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Cactus Mack

A cousin of cowboy actors Rex Allen and Glenn Strange, Taylor Curtis McPeters was the oldest son born to John and Leona Byrd McPeters in Weed (Otero County), New Mexico, USA on August 8, 1899. He was the second of eleven children. Glenn Strange's mother was Leona's sister. Rex Allen was 21 years McPeters junior on his father's side. McPeters and Strange learned ranching in Coke,Texas, USA before their families moved to Willcox (Cochise County), Arizona, USA. McPeters married Etta Sarah Jessee on July 4, 1922 in Tombstone, Arizona, USA. Cactus Mack was a talented musician. He played violin with Ray Whitley's "Six Bar Cowboys" and guitar with Fred Scott's "The Cimarron Cowboys". He later played villain roles in many westerns, along with other character parts. Injured during his final appearance on Gunsmoke, he required abdominal surgery in late 1961. As he was filming his closeups on location for The Ugly American with Marlon Brando, he died of a heart attack on April 17, 1962 in Hollywood, California, USA.

Ben Mezrich

Ben Mezrich graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1991. Since then he has published eight books with a combined printing of more than a million copies in nine languages. He is the author of the blockbuster New York Times bestseller Bringing Down the House: The True Story of Six MIT Kids Who Took Vegas for Millions, which is being made into a major motion picture produced by Kevin Spacey and MGM. Ugly Americans is Mezrich's eighth book and his second foray into nonfiction.

Kevin Shinick

Kevin Shinick is an Emmy award winning writer as well as an actor, director and multiple Annie award winning producer. Having earned a pop culture pedigree by working alongside George Lucas, directing Stan Lee, collaborating with the rock band KISS and helping Mike Tyson solve a few mysteries, Shinick is perhaps best known for his work on the shows Robot Chicken (1 Emmy award/ 3 Annie awards) and MAD (1 Emmy nomination/ 1 Annie nomination) an animated series he created for Cartoon Network, based on the iconic humor magazine.

Kevin is also a writer for Marvel Comics: Superior Carnage, Avenging Spider-Man and AXIS: Hobgoblin (The latter nominated for Best Mini-Series of 2014) and has the distinction of having written and directed the first ever feature length stage adaptation of Spider-Man, which played to sold out houses at Radio City Music Hall and toured the country long before the current Broadway incarnation. Kevin has written for DC Comics, Disney Publishing, Lucasfilm Animation, EA Games, Comedy Central's Ugly Americans and most recently, the animated feature: Scooby Doo and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery.

Kevin has voiced characters on The Cleveland Show, MAD, Robot Chicken, Ugly Americans, Titan Maximum and The Looney Tunes Show. As an actor, he has performed in over a half a dozen Broadway shows, numerous TV and film projects and as the host of the Emmy award winning series, Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego? - A popular 90s science fiction quiz show that landed him in the pages of Teen magazines, onto trading cards and into his own Action Figure.

Devin Clark

Raised in a condemned building in Philadelphia by two artists, Devin was well equipped for future success. Exposure to his mother's stash of 70's underground comics at the tender age of 11 left Devin both mentally scarred and perpetually inspired by the potential of visual narratives. From then on he could always be found either drawing comics or reading them, the stranger the better. He further explored his love of time-based media as a video art major at Syracuse University. There, he challenged the confines of the format by injecting his bizarre sense of humor into his art. Most notably in his noir-inspired video, SLAP, featured at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, in which a faceless figure slaps him in the face for 5 continuous minutes. He also continued in comics with his debauched strip Hasa Basa for Syracuse University's Daily Orange Newspaper.

Heading to New York City, Devin cut his teeth producing video content for the new media company Wavesystems. As a freelance designer he has been involved with a broad range of projects including work for HBO, MTV, Comedy Central, TCM, and The Cartoon Network, applying his design and narrative skills to everything from network graphics to traditional cartoons. His films and animation have been featured in Stash Magazine, Animation Block Party, Rooftop Films, Ottawa Film Festival, Platform, Atom films, and BDA. In late 2007 Devin produced the animated web series 5ON for Comedy Central. This horror-comic inspired series was the creative seed that grew into the world of UGLY AMERICANS, his original animated TV show on Comedy Central. Devin is presently acting as Executive Producer and Director on UGLY AMERICANS, which is now going into its third season.

Dawn Krantz

Dawn Krantz has an extremely broad range of experience in the entertainment, real estate and financial arenas and is a self proclaimed serial entrepreneur.

