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1. The Good Wife (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Net Worth (2011)
The firm takes on the case of a 25 year-old dot com billionaire who wants to sue a Hollywood studio over the unflattering portrayal of him in their film about him. Alicia is out of town driving back to Chicago accompanying her brother who is moving from Oregon. Both Will and Diane know that it's virtually impossible to win a defamation case and so go off on a different tack. For Alicia, she opens up to her brother about her feelings for Will and her brother encourages her to do something about it. Meanwhile, the State's Attorney's investigation of the severe beating of a prosecution witness. The more Cary Agos tries to warn Kalinda however, the more she becomes a suspect.
2. The Good Wife (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Whack-a-Mole (2013)
Will goes out on a limb and unilaterally hires a new partner with a dubious past. Meanwhile the firm scrambles to recover clients lost to fledgling offshoot Florrick Agos while their new associate descends to school yard pranks. Alicia and Carrie do their best to defend a client against Internet defamation. Jackie asserts her authority as the Governor's mom and Alicia has a new admirer.
Alicia is called by a former client who is Arabic. He tells her that he's being questioned by the Feds about a friend of his. Alicia joins him and the Feds ask him about a trip he and his friend took to Milwaukee around the time a bombing took place. She instructs him to be quiet that's when they take all his computer and other devices. He claims he was always in his hotel but the Feds produce a photo that appears to be him at the location where the bombing took place. Alicia learns that the photo was posted on a social network. So Alicia goes to court to get them to take it down. Which they do but another goes up and comments defaming her client are also posted. Alicia then decides to sue the CEO of the website and they are represented by Will. Will also decides to hire a lawyer who is not exactly reputable despite Diane's objections. And when the other partners want to get rid of him and upon hearing their griping about Alicia's firm he decides to do some underhanded maneuvers. Jackie learns that a woman who once worked for her husband is being considered for a position by Peter. And she asks Eli to quash it because of something that happened between her and husband.
3. Zoolander (2001)
Derek Zoolander, a dimwitted male model, feels threatened by the new and popular Hansel; after his friends and fellow models are killed in a freak gasoline fight, he announces his retirement from modeling. However, he is persuaded by Mugatu and his lackey, Katinka Inga Shanana, to lead their Derelicte fashion show. Unbeknownst to Derek, he had been brainwashed into killing the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Along the way, he befriends his former rival, Hansel, and Matilda, a reporter who defamed him; they eventually save him from Mugatu.
4. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Rob Reiner (1975)
The host for the episode is Rob Reiner, but there is no musical guest. The skits for this episode are as follows: a man in a wheelchair inadvertently discovers he can walk, but is unable to repeat the miraculous feat. Rob Reiner performs a number of lounge-singer acts. The National Pancreas Association stresses the importance of taking good care of your pancreas. Rob Reiner, together with his wife Penny Marshall, honors some of the more popular fashion faux-pas. The Golden Needles voodoo acupuncture technique offers healing without surgery. Andy Kaufmann sings along with a record of Pop Goes the Weasel. In an interview with Squeaky Fromme, Fromme keeps trying to assassinate the interviewer, only to fail each time. Dance group The Lockers perform a comic dance. A man speaks out against defamation of droolers. An ad for a moving company promotes their skill at moving people from place to place, though not their belongings. A pair of nuns attempt to emcee their church's talent night. Albert Brooks presents a film about heart surgery. Gilda Radner recites a list of things she ate that day. Rob Reiner blows up at having his ending skit interrupted by the Bees, only to have his rant backfire. During the Weekend Update, Don Pardo is kidnapped and used by the kidnappers to announce their demands.
5. Murder, She Wrote (1984 TV Series)
Episode: Murder at a Discount (1993)
Just as Jessica finishes working on the paperback release of her latest novel, she is sued for $10 million for defamation of character. The complainant is New York store owner Dave Novaro who was found not guilty of having murdered his wife Janet. He claims that Jessica's novel is simply a rehash of that murder but one in which the main character - himself, in his mind - is found guilty. As far as Jessica is concerned it's all nonsense as the plot and characters are entirely fictional. Janet's father thinks Jessica is right and also blames Novaro for the death of his own wife who succumbed 6 months after their daughter's death. NYPD Lt. Artie Gelber is also convinced he's guilty but as Jessica learns more and more about the case, she's astounded by the similarities between the case and her book. When Dave Novaro is found dead at his business, a missing remote control gives Jessica the clue to solve both murders.
6. Home and Away (1988 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.5000 (2010)
Gina fails to make Brendan understand Hugo is dead, but Xavier even manages to console kid brother. Geoff and Ruby, who keeps flirting with defamation Palmer repeats he would prosecute, continue raising funds for the refugees. Romeo convinces Xavier the $00,000 Hugo left him in cash must be spent for good causes such as that. Yet the mere 5,000 bundle to prepared in an envelope seems to have a will of its own, bringing Xavier bruises and rebuke without arriving via Hazem's picnic or in the diner, so Romeo concludes it must be a plan against karma. Liam doesn't get any help from Aden, so he's desperate enough to resort to drugs again, then calls an ambulance. Miles however has convinced Nicole to go easier on both suitors.
7. Will & Grace (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Friends with Benefits (2005)
After having quit his job, Will thinks is new destination is to become a writer. When he is in park, Will meets Malcolm. Beverley files Karen with a law suit for defamation of character when she publicly said that he is a homosexual. Beverley wants her to apologize for what she said publicly. If she does so, he will draw back the law suit. Jack has to deal with a former child star named Randall, who is supposed to host a show for Out TV. Grace meets her former boyfriend Tom and he introduces her to his wife Viv. It turns out that Tom and Viv bought a hotel and want Grace to design it.
8. Neighbours (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.5687 (2009)
Because of a parents patrol, less gullible then Rebecca, Zeke remains locked in the improvised kissing boot with Sunny longer, but manages to sooth her. To help Steph, Greg hired rat lawyer TimCollins to charge Toadie with defamation, but it feels like she turns on Greg instead. Indiscretions from Kyle, thoughtless, and Didge, mean, wreck Ringo's chance for a reconciliation with Donna.
