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1. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Trial and Error (2013)
Dean shows a surprising homely side now he finally has his own room. The brothers must leave their cozy HQ however when Kevin deciphers part of the tablet: one of the can close the gates of hell forever by passing three trials. The first is killing a hell-hound, so Sam works out an improbable oil strike in the Cassity ranch must be achieved by deal with a crossroad demon, so the brothers get hired as cowboys. But it wasn't struck by the in-law they assumed, nor by any of the Cassitys. Dean is tempted by foxy stable hand Ellie. Sam works out why Dean finds it so hard to let his try the triple trial.
2. Friends (1994 TV Series)
Episode: The One with the Breast Milk (1995)
Joey is having trouble with a new guy at work who dresses like a cowboy and who intrudes Joey's section. Monica and Julie get along and Monica can't tell Rachel. Rachel finds out and is upset. Everyone dares Ross to try breast milk because it grosses him out. Joey dresses up as a cowboy to be the best at work again. Joey and the cowboy have their showdown and Joey wins because the cowboy sprays perfume into a customer's eyes. Rachel gives Julie a chance to be friends with her. Ross tries the breast milk after all.
3. Modern Family (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Dude Ranch (2011)
The family decides to don their cow boots and hats and head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for some fun and adventure in the great outdoors. While vacationing on Lost Creek Ranch, they try their hands at a little cattle herding, skeet shooting and horseback riding; there are also some big firsts, a huge surprise and an actual face off between Jay and a foe - a cowboy named Hank.
4. Hail, Caesar! (2016)
1951 Hollywood. Eddie Mannix is the head of property protection at Capitol Pictures. In other words, he shields the studio's stars from any scandal and ensures that their public persona is what the studio wants. This job takes him to his Catholic church confessional more often than the church would probably like. On the urging of his wife, he is trying to quit smoking, it not an easy day for him to do so, as the day is going worse than usual, "usual" which is bad to begin with. DeeAnna Moran, the studio's wholesome and single screen "mermaid", is pregnant, she who will soon be showing. Who DeeAnna thinks is the father does not help matters which means no marriage on the horizon to legitimize the pregnancy. Laurence Laurentz, the director of urbane drawing room comedies, is balking to Eddie about the casting of Hobie Doyle, the studio's singing cowboy, in a role as a sophisticate in his latest movie, especially as Hobie truly was only a good ol' southern cowboy before getting into movies. But what may be worst of all for Eddie this day is that Baird Whitlock, arguably the studio's biggest star and notorious womanizer and boozer, has gone missing during the filming of his latest movie, a gladiator biblical epic. Eddie learns that he has been kidnapped by voices of the "future" who have requested $100,000 ransom. Eddie has to get Baird back while holding off the snooping of twin gossip columnists Thora Thacker and Thessaly Thacker, the former who plans to dredge up a quashed past scandal about Baird if she can't dig up new gossip. What Eddie is unaware of is that easily swayed Baird is in no real danger from his kidnappers, except in the eyes of people like Senator Joseph McCarthy. What may be the studio's only problem-free production is the latest sailors on leave musical starring song-and-dance man, Burt Gurney... or is it problem-free? Eddie could escape this life if he decides to accept the lucrative management job offer by the Lockheed Corporation, which could be the secure future of America through their secret atomic bomb testing.
5. The Blacklist (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Mako Tanida (No. 83) (2014)
An agent whom Ressler knows is found dead. All evidence points to a Japanese criminal whom he, the man who died and two others apprehended while he was pursuing Reddington. And when one of the other men is found dead, Ressler tries to get his girlfriend to safety but the Japanese finds him and during a struggle, she is killed. Ressler only wants to find the man and even asks Reddington for help. Liz asks Red for help and gives a piece of information, they were not aware of which changes things. And Red tells the cowboy to bring the woman Tom's been seen with to him but things don't go as planned.
