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1. 24 (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Day 8: 6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. (2010)
As dawn breaks over New York, President Taylor endures a game-changing setback as the threat of mass destruction looms. Meanwhile, President Hassan makes a shocking decision that surprises his loved ones. But before long, trusted confidantes will become enemies of the state, and it's only the beginning of the betrayals that are to come as the race against time ticks on.
2. Rome (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Heroes of the Republic (2007)
Vorenus and Pullo return to Rome having rescued the children from slavery taking up his old post in the Aventine Collegium. He's a changed man however and is happy with his family but does not realize the enmity his children feel towards them. They clearly blame him for their suffering and eldest daughter Vorena plans to run away with her two younger siblings as soon as she has some money. Meanwhile, Octavian has returned to Rome with his army and manages to convince Cicero that they can work together provided Octavian is made Consul. When Octavian's first act as Consul is to declare Brutus and Cassius as enemies of the state, Cicero realizes he has been duped and begins to plot against him. Atia is up to her old tricks and reconciles with her son but clearly has other ends in mind. Daughter Octavia continues to carouse with the wild Jocasta but is rescued from an orgy by the smitten Agrippa.
Vorenus and Pullo return to the Collegium in Rome with Vorenus' family, but some of the "changes" that Pullo had warned him about regarding his two daughters Vorena both the Elder and Younger, as well as his wife's son, begin to manifest themselves into hostility and resentment. But Vorenus is completely oblivious to this, and is too blissfully happy to return to the role of 'father'. Meanwhile, Octavian finally returns and manages to negotiate the Senate Consul's seat from a scheming Cicero, but in spite of his promise to 'faithfully follow' the older man's counsel, Octavian proves that he certainly has a mind of his own, vowing to hunt down and kill the assassins of Julius Caesar, much to Cicero's consternation. Elsewhere, Brutus and Cassius receive news that might prove useful in staging a triumphant return to Rome, as well as the ultimate defeat of both Mark Antony and Octavian's forces. Also, Atia has a reunion with her son that is strained to say the least, but there is a tentative reconciliation between them. And another, much less stressful reunion between two lovers, Octavia and Agrippa, who saves her from an attempted date-rape at an orgy party, will bring about an unforeseen alliance between two formerly mortal enemies.
3. Tyrant (2014 TV Series)
Episode: A Viper in the Palace (2015)
The army of the Caliphate take control of Tal Jiza, with Daliyah and her colleagues among their hostages, who may be executed to be made an example of everything wrong according to the Caliphate. The Caliphate conscript the men of the town in their march further into Abuddin, most specifically to Ma'an. Barry knows he can't stay in Tal Jiza as he is not only an enemy of the state but also an enemy of the Caliphate. However, he still feels he can't divulge his secrets to Ahmos despite Ahmos' unconditional assistance. In Barry's escape from Tal Jiza, he gets unexpected company. Jamal and Tariq learn of the Caliphate being in Tal Jiza, Ihab being among their ranks, and their plans to go to Ma'an, which places the Chinese nationals working there at risk. Although he leaves the planning of the mission against the Caliphate to Tariq, Jamal can't help but think that Tariq's heavy handedness in the past has led to all the problems they are currently facing. And Molly, Sammy and Jimmy arrive in Abuddin with the public news of the Caliphate in the country.
4. Leverage (2008 TV Series)
Episode: The San Lorenzo Job (2010)
Hot on the trail of Moreau, the team goes to San Lorenzo, with help from the Italian spy, who mourns that Damien Moreau will never leave SL. Gen. Flores, an old friend of Eliot, was running for President against Moreau puppet, Ribera, when the General was suddenly imprisoned as an enemy of the State. In the last days of the election, UN inspectors are everywhere, and Nate is determined to find a candidate and run an American-style election. Enter innocent schoolteacher, Michael Vittori. On Nate's side: a 24 year old genius with a smart phone and a problem with authority. Do Moreau and Ribera even stand a chance?
