. Home and Away (1988 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.5616 (2012)
Darryl finds the ghost town huge but remembers his late father was fascinated by an 'indestrictible' tree there. Kyle, who left Casey to die from thirst, passes him and gives false directions, but is recognized by Natalie. To Liam's delight, social isolation brings Romeo to admit a doping problem, but just then Indy refuses flat-out to help for once. Casey was found by passerby Tamara Kingsley, whose attempt to free him only got her captured by Kyle, who came hide Casey again. The captives devise a spectacular escape plan, which also shows their whereabouts to Darryl, who decides to chase Kyle alone.
14. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)
In the Iranian ghost-town Bad City, a place that reeks of death and loneliness, the townspeople are unaware they are being stalked by a lonesome vampire.
An Iranian Vampire Western, shot in black&white and with a killer soundtrack... it's a love story about two tortured souls in a desolate Iranian Ghost-town called 'Bad City', where a lonely vampire is stalking the towns most depraved denizens.
The film opens with a scene of a vast wasteland, Bad City, populated with oil drilling machines and a palpable sense of being a quasi ghost town. Here, Arash a lonely teenager with a drug addicted father who consistently owes money to a dealer, tries his best to make a living working as a gardener for a rich family. Unknown to him, the city is inhabited by a lonely young vampire whose name we never learn. She acts as a sort of vigilante, choosing to feed from those who she considers "bad", killing them without mercy. When one night she runs into Arash, she will finally know the possibilities that love offers, and that even in Bad City, shines a small glimmer of hope.
15. The Rifleman (1958 TV Series)
Episode: The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town (1961)
Returning home to North Fork Lucas, Mark and Marshal Micah Torrance take a slight detour so Micah can visit the town in which he grew up. At one time it was a thriving mining community but as the ore was mined out, people moved away and it's not much more that a ghost town now. He's surprised to run into old Mr. Newman and his son Herbert who remember Micah from when he was young. They've staying on in town and are the only ones left. There is something odd about the mines however and Mark keeps seeing shadows that his father initially puts down to an active imagination but soon prove to be something else.
16. The Rifleman (1958 TV Series)
Episode: The Wyoming Story: Part 1 (1961)
The McCains cattle have been wiped out - along with pretty well everyone else's in the area - by hoof and mouth disease. North Fork is quickly becoming something of a ghost town with boarded up shops and even Marshal Micah Torrance wondering if he will stay on. He has a suggestion for Lucas however. The government is looking for someone to go to Wyoming under cover and determine how local Indians have been obtaining new repeater rifles. With few options available to him, Lucas decides to take the job despite objections from Mark. Once in his new town, he pretends to be something of an outlaw in the hopes of getting in with the crooks.
17. Carnivàle (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Ingram, TX (2005)
When Carnivale sets up show in Ingram, Texas, Ben sets out to find some people who knew Scudder and stumbles into a bizarre moonshiners' camp, which proves both painful and revealing. Meanwhile, Stroud continues his quest to find Scudder by investigating the mining accident in the ghost town of Babylon. At Carnivale, Sofie still refuses to read Ben's future through the tarot cards, but the cards soon reveal something without Sofie's assistance. Ruthie's luck with her snake charming skills seem to be turning against her. Stumpy pitches Rita Sue and Libby to an underage audience, and he later gets a visit from a menacing bookie looking to collect. In Mintern, Tommy Dolan continues his investigation into the arson incident. Brother Justin takes the catatonic Reverend Balthus under his wing, as well as takes advantage of his young and naive new housekeeper, Celeste.
18. Wagon Train (1957 TV Series)
Episode: The Joshua Gilliam Story (1960)
Adams and Hawks spot buzzards overhead finding Joshua Gilliam who has been severely whipped with a bull whip. They return to the train where Greta Halstadt tends to his wounds. Joshua tells them he is a school teacher who was whipped for giving a student a lashing. He is very friendly with Greta to the dismay of her mother Freda. Greta has been teaching the kids on the train but she suggests having a trained teacher would be beneficial to the kids. Joshua is a great teacher and his cultured manners wins Greta's heart. Joshua attempts to secretly hypnotize Greta but Freda interrupts. Freda tells Joshua that Greta will not receive her inheritance unless Freda blesses her marriage. As part of a history lesson Joshua teaches the children about the Salem witch trials while at the same time convincing them witches exist indirectly describing Freda. The children become frighten by Freda causing her to have a nervous breakdown aided by Joshua's tricks. He uses hypnosis to tell Freda to ride at midnight to a ghost town to find a doctor. When Greta can't find her, she has Joshua go after Freda. When they don't return quickly, she tells Adams who realizes there may be foul play afoot.
