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1. Friends (1994 TV Series)
Episode: The One with the Dollhouse (1997)
Kate is the first woman Joey liked who doesn't like him back. Monica's and Ross' aunt Sylvia died and Monica inherits the dollhouse with which she was never allowed to play. Monica invites Phoebe to play with the dollhouse but doesn't let her play anymore when Phoebe brings out a dinosaur, a giant dog and a ghost. Phoebe makes her own dollhouse which is way cooler than Monica's. Chandler has a date with Rachel's boss Joanna and finds her really dull and boring. Joanna thinks they have chemistry and loves Rachel for introducing her to Chandler. Joey and Kate are together after rehearsing their scenes. Chandler doesn't want to call Joanna again but Rachel forces him because Joanna is driving her crazy asking about Chandler. Phoebe's dollhouse catches fire and is burned down. Kate doesn't want to be with Joey. Chandler doesn't have the courage to tell Joanna he doesn't want to see her again.
2. Teen Wolf (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Wolf's Bane (2011)
After an aconite poison diagnose, nightmares about horrible wolf's bane extraction, experiencing super-senses and some Interet research, Jackson realizes he must have been bitten by a werewolf, dumps Linda, but also that Scott was too, so Jackson blackmails him and points out the name Argent is French for silver, which puts his party on the trace of Allison's pendant. Stiles even misses his first chance to be fielded in lacrosse to help Derek and Scott search for their alpha trough his luring e-mails, for which he also recruits computer-whiz team mate Danny, while Derek must hide for the Argent hunters, who also wonder how Scott knows Derek. Meanwhile Allison seems ready to be recruited as hunter and the alpha visits terrified book-smart expert Harris, the high school chemistry teacher. The boys are shocked when they find out the alpha's identity and gruesome story.
3. Breaking Bad (2008 TV Series)
When chemistry teacher Walter White is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and given only two years to live, he decides he has nothing to lose. He lives with his teenage son, who has cerebral palsy, and his wife, in New Mexico. Determined to ensure that his family will have a secure future, Walt embarks on a career of drugs and crime. He proves to be remarkably proficient in this new world as he begins manufacturing and selling methamphetamine with one of his former students. The series tracks the impacts of a fatal diagnosis on a regular, hard working man, and explores how a fatal diagnosis affects his morality and transforms him into a major player of the drug trade.
Walter H. White is a chemistry genius, but works as a chemistry teacher in an Albequerque, New Mexico high school. His life drastically changes when he's diagnosed with stage III terminal lung cancer, and given a short amount of time left to live: a mere matter of months. To ensure his handicapped son and his pregnant wife have a financial future, Walt uses his chemistry background to create and sell the world's finest crystal methamphetamine. To sell his signature "blue meth," he teams up with Jesse Pinkman, a former student of his. The meth makes them very rich very quickly, but it attracts the attention of his DEA brother in law Hank. As Walt and Jesse's status in the drug world escalates, Walt becomes a dangerous criminal and Jesse becomes a hot-headed salesman. Hank is always hot on his tail, and it forces Walt to come up with new ways to cover his tracks.
Middle aged, and overqualified highschool chemistry teacher Walter White has been diagnosed with lung cancer. To make sure his family is financially secure, he teams up with a former student Jesse Pinkman and turns to a life of crime to make and distribute the purest crystal meth on the streets.
A once loyal father and chemistry teacher, Walter White, turns to a life of crime due to developing stage 3 terminal lung cancer. He is told he has two years to live. Teaming up with one of his high school students, Jesse Pinkman, he grows in power, battles anyone in his way and raises a family - all whilst hiding from his brother-in-law who works for the DEA.
4. Breaking Bad (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Pilot (2008)
Just days after his 50th birthday, chemistry teacher Walter White's life of quiet desperation completely transforms when he's diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. To support his pregnant wife and son, he partners with Jesse, a former student, to turn an old RV into a mobile meth lab. But their first attempt at unloading their product takes a deadly turn when Jesse introduces Walt to his unstable business associates.
In Albuquerque, New Mexico, the high-school chemistry teacher Walter White lives with his pregnant wife Skyler and his handicapped teenage son Walter Jr. Walter works also in a car wash to support his family. On the day of his fiftieth birthday, Walter faints and is diagnosed with lung cancer and the doctor gives the maximum of two years to live. Walter asks his brother-in-law Hank Schrader, who is a DEA agent and married with Skyler's sister Marie, to go with him in a drug raid. He discovers that his former student Jesse Pinkman is a drug dealer but he keeps the secret. Later Walter seeks out Pinkman and tells that he wants to cook and sell crystal meth with the intention of securing his family in the future. Walter changes his attitude in the beginning of a criminal life.
