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1. Suits (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Buried Secrets (2014)
Things get complicated when Harvey (Gabriel Macht) mixes business with pleasure and gets caught between Jessica (Gina Torres) and Scottie (guest star Abigail Spencer). Painful memories plague Mike (Patrick J. Adams) as he uses a case to exorcise demons against an old foe, while Louis' (Rick Hoffman) suspicions threaten to expose Mike.
2. Suits (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Endgame (2013)
As Ava Hessington's (guest star Michelle Fairley) murder trial begins, Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Jessica (Gina Torres) fight off betrayal from both inside the firm and out. Meanwhile, Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) seek to even the score with those who have done them wrong.
3. The Walking Dead (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Coda (2014)
At the church, Gabriel goes off on his own but only manages attract a large number of walkers. Soon Gabriel, Michonne, Carl and Judith find themselves on the outside with no place to go. Rescue comes from an unexpected source. In Atlanta, Rick takes of the cop who knocked out Sasha and escaped. He also decides to go ahead with his plan to swap the two remaining policemen for Beth and Carol. Rick is adamant that everyone remain calm and that each side needs to remain calm. It all seems to be going down as planned but unexpected events lead to tragedy.
4. Fear the Walking Dead (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Cobalt (2015)
Nick has a conversation with his cell mate Strand. Meanwhile Ofelia challenges the soldiers throwing objects at the fence asking where her mother is and Andrew Adams comes to take her home. Liza is working in the medical facility under the supervision of Dr. Exner and she learns that Griselda had to amputate her foot. Madison overhears a beat and she finds Daniel and Ofelia in the basement of their neighbor's house and Adams tied to a chair. When Madison and Ofelia leave the basement, Daniel tortures Adams to know where Griselda and Nick are. Meanwhile Travis meets Moyers and tells that he will face an insurrection in the community and Moyers asks Copro Castro to drive Travis to the medical facility. In their journey, they need to stop to fight against zombies that have trapped another National Guard team. Only Castro and a few man return and they drive Travis back to the safe zone. Meanwhile the Salvadorian Daniel recalls his life in El Salvador and tortures Adams. Soon he learns the meaning of "Cobalt" and where Liza, Griselda and Nick are. Daniel also learns that the National Guard has locked 2,000 infected in the arena nearby the facility. Liza Visits Griselda with Dr. Exner but they are incapable to save her life. What will Daniel do to retrieve Griselda?
5. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Jump the Shark (2009)
Sam and Dean are contacted by one Adam Milligan who claims to be John Winchester's son. The boys immediately suspect a demon trap and go to investigate. Adam turns out to legitimately be John's son and Dean is furious that John kept Adam's existence from them as well as sheltered Adam from the hunting life. Meanwhile other supernatural forces are at work, which lead to a tragic twist that neither Sam, Dean, or their new sibling could have guessed.
Sam and Dean receive a phone call from Windom, Minnesota, from a teenager that wants to contact John Winchester. They drive to meet Adam Milligan that claims to be John's son and he tells that his mother has been missing for three days. The Winchester brothers discover that their father had traveled to Minnesota in 1990 to investigate a case of missing bodies and the two next pages of his journal are torn out. Furthermore, there are three corpses missing in the cemetery and the police believe that hooligans are responsible.
6. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Swan Song (2010)
Going with Dean to Lucifer's place, Sam--expecting to lure the cunning being and trap him with the Four Horsemen's ring--agrees to be His vessel. However, Lucifer is smarter and uses his son's vessel instead to fight against Michael, who is using Adam's vessel. Dean and Chuck discover the place of the final battle--an old cemetery in Lawrence--and Dean heads there in his Impala with Bobby and Castiel. Will they be able to avoid the inevitable?
7. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Point of No Return (2010)
Dean has decided to say yes to Zachariah and Michael to stop Lucifer and avoid the Apocalypse. However, Castiel brings their half-brother Adam, who is the Plan B for the angels. Zachariah lures Adam about the feelings of the Winchester brothers, forcing Dean, Sam and Castiel to fight against several angels to rescue Adam.
