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1. Friends (1994 TV Series)
Episode: The One with Ross's Wedding: Part One (1998)
Even before they leave the apartment, Joey drives Chandler crazy by forgetting everything useful, even his passport, but crying every five seconds "London, baby!", and photographing absolutely everything all the time, as if 6 hours on an airplane with Monica weren't bad enough. Emily was already a nervous wreck, but when she and Ross show Monica her dream site for the wedding that hall is already torn down, ahead of schedule! Ross hears Monica made her consider postponing and freaks out about their parents and transatlantic guests; she answers then they better call it off altogether. Back home, Phoebe makes Rachel realize how much she still loves Ross, so she helps her make up her mind, but warns her it's too late to get Ross back- yet Rachel rushes to London. When Joey insists to buy and wear an ostentatious Union Jack souvenir hat, Chandler refuses to spend the rest of the day thus; instead of being lost and miserable, Joey has a great afternoon, even photographed with Fergie, but back in the hotel room gets really homesick after phoning Phoebe and watching Cheers on TV. After explaining to Ross the obsessive focus of girls on their wedding, Monica comes with a solution: a romantic make-over of the hall's ruin...
2. Friends (1994 TV Series)
Episode: The One with the Giant Poking Device (1996)
Phoebe doesn't want to go to the dentist because every time she does, someone dies. Monica plays the airplane game with Ben and bumps his head really hard and Rachel and Monica try to cover the bump on his head. Joey sees Janice kissing her ex-husband and tells Chandler. Phoebe is checking if she killed someone by going to the dentist and finds that Ugly Naked Guy hasn't moved since the morning. They build a massive poking device out of chopsticks to poke him and see if his alive or just taking a nap. Chandler leaves Janice so she can go back to her husband and child. Ugly Naked Guy is alive!
3. Prison Break: Resurrection (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Flight (2006)
Michael, Lincoln and the other inmates are chased through the bush while Bellick asks for a shotgun. They reach a blue van hidden in a barn and leave Haywire behind. T-Bag handcuffs himself to Michael and swallows the key to protect himself against Abruzzi; however, the mobster uses an ax and cuts off his hand to release Michael. Later Michael also leaves Tweener behind because of his betrayal. Meanwhile Veronica reaches Terrence Steadman in the mansion in Blackfoot. The Vice-President asks for soft-money for her funds of campaign but Samantha tells her to walk away quietly since the Company will support another candidate. However, the conspirator uses a chemical that provokes massive cardiac arrest without trace as if it was natural cause. The investigation in Fox River discovers that the infirmary door was left open; Katie is pressed by Pope and she tells him that Sara has a crush on Michael. When the police reach her apartment, they discover that Sara has had an OD. When the fugitives reach the Goose Park, they see the airplane taking off.
4. Modern Family (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Come Fly with Me (2009)
After some nudging, Jay begrudgingly takes Phil out to fly his new model airplane -- that is until a maneuver goes awry. Meanwhile, when Gloria drops Manny off to play with Luke, she ends up volunteering to take Alex dress shopping, and Claire finds herself sitting down for an unexpected brother and sister heart-to-heart with Manny.
5. Homeland (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Gerontion (2013)
Majid Javadi is firmly in Saul's grip and seems to run out of excuses to give in to blackmail, so he's put on an airplane back to Teheran as double agent. As the police found his family's corpses, Quinn must take the blame and invoke national security to go free. It works, but disgust him enough to consider leaving the CIA, yet he accepts to help find out what happened to Brody. Majid assures Carrie that not Brady, but henchmen of his law firm helped Abu Nasir's men bomb the CIA site. Confident Dar Adal deserts senator Andrew Lockhart when Saul rather keeps his successor-designate locked up 'accidentally' then call off operation Majid.
6. Homeland (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Better Call Saul (2015)
Peter Quinn is badly wounded by the unidentified Russian hit-man he killed, but can't go to hospital. Carrie calls Jonas, whose sister is a doctor, but he ends up sneaking out rather then putting them in extreme danger, only to be saved by a passerby. After the Syrian general was killed aboard an exploding Swiss airplane, Berlin post chief Allison Carr makes lover Saul suspect the Israeli ambassador Etai, and Dar suspect Saul. Hacktivist Numan and Laura try to understand the murders on his CIA-files-selling cahoot and his stripper girl friend, while the Russian killer confers with his surprising co-conspirator.
7. Hawaii Five-0 (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Lapa'au (2011)
A young, particularly nosy female customs and immigration officer's corpse in found in an airplane that crashed in the sea, but she died earlier from blowfish poison. Danny, who still hasn't found a decent apartment, temporarily adopts her loyal dog, especially to Steve's dismay. Her supervisor Jeff Morrison, whom she failed to inform timely, helps the team retrace her recent investigations, which concerned diverse matters, like animal (part) smuggling and sweatshops.
