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1. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Sam Malone, a former baseball star, is the head of a nice little bar where Norm, Cliff, Dr. Frasier and all the other regular customers spend together a few hours every day, talking about their problems, laughing at each other's flaws, trying to be there when someone else needs them. "Cheers" is the place where everybody knows your name...
Sam Malone's drinking problem (which led him to buy the bar Cheers) soured his career as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. When a young teaching assistant named Diane Chambers is left by her Professor fiancée, she took a job waitressing at Cheers, leading to a rocky, on-again, off-again relationship with Sam. The bar where everybody knows your name is home to: Sam's old Coach, naive farmboy Woody, know-it-all Cliff, bitter waitress Carla, troubled psychiatrist Frasier and his wife, and regular Norm, owner of the hugest bar tab.
Sumner Sloan abandons his fiancee, Diane Chambers, at the last moment, forcing her to get a job at a bar named "Cheers," and begins an on-again, off-again relationship with the owner, Sam "Mayday" Malone, a former baseball player. However, in the end, she goes to Summer, leaving Sam just like Sumner left her. Sam sells the bar and goes around the world, but upon returning, immediately sets out to buy it back from the new owner, Rebecca Howe. Also working at Cheers are the bartenders, Ernie "Coach" Pantusso and, after his death, small-town Woody Boyd, and headwaitress Carla Tortelli (LeBec). Frequent customers include Norm Peterson, an accountant (who eventually becomes a painter) with a tab the size of a Russian novel; Cliff Claven, an aging single mailman who lives with his mother; Frasier Crane, a psychiatrist and Diane's ex-boyfriend; Lilith Sternin (Crane), an extremely cold psychiatrist who eventually married and divorced Frasier; Robin Colcord, Rebecca's corporat!
2. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Birth, Death, Love and Rice (1985)
Sam couldn't stop the wedding, but Frasier tells him that Diane left him at the altar and is now working at a convent. So Sam visits Diane to ask her to come back to Cheers. Meanwhile, Woody replaces Coach and become Cheers's new bartender.
Sam's trip to Italy to stop Diane and Frasier's wedding ends up being a disaster. Not only was he attacked by rottweilers, needed to jump into a moat to get away from them, got arrested and was hauled into jail, he didn't find Diane and Frasier to stop the wedding. He never wants to even hear Diane's name again. A couple of months pass, and things are a bit different around the bar. Coach has passed away, leaving a sullen grief among the gang. A young hayseed from Indiana, Woody Boyd, who is Coach's pen pal (in a slightly unconventional way), comes by the bar looking for Coach, obviously not knowing about his passing. Seeing that Woody is interested in the big city and bartending, Sam offers him a job at Cheers behind the bar. Sam is no longer pining for Diane, or so he says. But the biggest immediate revelation comes in the form of Frasier, who comes back to the bar telling the gang of his and Diane's fate. They ultimately did not get married, Diane leaving him at the altar. Word of this spread throughout the community in Italy, which resulted in Frasier losing his teaching post, his practice and his self-esteem. Apparently Diane went on a carousing spree after leaving Frasier, and is currently residing in a convent outside of Boston doing penance for her wild ways. But the most immediate issue on Frasier's mind is revenge, not against Diane, but Sam who is the unspoken reason Diane left him. Frasier's action against Sam results in Sam going in search of Diane, who may have her own issues in revisiting memories of Cheers.
3. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Uncle Sam Wants You (1991)
Rebecca is at another crossroads in her life. She knows that she doesn't want to do the bar shtick for the rest of her life, but is now unsure what she wants to do. Regardless, she goes on one job interview after another, each time dooming herself to failure. Meanwhile, Sam has been spending a lot of time lately with the Cranes. More specifically, he has been spending a lot of time with Frederick. Each day, Sam arrives at their house a little earlier and leaves a little later. Frasier and Lilith finally tell Sam directly that he shouldn't be spending that much time with their son. Sam understands, but not until after the revelations that Sam likes kids and that Frederick now considers Sam more a father than Frasier. Later, Sam admits to himself that he wants to be a dad, but doesn't yet have an idea who the mother will be. Late one evening, Sam dozes off while watching qv##tt0054692## on TV. In his dream, Sam gets a message directly from qv##nm0000062## about what he should do to address his quandary. His next step becomes how to convince the other party involved that Elvis' plan is a good one.
4. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: My Fair Clavin (1987)
Cliff has bought himself a new condo in a singles building. He starts dating Sally from the building. The guys at the bar are anxious to meet Sally, but Cliff says that Sally wants Cliff all to herself and would rather stay in all the time. In reality, Sally is a shy, Plain Jane who would really love to go out with Cliff, but Cliff is embarrassed by her looks. Based on advice from Rebecca, Cliff decides to become Sally's Henry Higgins. Meanwhile, Rebecca has started smoking again to relieve some stress in her life. However she quickly realizes that it was a mistake and wants to quit, a task more difficult than she anticipates. Frasier suggests that she associate smoking with the most vile act she can imagine. As such, she tells Sam that if she smokes another cigarette, she will sleep with him. So Sam does whatever he can to catch her smoking.
5. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Airport V (1988)
After being cut by the Bruins, Eddie finally gets a job as a penguin, not of the Pittsburgh variety, but rather a dressed-up penguin in The World of Ice ice show. The first stop on the show's tour is Seattle. Carla is reluctant to visit Eddie on the extended Seattle stop as everyone finally finds out she is afraid to fly, or to be more precise she is afraid to crash. After the gang discuss ways to help Carla, Frasier decides that he could hold a week long pteromerhanophobia workshop ending with an actual flight on a plane. Carla agrees to participate. Frasier's workshop ends up doing the trick but not quite in the way he had anticipated. Meanwhile, Murray Treadwell, a local restaurant critic, is doing a series of reviews of bars. When Cheers was managed by Sam, Treadwell gave the bar a rotten review, so Rebecca will do anything to rectify that. Treadwell implies to Rebecca that he will give the bar a good review if she goes out with him. Will Rebecca's personal relationship, or perhaps lack of, with Treadwell affect their review negatively?
6. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: I Kid You Not (1989)
Ludlow is Carla's son, fathered by Frasier's mentor, Dr. Bennett Ludlow. Ludlow has some of his father in him: he's an intellectual and enjoys cultural things in life, like the opera and classical music, unlike Carla's other children. Frasier and Lilith want to take Ludlow to the opera, both because they want to help Ludlow further his interest in the arts, but also to find out if they are parent material as they're thinking about having children of their own. Ludlow is enamored with the opera and Frasier and Lilith are equally as enamored with Ludlow and want to do more cultural activities with him. Carla feels like she's losing him to another social class. After a week of Frasier and Lilith doing everything with Ludlow, Carla puts her foot down when they want to take him out to the most exclusive restaurant in town, if only because she wants some time with her own son. But Carla gives in yet again. However Sam talks Frasier and Lilith into asking Carla along as well. At dinner, the Cranes ultimately see another side of Ludlow. With others in the bar, Woody is going to his first country club dinner with Kelly, and wants to drive there instead of taking the bus like he and Kelly usually do on their dates. Carless, he asks Sam if he can borrow his car. Will Sam, who lives for his 'vette, do this favor for his friend?
7. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Diane's Allergy (1984)
Nervous because they think he still has feelings for her, Diane and Frasier tell Sam that they are moving in together. Sam is happy for them, as happy as he can be for Diane and Frasier. But in a private discussion between Sam and Diane, each has an underlying but unspoken air of apprehension about this move. After Diane moves in with Frasier, she develops a constant tickle in her throat and sneezing fits which she attributes to being allergic to Frasier's dog, Pavlov. Sam thinks her symptoms are psychosomatic, masking a reality of not wanting to live with Frasier. When Sam agrees to take Pavlov after Frasier offers to give her up for Diane, Diane seems somewhat annoyed. After Pavlov leaves the Crane-Chambers household, Diane develops another symptom in addition to the tickle and the sneezing, that of a "voice change". This added symptom is also despite the house being fumigated, the upholstery changed, and the wallpaper stripped. Finally Frasier is fed up, and faces the reality that Diane's symptoms are indeed psychosomatic. Only a miracle, or perhaps a misunderstanding, can get Diane over her symptoms. Elsewhere in the bar, it's Carla's birthday, and the course for such is a series of gag gifts. Although not unexpected, Carla is hurt. Sensing Carla's pain, the guys decide that it might be a nice gesture to get her a "sincere" gift, which Cliff offers to go out and buy. But how sincere can the gift be seeing that it was purchased by Cliff?
8. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: No Rest for the Woody (1992)
The bar's furnace is on the fritz, so Rebecca calls the furnace company to fix the problem. While she's got them on the phone, she has to crawl in through the vent in the wall - usually covered by a grate - to get some information. Carla uses this opportunity to put the grate back into place and leave Rebecca locked in the vent in the wall. Later, on Paul's advice, Rebecca tries to get back at Carla with a similar stunt, but... With other official bar business, Sam offers the bar employees a medical plan, for which each employee must take a blood test. Carla refuses as she's scared of needles. Frasier uses his psychiatric skills to get Carla over her fear. Meanwhile, Woody and Kelly are having their official engagement party, at which Woody will meet for the first time Grandmother Gaines, who has a reputation for being tough as nails. Equally as troublesome for Woody is that he cannot afford Kelly's engagement ring and is forced to work a second job at a graveyard to pay for it. The second job takes its toll on Woody as he's not getting any sleep and is further exhausted by selling his blood. This day is particularly bad as he further took his employee blood test at the bar, and had a tough night at the graveyard with the difficult burial of Mrs. Jane Vanderhoeven, whose casket kept on popping open. What's worse is that he forgot that the Gaines' moved the day of the party up one day to today. Woody's in no real shape to go, but he has no choice. At the party, Woody is still a little woozy, but he has to meet Grandmother Gaines. Woody is totally freaked when he meets Grandmother Gaines: he swears that she is the supposedly deceased Mrs. Jane Vanderhoeven, the woman he buried last night. Grandmother Gaines wants to have a private talk with Woody, for which he is obviously frightened. Woody's fright is taken to a new level by what Grandmother Gaines has to say to him.
9. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: I'm Okay, You're Defective (1991)
Everyone isn't loving Norm, but rather trying to gross him out. They're trying to see what gross things they can think of that would be so off-putting as to make him stop drinking beer. It ends up being a near impossible task, until... Paul isn't feeling the love from the guys. He feels left out of Norm and Cliff's outings. Norm and Cliff try to make it up to him, but Norm and Cliff being Norm and Cliff... Sam isn't feeling the love from Rebecca. After six months of trying to conceive a baby, so far unsuccessfully, Rebecca thinks they should go to a fertility clinic to check themselves out. Sam is squeamish about doing so. Once Rebecca finds out that there is nothing wrong with her, she assumes that Sam is infertile. Still squeamish, Sam finally does end up going to the clinic for tests. But Sam is still so anxious about the results and is bothering Carla so much about it, Carla unilaterally decides to put Sam out of his misery, which ultimately affects Lilith. And Frasier isn't feeling the love from Lilith. They are preparing their wills. Frasier, squeamish about talking about his mortality, feels Lilith is being too clinical about the life and death of the supposed love of her life.
10. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Diane's Nightmare (1985)
It was a dark and stormy night. These are the types of nightmares that Diane has been having since she found out that Andy 'Andy' Schroeder, the ex-con murderer who tried to strangle her once, has been released from the mental institution. Behind her back, Frasier has been counseling Andy just to make sure that Diane's fears are unfounded, which he assures her they are. Frasier suggests that she just talk to Andy to confront her fears. But she doesn't have a choice as Andy comes to the bar unannounced. In part, Andy has come to ask for Diane's forgiveness, which she reluctantly albeit not quite sincerely gives. But he also wants everyone's help. He has met a wonderful woman who knows nothing about his past, and he has made up a background that consists of everyone at Cheers. Sam agrees to go along with Andy's ruse, but Diane is not too sure she should trust him. They all do go along with it, however his stories revolve primarily around Andy owning the bar. They all, but especially Sam, takes a leap of faith that Andy is being genuine when he requests the bar's take for the evening for a trip. Has Andy returned to a life of a psychopathic maniac? And ultimately, what is going on in Diane's psyche?
11. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Send in the Crane (1989)
Sam gets a call from an old flame, Judy Marlowe. Sam and Judy haven't seen each other in fifteen years. Back then, Judy, a divorcée, and Sam spent much of their time together with Judy's young daughter, Laurie. Upon meeting again, Sam is relieved to see that Judy is still a knock-out. What he doesn't expect though is that Laurie is now all grown up and is equally as beautiful as her mother. Sam being Sam has the hots for both Judy and Laurie, and beyond the warnings of Frasier, tries to date both. Meanwhile, Rebecca hires Woody as a clown to entertain at a corporate children's party. At the last minute, Woody is called in for a real acting job and has to ditch the party clown job. Rebecca demands that Frasier take Woody's place as he was the one who suggested she hire Woody. What Woody forgets to tell Frasier about is the handkerchief trick - pulling out the handkerchief from the clown's lapel pocket makes his pants fall down around his ankles. What's worse for the unsuspecting Frasier is that he has been wearing a new pair of French cut underwear that Lilith bought for him.
12. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Our Hourly Bread (1988)
One by one, Woody, Sam and Carla go into Rebecca's office asking for a raise. All three come out of her office only with superficial new titles. In other words, Rebecca has duped them. However she confesses first to Sam then to everyone in the bar that she cannot afford to give anyone a raise since the bar has been losing money for the past three months and the corporation is threatening to close the bar and take its losses. After brainstorming, the gang at the bar come up with an idea for a raffle for a Caribbean cruise to raise money and bring customers into the bar. Despite thinking it's futile, Rebecca goes along with it. The bar ends up being packed for the duration of the contest and the idea is a success. But an incident regarding the raffle may threaten the bar regardless. Sam, however, comes up with a solution that has an unwitting and absent Frasier and his one month anniversary with Lilith at its core.
13. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Severe Crane Damage (1990)
Cliff is downing prescription pills to relieve a work stress-related skin condition. He is, however, taking more than the prescribed dosage. Cliff finds out a side effect of massive dosage, a fact the gang at the bar won't let him forget. Meanwhile, Lilith has written a new book, Good Girls/Bad Boys, the book's premise being that women are initially attracted to what she deems bad boys. However, as women get over that need, they will seek out stable good boys. Lilith is promoting the book on a local women's afternoon talk show. Frasier, not wanting to be the only man in the audience, talks Sam into going with him. At the show, Lilith wants the discussion to be on the scientific merits of her research, whereas Brenda Balzac, the host, is more interested in the salacious aspects of the book's title. In the audience, she sees both Frasier and Sam, who she deems to be the typical good boy and bad boy as portrayed in Lilith's book. An outcome of the show is that Frasier wants to become a bad boy. He especially doesn't like the analogy of good boys being like comfortable old shoes or, worse yet, ratty old slippers, not to be seen outside the house. So Frasier decides to don leather and he ends up hooking up with Ellen aka Viper, a motorcyclist. Viper makes Frasier wake up to the reality of what a bad boy life is all about.
14. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Behind Every Great Man (1985)
Paula Nelson, a beautiful and intellectual reporter for Boston Scene magazine, is doing a story on the Boston single's scene. While at Cheers, she interviews Sam for her story. Sam being Sam, hits on her, but his womanizing approach gets him nowhere with her. He realizes that to get anywhere with her, he has to think like Diane. Although initially turned off by Sam, Paula eventually decides to go out with him based on his Diane-isms. She even agrees to go away with him for the weekend, to someplace that he once took Diane. Meanwhile, Diane and Frasier are having a tiff partly on what Frasier sees as Sam's attempts to win her back; this argument places Diane in a vulnerable emotional state. Diane is impressed by the new Sam she sees, the one who has a new passion for the arts, although she does not know that he is only using this information gleaned from her to impress Paula. A series of misunderstandings makes Diane believe that Sam wants to get back into a relationship with her, when in reality Sam is only interested in sleeping with Paula. Despite being in a relationship with Frasier, Diane thinks long and hard about getting back with Sam. Will Diane figure out that she and Sam are currently pursuing two different things before she opens herself back up to him?
15. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: The Heart Is a Lonely Snipehunter (1985)
Frasier comes into the bar a little down. Work is getting to him. Diane suggests to Sam that he ask Frasier to tag along on the guy's fishing trip with Norm, Cliff, Tim and Alan. Sam doesn't want to ask the depressed, outdoor inexperienced and boring Dr. Crane, but does so when he feels like he can't avoid it. Frasier, thinking that it'll do him some good to get away and do some male bonding, agrees. But the trip ends up being slightly different than what both Sam and Frasier first envision. The gang decide to go snipe hunting instead, initiating Frasier into the ritual as being the one who actually holds the gunny sack in the bagger's position and does the snipe call while the others go off and search the snipe out. The catch: there is no such thing as a snipe, so there is no reason for the others to search out something that doesn't exist. In other words, they left Frasier out in the woods by himself holding a gunny sack purely as a gag. Diane is furious with them. Just as Diane shames Sam into going back out and finding him, Frasier enters the bar. Far from being mad, Frasier is intoxicated with the thrill of the snipe hunt. The guys think Frasier's even more of a sap now. Sam is just about to tell Frasier the truth when Diane stops him: she would rather Frasier live with the joy of what emerged from this experience than to be humiliated by the truth. However, much to Diane's chagrin, Frasier agrees to go back out and fulfill the experience by actually bagging a snipe. The gag is indeed on, but...
16. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Adventures in Housesitting (1989)
Frasier is nervous about a speech he has to make at a seminar. Carla suggests a device she uses: picture everyone naked, but wearing black socks. She says that you just can't help but laugh at the picture. It works. As Frasier practices it with people in general, he gets more and more and more relaxed. Perhaps he gets a little too relaxed as he forgets something important. Meanwhile, Rebecca is asked by yet another Vice-President at the company to do a menial task. Mr. Sheridan needs someone to house-sit and look after his dog Buster while he's away on a trip. As usual, Rebecca agrees, although this time she does so reluctantly in part because looking after such a large house by herself spooks her out a bit. Sam sees this as the perfect opportunity to get her into bed by visiting her at the house and playing on her insecurities. However as Sam enters the house, Buster finds an open door to leave. So Rebecca, Sam and the rest of the gang at the bar are placed on Buster search detail. Thrown into the mix are an attack dog named Satan, who looks like Buster and who Woody finds as a replacement "just in case", and the fact that Mr. Sheridan is on his way home a day early.
17. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Second Time Around (1986)
After a disastrous date with a colleague named Dr. Lilith Sternin, Frasier is once again despondent about his lack of luck with women. The guys think that Sam could throw Frasier one of his so-called castaways, and quickly Sam comes up with Candi Pearson as the perfect person to help Frasier out out his slump. Candi is a simple, fun loving gal, who is glad to help out Frasier, especially after she meets him and sees that he's got such a great forehead! But Frasier doesn't want either Sam or Candi's charity or pity, that is until Sam and Candi explain to him that they thought that Candi and Frasier could just have some fun. Frasier does leave the bar with her for a date. Diane is incredulous that Frasier would go out on a date with a woman such as Candi, someone obviously intellectually and socially lower than Frasier. The next day, Frasier and Candi come back into the bar announcing that they're getting married, and they want the wedding ceremony to happen at the bar that evening. Between now and the "I do's", will anything happen to stop Frasier and/or Candi from taking this impetuous step?
18. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: How to Win Friends and Electrocute People (1988)
The Cranes are going on a driving vacation, and Lilith admits to Sam that she doesn't know how to drive and would like him to teach her. He soon regrets saying yes as she becomes an aggressive, maniacal driving machine, with Sam taking the brunt of other drivers' wrath against her. Meanwhile, Rebecca gets her photo taken for a newspaper article. However her photo gets printed in the wrong and unfortunate section of the newspaper. And Cliff is going into the hospital for an appendectomy. He's making a big deal about the life and death nature of the surgery. While in the hospital, he gets no visitors as everyone at the bar assumed that someone else had gone to visit him. Frasier volunteers only since he has to make rounds at the hospital anyway. When he arrives at Cliff's room, he finds out that Cliff has already been discharged. Frasier makes some disparaging remarks about Cliff which Cliff overhears. Cliff is hurt that no one came to visit, Frasier leveling with him that perhaps it is because of his insensitive and obnoxious personality. Cliff thinks that some fast acting and drastic measures are required to strengthen his so-called friendships.
19. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Spellbound (1987)
Diane and Carla console Loretta, who has caught Nick cheating on her. They counsel her to stand on her own two feet and leave Nick. When Nick comes into the bar to claim her back, a chivalrous Sam stands up for her. Nick takes that as a sign that Sam has stolen Loretta from him. So Nick threatens to steal the same from Sam, that being Diane. Nick makes an attempt to wine and dine Diane, then Loretta, then Carla and then any of the three who will give him the time of day. Meanwhile, Frasier, the chess expert, has met his match in simpleton Woody.
20. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Don't Shoot... I'm Only the Psychiatrist (1992)
It's Elvis' birthday, and Elvis-fanatical Carla believes that he will make his presence known today. By the end of the day, she will get a visit from a King of a different sort. Meanwhile, Sam has some hair problems. He needs a hair cut - in his own mind, it is a need. Tony, his hair stylist, has been in a serious car accident, and is thus unable to cut Sam's hair. Sam is devastated, not for Tony but for himself. Woody offers to cut Sam's hair for him, and although initially reluctant, Sam does let Woody do the job. The resulting cut ultimately makes Sam feel like he owes one to Woody in return. Frasier decides to bring yet another one of his therapy groups, namely a low self-esteem group, into the bar to expose them to a real world social situation. They start off slowly, but Norm, Cliff and Paul, with their regular bar chatter, help them out. Ultimately, they all come to a common point of discussion: pompous fool Frasier Crane. What will Frasier think of his group's new self-esteem based on him as the target?
21. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Whodunit? (1985)
Frasier and Diane bring Dr. Bennett Ludlow, Frasier's mentor, to the bar for a drink. Both Frasier and Diane are in awe of the man. Two weeks after that night, Carla has been getting expensive flowers from a secret admirer, and Dr. Ludlow has been canceling plans with Frasier and Diane. Frasier and Diane think that Dr. Ludlow doesn't want them as social companions. However, Sam believes that the coincidence between Carla's flowers, the nights she wants off and the nights where Dr. Ludlow cancels plans with Frasier and Diane is just a little too much. Could Dr. Ludlow be Carla's secret admirer? Frasier and Diane think the idea ludicrous. They learn that night by witnessing Dr. Ludlow and Carla's embrace that Sam is indeed right, much to Diane and Frasier's horror. Frasier implies to Dr. Ludlow that he would be better to return to his own social circle after this walk on the wild side, but they all, including Frasier and Diane, come to accept and support the relationship once Dr. Ludlow announces that he plans on asking Carla to marry him after returning from a short trip. On the night Dr. Ludlow plans on asking, Carla is late, apparently in more ways than one: she's pregnant again, with Dr. Ludlow's baby. Will the impending baby and Carla's other confessions about her life change Dr. Ludlow's mind? And if Dr. Ludlow does ask Carla, what will she say?
22. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Cheers Has Chili (1991)
Cliff idolizes Weather Channel anchor, Dorothy Boysick, who, annoying to most but endearing to Cliff, has a lisp. Cliff writes her a fan letter, and gets an unexpected reply. Meanwhile, co-owner of the bar, Rebecca, wants to open a tearoom in the pool room. Sam thinks it's a dumb idea, but allows Rebecca to open it on a trial basis, letting her keep it if she clears $500 on her first night. Sam thinks this goal impossible for Rebecca. Things are going very slowly on her trial day, and Rebecca doesn't help her own cause when she chastises Frasier and Lilith, her first and only customers, when they solely order her loss leader, orange pekoe tea. However, things take an up turn for Rebecca when she hijacks and starts selling Woody's chili, which everyone in the bar loves. As it seems like Rebecca's converted chili room is a success, Sam feels like he needs to take drastic measures to sabotage Rebecca. Sam ultimately shows Rebecca how he feels about her as co-manager/co-owner, but he shows more about how he feels about his 'vette.
23. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: The Gift of the Woodi (1989)
Rebecca, self professed as "too darn beautiful", is looking to Lilith as her new fashion role model in getting ahead in the business world. However, what works for Lilith works for Lilith. Cliff wants to go into business himself marketing his new product, the beetabaga, a cross between a rutabaga and a beet. Meanwhile, Woody is getting closer to corporate as he dates Kelly Gaines, the daughter of one of the VP's. It's Kelly's birthday and Mr. Gaines invites Woody to her party. The gang at the bar thinks Mr. Gaines' invitation is just to put Woody in a bad light in Kelly's eyes as Woody can't afford to buy Kelly an expensive gift to which she's accustomed. In fact, she does get one expensive new car after another as birthday gifts. Frasier suggests a gift from the heart, which Woody does give with all his heart and voice. As much as Kelly likes what Woody gives her, she is still wondering where her real present is. Unless Woody can convince Kelly that an ATM is not an infinite source of money, he thinks his and Kelly's relationship may be reaching its natural conclusion. In the process, Woody learns that true love is a two-way street.
24. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: The Art of the Steal (1989)
Rebecca is afraid that Robin is getting tired of her since after four dates they have not yet slept together. So in an effort to spice up their relationship, she decides to wait for him in his apartment stark naked. However, Sam finds out Robin's delayed by a few hours so he rushes off to Robin's apartment to tell Rebecca, in large part in his wish to see her naked. But neither Rebecca or Sam get their wish when ready to leave the apartment, Rebecca, thinking that she's pushed the elevator button in Robin's apartment, accidentally triggers the security system instead. All the doors and windows are secured and Rebecca and Sam are trapped inside. What's worse is that they also trigger the electronic laser sensor system, so they can't even move for fear of cutting one of the laser sensors. They have to figure out how to get out of their predicament without setting off the alarm before Robin returns. Meanwhile, back at the bar, Norm tries to teach Woody about economics. That lesson culminates in a game of Monopoly with Cliff and Frasier, the game which ultimately does have the desired effect, but not quite in the way Norm had envisioned.
25. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Abnormal Psychology (1986)
Frasier is scheduled to appear on the debating television show Psychology This Week. However he decides to cancel when the original opposing colleague to appear cancels and is replaced by Frasier's one time terrible date, Dr. Lilith Sternin. Frasier is not too enamored with Dr. Sternin, or so he says. Diane thinks it's love. Frasier's passionate diatribe against Dr. Sternin in Diane's mind is not the opposite of love - indifference is. But before Frasier can cancel, Dr. Sternin comes to the bar to speak to him to the lay the groundwork for the debate. As their pre-show meeting turns into a name calling argument, they decide to proceed with the debate to one up the other in a public forum. Diane believes she has the answer to address both Frasier's latent romantic feelings for Dr. Sternin, and Dr. Sternin's stated wish to one up Frasier. Diane's plan takes an unexpected turn during the debate. Although the debate and reaching the goal of Diane's plan don't quite come off as expected, Diane also tests Pavlov's theory in reaching that goal.
26. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: One Hugs, the Other Doesn't (1992)
For Frederick's second birthday, Sam takes him, and by association Frasier and Lilith, to a Nanny G concert, she being a famous children's entertainer. Woody tags along just because he loves Nanny G. Someone else unexpected once loved Nanny G as well. At the theater, Frasier is certain that he knows her from somewhere, and he finally figures out that she is really Nanette Guzman, his first wife about who he has never told Lilith. Frasier and Nanette married and divorced when they were very young - when Frasier was still in medical school - and he hasn't seen or thought about her since then. When Nanny G wanders through the audience, she instantly recognizes him, a fact Frasier, Lilith and the rest of the audience obviously realize when Nanny G passionately kisses Frasier. Lilith is angry, but Frasier and Nanette apologize to her. As an act of good faith, Nanny G offers to perform at Frederick's private birthday party. Lilith reluctantly lets it happen despite the fact that the emotions between Frasier and Nanette were once obviously very strong, and still very well may be. Frasier has to decide if Lilith or Nanny G is more important to him. Lilith and Nanny G may decide that for themselves.
27. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Bar (1993)
Robin returns to Cheers, destitute. He has renounced his previous greedy ways, gave away the $6 million he had hidden in Rebecca's desk drawer and has decided to live a life of simple poverty. But admittedly, he still has feelings for Rebecca. Rebecca still has feelings for Robin, or at least for the $6 million she thinks he has. She thinks he's just testing her and that he still is rich. In the intervening time, Robin implied to the gang in an indirect way that he has hid another money belt filled with $6 million somewhere in the bar. Sam, Carla, Frasier, Norm and Cliff tear the bar apart, probe Robin and turn on each other trying to find the money belt. They then think that it was burned in the fire. But when they discover that Fire Captain Dobbins on duty the day of the fire is now retired with a sizable sum of money, they assume he stole the money.
28. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Rat Girl (1991)
Rebecca is on a healthy eating kick and is trying to convince others in the bar to join her. The guys do join her in enjoying rice cakes, which they use for other purposes. Meanwhile, Lilith is in mourning as her favorite lab rat, Whitey, has died. Frasier offers sympathy, that is until he finds out that she is carrying the dead rat in her purse. Frasier throws Whitey in the garbage, and when Lilith finds out, she does the same to Frasier - throw him in the garbage, that is. Lilith has banished Frasier from the house, and thus he's forced to sleep on the bar's couch in his suit. Unfortunately, this tiff coincides with an important meeting they have to get Frederick into an exclusive preschool. They need to hold off their anger toward each other long enough to make it through the interview, but some item association at the interview makes them come to an important realization. Sam is also in mourning, but is mourning the loss of a beautiful woman, who he never really had since she is rebuking him. But Sam finds out what he believes to be the incredulous reason for her rebuke.
29. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: The Godfather: Part 3 (1987)
The Coach's niece, Joyce, comes to Boston to attend BU. She comes to the bar bearing a letter from her father, the Coach's younger brother, for Sam: he asks Sam keep an eye out for his little girl, for if anything was to ever happen to her, he would blow his brains out. This is a heavy burden on Sam, and by association Diane. To keep her out of trouble, they ask the most innocent person they know to show her a good time, that person being Woody. Woody and Joyce have such a good time together that after a couple of days, they announce that they are engaged. This news throws Sam into a tizzy. Sam's attempts to end the engagement have an unintended result. Diane takes over, her talks with them also not going according to plan. Do Diane and Sam's tactics reflect the quality of their future parenting skills? Meanwhile, Frasier and Lilith are celebrating an anniversary of their first meeting. Frasier buys Lilith an antique armoire, while he leaves clues around the apartment for what he wants, a new set of golf clubs. Will he get his beloved clubs?
30. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: The Girl in the Plastic Bubble (1992)
Frasier is still wallowing in Lilith's announcement that she is leaving him for her colleague, Dr. Louis Pascal. What's worse, she has decided to let Frasier have sole custody of Frederick - or in Frasier's mind, abandoning her only child - and live in an underground bubble in the desert, an "eco-pod" with Dr. Pascal. The eco-pod is Dr. Pascal's primary scientific experiment. She wants a trial separation for the time she's gone to live in the eco-pod. She's sees her act as the first and only time she's let loose in her life. Frasier's response is to get on the ledge of a third floor window above the bar threatening to jump. Lilith comes to the scene to try and talk him off the ledge, telling him in all sincerity that she will go back to him if he doesn't kill himself. With that announcement, Frasier, still in love with Lilith, has some words for Dr. Pascal as he commits his final act in the matter.
31. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: For Real Men Only (1989)
Carla's task is to get Eddie's number retired from the Bruins as a memorial to him. She is circulating a petition to achieve her goal and does whatever needed, including lie, coerce and threaten, to get people to sign. Rebecca's task is to throw yet another corporate party, this time for Larry, a middle manager who is retiring. Rebecca is as enthusiastic about this task as Larry is about his retirement and his feelings for the company, which are not very much. However, when one of the corporate Vice-Presidents, Mr. Sheridan, arrives for the party, Rebecca has to pretend that she put more effort into planning and implementing it than she has, which may be difficult to achieve at the last minute. It might be easier with some advice from Sam. The Cranes are having a party of a different sort. Little Frederick Crane is one week old and it's time for his bris. All the guys in the bar are invited to the ceremony, but they all chicken out from going since they're squeamish about watching a circumcision. Despite being happy about instilling some religion into his son's life, Frasier is also squeamish and kidnaps Frederick before the knife hits. The guys try to convince Frasier to take Frederick back and support Lilith on this important day. Ultimately, Frasier and Lilith come to a meeting of the minds, but it's not quite what either expects.
32. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: The Peterson Principle (1986)
Frasier is doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of some things, including the slides he took when he and Diane were in Europe. When he shows the slides, which are all of Diane and only Diane, his actions show that he still has unresolved feelings about her. To renew this part of his life, Sam decides to take him out for a night of "Sammy carousing". Norm is in for some possible renewal in his life as well when he is up for a promotion at work. He really wants this promotion, as does Vera, and is up against one other person, Morrison, for the job. Norm comes into some information that could sway the promotion in his favor: Morrison has been sleeping with the wife of Mr. Reinhardt, the boss. Norm wrestles with what to do with this information. The gang at the bar each has his own opinion about what Norm should do. Norm learning Mr. Reinhardt's decision about the job, why he made that decision and Norm's own feeling about pleasing or not pleasing Vera in relation to the job are the final pieces in the puzzle for Norm to decide what to do.
33. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Two Girls for Every Boyd (1989)
When Sam comes into work with a day's facial hair growth, he, Cliff, Norm and Frasier decide to have a $20 per person 1-month beard growing contest, judged by Carla and Rebecca on length, body, fullness, luster, sheen, bounce and the ever important beer absorption ability. The day before the end of the contest, Sam, Norm and Frasier's beards are looking full and lush, while Cliff's is still straggly. The day of the judging, Cliff miraculously comes in with a full beard, which he attributes the the Clavin genes of sporadic but quick hair growth. Carla thinks he's lying and has a glued on beard but a hard tug at his beard proves that it is real. Is it? Meanwhile, Woody is offered his first leading role at his theater group, that of the young lover George Gibbs in Thornton Wilder's "Our Town". He is excited about doing the part but doesn't tell Kelly as he doesn't want her to know that he has a romantic scene with an actress, even though it's just make believe. However, the scene isn't very romantic as there is no such chemistry between Woody and Emily, his leading lady. The fault is all Woody's as he feels like he is cheating on Kelly. Without telling Woody, Lee Bradken, the director, tells Emily that she has to coax a performance from Woody or else he is going to have to fire him. So Emily uses all her feminine wiles to seduce Woody, only to have their scenes be real. Woody construes Emily's come-ons as being real which makes his performance even less real in deference to his love for Kelly. Can Emily or anyone else do anything to make Woody passionate in their romantic scenes, regardless if that passion is real or not? And if Woody can be real in his scenes with Emily, will Kelly understand?
34. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: The Crane Mutiny (1987)
Frasier is feeling pressured by Lilith to get married, and he doesn't like it. He wants to be the man in the relationship and make the decisions. But this relationship is the first one he's ever had where he does feel sexually desirable in an animalistic sense, and wants to know what that may feel like with another woman. Norm, Cliff, Tim and Alan convince him that Rebecca has the hots for him, and Cliff even manages to get Rebecca to inadvertently give Frasier that impression. The questions become whether Frasier will decide to pursue Rebecca, which means dumping Lilith, and if he does what both Rebecca and Lilith's reactions will be. Meanwhile, the power struggle between Sam and Rebecca at the bar continues, the biggest bone of contention being who's photograph should hang in the bar: the ex-bar owner and pseudo-celebrity Sam or the current bar manager Rebecca.
35. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: A House Is Not a Home (1987)
Diane finds the perfect house for her and Sam to buy. An elderly couple, Bert and Lillian Miller, currently live there and have for forty years. After hearing the Miller's stories of life in that house, Diane no longer thinks that it is the perfect house for her since it is Bert and Lillian's emotionally. Based on a statement by the Millers that they will miss the Christmases the most, Frasier suggests that Sam and Diane give the Millers one last Christmas in the house to rid Diane and Sam of any guilt. Sam thinks it's a screwy idea, but it's just what Diane needs. Despite it being the heat of summer, Diane decides not to wait until December and to have Christmas come in the summer this year, at least for the Millers and their extended family. The summer Christmas party has an unintended effect both for the Millers and for Diane, but Sam decides he needs to take control of the situation which isn't totally under control until he sees dogs playing black jack.
36. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: The Norm Who Came to Dinner (1991)
Carla, questioning Rebecca's potential parenting skills, bets her $5 that she can't take care of an egg for three days. Despite a rocky start, Rebecca seems like she's going to win the bet. Or does Carla have other things on her mind? Meanwhile, Norm is doing another paint job for the Cranes, during which Frasier accidentally falls on top of Norm, causing a bruised disk in Norm's back. Because Vera is away and Norm is immobile, Frasier suggests that Norm stay at their house on the couch until Vera returns. Lilith reluctantly agrees. Lilith ends up being at Norm's beck and call, especially getting him one beer after another. Just as Lilith is at the end of her rope, Norm offers his gratitude to her - she can't now kick him out. But there's another problem: Norm can't go to the bar, so the bar comes to Norm. How much will Lilith be able to handle of people, especially the Cheers gang, invading her house?
37. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Sunday Dinner (1993)
With new video camera in hand, Cliff, with assistant Norm, is hired by a man named Peter to videotape his parent's fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration to be held at the bar. Half way through the proceedings, the battery in the camera dies and Cliff has no alternate power supply. Rather than tell Peter as Norm would like Cliff to do, Cliff decides to continue "filming" anyway. Beyond Peter's want for the tape after all is said and done, Cliff probably wishes he had filmed the proceedings. Meanwhile, Frasier has a new temporary secretary, twenty-one year old Shauna, who directly and unabashedly hits on Frasier. On Sam's urging, Frasier decides to take Shauna up on her offer of Sunday dinner at her house. Frasier is nervous about what seems like a sure thing with Shauna. The evening doesn't end up quite the way Frasier had imagined. However, Frasier, who is forced to stay until the end of the dinner, ultimately makes the most of his evening.
38. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Achilles Hill (1991)
Sam is continuing his battle with upstairs neighbor and the landlord of his pool room and washrooms, John Allen Hill. Sam feels like he needs to do something really to bug Hill. Just then, Sam meets Hills' daughter, Valerie. Sam is not exactly the type of man she usually goes out with, nor is she Sam's type, but he asks her out solely to get under Hill's skin. Having dinner at Melville's, Sam starts to make the moves on Valerie in plain view of Hill. Hill initially feigns disinterest, but ultimately breaks down in tears, telling Sam that he'll give Sam anything if Sam stops seeing Valerie. From this statement, Sam gets his pool room and washrooms rent free, and he gets his parking space back. Immediately, Sam drops Valerie, right in the middle of dinner. Valerie takes Sam rebuke graciously. But immediately after that, Sam decides he wants Valerie back if only because he can't have her, and Valerie still seems interested in Sam, but obviously they will have to keep their relationship a secret from Hill. How will the triangle between Hill, Valerie and Sam resolve itself? Meanwhile, Carla believes the foosball table that Woody finds in the storage closet is possessed. After Frasier gets his hand stuck in it, Carla brings in the person she believes best equipped to handle Frasier's problem.
39. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Breaking in Is Hard to Do (1990)
The Cranes have received some devastating news: their one-year old son, Frederick, is intellectually average, the manifestation of which is that he has yet to utter his first word. Lilith thinks that it's because they as parents don't spend enough time with him. Lilith decides that she will be a stay at home Mom. When Lilith uncovers her domestic inabilities, Frasier takes over. But Frasier's idea of care-taking his son is to take him to Cheers and hang out with the guys, of which Lilith is unaware. Lilith is depressed that she sees Frasier as a better parent than her, that is until she finds that he has spent the day with Frederick at the bar. Nonetheless, Frederick's stay at Cheers has an unexpected but in Lilith's mind successful outcome. Meanwhile, Rebecca receives a dirty love letter from Robin, which is making her pine for some physical contact with him. Unfortunately for her, he is not allowed conjugal visits. Carla thinks Rebecca should make her next visit with Robin a conjugal one anyway, Rebecca thinking the usually deserted prison garden the perfect place. Will Robin go along with the idea, which, if caught, means his upcoming parole is in jeopardy?
40. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Teaching with the Enemy (1992)
Patrons from a closed down bikers' bar start frequenting Cheers, which leads to fights and other problems at Cheers. To deal with these problems, Sam decides to hire Tiny, the former bouncer from that bar. Tiny does stop fights from happening, however he also scares away many of Cheers' regular customers. Sam realizes that Tiny has to go, but Sam and everyone else is scared of Tiny and Sam thus can't fire him. So the gang devise ways to get Tiny to leave on his own. This problem is nothing compared to Frasier's. Lilith just started cheating on Frasier with her colleague, Dr. Louis Pascal. This act she sees as a larger manifestation of problems in their marriage. However, she still loves Frasier and Frasier still loves her. He forgives her since he realizes that much of their problems are his fault. He wants Lilith solely to tell Dr. Pascal that she will never see him again, and the two of them can move on and work on their marriage. When she goes to do so, she may find other emotions in play.
41. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: The Visiting Lecher (1989)
One of Frasier's colleagues, Dr. Lawrence Crandell, is in town on a tour to promote his latest book on human sexual attraction and marital fidelity. He is in town without his wife, Valerie, which he says is a good way to test his theories. He says he has been celibate for 10 months while on tour. Rebecca construes a private conversation between the doctor and her as an unwanted come-on. In public, she is visibly hostile toward him. Sam and Frasier don't believe her story is a come-on as she believes. Sam and Frasier convince her that she could be wrong, so she apologizes to Dr. Crandell. His come-on this time however is unmistakable as is the hole is his sock as he runs his foot up her leg. Later in his hotel room, Dr. Crandell propositions the gullible young chambermaid named Maria just as Rebecca, with Sam clandestinely in tow, come by to have the doctor admit that he did come on to her. Add to the mix a violinist to serenade whoever the good doctor is hitting on, and an unexpected Valerie, who the doctor says is the scariest woman on the face of the planet, and the doctor's hotel room gets a little crowded, albeit one where many of the players are in hiding.
42. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Strange Bedfellows: Part 2 (1986)
Janet's civic election win has long occurred, and Sam and Janet are still dating. Outwardly, Diane should be relieved as her spoken fear was that Janet was just using Sam to score political points during the election. But Frasier calls Diane out on her true motivations, that being her romantic feelings for Sam. He also says that he does not see a future for Sam and Janet. On top of this, Diane overhears Sam admit to Janet that his longest relationship ever was with Diane, to which Janet responds that Sam should let her go professionally and thus personally. So Diane thinks she's going to beat him to the punch, and decides to resign before he can fire her. As she does so, she reneges as she feels she's giving Sam an easy out, betting him that he doesn't have the guts to fire her. As Sam and Diane argue about what to do about their professional relationship, there is always the underlying issue of their associated personal relationship. Meanwhile, Norm is having some issues at home, not with Vera, but Vera's visiting sister, the overtly sexual Donna.
43. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Tale of Two Cuties (1988)
Carla has given birth to her twins, which results in some short term waitressing issues at the bar. Sam decides to hire Annie Tortelli, Carla's daughter-in-law, since the Tortelli's are facing some financial hardships. However, Evan Drake would like Rebecca to hire his "friend", Laurie. Having already hired Annie, Sam and Rebecca let Annie work solely for tips. Sam and Rebecca's waitressing problems don't end there. Annie is falling for Sam, especially since Anthony is unemployed and a bum by Annie's standards, and since Sam made an offhanded comment about Annie being beautiful. Sam tries to solve both his and the Tortelli's problems with one maneuver. With Laurie, Rebecca suspects that she is Evan Drake's young lover, to which Rebecca is devastated. Rebecca has open animosity toward Laurie, and uses words like slut, harlot and tramp to describe Laurie behind her back. Rebecca needs to find out for sure if Laurie is indeed Evan Drake's lover. When Rebecca thinks she has her answer, she takes what she considers decisive however inappropriate action. Elsewhere in the bar, Frasier is angry at the guys for ruining the ending of book after movie, and decides to exact his own revenge.
44. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: The Ghost and Mrs. LeBec (1990)
Rebecca is going to be on a consumer reports show as she wrote a letter to them complaining about an electronic depilatory that ripped off her skin when she shaved her legs. Rebecca is looking forward to exposing the crooked company that makes the product. Meanwhile, Carla feels that the return of Darryl Mead - her fantasy Red Sox player - to Cheers is a sign that she's ready to date again, the first time after Eddie's death. When she and Darryl head off on their date, all Carla sees is Eddie LeBecs everywhere she goes. She figures that Eddie is haunting her since he doesn't want her to date. When she makes an announcement that she will not date, even more Eddies appear. Eddie is haunting her for more than just not wanting her to date. Since she can't figure out why, she, Frasier and Lilith all decide that she needs professional help. Frasier and Lilith are thinking about her seeing one of their colleagues, whereas Carla is instead thinking about a visit to her psychic, Madame Lazora. Frasier is appalled not only that Carla would confide in Madame Lazora, but that Madame Lazora's business even exists. Madame Lazora holds a séance in the bar to conjure up Eddie. Through that séance, Madame Lazora ends up telling Carla why Eddie is haunting her, which is no surprise to an exasperated Frasier.
45. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Baby Balk (1991)
Sam and Rebecca have definitely decided that they are going to have a baby together. Rebecca wants the conception not just to be a technical exercise, but a special night that they can tell their child about. The night should be a romantic one. Just before they are ready to do it, Rebecca's talk of "making a baby" makes Sam realize what they are doing and he gets nervous and runs out on her. He needs advice and turns to Frasier. Frasier thinks Sam's nervousness is related to the fact of the purpose, as opposed to the act of making love. Sam needs to make the evening more about making love than making a baby. Concerned that she did something wrong, Rebecca turns to Lilith for advice on the situation. Lilith thinks that Sam's nervousness was due to the fact that he has never made love with the purpose of having a child, and to make the act of this lovemaking special and different than the umpteen million other times he's made love to women, Rebecca should focus on the purpose of siring a child. When Sam returns to Rebecca's apartment, their evening gets worse as they are working at cross purposes to each other.
46. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Mr. Otis Regrets (1990)
Woody is looking for a roommate since his rent is being raised. He finds Terry Gardner - a she, not a he - who, despite her gender, he thinks is perfect, especially since she's from Indiana. But as quickly as Terry moves in, she moves out as she reconciles with her jealous husband, Cutter, who just happens to be a hot tempered old acquaintance of Woody's from back home. Woody has to decide if he will confess to jealous and large Cutter about living with his wife. Meanwhile, Lilith is taking singing lessons as she wants to be able to serenade Frederick, a task at which Frasier scoffs. She may make Frasier eat his words. Elsewhere, Rebecca reads in the society column that Robin's other girlfriend, Jeanne-Marie, the chargé d'affaires with the French consulate, is in town to attend a gala Franco-American ball. Rebecca, jealous, asks Sam to attend to the ball to spy on Jeanne-Marie and report back to her. He does so. In fact, he ends up sleeping with Jeanne-Marie in what he considers the best sex he's ever had. A jealous Rebecca wants Sam to recreate the evening he had with Jeanne-Marie with her if only so that she can seduce Robin with Jeanne-Marie's tricks. Sam doesn't tell Rebecca the whole story, but Rebecca fills in a few of the missing details on her own.
47. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Norm, Is That You? (1988)
The Cranes are having their apartment redone and have called in renowned designer, Ivan. They've also got Norm doing the prep work and painting. However, Ivan's ideas are all form and no function. On top of that, he's snobbish and dictatorial. So they fire him. Inadvertently, Norm, by just moving a chair in their living room so that he can spackle a wall, causes Lilith and Frasier to gush about the great placement of the chair in its new location. Norm really does show his talent for what he calls color and "where to place the ottoman", and he is hired to design the Crane's apartment, which he wants kept secret from everyone at the bar. The design turns out to be exactly what Lilith and Frasier want. The Cranes recommend Norm to their yuppie friends of friends, Kim and Robert Cooperman, who also want their place redone. Norm's initial meeting with the Coopermans doesn't start off well. It's because, as Frasier tells him, the Coopermans are snobs who expect their designers, to use Frasier's term, to be "stylish" i.e. gay and flamboyantly so. To get the job, Norm pretends to be what the Cooperman's want. What will the Coopermans do if they find out Norm is just a beer guzzling straight guy, especially as they want to do a favor for their gay interior designer? Meanwhile, Rebecca is afraid that she's looking a little fat, which Sam in particular milks for all he can. And Carla and Woody discuss other uses for Cliff's brain.
48. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Strange Bedfellows: Part 1 (1986)
This is a story of old relationships and new relationships with a little politics thrown in. Sam and Diane, still in the rocky period following Diane Chambers day at the opera, are trying to ignore each other romantically and one-up each other with the passion of their respective dates. Frasier is celebrating the first anniversary of Diane leaving him at the altar by spewing venomous words in Diane's direction, although deep in his heart he still loves her. Thrown into this mix is beautiful City Councillor Janet Eldridge, who comes by the bar on her re-election campaign tour. Diane, who is politically at odds with the Councillor, is spurred to work on the campaign of Janet's opponent, Jim Fleener. Asking for volunteers to work on the Fleener campaign, Diane gets Frasier, who has no idea who Jim Fleener is or what he stands for but who just wants to spend time with Diane. Unlike Diane, Sam gets along very well with Janet, who he starts to date. Diane is suspicious of Janet's intentions, thinking that Janet is only pursuing Sam to have a handsome local celebrity on her arms to boost her visibility and approval amongst the voters. It doesn't hurt either that Sam is Irish. But Diane is also concerned about the possibility of her relationship with Sam being quashed with Janet now in the picture.
49. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: The Bartender's Tale (1985)
In light of Diane's move to Europe with Frasier, Sam is looking for a new waitress. His criteria: someone with who he can have sex. Carla, who he has given approval power, is looking for someone a little more substantial as a waitress. After interviewing a few bimbos who Carla has exerted her veto, they come across Lillian Huxley, a matronly British career tavern waitress. She fits Carla's criteria to a T, even more so in the fact that she poses no sexual complication for Sam. Sam hires her, and admits after her one week probation that he made the right choice: she's a great waitress and the customers love her. He's even slightly relieved that no romantic complications will screw up this arrangement. Just at that moment, a beautiful woman walks into the bar: it's Lillian's daughter Carolyn. Carla threatens to quit if he goes out with Carolyn as she knows that will result in Lillian quitting. Sam begs Carla to let him go out with Carolyn. Carla agrees, only if he tells Lillian and gets her approval. In the process of Sam telling Lillian, she mistakenly thinks that Sam is coming on to her. Sam now is in a real bind because if he tells her the truth, she will definitely quit. Can Sam maneuver a sexual liaison with Carolyn while still keeping Lillian on as a waitress?
50. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Home Is the Sailor (1987)
Things at Cheers have changed. Sam has sold the bar to a large corporation and with the proceeds of the sale, bought a boat and is sailing around the world. As employees, Woody and Carla are forced to wear corporate uniforms. The new manager, Rebecca Howe, is a beautiful but tough as nails boss who has worked her way to this position from a business school background. Norm and Cliff no longer frequent the bar, as don't many of the old regulars, except Frasier. Norm gave the "new" Cheers a shot, but as a new crowd started populating the bar, the old refrain, "Norm!" as he enters, has left their vernacular. Diane's book deal didn't work out, and is in Hollywood writing for television. And Carla and Eddie have broken up. But the one constant: Carla is again pregnant, this time with Eddie's child. Into this new world, Sam throws everybody for a loop and returns to Cheers; apparently, he sank his boat when he hit a reef in the Caribbean. He came back to the bar, not in an effort to buy it since he has no money, but rather to find a job as a bartender. However there aren't any positions available. The other bartender, Wayne, is a dour man who knows how to make every drink known to man. Sam decides that a good approach to getting a job at Cheers is to do as he's always done and that is to go through the beautiful woman, Rebecca, especially as he overhears some inside information from Rebecca's boss, Evan Drake. Rebecca however takes an instant dislike to him, but offers him a job as a relief bartender out of pity. When Sam learns the consequences of these actions, Carla hatches a plan to get what she, Woody and Sam want, which has its own unintended consequence.
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