8. Supernatural (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Sex and Violence (2009)
Sam and Dean head to Bedford, Iowa, posing of FBI agents to investigate the murder of a woman that had her head smashed by a meat tenderizer by her beloved husband Adam Benson. They discover three similar cases and Dr. Cara Roberts explains that the three husbands had anomaly in their blood work, with the presence of oxytocin a.k.a. love hormone. The Winchester brothers call Bobby and they conclude that a siren might be casting a love spell. Bobby advises that they need blood sample to revert the spell and Sam stays with Dr. Roberts to collect the samples. Meanwhile FBI Agent Nick Monroe arrives in Bedford to investigate the case and he discloses to Dean that in all the crime scenes there was the Mediterranean plant hyacinths. Dean recalls that he had seen the plants in Dr. Roberts' office and calls Sam; however, his brother is having sex with the prime suspect. Dean teams up with Nick to chase Dr. Roberts.
9. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Uprising (2015)
Still operating without Oliver and desperate to stop Brick, Team Arrow is forced to consider Malcolm's offer to help shut Brick down as Malcolm has a personal score to settle with the felon. Roy and Laurel point out that the team could use some help to save the innocents of The Glades, but Felicity is adamantly against it. They look to Diggle to make the final decision. Meanwhile, the flashbacks chronicle Malcolm's descent from kind-hearted father and husband to cold-blooded killer after the murder of his wife.
10. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: State v. Queen (2013)
Oliver is concerned when a mysterious illness sweeps the city, infecting hundreds of people, including Diggle. Oliver discovers Vertigo in Diggle's blood and realizes The Count has broken out of prison and is once again distributing his drug. Meanwhile, Moira goes on trial for her participation in the Undertaking. ADA Adam Donner collapses in court with Vertigo symptoms so Laurel must step in and try the case against Moira. Oliver is torn between standing by his family during the trial and catching The Count. However, things change when Felicity follows a lead and walks straight into a trap set by The Count.
11. Arrow (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Year's End (2012)
Oliver has to deal with the fact that there's a copycat on the street dispensing justice. The first victim is Adam Hunt who Oliver put out of business some months ago. Det. Quentin Lance quickly concludes that the killer, who uses black arrows, is not the Hood, as he calls Oliver. Things become deadly serious when the Black Arrow takes a group of innocent people hostage threatening to kill one every hour until the Arrow is apprehended. Meanwhile, Oliver is surprised that the family no longer has their annual Christmas party and offers to re-institute what was once a Queen family tradition. In flashbacks, we learn that the island on which Oliver lived for 5 years was once a Chinese prison.
12. The Flash (2014 TV Series)
Episode: Rupture (2016)
Zoom returns to Earth-1 intent on taking over Central City. Wells come up with a plan to stop him, but it's extremely dangerous. Unsure if he should take the risk, Barry reaches out to both fathers for advice. Henry adamantly opposes Barry risking his life again but Joe thinks he can handle it, which puts the two men at odds with each other. Meanwhile, Cisco misinterprets his vibe on the Earth-2 villain Rupture, who happens to be his brother Dante's doppelganger, when Rupture comes to Earth-1 seeking justice for Reverb's death. As Barry struggles to reach a critical decision, Iris decides she's finally ready to open up to Barry about her feelings for him.
13. Breaking Bad (2008 TV Series)
Episode: Open House (2011)
Skyler is alarmed by Walt's bruises and he manages to convince her that his life is not in danger. She is intent on buying the car wash despite the owner's outlandish request. Lawyer Saul Goodman suggests they try another type of business but she is quite adamant. Skyler comes up with the perfect scheme to get the business at a very good price. Jesse meanwhile realizes that constant partying does not lead to better quality of life. At the Schraders, Marie finds herself in trouble and Hank has to use his police connections to make it go away. In return, Hank is asked to look over a file found in the home of a recent murder victim, Gale Boetticher. Of particular interest are notes suggesting the existence of a super meth lab.