8. Hawaii Five-0 (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Ua Hopu (2012)
Danny finally gets a call from Steve, whose Interpol operation in Japan resulted in Wo fat's arrest for extradition by secret airplane, but it's infiltrated and forced to crash-land. In Hawai, Danny's team deals with the murder of a CIA agent, but the spy agency not only refuses cooperation under the secretive denial policy, the agent who contacts Danny proves a trap. BOth ends have a strong Yakuza connection, and their missing/killed Hawaian chief's son and heir Adam Noshimuri, who convinced Kono to bet turning the family firm genuinely legitimate, became her lover, but gives highest priority to avenging his father. Steve must team up with his captive against a Yakuza death squad.
9. Lost (2004 TV Series)
Episode: The Greater Good (2005)
Dr. Jack Shephard decides to find John Locke. Sayid Jarrah meets Locke and recalls his past, when he was caught in London by CIA and the British Secret Service. As a former Republican Guard of Iraq, he is blackmailed by the authorities to find a terrorist Melbourne, and the information would be exchanged by the address of Nadia. Charlie Pace gives a nickname to Claire Littleton's baby, Turnip-Head, and takes care of him while Claire rests. Locke shows Sayid the Beechcraft and the place where it was perched in the canopy of the tree. He explains Sayid that he had a Charley horse and Boone climbed the tree to investigate the interior of the airplane. The keys of the wallet with the guns are stolen from Jack.
10. Lost (2004 TV Series)
Episode: S.O.S. (2006)
Bernard tries to convince the survivors to build a S.O.S. signal with rocks on the sand, hoping to be seen by a satellite or an airplane. His first encounter with Rose, who was terminal, and their romance, are disclosed through flashbacks. Bernard never gives up searching for the cure of Rose before crashing the island. Meanwhile, Jack invites Kate to join him in the woods to propose to "The Others" a trade between Henry and Walt. John Locke is intrigued with the words of Henry about the unnecessary use of the computer. Is Henry playing him for a fool? Elsewhere, Charlie assists Mr. Eko in building a proposed church for the rest of the survivors.
11. Lost (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Exodus: Part 2 (Part I) (2005)
The survivors hike to the caves leaded by Sayid, while Claire and Charlie stay at the beach cleaning the baby. Danielle Rousseau abducts the baby from Claire, leading to Sayid and Charlie pursuing her. Meanwhile, Jack, Kate and Locke bring the explosives from the hold of the Black Rock; a grounded 18th Century slave ship containing several boxes of old dynamite, and Arzt has a fatal accident with the dynamite while explaining the danger of the nitroglycerin. The mysterious and unseen island entity makes another appearance, nearly killing Locke. Sayid shows the airplane full of heroine to Charlie, leading him to take some of the stash. Charlie and Sayid retrieve baby Aaron from Danielle who explains that she just found out that the "others" do not want Claire's infant... but another child. At sea, the four castaways venture takes an shocking twist when Walt is kidnapped from the raft by "the others"; four scruffy-looking men in a motorboat whom shoot Sawyer, throw overboard Michael and Jin, and blow up the raft with explosives and automatic weapons. Back on the island, there is a discussion between Locke and Jack, where Locke would symbolize faith and Jack, science. Locke blows the hatch, against the will of Hurley, who had just seen the cursed numbers 15, 16, 23, 42 and 4 on one side.
12. Lost (2004 TV Series)
Episode: The Other 48 Days (2005)
The tail section of the airplane crashes in the ocean, and the 23 survivors reach the beach. They are led by the tough-minded Ana Lucia, the heroic Goodwin, the hulking West African Mr. Eko, as well as Bernard, Libby, and flight attendant Cindy. On the first night, they are attacked by "The Others" while sleeping at the beach and some of them are abducted, including two children. But Ana Lucia and Mr. Eko manage to fight them off, killing three of them. Further inspection show the others (two men and a woman) are barefoot, scruffy, people with near-super human strength and speed with the intelligence of genius's. Ana Lucia suspects that Nathan is one of the "others" who as infiltrated in the group and a few days later, she finds the truth but not before Nathan is killed. After 42 days, the five remaining tail crash survivors meet Jin, Michael, and Sawyer for the first time, leading to the events on Day 48 where they meet Shannon and Sayid in a tragic way.