Walt White is a high school chemistry teacher who holds down a second job at a car wash to make ends meet. In talking to his brother-in-law, a DEA agent, Walt is amazed at how much money there is to be made in selling drugs. When he learns that he has inoperable lung cancer he teams up with his former high school student Jesse Pinkman, now selling crystal meth, to make as much money for his family as he can before he dies. They set up a mobile meth lab in a Winnebago mobile home and as promised, Walt's attention to detail results in a top notch product. Their first attempt at marketing the stuff doesn't quite go as planned however.
5. Breaking Bad (2008 TV Series)
Episode: 4 Days Out (2009)
Walt is convinced that his medical condition is deteriorating. He continues to have coughing fits and is now coughing up blood. After his attorney and new business partner crunches the numbers, he realizes that there isn't much money left for his family. He and Jesse set off for the desert for a marathon cooking session over an extended weekend. Jesse just continues to put his foot in it, this time by leaving the keys in the ignition and inadvertently draining the battery. They find themselves in the middle of the desert, cold and without much water. Walt's knowledge of chemistry again saves the day.
6. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Discovery Dissipation (2013)
Ever since Sheldon made the major scientific discovery of how to stabilize a new, stable super heavy element, Sheldon has been miserable promoting his discovery since he and the world knows he came across the discovery solely by an error on his part. Even being touted as possibly winning a Nobel Prize, albeit in Chemistry, makes the situation worse. Competing actions by Leonard and qv##nm0000696## make Sheldon come to a different perspective on the matter. Meanwhile, Bernadette is upset with Howard for lying to her about Raj and Cinnamon's stay with them, which she thought was only going to be for one night, but which she learns is going to be a for a week. Raj ends up having a profound effect on the Wolowitz/Rostenkowski household.
7. Pretty Little Liars (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Pilot (2010)
Artsy and eclectic Aria has just returned to town after spending a year overseas and, while she tries to deny feeling hurt over her father Byron's indiscretion with one of his ex-students at the college, and keep her mom, Ella, from finding out, she can't ignore the intense chemistry with Ezra Fitz - Aria's English teacher. Once-chubby Hanna has transformed herself into the current "It girl," but still battles the urge to binge. Shoplifting gives her a less-fattening thrill, but when she gets caught, the charges are dismissed only because her mother, Ashley, takes matters into her own hands, eager to keep her own reputation and the image of her daughter untarnished. Spencer is a perfectionist and straight-A student whose pressure to stand out in her overachieving family leaves her feeling alone ... until she finds understanding in the unlikeliest of places - the arms of her sister's fiancé. Emily, an athlete trying to sort out her place in the world, finds herself drawn to her new neighbor, Maya, a free spirit who recently moved into Alison's old house across the street. When each girl receives a message referencing these most private details that barely scratch the surface of what they are desperate to keep hidden, living in their picturesque suburban community suddenly seems far from perfect as secrets, lies and betrayals threaten everything they hold dear. Even after Alison's body is discovered, the messages don't stop...
8. That '70s Show (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Eric's Buddy (1998)
At his new salesman's job in Bob's hardware store, Red chases customers away with all too precise technical choices instead of earning commissions, Kitty teaches him to smile- actually his grin is even scarier- and reason in their place, like her type of dumb housewives expects. Eric is startled his new chemistry lab partner is Buddy Morgan, a spoiled rich kid they all jealously hate, but getting rides in his red sports car fixes that, while the mates aren't amused to miss out on rides in his Vista. Eric gets an even greater shock when Buddy shows an unexpected other, all too frisky side out of Eric's register...
9. Midsomer Murders (1997 TV Series)
Episode: The Killings of Copenhagen (2014)
Midsomer biscuit tycoon Eric Calder is poisoned by one of his own biscuits whilst in Copenhagen to seal a contract with businessman Albert Toft. As the goods were sent from Midsomer, detective Birgitte Poulsen asks Barnaby to investigate. He finds that Eric's son Harry had no interest in the family firm but had recently rowed with Eric whilst his wife Penelope has been having an affair with his brother Julian. Also in the frame is chief baker Armand Stone, a man with a good knowledge of chemistry. Julian is also murdered, drowned in whisky, but Barnaby and Nelson fly to Copenhagen from where a floral tribute was sent to Eric's funeral, paid for by a credit card stolen from Pastor Thomas Madsen. They find that Eric has been involved for many years with Ingrid Madsen, by whom he has a daughter. Whilst Barnaby works out the identity of the daughter there are more deaths back at Midsomer and he must link them with the killings of Copenhagen.
DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson investigate the murder of Eric Calder who was apparently poisoned by eating one of his company's chocolates while on a business trip to Copenhagen. Calder's family have been making biscuits in Badger's Drift for over a century and the Danish police seek Barnaby's help in investigating matters at his end. Calder had a wife Penelope, a son named Harry and a younger brother, Julian. The dead man seems to have had few friends and was in Copenhagen to supply product to a Danish firm. His right-hand man in the business was his master baker, Armand Stone. Barnaby quickly determines that the contaminated package Calder received at his hotel originated in his own company's mail room. Dr. Wilding confirms that Calder died from strychnine poisoning which points the finger at Stone, who has a background in chemistry, but he says Calder and his son Harry had a huge row recently. In Stockholm, they learn that Calder was planning to reunite with a woman he had left long ago but the solutions to the deaths are found at the biscuit factory and the recipe for their best-selling product. In the midst of the investigation,Sarah goes into labor.
10. The Goldbergs (2013 TV Series)
Episode: O Captain! My Captain! (2017)
Beverly substitutes for Barry's chemistry class in hopes to inspire students in the same way as Mr. Keating from "Dead Poets Society," much to Barry's embarrassment. When Beverly refuses to give Barry special treatment, Murray pushes Barry to work hard and prove to her that he can get a good grade. Meanwhile, after accidentally embarrassing Emmy by reading a note about her in class, Adam enlists Erica's help to be a better friend.
11. NCIS: Los Angeles (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Exposure (2014)
A car bomb on the beach makes many victims at a Marines charitable event. Boundlessly ambitious ZNN Reporter Dana Steele inspires the whole press to blame the large Jihadist terror group JLF, but their LA cell's Homeland Security monitor Tom Panetti is sure that's wrong and her 'reliable relief aid source' Merle Jarvis a nutty alien-believer. Callen's team exposes her lies and tracks down the bomb make, South Sudanese refugee and chemistry teacher Bakri Deng, who confesses eagerly, but soon realizes there's more stolen explosives around.
12. Castle (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Heartbreaker (2016)
A guard in a high security warehouse gets killed and the M.O. is similar to a heist 10 years back. The only person who can help is in jail and also happens to be Esposito's ex fiancé. Things get racy as there is chemistry, betrayal and lot of spark...
13. Castle (2009 TV Series)
Episode: A Deadly Affair (2010)
Chemistry teacher Chloe Whitman was shot and throw down from a high hotel room window. She had, clutched in her hand, the address of sculptor Maya Santori, who is found there on bed, shot, apparently with the gun picked up by the only person there, a client. It's Richard Castle, who just returned from a summer stay at the Hamptons with his ex and publisher to promote his new mystery novel. Becket's team enjoys arresting the 'traitor' but must release him because both murders were committed with one gun, but another caliber. Both recently phoned ex-con Todd McCutchins, found -first by Castle- shot dead. Castle bets for a regular spot on the team, or his total eviction, he can find the trio's exact connection first, which must have to do with debts and Kitty Canary's bizarre nightclub.
14. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997 TV Series)
Episode: The Prom (1999)
The gang insists the watchers should at least allow them a glorious prom night before fighting the mayor's ascension. Mother Joyce Summer's speech it's up to mature lover Angel to make hard choices her teenage daughter is incapable of gives Angel nightmares about a wedding in an empty church after which Buffy burns in sunlight, so he decides to give her a normal love-life by breaking up, he'll leave Sunnydal after the ascension. Xander finds out spoiled Cordy has to work in a fashion shop now the IRS has taken her dad's last dime, they are attacked by a hell-hound which seems trained to target formal dressers and is electronically brainwashed by Buffy's scorned admirer, chemistry student Tucker Wells. Buffy decides to slay-chaperon the prom for the others, hunts the hell-hounds and gets surprising bonuses...
15. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997 TV Series)
Episode: Graduation Day: Part 2 (1999)
Now mortally wounded Faith has thrown herself on a truck so Buffy can't bring her blood to Angel, she proves her love for him by insisting he drinks his medicine, slayer blood, from her neck, even if she has to beat him till his vampire instinct takes over long enough. He does pull away before she's drained and carries her, unconscious, to hospital for a human blood transfusion. The mayor brought Faith in at the same ward; already healed Angel stops his attempt to smother Buffy, who soon feels 'ready for war' herself. Both camps make attack plans. Wesley has returned to help fight the ascension against the council's will, asks Cordelia to follow him to England in case they prevail, sealed with kissing but the chemistry doesn't kick in; Willow and Seth are accomplished, matched kissers, Angel confirms his intention to leave after a victory stands. The next morning is the graduation ceremony, with the mayor's guest speech about graduating as ascension, till a solar eclipse starts his transformation into a dragon-size demon in basilisk-shape; his vampire goons attack, faced by Angel, Wesley and other men for the possibly final fight. The gang made sure their whole graduating class came with hand-arms hidden under their gowns, under 'military veteran' Xander's field command, with Giles manning the secret weapon...