9. All in the Family (1971 TV Series)
Episode: Archie Sees a Mugging (1972)
While out on an errand with Mike, Archie witnesses a mugging. Despite objections from the family, he refuses to tell the police what he saw mostly because the victim was Italian and he believes that the Mafia was involved. When he is forced to turn in a report, he gives false information claiming that the muggers were two Mafia hit-men in suits in a fancy car. Later, Mr. Vicino, the victim, comes by the house and lays out the whole story, that Archie saw the mugger and he didn't. But their stories don't match and Vicino accuses Archie of backing out on testifying because he is prejudice against Catholics. Gloria notices that Archie testimony has made the papers, that the mob has been accused of the crime. Edith gets a phone call saying that a man named Silvestri from an Italian defamation agency is coming over to talk to Archie, who is convinced that he is a hit-man who is coming to whack him. When he arrives, the man asks Archie for the details and he is so frightened that he tells the truth. When another man comes to the door claiming to be Silvestri, the first man reveals that he is police detective. The detectives leaves him alone with Mr. Silvestri who informs Archie that it may be wise to tell the truth and leave a certain organization beginning with the letter 'M' out of his statement.
10. Dynasty (1981 TV Series)
Episode: The Hearing: Part 2 (1983)
As the custody trial continues, Fallon testifies on her brother's behalf while Sammy Jo defames her ex-husband. Fallon leaves for Montana to investigate Adam's past; Alexis' apartment is ransacked; Claudia hits on the scheme for Steven to retain custody of his son.
11. The Love Boat (1977 TV Series)
Episode: Message for Maureen/Gotcha/Acapulco Connection (1977)
Tennis pro Maureen Mitchell (qv##nm0070935##) runs into sportswriter John Ballard (qv##nm0084642##), who defamed her in his column. Cyril Wolfe (qv##nm0000926##) annoys his wife Anita (qv##nm0511964##) and fellow passengers (qv##nm0011163## and qv##nm0494815##) with constant practical jokes. Mexican April Lopez (qv##nm0004819##) stows away in a laundry hamper.
12. Emmerdale (1972 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.3632 (2004)
To get Marlon into a better mood, Zak persuades him to see Tricia's funeral as a party where he can celebrate her life instead of mourning her death. Zak even tries to arrange to have "Mamma Mia" used as the funeral song. Is Zoe bribing Terry to not say anything in court which could defame Chris' character and help Charity? Also, Chloe is frustrated about their poor economic situation so she tells Syd to demand 50% of the cost up front of customers in the future.
13. Chelsea Lately (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #6.133 (2012)
In her opening monologue, host qv##nm1314546## talks about her comparison to a famous black talk show host, and the work of black people on television in general. Chelsea and her round table panelists qv##nm2002507##, qv##nm0617141## and qv##nm2628037## discuss qv##nm2349292##'s speech at the Democratic National Convention, the Vanity Fair article on Scientology choosing qv##nm0000129##'s wife, qv##nm0290556## being sued by his ex-NYU film professor for defaming him for giving Franco a failing grade, an Atlanta teacher allegedly helping her students cheat, and qv##nm0001259## and qv##nm0000580## possibly dating. And Chelsea chats with guest qv##nm3127996##-Ross about winning two gold medals at the London Olympics, her training and nutrition regimen in prep for big meets and how she celebrates winning races knowing that she has another race coming up, doing her hair and make-up for races, and being originally from Jamaica and her take of why Jamaican runners have so much success.
14. Popular (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Style and Substance Abuse (2000)
Brooke re-prioritize her life, withdrawing from homecoming queen consideration, having been there done that, afraid of being stereotyped. Principal Krupps tries to talk her out of it considering last year they exceeded their fun raising goal with her crowning last year. Mary Cherry and Nicole over here this, with Brooke out of the way this paves way for one of them to win the crown. Think it over once or twice who'll last the longest in this life, character or rock hard thighs...is the opening line and fitting for the run for homecoming queen. Ms. Glass finds Carmen squatting in her classroom, rudely blowing her whistle in Carmen's ear, claiming she is taking a power nap before the teachers quiz today. Carmen picks up her belongings, to which Claw asks to know what is going on. She tells the teacher that her mother had kicked her out but she will be staying at the McQueen home. Before she leaves Ms. Glass commends Carmen on her struggle this year and how she has turned things around at the school. Josh meets up with Lily at her locker giving her a kiss, who doesn't want to quite go public yet. Brooke sees the two of them together making her miss Josh. She quickly slips into Mr. Krupps office to pick up a form for Student Council President, to which April stands up to the blonde, angry that she is running, but welcomes the competition. Mr. Krups informs Brooke that her has brought in a special guest, Hellacious Akres, a triple crown winner. Mary and Nicole revel in the woman's glory as she makes way through the hall. During class Mr. Krupps announces the passing of one of the students, Wendle Smeggma, having a moment...pause of silence as Hellacious comes on to announce the nominees for homecoming queen, Mary, Nicole, Carmen and Sam... who is shocked by the announcement. George convinces Sam to stay in the race, excited that she has been nominated. Brooke sits down with Harrison, who gives his condolences for her homecoming snub. Brooke calls him Mr. Snotty. Harrison is upset over the fact that a death of a student hasn't even phased the rest of the school. Brooke asks Harrison to be her campaign manager for Student Council. Carmen freaks out that Sam is nominated, which Sam tells her that George convinced her to stay in the race. Carmen becomes excited about backing Sam and Carmen for queen cookies when Sam tells her that she totally spaced, the room she was going to stay in is being converted into a nursery. Ms. Glass finds Carmen setting up camp in the Novack telling her to pack up her things, she's coming home with her. Early the next morning, Carmen is woken by Claw's alarm clocks as they work out to Sheena Easton. Ms. Glass also introduces Carmen to her chore wheel, which she made over night. Ms. Glass wants to help Carmen win the crown and get a clean home to boot. Nicole puts down Sam's nomination, saying its because of George and not because she is popular. Harrison catches Ms. Glass putting up a Carmen for queen poster, as Mr. Krupps comes along telling Ms. Glass that the student who passed had twice the limit of cough syrup in his blood wanting to implement random drug tests. Harrison goes to Brooke with this, who doesn't want to run a campaign against drug testing, telling Harrison if he feels so strongly against it then run himself, which he decides to do. As he leaves Brooke