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1. Desperate Housewives (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Impossible (2005)
Bree is shocked at first to find condoms when shamelessly searching adolescent son Andrew's room, but sees reason when realist Rex asks if she prefers becoming a grandmother, before they learn it's not his for use with Lisa, but Danielle's, for John, who however assures her he only loves 'another', and is encouraged to make that brutally clear. John's roommate Justin offers to do Gabrielle's garden for free and 'anything he did', she expects to scare him off with 'angry criminal' Carlos- who actually welcomes the shirtless lawn-boy, which in his absence reports for 'intimate service', even threatens to divulge her affair otherwise; when she turns up at their place to tell John, the kid confesses in tears he only wants sex with a 'safe' married hottie to find out if he's really gay; she tells him after an expert straight siren-kiss he must be. Susan agrees to Bree informing the police, but lies in order to be Mike's alibi about Mrs. Huber's murder, helped by Julie, yet the police keeps questioning her, even makes her doubt and slap him after seeing Delfino's police-record as convicted dealer and killer. Mike's terminal employer Noah Taylor uses his fortune to buy- Detective Sullivan, in charge of the case. Zach throws a teenager pool-party, just so he can invite Julie, who comes despite Susan still forbidding her seeing him ever, but is spooked by his gun-references; when ma bursts in, she finds there dropped boxers, actually belonging to two otherwise embarrassed young swimmers... Lynette always prodded Tom to be ruthless for his career, but when Tim Duggan, his rival for VP promotion, is hospitalized so Tom gets it, at an age he considers 'now or never', decides the raise isn't worth even more late hours and traveling all over the West coast, so when she finds out the boss's wife inspired the choice while visiting Tom's new office with the boys...
2. Perry Mason (1957 TV Series)
Episode: The Case of the Desperate Daughter (1958)
Stefan Riker stops at a local bar to ask Gary Marshall if he recognizes a lady in a picture he has. Gary denies knowing her but has to go to pick up his boss' wife - Lisa Bannister - the woman in the picture. After picking her up, he stops before returning home to tell Lisa about the incident but that he did not identify her. She thanks him but he then proceeds to kiss her but she slaps him. Later, Stefan arrives at the Bannister home asking to see Lisa saying he is her cousin. Doris Bannister quickly calls her step-mother to meet Stefan but Lisa does not show great happiness at seeing Stefan. Lisa's crippled husband who uses two canes to walk, is very quiet. When Doris asks why, he states he understood Lisa had no relatives. Later, Doris catches Lisa about to commit suicide. Lisa explains her father is the head of the Communist Party in East Germany and she is in the US illegally. Doris decides to distract Stefan by visiting him in her finest and making a pass at him. Later, she appears in Perry's office saying she amnesia. Perry asks in the paper if anyone knows her but finds she is charged with murdering Stefan.
3. Perry Mason (1957 TV Series)
Episode: The Case of the Dubious Bridegroom (1959)
Perry Mason is taken by surprise while working late one night when a beautiful blond enters his office from the balcony. When Perry turns on the lights, she quickly tosses her revolver into a flower pot next door. She claims to be Virginia Colfax, a secretary who works in the office next door. She says she had to make a quick exit when her boss' wife showed up unexpectedly. The next day, the man from the office next door, Ed Garvin, consults Perry on a proxy battle with his ex-wife. He also assures Perry that he has only recently re-married and is certainly not having an affair with an attractive blond. When Garvin returns to his office he finds the gun which he locks in his desk as he must leave. When Perry determines that his quickie Mexican divorce may not be legal, he tells Garvin and his mew bride to go to Mexico and stay there until he can figure out just what is going on. The next thing Perry hears is that the first Mrs. Garvin has been found murdered in San Diego and Ed has been arrested. For his part, Ed says he returned to the States after getting a phone call from Della Street instructing him to do so.
4. New Tricks (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Half Life (2011)
A website highlighting unexplained disappearances alerts the team to the death of young mechanic Christopher Collins seven years earlier. Sandra discovers he was really called Tommy Barton,and was on a witness protection scheme having testified against drugs baron Derek Robinson. He was though a drug smuggler himself and he was having an affair with his boss's wife. In tracing the killer the team is much aided by the hypnotherapist treating Brian's insomnia and they also learn that UCOS will not be terminated to save money.
UCOS reopens the case of a man who was found dead in an alley in 2004. The original investigation never uncovered the dead man's identity but a web site, Not Ever Forgotten, recently highlighted the unsolved case. A user of the site, Lisa Carlisle, has identified him as a former employee, Christopher Collins. He was a mechanic at a garage owned by Carlisle's husband, John. The body was found by Alice West, a hotel who had stepped into the alley to have a cigarette. A fellow mechanic, Jason Hibbert says Collins was from Basingstoke but they can find no history to confirm he ever existed. It turns out he was in the witness protection program and his real name was Thomas Barton. He was also a drug dealer who went into protection after giving testimony against his boss. As they gather evidence however, they realize the solution lies elsewhere.
5. Drake & Josh (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Two Idiots and a Baby (2004)
Josh offers to babysit Walter's boss's baby son while Walter, Audrey, Walter's boss, and Walter's boss's wife go to a restaurant. But Josh soon regrets offering to babysit for the baby. Who knew a baby could be so much trouble? Josh is so sure that things can't get any worse when Drake leaves the babysitting job to go to a band gig--but it does. Josh called Drake and Drake came as soon as possible, because he knew the baby was his responsibility too.