16. Last Man Standing (2011 TV Series)
Episode: The Puck Stops Here (2015)
When Boyd's hockey team needs a new coach, Mike surprises everyone when he recommends Ryan for the job since he was an all-star hockey player in high school. Meanwhile, Vanessa doesn't understand why ideal student Eve is failing in chemistry.
17. Frasier (1993 TV Series)
Episode: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (1995)
While moving Martin's chair in preparation for hosting his wine club meeting, a tiny scratch on the floor sets off an avalanche of repair work in his apartment, sending Frasier into panic. Niles is furious and heartsick when instant chemistry arises between Daphne and his building contractor, Joe.
18. Frasier (1993 TV Series)
Episode: Frasier Gotta Have It (1998)
Frasier has a torrid affair with Caitlin, a young artist. Their physical chemistry is perfect, but Frasier feels guilty when he realizes they have nothing else in common. Overpowering lust distracts his attempts to break up with her, until a night at her apartment when she reveals some of her crazier habits.
19. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000 TV Series)
Episode: The Book of Shadows (2014)
Popular high school chemistry teacher Chet Messner dies apparently from an inflammatory experiment, in fact poisoned by a paper he had to grade. Chet Messner, janitor Ed Lusk, another teacher and the principal were all members of a Wicca coven, were trouble was brewing, including spells. Model nerd Mason Brewer recently sent him an 'or else' mail after a mediocre grading. He also produced a drug to deal among athletes, including quarterback Rob 'Turk' Turkla, he drowns shortly after due to a knock on the head.
20. Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Cave of Two Lovers (2006)
The episode begins with Aang, Katara and Sokka enjoying a few well-deserved moments of much-needed rest and relaxation in a river on the way to the earth city of Omashu. Everyone is in bathing suit attire and this is one of the few occasions where we see Sokka without his hair in the traditional Water Tribe wolf's tail knot. Aang and Katara are making the most of this moment by practicing an 'Octopus' water bending move. From the beginning it is clear that as Katara touches Aang to improve his water bending stance, there is 'love and romance' in the air and definitely a growing chemistry between them. This really sets the theme for the entire episode. 'The Cave of Two Lovers' recounts how the group makes their way to Omashu and the romantic yet tragic history that caused the city to come into being. While splashing about in the river a group of traveling musical nomads tells them of a secret passage way through the mountains to Omashu. It is while they are traveling through this secret passage that Aang and Katara are separated from the group and thus have their moment to allow 'love to lead the way' out of the labyrinth of tunnels. While Avatar creators cleverly leave us to draw our own conclusions there are definitely signs of a first romantic kiss between Aang and Katara. Subplots include catching up with Uncle Iroh and Prince Zuko in their new life as fugitives from the Fire Nation. It is apparent they are not having the best time struggling on their own for food and shelter. Iroh inadvertently brews some poisonous 'White Jade Lily' tea causing him to suffer a terrible reaction. This is perhaps fortuitous because it causes them to seek medical attention with a nearby homeopathic temple. In doing so they are befriended by a young healer who invites them to dinner and she and her mother offer them the hospitality they need most. Prince Zuko in his interactions with the young healer 'Song' begins to intimately see firsthand the suffering and losses experienced by others at the hands of the Fire Nation. The episode ends with a surprise in that the search for King Bumi to teach Aang earth bending takes a terrible turn when emerging from the cave the group discovers that the great Earth city of Omashu has been taken siege by the Fire Nation.
21. Star Trek (1966 TV Series)
Episode: The Savage Curtain (1969)
Tracking down space legends of intelligent life leads the Enterprise to encircle a planet with a poisonous atmosphere and a molten rock surface (later known to them as Excalbia). As they're about to leave, they're probed and promptly greeted by former U.S. president Abraham Lincoln. Over Scott and McCoy's objections, this impossible personage is beamed aboard under military honors, after which Kirk and Spock agree to return to the planet with him. Excalbia, by this time, has transformed a section of itself into a habitable state, and it is there they meet up with Surak, the greatest Vulcan who ever lived. Now a true inhabitant of the planet appears, having set up a life and death "drama" to test out a concept alien to his people - good versus evil - pitting Kirk's group of four against another group of four composed of historical figures known for their notorious evil: genocidal war leader Col. Green, Kahless the Unforgettable of Klingon, conqueror Genghis Khan, and Zora of Tiburon who ran body chemistry experiments on tribespeople. Surmising that Kirk won't participant without proper incentive, the Enterprise is set to explode if his good group doesn't defeat the evil group in under four hours.