watches as Josh and Lily pass by. Ms. Glass runs into Hellacious, who she went to school with years ago, who remembers her greasy hair, and sexually ambiguous tie. Before Bio class, Brooke asks Sam to go over her platform, who wants to stay neutral because Harrison is her friend. Sam agrees to proof read her platform as Claw comes in demanding everyone write an essay on why Carmen should win as homecoming queen. Lily and Josh make out by what is left of the Forever tree, who is still nervous. She takes out a Wabba juice and cough syrup mixture, Josh agreeing to take come with her, which is suppose to help calm the nerves. Once again Brooke catches the two, seeing them drink the mixture. Carmen wakes up finding Ms. Glass making Carmen for Queen flawn. Carmen has her teacher sit down to talk to her about her drive to have her win homecoming queen. Carmen knows something happened to her in high school, asking her why pictures where snipped out of her yearbook. Carmen figures out it was Hellacious, being her Nicole. Ms. Glass tells Carmen why it hurts so much when she see's Hellacious, all she wanted was a friend to which Carmen tells her she does, asking if she wants to sit with her at the assembly. The next day during platform speeching, Harrison up first, who outs the mandatory drug testing that starts Monday. April Tuna is up next to many taunts, who tells everyone to shut up, the end is near, get with it, wanting to escape to another planet, wanting to convert the football field into a UFO welcoming station. Krupps, introduces Brooke next, who decides to change her platform, describing some of the side effects of abusing cough syrup throwing her support behind the mandatory drug testing in a moving speech to the students, wanting to open a depression center at Kennedy High. Josh and Lily decide to back up Harrison's campaign having made up stickers. Nicole and Mary result to a smear campaign on each other, Mary catching her informing her that they aren't even on the campaign radar. THey turn to Hellacious for help, who tells them she let the people believe she had heart, which she didn't, telling them to play to win or get out of the way. Brooke and Lily have an uncomfortable run in, in the Novack. Lily commends her on her speech, as an activist, wanting to still be cordial even though her and Josh are together. After a few words Brooke tells Lily she hopes her and Josh get some help for their syrup addiction. The two carry their argument out into the hall which Krupps over hears, wanting to know who is using drugs. Brooke tells Krupps that her and Lily where only going over questions that are bound to come up in a debate. Josh and Lily run into Claw who informs them that there is a rumor running around that one of Kennedy's finest is using drugs. They go to Harrison for help with Josh having to take the drug test. After Carmen finds out that Sam has unintentionally given April her support she goes to Ms. Glass asking her if she still has the flawn, which she does in her desk drawer. Josh swaps Harrison's urine with his own for the drug test. Mary and Nicole are having problems running a clean "fake" campaign. They only have one option, do what they do best, defame and destroy. During Bio class,Krupps comes in having Ms. Class send Josh with him to his office. There Krupps gives Josh the results of his urine test, having tested positive for drugs.
15. The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (1959 TV Series)
Episode: I Was a High School Scrooge (1961)
Dobie and Maynard get roped into working on the yearbook under editor Zelda, who was a one person team prior to them arriving on the scene. The first assignment Zelda gives them is to write and photograph the annual feature of the yearbook called "Where Are They Now?": an inspirational piece on a graduate's current goings-on. Who Zelda chooses is 1911 alumnus Walter "Show-'em-no-mercy" Appleby, arguably the best football player ever to emerge from Central High. Dobie and Maynard are able to track him down, he wearing grubby clothes and rifling through a trash pile behind the Kane Iron & Steel factory. Rather than take advantage of Appleby's down and out status, Dobie believes they - as in their senior class - should try and help him as their parting gift to Central High to demonstrate their school spirit. What Dobie, Zelda, Maynard and the rest of their class are unaware of is that Appleby is not down and out, but a wealthy business owner, Kane Iron & Steel being only one of his many companies. He is also miserly and a miserable old man, who may use his cutthroat clout to destroy Dobie and whoever else is involved in depicting him as decrepit for defamation. However, what Dobie originally tried to accomplish may still happen in showing a miserable old man what true generosity should emerge from his own alma mater.
16. Poldark (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.7 (1975)
Ross is arrested for incitement to looting and the Warleggans send men to pay witnesses,including Jud,to testify against him. Demelza,seeking character witnesses to help her man,learns that the Warleggans have now bank-rolled Ross's failed business venture and she confronts George,threatening to expose his deceit. Francis is also supportive of his cousin and he too begins to suspect George's duplicity as scurrilous pamphlets,defaming Ross,are circulated around the county. Nor is Francis happy about the younger Warleggan's increasing friendship with Elizabeth.
17. Poldark (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.8 (1975)
On the eve of Ross's trial in Bodmin a party is thrown to celebrate the victory of newly-elected local M.P. Unwin Trevaunance,who brings with him Caroline Penvenen,a spirited teen-aged heiress who is aware that he is marrying her for her money. At the party a drunken Francis accuses George of sponsoring the pamphlets defaming Ross and then goes back to his room to kill himself,being dissuaded by Dwight Enys. Demelza also attends the function,deliberately seeking out the judge who will be trying Ross and captivating him as the only interesting person to have spoken to him all evening. However she is prevented from speaking to him about the court case.
18. All Saints (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Justice for None (2008)
Rhiannon arranges to meet Charlotte in the Park to talk but before anything can be said they witness a hit and run incident. Charlotte tells Rhiannon to drop her complaint but she refuses. Nadir and Adenna continue to stay at Von's place as they try to work out a way to get back their baby girl. Nadir begins to feel unwell and Von sees the extent of his wounds from his life in Iraq. She enlists Mike's help in treating him. Bart and Rhiannon treat Debbie, a patient who displays panic attack symptoms. Whilst she is left unattended she grabs a scissors and attacks Brad Kelberg, the man who was involved in the hit and run. Brad was convicted for the rape and murder of Debbie's daughter but got off. Jack finds it hard to try and save Brad's life and walks away. Charlotte tells Frank that she has started a defamation case against Rhiannon because the internal process isn't working and she needs to clear her name.