19. Wagon Train (1957 TV Series)
Episode: The Sam Darland Story (1962)
The wagon train finds Sam Darland and a number of orphan boys in an old ghost town. Hale tries to convince Darland that it is not safe to stay in the town, as it in the midst of Indian territory and the leader of the tribe has been on the warpath of late.
20. Ghost Adventures (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Apache Junction (2015)
Ghost Adventures crew spend the night in the ghost town of Goldfield, Arizona, which was the original Apache Junction. Zak tests new gas-detecting equipment in the mines, and Jay Wasley is utterly startled when he sees a man in a trench coat roaming through the town. The team also ventures into the cursed lands of the Superstition Mountain in order to find out any details related to the hectic mining for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine and its connections to Apache Junction.
21. Ghost Adventures (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Bannack Ghost Town (2014)
The GAC travel to Montana to investigate the Hotel Meade, the former site of the county courthouse of Beaverhead County that resides in the ghost town of Bannack. While investigating, they expand the scope of their investigation to include more areas of the town, including the crying baby houses, the saloon, the church house, and the schoolhouse.
22. The Wild Wild West (1965 TV Series)
Episode: The Night of the Sabatini Death (1969)
Johnny Sabatini makes a dying request of his adversary James West: ensure a special young woman receives the gift he is bequeathing her. The mission of mercy takes West and able assistant Ned Brown to the spooky ghost town of Calliope, Missouri.
23. The Wild Wild West (1965 TV Series)
Episode: The Night of the Colonel's Ghost (1967)
President Grant wants to go to Gibsonville to dedicate the statue of an officer under his command during the Civil War. James West travels ahead to ensure it's safe for the President. West finds Gibsonville is now a ghost town and is experiencing an "epidemic" of broken necks. The few residents left are seeking buried gold -- and the number of bodies is rising.
24. The Virginian (1962 TV Series)
Episode: Execution at Triste (1967)
Trampas and two cowhands, Burt and Morgan, drive a herd of cattle to a remote army fort. Trampas must go to Triste, which is almost a ghost town, to receive the $1500 for the herd. However, the owner of the bank is gone so he must wait overnight to get the money. While there he encounters an old friend from Abilene he knew ten years before, Lee Knight, who is a gun fighter tired of life. He tries to challenge Trampas to a gun fight which Trampas tries to avoid. Everyone including Knight's girlfriend and bartender Mavis try to persuade Trampas to leave town but he must get the money. Although Trampas returns to the Army post and tells the two cowhands to stay away from Triste, they go anyway to celebrate. It results in their use as bait by Knight by killing Morgan to goad Trampas into a gun fight. Burt returns to the Army post to tell Trampas. The two return to town for the burial and decide to spend the night. To protect them Trampas has both of them go without guns hoping it will stop Knight but he wants the fight while Mavis wants Knight to stop the killing and take her away.
25. The Virginian (1962 TV Series)
Episode: Incident at Diablo Crossing (1969)
Trampas is sent by stagecoach on a cattle buying trip. At a way station two soldiers and a payroll join the stage and they are told there may be Arapaho Indian trouble ahead. When the coach stops for rest and water, Trampas finds Jason Adams standing in the river over the dead body of the ferryman Hank Simpson from Diablo Crossing where the stage is headed. Adams says he found the body after having to shoot his horse and hoping to catch the stage. However, Trampas is very suspicious of Adams as he knew the ferryman. At Diablo Crossing which is a ghost town falling down from neglect they find the ferry destroyed and Bud and Marcy McLister who are brother and sister. Bud having heard about the Arapaho takes a shot at them until he learns who they are. They are forced to stay in Diablo Crossing until they can repair the ferry to get away from possible Indian attack. While repairing the ferry, Trooper Rankin takes a shine to Marcy, they are shot at, and the horses disappear followed by the payroll. Adding to the tension is a problem between Adams and the stage driver Sam Mason while Trampas still doesn't trust Adams.