Born in New York, raised in California, Krantz comes from a Hollywood family whose lineage overflows with talented, creative people. Dawn's great uncle was the founder of Paramount Pictures, Adolph Zukor, her cousins include, screenwriter, Stewart Stern, ("Rebel without a Cause", "The Ugly American") legendary musical Director, George Sidney ("Anchors Away, Bye Bye Birdie") Tony award winner, Sheila Bond ("Wish you were Here"), in addition to big band musicians, well known artists and other theater performers, on both her mother and father's side of the family. At the family gatherings there was always story telling and playing music and Dawn learned to love great story telling at an early age.

In 1983, Krantz saw the rising trend of the video business and opened a video store chain in Austin, Texas. These stores ultimately became one of the most successful independent video store chains in the country. In addition, Dawn also opened a chain of full entertainment stores in factory outlet malls throughout the country.

Krantz was voted in as a board member of the very prestigious Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA) from 1988-1995, eventually becoming Chairman of the Board, the only woman to ever hold this position. VSDA represented the major Hollywood studios and most independent studios as well as 35,000 video retailers around the world. During her reign as Chairman, she helped produce the most successful entertainment convention in the world; started an extremely successful charity, Fast Forward to End Hunger with Jeff Bridges; and worked hand in hand with the MPAA lobbying in Washington for both the film and video game industry and helping define the video industry during its hay day.

After selling her business, Dawn consulted with several very successful high tech, real estate and entertainment companies. She was then diagnosed with cancer and had to put everything on hold. When she got back on her feet she became a Realtor and in her third year, she sold 138 houses in one year, making her the # 1 agent in closed transactions in the US.

In 2008, Dawn was approached to help finance a movie and in less then a month she raised $3,000,000 and green-lit the movie, and with the real estate market crashing, she was back in show business. In 2010, Dawn moved back to California to produce full time. Since then she has been building a very successful production company which now has more than 12 films in the slate with budgets from $5,000,000 - $100,000,000. Her last completed project was Man Down with Shia LaBeouf and Gary Oldman which was released by Lionsgate in 2016. Her upcoming projects include, but are not limited to, the biopic of Ronald Reagan, starring Nick Cage and Jena Six with Roger Donaldson, directing.

Dawn has also been on the Board of South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW) The Texas Angel Investors and The Capital Network. She was awarded Austin Business Woman of the Year, Nominated by Inc. Magazine for the prestigious award of Entrepreneur of the Year, was Video Retailer of the Year from the American Video Association and awarded one of the Top Video Store chains in the US multiple years. \

Thomas Grealy

Tom was born and raised in Queens, New York. After attending H.S. and College on Long Island, Tom moved to Orlando, Florida in 1995 to pursue a career in Disney Feature Animation. Since moving to Orlando Tom has worked on many feature animated films for the Walt Disney Co. including "Lilo and Stitch", "Brother Bear" and "Mulan". Tom has been seen in local television spots and small independent films. Recently Tom had a co-starring role in the award winning short "Ugly American" for the American Pavilion's Short Film Contest in Cannes this year. (As of July 2007) Tom works for ProductionHub as a casting and marketing coordinator in Winter Park, Florida. When not busy Tom's favorite hobby is home improvement and automobile restoration. Both equal parts Swedish and Irish, Tom tends to prefer more cooler climes but has adjusted nicely to the Sunshine State and enjoys being part of the growing film production industry in Central Florida. An Aquarian, Tom celebrates his birthday January 30th.

Norm Hill

Norm Hill was born in San Jose, California. His great uncle went to college with a certain famous director/producer, and so Norm grew up visiting the sets of George Lucas's American Graffiti, Peter Bogdanovich's Nickelodeon, and other productions shot in Northern California.

Norm attended a private Lutheran college, Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington State, where he studied film production and film history. He moved over to the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, where he finished his degree in Film Production and Film Theory/History. He wrote and directed two short films, Roman's Box (1988) and Smorts(1989).

After graduating, Norm got involved as a programmer with the local Olympia Film Society, and its annual Olympia Film Festival. He helped bring to Olympia such talent as directors Gus Van Sant, Kenneth Anger, Curtis Harrington, Bill Lustig, Ulli Lommel, performers Lydia Lunch, Excene Cervenka, film historian William K. Everson, and others. In 1994, Norman spent a year crusading to bring director Alejandro Jodorowsky from Europe and premiere the first screening in over 25 years in the US of his films, El Topo and Holy Mountain. Both premiered along with Jodorowsky's Santa Sangre at the Olympia Film Festival in 1994 with director/writer/actor Alejandro Jodorowsky in attendance.

In 1995, Norman went to work for Seattle's famed Scarecrow Video as an event programmer, and joined forces with The Seattle International Film Festival to bring directors Todd Haynes and Peter Greenaway to Seattle, as well as creating a long standing relationship with film curator Greg Olson at The Seattle Art Museum. Together, the two have brought such talent to Seattle as John Woo, Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders, Nicholas Roeg, Monte Hellman, John Kricfalusi, Thelma Schoommaker, Pat Hitchcock, and others.