6. How I Met Your Mother (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Leap (2009)
It's approaching Ted's thirty-first birthday, and he's at a desperate time in his professional life. He refuses to take the job as an architecture professor since he sees that as a failure of not being an actual architect. So he takes the only design job offered to him: to design a restaurant, a rib joint, in the shape of a cowboy hat. For three solid days, this job is the focus of his life to the exclusion of all else including celebrating his birthday (much to his friends' chagrin, they who planned a surprise party for him on the rooftop). But Lily's pet goat throws a small wrench into Ted's life. Up on the roof, Marshall is contemplating making the literal six or seven foot horizontal leap to the roof of the adjacent building (where there is an inviting hot tub), missing which would mean falling several stories to the ground. Although he's thought about doing it for years, he seems closer now to doing it than ever. And Barney thinks that he's in love with Robin and plans on telling her so, until Robin pulls a "Mosby" on him.
7. Shameless (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Like Father, Like Daughter (2014)
Frank stalks his previously unseen daughter, Sammi, and is surprised to find out she has a son, Chuck. Meanwhile, Fiona and Mike are getting serious. Carl begins stealing dogs and holding them for ransom so that he can earn some drug money for Frank. Sheila has her first successful online date with Native American cowboy Roger Running Tree.
8. Castle (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Headhunters (2012)
Castle finally gets Beckett, who admits so only in therapy, she may have made him wait too long when he teams up for an investigation with her colorful colleague detective inspector Ethan Slaughter, a cowboy style bulldog, who was assigned multiple decapitated Jamaican corpses from the Irish Westies gang member Brian Reilly's maverick son. Although uncomfortable with the ruffian style, gentleman sleuth Castle proves his value while they discard a simple gang war and focus on newcomer Cesar Vales's Mexican gang. Castle not only repeatedly appeals to his former team, but actually turns to them when he disagrees with Slaughter's theory as well as his bully blackmail method.
9. Family Guy (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Boys Do Cry (2007)
Lois gets a job as the church organist, so the family decides to begin going back to church. When Stewie gets sick after receiving communion, the congregation becomes convinced that he has been possessed by the devil. While on the run, the family ends up in Texas, where Peter begins to fit right in with the cowboys, Stewie enters the "Little Miss Texas" pageant, and Chris and Meg sneak into George W. Bush's house.
10. Friday Night Lights (2006 TV Series)
Episode: Expectations (2010)
Julie Taylor prepares to go away to college. Mrs. Taylor digs into her new job as the guidance counselor at East Dillon and Coach Taylor poaches a basketball player for his team as the East Dillon Lions prepare for a pre-season game against the Croft Cowboys, last year's Texas State champs.
11. The Simpsons (1989 TV Series)
Episode: Dude, Where's My Ranch? (2003)
Homer writes a hit song,'Everybody Hates Ned Flanders' but the resultant publicity forces the family to flee the town and stay at the Lazy I Ranch,where Homer and Bart destroy a beavers' dam in order for native Americans to reclaim their land and Lisa falls for cowboy Luke Stetson. In fact Lisa's mistaken view that a girl called Clara,in reality Luke's sister,is her love rival,causes her to almost send Clara to a watery grave though Bart gets the beavers to - inadvertently - rescue her.
12. The Simpsons (1989 TV Series)
Episode: The Lastest Gun in the West (2002)
Bart meets former cowboy star Buck McCoy and gets him a spot on Krusty's TV show but Buck is a washed up drunk who makes a fool of himself and disappoints Bart. After sending him to an alcoholics' anonymous group Homer has a plan for Buck to redeem himself in Bart's eyes involving a fake bank robbery in which Buck will prove himself to be a hero. In the event the bank robbery turns out to be real but it does the trick anyway.
13. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Unification II (1991)
Picard is found on Romulus by senator Pardek, who brings him to ambassador Spock, who explains his secret 'cowboy diplomacy' is about the off chance of a Vulcan-Romulan reunification thanks to an old, recently significantly grown philosophically friendly Romulan underground party, which includes the rising new proconsul Neral, who claims the Romulan senate itself can no longer resist the people's outcry for peace, but is actually in league with Sela. Klingon captain K'Vada isn't amused when Data claims he may be able to crack the Romulan encryption log. Vulcan-human half-blood Spock and android Data exchange views on the virtues of emotional and cool logical qualities. Meanwhile commander Riker's Ferengi investigation for the stolen Vulcan ship continues, starting with the mundane wife of the smuggler who died while pursued and finds a Barolian ship was involved. Spock and Picard fear rightly it all ties together in a Romulan war plot...
Senator Pardek arranges for Spock and Picard to meet but the Vulcan is not pleased to see the Enterprise Captain, feeling that his visit to Romulus is private and a personal attempt at peace. He reveals that he is attempting to unify the two cultures who have the same roots. Picard accuses him of cowboy diplomacy and questions whether unification can ever be achieved. On the Enterprise, Riker tracks down the Ferengi merchant who stole the Vulcan ships from the junkyard and learns who he sold them to. It's all part of a Romulan plot led by Sela to not only quash any attempt at unification but to take over Vulcan as well.
14. Justified (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Fixer (2010)
In tracking a confidential informant, Raylan goes against a pair of violent ex-cons who are just dying for a showdown with "the Kentucky Cowboy."
15. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000 TV Series)
Episode: Bull (2008)
Las Vegas rodeo legend Cody Latshaw's corpse is found in the bullring, as if he returned for another go at night after being thrown off and kicked on the jaw by the champion bull, but mounting it takes at least two men. Cody's girlfriend was run over fatally that night with his truck. However she was a hooker who dumped him and the timing is all out of whack. the bull's precious seed was stolen, some got on Cody's trousers. Her pimp Erik 'Precious Ricky' Hong is fatally shot the next night in a country music bar, where she got instantly engaged to Texan cowboy Troy Birkhart.
16. Murder, She Wrote (1984 TV Series)
Episode: Showdown in Saskatchewan (1988)
Jessica travels to Saskatchewan to visit her niece Jill Morton at the request of Jill's mother who is worried about her. Jessica meets her boyfriend Marty who proves to be a very nice young man. Jill however learns something about Marty. Competition among the cowboys is strong and Doc Schaeffer makes sure they are in good health for the physically demanding competition. He also doesn't hesitate suspending someone if he thinks it's too dangerous. When Doc is killed, there is no shortage of possible suspects. An empty oxygen tank in the infirmary is the clue that leads Jessica to the killer.
17. Giant (1956)
Texan rancher Bick Benedict visits a Maryland farm to buy a prize horse. Whilst there he meets and falls in love with the owner's daughter Leslie, they are married immediately and return to his ranch. The story of their family and its rivalry with cowboy and (later oil tycoon) Jett Rink unfolds across two generations.
18. American Sniper (2014)
Chris Kyle was nothing more than a Texan man who dreamed of becoming a cowboy, but in his thirties he found out that maybe his life needed something different, something where he could express his real talent, something that could help America in its fight against terrorism. So he joined the SEALs in order to become a sniper. After marrying, Kyle and the other members of the team are called for their first tour of Iraq. Kyle's struggle isn't with his missions, but about his relationship with the reality of the war and, once returned at home, how he manages to handle it with his urban life, his wife and kids.
19. Baywatch (1989 TV Series)
Episode: Dead Reckoning (2001)
Sean, Jason, and Zack travel to the Big Island to participate in the Showdown 2001, a 12-mile course of natural obstacles. Leigh will be taking over supervisory duties at Baywatch while Sean is away. J.D. is tending to Kekoa, who has come down with the flu. Fortunately, J.D. has an iron constitution, despite the fact that he didn't have his annual flu shot. On the Big Island, Jason has always wanted to participate in the Showdown 2001, and this looks to be his big chance. However, as part of their sponsorship by Trail Tracker magazine, they need to take along a reporter who will participate. It turns out to be none other than Jessie. This is her big chance to change her career and make something of herself. Sean reminds her that the team will still be playing by all the rules, and there will be no exceptions made to help sell her story. Jessie is agreeable to these terms. She, though, has already chosen who her partner will be: Jason. He is not happy with this, since he still holds a grudge based on the way she behaved towards J.D. (lying about Luke being his child, and trying to break up his relationship with Kekoa). Back in Haleiwa, Leigh is having a rough day. First of all, because of the food poisoning, she is short handed and must take one of the crowded beaches herself. She also has a run-in with Deke Bishop, a cowboy from Oklahoma who finds her very attractive and starts being very persistent in courting her. When J.D. himself falls ill, Leigh is forced to call upon the crafty Jenna for help.
