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1. Shameless (2011 TV Series)
Episode: A Night to Remem-- Wait, What? (2015)
Frank arrives at Lou's to pick up his six figure insurance settlement and is shocked to learn that he's already collected it. Meanwhile, Fiona and Gus continue to hit if off, so much so that Gus admits he's falling in love with her. Meanwhile, Lip visits Amanda and her family at her luxurious house in Miami. Carl starts a new job as a drug dealer but quickly realizes he's in over his head. Ian goes overboard when he starts stealing suitcases from the airport baggage claim.
In search of his insurance payout, Frank retraces the path of an epic bender and finds himself on a wild goose chase through Chicago. Meanwhile, Fiona and Gus make a spur of the moment decision that leads them to city hall. Plus, Lip visits Amanda and her family in Miami, Carl starts a new job as a drug dealer, Ian begins stealing suitcases from the airport baggage claim, and Debbie crushes on a new boy, Derek, who rescues her from a fight.
2. Laverne & Shirley (1976 TV Series)
Episode: Airport '59 (1977)
The girls won the Shotz Brewery football lottery: a trip to Baltimore and tickets for the Green Bay Packers-Baltimore Colts game. Laverne is scared to death; it is her first flight. The small charter plane is filled with drunk fans and one RC nun; Laverne fights to sit with her. Shirley wants to calm her roommate so she brings her to the cockpit to meet Captain "Smilin' Ralph" Buzz Anderson. Besides Smilin' Ralph, there is one stewardess, just promoted from baggage claims and no co-pilot on the charter.. but the airline's motto is "God is our co-pilot." What could possibly go wrong?
3. Good Day L.A. (1993 TV Series)
Episode: Episode dated 27 September 2013 (2013)
Firehouse Friday salutes Long Beach Station 24 and it's Hazmat Response Team. Two survivors of the Costa Concordia disaster talk about that day. Paula Patton talks about her new movie "Baggage Claim". Diana Nyad and Timothy Wheeler talk about the documentary made about Diana's biopic "The Other Shore" and subsequent swim from Cuba to Florida.
4. Brian Regan: Standing Up (2007 TV Special)
The DVD features the complete Brian Regan Comedy Central special along with an encore performance not shown in the original Comedy Central broadcast and Brian's Comedy Central Presents half hour special as a bonus. Standing Up includes the following routines: Driving: Show Horses; California Driver's Handbook; Pinky Thank You; Language Stuff: Van in Miami; Bilingual; Friend Speaks Italian; Flying: Flight Delayed; Tower; Computers; Baggage Claim; Greeting Cards: Too Subdivided; Blank Inside; Encouragement; Just Because; New Baby; Birthday Humorous; Kids: Something Appropriate; Dora the Explorer; Baby Books; Animal Noises; Butterfly Pavilion; Balloon; Dinosaur; TV Shows: Nova; Albert Einstein; Antiques Road Show; Golf on TV; Politics: Voiceovers; Tazer Seven Year Olds; Not Taking Questions; Answer That by Asking This; Billboards; Kennedy's; Fundraisers; News: Arab Americans; News Anchor You Can Trust; News Team That Cares; Brian Regan Spy DVD Extras: Food Labels; Serving Sizes; Lay off Dairy; Cranberries; Pop Tarts; Yoga; Health Clubs; Strong Man Shows; Food Combinations; Peanut Butter and Jelly; Chef Boyardee; Pizza/Pie; IHOP; Eye Exam
5. Baggage Claim (2012 Short Film)
Baggage Claim is perspective bending animated film based on the true court hearings of Winnie Ruth Judd, notoriously known as the 'Trunk Murderess'. Winnie has but one final chance to clear her name and save her own life. Is she really the monster the public sees her as or simply a victim of circumstance? Written and animated by Teppei Ando with music by John Arana
6. Far on Foot (2001 Short Film)
Far on Foot is a darkly humorous drama that follows Sophie Cartwright, a journalist who takes on the responsibility of a lifetime as she persuades her dying father, Christopher, to undergo a last hope, alternative cancer treatment abroad. Having just landed on U.S. soil, their strained relationship begins to surface as Christopher's suitcase fails to arrive at the baggage claim, marking the first of many unlucky and disastrous incidents as they endeavor to reach the clinic. Sophie's attempts at pacifying her father are met with irritation and scorn, but nothing will prepare them for the almost 'supernatural' fate that is about to hit them. After a doomed taxi ride and an overly superstitious Israeli driver who refuses to continue, the shocked couple are forced to continue their journey on foot, whilst sharing an uneasy truce. The surreal labyrinth of downtown L.A, provides the backdrop to an emotional voyage that will opens old wounds. As their odyssey begins to wear on them, prospects of finding the clinic become alarmingly grim as their alien surroundings turn on them. Unable to contain their long-hidden and irreconcilable grievances, the dispirited pair drop all pretense at civility. When their brutal argument is abruptly terminated by Christopher's sudden deteriorating health and palpable frailty, they are forced, for the first time in their relationship to confront their fears and vulnerabilities with unexpected consequences.
6 titles.