5. The Avengers (1961 TV Series)
Episode: The Outside-In Man (1964)
Five years earlier the British Secret Service ordered Mark Charter to assassinate Sharp, a renegade British agent who defected to the enemy state of Abarain. But now the two countries are at peace and it is Sharp who has come to broker an important arms deal in Britain on behalf of his government. Charter, supposedly dead but actually in jail, is now free and is coming after Sharp, giving Steed the unusual task of protecting an erstwhile traitor.
6. 60 Minutes (1968 TV Series)
Episode: Enemy of the State/The F-35/Cate Blanchett (2014)
"Enemy of the State" looks at corruption in Russian government and how the fight to expose corruption has created a rift between the Unites States and Russia. "The F-35" takes an inside look at the most expensive weapons system in history. "Cate Blanchett" interviews the Australia actress who is up for an Oscar.
7. The Russian Sleep Experiment (2015 Short Film)
Russian researchers funded by the Soviet Union during WWII are testing an expirimental gas on subjects deemed enemies of the state. The experimental gas is meant to eliminate the need for sleep, but all goes wrong as the gas has unexpected effects on the subjects.
8. Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire (2006 Mini-Series)
Episode: Nero (2006)
In July AD 64 a fire, which lasts for six days, destroys almost all of Rome. Many of the senators think it would be impossible to rebuild the city, and suggest that the capital should be moved to Naples or Capua. Nero is irresolute and asks his mentor, the philosopher Seneca, about his advice. Seneca says that in a crisis great emperors rule as gods rule, and if Nero does that he can become a god himself. Nero decides to rebuild Rome and at the same time make the city more magnificent than ever before. He has a great vision of a city characterized by art and beauty, but the costs of such a project are enormous. Tigellinus, head of Rome's security force, advises Nero to robe the temples. For most Romans this is a shocking sacrilege, and when Nero starts it he gets into a collision course with the senate. In April AD 65 a group of senators plan to murder Nero, but a slave reveals the conspiracy, and all of them are killed. In one move all political opposition are wiped out, and Nero decides to celebrate this with the biggest arts' festival in Roman history, with himself topping the bill. When Nero performs in public as an actor he breaks another rule for how emperors should behave, but no one dares to criticize him. Afterwards Nero's wife Poppea happens to mention that he dropped the scepter during his performance. Nero gets furious and kills her. In AD 66 he moves his court to Greece, where he orders a young male slave to be castrated and transformed into a woman, thus becoming Nero's new Poppea. To get more money for his building program Nero forces the richest men in the empire to commit suicide and leave their wealth to him. In December AD 67 the governors of Gaul and Spain rebel against Nero. He returns to Rome, where he states that he's going to meet the enemy with an army of prostitutes and himself singing in front of them. In spring AD 68 the senate declares Nero an official enemy of the state and condemns him to death. 9th June AD 68 Nero commits suicide.
9. Under the Blood-Red Sun (2014)
A 13 yr old Japanese boy faces monumental adversity in 1941 Hawaii, when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Tomi Nakaji's idyllic world in paradise is forever changed when Japan launches a sneak attack against the US and all Japanese Americans are suddenly considered enemies of the state. Tomi's father, a fisherman, is arrested and taken to an internment camp, his partner is shot and killed. To make matters worse, the son of the wealthy caucasian family that employs and houses Tomi's family relentlessly bullies him. Tomi is torn between the strong Japanese cultural tradition of family honor and standing up for himself. This is a story of courage, honor, loyalty and friendship.
