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1. Two and a Half Men (2003 TV Series)
Episode: The Sea Is a Harsh Mistress (2006)
Solely to get to a surfing girl, Charlie mounts his own board which had been gathering dust since he moved to Malibu, and nearly drowns at the first wave; he gets shark hallucinations and 'instinctively' tongue-kisses the burly lifeguard who resuscitates him mouth-to-mouth, but the worst thing is a vision of his dead father telling him to take care of mother Evelyn Harper. Alan first bitches dad didn't even mention him, but finally comes along to the dreaded dragon. She slips out to Alan his conception was a gas station condom accident, announces minor 'woman surgery' the next day and is invited to the beach house after what turns out to be plastic surgery, a fat transplant Jake calls 'her butt is in her lips'; in no time she angers both sons to despair again. Then Charlie finds out that 'father's voice' actually was just an old gangster movie on video, so when his life-savior asks him for a coffee, presumably eager for more French kissing...
2. Freaks and Geeks (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Smooching and Mooching (2000)
Nick leaves home when his father sells his drums, and Lindsey is dismayed when her parents let him stay at her house. Her dad seems to treat Nick better than he treats his own daughter. What's going on? Sam gets his chance with Cindy when she breaks up with Todd and suggests that Sam meet her at Mona's party. Neal hears it's a make-out party, so he practices his bottle spinning, and Bill is revolted by the notion of French kissing. Will any of the geeks end up with a first kiss?
3. Six Feet Under (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Everyone Leaves (2003)
While in a barbecue in Balboa Park with her family, Keith's great-aunt, Jeanette Louise Bradford, is stung by a bee and has an allergic reaction and dies. While driving to the funeral, David questions Keith about their threesomes with strangers. Meanwhile, Vanessa is very eager, having great sex with Rico and going to a dance class. Nate welcomes a client who mourns the loss of his beloved wife, and later Nate cries. Lisa travels to her sister's house, leaving Maya and Nate alone for a couple of days. Ruth questions Arthur about the course of their relationship and finds that he has no sexual experience. Russell discloses to Claire that he had sex with Olivier while she was going to Azusa. Claire tells him that he is a misfit and she does not want to see him any more. Billy French kisses Brenda and she leaves his apartment completely astonished. Keith has a serious quarrel with his father, David defends him and Keith mistreats him. David leaves Keith and when he arrives in the bus station back home, Patrick is waiting for him. While Nate is having a good time with Maya, a disturbed Brenda visits him; they kiss, but she leaves and then she goes to a hotel to spend the night. Ruth and Claire disclose their feelings to each other.
Jeanette Louise Bradford has an allergic reaction to a bee-sting in Balboa Park, causing Keith to go to San Diego for his aunt's funeral and David to join him, encouraging him to discuss sleeping with a third man with him and to confront his father on his abusive childhood after the funeral. Russell admits he was sleeping with Olivier and an angry, betrayed Claire demands he leave her alone from now on. She and Ruth talk with each other about their relationship problems when Ruth learns Arthur is a virgin so there's nothing new to be gained from spending time with him. Vanessa is now again living life to the fullest, taking dance classes with Rico, but then collapses one night from too many medications. Billy, remarkably depressed after watching a poor video version of his and Brenda's beloved childhood book "Nathaniel and Isabel", kisses Brenda, who goes to visit Nate. Alone with Maya while Lisa goes to visit her sister's family in Santa Cruz, Nate consoles Benda until she begins to appear to want to become closer to him, and she quickly stops herself and departs. Keith and David are relieved to hear that Taylor is doing fine with Lucille and Roderick, but when Keith finally chooses to tell his father he's willing to forgive him for beating him and his sister, it's met with denial and quickly becomes a fight...and when David tries to calm both of them down for Keith's sake he's insulted by Roderick and unappreciated in his efforts by Keith, so leaves. When Nate calls Lisa's sister's, he learns Lisa hasn't yet made it to her place as expected, and isn't worried when he can't get through to her phone the first time...but he does start to be when he continues to call with no response.
