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1. Smash (2012 TV Series)
Episode: The Read-Through (2013)
Jerry has taken production control of "Bombshell" away from Eileen because of her legal issues, although she and the show's cast and crew are unaware that he orchestrated the publicizing of her illegalities with Ellis' help. Eileen tries to figure out a way to remain part of the production team while not kowtowing to Jerry. Regardless, there will be no show if Julia can't provide a satisfactory rewrite, her job being on the line. Julia is excited about her latest draft, which was developed with Peter's help, leading up to its official read-through, that is until Tom voices his concerns to her about Peter's possible ulterior motives. Karen is excused from the read-through, which allows her to concentrate her time on helping Jimmy and Kyle bring the first act of their musical to the Fringe Festival. They decide to do a read-through of their own with Karen's friends in attendance. What Karen does not realize until that read-through is that she has never seen or heard Kyle's text, and has no idea if it matches the quality of Jimmy's songs. Meanwhile, comedian Terry Falls finally arrives to rehearsals to assume his lead role in "Dangerous Liaisons". He wants to bring his comedic sensibilities to the role and production, which sits uncomfortably with Ivy, who believes it could jeopardize this production, what she considers her big break.
2. Smash (2012 TV Series)
Episode: The Dramaturg (2013)
Although Bombshell is officially going back into unofficial rehearsals, Karen and Derek are still looking for other projects "just in case". Karen is still interested in helping Jimmy and Kyle get their musical at least to a stage where someone may consider staging it, with Derek being her go to person. While Kyle is optimistically hopeful that Karen can produce what she says in terms of a meeting with Derek, Jimmy is more skeptical. But Jimmy takes a risk to get some materials in preparation for that planned meeting with Derek. Derek on the other hand, turns to Veronica Moore for an unofficial audition to direct her new show, The Wiz, using a restaged number from Bombshell as that audition piece. But the fact that Jack and Julia have to change the show significantly based on a directive by Eileen may throw a wrench into Derek's plans. What's worse, especially for Julia, is that Eileen has hired Peter Gilman, a dramaturg, to give Julia advice, this move which Julia does not take lying down. Meanwhile, Ivy auditions for a new musical production of Dangerous Liaisons, and turns to Jack for advice and support on how to approach the role she covets.
3. Smash (2012 TV Series)
Episode: The Fringe (2013)
"Bombshell", "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Hit List" are all going through problems. Ivy asks Derek for advice on how to save "Liaisons" and/or her career if the show goes forward in its current direction as dictated by its star, Terry Falls. With "Bombshell", Eileen, who had the tie breaking vote - with Julia and Derek on one side, and Jerry and Tom on the other - decides to go with Jerry and Tom and go with an earlier, more commercial book draft rather than Julia's latest draft, which she and Derek feel is the best work she's ever done. In addition, Jerry wants to cut the first song Julia and Tom wrote for the show, and what Julia still feels is the emotional core of the show. And Jerry, who has just found out about "Hit List", informs Karen on the day of the first performance that her contract does not allow her to perform in the show, which if she decides to abide by Jerry's directive will leave Jimmy and Kyle in the lurch at the eleventh hour. These situations leave Derek, Karen and Julia with decisions about their future with "Bombshell". However, some discovered information may in turn affect the production.
