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1. MythBusters (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Hindenburg Mystery (2007)
In this action-packed episode of Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie turn dirigible detectives to try and solve one of aeronautics biggest puzzles, while Kari, Tory and Grant come face-to-face - and have to flee - from some of Nature's natural-born killers.
2. Very Bad Men (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Natural Born Killer (2012)
A daughter moves to a small town to be closer to her family only to lose them to a brutal killer. Lorri Ellis works with her mother Roxanne at a property management company in Medford, Oregon. One morning, Roxanne Ellis meets a client at an empty duplex. By the end of the day, both she and her life-partner, Michelle mysteriously disappear. After a massive search effort, Lorri's worst fears are confirmed; the women are found murdered, in the back of Roxanne's pickup truck. The man responsible for the brutal killings will lead investigators on a manhunt into California, where his vicious crime spree began, weeks before. The heinous crimes result in a death sentence for this self-described, natural born killer.
3. Swamp Wars (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Florida's Born Killers (????)
Some of South Florida's native wildlife are born killers. Rattlesnakes are invading golf courses and local parks filled with families unaware of their deadly presence. Venomous cottonmouths and gators on the prowl end up in places people least expect.
4. Heal Thyself (2012 Short Film)
Heal Thyself is a 'sick' little satire starring Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts (The Pope of Greenwich Village, The Dark Knight) as a morally challenged doctor thriving in America's profit-driven health care system. Roberts' hilarious turn as the cynical Dr. Cash is complimented by stellar performances from Edie McClurg (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Natural Born Killers), Peter Jason (Deadwood, Adaptation), Sarah Glendening (All My Children, As the World Turns), Cory Scarborough (War Flowers) and Gabriela Fernandez-Coffey (After the Fall).
5. Moviewatch (1993 TV Series)
Episode: From London (1995)
Reviews of Quiz Show, Natural Born Killers and The River Wild. Sally Gray goes on location for a report on Bronx-based Dead Presidents. There is a special report on movie violence with contributions from Alan Parker, Quentin Tarantino, Mel Gibson and Sylvester Stallone.
6. A Woman's Scorn (2007 Video)
In a modest homage to Natural Born Killers, "A Woman's Scorn" follows Julie Pepper, a victim of the worst kind of domestic abuse by her boyfriend. It is now 12 months after the attack which the police never bothered to pursue and Julie is not a happy girl. While working at a pizza parlor she meets Bobby, the new pizza chef. They immediately form an attraction for each other but she is still damaged goods. She tells Bobby of her horrible past and he suggests that since the police didn't help, he will! With his help, she takes her revenge but then discovers that she likes killing as much as sex. They use killing as an aphrodisiac and become serial killers. With police detectives Harris and Ment close on their trail they will be able to stop Julie and Bobby before they kill again.
7. The Amnesia Party (2008 Short Film)
This groundbreaking film uses virtually every technique and format in the filmmaking canon from live action 16mm to many diverse forms of animation (including a stop-motion musical number) to express the surreal aftermath of September 11th. Independence Day 2001, we find Mom and Dad 'keeping up with the Joneses' as they host a pool party. Dad tries to light the grill without killing himself and mom gossips with the gals about America's newest gay politician. In the pool, Son floats fully clothed observing the frivolity of it all. Their idealist life is shattered as September 11th unfolds before their eyes on live television. Son's psyche cracks and he is pressured to go to war by Dad, a shell-shocked Vietnam veteran. Meanwhile, sex addicted mother might be having an affair with the Rev, the Secretary of Defense pressures Americans to spy on their neighbors, and worst of all, Son's imaginary friend Tommy reappears to make his life a living hell! The Amnesia Party is an all out visual feast with the likes of Natural Born Killers and A Clockwork Orange. September 11th was a horrible tragedy and the consequences that followed were akin to the dark, paranoid fears found in a George Orwell, Franz Kafka story. The Amnesia Party captures a moment in time when America questioned its stability while being on the brink of war as fear and panic gripped an entire nation.
8. Two White Lines (2003 Short Film)
When these two souls meet and discover that they have a similar passion for the movie "Natural Born Killers" they both start acting the parts of Mallory and Mickey in reality and fantasy all the while none to sure about the intentions of the other. Finally when the car breaks down in a relentless storm her fantasy plays out in the form of animated characters where she secretly has destroyed the car and taken him out of the picture. However, in reality, the car is repaired and the two settle on sex to fulfill their lust.
8 titles.