18 names.

Jason Statham

Jason Statham was born in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, to Eileen (Yates), a dancer, and Barry Statham, a street merchant and lounge singer. Statham has done quite a lot in a short time. He has been a Diver on the British National Diving Team and finished 12th in the World Championships in 1992. He has also been a fashion model, black market salesman and finally of course, actor. He got the audition for his debut role as Bacon in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels through French Connection, for whom he was modeling. They became a major investor in the film and introduced Jason to Guy Ritchie, who invited him to audition for a part in the film by challenging him to impersonate an illegal street vendor and convince him to purchase fake jewelry. Jason must have been doing something right because after the success of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels he teamed up again with Guy Ritchie for Snatch, with co-stars including Brad Pitt, Dennis Farina and Benicio Del Toro. After Snatch came Turn It Up with US music star Ja Rule, followed by a supporting actor role in the Sci-Fi film Ghosts of Mars, Jet Li's The One and another screen partnership with Vinnie Jones in Mean Machine under Guy Ritchie's and Matthew Vaughn's SKA Films. Finally in 2002 he was cast as the lead role of Frank Martin in The Transporter. Jason is also in the summer 2003 blockbuster remake of The Italian Job, The Italian Job, playing Handsome Rob.

Tony Lo Bianco

The career of actor Tony Lo Bianco is distinguished as much by its depth and variety, as by the skills and gifts Mr. Lo Bianco has brought to his work. He has appeared in numerous films, television programs, and stage performances, both on-screen and off as a writer, director, and producer. Throughout his career, Mr. Lo Bianco has collaborated with many of the brightest creative minds in the performing arts, both past and present.

On stage, Mr. Lo Bianco won an Obie Award for Best Actor in Jonathan Reynold's Yanks-3, Detroit-0, Top of the 7th. Following his memorable performance as Eddie Carbone in Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge on Broadway, he was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Actor, and won the Outer Critics Circle Award. He also won a New York Area Television Academy Award and daytime Emmy for Hizzoner! The Life of Mayor Fiorello La Guardia.

Mr. Lo Bianco is a Brooklyn born New Yorker who enjoys the opportunity of portraying many different characters on stage, film, and television. His best known film performances are as Sal Boca in the five-time Academy Award winning film The French Connection with Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider. He starred in the cult classic The Honeymoon Killers, which French director Francois Truffaut's favorite film. He also starred in The Seven-Ups with Roy Scheider; starred with Richard Gere and Paul Sorvino in Bloodbrothers; City Heat with Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds; Director Oliver Stone's Nixon with the great Anthony Hopkins; The Juror with Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore; F.I.S.T. with Sylvester Stallone and Rod Steiger; Boiling Point with Wesley Snipes and Dennis Hopper; the cult classic God Told Me To; and Kill the Irishman with Val Kilmer, Vincent D'onofrio, and Christopher Walken; and La Romana with Gina Lollabrigida. Mr. Lo Bianco has done 102 films to date.

On television, Mr. Lo Bianco starred as Rocky Marciano, the only undefeated heavy weight champ of the world, in Marciano. He appeared in the mini-series Marco Polo and Jesus of Nazareth directed by the great Franco Zeffirelli. He also starred in The Last Tenant with legendary acting teacher Lee Strasberg. He has appeared over the years in several Law & Order episodes; Police Story; Jessie with Lindsay Wagner; Another Woman's Child with Linda Lavin; among many others. As a director, Mr. Lo Bianco directed several episodes of television, including Police Story; The Duke; Cliffhangers; When the Whistle Blows; Kaz; and the feature film Too Scared to Scream.

In 1963, Mr. Lo Bianco co-founded the Triangle Theater and served as artistic director for six years, during which time lighting designer Jules Fisher, playwright Jason Miller, and actor Roy Scheider, passed through its doors. Mr. Lo Bianco himself directed eight productions and produced twenty-five others.