4. Popular (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Joe Loves Mary Cherry (2000)
Ms. Glass latest lesson is about natural attraction between atoms. To prove her point that these attractions between atoms determine both our reality and human behavior, she gives her computer HAL the task to analyze and pair up her students based on their charisma, chemistry, and interests. She believes that these pairings will prove to be the perfect couples. Harrison fears that the computer will pair up Sam, whom he's attracted to, and George, the nice hot charismatic jock. Nicole also wants to stop this, since she believes that her always popular friend Brooke should replace Josh, who's not as popular as he used to be, with the currently popular jock, George. They make a pact spoofing Dangerous Liaisons (1988) and manipulate the list pairing up Sam with Sugar, Lily with Josh, Brooke with George and Harrison with Mary Cherry, since she has a crush on him and he wants to make these changes look as convincing as possible. Sam and Sugar don't gel at all, so a love triangle forms between her, Brooke and George. Meanwhile, Lily and Josh click to the surprise of everyone. First she gets him to quit eating beef and then convinces him to help her break out a gay chimp from an intolerant zoo. Brooke feels hurt by this, since it means that her and Josh's relationship is now definitely over once and for all. Mary Cherry loves the fact that Harrison is her soul mate and tortures him with her wacky activities and the need to kiss him. She also organizes a special ballroom dance party to help finance the separation of two conjoined twins, who are also students and who seem to like the way they are. Sam's mom decides it's finally time to tell Brooke's dad about her pregnancy. By the end of the evening, everyone learns something about themselves and their pair, especially Harrison.
5. Stella (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #3.8 (2014)
Stella is feeling the pressures of motherhood as Ben gets suspended from school, thanks in part to Michael's daughter Katie, and Emma continues her dangerous liaison with Marcus, notwithstanding Collette's return. At least Luke is released without charge and reconciles with Zoe as their baby is born. Alan gets a visit from his long-estranged brother, who is also called Alan, to tell him that their mother has died. The siblings do not get on which causes extra work for Daddy and Bobby arranging the funeral and trying to keep them from coming to blows. An even bigger task is the funeral itself as the Alans' Mam was a very large presence indeed.
6. Stella (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #3.6 (2014)
Michael takes great delight in telling ex-wife Jan that he already has a 'Plus One' for hid works charity gala dance - Stella. After initial hesitation Stella agrees and proves herself to be rather an asset on the night. Emma meanwhile continues her dangerous liaison with the very married Marcus and Luke does not fare well in a confrontation with Lenny Mack. Alan is also feeling rather awkward after turning down Celia's suggestion that she spend the night with him whilst the business partnership between Aunty Brenda and Dai Davies turns into rivalry as to the best way to run the coach business.
7. Valmont (1989)
Set in Baroque France, a scheming widow and her lover make a bet regarding the corruption of a recently married woman. The lover, Valmont, bets that he can seduce her, even though she is an honorable woman. If he wins, he can have his lover to do as he will. However, in the process of seducing the married woman, Valmont falls in love. Based on the same novel as "Dangerous Liaisons."
8. Pure (2010)
Katarina is 20 years old. With a troubled past in a dreary suburb, her life seems to be already set in stone - until she discovers music. Everything changes when she hears a performance of Mozart's Requiem at the Gothenburg Concert Hall that sends her reeling and opens up a beautiful new world. She feels that she has to change her life and get as far away from her ugly reality as possible. But the path she has to follow proves a treacherous one, filled with lies, betrayal and a dangerous liaison with the married conductor Adam. Yet Katarina is ready to do anything to gain her new identity.
9. The Border Post (2006)
A small border post on the Yugoslav-Albanian border in the spring of 1987. Frustrated and always drunk, lieutenant Pasic feels a strange pain in his groins. He seeks help from the only doctor among the soldiers, Sinisa, who diagnoses a sexually transmitted disease. Not wishing his wife to know about it and trying to find excuses not to go home, he declares a state of emergency, claiming that the Albanian army is preparing an attack against Yugoslavia. A joke transforms into war hysteria: soldiers dig trenches, Pasic grows wilder as the days go by, Sinisa embarks on a dangerous liaison, and his best friend Ljuba decides to leave the army. The situation slowly runs out of control...
10. The Driver's Seat (1974)
Lise, a mentally unbalanced middle-aged woman travels toward a fatal destiny that she had helped to arrange, as if her own extinction will bring a meaningful existence to its wished-for end - a premeditated search for someone, anyone, with whom she could form a dangerous liaison.
11. My Name Is Love (2008 Short Film)
Love and Sebastian meet by coincidence in the street in the Swedish summer night. They happen to share the same secret, but their encounter will have severe consequences for the both of them. An innocent flirtation soon turns into a dangerous liaison.