20. Baywatch (1989 TV Series)
Episode: Trial by Fire (1997)
Caroline finds herself being sued for negligence in a civil court by the angry and bitter mother of the man known as "Cowboy," one of the victims of a fiery boating accident that happened nearly a year ago (from the episode 'The Incident'), and she's forced to recall the terrible events that led to the boating accident. Meanwhile, C.J. takes the time to babysit for a neighbor's newborn baby, which brings up the subject that she wants to become a mother herself. But Cody apparently isn't ready to settle down for he is in training for a cross-country mountain bicycle race.
21. Days of Our Lives (1965 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.10137 (2005)
most pf the Brady clans toasts Bardy's engagement, including Chloe's former lover Philip. Billie resists Kate pushing her to Bo, Shawn Bonnie's matching with Mimi. Chelsea rejecting Billie remains a sensitive topic, but she turns around for Victor's fortune. Alice's stars a stripping masked cowboys pair, including Bart, who carries another Stan-warning. While Marlena enjoys Dr. North's mystery methods, her men mistrust those. In fact it's hypnosis, making her remember they were lover and resume kissing terms.
22. Days of Our Lives (1965 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.9731 (2004)
Agent Spector, now ISA chief, warns Kate's daughter, agent Billy, went missing during a routine diplomat security mission in Eastern Europe; her room contained clippings on the Salem murders and an unintelligible voice-mail message for Bo, which TEK still manages to repair. Mickey is persuaded by Bonnie to dress cowboy style, like her. Marlena thinks her nightmare is a warning about Doug's tiger -actually rescued from an abusive South American circus- attacking her. Tony plays with the cage-lock.
23. Heartland (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Born to Run (2008)
Ty has a run-in with a cruel cowboy when the local ranchers round up some local mustangs for the vet to test. Mallory overhears Lou discussing the sale of a horse for a 12 year old rider and fears that it might be "her" horse Copper. Ben gets some coaching from champ Nick Harwell but reacts badly when Nick suggests that he might have a problem.
24. Heartland (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Nothing for Granted (2011)
When Ty visits Mrs. Bell to thank her for paying his school fees he and Amy are surprised to learn she's moved out of her home, and away from Sugarfoot. Meanwhile, Shane competes with Janice for Tim's attention and ends up finding another cowboy to look up to. Mallory starts to fall for Austin, but can't help wondering if he has an ulterior motive for getting close to her. And Soraya takes some life advice from an unlikely source... Caleb!
25. Heartland (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Sweetheart of the Rodeo (2008)
It's rodeo time and the Heartland crew is all involved. Amy decides to try team roping at the rodeo, with Caleb. When Tim's advice gives Caleb second thoughts, Ty is glad to help Amy practice, until Jack convinces Caleb to make good on his commitment and take her back. Meanwhile Lou pulls such a nutty while sponsoring Soroya for the Queen of the Rodeo contest that she loses her contestant. Ty's feeling left out but what a novice cowboy to do?
26. Heartland (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Never Surrender (2011)
Caleb's rodeo buddy Bryce returns from Afghanistan in a wheel chair and asks Amy to get his horse back into condition so that he can sell it. Amy would rather convince him to try riding again. Caleb's wife, Ashley has still not returned from Italy. Jack gets a call from the Foothills Cowboy Hall of Fame but it turns out it's not for what he expects.
