30 titles.

1. Malcolm in the Middle (2000 TV Series)
Episode: Standee (2004)
Lois returns to work at the market as a probationary employee and takes offense at the racist advertising standee for malt liquor. She hopes Malcolm will see her point of view but he is resistant and this leads to a battle of wills between the two. Hal is involved in another battle of wills; this one with the garbage man.
2. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Aptitude (2007)
Zach and Cody take an aptitude test. Zachs score shows he will be a succesfull CEO and Cody's score shows he will be a garbage man. So Zach starts trying to study more and become a math whiz and Cody just starts to simply not care about anything. Meanwhile, Maddie gains fame after saving the Moroccan ambassadors life. This fame causes London some jealousy.
3. The Beverly Hillbillies (1962 TV Series)
Episode: Jed Joins the Board (1966)
Feeling idle, Jed takes a job as a "sanitation engineer" (garbage man). Mr. Drysdale, fearing potential embarrassment, convinces John Brewster to put Jed to work on the board of directors of O.K. Oil Company. After the set up, the episode becomes rather random, with Brewster discovering that oil losses are due to the Beverly Hills section of a pipeline having been accidentally tapped by the Clampetts and the episode ending with the Clampetts converting the O.K. Oil company jet to a commercial carrier (with Jethro as pilot and Granny a swill-serving stewardess).
4. Leave It to Beaver (1957 TV Series)
Episode: The Grass Is Always Greener (1959)
After overhearing a woman try to get out of a parking ticket and after talking to Larry about his own home life, Beaver comes to the conclusion that he should really listen to the chit-chat that happens around his own house. One piece of information that Beaver gleans from this chit-chat by his father is that they will end up in "the poor house" if things keep on the way that they are. This news makes Beaver curious about poor people, what they're like and where they hang out. When Mr. Fletcher, their neighborhood garbage man, looks like what Ward tells him some poor people look like, Beaver wants to get to know Mr. Fletcher better. Having kids Beaver's age, Mr. Fletcher is more than happy to show Beaver his home life, living in a house the other side of town near the dump. Ward is more than willing to let Beaver do this exploration, but June is concerned. When Beaver comes home excited about the great time he had at the Fletchers, Ward and June, coming from two different perspectives, believe that having the two Fletcher boys come for a visit may be the next best step, despite Wally and Beaver's assertions that there's nothing to do in their own neighborhood compared to playing in the dump. Pete and Chris Fletcher's visit shows all the Cleavers and the Fletchers what life on the other side is really like.
5. Leave It to Beaver (1957 TV Series)
Episode: The Yard Birds (1962)
Wally and Beaver reluctantly give up their Saturday morning to clean the yard, miss the garbage man's pick-up deadline and go from the frying pan into the fire when they trust Eddie Haskell and Lumpy Rutherford to take the trash to the dump in Lumpy's car.
6. Arthur (1996 TV Series)
Episode: My Dad, the Garbage Man/Poor Muffy (1997)
'My Dad, the Garbage Man': Mr. Ratburn's class has been learning about careers. Muffy's dad, Brain's mom, and Francine's dad have offered to show the class what their jobs are like. But Francine is worried what will happen when the other kids learn that her dad is a garbage man./'Poor Muffy': Muffy is allergic to the new rugs in her house. Francine suggests that Muffy stay at her apartment until all the carpet is taken out. While staying at the Frenskys', Muffy complains about only getting three TV channels, eating leftovers, and not being allowed to play her music really loud.
7. Arthur (1996 TV Series)
Episode: D.W. Thinks Big/Arthur Cleans Up (1997)
'D.W. Thinks Big': Aunt Lucy is getting married. Arthur is the ring bearer. Cousin Cora is the flower girl. D.W. wants to help, but she's too little. When Arthur loses the ring in the church organ, D.W. finally does her part./'Arthur Cleans Up': The park is covered with trash, and Arthur wants to do something about it. Mr. Read comes up with the idea of a "kids' clean-up brigade." He tells Arthur's friends that it was all Arthur's idea, but his friends don't want to help because it means making sacrifices. Francine's dad, who is a garbage man, has all the sanitation workers get involved.