13. Lost (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Deus Ex Machina (2005)
John Locke unsuccessfully tries to open the mysterious hatch in the woods with the support of Boone Carlyle. Meanwhile, he recalls his past, when he was approached by a weird old lady, who claimed to be his biological mother. After the DNA examination proving their bonds, he decides to look for his wealthy father, where a huge surprise waits for him. Locke and Boone find a crashed airplane on the top of a tree, and Boone has a serious accident. Also, after Sawyer begins suffering from painful headaches, a reluctant Jack examines him thus revealing that he needs reading glasses.
14. Mad Men (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Man with a Plan (2013)
The merged companies start to sort things out such as new offices but also deciding who to let go. Ted Cheough makes an immediate impression with the staff. He's not too keen when he finds Don is late for a brainstorming session with the creative team for a potential new client, Fleischmann's margarine. Don is unapologetic about missing the meeting and goads Ted into drinking match that he easily wins. Ted gets payback when he and Don fly to a meeting in Ted's airplane. Bert Peterson is no sooner in the office than Roger fires him.....again. Joan finds herself in considerable pain and Bob Benson takes her to the hospital refusing to leave her there until the emergency is over. She returns the favor. Pete Campbell's mother Dot is suffering from dementia and he finds himself having to care for her after his brother refuses to take her back. Don and Sylvia have been spending a lot of time in a hotel room but his manipulative games bring their relationship to an end.
15. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Killer in the Concrete (2007)
A middle-aged man's corpse is found buried in a dam spillway. He survived stabbing and shooting, but died from a skull-perforation with something like an ice-pick and was coated in cement, still alive. Booth, who suffers from an infected tooth but dreads the dentist more, soon finds 'cement-head' was William Raymund 'Billy Rae' McKenna, his probable killer ('ice-pick', his trademark weapon) Hugh Kennedy -who died in a car fire after his leg was severed while fleeing bounty hunter Veleska Miller- was a rival in the gang of West Virginia crime king Melvin Gallagher, whose 'pilot' Clark Lightner is clearly smarter. Bones coldly calls the police when her dad Max Keenan turns up at her mother's grave; later Max slips into her flat, to demand she checks his own police record, which shows nothing mean, then tips her off Kennedy is a miniature airplane-fan, who cut off his own leg to stage his death; Booth finds him, only to be knocked down by him and found by Gallagher and Lightner, who start torturing him. Max helps deadly worried and determined Temperance's search for Booth, using methods out of the question for the legal side...
16. The Night Shift (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Blood Brothers (2014)
A crashed drug-smuggle airplane arouses DEA attention while TC, who's haunted by his brother Thad Callahan's death while both served in Afghanistan, and Topher find one survivor. Agent Milo Osbourne stops at nothing to interrogate him about missing cargo. Worse, he's actually a fake cop and kidnaps the doctors to force them at gunpoint to make him talk instead of performing urgent surgery, making his point in a senselessly lethal way. A pole dancer who fell off is left in rookie Paul's charge while waiting for test results, but when he pays her for advice about girls she faints during his free lap-dance. This remains unnoticed long as everybody is flooded with victims from a major industrial accident.
17. Quantico (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Clue (2016)
At Quantico, Caleb's doubts over Shelby rise due to her stubbornness during a hostages in airplane exercise for recruit pairs, which turns out an impossible 'Kobayashi Maru' exercise for the trainees. To Caleb's surprise, Will studied his fake double, insists to take over to infiltrate the cult as the leader knows Caleb but may accidentally give the game away. In New York, Alex and her hesitant-rebellious FBI supervisor Hannah Wyland must obey the terrorist's voice to plant a closed envelope in the audience at Senator Haas's next electoral rally, totally lose control and the deputy director's confidence while Simon analysis the risk of the chip inside, and Ryan, who is dear to both, grows utterly suspicious of Alex and feels obliged to turn against her as loose canon, and the chip proves more clever then feared.
18. Midsomer Murders (1997 TV Series)
Episode: The Flying Club (2014)
DCI Barnaby and DS Charlie Nelson investigate the murder of flying instructor Bernard King who, after being bludgeoned on the back of the head was dropped in the nearby lake from his own airplane. He worked at the nearby flying club run by Perry Darnley whose family has a long history of flying: his father won the DFC in World War II; his mother delivered airplanes from the factory to air bases as a member of the Air Transport Auxiliary; and his son Alex flies for the RAF. The murder weapon - a pipe wrench - is found in employee Duggie Wingate's toolbox but he claims to know nothing about it. Perry was restructuring the company and a number of people were going to lose their job. There is also Eddie Raynor whose daughter Jessie is working as the receptionist at the flying club and is engaged Alex. The police have a second murder when Eddie is found dead, apparently run down by an airplane. Eddie's records of landings at night without lights suggests there was a smuggling operation at the airfield but the solution to the crime is much simpler than that.