14. The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
Episode: The Romance Resonance (2013)
Howard wants the gang to play together the song he is writing Bernadette to celebrate the anniversary of their first date, inspiring Penny to show Leonard romance. Sheldon is too busy creating a formula to synthesize a new super-heavy element. When a Chinese lab uses his formula and finds an element, Sheldon basks in fame, grabs cookie from pal's lunch plate, and goes over memorabilia to donate to the Smithsonian. In a book of tables, he misread kilometers for meters, so his formula is out by a factor of 1000. Despite embarrassment, he complains but cannot take back what the internet has taken, preferring a sex tape because he does not know what a sex tape is. He sees Amy's disappointment as "romantic" and puts her on his exclusive tree house club member list. Bernadette's work calls the restaurant where the gang await with their musical instruments. She is in quarantine at the hospital after carrying ten too many vials of raccoon virus in one trip, so Howard takes his electronic keyboard there and sings while the others chorus "He would still live with his mom" and "We don't know what we'd be without you, Bernadette". After unsuccessfully consulting Raj, Penny makes Leonard a romantic dinner, finally including the flavor packet for instant noodles, strews the way to the bedroom with rose petals. He already has her gift, a first edition of his favorite childhood book, Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but is impressed at all the trivia she has saved: the 11-page thank-you letter after their first sex, a rose from her windshield, a pregnancy test - just the first one.
15. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Popular Kids (2005)
The police are investigating the murder of popular high school student Adam Lloyd, his body found in the woods on Massanutten Mountain in McAllister County, Virginia. The BAU are called in when the police discover a skeleton nearby, seemingly killed the same way as Adam, with the person's skull cut open and a message scrawled on an adjacent tree saying "Satan Lives LOD". No one knows what LOD means. Upon arriving at the scene, the BAU learn that a young woman named Cherish Hanson was running with Adam that morning, she is missing. The team are aware that someone local is the unsub and they use the tactic of recruiting locals as the search parties to lure the unsub into what is going on. The discovery of what LOD stands for leads the authorities in a certain direction, but Gideon's chat with a local girl uncovers the truth. Meanwhile, Reid admits to Morgan that he has been plagued with nightmares about work of late.
Two high school students, our jogging, are murdered in the woods of McAllister, a Virginia village. The team doubts the apparent marks of a satanic cult and the abbreviation L.O.D. where the boy Adam is found, and Cherish Hanson is missing. Local reverend Paul Burke has a prison record for embezzlement, Henry Dent for violence. The sheriffs bright boy Cory Bridges reveals that Mike Zizzo fits the profile. He is a charismatic adult who leads devoted teenagers, called the Lords of Destruction. The team realizes it's all to easy and acts according to another profile, especially after Jason Gideon learned from a girls all school kids except the L.O.D. knew about a decomposing corps but none reported it.
16. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Dorado Falls (2011)
The BAU investigate a mass murder at Synalock, an Internet security company located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Five people were shot, while three others were stabbed. By the severity of the killings, the company's CEO, Adam Werner, was the supposed intended target. They also surmise that despite the different styles of killings, there is only one unsub. When Mark and Mary Dolan are later that day found shot to death in their home, the BAU tie the two sets of murders together, the connection being the Dolan's son, Luke Dolan, who the BAU are certain is the unsub. Luke Dolan and Adam Werner were not navy communications men as their official records state, but rather Navy SEALs in the same unit, where Werner was the leader and Dolan the second in command. Dolan seems to be on a mission of some sort and seems to be facing some delusional break from reality. They have to figure out what caused the initial break from reality and what his current mission is. As Dolan had a loving relationship with his parents, the BAU think that Dolan's estranged wife Jenna and their daughter Ally may be his next targets. They also come to learn that Dorado Falls, a secret mission carried out by Dolan and Werner's unit, is playing a part in Dolan's current mission. Trying to find out about Dorado Falls is not as easy as they would like solely because of its classified nature. Meanwhile, Prentiss learns from Morgan that she has to go through recertification training and that he will be her trainer. She later learns from Hotch that what Morgan told her is not totally accurate.
17. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Red Light (2017)
With J.J. by his side, Reid goes to see Cat Adams in prison, she, in partnership with Lindsey Vaughan, who were the ones who orchestrated everything that happened to him in Mexico, including his incarceration, with Lindsey now holding Diana hostage somewhere unknown. Reid knows that he will go into a psychological game with Cat, much like he did in their previous encounter, with the one big difference which may affect how Reid is able to handle the situation being that Diana's life is on the line. The rest of the team remains at headquarters, where they have to figure out the connection between Cat and Lindsey: what brought them together as partners in this venture, how they have been able to communicate with each other with Cat in solitary confinement in prison, and how Cat in particular seems to know as much as she does about Reid's personal life. Prentiss decides to use a controversial and less than ethical approach to advance the case, most specifically in locating Lindsey and a hopefully still alive Diana. Meanwhile, an old friend of the BAU returns with some disturbing news, but news that may assist in dealing with one of their long time nemeses.
18. Criminal Minds (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Devil's Backbone (2016)
The authorities believed that two Virginia based cases of missing boys, Adam Morrissey and Jimmy Bennett, from two years ago were unrelated, until their bloodied clothes, those in which they were last seen, had just arrived in one intercepted package at Fletcham Correctional Center in Troy, Virginia. The addressee of that package is Antonia Slade, a serial killer of young teens, she who was convicted in part by work of the BAU, most specifically Gideon. A social worker, she ran a fake youth hot-line as a means to lure her victims to her home, where the dead bodies of the young teens were found encased behind her basement drywall. Since, she has never talked about the murders, and has refused all visitors. However, she seems to know about the clothes and the missing boys before the BAU's arrival at the facility to speak to her. They know that she, a narcissist despite not responding to the correspondence from any of her legion of groupies, has no compelling reason to talk to them unless there is something she knows, divulging which would be to her benefit. In speaking to her, the team members find that she is controlling, and any accomplice or associate to her criminal activities would have to be the submissive. Beyond cryptic statements, the one thing she is clear about is that Adam and Jimmy are still alive, but for how long is uncertain. The team discovers that she is indeed corresponding to the outside world through unofficial means, they needing to find how, to whom and what those messages state for them to find a hopefully still alive Adam and Jimmy.
19. The Office (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Whistleblower (2010)
The press finds out that Sabre's printers catch on fire. Jo shows up to the office in hopes of finding out who the whistleblower is. Everyone suspects Andy, who adamantly denies he leaked the information.
20. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2013)
Parsons confronts Morrow (about the sidelined investigation), and the latter rebuffs him; moments later a bomb explodes at the site of a formal dinner, thereby killing the SecNav and injuring Morrow and others. Gibbs strides into the office, meets with Vance and McBride's CO, and volunteers for a highly sensitive special operation; Gibbs goes to Iran; Tony makes plans to go to Tel Aviv. Soon Gibbs gets into a gunfight in Tehran and runs into Parsons, who makes a semi-apology; Gibbs and Parsons investigate. Ducky and Palmer deal with an intruder. Before Tony leaves, someone shoots up his pad; Tony chats with Vance; Tony calls McGee, whom Fornell intercepts and takes to a meeting at Tony's place; Vance visits Morrow, who says that Ziva is the next target. Gibbs and Fornell find out who changed McBride's orders; they do business in Arizona; Tony talks with Adam, who tells him about Ziva and her activity. [To be continued.]
21. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Spinning Wheel (2015)
After Ducky is attacked by a man claiming to have information about his half-brother who died decades ago, the NCIS team searches for the perpetrator, as Ducky recalls the final emotional days he had with his sibling. Also, with the holidays approaching, Bishop and Jake (Jamie Bamber) discuss the future of their relationship. Adam Campbell returns as "Young Ducky."
22. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Dressed to Kill (2014)
When Tony meets his father at the Adams House, he seeks to question a man wearing a suspicious dress-blue uniform of a Naval officer; the man draws a pistol and threatens Tony and his father; Tony kills him with two shots. Abby says that the impersonator was an infamous private investigator; Tony deals with an unlikable investigator from the office of the inspector general; at the hotel McGee and Ellie find the body of an executed man, who worked on the staff of a woman senator. Abby gives the investigator a cold treatment; Tony and McGeek check out the PI's office; Gibbs and Ellie meet the senator and her staff; Senior lays news on Junior. The gang uncover international wealth, influence, and bribery, then Gibbs and McGee meet with the senator and several of her staffies; McGee places a phone call, and everything falls into place. Tony sees an old friend, and he and his father share a happy goodbye.
23. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Out of the Frying Pan (2011)
Parking Enforcement Officer Bixby sees a dead body in the living room of a private home in Washington, DC; the victim, a retired Marine colonel, received seven blows of an ax; due to atypical circumstances Gibbs and company question a prime circumstantial suspect who has not confessed; Gibbs and Tony talk with the suspect, Nick, who is the troubled and conflicted 18-year-old son of the victim; Nick adamantly denies any involvement. The mother is absent but not divorced; she dropped out of sight two years ago. The Duckman sees, recognizes, and interprets an important clue, which went unnoticed during the first autopsy (at the Metro PD). Vance loses patience with Nick and then uses an aggressive technique with him until Nick gives an ostensible confession; however, Gibbs says that there's one problem. Gibbs talks with a neighbor, who says that the widow and mother has returned. Nick helps Gibbs, who then arrests the real murderer.
24. NCIS (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Déjà Vu (2016)
While New England shivers due to frost, popular petty officer Alessandra Ramos's corpse is found in a vehicle. The military brat was due to testify in Washington Metro P.D. Jeff Katz's case against street gang boss Dan Dacey, but he convincingly denies any part, having a soldier kid brother. Forensic evidence soon links Ramos to a missing party girl, and Bishop realizes from NSA experience the case fits white slavery she investigated in a joint task force with the FBI, so she reunites the trio, retired NSA analyst Adam Connors and active Special Agent Daisy Milner.
25. Family Guy (1998 TV Series)
Episode: The Story on Page One (2000)
Needing more extracurriculars to get into college, Meg signs up as a reporter with the school newspaper. Through persistence and shrewd investigating she lands a scoop exposing Mayor Adam West's incompetence. Thinking her story is too boring, Peter writes his own article accusing Luke Perry of homosexuality and smuggles it into the news office. The next morning, Meg's story is the talk of the school, but a certain Mr. Perry isn't too happy.
26. House of Cards (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Chapter 22 (2014)
Freddy is planning the expansion of his business but this ends when his son holds a photographer at gunpoint and gets himself arrested. Francis would like to help him out but Freddy refuses. Claire and Francis manipulate both Adam and the media in regards with a photograph of Claire leaked in the newspapers. Remy threatens Adam to confess the affair and he does so by leaking another photograph. However, Seth works this through by manipulating a young model that resembles Claire. In the end Adam chooses to be on no one's side.
27. How I Met Your Mother (2005 TV Series)
Episode: Weekend at Barney's (2013)
Ted is desperate to bring a "+1" to Robin and Barney's wedding, and currently has Jeanette as that +1 despite he realizing that she is crazy. Robin and Barney are so adamant that Jeanette not be Ted's +1 that Barney swears Ted to secrecy in how he is helping Ted find an alternate +1: by staging plays from his playbook, which he purportedly burned in front of Robin but in reality burned a fake book instead. If Robin finds out about the playbook, there may be no reason for Ted to have a +1 as there will be nothing for him to bring a +1 to. Meanwhile, Lily, as The Captain's new art buyer, is attending a gallery showing by an up and coming artist named Strickland Stevens. Marshall is confident that he can play the art buyer husband at functions so important to Lily's career which may not be the most obvious fit for Marshall. This gallery showing may test Marshall's actual ability in this role.
28. Homeland (2011 TV Series)
Episode: Our Man in Damascus (2015)
After Carrie and Astrid locate Peter, he is brought to hospital. Saul argues with the doctor who induced Peter's coma; Saul is adamant he and Carrie get the location of the next sarin attack. Moscow has a final job for Allison, which, if not completed, will risk both her "retirement" money, dacha and life. Moscow wants the sarin attack to take place in Berlin and wants Allison to protect the perpetrator. Carrie gets one of her brilliantly tenuous ideas and decides to investigate.
29. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Twenty-Five Acts (2012)
A successful erotic novelist, Jocelyn Paley is sexually assaulted and tormented by popular TV-show host, Adam Cain who attempts to bring her book to life. The SVU persuades her to press charges but the investigation into Jocelyn's background reveals a secret that could ruin her career as well as the case.
30. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Home (2004)
A young boy is found outside an NYC apartment eating from the family's garbage. When SVU is called in, they find out the boy, Jacob, isn't homeless, but is actually from a nearby home and lives with his mother and older brother, Adam. Troubled by the fact that a child eating garbage has a home in a decent neighborhood, Elliot and Olivia investigate further only to find the mother's ideals on raising her children radical and abusive. Unable to legally remove the children, SVU is forced to send Jacob back home, but Elliot is uneasy the whole time. Later that night Elliot gets a call and suspects it's Jacob calling for help. He goes to check on the little boy only to find him dead. Now SVU has to figure out what led to the tragedy.
31. The Originals (2013 TV Series)
Episode: No Quarter (2017)
Finally awake, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, Freya and Haley return to New Orleans in an attempt to free Klaus, who, in the meantime, is forced to face his fears by a hallucinated Camille. Marcel tries to undermine their efforts. Vincent continues searching for Adam, a lost boy, and identifies the enemy they enemy they are facing.
32. Doctor Who (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Long Game (2005)
The Doctor, Rose and Adam travel 200,000 years into the future and land on Satellite 5, a space station orbiting the Earth. From the moment they arrive, the Doctor feels that something is wrong but he can't quite put his finger on it. Satellite 5 provides 600 channels of news and information to everyone on Earth and the crew, all humans, have a chip implanted in them allowing their brains to work as computers. As they explore the station, the travelers learn of the mysterious Level 500 that some of them are promoted to but are never seen again. The Doctor and Rose go to that mysterious level to find out just who - or what - is up there. Adam meanwhile tries to access the computer banks with the view to taking advanced knowledge back to present day Earth.
33. Nocturnal Animals (2016)
An unhappy and lamenting art curator (Amy Adams) begins to picture herself within the pages of a novel manuscript, sent to her by her former husband (Jake Gyllenhaal), whose negative associations of their relationship takes a fictionalized violent direction on the page.
34. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Devil in the Details (2010)
Brennan and Booth investigate a set of uniquely disfigured remains allegorizing biblical text. As they acquire more information about the victim, a former patient of Dr. Adam Copeland at Havenhurst Sanitarium, they are confronted with suspects who are hard to characterize as either good or evil. Meanwhile, Jeffersonian intern Arastoo Vaziri reveals a secret about his past.
Father Patrick and his altar boy William find the burning corps of Noel Lowery with a natural tail and artificial horns on their altar. He was a psychiatric patient in Dr. Adam Copeland's Ravenhurst institution's residential ward. The team works out Neal's fractured skull didn't kill him, but electrocution, and goes trough possible motives among staff, fellow patients and family.
35. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Final Chapter: The Grief and the Girl (2017)
Sara Abbott's badly damaged corpse was found in Newfoundland, apparently after a fatal fall, so the FBI must collaborate with a local Mountie, fully depending on Canadian courtesy for lack of US jurisdiction. Hodgings find a merely scientific clue that excites Clarkas it points to a probable Viking settlement. Instead of mourning properly with the kids, Bones buries herself in the cause of death and takes her grief out on Booth, insisting he joins Aubrey on Canadian mission, yet spends time with her 'ex who got away' Tim Sullivan. They find clues involving the victim's biological family and local land tycoon Adam Hitchcock.