Mr. Lo Bianco served as the National Spokesperson for the Order Sons of Italy. His many humanitarian efforts have earned multiple awards, including the Eleanora Duse Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Performing Arts; Man of the Year for Outstanding Contributions to the Italian-American Community from the Police Society of New Jersey; a Man of the Year Award from the State of New Jersey Senate; a Lifetime Entertainment Award from the Columbus Day Parade Committee; the 1997 Golden Lion Award; and the Humanitarian Award of the Boys' Town of Italy, the Ellis Island Medal of honor and is a member of the Italian American National Hall of Fame. He is a strong supporter of our men and women in uniform in the service of our country, both domestic and abroad.

Fernando Rey

Fernando Rey, the great Spanish movie actor primarily known in the United States for his role as "Frog One" in The French Connection and its sequel, was born Fernando Casado D'Arambillet on September 20 1917, in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain, the son of Colonel Casado Veiga. Originally, the young Fernando intended to become an architect. However, when the Spanish Civil War erupted in 1936, his architectural studies were interrupted, and he gained employment as a movie extra. He took the stage name "Fernando Rey" at the beginning of his career, equivalent, in English, to "Fernando King". Eight years after his movie debut, he was cast in his first major speaking role, as the Duke de Alba in José López Rubio's 1944 movie "Eugenia de Montijo".

Rey enjoyed a long and prosperous career as an actor in movies, the theater, radio, and television. He also was a major voice-over artist in Spain, narrating films and dubbing the voices of actors in foreign films. Rey's most fruitful collaboration was with the great director Luis Buñuel, which began during the 1960s and continued thought the 1970s. The films that Rey appeared in for Buñuel' made him an international star, the first produced by the Spanish cinema. By the early 1970s, Rey's career reached its high point, with his co-starring role in "The French Connection" (Best Picture Oscar Winner for 1971) and his starring role in Buñuel's The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie ("The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie", Best Foreign Language Film Oscar winner for 1972). Rey followed up these successes by appearing in The French Connection in 1974, and Buñuel's tandem That Obscure Object of Desire ("That Obscure Object of Desire"), an art-house hit that was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. Ironically, in the film, Rey's voice was dubbed into French by Michel Piccoli. That same year, he won the Best Actor prize at Cannes for Carlos Saura' Elisa, My Life.

Many honors came to Rey in the twilight of his career, during the 1980s and 1990s. He was awarded at San Sebastián and Cannes, and was presented with the gold medal of the Spanish Art and Movie Sciences Academy. He became the president of that Academy from 1992 till his death from cancer two years later.

Arlene Farber

Arlene Farber was an extremely attractive and appealing brunette actress who appeared in a handful of enjoyably down'n'dirty exploitation pictures that were primarily made in the New York state area throughout the 1960's and 1970's. Farber was born on March 13, 1947 in New York. Arlene attended South Grove Elementary School in Syosset, New York and Floral Park Junior High in Floral Park, New York. She graduated from Martin Van Buren High School in Queens Village, New York in 1965. Farber made her film debut as Nellie in "Girl on a Chain Gang," which was directed by her close friend Jerry Gross. Arlene played juicy lead roles in two other movies directed by Gross: She was cute high school adolescent Arlene Taylor in "Teenage Mother" and very sexy and impressive as sweet, yet sultry peasant girl Angelique in the racy "Female Animal." Her other memorable roles include vivacious fame-hungry ballerina Toni in the lurid roughie "Two Girls for a Madman;" very funny as Tony Lo Bianco's whiny girlfriend Angie Boca in "The French Connection," and sassy backwoods hick chick Martha in the offbeat made-for-TV movie "All the Kind Strangers." Moreover, Farber made guest appearances on episodes of the TV shows "Room 222," "Mannix," "Kung Fu," and "Baretta." After playing a small part as a high school gym teacher in the amusing lowbrow comedy romp "Slumber Party '57," Arlene called it a day as an actress. Farber is married and now lives in California.