19. Seinfeld (1989 TV Series)
Episode: The Airport (1992)
Jerry and Elaine are returning from one of Jerry's gigs in Saint Louis. George is supposed to pick them up at Kennedy airport. The two are forced to switch to a different flight, one that arrives at Laguardia. Elaine suffers a series of degradations in the coach section of the airplane, while Jerry is pampered in first class, and enjoys the company of a sexy model. George and Kramer dash from airport to airport to meet the flight, which is eventually re-routed back to Kennedy.
20. Smallville (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Vessel (2006)
After "being prepared" by Fine, Lex is abducted in a field by a strange light. Meanwhile, Clark goes to the Fortress of Solidude where the spirit of Jor-el gives a dagger to Clark and advises him to destroy Lex, who would be the vessel of the spirit of Zod outside the Phantom Zone in which Fine, the Brain-Interactive-Construct, is trying to release. Martha travels with Lois to Washington in an airplane of the Luthorcorp. When Zod is released, he possesses Lex, and traps Clark in the Phantom Zone. Fine unleashes a powerful computer virus, creating chaos on Earth. Lois and Martha faint in the airplane without oxygen as another copy of Fine/Brainiac hijacks the plane. Chloe and Lionel are attacked by a raged crowd, while Lex/Zod and Lana declare their love for one another as both plan to travel their path together on the dark side...
21. Smallville (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Exodus (2003)
As Clark has finally begun dating Lana, Helen Bryce cancels her wedding to Lex after being told to by Lionel. But later, Helen realizes that she loves Lex and they finally get married. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Martha are thrilled to learn Martha is pregnant. The memory/spirit of Jor-El speaks to Clark via the spaceship, telling him he must leave Smallville, his parents and friends to fulfill his destiny. Clark decides to destroy the spacecraft, and the spirit of Jor-El with it, by using Lionel's kryptonite-made hexagon key that he made a copy of off the late Dr. Walden, in order to use it on the cave wall to learn the kryptonian markings. Clark, with Pete's help, steals the key and uses it to activate the spaceship, knowing the kryptonian radiation will destroy the ship. The ship does explode, but the shock wave injures Jonathan and Martha, causing her to miscarry. Chloe, jealous of Clark and Lana's blossoming romance, accepts Lionel's proposal to investigate Clark and gets the job at the Daily Planet. Clark, grief-stricken at the injury he caused his mother, puts on the red kryptonite ring and heads out of town on a motorcycle, planning never to return. Elsewhere, Lex, flying off on his honeymoon, wakes up alone on the airplane that is about to crash in the ocean...
22. Smallville (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Sacred (2005)
When Dr. Virgil Swann dies, Clark Kent receives the octagonal metallic disc through mail. He goes to the Kawatche caves and after inserting the disc in a stone, he hears Jor-El ordering him to find the three knowledge stones to protect planet Earth against destruction. Since the first (retrieved from Lex in Egypt in the season opener) is in Clark's possession, the other two must be found. Meanwhile, Lex and Jason are in Shanghai, China trying to locate one of the stones. Lionel Luthor gives a copy of the map and an airplane to Lana Lang, and together with Clark, they travel to China and meet Lex and Jason where they get arrested and tortured in a temple by the oppressive authorities for information about the stone's whereabouts. When Lana is captured and also tortured, 'Isobel' returns to protect Lana's body and to fight Clark for the stone's procession.
23. Grimm (2011 TV Series)
Episode: PTZD (2013)
Having caused his airplane to crash near Portland, Nick escaped in feral zombie mode, on an intolerable killing spree. Monroe tracks him down with Rosalee, Juliette and Hank. They manage to lure away and overpower Nick, so he can be cured and found oblivious of his Ripper escapade. Captain Renard meanwhile oversees the complex cover-up and instructs his spy in Austria to eliminate his brother, rogue throne pretender Eric Renard. Analind continues the disgusting ritual under Popescu's macabre instructions and thus proves her magical potential.
24. Grimm (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Synchronicity (2014)
Monroe dismisses Nick's objections to being his best man as dark sunglasses prevent Wes from noticing a Grimm's eyes when they vogue. Usurper prince Viktor executes and replaces his chief tracker for failing to kill Adalind, who escapes with the baby princess by airplane thanks to the Verrat resistance and Nick's mother, who directs them to Portland.