26. The Virginian (1962 TV Series)
Episode: The Legacy of Spencer Flats (1971)
Trampas is caught in a bad wind storm in the southwest. He has lost his saddlebags with his ID, food and cooking gear. He stumbles across a sign for the town of Spencer Flats. He heads for it finding a ghost town except for the saloon which is lit with music. Entering it he finds the bar has liquor and a meal prepared on a table. Finding no one around he helps himself to a beer and the meal. As he eats two women enter from different directions and one has a shotgun at his head. the blond. Della, with the shotgun wants to take him outside and shoot him while the brunette, Annie, wants to enjoy his company for a spell. An older man, Teddy, enters and tries to calm the situation. They have received a telegraph message that Deke Slaughter has escaped from Yuma prison and Trampas meets his general description. Della wants to kill Deke (Trampas) thinking it will revive the town founded by their father. Teddy talks them into delaying any action but when the telegraph line goes down in the storm things don't look good for Trampas when the real Deke Slaughter arrives - with a sheriff's badge.
27. Laramie (1959 TV Series)
Episode: Siege at Jubilee (1961)
Daisy Cooper and Jess Harper get more that they bargained for when Daisy takes Jess to the dentist in Cheyenne and he ends up deputized to escort prisoner Hobey Devon back to Laramie. Devon robbed the bank in Laramie and got caught, but not before he hid the stolen money somewhere near Jubilee. Now the gang he was with is going to hijack the stage to get Devon but their inside man jumps the gun and now the stage is on the Old Laramie road to elude them. When the stage breaks down Jess, Hobey, Daisy and the rest of the passengers must head to the ghost town of Jubilee if they are to hide from the gang. With help from Daisy and even Devon, Jess may just have a chance of getting them all back to Laramie alive.
28. Rawhide (1959 TV Series)
Episode: Gold Fever (1962)
Favor loses Clay and four drovers to gold fever when old prospector Hosea Brewer lures the drovers to his solitary homestead in a ghost town on Lost Mountain. Losing drovers, Favor sends Rowdy to Dutch Flats to hire new men. Rowdy stops at Hosea's house where he finds the missing men. Hosea has two older marriage-hungry, lonely daughters Pricilla and Jessica plus a younger daughter Meg. Clay is interested in Pricilla while Jessica finds Rowdy of interest. Clay pumps the young Meg for information who at her father's urging tells him to try a specific site. Clay convinces Rowdy to give the dig a day. Given the mutual attraction and support between Rowdy and Clay and the man's three daughters he salts the dig -- to induce Rowdy and Clay to sport his daughters and to help with his futile prospecting. When Clay and Rowdy appear to hit gold, the other men having no success decide to file on their claim. Warned by Hosea, Clay and Rowdy head to Dutch Flats to file as well. Rowdy is able to get the claim first causing a stampede to Lost Mountain by the locals preventing Favor from finding new hands. When the daughters learn Hosea salted the claim, they convince Clay and Rowdy to leave along with their father while Wishbone tells Favor he hired two drovers -- Clay and Rowdy.
29. Rawhide (1959 TV Series)
Episode: Incident of the Haunted Hills (1959)
Desperate for water, Gil's drive is forced into a deadly confrontation between the Paneequa tribe and surveyors, over the Lake of the Haunted Hills. The valley's ghostly winds and geysers are sacred to the tribe, while the U.S. Army survey is headed by a stubborn Indian killer Captain, who orders a Paneequa woman tortured. Gil hopes his drover Tasunka, who left the tribe as a teen, can mediate the dispute with minimal bloodshed, but when Gil finds that the local White settlement Heliotrope is a ghost town due to the dispute, the trail boss tells Rowdy to take over the drive in case he is killed.