12. I Am Not Him (2013)
Nihat, an introverted employee in a hospital cafeteria, is confused by Ayse, a mysterious woman who just started working there as a dishwasher. Reluctantly, Nihat accepts Ayse's invitation to dinner at her house. This is the beginning of a strange and dangerous liaison. When Nihat discovers a picture of the woman's imprisoned husband and realizes that he looks almost exactly like him, the relation becomes even more toxic.
13. La piovra 7 - Indagine sulla morte del commissario Cattani (1995 Mini-Series)
MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Episode 1 - RETURN TO SICILY - is the coming back of several characters to the little town where, years ago, the police commissary Cattani was set up and murdered by the Mafia. Rosario Granchio is transferred to the local prison against his will, tries to reach the prosecutor magistrate Silvia Conti but is killed due to the poor protection offered by an inexperienced deputy commissary Breda and an inept inspector Livotti. Silvia fails to get information from Rosario's daughter, Sara, who prefers to confide what she knows about his father's dangerous liaisons to Antonio Ragusa, a young thug. He aims at destroying the ascending Mafioso, Nuzzio, but is soon disposed of by the ruthless Nuzzio. Sara decides to punish the lecherous boss by killing his lover, but in the doing, she accidentally kills Nuzzio's natural son. Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg, Russia, Saverio is working underground in cahoots with Marcella, a banker's assistant, to discover a strange Mafia money laundering project. Episode 2 - THE BARROTTI GANG - Sara and Biagio, her brother, create an extortion gang, named after the village's suburbs where they live. They are taking the «business» out of Nuzzio's hands. Don Aragonese forbids Nuzzio to take vengeance against Sara, but Nuzzio's friend, now a widower and a grieving father, tries to take revenge on Sara. By mere chance, a career promotion takes Silvia Monti off the Mafia's trail, and an overconfident commissary Breda blunders the case against a top Mafioso. Meanwhile in Russia, Saverio's long and discreet digging brings results: now he knows who is sending the Mafia's treasure in bank notes through what cargo ship to what numbered bank account and where. He knows enough, and can now return to Sicily for his vengeance against his former Mafiosi friends. Behind him, he leaves a broken-hearted wife, and his mistress. Episode 3 - LOOK-OUT FOR SAVERIO - Saverio comes home to reunite with Nuzzio against the higher powers of the Mafia, but these are alert and after him, after torturing his mistress in St. Petersburg. Also after him, is his wife, still under the protection of Oleg, Saverio's bodyguard. Silvia Conti enlists the help of a computer wizard with a past, and a pirate radio reporter who is a revolted young man, son of an old industrialist who married the sexy countess Olga Camastra who ordered the killing of Cattani, after failing to stop him by using her personal charms. The ghost of that cop killing, and the countess's escape from justice for lack of evidence years ago, is even more presence after a sort of re-enactment of the murder, now with commissary Breda and his wife as targets. This time, Silvia Conti gets a confession from Olga's husband - but he suffers an heart attack, and is killed in the hospital by a Mafia paid doctor. Episode 4 - THE INQUEST - The local television channel, owned by Olga Camastra, puts the blame of her husband's death on Silvia Conti's harsh interrogation of the old man. Saverio's ascension to power seems unstoppable: he masters over Nuzzio with his superior intelligence, and helps him escape an ambush; the Barrotti gang is massacred by Nuzzio's men; and he breaks and enters into the countess's palace, frightening her, and demanding the names' list. The countess plays for time, and decides to print and keep a list of all the Mafiosi names and account numbers for her own protection, while deleting them all from her computer. The password is a Latin motto, Salus Nostra Extrema Thule (literally, the northernmost-isle is our salvation, Ultima Thule being an ancient word for the most far-away inhabited land by humans known to the Greek culture). Olga owns that medallion of the «Thule Academy», similar to the one Saverio gave his wife as something that would be her best protection. After laboratory expertise on the remains of three human bodies are