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1. Cloud Atlas (2012)
The reincarnation of a soul travels through time in an exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution. Action, mystery and romance weave dramatically through the story, a time-shifting weave of six interlinking narratives, with diverse settings from the savagery of a Pacific Island in the 1850s to a dystopian Korea of the near future. Based on the best-selling novel Cloud Atlas written by David Mitchell. Featuring an all-star cast led by Halle Berry and Tom Hanks.
2. Do You Like Spring Bear? (2003)
(Korean with English subtitles) Hyun-jae (Bae Doona of Cloud Atlas) is down on love; her boyfriends can't ever seem to get beyond her rough personality. When she finds a string of love notes in the library books she checks out, she becomes obsessed with finding the writer of the notes, ignoring the fact that true love may be found closer than she anticipates.
3. Bu Ken Qu Guan Yin aka Avalokiteshvara (2013)
During the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE), a young Japanese monk Hui'e (played by popular actor Nakaizumi Hideo) was tasked with the royal mission of bringing back a fabled Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara) rare-colored ceramic figurine to Japan. This fabled figurine had originally been commissioned by Prince Guang's mother to bless and protect her son from repeated assassination attempts by the ruling despotic Tang emperor. However, old master craftsman Yu failed in his numerous attempts during final stages of the kiln-firing process. One day, master Yu finds an infant girl in a basket, floating on a lotus pond nearby the kiln, and decides to adopt her, naming her as Little Lotus. The very same day, the rare-colored Guan Yin figurine was successfully produced by master Yu. Since Little Lotus was found the same day the Bodhisattva figurine was produced, villagers regarded her as the human incarnation of Avalokiteshvara. True enough, Little Lotus (played by the lovely actress Li Chun, known for her role in The Flowers of War, starring Christian Bale) grew up to be a beautiful young woman known for her great compassion towards everyone, including bad hats. The lives and paths of Prince Guang, death squads sent by the Tang emperor, Little Lotus and Buddhist monk Hui'e intersect (a la Cloud Atlas) repeatedly, climaxing in the stormy sea (literally) off the coast of Mount Putuo. Clever use of CGIs combined with martial arts scenes makes this dramatization of Mount Putuo's 1000-year legacy as a sacred site of Buddhism worth watching.
4. Wie ich lernte, die Zahlen zu lieben (2014 Documentary)
How I Learned to Love the Numbers is a New York film and at the same time the study of a young man suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The Berlin filmmaker Oliver Sechting (37) and his co-director Max Taubert (23) travel to New York with the idea of documenting the art scene there. However, the project is quickly overshadowed by Oliver's OCD, and the two directors fall prey to a conflict that becomes the central theme of their film. Encounters with such artists as film directors Tom Tykwer (Cloud Atlas), Ira Sachs (Keep The Lights On), and Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation) or the transmedia artist Phoebe Legere seem more and more to resemble therapy sessions. At last, Andy Warhol-Superstar Ultra Violet succeeds in opening a new door for Oliver.
5. HY Saga (2014 Short Film)
HY is a transmedia work, a social science fiction saga about evolution and audacity, in 12 episodes on 12 media, including movies, TV series, electro digital dance opera, video game and web constellation. This space opera, initiated in 2005 and planed till 2022, brought its creator Yann Ulrich to collaborate with numerous international artists, skilled in a ground from mix of arts and disciplines, including the production designer Erwin Prib (In Darkness, The Reader, The Patience Stone), the VFX director Pierre Buffin, BUF (The Dark Knight, Enter The Void, Matrix, Thor, Life Of Pi) and the concept artist Axel Eichhorst (Inglourious Basterds, V For Vendetta, M:I-III, The Ghostwriter, Cloud Atlas).
5 titles.