6. The Game (2006 TV Series)
Episode: Parachutes/Beach Chairs (2011)
Melanie and Derwin experience trouble in paradise when Melanie takes it upon herself to swab DJ, only to find out the baby isn't Derwin's. Elsewhere, Malik has an affair with his boss's wife as revenge and sleeps with TeeTee's new girlfriend, Allison. While Malik is basking in infidelity, Tasha struggles with Rick, who is suffering from identity issues and the onset of a mid-life crisis. Everyone's relationships are in crisis - including the Pitts. Jason fills in as a guest correspondent on a sports show, while Kelly stars in her own reality show.
7. The Bedroom Window (1987)
Terry is having an affair with his boss' wife Sylvia. One night after an office party they are together and Sylvia witnesses an attack on Denise from Terry's bedroom window. She doesn't want to expose their relationship and so is reluctant about talking to the police. Terry, wanting to help, gives the police the description of the attacker. He soon becomes the main suspect in the case. He then sets to find the real rapist/killer with some help from victim Denise.
8. Rawhide (1959 TV Series)
Episode: The Devil and the Deep Blue (1962)
The herd is close to Abilene but another herd is only 3-4 days behind them and the men want to be first to Abilene as the buyers are almost all gone. The second herd discovers a couple of head with Texas Tick Fever which could prevent them from selling the herd. The trail boss wants to make sure no other cattle are infected but the seller's rep, Holt, wants to use them to salt Favor's herd and slow them down due to being inspected. When the trail boss disagrees, he is killed unknown to his wife Helen who plans to run off with Holt. They ask Favor to handle both herds to which he agrees. However, when the second herd passes his own, his crew revolts and leaves him. After the second herd is sold, Helen learns the truth and kills Holt. She tells Favor the truth but it may be too late for his herd as he has no crew or buyer.
Complex tale of Favor wanting to get his herd to Abilene first for best price, but being delayed by rival herd owner salting Favor's herd with diseased cattle to hold him up as the herd must undergo a lengthy inspection by health officials. The honest trail boss of the herd behind Favor's had been murdered by the evil owner, who is also committing adultery with that trail boss's wife (Coleen Gray). Once the trail boss is murdered, Favor feels honor bound to take that trailing herd to Abilene, bypassing his own herd and angering his drovers to quit, angered because they own part of Favor's herd and they mistakenly believed Favor has a financial interest in the second herd. But Favor's goodness is reward by the honorable example he shows to the murdered trail boss's widow and by a change in the beef market!
9. Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955 TV Series)
Episode: The Baby-Blue Expression (1960)
Philip Weaver is having an affair with his boss's wife, and he's getting tired of seeing her irregularly. He arranges for Mr. Barrett to travel on an urgent business trip, and his intent is that Mr. Barrett never arrive at his final destination. As part of the plan, he gives Mrs. Barrett explicit written instructions on her role: she is to write a letter to her husband saying how much she misses him, invite several friends over for a drink the day he travels, and, whatever else she might do, destroy the instructions. Being very dumb, she realizes too late that she must have included the instructions in the letter to her husband. She frantically contacts the post office to see if she can retrieve the incriminating correspondence and is relieved when the letter is returned to the apartment doorman for insufficient postage. Unfortunately, the doorman is very efficient.
10. Swingtown (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Friends with Benefits (2008)
While Tom Decker has started working long-distance flights to Japan, Trina reestablishes her connection with her high-school sweetheart. Bruce asks Susan to join a benefit committee run by his boss's wife, and she brings along Janet. Hoping to be able to socialize in higher circles, Janet encourages Roger to demand a raise at work. While the boys go away on camp, Laurie finishes summer school ready to finally turn things serious with Doug.
At the airport, Tom and Trina Decker bump into her Manhattan high-school lover, gorgeous, obscenely rich Luke. Tom plays by the open marriage rules, even offers a threesome, which Luke accepts, but is clearly atypically insecure about her rekindled youth sentiment. Bruce is delighted when Susan is finally invited to join his boss's wife Rita Pierce's children's hospital charity fund-raising committee, but she feels at odds. Janet eagerly came along and takes to the socialites pack like a duck to water, aiming at the country club. Roger however took her advice to ask for promotion after 12 years as top insurance salesman, but is 'let go', yet won't spoil his wife's gala triumph they can ill afford anymore. Laurie messes up her oral philosophy exam by lack of authentic self-expression but cares only for Doug Stephens's confirmation an affair is no longer inappropriate now summer school is over.
11. The Hot Spot (1990)
A loner drives into a small Texas town and gets himself a job at a used car dealership. He gets an idea for robbing a small local bank after he tries to open a new bank account at the same time a fire occurs nearby. The bank was left open while all of the employees went to fight the fire. The manipulative boss' wife wishes to use him for her own purposes - "I always get what I want, Harry". He resists, however, as he finds himself falling in love with the accountant at work, who has her own problem to work out.
When the drifter Harry Madox reaches a small town in Texas, he gets a job as used car salesman with the dealer George Harshaw and settles down in a hotel room. During a fire, Harry observes that the local bank is left empty and open without any security. Soon he plots a scheme to rob the bank, provoking a fire in his room to distract the employees. When Harry meets George's wife Dolly Harshaw, the easy woman teases him and they have sex. Harry becomes the prime suspect of the bank heist and is arrested, but Dolly provides the necessary alibi to release him and then blackmails him into having a love affair with her. However, Harry falls in love with Gloria Harper, who works as an accountant at the dealership. He discovers that Gloria is being blackmailed by the despicable Frank Sutton, and he decides to press Sutton.