25. ER (1994 TV Series)
Episode: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (2003)
Dr. Pratt continues to have problems when his roommate Leon gets involved in a liquor store robbery where both a policeman and a thief were shot. The ER is crawling with cops and despite Pratt's instructions to stay home, Leon shows up to see how his injured friend is doing. Abby is surprised to learn from Luka that Carter is considering going to Chechnya for a few weeks to work with an international aid organization. A handsome young vascular surgeon, Dr. Eddie Dorset, takes an interest in Dr. Corday. Abby's brother Eric makes contact and tells her he has bought an airplane. Dr. Romano is increasingly frustrated at his inability to perform surgery and decides to supervise a resident who is a bit unsure about his ability to complete the operation alone. Alderman Bright arranges a funding boost for County General. Medical student Erin Harkins completes her ER rotation. Dr. Carter decides to help Dr. McNulty by making a significant contribution to his street clinic. Dr. Pratt comes up with a solution to his problem with Leon and asks Michael Gallant to help out.
26. ER (1994 TV Series)
Episode: No Strings Attached (2003)
Dr. Weaver is appointed to a prestigious post by John Bright, the alderman she recently treated. She's uncomfortable as to his real motivation. A young woman is brought into the ER after accidentally driving her car into a group of girls. Dr. Lewis begins to doubt that it was an accident. She also treats a teen-aged boy who is dying from leukemia and who obviously takes an interest in her. Dr. Anspaugh restricts Dr. Romano's access to the operating theater. Lewis is supposed to go on a blind date. A woman brings in her elderly mother but she seems more worried about her mother's monthly pension than the woman's health. Dr. Chen and Dr. Pratt treat a woman who works as a prostitute but Chen is equally worried about the fate of her children. With Carter away on a scuba-diving trip, Abby learns that her brother Eric's airplane may have crashed.
27. The Mentalist (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Red John's Footsteps (2009)
Emma Plaskett is discovered in a country town park, slashed Red John-style. Her twin sister Maya is missing. Patrick Jane assumes another challenge for him. An airplane-written, indeed taunting message traces elaborately to Roy Tagliaferro, a dead trail. Jane realizes the modified MO indicates a second culprit. Sheriff Hardy conducts the search for Maya, CSI the murder investigation. The Plasketts' brother Drake knew Em had an affair with small-time drug supplier local Mace Gutherie, but Jane believes his claim he was threatened anonymously himself and finds a wire.
28. Scorpion (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Chernobyl Intentions (2016)
Engineer Oksana Nastrova gets the team to help determine the exact spot to place the mobile sarcophagus over the Chernobyl reactor before the poor quality Sovuet concrete casing breaks down. Toby remains at home with Ralphie to coordinate, having testified against the release from prison psychiatry of former team member Mark Collins, actually in vain. Attempts to assess the Ukrainian mess go bad as Oksana looses control of her airplane, with Sly aboard, and Walter of the police and bomb squad robot at the radioactive lava core. During a risky rescue, Fearless rescuer Walter gets trapped with Paige, needing a kiss of life, yet back home still lacks courage to ask her out rather then rival Tim.
29. Stargate SG-1 (1997 TV Series)
Episode: Tangent (2000)
While testing an experimental air fighter built from the two Death Gliders, Jack and Teal'c lose control and can not eject from the airplane that heads to the space. Out of the blue, the propulsion shuts down and they hear Apophis telling that the parts have a device to force the spacecraft to return home. Meanwhile Sam and Daniel try to find a means to rescue their friends. However they are short of time and the oxygen in the air fighter is exhausting. Will Jack and Teal'c be rescued in time?
30. 24 (2001 TV Series)
Episode: 1:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m. (2001)
CTU discovers that an airplane went down the Mojave Desert. Unbenowist to them, it was carrying the person who was supposed to snap Palmer's picture at a breakfast meeting. An assassin named Many emerges with the man's wallet, and hides a transponder in the desert spot where she lands after she made the jump. A girl named Brigette picks it up. Mandy is revealed to be working for a man named Ira Gaines. One of Ira's men has plastic surgery to resemble the photographer. Mandy wants to lay low for a while, seeing she completed what she was assigned to do. Meanwhile, Kimberly and her best friend Janet have been kidnapped by two men in which a local party the girls were attending turned out to be a rouse. With the help of Alan York, a worried Teri searches for her daughter. Meanwhile, Walsh has a meeting with his source who gives him a key card. Jack is called in when Walsh is ambushed. Jack and Walsh both take out two men, but a third shoots Walsh as he hands Jack the key card. They key card is the only hint in Palmer's assassination attempt...