4. Undressed (1999 TV Series)
Episode: If Words Could Kill (1999)
When Emma tries to access her site, it is down because it crashed. Tiffany stops by for help and while Emma helps her, Mark stops by next, looking for Gina, and sees Brian talking to his father. Brian helps Mark open up with Emma's sock puppet, and she catches them. She gets mad, and that's when Gina reveals that their is a post of Brian and Emma having sex, and that's the reason why her site crashed, because it had too many hits. The members of the elite clique Fearsome Foursome, Liz, Stacey, Melissa, Debbie, and Jeanine get together where they reveal that there is a leak in their group. While Tina watches nearby, they groups plays 'truth or dare'. Melissa dares Liz to french-kiss Debbie. They do so without hesitation. Tina, shocked and disgusted, leaves. The Fearsome Foursome vows to find out the leak and adjourns. Liz then meets with Tina and tells her that she knows it's her leaking information, but Tina denies being the leak. Sally interviews Jake and finds out why he broke up with her: Jake wasn't just ready to commit with her, and he says his goodbyes and leaves.
5. The Torkelsons (1991 TV Series)
Episode: A Kiss Is Still a Kiss (1991)
Steven Floyd has a crush on Debra Jo, a girl he meets at church. Thinking that he might behave himself in front of her, Millicent gives him permission to accompany Debra Jo on Reverend Langley Wilson's hayride. He is later brought back by the pastor, who reveals that Steven Floyd has been caught giving Debra Jo a french kiss. This is much to Dorothy Jane's upset, who is saddened to hear her younger brother's was kissed before she was. Millicent gets mad at him, but he ends up throwing a tantrum in which he mentions he misses a male role model in his life. After she apologizes to him, Steven Floyd tries to bond with Hodges.
6. Wishin' and Hopin' (2014)
Based on the New York Times best-selling novel by award-winning author qv##nm1729354##. A vivid slice of 1960s life, Wishin' and Hopin' is a wise-and-witty holiday tale that celebrates where we've been-and how far we've come. In the small town of Three Rivers, Connecticut, we go straight into the halls of St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parochial School with Felix Funicello, a Catholic school fifth-grader in 1964, whose claim to fame is his cousin qv##nm0002088##, the famous Mouseketeer and teen movie queen. But grammar and arithmetic move to the back burner this holiday season with the sudden arrivals of substitute teacher Madame Frechette and feisty Russian student Zhenya Kabakova. While Felix learns the meaning of French kissing, cultural misunderstanding, and tableaux vivants, Wishin' and Hopin' barrels toward one outrageous Christmas!
7. Tucker (2000 TV Series)
Episode: Kiss and Tell (2001)
Tucker subconsciously plans to make McKenna jealous when another girl at school, Juliette, starts checking him out. Trying to make a move on his new secret admirer, Tucker invites Juliette to a classmate's luau. But when Tucker overhears McKenna and her friends talking about French kissing, he realizes he doesn't have a clue how to get to that base with Juliette -- until he catches Debi's "you can ask me anything" commercial on TV. Meanwhile, Claire and Jimmy take Jeannie out to a karaoke bar to cheer her up after she becomes depressed over her questionable parenting skills, while Leon goes into business selling candy to other kids -- at jacked-up prices.
8. Morning After (2017 Short Film)
We're in a hip apartment in Montreal, on a hot summer night. A group of friends gather around a table, and play a sensual game involving chocolate and French kissing. We learn that Edward and Michael are long time friends, but Michael has a chip on his shoulder. When it's Michael's turn to sample the chocolate game, his girlfriend Teegan dares Alex, Edward's lover, to kiss Michael. Michael realizes that his sexual uncertainty may now be more than just a passing phase. As the night goes on, after many drinks and some weed, laughter, bonding, and dancing, the dawn slowly approaches, and Michael and Edward reminisce on their lives. Michael reveals what's troubling him, and confesses he felt something when Alex kissed him. Unbeknownst to them, Alex heard their conversation, and enables a threesome, that ends up with the whole gang together. What will the morning after hold?