complete, Silvia Conti knows the identity of three of the six men who killed her former lover, Cattani. Since another was Rosario Granchio, recently killed, only two remain - those not yet crossed in a photo Saverio kept, of six boys: one is himself, the other is Nuzzio. Olga arrests the countess for interrogation, but she refuses the questioning, claiming that they were rivals in love once, for Cattani, and the chief prosecutor puts Silvia off the case. By accident, Camastra's son-in-law discovers the secret cache where she had hidden the Thule's list, and Cattani's broken wrist-watch. Going against the rules, Silvia Conti forces a meeting with Olga Camastra in prison, and confronts her alone, showing her the wrist-watch - thus implying she owns the names' list, too. Olga breaks, and starts her confession. Before she is taken to court, the Thule's leaders, made powerful by their police informers, has her killed. Episode 5 - THE KILLING ATTEMPT - Silvia is blamed for another strange death, the young commissary Breda is sent away to his hometown far north - something he had requested before he was into this case - and their only witness, Sara, is pressed by a police inspector and the new prosecutor to deny her earlier testimony. Yet, Sara's conscience leads her to a drastic solution: she does her confession to a music tape recorder borrowed to her by Breda, and kills herself in prison before the new trial hearing. The corrupt inspector cleans up her cell, and gets hold of the compromising tape. However, Silvia confronts the corrupt chief prosecutor with what she knows, and he breaks into a full confession. Outside the magistrate's villa, there are Mafiosi in watch, and a new killing attempt on the courageous woman magistrate and her aids is being prepared. Episode 6 - THE SENTENCE - The killing attempt worked almost to perfection, and more blood runs in the streets. Silvia Conti's life is spared due to the intervention of Oleg, Saverio's bodyguard, who decided against Nuzzio's opinion that she would be more valuable to them alive. Stefano Mura, the computer wizard is killed by the corrupt inspector Livotti. Olga Camastra's son-in-law almost dies when the Mafia sets a bomb in the factory where he was alone, working overnight in his father's double accounts, to expose the Mafia's money laundering schemes using his companies. The workers and the village shopkeepers unite under the guidance of the schoolteacher, and a demonstration is set to the day of the funerals of the repentant magistrate and Stefano's. Chiari who was now very fond of Stefano Mura, is devastated by his death, but is able to finish his computer puzzle by replacing the missing letters in the password with the letters she saw on the medallion her husband had given her. The day of the funeral is long in events, from a bomb in the church's crypt, a last-minute intervention by commissary Breda, a confession from a repentant corrupt member of Parliament, a truck chase, and a shoot-out between Nuzzio's men and the police. Silvia Conti manages to bring the all-powerful Professor Piemonte to court. Even before he is sentenced, though, a car travels north to Tano Cariddi's mountainous hide-out. Piemonte's young protégé shows Cariddi the Thule medallion and, according to his instructions, buries a small box with the floppy-disks that contain the secret history of the last thirty years of the affairs between company owners, Mafiosi and the secret society. One day, they will be revived.
14. Tanglin (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.28 (2015)
After all the wooing from KS Food, Peter drops the bomb that he is not investing. At the conference he puts the blame on Xue Ling, but later tells her personally that the real reason is he sees KS Food as a lost cause. Xue Ling literally begs for a second chance to prove him otherwise. Ben cannot get over Vanessa and sinks deeper into the dangerous liaison. Meanwhile, Ah Biao helps Mdm Lee to set up Whatsapp on her new phone, so she can be stay in touch with her family in Canada. Unfortunately, this backfires as the family remains apathetic towards her life, and Ah Biao takes the blame. Irate, using Mdm Lee's Whatsapp, he shoots an angry message back to her daughter. Meanwhile, Adam reunites with his ex-classmate Han Xiong, who is similarly obsessed with sports and had experience working at a gym. Melissa continues her slow descent into anorexia, and Jay tries in vain to connect with her.