27. Heartland (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Back in the Saddle (2015)
Amy and Georgie prepare to compete in a cowboy competition, and Georgie guilts Jack into helping her train on a new horse in the hopes he will fall in love with the animal. Meanwhile, Peter helps Tim with the loft renovation and they are forced to find common ground on the issue of Peter and Lou's separation. And when Ty and Amy can't find a place for a coyote pup to convalesce, Ty is forced to take Bob up on his offer to help.
28. M*A*S*H (1972 TV Series)
Episode: Cowboy (1972)
Henry is in an incredibly crotchety mood; neither Trapper nor Hawkeye can kid him out of it. When one of the chopper pilots, Cowboy, is wounded for the umpteenth time, it is not very serious, but Hawkeye sympathizes with him. Cowboy has been expecting a letter from his wife that is long overdue; Hawkeye tries to talk Henry into allowing Cowboy a short leave. Henry is not himself: he sides with Frank, refusing to allow Trapper borrow his jeep, he snaps at Radar and he denies Cowboy's leave. Strange incidents begin to befall Henry (i.e. the latrine blows up with Henry in it). It is driving the entire camp crazy trying to avoid being part of Henry's next accident. Everyone wants their CO to take a trip, for his safety and their sanity. But, will Henry really be safer away from the 4077?
29. M*A*S*H (1972 TV Series)
Episode: Trick or Treatment (1982)
It's time for the annual 4077th Halloween party. Hawkeye is dressed as Superman, B.J. is a clown, Margaret is a geisha girl, Colonel Potter is a cowboy and Klinger is Al Capone. But it's not much of a party for the surgeons when unexpected wounded guests show up; Charles tries to help a slovenly marine who has a billiard ball stuck in his mouth; Father Mulcahy inadvertently saves a man's life when he is presumed dead.
30. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996 TV Series)
Episode: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Season Opener (1998)
It's a day for celebration when Sabrina finally receives notice that she has earned her Witches License. Before the Other Realm ceremony the next day, however, she has a few mortal concerns with which to deal. First, Mr. Kraft has assigned her to pick the theme for the school dance. Second, Harvey and Dashiell are pressuring her to choose between them once and for all. Promised that her license will bring her all the knowledge in the universe, Sabrina puts off her decisions and attends her party in the Other Realm. She is presented with her license, but Hilda and Zelda explain there's a catch. Before she can use it, she must uncover her family secret, and family members will be visiting her periodically to act as her guides. Sabrina is desperate to solve her romantic dilemma, so she turns to her magic book for a spell that will reveal her heart's desire. The next day, Harvey and Dashiell come to school dressed as cowboys and ready for a showdown. In the midst of their dueling for Sabrina's heart, Cousin Doris appears to discuss the family secret. When Sabrina doesn't have time for her, Doris grows angry and begins shooting green goo from her hands. Sabrina instinctively protects Harvey, showing Dashiell that her choice has been made. Finally together again at the school dance, Harvey asks Sabrina to go steady. Now with her mortal predicament out of the way, Sabrina can concentrate on unveiling the mysterious family secret.
31. Brokeback Mountain (2005)
A raw, powerful story of two young men, a Wyoming ranch hand and a rodeo cowboy, who meet in the summer of 1963 sheepherding in the harsh, high grasslands of contemporary Wyoming and form an unorthodox yet life-long bond--by turns ecstatic, bitter and conflicted.
Set against the sweeping vistas of Alberta's Rocky Mountains, this film tells the story of two young men - a ranch-hand and a rodeo cowboy - who meet in the summer of 1963 and unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection, one whose complications, joys and tragedies provide a testament to the endurance and power of love.