36. Bones (2005 TV Series)
Episode: The Man in the Bear (2005)
After Bones confirms to Booth the hand found in a black bear is from a human male and was hand-sawed off days earlier, they are sent to the Washington state Flathead Indian reservation. The vet Denise Randall brought to Dr. Andrew Rigby most of the arm of the 18 to 25-old victim, on which Zach finds human bite-marks; not being cooked, that must make the cannibal sick. Aurora's sheriff Chris Scutter knows only of a missing hiker Ann Noyes. Ranger Sherman Rivers shows where he found the bear to harvest the excrement, which includes skin tattooed with an Indian Haida sun, which fits missing Richland college boy Adam Langer (22), missing for ten days, who, considering a ranger career, visited Sherman, who flees into the woods, but only as bear poacher. Adam also took climbing lessons with Aurora's hunky private courier Charlie. The corpses of Adam and Ann -missing the heart- are found, shot in the head from up close, buried near a 'medecine wheel' made of stones, fit for a shaman ritual which requires two more bodies. Sherman points out Adam, Charlie -and others- were rivals for Denise. Zach discovers a last type of bone markings...
37. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013 TV Series)
Episode: The Road Trip (2014)
In an attempt to add a touch of romance to their work trip, Jake invites his girlfriend, Sophia, as well as Amy's boyfriend, Teddy, to join them at a B&B. Meanwhile, Rosa adamantly refuses to admit to Terry and Gina that she is sick, and Charles is eager to help Holt with his anniversary breakfast.
38. Dexter (2006 TV Series)
Episode: Argentina (2012)
Having spent the night together, Hannah and Dexter decide to see each other again. He's not so sure what he's going to do about Deb however. She is adamant that Dexter get rid of Hannah but he refuses, saying he's sure she doesn't want to be responsible for a murder. With everything he has to deal with, Cody and Astor come to stay with him after their grandfather is hospitalized. Deb finally breaks down and tells him her true feelings. Isaak Sirko decides to take a more direct approach and tries to shoot Dexter in broad daylight. Strip club manager George Novikov thinks Isaak has stepped over the line and put their entire operation at risk. He also has the goods on Quinn and starts turning the screws. Captain LaGuerta continues her investigation into Dexter and learns that he moved his boat just as the Bay Harbor butcher investigation was getting under way.
39. House M.D. (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Runaways (2012)
The team treats an underage and homeless female patient, but when her symptoms worsen and call for an invasive surgery requiring adult consent, House and Adams argue over whether they should contact social services. The patient confesses that she ran away from home after struggling to take care of her mother, a recovering drug addict. But when her mother appears at her bedside, a more complicated relationship is revealed and the patient's mother must put the past aside and make the best decision for her daughter. Meanwhile, Taub has a difficult time connecting with his infant daughters and House threatens to exploit Foreman's relationship with a married woman.
40. House M.D. (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Poison (2005)
Schoolboy Matt Davis collapses during an exam with serious poisoning symptoms. House immediately supposes drugs or a 'substitute', but proud mother Margo Davis won't consider either theory. It takes all House's cynicism to make Matt's very protective mother consent to therapy for an insecticide Matt presumably sprayed - but when Chi Ling arrives with the same symptoms, whose only connection with Matt was in riding the same school bus, the toxic insecticide trail runs dead, and the pressure's on to save these two dying, comatose boys. Meanwhile, octogenarian Georgia Adams is brought in by her son for mental symptoms to which he can barely believe the 60-year-old cause.
41. House M.D. (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Perils of Paranoia (2011)
A prosecutor suffers from what he believes to be cardiac arrest during an interrogation at the witness stand. The team's preliminary diagnosis is hyper-anxiety, but when Adams and Park investigate the patient's home and find a hidden arsenal of firearms, they uncover a more alarming and deep-seated psychological disorder. Also, Wilson becomes obsessed with proving that House is hiding something in his home, Park slowly comes out of her social shell and Foreman's lack of romantic relationships piques the interest of Taub and Chase.
42. House M.D. (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Distractions (2006)
Adam is brought in by his dad Doug after a freaky explosion accident while they were motorcycling which left the adolescent with massive burns. Adam gets surprising cardiac neurological complications and even an orgasm. House however leaves Adam largely to his students as he insists on attending a lecture, disguised. He is determined to expose Dr. Phillip Weber, a lecturer on his migraine drug research, as a bad scientist. House harbors twenty years of belated revenge for a cheating incident at Johns Hopkins, by Dr. Weber, which cost House an internship while they were students there. Adam gets brain problems, but after an unethical test on a comatose patient House, who has swallowed his medicine, takes charge himself.