22. Californication (2007 TV Series)
Episode: In Utero (2008)
Hank and Karen go to the doctor to find out what the lump on Hank's male member is. While waiting for the test results, Hank and Karen think back about their early days, when Karen found out she was pregnant while both she and Hank were actually with someone else. Daisy tells Charlie she's found a place for herself, but the chemistry between them hasn't worn off at all.
23. Fringe (2008 TV Series)
Episode: 6955 kHz (2010)
Back "over here," the Fringe Division investigates a bizarre phenomenon when fifteen people up and down the Eastern Seaboard all suffer retrograde amnesia from listening to their shortwave radios on the same frequency. Much to Walter's dismay, Peter presses on with piecing together the mass destruction device. Just as alternate Olivia and Peter's chemistry deepens, the anticipation of Olivia's return escalates.
24. Cheers (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Two Girls for Every Boyd (1989)
When Sam comes into work with a day's facial hair growth, he, Cliff, Norm and Frasier decide to have a $20 per person 1-month beard growing contest, judged by Carla and Rebecca on length, body, fullness, luster, sheen, bounce and the ever important beer absorption ability. The day before the end of the contest, Sam, Norm and Frasier's beards are looking full and lush, while Cliff's is still straggly. The day of the judging, Cliff miraculously comes in with a full beard, which he attributes the the Clavin genes of sporadic but quick hair growth. Carla thinks he's lying and has a glued on beard but a hard tug at his beard proves that it is real. Is it? Meanwhile, Woody is offered his first leading role at his theater group, that of the young lover George Gibbs in Thornton Wilder's "Our Town". He is excited about doing the part but doesn't tell Kelly as he doesn't want her to know that he has a romantic scene with an actress, even though it's just make believe. However, the scene isn't very romantic as there is no such chemistry between Woody and Emily, his leading lady. The fault is all Woody's as he feels like he is cheating on Kelly. Without telling Woody, Lee Bradken, the director, tells Emily that she has to coax a performance from Woody or else he is going to have to fire him. So Emily uses all her feminine wiles to seduce Woody, only to have their scenes be real. Woody construes Emily's come-ons as being real which makes his performance even less real in deference to his love for Kelly. Can Emily or anyone else do anything to make Woody passionate in their romantic scenes, regardless if that passion is real or not? And if Woody can be real in his scenes with Emily, will Kelly understand?
25. The O.C. (2003 TV Series)
Episode: The New Kids on the Block (2004)
Seth tries to pull off a magnanimous gesture for Summer by taking a job at the Bait Shop nightclub by getting rock concert tickets for him Summer and Zach. Ryan has a couple of literal run-ins with the new transfer student, Lindsay Gardner, and it becomes more complicated when they become class Physics lab partners and share some romantic chemistry. Meanwhile, the embattled Caleb names Julie as Newport Group's CEO, which sparks protests with Kirsten, who becomes the financial officer, while Sandy discusses more of the bribery charges that Caleb is facing, leading him to quit his law firm. Also, Marissa confides in Jimmy about her fears of being alone and not wanting to be like her amoral and soulless mother Julie.
26. Good Will Hunting (1997)
A janitor at MIT, Will Hunting has a gift for math and chemistry that can take him light-years beyond his blue-collar roots, but he doesn't realize his potential and can't even imagine leaving his childhood Boston South End neighborhood, his construction job, or his best friend. To complicate matters, several strangers enter the equation: a brilliant math professor who discovers, even envies, Will's gifts, an empathetic shrink who identifies with Will's blue-collar roots, and a beautiful, gifted pre-med student who shows him, for the first time in his life, the possibility of love.
27. The King of Queens (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Meet By-Product (2000)
Back when Doug was a nightclub bouncer and Carrie a shop seller, Doug's buddy from the nightclub successfully asked Carrie out for a date. But Carrie wanted her friend Lynn to come along so Doug agreed for a double date. Doug's buddy made sure their neighbor's dog would be present at their bachelor pad. While it was eventually only the buddy and Lynn who had chemistry, Carrie accidentally allowed the dog to run off. While driving to find the dog, their ongoing common dislike was intensified until Carrie asked to leave the car near a bus station. The episode ended as Doug drove back to said bus station to try having a second chance with Carrie.
28. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Chris Pine/LCD Soundsystem (2017)
In the cold open, Mika and Joe from Morning Joe have chemistry. Chris Pine hosts for the first time with LCD Soundsystem as the musical guest. Segments include Star Trek Lost Episode, The Handmaid's Tale and Where in the World Is Kellyanne Conway?