19. Entertainment Tonight (1981 TV Series)
Episode: Episode dated 15 December 2015 (2015)
The premiere of qv##tt2488496##; qv##nm0001070## sues his accusers for defamation of character; the premiere of qv##tt3460252##; interview with the inspiration for qv##tt2446980##. Also: a look at NBC's qv##tt4371588## with qv##nm0317537## and qv##nm1938316##; season finale of qv##tt1839337##.
20. 10%: What Makes a Hero? (2013 Documentary)
Award-winning director Yoav Shamir (Defamation, Checkpoint) sets out on an entertaining and insightful international quest, exploring the notion of heroism through a multi-faceted lens. From ordinary heroes to freedom fighters, primates to humans, behavioral scientists to geneticists, even Ayn Rand to Raelians, Shamir leaves no stone unturned, and along the way unveils the fundamental truths of human nature.
10% - WHAT MAKES A HERO? is an entertaining yet provocative film in which award-winning director Yoav Shamir sets to explore the nature of heroism and altruistic deeds. Yoav travels from San Francisco to New York City, the Congo, Slovenia, South Africa and back to Israel and Palestine, to explore these ideas fully through a myriad of colorful characters and situations. As in Yoav's previous multi award-winning films DEFAMATION, CHECKPOINT, his quest led him to some funny, dramatic and unexpected places along the way. '10%' empowers each of us to reflect, assess and ultimately improve how we behave in our own relationships, and our role in our communities. Ultimately, it will challenge our predisposed ideas of heroism, unveiling the most fundamental truths about human nature.
21. The New Statesman (1987 TV Series)
Episode: The Wapping Conspiracy (1989)
B'stard is named and shamed as a filthy pervert who has sex with under-age girls by 'Times' reporter Ronald Barrett so he sues him and takes him to court with Sarah helping to assume the roles of a devoted couple. When Piers proves to be a useless prosecutor B'stard conducts his own cross-examination, getting Barrett to admit that he doctored the photos which are all false, because he was jealous of B'stard. B'stard wins substantial damages but afterwards it transpires that the entire case was a money-making scam between Barrett and B'stard though when Barrett threatens to declare the fact B'stard sues him for defamation of character.
22. QB VII (1974 Mini-Series)
Adam Kelno has made it to England in the days following World War II. Having escaped from a death camp in Nazi Europe, he finds that his identification with anti-communists in Poland has made him a target of the Soviet Government, which brings up war crime charges against him in England. When the witness is unable to identify him as one of the doctors who castrated him, he is released. Kelno takes his wife and young son to Arabia where he labors for years upgrading public health standards. Upon his return to England he is Knighted. Twenty years have passed and he has just begun to enjoy his life of renown when a book is published that names him as a willing participant to Nazi medical experiments on Jews in the camps. He sues for defamation and finds that not only can he not escape his past, but that the plaintiff a defamation case has his own reputation on trial. QB VII refers to the courtroom in which the trial is held, Queen's Bench, Room 7.
23. Kingswood Country (1980 TV Series)
Episode: Police Release Me (1980)
Ted unsuccessfully tries to fix his television aerial so he can watch a John Wayne movie. He only succeeds in falling off the roof. Thelma is frantic because Craig is not home. She calls the hospitals and is about to call the police only to receive a call saying that he had been arrested and was in jail. It turns out that he was arrested for throwing a can of beer at an anti-uranium demonstration. Ted and Thelma go down to the police station to get him out. Craig protests his innocence and photographs support him. Ted then gets the idea that the Bullpitt name has been defamed but just manages to get himself arrested.
24. Australian Story (1996 TV Series)
Episode: Three Little Words (2004)
Kevin Lindeberg could be seen as either an obsessive crackpot or an unsung hero, depending on whom you believe. The debate has raged even within his own family where his once resentful teenage daughter now sees her dad through very different eyes. Fourteen years ago, Lindeberg was sacked from his job as a trade union organiser after accusing Queensland's new Labor Government of illegally shredding documents. The documents contained evidence from the Heiner Inquiry into alleged mismanagement at a youth detention centre. The Goss Government ordered that documents from the inquiry be shredded following legal advice suggesting the inquiry was set up incorrectly. It was claimed witnesses could be sued for defamation. Since then, Kevin Lindeberg has been waging what's been described as a David and Goliath-like battle to "have the truth revealed". Kevin has written more than 20 submissions and single-handedly triggered inquiries by the Senate, Queensland Criminal Justice Commission and the police and his fight has been incorporated in international journalism and archiving curriculums. But the cost to his family has been very high. His wife had to return to work eight weeks after giving birth to her third child and has remained the sole breadwinner ever since. The trappings of their previously comfortable middle-class existence had to be abandoned, but in recent months, Kevin's children are seeing his obsessions in a very new light. It all started when daughter Naomi went to university and suddenly found that her class was actually being taught about her father's epic struggles.
25. The Good Times Are Killing Me (2009 TV Movie)
Kate Derby is a successful Washington DC lawyer, a career which does not seem to be enough to gain the acceptance or love of her parents, Cameron and Celia Derby, he a soon to be retired Canadian diplomat. Her parents' feelings are exacerbated by Kate accepting the case against their friend, Senator Sam Talbot. The case is a defamation lawsuit brought against him in he awarding a defense contract to a British firm, which has led to the financial ruin of Kate's American defense contractor client. En route from DC to London to gather information for the case, Kate collapses unconscious. She awakens in a secured London drug and alcohol rehab facility, she learns committed for a minimum of four months, the papers signed by her physician and an independent psychiatrist. She believes she is being framed by Talbot, especially since she is in possession of some sensitive information against him, while the facility administration tries to convince her that she has an alcohol abuse problem. As such, Kate also believes that someone at the facility may be working in cahoots with Talbot, especially since she knows, based on her vague remembrance and the way she is feeling, that she has been drugged. The primary suspect is Shane, the group counselor. Over time, Kate begins to take into her confidence Lexy, a fellow group therapy member, he a former investment banker whose alcohol abuse has led to his own financial ruin. Lexy tries to help Kate to the best of his ability, which is aided by the fact that he is a voluntary patient who is not confined to the facility. But as Lexy tries to help her both find out the information she wanted about the case as well as if Talbot in indeed behind her commitment, Kate has time to reflect on the true state of her life, which she was unwilling to do previously.