8. The Kids in the Hall (1988 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #3.16 (1992)
Catch up with all you favorite characters in this Kids in the Hall episode, where Mississippi Gary sings the After-Death blues, the fact Girl discusses the importance of cleaning your ears, and one of the Sizzler Sisters becomes sane. Sketches include: Resemble, Treatment, Fact - Ears, Night Train, Garbage Man, Fact Vanilla Ice, and Bauer
9. Desperate Living (1977)
Peggy Gravel is totally paranoid that she is uncontrollable! She, along with her nurse Grizelda, attack her husband which kills him. Both try to hide, but a cop with a fetish for female underwear forces then to live in Mortville. The town of Mortville is a pitiful community where criminals live in terrible conditions under the matriarch rule of Queen Carlotta. Both live with butch Mole and glamorous Muffy. When the queen's daughter, Princess Coo-Coo, has a love affair with a garbage man at the local nude camp, Peggy joins the queen in getting rid of the lowlifes of Mortville. Soon Mole, Muffy, and friends start to rebel against them!
10. Henry Fool (1997)
Socially inept garbage man Simon is befriended by Henry Fool, a witty roguish, but talentless novelist. Henry opens a magical world of literature to Simon who turns his hand to writing the 'great American poem'. As Simon begins his controversial ascent to the dizzying heights of Nobel Prize winning poet, Henry sinks to a life of drinking in low-life bars. The two friends fall out and lose touch until Henry's criminal past catches up with him and he needs Simon's help to flee the country.
11. Mimic: Sentinel (2003 Video)
In a decaying neighborhood, asthmatic and allergic amateur photographer Marvin Montrose spends his days and nights confined in his room, snooping on his neighbors in the next building with his camera. When a boy disappears in the spot and then the local drug dealer Desmond, Marvin suspects a mysterious garbage man and his sister Rosy and her friend Carmen investigate. Meanwhile, Marvin witnesses the death of Detective Gary Dumars and a stranger on the street by two mutant Judas Breed insects and discloses that their prime suspect is the CDC Agent Kirchner.
Marvin Montrose is a sickly 24-year-old man, confined to a bubble apartment room due to his severe asthma and allergies. He finds out that the Judas Breed monster roaches that terrorized society are back with a vengeance and are preying on the inhabitants of his apartment complex. So with the help of his sister Rosy and her best friend Carmen, they'll have to destroy the monster roaches and save themselves.
12. Dominick and Eugene (1988)
Dominick and Eugene are twins, but Dominick is a little bit slow due do an accident in his youth. They live together, with Dominick working as garbage man to put Eugene through medical school. Their relationship becomes strained when Eugene must decide between his devotion to his brother, or his need to go away to complete his training. Things are also not helped by Dominick's co-worker, or Eugene's budding romance.
13. The Dark Backward (1991)
A man pursues stand-up comedy encouraged by his fellow garbage man. Though his friend, who accompanies him on accordion, continues to tell him how great he is, he actually stinks. When the "comedian" grows a third arm out of his back, the friend uses this twist to get him signed up with a sleazy talent agent, and it begins to look like his career is on the move, even though his girlfriend has left him.
14. Eek! the Cat (1992 TV Series)
Episode: Eex Men/All About Babs (1993)
Eex men: Eek receives a magic cape from a superhero who goes on a vacation. Now he has to face the evil Garbage man and his henchmen to protect the world!/All about Babs: The dinosaur scientists create a new human being: Babs. The first female human is supposed to draw out Bill and Scooter. Of course things don't go as planned.
15. Shadows in Paradise (1986)
Only connect. In gray, class-conscious Helsinki, Nikander is a stoic, solitary garbage man. Cigarettes, coffee, bingo games, and English lessons border his circumscribed life. There are few words, no smiles, and no laughter. Violence and the threat of violence seem close at hand. Ilona, a supermarket clerk who frequently loses her job, bandages Nikander's hand one evening; later he gets her out of a jam, and they begin an on-again off-again relationship. "Why do I keep losing?," Nikander asks his co-worker, Melartin, a man Nikander met in jail and helped get a job. Can he break his losing streak?