29. iCarly (2007 TV Series)
Carly hosts her own home-grown web show, iCarly. She lives with her twenty-something brother/guardian Spencer and produces her Web casts from a makeshift third-floor loft studio. Grappling with adolescence, she never aimed to gain fame as a rising star/underground celebrity to kids. As events unfold in the pilot, it all happens by accident when a teacher puts her in charge of the school talent show. She and her sassy best bud Sam turn the audition process into a show, which Carly's tech savvy smitten friend Freddie tapes - including their hilarious banter and great chemistry - and posts on the Web without telling the girls. The on-line audience clamors for more, and a pop phenomenon blooms, with Carly and sidekick Sam's regular Web casts ultimately featuring everything from comedy sketches and talent contests to interviews, recipes, and problem-solving.
30. Spider-Man (2002)
A rather odd thing has just occurred in the life of nerdy high school student Peter Parker: after being bitten by a genetically modified spider, his body chemistry is altered mutagenically. He can now scale walls and ceilings, he has superhuman strength and super-fast reflexes, and he develops a precognitive sense that warns him of approaching danger. Adopting the name Spider-Man, Peter first uses his newfound powers to make money, but after his uncle is murdered at the hands of a criminal Peter failed to stop, he swears to use his powers to fight the evil that killed his uncle. At the same time, scientist and businessman Norman Osborn, after exposure to an experimental nerve gas, develops an alternate personality himself: the super-strong, psychotic Green Goblin! Peter Parker must now juggle three things in his life: his new job at a local newspaper under a perpetually on-edge employer, his battle against the evil Green Goblin, and his fight to win the affections of beautiful classmate Mary Jane Watson, against none other than his best friend Harry Osborn, son of Norman Osborn! Is this challenge too much for even the Amazing Spider-Man to handle?
31. 7th Heaven (1996 TV Series)
Episode: The Kiss (2001)
Robbie is not amused by week-long roommate Matt's jealous whining, but still helps him make up with John, who lacked the courage to tell Priscilla her 'Japanese' room remodeling disgusts both guys. Mike decides after a kiss without chemistry to trade in Lucy for Elaina Casey, while matching Lucy with Mike's friend Jeremy. Simon and Robbie prevent suddenly jealous Lucy's reactions spoiling the whole partner-switch, which thus ends well.
32. 7th Heaven (1996 TV Series)
Episode: Help! (2000)
Matt blames his first-ever bad grade, for the crucial course organic chemistry, on everyone and collect excuses to delay studying rather then seek help. Simon is desperately lonely again after Jim's ma absurdly blamed him, but finds unhoped popularity when helping Lucy campaign for ball queen. Eric worries more about a surprise visit then the obvious reason, another attempt to make Mary see sense now she's behind with her car insurance payments.
33. Boy Meets World (1993 TV Series)
Episode: Hometown Hero (1995)
Cory and Shawn break into school to turn in a late chemistry paper. When Cory accidentally causes a fire, he pulls the alarm and runs away. The next day at school, Cory is called a hero because Janitor Bud was asleep in the school when the alarm went off. Bud saw Cory running away from the fire and told everyone Cory saved his life. Cory savors the perks of his popularity while still feeling guilty for causing the dangerous fire.
34. Big Hero 6 (2014)
When a devastating event befalls the city of San Fransokyo and catapults Hiro into the midst of danger, he turns to Baymax and his close friends adrenaline junkie Go Go Tomago, neatnik Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred. Determined to uncover the mystery, Hiro transforms his friends into a band of high-tech heroes called "Big Hero 6."
35. Perry Mason (1957 TV Series)
Episode: The Case of the Drowning Duck (1957)
Donald Briggs has brought Lois Reed back to a small town in his attempt to blackmail multiple people. He was hired by Clyde Waters to investigate the background of young Marv Adams. Adams is a college student with a knowledge of chemistry engaged to Clyde's daughter Helen. Briggs has contacted several people including Mrs. Wilma Adams and Mr. Waters from whom he wants additional money as Marv's father was executed for murder. Clyde Waters contacts Perry Mason to check out Briggs and the information he has obtained. When Perry and Paul Drake attempt to talk to Briggs, they find him dead. When the police determine Briggs was gassed, they assume Marv Adams is guilty due to his knowledge of chemistry. Perry who has looked into the trial of Marv's father, believes the father did not receive a fair trial due to poor representation and the unwillingness of the both the prosecutor and defense to involve a Miss X who was the daughter of the local minister. In order for Perry to prove his client's innocence, he reopens the old case which touches a nerve with many including the judge.
36. Night Court (1984 TV Series)
Episode: Harry and the Madam (1984)
Harry experiences an unusual chemistry with a charismatic madam whose brothel has been raided, and wrestles with his conscience about whether to admit her diary into evidence; Bull takes exception to Mac's family tradition of fattening a live turkey in preparation for Thanksgiving.