9. 14,74 oder Das Streben nach Mittelmäßigkeit (2017 Short Film)
Being normal just for once. That is the biggest wish of Damian, who has a heart disease. Because he turned 14.74 today, he wants his first proper kiss, as it is then that the average boy gets his first French kiss. Most preferably from the beautiful neighbour's daughter Rosalie.
10. For the Love of... (1997 TV Series)
Late night panel/table discussion which journalist Jon Ronson hosts on strange, and occasionally not so strange, topics. Many of the guests are people who claim to participate in or study these topics. On the more mundane side, we hear from people who keep fish, are Sikhs, top models or are fans of Lewis Carroll... on the more exotic side we hear from people who claim to be able to time travel, who French kiss their parrots, hold Diana conspiracy theories and belong to flying saucer religions. Ronson is impartial throughout, and does not tend to criticise his four, five or six guests. He occasionally cracks a joke which goes over their heads, but that's it. Most of the time the guests are able to give their opinion freely within the allotted time.
11. Hot for Transsexuals 3 (2017 Video)
Kinky director and scene player Aiden Starr's friends from the TS world show us the alluring, mysterious reality of gender-bent dating - in each scene of Hot For Transsexuals 3, a feminine, horny T-girl hooks up with a bold male adventurer for forbidden fun. Tattooed Chelsea Marie's huge bulge expands her bikini panties. Chad Diamond deep-throats her big boner. She fellates him ass-to-mouth and they trade hard-slamming butt fucks. Exotically pretty Tori Mayes and Chad share passionate mouth kissing and 69. Tori's little dicklet twirls as she rides the man's meat. Gorgeous Alexa Scout has pretty tits, long legs, a big butt and a gaping bunghole. She tickles Lance Hart's taint and laps his balls; skin-slamming sodomy makes her grip the bed. With a butt plug lodged in his sphincter, she strokes him to orgasm and they French kiss. Slim natural redhead Mandy Mitchell totally swallows tattooed, pierced Mike Panic's erection. She deeply rims his rectum, massages his prostate and feeds him the anal flavor; Mandy sits on his face so he can taste hers. She spits his jism into his mouth.
12. A Host of Trouble (2005 Short Film)
A HOST OF TROUBLE is set in 1955 in a working class neighborhood in Chicago. Being a good Catholic girl has brought Harriet Weber nothing but trouble. Her sisters mock her, classmates call her a phony and worst of all, her mother has become convinced that Harriet has a religious vocation. Her mother's dream turns into Harriet's nightmare, played out as a flock of unstoppable nuns chasing her through the woods. As she prepares for her First Communion, Harriet is caught between wanting to please her mother and longing to be like other girls. Her friends are getting fancy First Communion dresses but a candidate for the convent can wear the family hand-me-down. She tries to make a perfect first confession but a painstaking list of sins only provokes a loud scolding from the priest. During a First Communion practice drill Sister Cletus reprimands Harriet for making suggestive movements with her tongue. Not quite understanding the accusation, Harriet assures Sister Cletus that she'd never, 'French Jesus.' This innocent remark jeopardizes her family's good standing in the parish. In a school conference an indignant Sister Cletus is forced to explain French kissing to Harriet's mortified mother. Unable to be perfect, miserable at the thought of a bleak future in the convent, Harriet lashes out at a pre-Communion photo shoot. Mayhem ensues and miraculously, Harriet's mother begins to appreciate her for who she is, not what she might become.
13. The Kiss (1965)
Architect sees his own life crumble when, after being run down, a dying man asks for a last wish: a French kiss. He obliges out of compassion, but people don't understand his gesture, and soon he becomes the talk of the town.
13 titles.