26. Defamation (2009 Documentary)
Intent on shaking up the ultimate 'sacred cow' for Jews, Israeli director Yoav Shamir embarks on a provocative - and at times irreverent - quest to answer the question, "What is anti-Semitism today?" Does it remain a dangerous and immediate threat? Or is it a scare tactic used by right-wing Zionists to discredit their critics? Speaking with an array of people from across the political spectrum (including the head of the Anti-Defamation League and its fiercest critic, author Norman Finkelstein) and traveling to places like Auschwitz (alongside Israeli school kids) and Brooklyn (to explore reports of violence against Jews), Shamir discovers the realities of anti-Semitism today. His findings are shocking, enlightening and - surprisingly - often wryly funny.
27. Himmatwala (1983)
In order to defame the reputation of a school-master Dharam Murti; the landlord Sher Singh Bandookwala and Narayandas Gopaldas accuses him of sexually molesting a woman. The decision gets accepted by the local village Panchayat and Dharam, his wife Savitri, a son Ravi and his daughter Padma gets out-cast from the village for a period of one month. Dharam goes away never to return leaving his wife to bring up their children in a destitute way of living. Savitri slogs hard to send Ravi to the city for education - years later Ravi returns to his village as an engineer - and is all set to clear his father's name at any cost.
28. Wesley (2009)
The year is 1732. John Wesley, an irritatingly self-righteous instructor at Oxford is offered the chance to go to the new colony of Georgia, where he hopes to preach to the Indians. During the voyage, the ship encounters a violent storm; overwhelmed with the fear of death, Wesley begins to doubt the validity of his faith In Georgia, Wesley's plans are waylaid: he is not able to do much preaching among the native tribes, and falls in love with Sophy Hopkey, the beautiful niece of the local magistrate. When the star-crossed romance fails to produce a proposal from the angst-ridden young minister, Sophy marries another; bitterness explodes between the two until one day Wesley publicly refuses to serve Holy Communion to Sophy. He is arrested for defamation of character - and is to be tried by Sophy's uncle! There will be no fair trial here. Escaping from Savannah, he returns to England in failure and shame. Back in London, he meets a Moravian missionary, Peter Boehler, who counsels the disturbed and depressed young man. John struggles with his failure and fears and is finally experiences the peace he longed for: "I felt my heart strangely warmed." Wesley begins to preach about his experience of saving faith, but is turned out of most churches in London. Undaunted, he begins preaching in fields, and discovers a hungry audience in the downtrodden poor of England. Appalled by the terrible needs of families overwhelmed with alcoholism, abuse, and poverty, John and his hymn-writing brother Charles begin revolutionary (and controversial) social ministries to better the lives of the poor while also preaching to them of the transformation of the heart. Despite opposition, mob violence that seeks to break up their meetings, Wesley and his "Methodies" establish social ministries to the poor that transformed the face of England. Today, almost 75 million people worldwide trace their spiritual heritage back to John Wesley.
29. Final Justice (1998 TV Movie)
Gwen (Annette O'Toole) grieves her murdered brother and hopes for justice in court, only to sit helplessly as her brother is defamed by a sleazy attorney (Michael McKean) and the murderer acquitted. Out of desperation she kidnaps the killer to deliver final justice.
30. Bhrashtachar (1989)
Bhavani Dutt; an activist, Ashutosh Das; an alcoholic police officer and Abdul Sattar; a politician attempt to bring a criminal in disguise of a politician name Purshottam to justice. When their adventures begin to take wing Bhavani gets defame for maligning Purshottam's reputation and is jail for the murder of a prostitute named Deepali Das; the biological sister of Ashutosh. Ashutosh gets fired from his police job while Abdul Sattar is accused of raping and killing a blind girl name Gopi - with the three as liabilities this makes the way clear for Purshottam to contest in an election and win so that he can continue lording over the people in order to satisfy his selfish ego.
After the passing away of her newspaper editor husband, Karamveer Ganesh Dutt, Jayanti lives a poor lifestyle in Kangla Tola along with her social activist daughter, Bhavani, and an aspiring IAS officer son, Gopal. When Bhavani attempts to make better the lives of some prostitutes, including Janki and her blind daughter, Gopi, she meets with opposition from a goon named Phatte Dada. She approaches a seemingly corrupt, alcoholic and unkempt Police Inspector Ashutosh Das, who belittles her, but she does find some solace when she seeks the assistance of Purshottam, an aspiring politician, who had been influenced by none other than her dad. Purshottam inducts her in his political party, permits her to run a newspaper publication, as well as instructs criminal code proceedings against Phatte. Then Jayanti identifies Purshottam as her husband's killer and Bhavani's faith in Purshottam and in the Indian judicial system are shaken when she is held liable for defaming Purshottam's name and operating a brothel, her mother is accused of killing her father and is subsequently confined to a mental institute, Gopi is abducted, sexually molested, and killed allegedly by a hoodlum named Abdul Sattar, while Bhavani herself is subsequently arrested by Inspector Zoravar Singh for the murder of Deepali Das, the sister of Ashutosh, and a prostitute by profession.
31. Terapie (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Dita - týden pátý (2013)
In the prologue, Marek has breakfast with Lenka, with whom he spent the night. This old friend, however, refuses to begin a long-term relationship with him... During his evening visit to Dita, the therapist remembers that morning's encounter between Lenka and his wife Alice. He tells Dita about his father's funeral and about the case of the dead soldier, which was the subject of a defaming article in the tabloids. Dita tries to talk him out of his doubts and tries to convince him once again of his innocence... In the conclusion of the episode, Marek again comes face to face with the soldier Igor's father, who continues to accuse him of his son's death. Marek reacts to Herman's arrogant threats with a placating plea.