15. MoreHorror in Hollywood (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Domiziano Arcangeli Releases "Orgy of the Damned" (2015)
The executive producer, writer and leading man of Orgy of the Damned, cult star Domiziano Arcangeli, wanted the film to be not only a suspenseful, gory and erotic vampire movie, but also a more profound attempt at analyzing a certain society of decadence, portraying rebels without a cause in a world of dangerous liaisons gone terribly awry, while also featuring more unique film styles from that sublime top notch school of retro avant-garde. Orgy of the Damned is tentatively set to open in the U.S. on Halloween 2015.
16. Bulldog in the White House (2006)
"Bulldog in the Whitehouse" takes political satire to obscene new heights: portraying the Bush administration as a cabal of lustful and traitorous gay men who are too busy having sex to notice the empire crumbling down around them. An explosive and darkly comic adaptation of Choderlos de Laclos' novel Dangerous Liaisons, the film's web of sex and deceit centers on Bulldog, a hustler who seduces his way into the Washington press corps to gain access to the halls of the political elite. At the bidding of his puppet master, a corpulent and power mad Karl Rove, Bulldog engages in manipulative trysts with Whitehouse hotties like the demure press secretary, the religious leader and the confused, imbecilic good ol' boy president himself. V
17. Raven's Cravings: A Bmore Love Thing (2013)
Raven's Cravings *The Movie* A urban tale set in the gritty streets of Baltimore. Raven was raised by her junkie mother who neglected her, forcing her to fend for herself and make her own way in a cruel world. Raven meets Killa who dismisses her weary and dreadful days with his love and kindness. Killa was the epitome of Raven's dream man. He was charming, handsome and had enough money to keep all the ladies coming back. Killa's drug money allowed him and Raven to live a carefree life, but Killa also developed enemies who wanted his street credibility. Circumstances force Killa and Raven to weave a web of lies and deceit, which includes sleeping with the "enemy". Bad decisions and dangerous liaisons will ultimately jeopardize everything they spent so much time building.
18. Nanking Road (2018 TV Series)
China, in January 1932, is on the brink of the Shanghai War arising from the conflict between the Republic of China and the Empire of Japan. The attempted assassination of the Japanese Emperor triggers rising tensions and civil war looms dangerously between nationalist Chinese and the Communist parties. In Shanghai, Madame Voilaine runs a high class brothel in the busy French concession on Nanking road. Here, two beautiful young Chinese women - Cheng and Lihua - sing and perform for rich jazz era Europeans, gangsters, police chiefs, and international diplomats. Cheng begins a dangerous liaison with Shanghai's most notorious gangster, as Lihua strives to become one of the most successful performers in China. A story of political unrest, secrecy, double crossing, corruption, violence and love. A tale in which political history unravels through the minds and actions of three strong courageous women.
19. Under the Pink Carpet (2000 TV Series)
Episode: The NEXT Awards (2006)
Our episode begins at the Next Magazine "Out There" awards at Crobar nightclub. The event offered glamor edged with a dose of sarcasm, honoring and at the same time spoofing the most notorious members of NYC queer nightlife and culture. We check out incredible, high-energy performances from some of the best entertainers in the New York club scene and interview several notable celebrity attendees, including Charlie David of Here! TV's hit series, Dante's Cove, recording artist and legendary nightlife personality Kevin Aviance, Next Magazine editor Gregory T. Angelo, drag divas Peppermint and Carmella Cann, and singer/songwriter Chris Willis. Next, meet our newest cast member -- performance artist, writer, and comedienne Robin Cloud -- who introduces the players behind the hit Lesbian film series, The D Word. The D Word screened at film festivals around the world, enjoying smash success and garnering many awards along the way. Robin traveled to the Henrietta Hudson Lounge in Greenwich Village (a set location for the D Word) to meet creator Dasha Snyder and stars Melyssah Mavour and Victoria Soyer. Then, Tony Sawicki and Clover Honey attend Hot! Fest, an LGBT, avant-garde theatre festival held at the legendary downtown performance space, Dixon Place. We check out an edgy performance called, "Queering the Apacolypse" about the gay perspective of impending world doom. The report includes compelling clips from the performance as well as colorful interviews with notable downtown luminaries Taylor Mac, Mike Albo and Scotty the Blue Bunny. Also, festival curator Earl Dax talks about Hot! Fest and its host venue, Dixon Place . Next, Clover Honey attends Lavender Vaudeville at the Nuyorican Café on NYC's Lower East Side , where she meets Ben Sander. Ben is the creator and portrayer of domestic diva and accomplished drag personality Brini Maxwell, and the star of cable TV's The Brini Maxwell Show. Clover also meets Brini's charming mother, Mary Jane Wells, a stage actress who served as producer on the Brini Maxwell show, and Millie Shyaintright, the hostess of Lavender Vaudeville. Finally, Tony Sawicki attends the premiere of the documentary More Dangerous: The Making of Michael Lucas' Dangerous Liaisons, at the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival at the Prince Theater in Philly. Check out some steamy clips from the movie and hear comments from sexy erotica czar Michael Lucas, plus other celebrities who attended the premiere, including Bruce Vilanch, Ru Paul, and Michael Musto.