In July 1997, Norm programmed and directed The Masters of Animation Festival at the Seattle Art Museum, a three day festival of animation, featuring 25 animators from around the world, including Rene Laloux (Fantastic Planet), Mamorou Oshii (Ghost in the Shell), Ray Harryhausen, Henry Selick (Nightmare before Christmas) Igor Kovalyov (Rugrats), and David Silverman (The Simpsons).

In 1995, Norm was invited, along with filmmaker William Lustig, to join forces at the then new DVD company, Anchor Bay Entertainment. From 1995-2001, Norm worked alongside Bill Lustig, under co-president Jay Douglas, licensing films, and overseeing all aspects of post production over most of the Anchor Bay library, including the restoration for German director Werner Herzog's collection of films, where he sat in with Herzog as an interviewer on the commentary tracks. In addition, he oversaw the production on multiple library titles, from studios such as Universal Studios, New World, Disney, and Miramax.

In 2001, Norm oversaw the creation of The Scarecrow Video Movie Guide, a collection of over 4000 reviews from multiple authors, published by Sasquatch Books.

In 2001, Norm mentored with screenwriter Stewart Stern, author of Rebel without a Cause, and The Ugly American. From that collaboration resulted the script, "Ringo" , an apocalyptic spaghetti western.

In 2004, Norm started a DVD company, Subversive Cinema, releasing over 20 feature films on DVD, including the DVD library of director David Lynch, and Werner Herzog's Wild Blue Yonder, handling both the US theatrical and DVD release.

In 2006, Norm was commissioned to help distribute theatrically David Lynch's latest feature film, Inland Empire (2007) in the US.

In 2007, Norm was hired by David Lynch's company Absurda to distribute for Lynch his features theatrically, and co-manage the sales of the Lynch library worldwide.

Kukrit Pramoj

Kukrit Pramoj was the son of a Thai prince. He attended Oxford University in England and became active in Thai politics after World War II. Pramoj worked as a journalist and banker while military juntas ruled Thailand over the next several decades. He starred in the 1963 film "The Ugly American" as the prime minister of a fictional Asian country. A decade later he became prime minister of Thailand, serving in that office from March of 1975 until April of 1976. Pramoj's brother, Seni, also held the position of prime minister several times in the 1970s. Kukrit remained a leading figure in Thai politics until his death in October of 1995.

Ken Turner

Ken Turner graduated from the BAA Animation program in '07 at the Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. In the summer of 2005, he, along with nine other fellow students, made a co-op film named "Umbrella Boy". Directed by Andrew Ross and mentored by Ricardo Curtis of House of Cool, it was later screened at the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2006 and won 2nd place.

In 2006 he directed his first 2D animated group short film, "Attack of the Giant Vegetable Monsters", and in 2007 he directed his final year film and his first stop motion animated short film, "TiM", which was an homage to his favorite film director Tim Burton. Both "Tim" and "Attack of the Giant Vegetable Monsters" were Aniboom Awards 2007 entries.

In June 2008, his short film "Attack of the Giant Vegetable Monsters" won Best Online Short - in the Animation category award for the MovieHatch - Jackson Hole Film Festival Online Short Film Competition. It was an official selection of the 2008 JHFF festival and awarded the coveted Cowboy Award in Jackson, Wyoming. "Attack of the Giant Vegetable Monsters" has has received over 10,000 plays on Vimeo. In February 2011, his stop motion film "TiM" was an official selection and an animation night selection at the LES (Lower East Side) Film Festival in New York, NY. In February 2012, "TiM" screened before the Tim Burton film "Sleepy Hollow" at the L'etrange Soriee de Tim Burton - Convention Hommage (The Strange Evening of Tim Burton - Convention Tribute) in Paris, France. "TiM" has received over 119,000 plays on Vimeo. To date, "Attack of the Giant Vegetable Monsters" and "TiM" have been screened at various film festivals around the world.

He has worked as a character designer, animator and illustrator for various studios such as Rubicon Publishing, Beehive Illustration, 9 Story Entertainment/Nelvana (My Friend Rabbit, Spliced), Cuppa Coffee Studios (Ugly Americans), Atomic Cartoons (Twinkle Toes), Oasis Animation (Disney Channel's Lucky Fred), JibJab Media (E-Cards), JEAN Production Company (Promo Short Films), Uncooked Cards (E-Cards) & DHX Media (Inspector Gadget).