31. 24 (2001 TV Series)
Episode: 12:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m. (2001)
On the day of the California Presidential Primary, between midnight and 1:00 AM, the spy Victor Rovner sends a message from Kuala Lumpur to USA. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the Federal Agent Jack Bauer has returned to his family and is having trouble at home with his teenage daughter Kimberly, who blames her mother Teri for putting Jack out of the house. Teri and Jack decide to have a serious conversation with Kim, and they discover that the girl has run away home. While trying to solve his domestic problem, Jack is called to his Counter Terrorist Unit by his colleague Nina Myers for a meeting with their chief Richard Walsh, who discloses a menace against the life of Senator David Palmer, who is running for president, and they need to find the shooter. Later, Walsh has a private conversation with Jack and tells that there is a conspiracy in the agency against David Palmer, and assigns Jack to find the conspirators. When an airplane explodes over the Mojave Desert, Jack has one additional issue to worry about.
32. Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990 TV Series)
Episode: Love Is Blind (2000)
Dylan's generous wedding gift of two open-ended airplane tickets vexes both Kelly and Matt who consider moving to Seattle for Matt to interview for a job at a prestigious law firm. Meanwhile, Steve and Janet receive an offer by a businessman to buy their newspaper which Janet will run it where as Steve will not which sets both of them to try out a trial run of Steve being with baby Maddy for a week while Janet runs the office. Donna tells David that she wants to keep their relationship strictly platonic, while Donna's mother, Felice, tells her that she has decided to put the family house up for sale. Also, Noah meets Ellen's family which includes her mother and Ellen's six-year-old, out-of-wedlock daughter.
33. Will & Grace (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Love Is in the Airplane (2005)
After taking a Red Eye flight to London for the weekend with Will, Grace wants to check if there are any celebrities on board. Although she meets no stars, she finds out that Leo is in the first class. After having a make-over in the airplane toilet, Grace tries to act as if she actually bumps into him. While Grace talks to Leo, Will flirts with flight attendants to get food, drinks and a better seat. In New York, Jack tries to convince Karen to re-hire Rosario. But, the new maid threatens Jack that she will hurt him if he makes Karen fire her. Karen, of course, doesn't believe him when he tells her about her new aggressive maid.
34. Weeds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Fashion of the Christ (2005)
Judah's brother Andy shows up, turning Nancy's household and her "business" upside down; Shane gets busted for selling Uncle Andy's sacrilegious T-shirts at his school; Silas and Megan contemplate the next level of their relationship; Andy finds out about Nancy's pot business, and offers to help; a wayward airplane drops a load of cargo onto the Hodes' house, but Celia drops a bigger bombshell of her own.
35. Married with Children (1987 TV Series)
Episode: Al Loses His Cherry (1987)
Al gets a first-hand look at Luke's swinging bachelor life when he takes refuge at Luke's apartment after work rather than return home to finish an argument with Peggy over visiting her relatives for the weekend. Luke invites two women over at his place where one of them, an attractive but dim-witted airplane stewardess, tempts Al.
36. Baywatch (1989 TV Series)
Episode: Dangerous Games (2000)
Sean becomes concerned over Leigh's new boyfriend Sam Parks, an airplane pilot who thrives on living dangerously, and whom takes her out on a hand gliding trip headed for disaster. Meanwhile, Kekola's conniving and outgoing cousin, Nani, causes problems for her and J.D. when she brings him over for a family dinner knowing that Kekola's domineering father will disapprove of him, as well as Kekola's lifeguard job, while Nina gets into danger when three drunken college friends of hers try to assault her during a sailing trip the next day.
37. Columbo (1971 TV Series)
Episode: Swan Song (1974)
Tommy Brown is an extraordinarily successful gospel singer who regularly sells out his concerts. His problem is his domineering wife, Edna. After he announces he is leaving her, she threatens to expose a tryst he had with an under-aged acolyte. A private pilot, he drugs both his wife and the young woman and then parachutes to safety as the airplane crashes. Lt. Columbo is soon on the scene of the crash and is puzzled when he sees that Tommy Brown's seat belt is the only one that come undone in the crash. He's also puzzled as to why a briefcase, which should have contained his navigational charts, is empty.
38. Revenge (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Reckoning (2012)
Although Daniel threatens to drop Victoria if she ruins his father's firm and Conrad warns her their children's future would be wrecked too, she flies to Washington with federal agent John McGowen. Conrad however blackmails the albino to put a bomb in their airplane. Amanda fears all her scheming was for nothing, but Nolan copied all the evidence and shows a further recording, proving Conrad hired the albino to kill her father, so instructed by the mysterious American Initiative. Daniel dumps Emily after hearing about her night with Jack, whom she resolved to chose over him, but that falls trough as the fake Amanda is pregnant, apparently carrying Jack's baby. Declan dumps Charlotte after a mean Internet trick played on his new prep school friend Jaime, so he's not ready to help when Victoria's death renders her suicidal.