20. The Trouble with Charlie (2016 Short Film)
A young newlywed couple, Charlie, an opportunist, and Mandy, a ditsy housewife who can't even make breakfast without charring the food, a surprise visit from dangerous liaison, Brit, now pregnant, and an ex-wife, Lauren, who appears requesting he sign divorce papers. Oops! Charlie has some explaining to do. Careful Mandy, don't burn the roast!
21. The Making of Michael Lucas' 'Dangerous Liaisons' (2006 Documentary)
Turning the gay adult industry on its cock-eyed (cock-heavy?) ear, Michael Lucas' Dangerous Liaisons quickly became one of the most-talked about gay porns of 2005. Purportedly one of the most expensive endeavors of its type ever, Lucas' adaptation of Choderlos de Laclos' thrice-filmed classic novel "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" updates the action to today's New York fashion world. Taking the already deliciously nasty scenario to even tastier levels, the sexual tension and antics that were only alluded to in previous incarnations are now played out for viewers in gloriously nasty, fully-hardcore sexual trysts. But what really raised eyebrows were the high-profile non-porn personalities who popped up in the film: Amanda Lepore, Boy George, Bruce Vilanch, Graham Norton, Hedda Lettuce, Lady Bunny, The Village Voice's Michael Musto and RuPaul all make appearances (thankfully in non-sexual roles -- sorry, Bunny!). The gamble paid off: the film was an instant smash with critics as well as with porn-fiends everywhere, garnering the year's most GayVN Award nominations (13) and scoring four, including nods for its killer screenplay, Best Supporting Actor Kent Larson and a tie for Best Picture of the Year. Here now is your chance to go behind-the-scenes and see not only the creation of this sizzling flick, but also hear from the participants and industry elite. You'll hear insightful and witty (and uproariously filthy) comments from such luminaries as the irrepressible Bruce Vilanch, Lady Bunny, RuPaul, and glamazon Amanda Lapore, as well the film's cavalcade of drop-dead gorgeous (and frequently fully naked) lead actors. Some of the best lines are delivered by Mr. Lucas himself, whose refreshingly candid and self deprecating delivery is sure to win over even non-fans. Make no mistake, though -- there's plenty of fully explicit flesh on display here. This World Premiere will be followed by a panel discussion to be moderated by Michael Musto. Also scheduled to appear live and in person will be Bruce Vilanch, Michael Lucas, porn star (and cast member) J., Matthew Roberts and other surprise guests.
22. Vampire's Love (2014 Short Film)
In nightfall, a couple at a psychedelic underground bar. Tango De Pasion brings out a love to hate relationship, even later transformed into a serious dangerous liaisons murderous. When a couple falling out of love, it becomes the stage of tearing each other apart, then they keep hunting until they find another lover, never ending cycle of desire.
22 titles.