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1. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Glowing Bones in 'The Old Stone House' (2007)
A burned female corpse found in an old stone house has a strange aquamarine glow. It's identified from a fingerprint as Carly Victor, the chef of Bones's favorite restaurant; her husband Dan didn't report her going missing because she often took off to Atlantic City with their business partner Ben Michaelson's girl-friend Abby Singer, who is missing. Hodgins, who still hopes to turn Angela's no into a yes to marriage, identifies the glow as a seafood component typical for sea-urchin, the specialty of Carly's favorite sushi restaurant, Ernie Summers's, but its knife wasn't used. However Carly had a restriction-order against Dan. Carly is found alive in her car-trunk...
2. Aquamarine (2006)
Two twelve year old girls are in love with a dilapidated beach club near their home. After a huge storm, they discover Aquamarine, a mermaid, in the pool of the club. Aquamarine then falls in love with the cute, young lifeguard who and begs the girls to help her set up a date with him.
3. Rehab Addict (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Refreshing the Pool Room (2016)
For Nicole's next project, it's gonna be sink or swim! The indoor pool that Nicole's grandfather built by hand is getting a much-needed refresher. First up, the safety and mechanical systems of the pool need to be thoroughly overhauled to meet modern standards. The beautiful cedar ceiling and aquamarine walls are original so there is no way Nicole will change those - they just need a good wash and some new paint. In the biggest design challenge of the entire project, Nicole boldly replaces the original doors - which had been ruined with age - with giant glass garage doors to let in light and views of the surrounding countryside. Restoring her Grandfather's pool is a huge labor of love and requires all of Nicole's skill and determination to keep the look and feel of mid-century, while bringing it into the 21st century.
4. Born to Explore (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Belize: Manatees (2011)
This episode of Born to Explore travels to Central America and the waters of Belize as Richard Wiese discovers why people love the manatee. This creature was thought by ancient sailors to be a mermaid. Today, man threaten is a big threat to the manatee and Richard meets the scientists and communities who are determined to protect it. From the aquamarine waters of the Belize coastline, journey deep into the jungle to meet the Mayan people of Aguacate. Time stands still here and the villagers live the almost the same way their ancestors did. Laundry is done in the river, cooking by the fire and wood collected from the nearby fields and jungle. Learn what the manatee represented to the Mayan culture.
5. Mineral Explorers (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Mineral Explorers Brazil: Minas Gerais (2015)
This journey takes us both above and below eastern Brazil as Nagin explores Governador Valadares, the center for minerals in Brazil, as well as one of the world's best places for paragliding before traveling to Minas Gerais. Famed for its gemstones, we see how Brazil's minerals are cut, polished, and prepared for market. Thomas travels to local mines to find gems in their natural, but equally beautiful form, visits the renowned Pederneira tourmaline mine, and an aquamarine mine where he explores a newly found gem pocket as it's being uncovered.
6. Metal Fighter Miku (1994 TV Series)
In the future, Neo Pro-Wrestling, a form of wrestling that allows for armour and other enhancements, is rapidly growing in popularity. In this, Miku, a young flighty girl is set to join her friends as the tag team known as the Pretty Four. However, the competition is fierce and their opponents are ready to do whatever it takes to win. Against this, the Four manage to obtain the services of an eccentric coach who trained their hero, Aquamarine. With his guidance, the four start on their fight for the top as they must train within almost inhuman discipline while their matches become more and more challenging as their opponents rise in the ranks.
7. Who We Are: Brave New Clan (2014 Documentary)
Who We Are: Brave New Clan is a one hour television special following the lives of six exceptional young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, showing how they engage with their communities, history and cultures, in modern Australia. Their unique journeys span Indigenous cultures across the country from the bustling streets of Sydney to the aquamarine vistas of the Torres Strait.
7 titles.