37. Days of Our Lives (1965 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.9510 (2003)
Craig handles everything in hospital, even thought of calling Brady to see to Chloe's morale till the final test results tell if she can get her transplant, Nancy looks forward to a whole new beginning for all of them when the test is a go-ahead, Chloe rushed Brady home for a last pre-op rumble. Rex finds Mimi in Belle's bed, dozed off in front of a telenovella (Latino soap), proves his Spanish is good enough, tells her he cares so much for Belle because he's her (half-)brother. Cassie learns Shawn is released and barges in at the dorm; after Meems tells her off for raiding Belle's closet and Rex for pulling a jealous rage, she leaves; Mimi spills cough-syrup all over Rex's new shirt, so the clumsy ugly duckling gets to admire the hunk bare his magnificent chest, a sight sexy enough to start some chemistry. Belle is surprised at the pier by Shawn; the lovers exchange his full story and the twins' lineage.
38. Days of Our Lives (1965 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.11795 (2012)
Billie returns to town to help with the relaunch of Countess W. Billie notices the chemistry between Gabi and Chad. Lucas informs Billie that Bo is in a coma. Abby arranges for Carrie to win a message in order to get closer to Austin. Austin just out of the shower is surprised by Abby and tells her he has no feelings for her. Melanie realizes Abby's trick and tries to stop Carrie from going back to her room but it doesn't work and Carrie walks in on Austin hugging Abby. Madison has to tell Brady that she was just using him to get back at Ian in order to protect him for being set up with a white collar crime.
39. Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Here Comes Your Man: Part 1 (2006)
When Peter receives a new car for his birthday, he quickly becomes a frequent face in the street racing scene. Peter gains a new friend, equally into the scene...a recently returned Sean! Immediately it is apparent that Emma and Sean are oozing chemistry. Will things heat up again between them? Marco and Dylan find an apartment in the Annex perfectly close to school, but Marco has to contend with helping Dylan find roommates, choosing courses with Ellie and throwing Paige a blow-out going party all at the same time.
40. Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Shoot to Thrill (2009)
Alli feels like her relationship with Johnny is getting boring so she spices things up by texting him racy naked pictures of herself. But when Alli angers Johnny by revealing one of his deepest secrets, Johnny takes vicious revenge by sending the pictures to the entire school. Fiona and Riley warm up to the idea of being a couple but will Riley's past cool their chemistry?
41. The Nanny (1993 TV Series)
Episode: Dope Diamond (1995)
Fran has started dating Jules Kimball, a doctor she met at the Hadassah Hoedown. The chemistry between the two is strong and immediate. Maxwell is suspicious about how fast they hit it off. Or is Maxwell just jealous? After dating for two weeks, Jules asks Fran to marry him. Fran is excited and after thinking about it, accepts his proposal. However things quickly go sour when Fran finds out that Jules isn't all that he appears. Unfortunately for Fran, she finds out his true identity when he steals a five-carat diamond ring, leaving Fran high and dry at the jewelry store to face the authorities. Fran learns from the authorities that she is just the latest in a long string of "over thirty-something" women on which he has used the same modus operandi. Fran blames her situation on Sylvia, who she feels pushed her into getting married. To resolve Fran and Sylvia's differences, Grace suggest they go into joint therapy. The therapist does accurately diagnose Fran's issues, but neither she or Maxwell think the therapist right. Meanwhile, Brighton is desperately trying to beat his father in chess.
42. Peep Show (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Quantocking (2005)
Mark takes Sophie away for the weekend with the idea of proposing, but finds things don't go as well as he hoped as he and Sophie don't have that chemistry. In the same hotel, Jeremy has trouble getting rid of a rehabilitating Super Hans so that he can finally hook up again with old flame Big Suze.
43. Miami Vice (1984 TV Series)
Episode: By Hooker by Crook (1987)
Crockett and Tubbs are at a high class party tracking a suspected money launderer called Symington. They lose him but Crockett meets a charming, attractive and mysterious businesswoman called Christine Von Marburg there. As for Symington, he visits his favorite elite prostitute Ali Ferrand only to be jumped by two hulking goons who throw him to his death. Ali witnesses this, so they go after her as well but she manages to escape and goes into hiding. The man behind Symington's death turns out to be one of his shady clients, a ruthless, no-nonsense businessman called Kenneth Togaru. Crockett and Tubbs must now find Ali before the goons do and their only hope for that is none other than Izzy, since she did some nude photo shoots in his makeshift studio. Meanwhile, Crockett contacts Christine and asks her out. They turn out to have great chemistry, which leads to a steamy, passionate romance. Unfortunately, he soon finds out that not only Christine is the owner of the elite Caprice Escort Service, but she's also tied directly to the case and Togaru himself.