30. Rawhide (1959 TV Series)
Episode: The Gray Rock Hotel (1965)
Some drovers come down with a sickness, one of them having died already. Favor leads a half dozen of them on a 30-mile trip for doctoring at Gold Ridge. Along the way, they stop at a ghost town temporarily occupied by Lottie (Lola Albright), the only person it town. Lottie's horse had gone lame. She is skittish and fearful, but nurses the men under Favor's supervision. Alluring, the men (except Favor) take to her, and she plays up to them and bad-mouths Gil Favor. One of the drovers, Marty Brown, seems to recognize her or at least correctly assesses her as a vamp and manipulative lying woman. So she sees to it that he succumbs to his illness. The others recover. Finally she tells Favor that her husband became violently jealous of her innocent meeting with his partner, resulting in her accidentally shooting her husband. The law thinks otherwise, and a posse is closing in on her at the ghost town, and she starts firing at the posse and encourages the drovers, over Favor's objections, to join in the shoot-out. It soon becomes clear, though, that Lottie is mentally ill and has violent feelings toward all men, possibly due to abuse.
After Favor hired two drovers, several of the men became sick and one of the new men died. Unsure what the illness is, Favor and the sick men reach the Gray Rock Hotel in an abandoned town. It provides protection from the cold and wind. They find a beautiful woman Lottie stranded there due to an accident with her horse. Favor convinces her to help tend the men while he sends the sick Quince to the next town for help. Lottie soon becomes popular with all the men but especially Marty, one of the two new hands. After making a failed pass at Lottie and mentioning he has heard of her, she tries twice to kill him succeeding the second time. Quince falls off his horse but is found later by a group of men looking for Lottie. One man goes with Quince while the other three go to Gray Rock. Favor and the men have learned Lottie is in trouble with men chasing her. When the three men arrive, Favor wants to talk to them but Lottie opens fire with the rest of the drovers following suit. After people are wounded on both sides, Favor finally forces the truth out of Lottie. She has been a battered woman and wife murdering multiple men including Marty. She runs out of the hotel where she meets her fate.
31. Rawhide (1959 TV Series)
Episode: Incident of the Curious Street (1959)
Favor and Rowdy are trailing some missing cattle when they lose their trail in a ghost town. A man Matt Lucas says he is alone in the town as a caretaker for the mine. As the men start to leave, they hear organ music leading them to two women who were seized from a stage coach ambush and held for ransom. The women (mother and daughter) are being helped by Ed Cory who had stayed to care for the church. The mother, who has never forgiven her husband for abandoning her for a saloon woman, has tried to turn her daughter Angie against men causing them to quarrel amongst themselves. Having only pistols to go against Lucas and his son Waldo's rifles they decide to try to sneak out that night. However, Angie decides to stay with Waldo who promised a new style of life. Favor and Rowdy capture Matt but Waldo threatens to kill Angie so they are forced to turn over Matt and their guns before they escape. They find their missing cattle and horses so Favor has Rowdy ride for help but he is hit. Favor is able to find Mrs. Miller's gun using it to kill Waldo and wound Matt before he runs out of bullets.
Favor and Rowdy, trailing some missing cattle, reach a ghost town where two women, seized from a stage coach ambush, are held for ransom. Favor and Rowdy go about rescuing them, as the women (mother and daughter) quarrel amongst themselves.
32. Rawhide (1959 TV Series)
Episode: Incident of Judgment Day (1963)
As the drovers prepare to celebrate Rowdy's birthday, two men ride into camp. Rowdy recognizes them as men he spent time with in the Yuma POW camp. He knows they want to settle an old score but is willing to go alone with them. They ride to a setting that is as forbidding as the overcrowded, disease-ridden Yuma camp they survived - the wrecked courthouse of a trailside ghost town. For 6 years, ex-CSA Captain Cabot and his devoted followers searched for prison mate Rowdy, who's anxious to put the U.S. Civil War behind him. They find an old alcoholic living there who had been a judge. Cabot tells the judge he has a trial to preside over. After two more men arrives one of whom is paralyzed, they have a kangaroo-court trial of Rowdy for treason. They believe he betrayed their escape attempts.