From 2009 to 2010, he published three illustrated humor books called "A Night at the Movies", "Eye Candy Volume #1: The Village Idioms" and "Eye Candy Volume #2: Apples & Idioms". In October 2010, he made a mini comic entitled "The World of Snowboy and Crow" about the misadventures of boy made from snow and his friend a crow. In May 2011, he formed his production company "Freak Show Studios", a place where strange and weird projects could call home. In August 2011, he published his fifth book entitled "Henry: The Heart Boy", an illustrated story book about a boy who quite literally wears his heart on his sleeve.

From April to October 2012, a new animated web series called "The World of Snowboy and Crow", based on the mini-comic of the same name, was produced. There were a total of 6 episodes in the series with voices provided by Andrew Morrow. Series 2 of "The World of Snowboy & Crow" was completed in 2015 and were 3 prequel episodes which concluded the web series. On Halloween 2012, a new animated short film was announced: "Henry: The Heart Boy". The new film, based on the illustrated story book of the same name, will be completed in 2014 with plans for a film festival tour circuit to follow. In September 2013, a new web series was completed called "Short-shorts". The all-new animated series from Freak Show Studios consisted of 13 episodes with each comic-strip like short featured all new characters in dark but humorous scenarios. "Dark comedic little shorts to brighten your day." - Ken Turner

In addition, he has directed 3 animated short films, produced by award-winning filmmaker Koji Masutani, The Balsillie School of International Affairs and The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), from 2011 to 2013. From December 2012 to January 2013, he completed a promo short called "The story of BOA" with the JEAN production company for the Riedel Wine Glass Company. From September 2013 to December 2013, he completed a second promo short called "The story of the O series" with the JEAN production company for the Riedel Wine Glass Company.

From March 2014 to October 2014 he worked at DHX Halifax on the brand new CGI version of the beloved Canadian television series Inspector Gadget as a 2D designer and 2D Harmony animator. He also designed and animated all 52 title cards for the series.

In November 2014, his artwork was featured in Race Point Publishing's book "Alice's Wonderland: A Visual Journey through Lewis Carroll's Mad, Mad World".

From March to June 2015, he worked as a freelance animator for 9 Story Media on the animated PBS show called "Nature Cat" featuring the voices of SNL's Taran Killam, Kate McKinnon, and Bobby Moynihan. From October 2015 to February 2016, he was a freelancer for DHX Toronto as a character and location designer for 2 animated television series in development.

In November 2015, he returned to DHX Halifax on Season 2 & 3 of the new CGI version of Inspector Gadget as a 2D designer and 2D Harmony animator.

His illustrative/film work has been featured on the web for Cartoon Brew, Drawn!, IMDB, SlashFilm, Tim Burton Collective as well as in print for The Toronto Star, The Line of Influence: A Tribute to Ronald Searle, Sketchozine, Instore Magazine & Searle in America.

Chuck Schultz

CEO and Founder of Ultimate Media Inc. a full HD video production TV studio and digital recording facility with multiple studios with all the latest technology. They offer TV production crews, in house editing rooms, and digital and terrestrial distribution. They produce shows of all genres and supply broadcasting of live and prerecorded shows. In their catalog they have video on demand and video storage solutions, as well as media and production sales.

CEO and Founder of the inravio.com Internet TV/Radio Network with a variety of Live Broadcast quality interactive TV shows viewed all over the World via the digital and terrestrial distribution platforms from inravio.com, DISH Network, Comcast, Roku, XBOX 360, Netflix, Time Warner, Samsung, LG, TiVo, and mobile solutions broadcast to Verizion, T Mobile, AT&T, Sprint,etc. Streaming 24/7, with multiple channels of video, exclusive live interactive shows, and popular music from all genres.

Having produced over 30,000 hours of content for various TV shows, and productions both in the terrestrial and digital space.

Including for broadcast: The Weekly Show - Talk, interviews 2 Guys and a Chic Show 5 off 5 on - NASCAR Racing show Dear Dad - Parenting Show Divas on Demand - Fashion and Makeup The Gina Show - Reality show review The Girlie Show -Fashion and Make up Glory Days - Sports Backwater Girls - Music Beats and Eats - Music and Food Beatles Across the Universe - Beatles Music Code Red Baseball - Fantasy sports talk Code Red Football - Fantasy sports talk Error 37 - Gaming talk Graveyard Blues - Blyes band concerts In or Out, No pun Intended Jack Nolan Radio Show Mike D'antonio Radio Show Rob Nolan Radio Show Saturday on the Sound Save and Continue - Gaming talk Summers Retro Cafe - 80's Music show This Week in sports - Weekly sport review Ugly American Radio Show Unsported - Female topics

Specialties: Producer,Purchasing, Negotiations, Management, Music, Recording, Sound Reinforcement

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