10. Ultimate Force (2005 Video)
The hero of our story is "Axon Rey" a heavily decorated war hero and former tactical police officer who has been recruited by a covert government organization to fight enemies of the state. Schooled in the martial arts as well as in the latest high tech weapons, Rey, now code-named "Sphinx", finds himself an elite member of the sanction division of SATO (State Anti-Terrorist Organization), a clandestine organization of assassins under the direct control of SIN (State Intelligence Network). During his last assassination mission Sphinx has failed. Normally the state deals with such failures easily; it executes the executioner. Since Sphinx is the top assassin, his controller, Janus, decides not to eliminate him immediately. He sends him to a rehabilitation island called "Gulag 7". Sphinx has to face 5 opponents - other government operatives who have been sent to the island for various reasons. A refusal to fight means death. After defeating his last opponent, he finds himself in a barracks lined with jail cells. In one of the cells, he finds Nina, his former love he had presumed lost forever. Sphinx learns from Nina that the Director of the organization has faked her death. The state invested a lot to train Sphinx to be a perfect killing machine. The Director couldn't afford his top assassin to be distracted by anything; particularly not by love. The two lovers still hope that they can escape from their past and start a new life together. But soon they are surrounded by soldiers and Janus. Janus confirms to Sphinx that faking Nina's death was the Director's idea. Together they formulate a plot to assassinate the Director - the outcome of which will decide who wields the ultimate force.
11. The Girl from Monday (2005)
In the not-distant-future, the market has taken over everything, thanks to the marketers. The consumer is king, and those who see value outside of the marketplace are "enemies of the consumer", terrorists, and "partisan" enemies that the state must dispose of. Protagonist Jack seems to be at one with the media corporations (after all, his marketing ideas led to the institutionalization of the exchange of sex for enhanced buying power), but is he somehow involved with the feeble and pathetic resistance movement? Does he love Cecile, his colleague, or is she a pawn in his game? And what of the mysterious girl from Monday? Are immigrants from the star system "Monday" really assisting the partisans?
12. Ogro (1979)
As 1973 winds down, Franco is still governing Spain with an iron hand. Opposition parties are forbidden; labor movements are repressed; and Basque nationalists are mercilessly hunted down. The caudillo is aging, though, and the continuity of the régime is in question. One man has the trust of Franco, enough authority and experience to assume the leadership, and an impeccable track record as to dealing with enemies of the State: admiral Carrero Blanco. For the embattled clandestine Basque organization ETA, Carrero Blanco must be brought down. Daring plans are made, requiring a meticulous execution...
13. Bulman (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Ministry of Accidents (1987)
Julian Czinner, a top civil servant,needs help; the contents of his missing briefcase could prove useful to enemies of the state. Asked to step into the line of fire once again, Bulman and Lucy find themselves becoming pawns in a game where the stakes are high - and for Bulman, life will never be the same again.
14. Wrath of the Dead: Prologue (2014 Short Film)
In a rural part of Serbia an ancient force will raise the dead and unleash hell on Earth, and the only man who can stop the apocalypse of the living dead is renegade ex-CIA agent and enemy of the state, Mortimer Reyes.
15. Bare Island (2012 Documentary)
The documentary Goli otok presents the history of the concentration camp built on an island at the Croatian northern seashore bearing the same name, during the clashes between Tito and Stalin from 1949 to 1955. The reconstruction of life at the camp and of the methods of political re-building is based on the testimonies of the former prisoner Alfred Pal, while the words of the former general of the Yugoslavian secret political police Jovo Kapicic reveal the establishment's view on the logic's and the motives that led to the creation of the Camp. This documentary also reveals more than a few non-published documents of the Yugoslav secret services shedding new light on the consequences of the Tito-Stalin skirmish that spelled doom for the condemned enemies of the state Stalin's allies.
16. High Risk (1976 TV Movie)
Four medical missionaries are being held captive by the country that they were visiting; it seems that they treated some of the rebel leaders, so the government has deemed them enemies of the state. Of course the U.S. wants to help them but they feel that a rescue operation is not the best way. So, they hire some people to steal the country's national treasure, which is currently on display at their embassy in Washington, so that they could have some leverage on the President of the country who is holding the Americans. But it's not going to be easy.
17. Target of Opportunity (2005)
Jim Jacobs and Nick Carlton, childhood friends, are CIA operatives on a sting operation in Chechnya. The raid of a rebel militia group goes bad and the entire teams gets wiped out except for Jim and Nick, who manages to save them both. Five years later, they are out of the CIA game. That is, until one day Jim gets a call from a mysterious woman from the Balkan country of Gorna informing him that Nick is in prison. Jim is tasked to bring a suitcase left with him by Nick. Jim tries to enlist the help of the CIA who refuses, telling him Nick is now an enemy of the state, a black market dealer of state secrets and weapons. Jim is advised to stay away. But Jim owes his life to Nick and embarks on a solo mission to break his friend out of prison and get to the truth of whether Nick is now dirty or not...
18. Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA Part 2 (2010 Documentary)
Panics, orchestrated crises, media hype and propaganda have been used in the name of "protecting the people" for generations. CNN, the Southern Poverty Law Center and other media outlets air special reports and name call anyone who questions the government as conspiracy theorists in an effort to suppress information. Yet, with the DE-classification of decades-old documents, it can be found that many of these "conspiracy theories" are not so theoretical after all. We'll visit a real-life FEMA camp that will send tingles up your treason-bones. We'll examine an ex-police officer's training in a Department of Homeland Security decontamination program that promises round-ups, forced unclothing, detoxification, mandatory vaccines and further detention. From legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers to illegal military teams put together through FEMA, you're not going to believe the power given to "officials" to put this country under a state of martial law. As heart-rates rise, Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA Part 2 takes a look at the government and media manipulation of an unwitting public, and plans that have been laid out through legislation, Executive Orders and Presidential Directives that pave the way for the elimination of many, if not all, of our most basic rights. Enemy of The State: Camp FEMA Part 2 thrashes out the mission of a police state and the implementation of martial law. Are you an Enemy of the State?
19. The Perceivers (2015 Short Film)
Eden City is a futuristic society ruled by a brutal authority, the Perceivers, who monitor and control citizens with optic nerve technology. After her sister goes from prodigy to enemy of the state, Agatha Tyro is forced the flee the city to avoid 'deactivation' with her best friend, Duncan. But how can they escape from a world that is always watching?
20. Battle of New Orleans (????)
During the War of 1812, world famous pirate Jean Lafitte smuggles goods from Port Au-Prince Hattie to New Orleans. Outraged by all the commerce that is being smuggled into the city of New Orleans, the governor of Louisiana declares Lafitte an enemy of the State and orders the US Navy to intercept and destroy his fleet. Fully aware of the hatred that the governor has for him and his business ventures at sea, Lafitte embarks on a journey to warn the US Navy of a British Armada that is preparing to invade New Orleans. After several days of not heeding to Lafitte's warning, the governor decides to take the pirate seriously. However, the moment the governor gives the order to defend the city; Lafitte unfortunately knows that he must provide the manpower and a fleet of ships to aid the US Navy in the battle with the British at sea.
21. Szemrebbenés (2015)
In the United States every single citizen has a completely functional monitoring system in his eyes. An average worker finds his wife dead and gets accused for being an enemy of the states. He works out that the regime and the ideology of the Eyecam order is a plague on the human race.
22. Gulag Vorkuta (2014 Short Film)
1964 USSR Gulag. Dissident pagan poet Sveta and thought criminal Rusalka meet on a deportation train to the USSR Gulag Vorkuta. We learn about the family tragedy of Rusalka, how her entire family was branded 'Enemy of the State' and sent to the Gulag under Order 270. Sveta was sentenced under notorious Article 58, the same statute Solzhenitsyn was. Under interrogation by a Commissar they both show their indomitable spirits. They express an intense resistance against the dehumanization of the individual and the insanity of the State controlling people's lives. Ultimately the story is about the pagan Spirit and the ability to see Beauty that allows them to survive the inhumanity. Filmed in Hollywood with Russian actors, in Russian with English subtitles.
23. Electric Zombies (2006 Video)
Cult horror director John Specht's low-budget feature, "Electric Zombies," neatly cobbles together two disparate genres: the conspiracy thriller and the horror/slasher movie. It also comments sardonically on the post-9/11 fear of the U.S. government-gone-haywire, as it recounts the tale of a misguided federal project to brainwash "enemies of the state" via cell-phone signals. The signals inadvertently grow in power and become redirected to the U.S., turning unsuspecting civilians into super-obedient zombies whenever their cell phones are answered. They receive self-destructive orders, which they follow will-lessly -- orders running the gamut from self-mutilation to suicide to homicide to riot. Those who manage to escape from falling prey to the menace must find a way to stop the threat -- before the U.S. erupts into unchecked anarchy.