33. Last Man Standing (1996)
John Smith is an amoral gunslinger in the days of Prohibition. On the lam from his latest (unspecified) exploits, he happens upon the town of Jericho, Texas. Actually, calling Jericho a town would be too generous--it has become more like a ghost town, since two warring gangs have 'driven off all the decent folk.' Smith sees this as an opportunity to play both sides off against each other, earning himself a nice piece of change as a hired gun. Despite his strictly avowed mercenary intentions, he finds himself risking his life for his, albeit skewed, sense of honor....
34. Hart to Hart (1979 TV Series)
Episode: Harts at High Noon (1982)
Hart Industries is considering buying a bankrupt old West ghost town, and increasing its value as a tourist attraction. The resident bad guys are determined to prevent that, forcing Jonathan to don his six-shooters, so he and Jennifer can ride off into the sunset.
35. The High Chaparral (1967 TV Series)
Episode: Trail to Nevermore (1969)
Leaving on a trip to Kansas City to sell cattle, Big John, Victoria, and Manolito leave for the train in a buckboard. They are chased by three bandits in the desert. In the race Big John is injured when he falls from the buckboard as it hits a log. Manolito and Victoria jump leaving the bandits to chase the horses and buckboard. Manolito finds the rear part of the buckboard on two wheels which he and Victoia use to haul the unconscious Big John to a ghost town. Manolito disappears but they find him the next where he fell through a floor and was knocked out. The three are found by a lone bearded man Sody claiming to be the sheriff of the town. He takes them to his office telling them he is awaiting the new mine owners to return with money to reopen the copper mine. That night the three bandits appear so Victoria is sent to hide but Big John and Manolito are caught by them. The sheriff believed their story about wanting to reopen the mine but soon realizes what they really are. Two of them chase Victoria with one falling down Manolito's hole and the sheriff handles the other. Meanwhile, Big John with the aid of Manolito is able to overpower the leader.
36. Lovejoy (1986 TV Series)
Episode: Stones of Destiny (1993)
After promising Charlie Gimbert that he will refinish a sideboard for a lady friend by the weekend, Lovejoy allows the appropriately named Bible Joe, an eccentric Welsh antiques dealer, to browse Charlotte's antique shop. Although the Scripture-quoting Joe has an impeccable reputation for honesty, he inexplicitly steals a priceless ancient Celtic cross that she found hidden inside a cupboard she bought from a sale in Wales, a cross that may be part of a famous set of twelve. Because Joe comes from the same village as the cupboard, Lovejoy and Charlotte are off in hot pursuit to Wales. They discover that the remaining eleven crucifixes may be hidden in a coastal druidical cave with Arthurian ties that later served as a church during the Middle Ages, but they are not alone in their quest. An enigmatic group of "historians" who dress as monks have bought up the entire village, which will soon become a ghost town. Meanwhile Tink and Beth do whatever they can to convince an anxious Gimpert into that Lovejoy is still busy working on the sideboard.
37. Scooby Doo, Where Are You! (1969 TV Series)
Episode: Mine Your Own Business (1969)
The kids get lost and wind up in the spooky ghost town of Gold City. They check into the local ranch house hotel only to find that they are the only ones in this nice hotel--all the other guests are being scared away by the "Miner 49'er," a miner who came to the city in 1849 and won't leave until he finds the last vein of gold in the city's old mine. The kids investigate the town, find a hidden entrance to the old mine, and unmask the "Miner 49'er"--and the real "gold" that the miner was digging up.
38. The Flintstones (1960 TV Series)
Episode: Sheriff for a Day (1965)
The Flintstones and the Rubbles are spending their vacation in the desert looking for Uranium. They arrive at an authentic Western Ghost Town, and Fred finds that the Sheriff is one of his school friends. He offers the job of "Sheriff for a day", but the catch is that three brothers are coming to town by train to shoot the sheriff, whoever he is. The whole town is hiding the lie to Fred while he is strolling around town. But he discovers the truth sooner or later, and has two options: leave town or face the criminals...
39. Blackburn (2015)
A forest fire and rock-slide trap five bickering college friends in a small Alaskan ghost town with a horrifying history. When they seek refuge inside the torched ruins of Blackburn Asylum they must fight to survive as the angry inhabitants slaughter the friends one-by-one.