12. One, Two, Three (1961)
Berlin is the epitome of political and economic polarization. A microcosm of that polarization is the life of American C.R. MacNamara, known as Mac to his friends. He is Coca-Cola's head of West Berlin operations, although he feels he deserves to be Coca-Cola's head of European operations based in London. Mac's wife, Phyllis, wants him instead to get a steady and stable job back in head office in Atlanta. His West Berlin staff are all still used to treating him like their old master, the Fuhrer. The one exception is his secretary, Ingeborg, who is the latest in the long line of his secretary mistresses. And he's working on a trade agreement of getting Coca-Cola into the Russian market. His life goes into a tailspin when he hosts Scarlett Hazeltine in his home for two weeks. She is the seventeen year old spoiled and party-loving daughter of his Atlanta based boss, Wendell Hazeltine. Unlike most of the stops she's made on her European trip, Scarlett seems to like West Berlin and stays longer than expected. On the day that Mac learns that Mr. & Mrs. Hazeltine will be in Berlin in 24 hours to retrieve their daughter, he also learns that Scarlett has married Otto Ludwig Piffl, a staunch East German Communist. Mac feels this marriage will ruin his career and does whatever he can to get rid of Otto for good and wipe any record of the marriage off the official books. But when Mac further learns that Scarlett is pregnant, Mac has to get Otto back, which is more difficult than it was to get rid of him, and to make him respectable in the eyes of Otto's father-in-law and Mac's boss. Meanwhile, Phyllis has her own ideas of what are right and wrong in both Scarlett and Mac's lives and takes appropriate action.
Berlin, after the Second World War: C.R. MacNamara presides over the Coca-Cola branch of Germany. He is working hard and trying his very best to impress the Atlanta headquarters, since he has heard that the European headquarters in London will soon be looking for a new head. Now, Coca-Cola boss Mr. Hazeltine asks MacNamara to take care of his daughter Scarlett, who is going to take a trip to Europe. Scarlett, however, does not behave the way a young respectable girl of her age should: Instead of sightseeing, she goes out until the early morning and has lots of fun. Finally, she falls in love with Otto Piffl, a young man from East Berlin and a flaming Communist, and marries him surprisingly. When MacNamara hears of this, he intrigues quite a bit with the help of his assistant Schlemmer to get Piffl into an East German prison, but when he also gets note of his Boss and wife coming over to visit their daughter in Berlin, he needs to get Piffl out again, convert him to Capitalism and present him as a fine young and noble husband in order to get his London post, and all of that very quick!
MacNamara is a managing director for Coca Cola in West Berlin in 1961, just before the Wall is put up. When Scarlett, the daughter of his boss, comes to West Berlin, MacNamara has to look after her, but this turns out to be a difficult task. After MacNamara has found out that Scarlett is seeing an East German communist named Otto, he goes to extreme lengths trying to conceal this from the girl's father in order to save his job.
13. Ace in the Hole (1951)
Chuck Tatum has been a reporter for the small town and thus "small" newspaper, the Albuquerque Sun-Bulletin, for one year. He has over the years worked for the big newspapers back east, but was systematically fired from each of those jobs for reasons from libel to cheating with the boss' wife to excessive alcohol consumption. Irrespective of those firings, Chuck knows the newspaper business and how to write a sensational front page story. He was up front with the Sun-Bulletin's owner and editor-in-chief, Jacob Q. Boot, that he wanted this job for an unknown temporary period until he wrote the next big story, which could catapult him back to the big times and a job back at one of those big city newspapers. He was also up front with principled Boot, a lawyer by trade and thus a stickler for the truth, that if it is a slow news day, he could manufacture a newsworthy story. It is on his way to cover the latest in a long line of small stories that Chuck stumbles across a situation that he believes he could spin into that big story. In the small hamlet of Escudero three hours outside of Albuquerque, Leo Minosa, the owner/operator of the local trading post, has been caught pinned underneath some debris in a cave-in. The cave a Native Indian site, Leo had systematically been stripping it of its native artifacts for sale at the trading post, always without incident until now. After entering the cave and assessing that Leo on the most part is all right except for not being able to get out from under the massive amount of debris, Chuck begins to take control of the situation for his own benefit, bringing the newspaper's impressionable young photographer, Herbie Cook, along for the ride. In Chuck's perfect world, he would be the only reporter to gain access to the cave, and would keep Leo in this situation as long as humanly possible (meaning in Chuck's eyes two weeks or thereabouts) to milk the story for all it's worth for Leo ultimately to emerge from the cave relatively unscathed back into the arms of his loving wife, Lorraine Minosa. To achieve most of this, he has to be able to manipulate the corrupt local sheriff, Gus Kretzer, who, in his professional capacity without a local geotechnical expert to gauge the cave stability, is to control what happens at the cave to get Leo out safely. The other issue for Chuck is that Lorraine is far from the loving wife, she an opportunistic young woman who hates her life and sees Leo's current predicament as the perfect opportunity to take whatever cash on hand and leave him for good.
The cynical, unethical and unscrupulous journalist Chuck Tatum arrives at a small New Mexico newspaper asking for a chance. He was fired from famous newspapers because of drinking, lying and even for having an affair with the wife of one of his bosses. His real intention is to use the small newspaper as a platform to reach a bigger one. After one year without any sensational news and totally bored, Chuck travels with a younger reporter to cover a story about rattlesnakes. When they arrive at an isolated gas station, he is informed that a man called Leo Minosa is trapped alive in an old Indian mine in a nearby place called the Mountain of the Seven Vultures. Chuck manipulates the local corrupt sheriff, the engineer responsible for the rescue operation and Leo's wife Lorraine Minosa, so that a rescue that could have been made in twelve hours lasts six days using a sophisticated drilling system. Chuck Tatum uses the time to create a media circus. Everybody profits from the accident - everybody except the victim.
