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1. Grange Hill (1978 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #4.13 (1981)
Andrew Stanton's mother seems preoccupied. Tucker is giving Pamela Cartwright longing looks. Alan is getting increasingly secretive with his smoking habit, and also irritable. Tucker is playing mean tricks on the first formers - telling them to go and see Mrs McClusky. Andrew is found drunk and unconscious in the changing rooms. He's wheeled on a trolley out of sight. Tucker intends to go round to Andrew's house, but is intercepted by Mrs. McClusky, who finds out the truth, and goes to Mrs. Stanton to discuss Andrew's drinking. Tucker makes one last attempt to ask out Pamela.
2. Grange Hill (1978 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #3.9 (1980)
Sutcliffe and Mooney seem to be having a lover's tiff, which pleases Cathy no end. Mr Hopwood is not pleased to find virtually no-ones come to the meeting about the outdoor centre - Doyle is blamed for doing nothing. Penny and Susi are determine to show how useless Doyle is as a council rep. They type a short piece for the school magazine, which is accepted at the last moment. The "Trading Post" makes a start with its hungry customers and sells out. Doyle finds out about the school magazine and confronts Penny, but she is rescued by Alan who has evidently taken a shine to Susi. The staff aren't amused by Penny's comments, worried because Doyle's father is on the council. All magazines are rounded up, and this annoys Andrew Stanton and Justin Bennett.
3. Grange Hill (1978 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #3.1 (1980)
Tucker & co are late on the first day when the bus doesn't turn up. Mr Sutcliffe helps lay signs around the school for the new first formers. Benny turns up with football in one hand, and little brother in the other. Andrew Stanton is accompanied by his sister, Karen: he is overprotective, but she would rather be independent. Sudhanami Patel turns up with uniform, but her classmates are now casually dressed. Penny's know-all hauteur gets up the nose of Trisha. Tucker and Alan seem to be as lost as the first years. Mr Sutcliffe falls out with the caretaker over the arrows supposed to help new pupils. In the new Miss Peterson's class, Cathy's jeans don't meet with approval. Tucker's mates tell him he must finish his holiday assignment, even though it is not needed till Friday. Duane's bike goes missing.
4. Grange Hill (1978 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #4.11 (1981)
Doyle sinks to a new low - stealing light bulbs and selling them to a second-hand shop, and replacing the good ones with duds. In the storeroom, Tucker nags Alan about his smoking habit. Cathy's group gives an impressive trial performance to Justin and Andrew. Mr Thomas comes to the conclusion that the School's electrics are faulty, because so many bulbs are failing. When Doyle and his mates go to sell the bulbs, they find the transaction isn't as profitable as they hoped - but perhaps if they can also supply toilet rolls... The caretaker notices the smoky smells from Alan's illicit cigarettes and locks the storeroom. As a result, Alan uses his desk for an illicit drag, but is caught by Mr. Hopwood. Cathy observes Doyle stealing light bulbs, and asks Andrew Stanton to have a quiet word with Doyle.
5. Grange Hill (1978 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #2.3 (1979)
Justin makes friends with Andrew Stanton, finding a liaison in their music. Sleepy-head Antoni Karamanopolis seems to have a problem at home, and Miss Summers investigates. Meanwhile the staff take strike action against the Headmaster's new complicated timetables.
6. Freakshow (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Freaks Hanging by a Wire (2014)
This week, the Freakshow is holding an exciting suspension event. But first, Phoenix needs to find a date! He brings Zoe, a girl he met at a tattoo event, to his house and tries to impress her with his family's collection of oddities. Todd is surprised that Phoenix is turning into such a "ladies man" but Danielle has concerns. She prefers that Phoenix get together with Ruby, the girl who works next door to the Freakshow. At the Ray household, Jelly Boy the Clown, Matterz Squidling Andrew Stanton, and Kelvita the Blade stop by for dinner. They discuss the upcoming suspension event and Todd explains the history of suspension, which involves hanging bodies from meat hooks strung through the skin. Later, Phoenix follows his mom's advice and takes Ruby on a date. She is taken by his "goofball charm" and says that he is "winning her over". The next day, Asia offers Phoenix some advice on his love life. She tells him that he should make his own choices and go with his heart. Phoenix decides to bring Ruby to the suspension event, much to Danielle's delight. At the Freakshow, Andrew shows off the hooks that he'll use during Jelly Boy and Matterz's suspension stunt. Todd hopes the audience can handle this extreme stunt. It's show time! Jelly Boy gets four large hooks inserted into his back as the Freakshow gang looks on. The stunt begins as Matterz lies down in a coffin and gets completely covered with broken glass. Then, Jelly Boy gets attached to suspension cables through the hooks inserted into his back and is lifted high into the air. While suspended, he swallows a flaming sword above Matterz's coffin, symbolizing their triumph over death. Todd notes that the Freakshow witnessed two rites of passage this week - Jelly Boy and Matterz rising above death and Phoenix entering manhood.
7. Pixar Short Films Collection 2 (2012 Video)
Disney and Pixar present an incredible new collection of 12 short films, featuring multiple Academy Award® nominees (Best Short Film, Animated: "Presto," 2008; "Day & Night," 2010; "La Luna," 2011) and a host of family favorites. Join the celebration of imagination with this collection, packed with unforgettable animation, fantastic stories and captivating characters. Plus, enjoy all-new extras that share how Pixar's storied talent got their start - including student films from acclaimed directors John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter!
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