39. CSI: Miami (2002 TV Series)
Episode: Not Landing (2004)
Adam Decker's plane crashes on a Miami beach. It was rigged with explosives, but he died earlier from carbon monoxide poisoning due to drilled holes. Only Decker's partner Wes Gallagher had occasion to plant the bomb. Neighbour Jeff Latham threatened him an account of airplane nuisance, but Adam's wife was one of many in the neighborhood committing adultery with ex-pilot Tony Macken, and their homes all contain secretly installed quality cameras. Meanwhile a home-made bomb, a modified smart-phone, explodes on a naturally died parking valet when Woods touches his vest.
40. Lost Horizon (1937)
In 1935, seasoned diplomat Robert Conway is sent to rescue a group of British nationals who find themselves in China the midst of a rebellion. Conway manages to get them all out and also to escape with his brother George and several others on the last airplane only to find that they are being flown far into the Himalayas. They eventually find themselves in Shangri-La, a Tibetan monastery in a beautiful mountain valley. It soon becomes clear that they are not there by chance and that were in fact kidnapped. Conway and his fellow travelers are keen on leaving but slowly, they all come to appreciate their new surroundings. Everyone that is except George Conway who is desperate to leave. As Robert learns the true secret of Shangri-La and his reason for being there, he is faced with having to leave in order to protect his brother who will be setting off with or without him.
41. Star Trek: Enterprise (2001 TV Series)
Episode: Storm Front: Part 1 (2004)
Captain Archer is burned and captured by the German soldiers after destroying the Xindi weapon. Meanwhile the Enterprise's command discovers that they are on Earth in 1944, and Germany has invaded the United State of America; therefore they realize that history has changed. T'Pol sends Travis and Trip in the Shuttlepod One to investigate and they are fired by airplanes. While being transported to meet the evil red-eyed Vosk, the resistance attacks the convoy and Captain Archer is captured by the group. He is arrested and stays in Alicia Travers' house in Brooklyn. In the meantime, the time traveler Daniels totally aged visits the Enterprise and explains that the timeline had been changed and he sent the Enterprise to 1944 to try to fix; otherwise there is no future for the mankind.
42. Six Feet Under (2001 TV Series)
Episode: I'm Sorry, I'm Lost (2003)
A piece of "blue ice" broken off an airplane strikes Anahid Havanessian, whose husband goes to Fisher & Diaz for a funeral...but changes his mind when, frustrated with the government for hiding that such deaths are common and suspecting Nate's silence is indifference, he's snapped at by Nate, who then snaps at David and Rico for telling him he lost them money by not demanding payment for the meeting when they "switched to the local chapel". Walking in the early hours of the morning to clear his head without success, and drinking heavily and sleeping with a bar prostitute, he's in bad shape and can't accept the news of his mother marrying George. David and Claire are also reluctant, since David is worried about his brother and believes it should be delayed and Claire is worried they haven't known each other long enough to wed, but they know they'll marry either way. Claire visits her father's grave and learns, along with the fact that he's OK with the marriage himself, Lisa, Gabe Dmas, and her child are all with him. David is encouraged by his father to make up with Keith, which he does at church by talking with him so long they forget to go in. They're both present for their mother's wedding, but Nate isn't - after getting the news that Lisa has been found drowned, he continues to drink heavily and gets into a bar fight. Rico gets into a situation almost as bad when getting the bad news that his sister-in-law, despite being a nuisance, won't leave yet. Angry with Vanessa, he goes to dance class without her then is invited to a strip club where he sleeps with one of the dancers, Sophia. Brenda prepares to date, but not sleep with, her charming neighbor Joe. Nate finally leaves the bar after losing the fight, drives drunk, and is haunted by visions of Lisa and Nathaniel urging him to drive off a bridge, and finally ends up at Brenda's.
43. Life in Pieces (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Late Smuggling Dreambaby Voucher (2017)
When Greg and Jen take Lark on her first airplane trip, their parental skills are upstaged by another couple travelling with their baby. Also, Joan and John attempt to smuggle their dog, Tank, onto the plane; Matt and Colleen miss their flights when they accept travel vouchers for airline credits; and Heather and Tim run into countless obstacles when trying to get to the airport on time.