14. Barnaby Jones (1973 TV Series)
Episode: The Alpha-Bravo War (1975)
Sabotage leads to murder when competing teams within a military weapons contractor try to develop a new missile guidance system. Barnaby discovers a couple of love affairs involving team leaders and the bosses wife may also be part of the motive for murder.
15. Hawaiian Eye (1959 TV Series)
Episode: Murder, Anyone (1960)
Tennis bum Barry Logan is suspected of the murder of his boss in an argument over his boss' wife. Fortunately for him, Cricket is his alibi, and she convinces Tom to find the real killer. Tom uses an upcoming tennis tournament to smoke out the murderer.
16. Endgame (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Huxley, We Have a Problem (2011)
When Balagan's oldest friend, the larger than life Russian cosmonaut Oleg Olesky, comes to the Huxley, he brings more than the party. About to pilot the first private space tourism rocket ship, Oleg is there with Chase Galactic as they announce their maiden launch. When the head engineer, Randall, falls from the roof of the hotel, Oleg is the prime suspect. With his only alibi being the fact he was with his boss's wife, which she denies, Oleg pleads for Balagan's help. Balagan eventually figures out the true motive for Randall's murder - and the real murderer.
One of Arkady's oldest and dearest friends, Oleg Olesky, a former Russian cosmonaut, is staying at the Huxley to attend an aerospace symposium held at the hotel. The symposium, hosted by A.C. Chase of Chase Galactic - a private aerospace company for which Oleg now works - is where Chase plans to announce the imminent date of the first ever tourist space flight with Oleg as the pilot and former NASA astronaut Tyler Kirkpatrick as the co-pilot. Oleg has always been like a trouble-making and womanizing older brother to Arkady, who often had to fix his messes. Their reunion ends up being like old times when Oleg is accused of murder after Chase's head engineer, Randal Muller, falls to his death from the hotel roof. Although Oleg professes his innocence despite making up a bogus alibi for the time of Randal's death, Arkady eventually learns that Oleg did have motive which resulted in a physical altercation with Randal on the roof. When Arkady learns the secrets that Randal was keeping for which someone might want him dead, Oleg, Tyler, Chase, and Chase's wife - Delia Chase - seem to be the only four candidates of the murderer. Each has an alibi for the time of death, although many of those alibis to which the individual in question would rather not admit. Arkady has to figure out whose alibi has a hole in it.
17. Exile (2011 Mini-Series)
Episode: Episode #1.1 (2011)
Sacked after an affair with the boss's wife magazine writer Tom Ronstadt returns from London to Bacup where his sister Nancy is caring for their father Sam, a former journalist,now suffering from Alzheimer's.Forced to stay and help Nancy, Tom finds it impossible to communicate with a father with whom, even in better days, there was plainly friction. Tom goes for a drink with old school friend Mike Eldridge, who is unaware that Tom slept with his wife Mandy, after picking her up in the pub where she works. Tom tells him he left home as a youngster when his father severely attacked him for opening a file he was working on, marked 'Metzler'. Metzler is now head of the local council. Nancy and Tom discover that huge sums of money have been paid into Sam's account and it would seem that Metzler was trying to bribe him to keep a secret. Tom's investigations are interrupted when Mike, learning of his one night stand with Mandy, punches him.
18. Malcolm & Eddie (1996 TV Series)
Episode: Bowl-a-Drama (1998)
When Malcolm's older brother drops in unexpectedly, Nicolette makes it clear that she's more than a little interested in him. As the competitiveness that has always existed between the McGee brothers bubbles to the surface, Nicolette is disappointed to learn Trey is married. And when she suggests they come to the bowling alley where she's about to start working, Malcolm asks Leonard to come along and keep the competition from ruining the evening. At the bowling alley, Leonard quickly sees that keeping Malcolm and Trey from fighting is a lot of work. Despite his efforts, the two brothers are soon arguing over everything from technique to keeping score. Meanwhile, Nicolette doesn't appreciate how her customers are treating her. And following a run in with the boss's wife, she quits. After a disagreement over the score, Malcolm starts to walk away until an insult hurled by Trey brings him running back. After breaking up their fight, Leonard insists that Trey apologize. Left to settle their differences alone, Malcolm reveals how disappointed he was that Trey left home following their parent's divorce. Confessing to have always regretted leaving like he did, Trey then admits how proud he is of Malcolm. And after Trey announces that he's about to become a father, he and Malcolm finally make amends.
19. Aitraaz (2004)
Successful businessman Raj Malhotra (Akshay Kumar) has everything going for him, including a lovely wife (Kareena Kapoor). Just when he thinks things can't get any better, Sonia (Priyanka Chopra) - his ex-girlfriend, now the boss's wife - walks back into his life - and she wants Raj. After he rejects her sexual advances, she accuses him of rape. But he soon turns the tables on Sonia and sues her for sexual harassment along with the help of his wife Priya.