32. It's Hard Being Loved by Jerks (2008 Documentary)
When twelve cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad were published by Denmark's largest newspaper in 2005, European muslim groups denounced the cartoons as insulting and sacrilegious. To everyone's surprise, the protests against the Muhammad drawings took a worldwide scale, even leading to violent demonstrations in several Muslim countries. In France, the satirical news magazine Charlie Hebdo joined the conversation and reprinted the controversial cartoons, causing an uproar among the country's growing Muslim population. Months later, the Great Mosque of Paris, the World Muslim League and the Union of Islamic Organizations of France took Charlie Hebdo's editor Philippe Val to court for defamation and incitement of hatred. Tough Being Loved by Jerks offers a real-time account of the ensuing trial, arguably one most divisive and heated legal proceedings in recent French history. The film features lawyers, witnesses, journalists, editorial conferences, demonstrations of support, as well as the reactions of the prosecutors and Muslim leaders around the world. Given new relevance after the January 7, 2015, attacks at the Charlie Hebdo offices, which left 12 dead and 11 wounded, Tough Being Loved by Jerks also features candid interviews (and rarely seen behind-the-scenes moments) with acclaimed Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, such as Cabu, Charb, Tignous and Wolinski, who were killed on January 7, 2015. As such, the film offers a unique perspective into the current debate around France's founding ideals and its current realities.
33. Janam (1988 TV Movie)
The protagonist, Rahul, is an aspiring film maker but he does not have a good script nor the money needed to invest in making a movie. That's when his childhood friend steps in and mortgages his restaurant to come up with the money and claims that he is doing it for himself, for he believes in the capability of Rahul, and wants his own name to become immortal. Rahul is the son of a 1950's film director and his keep; his father also has a "legal" family which knows about the existence of Rahul and his mother and detest them to no end. Every time Rahul goes to their house to get some money, he is ridiculed by everyone in that household, including his father's mother and his lawfully wedded wife. His father, though, cares more for Rahul's mother than his own wife. Rahul also has a girlfriend who is very supportive of him and who eventually marries him. While Rahul is struggling to make his film and is short on money, every small gesture to fulfill his needs - like smoking - by his working wife flusters him, and the husband and wife have squabbles. When Rahul eventually completes his film, he is very disillusioned since it does not rise up to his expectations. That's when his friend suggests that a film successful film is that which is based on one's own trials and tribulations in life. This provides the necessary spark for Rahul and he starts scripting a new story based on his own life which revolves around his own illegitimate birth, his mother who worked as an extra in his father's films, his father's other family, and the other people associated with him. This story line prompts his father to file a lawsuit against Rahul for personal defamation. When the premier of the film is announced, Rahul is very desirous of his father coming to it even though there is a pending lawsuit against him. The last scene is the Award ceremony where Rahul's film Janam is announced the best film and when Rahul comes to the stage to receive his award he requests that the award be given to him by his father who is sitting in the audience. When his father comes up to the stage to give Rahul the award, he is filled with pride, and he says that this win is akin to when a horse wins a race, the people applaud the jockey, but the horse thinks that the claps are for him. On this note the movie ends whereby the Rahul, his mother, and his father are united even if for an ephemeral moment.
34. In the Life (1992 TV Series)
Episode: A Visible History (2008)
From Larry Kramer to Audrey Lorde, this month's IN THE LIFE Encore presentation, A Visible History, celebrates the extraordinary people and places that have defined the history, and charted the course, of the gay community. VITO RUSSO IN THE LIFE profiles the late author, and activist, Vito Russo, best remembered as co-founder of GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), and for the book, The Celluloid Closet. CENTER SPACES All communities need spaces to gather and find their voice. After the 1969 Stonewall Riots, literally thousands of LGBT organizations came into existence. IN THE LIFE explores the history of gay spaces, how each found its distinctive voice, and celebrates the 25TH anniversary of the first LGBT Center to provide a permanent space for all of those voices to come together. POLITICAL SCIENCE In America, until the late 1800's, homosexuality was generally viewed as a sin, a perversion of nature, and a crime. In 1864 it became an acceptable subject for scientific study. IN THE LIFE goes back to look at the early scientific and medical debates that would influence the "body-politic" over the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. FAMILY MATTERS Children everywhere are growing up with gay and lesbian parents, and like most families, they have their struggles. In Family Matters, IN THE LIFE spends some time with a few "out-and-proud" families that are finding community in organizations like COLAGE. KRAMER ON KRAMER Larry Kramer continues to be one of the most outspoken and controversial figures in the gay movement. As the founder of ACT UP, he was a lightning rod for AIDS activism; as an author, his novels and plays confronted the AIDS crisis, and captured the gay social conscience. "REAL TO REEL": PARTING GLANCES In 1986, Parting Glances hit theaters as one of the first films to address HIV/AIDS and the complexities of gay relationships; now it's a classic of queer cinema. Twenty years later, AIDS continues to spread in all communities, but thanks to the Outfest Legacy Project, this seminal work has been preserved to continue educating, informing and putting human faces to the disease.
35. Hanzo the Razor: Who's Got the Gold? (1974)
Follow the money. In a time of economic disaster for wage earners, Hanzo discovers a conspiracy among high officials to "borrow" gold from the shogunate's treasury and loan it out to the destitute, including impecunious samurai - exacting either interest payments or family heirlooms from the debtors. Along the way, Hanzo extracts a confession from a ghost using his assaulting methods, foils thieves, connects with Heisuke Takei a friend from his youth, offers protection to a forward-thinking physician Genan Sugino who has defamed his ruler, discovers a pleasure ring of young wives and a blind music teacher, and cuckolds a corrupt official under his very nose.
36. Whistleblowers: The Untold Stories (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Whistleblowers (2011)
"Whistleblowers: The Untold Stories", "We The People", hosted by prevailing National Security Whistleblower, Co-Host Julia Davis salutes America and the United States Constitution in paying tribute to the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives and freedom to preserve your rights, tax dollars and this great nation. America's unsung heroes, crime fighters, often attacked by those they report and backed by governments with a blank check to attack them social, legally, financially, with false imprisonment, slandered and defamed. True stories that have captivated audiences in books and movies of these gallant efforts to purge corruption from government and business entities.
37. Yeh Zindagi Ka Safar (2001)
Hindi pop-star, Sarina Devan, lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed businessman father, Vivek. She soon achieves considerable success and becomes immensely popular. A struggling newspaper, Adarsh Times, publishes a story about her being born in an orphanage, which is received with shock and surprise by Vivek, and he instructs his lawyers to file a defamation suit against the owner, known as Dada, and a Journalist, Jay Bhardwaj. Dada and Jay are apologetic, however, Sarina finds out that she is not Vivek's biological daughter, and sets forth to find her parentage. She enlists Jay's assistant and they travel to Ooty where they meet with a Catholic Priest, Joseph, who refuses to divulge any information to them. Then she meets with a Nun, Sister Namrata, and subsequently finds out that she is indeed her biological mother. Expecting to be welcomed into her arms, she is shocked when Namrata outright rejects her, and tells her to return to back to her life with Vivek. But Sarina persists, not knowing that the truth will change her life forever, and she, Jay and Namrata's life will be at stake.