44. The Bold and the Beautiful (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.7244 (2016)
Anxious to get back home to L.A., Liam spills all the details on his complicated love life to Howard, the man sitting next to him on the plane. Commiserating with Steffy over their respective flawed and failed relationships, Wyatt realizes that Steffy would have been perfect for him, but out of respect for Liam he agrees that they can be just friends. Following this lengthy talk, they fall asleep on the bed... Liam is shocked to find Steffy in his brother's arms and suffers a dizzy-spell. Seeing how Zende's recent success is due to his chemistry with Sasha, Nicole becomes jealous of them working together. Sasha feels humbled by all the praise, but claims that it is all just due to Zende.
45. The Bold and the Beautiful (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.998 (1991)
Stephanie meets a fellow street person, Ruthanne's friend Adam Banks. Later, Ruthanne suggests to Stephanie to acknowledge the obvious chemistry and consider having a rendezvous with Adam. Sally reveals to Saul and Darla that she is miserable for causing conflict between Thorne and Macy, yet she still wants to find Stephanie Forrester. Macy tells Thorne that leaving Forrester would be a mistake. Thorne completely turns around the conversation and instead asks Macy to leave Spectra.
46. The Bold and the Beautiful (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.7357 (2016)
Bill gets home and finds Katie baking cookies with Will. The blissful family scene is interrupted by a call from Alison who informs Bill that Liam found his "napping room" plus an earring on the bed. When Liam stops by, Bill has already concocted a story to field his son's suspicions. During her first lingerie shoot with a new photographer, Sasha misses the palpable chemistry she shared in past sessions with Zende. Nicole tries to cheer up Zende who starts with his far less glamorous assignment: taking pictures of the new shoe line. Later, Sasha apologizes to Zende for being the reason why he had to turn down the Intimates-Line. Nicole confides her fears in her mother that her insecurities might push Zende into Sasha's arms. Ridge, Thomas and Steffy discuss Zende's choice to step down to please Nicole. Ridge then tells a stunned Rick that he is needed at Forrester Creations and therefore wants to call a truce.
47. The Bold and the Beautiful (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.696 (1990)
Sally informs Clarke that Macy has a rendezvous with the elusive Thorne Forrester. Clarke warns Sally that Thorne will reject her as soon as he finds out that Macy is her daughter. At Big Bear, Thorne shows Macy the family cabin. At first, Thorne commiserates about Caroline, but eventually chemistry strikes: Thorne and Macy kiss and make love! Ridge and Caroline prepare to tell Thorne and Brooke about their wedding plans. Stephanie is desperate to save her marriage. She takes an unusual approach and tells Eric that Beth is quite a woman. Ridge announces to his parents that he is marrying Caroline. Stephanie is thrilled while Eric is visibly concerned for Thorne and Brooke.
48. Stella (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #3.2 (2014)
To revive her flagging sex drive Stella invests in hormone replacement therapy, which certainly takes it up a few notches, even leading to an erotic dream about presenter Jonathan Ross. There is no sexual chemistry, or even good will, between Stella and Michael, after an argument over wheelie-bins and seeing the Brennigs across the way hosting a donkey in their house leads Michael to believe he has come to a village of madmen. Running the undertakers on their own Daddy and Bobby find themselves over-whelmed with bodies and Alan finds it hard going at the Blubber Busters weight reducing group. Luke meanwhile is perturbed for Zoe when Lenny Mack returns but Aunty Brenda, who has no intention of playing nurse-maid to Verv, approaches car and coach dealer Dai Davies with a proposition. They will turn his three redundant buses into their own public transport company.
49. The Addams Family (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Cousin Itt's Problem (1965)
Cousin Itt returns from the South Seas to a welcome home party, but it soon looks as if he's losing his hair (and in bunches, too). Before there's nothing left of him, Uncle Fester orders a new chemistry set to brew up a batch of hair tonic. It's a success, and soon there's hair growing everywhere - on portraits, doorknobs, Thing's box, but most importantly on Cousin Itt (sporting a new bristle to top his floor-length tresses). He's saved, while Fester, himself, becomes a new man, ready to court the ladies with a full new head of blonde wavy locks. Unfortunately it's only temporary, but fortunately Cousin Itt's problem isn't Cousin Itt's problem after all.
50. JAG (1995 TV Series)
Episode: Front and Center (1999)
The admiral presents Harm with his second Distinguished Flying Cross (for action during a previous story). Mic prosecutes a sailor accused of smuggling marijuana into the US aboard a Naval vessel; Mac defends. One witness is a dog, which the court allows the defendant to confront; the dog has trouble, but he gets a new home. One Marine attempts a rape, and another Marine saves the woman; however, the second Marine disappears. Harm and Bud find him; Harm learns the reason for the disappearance of the hero, and he finds an unusual way by which to persuade him to appear and to testify. Chemistry and discussion occur among Harm, Mac, and Mic.
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