32. 7th Heaven (1996 TV Series)
Episode: Home Run (2005)
After a scary arrest which could have gone fatally wrong, Kevin decides to leave the police before someone gets hurts as he can no longer concentrate on anything but his young family. Ruthie brings over Meredith and her presumed boyfriend Jack, who proves a natural with babies and a nice senior - too old, so - and is on to her plan; Meredith actually is more interested in the other good boy, Tyler, who agrees with a demure kiss to date. The colonel arrives, winking to Martin about his Iraq veteran dad's gardening job and to Eric's surprise already knows about Charlie - even got and believes Mary's version that Carlos cheated on her, but Carlos explains she just 'caught' him dining with Cecily, the nanny he had to hire because Mary was never home. Simon first scolds, then consoles his ex Sandy for having seduced and made a baby with Martin. Eric spoils the twins fun playing cowboys with granddad because he bans all gun toys and is told to bother about real problems. Lou Dalton tells Eric most parishioners want Lucy fired as his associate pastor.
33. Gunsmoke (1955 TV Series)
Episode: Lover Boy (1963)
Ken Curtis, who will return later in the season as Festus, appears here as Kyle Kelly, a love-'em-and-leave-'em cowboy. As the episode opens, he leaves brokenhearted a girl who had expected a marriage proposal from him. He arrives in Dodge and soon takes up with the bored wife of a homesteader. Though there's no sign that Kelly has killed before, he and the wife make plans to get rid of her husband. Meanwhile, Kelly walks into the Long Branch and improbably encounters the girl he most recently left behind, now in Dodge and employed as a saloon gal. He gets into a fight over her and is humiliated. Next day he rides out to get his revenge on the man who bettered him; then he and the homesteader's wife hatch a plan to pin the killing on her husband.
34. Gunsmoke (1955 TV Series)
Episode: Thirty a Month and Found (1974)
The coming of the railroads vastly altered the cattle business, soon rendering cross-country trail drives unnecessary. Three cowboys, led by Will Parmalee, find the new West inhospitable to itinerant cattle drovers. Trouble seeks them out, and Matt Dillon finds himself on the opposite side of the law from his longtime friend Will.
35. Gunsmoke (1955 TV Series)
Episode: Easy Come (1963)
Bespectacled and slight of frame, Elmo Sippy looks like a schoolteacher, but he's a cowboy who likes to gamble. When he arrives in Dodge and loses money to a gambler he knows will kill if he's not paid, Elmo ducks out of the Long Branch and steals the money from the till of the general store. It's his first foray into dishonesty, and he's elated to find it was "easy"--so much easier than being a cowpoke. When a little later he finds it necessary to use violence to get the money he wants, he discovers that killing is easy, too. Soon, the slight man on whom a gun belt looks absurd is a one-man crime wave, killing for the apparent joy of it.
36. Gunsmoke (1955 TV Series)
Episode: This Golden Land (1973)
In a highly-honored episode dealing with religious belief, Russian-Jewish farmer Moshe and his family come to Kansas to try to take advantage of the land. However, their traditions are mocked by the cowboys around, notably a neighboring farm family. One night, one of Moshe's sons and the neighbors get into a fight, and the son is found dead of a broken neck soon afterward. Moshe witnessed the start of the fight but not the actual killing. Under the Mosaic law he treasured, he cannot testify and without his word the farm family is set free. Moshe's second son buys a shotgun and threatens the neighbors with it to compel them to confess, but wastes his powder firing at imaginary targets and is run off the farm. The neighbors then invade Moshe's farm in an attempt to drive him off for good.
37. Gunsmoke (1955 TV Series)
Episode: The Glory and the Mud (1964)
Jack Dakota wants to hang up his Wild West Show guns and just settle down in Dodge with an ex-girlfriend, twenty years past. When an out of work cowboy wants to earn a reputation as a fast gun, Matt may need to step in to keep the peace on his streets.