44. Murder, She Wrote (1984 TV Series)
Episode: The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel (1988)
Jessica is surprised to hear that a Korean War airplane that crashed with her husband on board has been found. Her husband Frank and all but one crew member, survived the crash. When that crewman's body is recovered, it's apparent that he was murdered. Soon, Jessica's friends are suspects but when they are cleared, the investigating officer, Major Kevin Cooper, comes to the only conclusion available to him: Frank Fletcher had to be the killer. Jessica will have none of it and despite Maj. Cooper's attempts to get her to mind her own business, starts her own investigation. When she finds holes drilled into the trunk of a car that was in the transport plane, she is convinced that there was a stowaway on board.
45. Murder, She Wrote (1984 TV Series)
Episode: Northern Explosion (1994)
Jessica Fletcher finds herself stranded in the town of Dominion in the interior of British Colombia while the small airplane she was traveling in is repaired. She checks into the local hotel and plans on getting some work done but is soon drawn into the community's problems. The Aurora mining company wants to start its operations but are being opposed by a local group of First Nations who feel the land will be destroyed if they are allowed to do so. Aboard the airplane with Jessica is the First Nations' lawyer Peter Henderson who is urging calm while their case winds its way through the courts. Also arriving on the plane was Hamish McPherson who turns out to be a retired police officer who is still hunting the man who killed a policeman some years before in Ottawa. When MacPherson and Rick Shipley, the head of the mining company, are killed within a day of each other, activist George Quill is arrested but Jessica works with RCMP Sgt. Hilda Dupont to find the real killer.
46. Burn Notice (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Desperate Measures (2012)
Having overpowered sniper Tyler Gray in Panama, but now convinced he was hired by Mike's CIA mentor Card to eliminate him after the jet strike failed to kill them both, Weston must repatriate his team while presumed dead. They can only get aboard an airplane piloted by Rico, whom Fiona seduces, which carries ruthless Vasquez's drugs. Tyler escapes during take-off, Mike jumps after him, Vasquez captures both, for torture. Sam tries to broker a deal, their lives for the drugs, while Madeline must press a hacker into covering up their air space tracks. Tyler proves a formidable element of surprise.
47. Burn Notice (2007 TV Series)
Episode: Signals and Codes (2009)
Sam helps Mike identify Diego Garza as a CIA operative in Miami by spotting his cover firm airplane. Before then can force his hand, hoping to get Mike back in the game, they are spotted themselves by mathematical genius Spencer Watkowski. He has a loony theory about aliens, but also makes predictions and proves his colleague Brad was murdered. Mike's team checks out their employer, a firm which sells encryption to secret government agencies, and confirm the manager is copying the software keys, worth a fortune to state enemies.
48. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Josh Hutcherson/HAIM (2013)
Sketches include Piers Morgan Cold Open, Josh Hutcherson Monologue, Girlfriends Talk Show, Office Boss, Matchbox 3, Weekend Update with guest The Worst Lady on an Airplane, Josie's Younger Brother, Best Buy, Dancing, Animal Hospital, Bugs, and Thanksgiving Guest.
49. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Lily Tomlin/James Taylor (1976)
The host for the episode is Lily Tomlin (her second appearance), and the musical guest is James Taylor. The skits for this episode are as follows: For the opening skit, everyone is waiting around for Lily Tomlin to arrive, but she shows up late and announces she's not going to bother rehearsing for the show. After Lily's opening monologue, she begins talking about what she really thinks of the show, thinking that her microphone is off. President Ford gets into a strange debate with Jimmy Carter. During the Weekend Update, Laraine Newman reports on an outbreak of Legionnaire's disease and Emily Litella wonders about crustaceans hijacking airplanes. Ernestine the operator talks about why phone service is unreliable and why they don't care. A housewife is persuaded to perform a series of increasingly bizarre stunts. Lily finishes the show performing The Antler Dance with the SNL band. James Taylor performs "Shower the People", "Road Runner" and "Sweet Baby James".
50. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Steve Martin/Kinky Friedman (1976)
The host for the episode is Steve Martin, and the musical guest is Kinky Friedman. The skits for this episode are as follows: The coach of the Yankees consoles his team after losing the World Series, and one of the players gives him their final decision. Chevy Chase attempts to make an endorsement for milk, but keeps adding in its less pleasant effects. An episode of Jeopardy from 1999 gives a look at some social changes in the future. During the Weekend Update, Chevy comments on Jimmy Carter's cross-dressing, the latest election poll results, a mafia funeral in a pizza oven, and a gorilla crashing an airplane. An ad features a new combination watch and German Shepherd. Several counter-culture acts perform in a late-50's beatnik café. Jane Curtain interviews the author of a book analyzing the connection between sexual activity and sports performance. Mary Tyler Moore gets murdered by Ted before their newscast as a prank. A new diet plan works by stranding dieters out in the wilderness with an Eskimo who steals their food. Kinky Friedman performs "Dear Abbie".
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