16. Psychopath (2014 Documentary)
The story of Oklahoma garbage man, Victor Marquez, who had dreamed of becoming a Hollywood Make-up artist and working in the movies. When he was 18, he fell in love with his high school gym teacher, and he put his dream on hold to start a family. 25 years later, the couple decide to take their life savings and invest it in property to build a haunted house theme park where Victor will finally be able to create and showcase his talent. But, issues of land use arise with the local neighbors; Victor can't find reliable people to work with him; and his money starts to run low. This is his attempt to achieve the American dream, through a haunted house theme park.
17. The Final Song (2010)
"Final Song" is a romantic comedy about a woman struggling to make it in the recording industry. Her life is complicated by her brother, a wacky garbage man who acts as her manager. He constantly sets her up with one humiliating gig after another, each one pushing her closer and closer to throwing in the towel for good. Only after a chance run in with love, do all her dreams finally come true.
18. Rules of the Game (2008 TV Series)
What do a handicapped garbage man, a creep with a dildo strapped to his head, an effeminate roller-skater in an age-inappropriate pink half-shirt, and a ski-mask-wearing criminal driving a windowless white van have in common? Answer: women love them! Led by a mysterious, steely-eyed guru (world-famous author and rock journalist Neil Strauss), two Hollywood roommates (television's David Faustino and Corin Nemec) navigate the shark infested waters of modern dating the only way two red-blooded American hipsters know how: by competing in high-stakes, death-defying stunts of fantastical foolishness and daring, all to win the hearts, minds and phone numbers of the most pursued young women in LA. Who will man-up and who will be castrated (literally)? Tune in to the next gripping, dastardly tantalizing episode of "Rules of the Game" and find out. But first, forget everything you thought you knew about dating. Because, as Dave and Corin will consistently prove, you're just dead wrong.
19. Christmas with the Dead (2012)
In his quest to fulfill a promise made to his wife, Calvin sets out to right his wrongs and make it the best Christmas ever. If only it weren't June, and the majority of the population, including his wife and daughter, hadn't returned from the dead as flesh-eating snappers in search of hot human lunches, he'd be in pretty good shape. Driven by guilt in a race against the apocalyptic clock, Calvin teams up with G.M., a wily ex-garbage man turned undead slayer, as together they attempt to deck the halls during the most magical time of the year. It's Christmas in June. And snappers be damned... The lights and decorations are going up.
20. Junk Bonds: The Return of Junkbucket (2013)
A sequel to the underground hit Junkbucket, Junk Bonds lovingly satirizes the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, as we follow Junkbucket and his found family of phallic cannibals as they terrorize Lake Pakajanomo, Washington. As charmingly twisted as any movie you'll see this year, Junk Bonds was designed as the antithesis of PG-13 horror and mindless remakes. He's still not a garbage man, but he's come back for your junk!
21. Garbage Day (2008 Short Film)
Strange things sometimes happen on Garbage Day. Ted, an uptight businessman, discovers this the hard way when decides to teach his sloppy neighbors a lesson by summoning an urban legend monster known as the Garbage Man. He soon finds himself in over his head when people begin to disappear and he comes face-to-face with the horrors he unleashed.
22. It's a Wonderful Death (2008 Short Film)
Scorned and detested by everyone since the beginning of time, Death is surprised to be befriended by an illness-stricken President Marshall. The U.S. President's intentions are less than sincere however, his sights set on immortality and eternal incumbent status. Blinded by the need for friendship, Death unknowingly falls into the corrupt politician's trap, and soon finds his power to collect souls compromised. As the dire and twisted consequences of a life without death begin to merge, it's up to a cadre of political officials, and an Australian garbage man named Big Tony to help Death realize his importance and save existence.
23. This Week in Joe's Basement (1989 TV Series)
Episode: Developmental Psychology (1990)
The show returns to Kenwood Academy, for conversations with students. Predictably, they are livelier than the adults. The camera crew hangs around the discipline office long enough to capture some drama, absurdity and tears. The students candidly discuss their teachers and each other, with humor and nuance. Other encounters trigger some honest conversations about race relations and scholastic achievement. The show closes with a particularly odd, touching interview with a young man who yearns to escape from school to achieve his life's ambition -- a job as a garbage man.