38. Vrazdy v kruhu (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Kamarád v nouzi (2015)
Radek Ryba has done many public activities, he's gained respect and appraisal, he's not afraid of pushing his opinions. He's a thorn in the side of his political opponents, voices defaming his past sound from the ranks of the communists. Do the roots of today's murder lay in the totalitarian past? Holina's not sure about that. He searches for the motive in Ryba's marriage with a beautiful model, in his worsening financial situation, in secret blackmail. He visits Sabina's astrology lesson, to consult on the supposed motives of the murder with her and her students. But the number on Ryba's arm does not make sense. Why would a murderer mark his victim like a slaughterhouse cattle? A TV reporter from Televize Vize may know the answer, who the culprit contacts unexpectedly, and starts to lay down his cards in front of her. Cards with which nobody can win.
39. Le belve (1971)
A film made for Italian television. A series of eight episodes put together in which Lando Buzzanca plays a variety of weird characters. Episode 1: Il Salvatore (The Saviour) A reporter tries to stop a man from killing himself, only to get the TV crew's attention. Episode 2: La Voce Del Sangue (The Blood Voice) An engineer tries to get his wife to act as a prostitute to satisfy His Excellency, only to find out his "daughter" has been sent in her place. Episode 3: Il Fachiro (The Fakir) A fakir is forced to accomplish excessively terrible deeds in order to satisfy the public, and he is then exploited by his own family. Episode 4: Una Bella Famiglia (A Nice Family) A father of two children lives in luxury, thanks to the illegal activities of his wife (IE: A prostitute). Episode 5: Il Caso Apposito (The Apposito Case) The head of a major corporation is accused of nepotism and is forced to corrupt the visiting inspectors, and the only surviving rival is forced to kill himself in order to restore the corporation's reputation. Episode 6: Il Cincillá (The Fur Coat) A two-part story in which the manager of a battery hen facility is forced to pay for his son's purchases. His son purchases posh clothes for his girlfriend, including a fur coat. Part 1 focuses on their relationship, whereas Part 2 revolves around the son being forced to choose between the girl he loves or his inheritance. The father tries to seduce his son's lover, but fails. Episode 7: Il Chirurgo (The Hypnotic Surgeon) A hypnotic surgeon attempts to perform surgery on a man who has made a false accusation against him. Episode 8: Processo A Porte Chiuse (Trial Behind Closed Doors) A simple-minded farmer is accused of incest after supposedly impregnating his three sisters. Although the future looks particularly bleak for him, he succeeds spectacularly in persuading the court to side with him and therefore the sisters get life in prison for character defamation, whereas the farmer is released and takes the opportunity to get his own back on his annoying lawyer.
40. Dangerous Knowledge (1976 TV Series)
Episode: Dividends (1976)
Kirby, Fane, Vincent and Laura travel to Normandy to listen to Madame Lafois' claims that Fane's American political adviser is actually an undercover Soviet agent, but learn that the old woman died after meeting with Kirby the previous weekend. Fane accuses Kirby of defaming Vincent and killing the French informant himself. The real traitors then force the rest of the party onto a remote beach with plans to kill them all.
41. The Return of Jesse James (1950)
Johnny looks so much like the real Jesse, he is mistaken for him by a grizzled old member of the now deceased James gang. Johnny is talked into leading a new gang to rob banks using the same modus operandi as the famed outlaw. Jesse's brother Frank decides to put a stop to the defamation of his dead brother's name. Johnny and his gang run into trouble when they try to rob the same two banks, simultaneously, that proved to be the downfall of the original gang.
42. Nasihat (1986)
Indrani, a daughter of a multimillionaire Seth Ratanlal, falls in love with an ordinary but honest Dinesh and vows to marry him. Dishonest and cunning servant Mohanlal gets hurt to know this and starts bittering the cars of Seth Ratanlal against Indrani. Indrani confessing all this, gives a shocking news that she is going to be a mother of Dinesh's child. Mohanlal gets beaten by Dinesh's hired gangsters who take him underground and tell Seth Ratanlal that Dinesh absconded to London by giving false promise of marriage to Indrani.To get rid of defaming, Seth Ratanlal gives the charge of his office and business to Mohanlal, and leaves the city with his daughter for few days.Honest accountant Jagdish seeing Mohanlal in the chair of owner Seth Ratan Lal, exposes his true figure of dishonesty and unfaithfulness. This insult hurts Mohanlal very much and as a revenge he causes Jagdish to be in a truck accident. Rajesh, son of Jagdish, takes a vow of revenge for the one who made his father lame. After returning, Seth Ratan Lal comes to know that cunning Mohanlal has captured all his business. Circumstances compel Indrani to marry Mohanlal. Mohanlal's son Ranjeet, who is very helpful to the poor and very much aloof from the character of his father, gets released union leader Bajrangee from the jail. Sunita with a view to take revenge works as a private secretary to Mohanlal.
43. Showtime (2015 Short Film)
Jeremiah a street hustler turned fashion designer attends an elitist cocktail party to celebrate his United Apparel clothing line launch. He enters the room with his trademark street swag and cocky attitude that made United Apparel millions of dollars. A perky yes woman ushers him to meet diverse VIP guests and Investors. Jeremiah is his usual self, vacillating between rude remarks and self-effacement. But behind this facade lies the truth: he feels like a sellout and a pawn. Before he can hatch his artistic revenge he confronts the corporate executive who hand picked him off the streets. She is the epitome of power; smart, sexy, ruthless and manipulative. She told Jeremiah he would be the "face" of United Fashion, inspiring and giving hope to Jeremiah for his generation and race. But she knew what the real motives were all along. Jeremiah now realizes he is as much at fault as she is. Jeremiah is brimming with the anticipation of the damage his whistle-blowing will do. He launches the plan by revealing his new line of shirts that have shocking statements written on them defaming United Clothing and the fashion industry. His revenge is complete - but the crowd loves the new line and applauds. Jeremy stares emptily and listens to the applause as dread crawls over him. He is a cog in the wheel, he is the person he hated and he finally understands that in his soul.
