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1. Rat Race (2001)
A group of billionaires led by a Las Vegas casino owner search for things to bet on. They decide to pull a group of six strangers together to race from Vegas to Silver City, New Mexico to retrieve $2 million hidden in a locker. First one there gets all of the money. The first team are two addled brothers (Duane and Blaine, who talks indecipherably because of a newly pierced tongue). When they cannot catch a plane, they plot to destroy an airport control tower in a very funny sequence. Their antics carry them into a hot air balloon chase that catches a cow with a dangling rope and into a monster truck competition. The second team is an estranged mother reunited with her daughter, who is struggling to start a business. They face an insane squirrel-selling woman and steal a rocket car scheduled for a land speed record attempt. A hated NFL referee is stranded in the desert by an irate cabbie and hijacks a busload of Lucille Ball look-alikes on the way to a convention. The Jewish family man on a family vacation joins the race without telling his wife why they are rushing across the country. When his daughter insists on stopping at a Barbie museum, it is without realization that it is the Klaus Barbie Nazi Museum. The escape from that location involves the theft of Hitler's personal touring car and culminates with Lovitz having his tongue burned and accidentally crashing into a WWII Veteran's convention. A narcoleptic Italian gets a ride with an ambulance driver, who is carting a human heart for a transplant. Through various ineptitude, the heart ends up flying out of the truck's window and the two have to recover it from a playful dog. The final race member is a straight-laced future lawyer who at first declines to participate in the race, but re-thinks his position after he meets a smart, beautiful woman who is flying a helicopter to New Mexico. He quickly finds out that she is unbalanced after she flies over her boy friend's house and starts an attack on the boy friend when she sees him in the pool with an ex-girl friend. An air pursuit results in the crash of the helicopter. Dave Thomas also appears as Cleese's humorless attorney.
2. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962 TV Series)
Episode: Buddy Hackett/Dave Thomas/Teresa Ganzel (1990)
The comedy segment was a local newscast with many tongue twisting blurbs for upcoming stories. Teresa Ganzel and Fred Holliday were the other anchors. Buddy Hackett started doing a routine about a Filipino that had changed words - that had to be bleeped for broadcast. This led to more stories from his act. Dave Thomas talked about many subjects in response to Johnny's questions: his Bob Hope impression, SCTV, his kids, his father - a philosophy professor, not liking exercise, other impressions he does. Teresa Ganzel talked about sending her dog to obedience school and her former boyfriend.
3. American Chopper: The Series (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Wendy's Bike 1 (2006)
The guys of OCC head to Wendy's headquarters in Dublin, Ohio to do research for their next build. Building a bike that will be auctioned off to benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, the crew gets to work on a bike unlike anything OCC has seen.
4. Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1993 TV Series)
Episode: The Justice Hole (2001)
Space Ghost overhears Zorak saying he's going to kill him and pouts, declaring he's never doing the show again. After Space Ghost leaves, guest Dave Thomas takes over as host, to the delight of Zorak and Moltar. However, Space Ghost keeps curiously poking back into the studio after some people he tries to make friends with reject him.
5. Bob & Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary (2007 Documentary)
In 1980, the SCTV crew had a request from their broadcaster, the CBC, for distinctively Canadian content. What players Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas created was a satire of it, but Bob and Doug became so much more. This documentary tells the special tale of how the McKenzie Brothers became a sensation that would become a cherished part of Canada's self identity.
6. Jungle Gold (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Family Emergency (2013)
With their excavator back, Scott and George only have 48 hours left to prove that they can get to the gold or their mining deal with Dave Thomas will be terminated. Scott receives life-changing news that could change their gold mining futures.
7. Whatever Happened To? (2006 TV Series)
Episode: Funny Brothers (2009)
Funny Brothers - they turn sibling rivalry into big laughs. Tom Smothers terrified TV networks with cutting edge satire when he teamed up with Dick for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. On SCTV, Dave Thomas created a hoser sketch comedy legacy playing Doug McKenzie with Rick Moranis as his brother Bob. And Keenan Ivory Wayans interview used his brothers to build a laugh factory empire on In Living Color and in some of the top grossing film comedies of all time.
8. The David Steinberg Show (1972 TV Series)
Years before "The Larry Sanders Show" came this Canadian-made sitcom taking place behind the scenes of the fictional "David Steinberg Show," starring real-life comic David Steinberg. Like the later Garry Shandling series, the show alternates between backstage antics and big-name guest stars on stage. The series is best remembered for co-starring many later comic powerhouses such as John Candy, Martin Short and Dave Thomas, years before they did "SCTV."
8 titles.