24. Rory Gallagher: Live at Montreux (2006)
Disc one features tracks from 1975, 1977, 1979 and 1985, while disc two has the whole concert from 1994 and bonus acoustic tracks from the earlier years. Tracklisting: Disc One 1975: 1. Tattoo'd Lady 2. Garbage Man 3. Cradle Rock 4. Tore Down 5. Laundromat 1977: 6. I Take What I Want 7. Calling Card 8. Secret Agent 9. Bought And Sold 10. Million Miles Away 11. Do You Read Me 12. Pistol Slapper Blues 1979: 13. Shin Kicker 14. The Last Of The Independents 15. Mississippi Sheiks 16. Too Much Alcohol 17. Shadowplay 1985: 18. Bad Penny 19. Moonchild 20. Banker's Blues 21. Philby 22. Walking Blues Disc Two 1994: 1. Continental Op 2. Moonchild 3. I Wonder Who 4. Loop 5. Tattoo'd Lady 6. I Could Have Had Religion 7. Ghost Blues 8. Out On The Western Plain 9. Amazing Grace 10. Walking Blues 11. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 12. Off The Handle 13. Messin' With The Kid 14. I'm Ready Disc Two Bonus Features: Acoustic Tracks: 1975: 1. Pistol Slapper Blues 2. Too Much Alcohol 1977: 3. Out On The Western Plain 4. Barley Grape & Rag / Pistol Slapper Blues 5. Going To My Hometown 1985: 6. Walking Blues Customer Reviews
25. James Warwick (2009 Short Film)
From the perspective of a newspaper columnist writing a story; the life of average joe, James Warwick is told from his return home from WWII, his relegation to a life as a garbage man, and his evening baseball games. As the story progresses, the writer finds there is much more to this ordinary man, a quality in him, one which the writer comes to aspire to.
26. Junk Girl (2014 Short Film)
There once was a girl who was made up of junk. She looked really dirty, and she smelled like a skunk. She was always unhappy, or in one of her slumps-perhaps 'cause she spent so much time down in the dumps. The only bright moment was from a guy named Stan. He was from the neighborhood garbage man. He loved her a lot and made a marriage proposal, but she already thrown herself in the garbage disposal.
27. First Breath (2004 Short Film)
A high school girl prepares for her prom, as a garbage man discovers a baby in the trash by her home. Their surprising journey together subtly explores the purpose we are born with - starting with an infant's first breath. This marks the film directing debut of Jimmy Georgiades and is written by Eric Lane ("Cater-Waiter"). The award-winning 35mm short film stars Victor Williams ("King of Queens"), Kelly Karbacz (Broadway's "Rent") and Melissa Leo ("21 Grams").
28. Kount Kracula's Review Showcase (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Dumpster Baby (2013)
T.V. debut of the zombie horror-host with the most (and former vampire-host, Kount Kracula's nemesis): Johnny Ghoulash (aka actor/underground cartoonist/filmmaker: John Migliore)! This episode features Ghoulash's review of the darkly disturbing 2000 Troma Entertainment video 'Dumpster Baby'; by directors James Bickert and Randy Hill. 'Dumpster Baby', Which according to Troma is: "From the darkest depths of the human mind comes Dumpster Baby, a modern grind-house classic in the tradition of The Toxic Avenger and Saw. The story begins as a strung out drug addict gives birth to a pre-mature crack baby and abandons it in a nearby alley dumpster. Helpless and left for dead, the baby begins a surreal journey as it encounters a wide array of bizarre characters, including an adulterous surgeon, a vicious street pimp, an immigrant cab driver, a college con-artist, a mentally handicapped garbage man and a crack-addled hooker with a heart of gold. With death getting closer at every turn, the clock is ticking as the Dumpster Baby comes closer to its final destination!"
29. Nuts (2011 Short Film)
In a near future in the looks of end of the world, people lost gradually the power of speech. A garbage man is assaulted by a tramp. The latter, surprised by a punkette young person, decide to chase her. She takes refuge with a nightclub where a guitarist of metal makes his rehearsals in the cellar. She thinks of having sowed her enemy but she makes a mistake. He has the instinct of the hunter.
30. Trash (2014 Short Film)
Menashe, an obsessive compulsive hoarder, works with is older brother, Avraham, as a garbage man at the pastoral town of Ramon Crater. The ordinary day to day work is shattered by an unfortunately, though frequent, miscommunication between the two.
30 titles.