Priya Saxena is a law student, and would like to work for an accomplished lawyer. She responds to an advertisement by Barrister Ram Chotrani, but ends up in the wrong house - that of Raj Malhotra; falling in love with him and getting married. Raj is awaiting a promotion as Chief Executive Officer in his cell-phone manufacturing organization, and expects his wages to increase considerably, so he takes a loan, and purchases a spacious bungalow. During the Annual General Meeting of his organization, he does not get promoted, but instead is inducted as a Director, by the wife of the Chairman, Mrs. Sonia Roy. The reason behind his promotion is quite simple: Sonia wants to rekindle her affair with Raj - at any cost - by hook or crook - an affair that had left her pregnant in South Africa years ago.
20. De kotmadam (1991 TV Series)
Episode: De Lekkerbek (2013)
Nobody wants to attend haughty Viktor's birthday party, Lucas only drops by with his latest flame Ruth for free bubbly and food. The girls decide to boost his confidence by pretending drunk Viktot had a threesome with them, which renders startled Lucas jealous. Jef wants to be next in line, by seniority, for the easy mower job, but his supervisor promised it to a buddy of his. So Jef wants to go over his head via the big boss's wife, who alas is Jeanne's candy shop's bitter competitor, which means dirty bribery to offer her clients or better.
21. Cronicas (2004)
Miami Latino TV 'Hour of Truth' star reporter Manolo Bonilla convinces his producer and lover (but the boss' wife), to stay in Babahoyo (Ecuador) where they reported on a mysterious serial rapist-killer. Vinicio Cepeda, who was jailed by mistake, is promised an interview to disclose what he heard from the mystery killer. Manolo is convinced Vinicio will ultimately confess, but his version seems to check out.
22. Ebola Syndrome (1996)
Hong Kong 1986: A restaurant employee murders his boss and mutilates his wife, he escapes to South Africa where he rapes a Zulu-girl, who is infected with the ebola virus. In the restaurant where he now works he murders his boss and the bosses wife after raping her. He chops them up and makes them into hamburgers, which he sells in the restaurant, spreading the ebola virus. When the police come on his trail he moves back to Hong Kong and an ebola epidemic starts there.
Anthony Wong plays Sam, a weasly guy who's caught in bed with the boss' wife. The Boss tries to castrate Sam but he goes berzerk killing all of the gang members leaving the boss' daughter alive. Sam goes to hide out in South Africa. He's being paid badly because his boss and wife know he's a wanted man. Instead of being cheated at the market for meat, Sam and Boss go out to the local African village to buy meat. On the way, they notice that an Ebola epidemic is spreading. A horny Sam rapes a sick woman and catches Ebola. They return home and he gets sick. The Boss and Wife decided to kill him and destroy his body. Sam becomes a carrier and over hears their conversation, kills them both and they become tomorrow's dinner special. He makes "African Buns" and the people love them. He spreads the Ebola further because of the tainted meat. Sam goes to Hong Kong after finding his boss' hidden money pile and decides to go back to Hong Kong. He buys back his ex-girlfriend from her junkie husband but his happiness comes to and end as the Ebola Virus quickly spreads through out Hong Kong as the authorites, the medical community and His old boss' daughter come closing in on him. Trapped in a corner, what is Sam to do?
23. Thuis (1995 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #14.179 (2009)
Katrien still can't accept Tim's choice. The army is there to kill people, but according to Tim they mostly do humanitarian aid nowadays. That evening Paulien and Katrien cook and do the dishes voluntary. Julia and Cois feel they've been up to something, but don't ask and just enjoy the pampering. Eddy finds Nancy's money and buys a huge TV with it. Femke is angry with him for stealing the money this way, but Nancy defends Eddy. Leo has information about Jean Marie from his former employer. He's known for chasing married women and even hit on the bosses wife. That's why he had to leave there. When Jean Marie is chatting up Simonne again, Leo walks in. Jean Marie doesn't know yet he's the big boss and calls him a wood-gnome. Peggy is packing and Rosa still doesn't understand why she wants to leave so quickly. Peggy goes to Ann to say goodbye to Sandrine.
24. Thuis (1995 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.2019 (2006)
Femke and Wim spend the night together. Sam decides to talk to Sofie. He makes a deal with her. He promises he will search for Renzo if Sofie commits herself to a rehabilitation clinic. Mo did shopping for Simonne and he won't take no for an answer this time. He also invites her and Franky for a night out. She accepts. Marie can't stand Betty's attitude anymore and Betty feels she has the wrong job. She would feel better if she had Luc's job. Marie and Luc have to play nice to her, because she is the boss's wife. Walter doesn't know what to think of his relation with Marianne anymore. He needs time to think about it. Bonnie shows Frank the paper where Simonne states Frank is dead to her. Manfred wants to get rid of Frank before they leave the country.
25. Quiet Days in Hollywood (1997)
Lolita is a streetwalker on Hollywood Boulevard. After Lolita and her streetwalker friend, Eva, harass a sleazy pick-up guy, Lolita hits the streets where she meets and hustles a john named Angel. The next morning, Angel picks up his girlfriend, Julie, for sex in a car wash. Julie's a waitress at a local diner and is humiliated by Richard, a misogynist customer who assaults her in the men's room. 'Rich' is a lawyer who's having an affair with his boss's wife, Kathy, whose husband Bobby keeps her informed of his own affairs, even as he and Kathy have an afternoon of passion. Elsewhere, Peter Blaine, is a struggling actor who wants to keep it secret that his lover is a man, comes home to Patrick, who's angry and hurt. They make up, but tragedy follows; in his grief, Peter picks up Lolita. The following morning, Peter finds himself attracted to her.