Charles McGregor

Bald, tubby and engaging African-American character actor Charles McGregor was born on September 1, 1922 in New York City. McGregor spent a fair share of his early life in jail, but cleaned up his act when he was released from prison and had a brief, but impressive career as a supporting actor in blaxploitation features made throughout the 70s. McGregor was excellent as sleazy snitch drug dealer Fat Freddie in the terrific cult classic "Super Fly" and likewise fine as the vulgar and flamboyant the Cokeman in the offbeat "The Baron." Charles was very funny as Charlie in Mel Brooks' hilarious Western parody "Blazing Saddles." He had a nice bit as a corrupt police detective in the uproariously tasteless "Andy Warhol's Bad" and pops up in a small uncredited role as a bar patron in the fantastic Oscar-winning police crime thriller "The French Connection." Outside of acting, McGregor toured junior and senior high schools and counseled kids on the perils of crime and drugs. Charles McGregor died on August 11, 1996 in Santa Clara, California.

Keith Collins

New York native Keith Collins is an award winning actor, producer and advocate. Collins has starred in and produced numerous feature films and has also worked alongside multiple Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees. Over the years, Collins has appeared in diverse projects spanning film, television, national print advertisements, commercials and media publications.

Most recently, Collins starred in and produced the horror / thriller The Evangelist which signed for distribution with ITN Films & Sony Pictures Home Entertainment being released worldwide in 2017. Collins was the lead in the comedy film's The Jersey Devil & The Coffee Shop as well as the horror/thrillers Awake in the Woods, Gravedigger and The Meat Puppet a film (Collins created, starred and produced; was awarded best actor in a feature film at the 2012 Atlantic City Cinefest Film Festival) all of these films were distributed worldwide in 2015.

Collins' additional film credits include the national theatrically released film Games People Play: New York (a memorable role where his character has Tourette Syndrome), Stuck in the Middle, Echelon 8, controversial film O.B.A.M Nude, theatrically released An Affirmative Act, The Life Zone, The Great Fight, Little Big Boy, A Fight For Survival, international released film Avantgarde, Reunion 108 and many more.

Collins appeared in a nationally televised Coors Light commercial alongside basketball legend Charles Barkley, has been featured on Sex & the City and the soap Guiding Light. He also had a recurring role on Fuse TV The F List.

Collins was the face of underwear line "Play" and was featured nationally in 2006. He has also modeled for Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Wilke Rodriguez, Ron Chereskin, French Connection and Nike. He has been featured in numerous national fashion and industry magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, Surface, Gotham, Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Ocean Drive, DNR, Vegas, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, & Show Business Weekly.

Collins has also been billed as one of NYC's former top celebrity party promoters and A-list event planner. He is the founder of KCM, Inc. and has been named in national publications and gossip columns such as New York Post's Page Six, The New York Daily News' Confidential and Rush & Molloy.

Keith Collins is an advocate for Tourette Syndrome and brings this disorder to light by sharing his own personal struggles with the disorder.

Joshua Newton

Joshua Newton is an award-winning British filmmaker. As a teenager he ran his school's film unit writing and directing several thriller and horror shorts. After studying law he worked for British movie mogul Lord Grade as Assistant to Producer Albert Fennell on the Barbara Cartland Movies of the Week Series produced at Pinewood Studios for CBS before becoming an independent writer, director and editor.

He directed the late two-time Academy Award nominee Roy Scheider ("Jaws", "The French Connection", "All That Jazz") in his final movie "Justice / Vengeance", (AKA "Iron Cross") a revenge thriller he also wrote and produced that won him the Visionary Filmmaker Award at the Boston Film Festival in 2010. The picture also received one of two awards at LA's the Museum of Tolerance International Film Festival of that year. The other was given to Clint Eastwood for encouraging "tolerance, justice and human rights" through his work.