43. House M.D. (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Lines in the Sand (2006)
House meets a young boy with Autism named Adam. Plagued with the inability to communicate verbally with the child, House must find other ways to communicate. House upsets a police officer, leading to a grudge on the part of the the officer, who later begins his crusade to get back at House. Lastly, House has a young 17 year old girl who is love with him following him around. Cuddy demands that he puts an end to it.
44. House M.D. (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Twenty Vicodin (2011)
A year has passed since House crashed his car into Cuddy's home, and we find House spending time behind bars at the East New Jersey Correctional Facility under the close watch of the prison warden. When an antagonistic prison gang leader makes a serious threat, House solicits the help of a fellow inmate, but when another inmate's unusual medical symptoms spark his curiosity, House must come up with creative ways to treat the patient while navigating prison rules. House meets Dr. Jessica Adams, a young, intelligent and bright-eyed clinic doctor, but when they are faced with a controversial opportunity to diagnose the patient's life-threatening illness, Adams is confronted with a choice to trust House and put her career on the line or play by the book.
45. House M.D. (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Charity Case (2011)
When Benjamin suddenly collapses after making a rare and generous donation, House and Dr. Chi Park are convinced that his extreme altruistic behavior may indicate a deeper medical disorder. With no definitive explanation for Benjamin's loss of consciousness and unresponsiveness to treatment, House pushes just the right buttons to recruit former prison doctor Jessica Adams to volunteer her time and expertise to the case. Benjamin then makes a bold but life-threatening offer that could save another life, and the team must diagnose his disorder before he puts his own life on the line. Meanwhile, Adams and Park test each other's outlook on generosity and gratitude, and Thirteen's guilt conflicts with her pursuit of personal happiness.
46. House M.D. (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Risky Business (2011)
A CEO falls mysteriously ill just days before he signs a contract that would relocate his company's entire labor force to China. House attempts to make an underhanded business transaction with his wealthy patient, but when the patient's condition worsens, the team must work around the clock to save his life. Meanwhile, Park prepares for her hearing with the Princeton Plainsboro Disciplinary Committee chaired by Foreman, and Adams' outlook on her patient's business venture reveals her deeper feelings about loyalty.
47. Parks and Recreation (2009 TV Series)
Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat in an Indiana Parks and Recreation Department, hopes to beautify her town (and boost her own career) by helping local nurse Ann Perkins turn an abandoned construction site into a community park. However what should be a fairly simple project is stymied at every turn by oafish bureaucrats, selfish neighbors, governmental red tape and a myriad of other challenges. Leslie's colleague Tom Haverford, who delights in exploiting his position for personal gain, is as likely to undermine her efforts as to help her, while her boss, Ron Swanson, is adamantly opposed to government in any form, even though he's a bureaucrat himself.
48. Parks and Recreation (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Prom (2014)
Leslie (Amy Poehler) helps organize the high school's Senior Prom, and battles with Ron (Nick Offerman) over the future employment of a bright high school senior. Andy (Chris Pratt) takes an unwilling April (Aubrey Plaza) as his date, and Tom (Aziz Ansari) is tasked with DJ'ing and agrees to let Ben (Adam Scott) help.
49. Parks and Recreation (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Farmers Market (2014)
Leslie (Amy Poehler) fights with Ben (Adam Scott) over questionable sales techniques at the local farmers market. Ann searches for a way to vent about the annoying aspects of pregnancy, while April (Aubrey Plaza) supports Andy (Chris Pratt) in a new creative venture.
50. Parks and Recreation (2009 TV Series)
Episode: One in 8,000 (2014)
Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Adam Scott) run a charity auction to raise funds for the unity concert. April (Aubrey Plaza) steps in to manage Andy's (Chris Pratt) schedule, while Donna (Retta) asks Ron (Nick Offerman) for help with her ex-boyfriend (Special Guest Star Keegan Michael-Key).
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