26. The Embassy in the Building (2005)
Sherif is an Egyptian petroleum engineer who works in Dubai for more than 20 years. He lives an empty life full of money and women. After a lot of relations with different kinds of women, he was caught by his boss making love to his boss's wife, so he is fired and he is forced to go back to Egypt. Back to his old apartment in Cairo, he discovers that the Israeli embassy is in the same building as he lives in, causing a lot of comic situations, and causing Sherif to begin to look around and have concern of the surrounding political situation.
Revolves around Sherif Khairy (Adel Imam) person fiddler multi reckless female relations, which dates back to Egypt after 25 years spent in an oil engineer in the UAE, and dismissed from work because of the relationship with his boss at work and then be surprised Bjrd the Israeli embassy in the building, home to Cairo and during the events of the film we see suffering because of the security measures that impose it because of it. Which pays to shift from selfish man has nothing to do with politics to someone an anti-Israel and turned into a popular icon and raise backed by public opinion to bring out the embassy architecture issue, to be pressed even stop his campaigns against the presence of the embassy in architecture. But the defense resumes again and the struggle after the death of Iyad son of his friend who is accustomed to authenticated in the Palestinian uprising, V_ial patriotism again and come back to the struggle against Israel and normalization.
27. Midnight Blue (1997)
Shortly before he moves from New York to Los Angeles a banker visits his Atlanta branch. One evening he is propositioned, apparently by a high-class call girl. Their night of passion leaves him besotted but he is unable to find her again even with the help of a private investigator. In L.A. he is introduced to his boss's wife and is sure she is his lady of the night. But she insists she isn't. Meanwhile, many millions are missing from the bank.
28. Face to Face (2011)
From Australia's most acclaimed playwright, David Williamson, a moving and powerful new film about lies, betrayal, sex and bullying in the workplace. A young construction worker rams into the back of his boss's Jaguar in a fit of anger at being sacked. Rather than fronting court, he's given the chance to explain his actions in a community conference. This face-to-face confrontation between the young man, his boss, his boss's wife, co-workers, best mate and mother lifts the lid not only on his dysfunctional life but on their workplace dirty laundry, turning all of their lives upside down. "Face To Face" stars a stellar ensemble cast led by Vince Colosimo, Sigrid Thornton and Luke Ford and is directed by Michael Rymer ("Angel Baby").
Face to Face is adapted from David Williamson's play of the same name which is in turn based on the transcripts from real conflict resolution sessions. The story is about a young scaffold construction worker who is charged with assaulting his boss. By the end of the film, all our assumptions about guilt and blame are turned on their heads. As 10 people sit in a room discussing the turn of events that brought our protagonist to breaking point, twists and surprises reveal that all is not quite as simple as it seems. Michael Rymer directs his screen adaptation of 'Face to Face' (written by Australian playwright David Williamson), as an ensemble piece about 10 very dissimilar Australians bound together by a complex pattern of relationships and shared histories. Hysterically funny and deeply moving, each character's role in the drama peels back another layer as the story digs down to the roots of who these people really are.
29. Mörkt vatten (2012)
Daniel is a young and ambitious real estate agent with a view to becoming a partner in the company. Along with the boss's wife Marie, he dares to spend a secret and passionate weekend in a luxurious archipelago house which he is supposed to sell. Once there, both Daniel and Marie discover that they are not as alone as they thought. George, a Polish craftsmen, has, it appears stayed behind to finish work on the house and prepare it for sale. Soon however, what should have been a passionate and intimate weekend develops into something far more unpleasant.
30. A Kind of Loving (1982 Mini-Series)
Episode: October 1973: Part 1 (1982)
Vic and Ingrid have divorced and Vic now has a well paid job in London. He has just returned from Australia and resumes his affair with his boss's wife, Miriam. Vic's mother is ill after suffering a heart attack and he goes home to see her. Ingrid has remarried and is the mother of a girl. After seeing Donna on the TV, he arranges to 'accidentally' run into her when she goes to a pub.
31. Charades (1998)
Barry is a down-and-out-guy who takes a job at the shipping department of Technoworks, a high-tech Yuppie company. He gets invited to the house of his boss Quinn, for a weekend afternoon barbecue with some of his boss's friends. The party gets weird, Barry plays a demented version of charades while standing on the picnic table, and the next door neighbor starts screaming racial slurs over the fence. When Jude, the widow of the ex-owner of Technoworks arrives, the plot thickens. Clues to past crimes are revealed, and the real reason for the party is discovered. But not before Barry beats the hell out of a tow-truck driver, screws the boss's wife and wreaks havok with the neighbor. And as the title suggests, before the day is over, we will discover who is the Felon, or perhaps the people at party are all, one way or another, Felons.
After a street fight in a nice suburban neighborhood, we go back a few hours and learn more about the characters involved. Barry works in the shipping department of Technoworks, a high-tech company. He's invited to a barbecue that his boss Quinn is having. The party gets out of hand, Barry plays a demented version of charades while standing on a picnic table, and the next door neighbor, Targenville, screams obscenities over the fence. When Jude, the widow of the owner of Technoworks arrives, we learn of her husband's demise as part of a kidnapping scheme gone awry. As the film progresses, the question is who was the kidnapper, and how will they pay for the consequences of their crime. The information comes to us like a puzzle, echoing the film's namesake, and we are, by the end, able to, as Jude tells us, "Put the pieces together".
32. Daybreak (1948)
A hangman conceals his true identity when he falls in love, and sets up home with his girl on a barge in the river Thames. Tragedy strikes when the hangman's assistant tries to seduce his boss's wife - after a fight, the hangman is presumed drowned. The woman commits suicide, but the hangman has in fact survived, and manages to save his assistant from the gallows.