44. Bingo Crosbyana (1936 Short Film)
This is a partial remake of the previous year's _Lady in Red, The (1935)_ with flies and a spider instead of cockroaches and a parrot. This time, the singer is a male caricature of Bing Crosby, who proves himself a craven coward when faced with the spider. It was the cowardly behavior of the cartoon character that brought a lawsuit for defamation against Warner Brothers from Crosby.
45. The Ham Sandwich That Changed the World (2012 Short Film)
This is the story of how Fox News mistook a satirical article of a real news story as entirely accurate, read the article's fake quotes on the air, and was sued (twice) for defamation by the person misquoted; the case nearly reached the Supreme Court. This story is told by the author of that satirical article. It includes re-enactments/dramatizations, interviews with the parties involved and experts who can provide insights into the case, and tells the complete tale of how his article got mistaken for legitimate news and set major future precedents for how the internet is used as a research tool by news organizations. Although the story is told through a lens of comedy- poking fun at the individuals involved in the defamation lawsuits that were destined to fail- it is important to note that the film reveals information of which not even the District Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit was aware (the 2nd court to rule on the lawsuit). Information that points to Associated Content as the real culprit for not only allowing Plagman's article to reach the Google News Feed (and subsequently the staff at Fox News), but flat-out TOLD Plagman to start submitting his articles as news rather than humor (despite being fully aware that Plagman was a devoted comedy writer who'd published over 150 articles on their site). The Maine District Court (the 1st court to hear the defamation case), who made multiple references to Fox's gullibility throughout their report, is also exposed as making an egregious error, in fact the very same error that Fox made; ironic since that error was reason that court case existed in the first place.
46. S.O.S. Extraterrestria (1994 Short Film)
The world as a plaything for a giantess from outer space. A Godzilla-imitation on the way to herself: the giantess from outer space in the streets of a big city, fooling around, producing destruction, copulating with the Eiffel Tower. An orchestra of big feelings, the melodrama, defamed in infantile sounds and absurd costume, in make-up-persiflage and grotesque body-art-performances.
47. One, Two Many (2011 Short Film)
"One, Two Many" is a modern adaptation of the chilling Edgar Allen Poe short "Cask of Amontillado". This adaptation puts the main characters in a collegiate setting, but incorporates the same underlying meaning. The main character Monty seeks revenge on his peer Fallon who has defamed his family by exposing nude pictures of his sister to the college community. Monty seeks revenge by luring Fallon into the dean's office to drink a rare and expensive wine in the office. While in the office, Monty locks Fallon (who is too drunk to function at this point) in the office where he will meet his ultimate "death" -- expulsion from the university.
48. Elephant Skin (2012 Short Film)
As a child of Asian and Mexican decent, Lauren Quirarte was a victim to racist actions, slurs, comments and profiling beginning at the age of 3. She gains effortless revenge with the mere fact that her ethnic looks are coveted in the modeling industry, and utilizes her beauty to her advantage. "Lisa" Stalcup fell victim to domestic violence when her long time boyfriend began establishing ill behavior as the norm beginning in her mid-teenage years. Silently suffering form the severity of the physical and verbal abuse, Lisa felt an overwhelming sense of helplessness, and makes one of hardest decisions of her life...leaving him for good. Mary-Kate FitzPatrick appears to be living in a perfect world in college; joining eleven clubs, serving as a member on student government, and competing in beauty pageants, her biggest competition becomes simply surviving the school day. After receiving threats, property damage, and defamation on social media, Mary-Kate implements a "no tolerance policy" for bullying and fights for a normal college life, free from torture.
49. In Search of the Truth (2014 Documentary)
It's the end of 2010. Deep in Brazilian's countryside, people were faced with a digital crime involving three young college students. Due to the lack of evidence, the absence of a specific legislation and the mass hysteria caused by the situation, the life of these students were forever changed - bringing forward a discussion about virtual crimes, bullying, exposure and defamation from the Internet and social medias. A group of former students from that college contacted people who were close to the victims at that time, to find out what really happened.
50. For a Wife's Honor (1908 Short Film)
Irving Robertson, a successful playwright, has just received a message from out of town to witness the initial performance of one of his plays. As he is about to leave, Henderson, the manager, calls to pay a sum due him for royalties. At the same time, Frank Wilson, a friend of the family, drops in. Henderson hands over to Robertson several thousand dollars and departs. He places the money temporarily in his desk and prepares for his journey, excusing himself to Wilson, at the same time begging him to make himself at home, he departs. Now with the family there was employed a French maid, whose carelessness just before this scene, incurred the displeasure of Mrs. Robertson, who discharged her. Wilson is a bank cashier and has fallen into the error of so many of his kind. As his peculations are detected, and well-grounded rumors already rife, he comes to ask the wise counsel of his friends. Robertson having departed, Wilson hesitatingly unburdens his mind to Mrs. Robertson, who, of course, is amazed at his recital. While they are engaged in whispered conversation, the maid, who has packed her belongings to leave, peeks in. An idea strikes her: a chance too good to lose, so she noiselessly reverses the key in the door and locks it from the outside, thus leaving the couple prisoners. Out of the house she rushes to overtake Robertson, which she does at the next corner. Loud and impressive are her defamations, which not only arouse the jealousy of the husband, but curiosity of the passersby as well. Back to the house dashes Robertson and upon finding the door locked, the maid's story seems only too true. Inside the room consternation had at first seized the couple, and then the wife accuses Wilson of duplicity: "No, no! Not that! I'm not as low as that, but we must think, and think quickly. Ah! Go into that room." The wife does as he commands and Wilson makes for the desk, bursts it open and is taking the money as Robertson, in a frenzy, crashes into the room. He slops short at the scene that greets his sight. There is his wife, whom he had for the moment doubted, coming from her room, and his most cherished friend standing over the wrecked desk with the implicating bank notes still in his hand. For an instant all seemed paralyzed: then from the husband: "Go." Wilson, with bowed head, leaves. He has chosen to hurl himself into the slough of degradation to save the honor of his friend's wife.
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