38. Gunsmoke (1955 TV Series)
Episode: Nitro: Part 1 (1967)
Two smooth thugs and their trigger-happy partner (the actor is given significantly lower billing than Tom Reese and Eddie Firestone, who play the sharpies) extract nitroglycerin from dynamite by boiling it until the nitro floats "like an oil" on the water's surface and skimming it off. It's fully as dangerous as it sounds, so they have hired men to do it for huge sums of money which they get from burglarizing banks and blowing up their safes. The first one goes up in an gigantic explosion which shatters windows miles away, so they turn to a young ex-cowboy with no prospects except his saloon-girl girlfriend. The young man reluctantly agrees, hoping to make a fresh start by investing in petroleum development (Buck Taylor's dad Dub plays the developer). But when a cougar spooks the thugs' horse and causes horse and buggy to be strewn all over the landscape, the thugs must regroup. They have accidentally knocked over the bank where the Kansas Petoleum Development Company's money was stored, so they have to try and play nice to the young man and get him to mix more nitro.
39. Gunsmoke (1955 TV Series)
Episode: The Guitar (1956)
Weed Pindle is a rather mild mannered wandering guitar player who is in Dodge. A couple of the rowdier cowboys have started having fun at his expense getting him drunk. When they find out he fought for the Union in the 3rd Illinois Cavalry their fun turns serious and they are set on hanging the peaceful player. Chester and some of the other citizens are just as determined to prevent it.
40. Gunsmoke (1955 TV Series)
Episode: Jesse/II (1973)
Festus and Newly meet Jesse, a celebrated trail cook and longtime friend of Festus's, and get a warm welcome from him and his outfit -- but moments later, a sheriff shows up and forces them to take Jesse back to prison on a trumped-up charge, leading Jesse's cowboy buddies desperate to spring him.
41. Gunsmoke (1955 TV Series)
Episode: Cowtown Hustler (1974)
Dave Rope is a down on his luck young man looking to marry his sweetheart Sally and move to St. Louis. He spots his chance when an old drifter, named Joshua Pinch, passes through and hustles several cowboys in a pool game. He learns that the drifter's real name is Moses Darby, a former world champion billiards player. Rope proposes a partnership with the old hustler. Darby accepts, and along with Sally, they head for Dodge City to seek their fortune. Before long Darby goes up against the local cattle baron, Adam Kearney. Angry at his loss, Kearney brings in Willie Tomsen, the best billiards player west of the Mississippi, to face Darby. For Darby, it is a chance to relive his glory days and redeem himself. But upon learning that Rope has put himself deeply in debt with a large bet on Tomsen, Darby must make an agonizing choice. To play for his own honor, or to throw the game for Rope's sake.
42. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Jeremy Irons/Fishbone (1991)
Pumping Up With Hans and Franz, Jeremy Irons Monologue, McIntosh Jr. (repeat), The Richmeister, Sherlock Holmes Surprise Party, Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey I, Lonesome Cowboys, Weekend Update with Dennis Miller, Weekend Update: Donovan "Razor" Ruddock (with Donovan Ruddock cameo), Weekend Update: Chris Rock on New Jack City, English Accent, Wayne's World, Hannibal Lecter Meets Mace, Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey II, Buzz Pen (with Donovan Ruddock cameo), Looney Tunes Classics, Football Days. Fishbone performs "Sunless Saturday" and "Everyday Sunshine".
43. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Jim Parsons/Beck (2014)
Jim Parsons, Emmy-award winning star of "The Big Bang Theory," hosts for the first time, Colin Jost joins Weekend Update as the co-anchor and Beck performed "Blue Moon" and "Wave." Sketches included Cold Open: The Ellen Degeneres Show, Jim Parsons Monologue, Peter Pan, Bird Bible, Dance Floor Killer, 12 Years Audition, Weekend Update: Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neil, and 1860s movie critic Jebidiah Atkinson, Murder Mystery, Spotlightz Acting Camp, Elevator, and Cowboys.
44. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Kyle MacLachlan/Sinéad O'Connor (1990)
Chris Farley and Chris Rock's first episode. Sketches include: A Message From Iraq, Kyle McLachlan's Monologue, Bad Idea Jeans, Sprockets, Twin Peaks, Weekend Update with Dennis Miller, Luther Campbell, All Things Scottish, Frank Sinatra and George Michael, Lonesome Cowboys II. Sinead O'Connor performs "Three Babies" and "The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance".