33. Paris Model (1953)
The story of a dress and the effects it has on the women who wear it begs the question of where is O.Henry when he is needed. "Nude at Midnight", a new and daring Paris style creation is worn by Gogo Mantaine to try and ensnare the Rajah of Kim-Kepore but he is attracted to Lisa, the girl who modeled the dress. Marion Parmelee dons the gown to charm her husband's retiring (as in quitting) boss, Patrick James Sullivan, into letting her husband, Jack Parmelee take over the business, but the boss' wife Nora, who really runs the business, has other ideas. The same model dress is worn by Betty Barnes, in an effort to attract her boss, lawyer Edgar Blevins, who is married to a dowdy wife, Cora, but the wife turns up wearing the same dress. Marta Jensen uses the dress to inveigle her reluctant sweetheart, Charlie Johnson into a marriage proposal. Since she also attracts the Rajah, her options expand.
34. Raaste Kaa Patthar (1972)
Bombay-based bachelor Jai Shankar Rai lets his superiors, as well as his boss, Ranjeet Choudhary, use his flat at night so that they can have their flings with women. He meets and fall in love with lovely but homeless Neeta Sinha, and even gets her a job at his firm. Hoping to propose to her after his promotion, he instead gets a shock when he finds out that she is soon to be his boss' wife.
35. The Office Wife (1930)
Larry Fellowes of Fellowes Publishing wants Kate to write her next book about the 'Office Wife'. The personal secretary/stenographer spends more time with the busy executive and makes more decisions than his wife ever well. This creates a bond between the secretary and boss that the wife can not hope to equal. Little does Larry know that sometimes literature mirrors life.
36. Victims of Circumstance (2016)
Douglas Hendrix (James Daly III) is a scorned man from a previous relationship gone array. He lives his everyday life a shell of himself to comedic value. Until one day she (Melanie) comes back into his life again, in the least favorable situation as the boss's wife. Prompting the question, can love be lost and found again even through the most awkward of situations?
37. Alaska (1989)
A slaughterhouse worker appears to be romantically involved with his boss's wife. They plan to leave the country together, but at the airport she waits for him in vain. Slowly but surely the three of them get entangled in a fateful web of betrayal, jealousy and revenge.
38. Poszukiwany, poszukiwana (1973)
Stanislaw works in an art museum in Warsaw; it's not a very well-paid job, and his boss is a bit of a martinet. When a painting is found to be missing from the store room, the boss accuses Stanislaw and gives him 24 hours to return it, or go to jail. Well, Stanislaw is innocent, so he can't return it, and he decides to borrow some of his wife's clothes and her wig, and go into hiding as a woman, Maria. He gets a job as housemaid, although his practical home skills are pretty well non-existent, but a succession of amorous husbands, difficult children, and eccentric bosses drives him from one job to the next. Meanwhile his efforts to keep in touch with his wife lead to her becoming suspicious of his involvement with another girl he is talking to, and then when he kisses his wife amourously, the girl is scandalised to see what appear to be two women kissing. [This was 1973 in Poland, remember.] Finally he gets a decent place working for the director of an architectural practice; but this man has to write and deliver a presentation on the merits of his town-planning proposals, and this is not his strong point. Stanislaw (as Maria) helps with the text, and this is so successful that the boss wants Maria to accompany him to the presentation itself. However, there is a snag: Maria would have to pretend to be a man! The boss finds an old suit and tells Maria to put it on; but he isn't impressed with the result and castigates Maria for making such a poor show as a man. Obviously Maria is still walking and sitting down like a girl, so the boss's wife gives "Maria" some coaching in male body language. Will Stanislaw be trapped forever on the run and pretending to be Maria?
39. To Matthieu (2000)
Matthieu and Eric are two brothers who work at the same factory as their father in Normandy. When his father is dismissed for smoking on the factory floor, Matthieu is incensed and tries to have him reinstated, in vain. His brother has just got married and, with a child and mortgage on the way, is reluctant to stir up trouble. Likewise, Matthieu's fellow workers refuse to get involved. Then tragedy strikes; Matthieu's father is killed in a road accident. Convinced that his father was driven to suicide, Matthieu resolves to have his revenge. His plan is to lure his boss's wife, Claire, into an affair and so make his boss a laughing stock. Seducing Claire proves easier than he could have imagined, but then the scheme goes awry. Matthieu and Claire fall in love.
40. Holding the Baby (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Looking for Mr. Hoppity (1998)
Gordon invites his boss and his wife to his place. Later he discovers that his son favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Hoppity is missing. Through a nanny cam, they see that his boss' wife took it. They try to get it back but it's clear the woman feels the need for a child and Gordon tells her she should have one. But his boss doesn't want to have another child so Gordon must try to convince his wife not to have a baby.
41. Familie Backeljau (1994 TV Series)
Episode: Pedro Pirelli (????)
Grannie and her dog cheat the Jeans - at strip poker. After an endless dinner with François' boring boss and wife, ma wriggles out of attending a musical. Instead the family goes to a hypnotist's show, who finds the family easy preys - except granny. Ultimately both problems meet.
42. Blank (2009 Video)
The film, 'Blank', is the story of a young boy who witnesses the violent death of his parents. The story fast forwards 20 years and our young man finds himself involved with organized crime, his stepfather is the crime boss. While watching a poker game he overhears who murdered his parents and vows revenge. We follow our central character for the next 20 hours as he plans and executes his revenge. He picks his father up from prison, solicits assistance in his plan and becomes unwittingly involved with a pair of serial killers. There are side plots involving the crime boss's wife and an affair and a bizarre and shocking twist at the end. The film would be best described as a psycho/thriller. We meet other characters living separate lives whose paths all cross at the point of our hero's revenge.