A forest fire and rock-slide trap five bickering college friends in a small Alaskan ghost town with a horrifying history. When they seek refuge inside the torched ruins of Blackburn Asylum they must fight to survive as the angry inhabitants slaughter the friends one-by-one.
40. The Outer Limits (1963 TV Series)
Episode: The Zanti Misfits (1963)
The perfectionist rulers of the planet Zanti have solved the problem of what to do with their non desirable citizens...they are incapable of executing their own species so they have exiled them to the planet Earth. At a Top Secret Military base in the ghost town of Morgue, California a small group of Air Force officers and guards is awaiting the landing of the Zanti penal ship. They are informed that the Zanti value their privacy and told to leave the ship alone. The military is prepared to comply until a car with a runaway wife and a three time loser named Ben Garth crashes through the barricades and breaks down in the desert near the Zanti ship.
41. Adam-12 (1968 TV Series)
Episode: Log 103: A Sound Like Thunder (1969)
Malloy and Reed bring an elderly man into Central Receiving for treatment. While there Malloy confirms his date with nurse Sally Fisher to join him and Reed plus Jim's pregnant wife the next morning on a visit to a remote ghost town. After arriving they hear "thunder" which Malloy recognizes as motorcycles. A gang of several men and women search Reed's car. They learn the men are police officers with women and decide to have fun. The officers and women hold up in an old saloon. They capture the leader of the gang while he is searching for them and shoot another in the leg. The rest are scared off and Jim rides a captured cycle for help as they destroyed his car.
On their one day off, Reed and Malloy, along with their significant others - Reed's wife Jean and Malloy's current girlfriend, hospital RN Sally Fisher - decide to take a day trip to the ghost town of Silver Lode. The outing is despite Jean ready to give birth any day. Upon their arrival at deserted Silver Lode, Sally has an eerie feeling about the overwhelming quiet. That quiet is soon broken by what sounds like thunder, but which Malloy knows better is a group of motorcycles. Fearing the worst, Malloy and Reed make Jean and Sally go into hiding in an abandoned building while they investigate. Indeed, the noise is a motorcycle gang bent on causing havoc. Unseen from afar, Malloy and Reed see that they are a gang of eight, and heavily armed proceed to destroy Reed's vehicle. Searching through the vehicle and finding handcuffs in the glove compartment, the gang rightly surmise that whoever the car belongs to is a cop. This find riles the gang up even more, wanting to show some cops who's the boss. Malloy and Reed have to figure out a way to diffuse the situation, while keeping Sally and Jean safe, which may be even more difficult if Jean goes into labor.
42. Kitchen Nightmares (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Casa Roma (2010)
Casa Roma: where the carpets are dirty, food sticks to your hand, the menu misspells a key word, the bar is hoping but the restaurant side of a ghost town, and the chef is a huge SOB. In addition to that a mother and son ownership who've never worked at or run a restaurant. Top that off with one of the most disgusting kitchen and dining room investigations yet. Can it be saved?
43. Django (1966)
Walking through the desert dragging a coffin, a lonely cowboy rescues Maria from a group of bandits. That cowboy is Django, and he arrives in a muddy ghost town ravaged by those bandits, where only the saloon and the brothel, owned by Nataniele, are open. Soon, Major Jackson, who charges protection fees from the dwellers, rounds his gang up to face Django, but he kills all the bandits but Jackson using a machine gun. Then a mercenary and acquaintance of Django, Gen. Hugo Rodriguez, arrives in town, and Django proposes a bold plan to steal the gold from Jackson and split between them. When Django is betrayed, he steals the gold from Hugo and is helped by Maria. They are chased by Hugo and his men, while Jackson organizes with the Mexican army to trap Hugo.
In the opening scene a lone man walks, behind him he drags a coffin. That man is Django. He rescues a woman from bandits and, later, arrives in a town ravaged by the same bandits. The scene for confrontation is set. But why does he drag that coffin everywhere and who, or what, is in it?