45. Raising Hope (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Anniversary Ball (2014)
Virginia thinks that Burt is getting her an expensive gift for their 25th anniversary. So she decides to take him to a dude ranch that is run by a crazy cowboy. But Burt isn't able to enjoy himself, because of a secret he is keeping from Virginia.
Wrongly assuming from bad spying that Burt is buying her expensive jewelry fort their 25th anniversary, Virginia decides to treat him to his cowboy fantasy at Colt Palomino's dude ranch, alas actually rackety. He can't enjoy it anyway, as he actually has a secret doctor's appointment to have his intimate anatomy examined, arranged by Jimmy, who found out about pa's testicle lump, 'diagnosed from experience' by Barney, and caught all attempts to get out of it.
46. Will & Grace (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Between a Rock and Harlin's Place (1998)
When Grace decorates Harlin's apartment, she gets carried away with a cowboy theme. Will is both shocked and embarrassed by the cowboy chic and makes an even greater mess of the situation. Meanwhile, Jack decides to embark on a singing career - with a little help from Karen.
47. Bonanza (1959 TV Series)
Episode: Child (1968)
While visiting a remote town to await the arrival of Ben, Little Joe and Candy, Hoss is wrongly arrested for the murder and robbery of a hermit miner. When a lynch mob starts to gather, cowboy Child Barnett breaks Hoss out of jail. Both are chased by a posse whose interest is not justice, but the retrieval of the money that the miner was thought to have stashed away.
48. The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961 TV Series)
Episode: The Gunslinger (1966)
To extract Rob's impacted wisdom tooth, Jerry places him under a general anesthetic, a procedure which concerns Rob only because he needs to get back to work to write a western sketch for the show, due that day. While under the effects of the anesthetic, Rob not only dreams about the sketch but also subconsciously places himself, his family and his friends in that western dream setting: Gunless Sheriff Rob wants to rid the west of all bad guys, with Big Bad Brady, a former associate of his when Rob was a gunslinger, at the top of that list. Rob hears from Killer Cooley that Big Bad is coming to town to watch a show, vowing to kill anyone associated with it if he doesn't like it, but if the show doesn't go on, he'll just kill Rob instead. If Rob can't convince the reluctant cowboys of the town to perform, he must decide whether to face Big Bad Brady or go on the run. As Sheriff Rob resolves to make a stand, wife Laura thinks she has the answer to save him.
49. Unforgiven (1992)
The town of Big Whisky is full of normal people trying to lead quiet lives. Cowboys try to make a living. Sheriff 'Little Bill' tries to build a house and keep a heavy-handed order. The town whores just try to get by.Then a couple of cowboys cut up a whore. Dissatisfied with Bill's justice, the prostitutes put a bounty on the cowboys. The bounty attracts a young gun billing himself as 'The Schofield Kid', and aging killer William Munny. Munny reformed for his young wife, and has been raising crops and two children in peace. But his wife is gone. Farm life is hard. And Munny is no good at it. So he calls his old partner Ned, saddles his ornery nag, and rides off to kill one more time, blurring the lines between heroism and villainy, man and myth.
50. The A-Team (1983 TV Series)
Episode: Cowboy George (1986)
Face is quite proud to have negotiated as 'Peach Pear Artist management' a profitable deal, filling Chuck's country dance hall "Floor'em" and get all the profits of a show by Cowboy George. Unfortunately the scam-artist has been scammed- his own contract allows substitution and is abused to dump on him an elsewhere canceled concert by British rock star Boy George, which the redneck audience appreciates less then drought. Boy and his Culture Club are most cooperative, and Hannibal impersonates Cowboy George, so they must now try to put both on stage, while getting wind armed bank robbers have a deal with Chuck to hit the armed car of the audience's payroll- the team stops them but they get the protection of the fake sheriff Miller who tells the workers the team he jailed committed the robbery...
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