43. Jodi Ekdin (2010)
Neil Basu & Nikita Choudhury lives together in a posh apartment in Kolkata. Nikita has left her blooming career as a jingle singer in Mumbai and come down to live with Neil here, because Neil got transferred to Kolkata. Neil is an upcoming ad guy, who has been preparing for a very big presentation for about the last 8 months, which shall make him, the vice president of his company. Life has been trudging along, but somewhere Neil and Nikita's love story has blurred into Neil's busy schedule. Nikita strives to keep in pace, but she never complains about her loneliness to Neil. On a particular day, Neil has an important presentation in the morning while Nikita has an important recording in the evening. Neil remembers his boss's wife's birthday but forgets to wish Nikita for her recording. It so happened that Neil fails to qualify and Nikita on the other hand excels. From this point the relationship takes a turn and Nikita decides to move on leaving behind Neil and their sweet home because of Neil's indifferent attitude towards her. The story continues where we will see that both of them finally realize each other's importance in their respective life. The story again takes a turn which changes the entire canvas.
44. On the Isle of Samoa (1950)
Ex-flyer Kenneth Crandall is surprised by his boss in an Australian nightclub, while attempting a robbery. Papita, Crandall's accomplice and the boss's wife, is shot and killed by her husband, but Crandall escapes with the money. He steals an airplane and crashes on an uncharted Samoan island, where he is befriended by Peter Appleton, the sole white man; Chief Tihoti and a beautiful native girl, Moana. Crandall is obsessed with the idea of returning to civilization with his loot and, after much persuasion, he gets the natives to build an air strip while he repairs the damaged airplane.
45. Gabriella (2003)
Gabriella has affair with stranger she meets on the beach. Gabriella goes to party with husband. Gabriella meets old lover Ricardo. Gabriella's husband is having financial problems. Gabriella's husband is having an affair with her best friend and bosses wife, Lois. Gabriella meets Ricardo at the beach. Ricardo takes her to his bed. Gabriella reaches an emotional crisis. Gabriella visits her mother. Gabriella's marriage reaches a break point. Gabriella decides to walk away leaving both her husband and Ricardo behind.
46. The Fast One (2006 Short Film)
Gerald Tilby has begrudgingly accepted a dinner invitation from his younger and quite boorish, new-in-town boss. Adding insult to injury, Gerald watches in excruciating silence as his tipsy wife encourages his boss to continue a vicious ribbing sure to sting Gerald for days to come. Yet, with what could have been a demoralizing hands and knees fork retrieval expedition under the table, an encounter moments later in the kitchen with his boss' wife empowers the crafty genius of Gerald's mind to rise above the occasion, reducing what could have been an embarrassing cycle of intimidation into child's play.
47. Mister Flirt in Wrong (1915 Short Film)
When floor walkers have an inclination to flirt, but still know it's dangerous, should they indulge in this pastime? Mr. Rawsberry tried to decide this question, but it was not until a tall gentleman had appeared and gave him a couple of smacks on the jaw that he realized he had decided the wrong way. Mr. Rawsberry went straight to his store and started floor walking. His flirting proclivities again cropped out and he had a misunderstanding with the janitor. He tried to fire the janitor, but the janitor would not be fired, and he went to the Boss. The Boss was the gentleman who had slapped his face in the park. Also he was the husband of the lady Mr. Rawsberry admired, and he knew that Mr. Rawsberry knew that he knew he knew he was. The correct thing to do was to exit, which Mr. Rawsberry did. He didn't stop until he was a block down the street. Fate again intervened when a paper blew out an open window, and Mr. Rawsberry took it inside to accommodate the lady who lost it. The lady . was the Boss' wife again, and before Mr. Rawsberry could get out the Boss came in. The intruder's exit was rapid, but not rapid enough. Mr. Rawsberry had to take refuge in a bath house, but this didn't help, as a couple of bears from the zoo, admiring the bathing girls, had come thither. Also a gentleman who had been indiscreet with the liquor jug was present, and, between him and the bears Mr. Rawsberry's life could have been pleasanter. Everybody got out, including the bears, but Mr. Rawsberry was the only one who didn't get away. He climbed into the first window handy, and not until he was inside and took note of his surroundings did he realize he was back in the Boss' house. The events which now happened to Mr. Rawsberry had best not be recorded.
48. Three Secrets for Success (2012 Short Film)
On the day that Li is officially hired at the company of his dreams, a few days of getting married, he will learn from his boss' wife that trust is relative, win-win situations can be biased and in the road for success there are no recipes but it is fate that rules. Three secrets for success is a black comedy situated at the heart of the Chinese contemporary society where the smell of success is all over the facade but reality tells another story.
49. So You Want to Learn to Dance (1953 Short Film)
Joe McDoakes is invited by his boss to a swanky dance. Joe admits he can't dance and the boss gives him a lesson in the office. At the dance, Joe is a social failure and makes many mistakes while dancing with his boss' wife. Joe goes to a dancing school and becomes a big success.
50. Sister of Cerebral Print (2004 Short Film)
When the mob boss's wife is caught "stooping" an alien, his mafia hitmen close in on the extra terrestrial adulterer. Once cornered, the alien races to use his erotic space weapon to probe his way to freedom before "The Boss" can kill him first.
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