44. Have Gun - Will Travel (1957 TV Series)
Episode: The Treasure (1962)
Jess Harden, about to be released from prison for an $80K robbery he says he didn't commit, returns to the same town not knowing that it's a ghost town. He plans to meet his wife there. She wants Paladin there as well to ward off anyone who believes he does have the money after all.
45. 60 Minutes (1968 TV Series)
Episode: 3 Years Later/The Health Wagon/Discovered (2014)
"3 Years Later" goes to Japan to revisit the site of the Fukushima nuclear accident which turned the area into a toxic ghost town frozen in past. "The Health Wagon" reports on how nurses are providing badly needed health care to the uninsured poor of Appalachia. "Discovered" examines the Nazi looted billion-dollar art trove of Cornelius Gurlitt.
46. Mannix (1967 TV Series)
Episode: Scapegoat (1972)
Joe Mannix is called to the office of an air freight company and asked to investigate some cargo thefts, unaware that this is a ruse to allow the operators of the company to substitute a double in his place. When Mannix then tries to leave on a confidential trip to London, he is kidnapped by the men from the air freight company and taken to a remote old west ghost town - while the impostor takes his place on the mission to London.
47. Mannix (1967 TV Series)
Episode: A Gathering of Ghosts (1971)
Mannix travels to a western ghost town in response to an urgent telegram, only to learn that he's been lured there by four surviving members of his undefeated college football team, along with two of their wives, for an impromptu reunion. But then one of their number is killed, and Mannix discovers that their means of leaving the town has been sabotaged, too -- meaning that someone, perhaps the absent member of the team, intends to kill them all.
48. The Invaders (1967 TV Series)
David Vincent, an architect returning home after a hard, hard, day parks his car in an old ghost town in order to rest for a while before continuing on home. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, something wakes him: a strange object, nonhuman, that is landing in front of his eyes. From this moment he will be trying to persuade a skeptical world that the invasion of our planet is going on, that the nightmare has begun...
49. Yellow Sky (1948)
A band of bank robbers on the run from a posse flee into the desert. Near death from lack of water they stumble into what appears to be a ghost town, only to discover an old prospector and his granddaughter living there. The robbers discover that the old man has been mining gold and set out to make a quick fortune by robbing the pair. Their plan runs foul when the gang leader, Stretch, falls for the granddaughter, which sets off a showdown between the entire gang.
In 1867, in the West, the gang of bank robbers led by James "Stretch" Dawson and formed by Dude, Bull Run, Lengthy, Half Pint, Walrus and Jed flee after robbing a bank. However, they are hunted down by the cavalry and Jed is killed. They decide to cross desert and the soldiers stop chasing them. They arrive dehydrated and almost dead at a ghost town called Yellow Sky but a young woman called Constance "Mike" Mae shows the location of a spring. Soon they recover and learn that Mike lives alone with her grandfather Charles Kemper in a house nearby the ghost town. But Dude snoops around at the area and finds prospecting tools near the house. He suspects that Mike and her grandfather could have gold hidden somewhere in the house. The outlaws press Mike and her grandfather and they make a deal with Stretch that promises to take only half the gold. But greed and lust split the gang and Stretch, who has fallen in love with Mike, has to take a decision and choose a side.
50. The Girls Next Door (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Kickin' Aspen (2008)
Hef and the girls fly to Aspen, Colorado, to stay with his former girlfriend Barbi Benton. Barbi lives with her husband George in one of the largest houses in Aspen. After they arrive, Holly gets a snowboarding lesson from Barbi's daughter Ariana, and Kendra shows Barbi her snowboarding skills. Later, the group goes to Barbi's house. Barbi has decorated the entire house and filled it with art, and a tour of just half the house takes an hour. The next day, Barbi and Ariana make breakfast for the whole group, with Barbi trying to remember Hef's food preferences from when they were a couple in the 1970s. The whole group then goes on a sleigh ride to the nearby ghost town of Ashcroft. That night, there is a formal dinner at Barbi and George's house, although Bridget and Kendra have trouble appreciating the food. However, Kendra is very impressed by the disco inside the house. The girls express appreciation for Barbi's hospitality, and Barbi explains that she has grown to appreciate the girls as fellow girlfriends.
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