24. Deployment Strategy (2007 Short Film)
In 2055, artificial intelligence is possible. The government tries desperately to control the use and abuse of cybernetic beings while society struggles to accept them. Software hackers are both highly coveted resources and enemies of the state. Lt. James Lee, computer psychologist, embarks on his first assignment. His wits and training will be put to the test. But what about his beliefs? In a time of self-aware software, who exactly is endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights? Man? Machine?
25. Facing the Dead (2005 Documentary)
In the years that Stalin ruled the Soviet Union, photographs of the 20 million people, so-called "enemies of the state" who were killed or perished in labor camps, were banned on pain of death. Families cut loved ones out of group portraits, school children blacked revolutionary heroes out of their history books, and the secret police destroyed whatever was left. In FACING THE DEAD, filmmaker Gabrielle Pfeiffer follows British photo archivist, David King, through today's Russia on a quest for photographs of the lost faces of a generation.
26. Le huguenot récalcitrant (1969 TV Movie)
The scene is set in small town in the Cévennes. The year is 1685, shortly after King Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes. The Protestants have become enemies of the state overnight and as such are persecuted by a special army corps called the "Dragoons". Through them, the Huguenots who refuse to convert to Catholicism are hunted, silenced, tortured or even hanged. And yet, that is not an easy task for Boutré, the commander of the Dragoons. All this on account of the "The Reluctant Huguenot", a mysterious, elusive man whose only voice is heard. But a formidable voice that resounds over the town carrying the accents of Psalm 68, the Protestants' battle hymn...
27. Still Call Australia Home (???? Documentary)
Enemy Aliens is a feature length documentary chronicling the racially motivated mass internment of 5000 Italian migrants in Australia during the Second World War. Innocent men who had no involvement with the warring world were separated from their families for years and forced to live in camps where they were treated as enemies of the state.
28. The Poet of Baghdad (2009 Documentary)
In 1979, Nabeel Yasin fled his homeland Iraq with his wife Nada and three-year-old son because he had published poetry that did not conform to the views of Saddam Hussein and his regime, including the work The Poet Satirizes the King. Branded an 'enemy of the state', Yasin faced imprisonment and likely death if he remained in Iraq. He continued to write and publish poetry from exile in the UK, his works smuggled back into Iraq where they became a popular symbol of resistance. Filmmaker Georgie Weedon tells Yasin's story in her film, The Poet of Baghdad.
29. The Shepherd's Cup (2016)
This action filled adventure takes 'Enemy Of The State' and 'The Omen' to the next level when a Fortune 100 corporation, Religious Factions and Governmental Bodies (D.O.D., C.D.C., N.S.A., Homeland Security), engage in an action filled high-tech battle to gain control of an ancient shepherd's staff that wields unnatural power and is being used to wreck havoc on Earth by a boy who orchestrated his terminal illness to gain possession of the staff to prepare for Satan's rule - the staff belonged to Moses .
30. Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain (2014 TV Series)
During the a chaotic period of Imperial China, before the unification of the country, there exist two opposing regimes: the Song and Jin. The story focuses on the exploits of the Tin Kei (Phecda) Bureau of the Northern Song. It's a special investigative unit that answers directly to the emperor, who is headed by Commissioner Fung Nam Tin (Lau Kong). With his highly skilled group of constables, Fung Nam Tin was able to protect the realm against criminals and enemies of the state.
31. Art of Courage (2017 Documentary)
When China outlawed a popular spiritual practice in 1999, nationwide mass arrests ensued-as millions of its citizens became enemies of the state overnight. Led by one such victim-a brave group of artists now living outside of China, use art as a tool for change. Launching an art exhibition illustrating the unheard personal experiences of the lives inflicted by tragedy and the transformative power of the faith that brought them all together. Following the unique journeys of these collective artists, as their exhibition goes on to tour internationally, inspiring hope for humanity.
31 titles.