3 titles.

1. Fashionista (2011 Short Film)
This comedy short is about a power hungry fashion obsessed boss who secretly always wanted to be an actress. Emma Cameron (co-owner of Future Line Entertainment) plays 'Louise' the store manager and Wynn Everett (parts in 'Charlie Wilson's War', 'CSI' an many other features and TV shows) plays 'Emily' the overly keen interviewee.
2. The Making of 'Charlie Wilson's War' (2008 Video)
A documentary on the making of Mike Nichols project 'Charlie Wilson's War'. The special features interviews with the main stars and writer Aaron Sorkin talking about the film and there's also the real life characters talking a little about the real events that served as basis for the movie.
3. All I Wanna Do (2011 Documentary)
'All I Wanna Do' follows the dreams of a 48-year-old Simohamed who works as a parking guard and his 17-year-old son who acts in Hollywood films such as 'Charlie Wilson's War' posing as the crippled Afghan boy or Iraqi war victim. When his dreams of going to Hollywood are dashed he turns to music and forms a hip hop group with his father leaving his slum. Like fish out of water, the duo set out to meet their heroes, enter studios and radio stations for the first time in an adventure through the music industry of Casablanca.
3 titles.