Joshua spent two years extensively researching O.J.Simpson before writing his screenplay "The Framing of O.J.Simpson" which is now in pre-production.

Robert D. Weinbach

Robert D. Weinbach is a native of St. Louis, Missouri and graduate of Missouri University from which he received a B.A. degree in Radio/Television Production and Journalism.

Weinbach lived and worked in Europe and the Mid East for eight years and began his film career in Spain as co-producer of Platero & I (based on the Nobel Prize winning book by Juan Ramon Jimenez}. Subsequently, he produced and co-authored two other feature films in Spain; Hallucination starring George Montgomery and Blind Mans Bluff starring Boris Karloff, Jean Pierre Aumont and Viveca Lindfors. Upon returning to the United States, he produced The Awakening co-written by best-selling author, Robin Moore (The Green Berets and The French Connection).

In London, Weinbach co-authored and produced The Mutations (Columbia Pictures) starring Donald Pleasence, Tom Baker & Academy Award nominees, Jill Haworth and Michael Dunn and directed by Jack Cardiff (Academy Award winner, Cinematography The Red Shoes and African Queen) and New York Film Critics Winner as director of Sons & Lovers. Later, in the United States, Weinbach packaged and co-authored the screenplay for Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff based on the novel by Pulitzer Prize winning author, William Inge, starring Anne Heywood and Donald Pleasence.

Weinbach is President/owner of Cyclone Productions, Inc. and of Vidcrest which he launched in 1981, a producer/distributor in the home video market with thirty-two films in release. Included are acclaimed documentary, Mondo Cane and Pele, The Master & His Method starring sports legend, Pele and the original instructional, interactive, music video, Country & Blues Harmonica For The Absolute Beginner based on best-selling book by Jon Gindick, produced and directed by Weinbach and featuring Jon Gindick and B.B. King.

Film Production: Weinbach is a two time winner of the Houston International Film Festival Screenplay Competition for his original screenplay Jitterbug as Best Dramatic Musical and The Gold Award for his screenplay of The Killer Inside Me based on the novel by acclaimed author, Jim Thompson.

Film projects presently in development or scheduled for production based on screenplays by Weinbach in addition to Shiver are; A remake of The Killer Inside Me based on Jim Thompson's acclaimed novel - Jitterbug, a music, dance driven caper set in 1950s St. Louis - Manteca, an occult thriller set against N.Y.s Afro-Cuban music scene - A remake of Pulitzer Prize/Academy Award winner William Inge's, Good Luck Miss Wyckoff. A longtime Los Angeles resident, Weinbach is a Directors Guild and Writers Guild member.

Chris Clark

Christine Elizabeth Clark was born in Santa Cruz County, California and early in life wished to become a blues singer. In 1963 she went to work for Motown Records in Detroit for 2 years before making a demo. Though her talent was undeniable, Chris was a blue-eyed blonde and it is said Motown "didn't know what to do with her", since the label was founded on the strength of black artists like Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Brenda Holloway, Mary Wells, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas.

In 1965, she recorded "Do Right Baby, Do Right" and when the song was released, made history being one of the first white artists to have single record released by Motown Records under their V.I.P. label. An article was written for Ebony Magazine in 1966 about "The Motown Sound" and a photo of Chris appeared in the magazine... a real surprise to many who simply assumed Chris was a black singer. Now compared to Dusty Springfield, her next single was "Loves Gone Bad", written by the legendary team of Holland, Dozier, Holland. The song, powerful and almost raw in its delivery by Motown standards, hit the rhythm and blues charts and became her only large scale hit, reaching #41 on the R & B charts in the U.S. Her album "Soul Sounds" was released in 1967 on the Motown label itself and today is viewed as a rare collectible. She enjoyed 2 more single recordings from that album: "From Head to Toe" and "I Want to Go Back There Again". A new lushly orchestrated ballad "If You Should Walk Away" was recorded, destined to become her next hit single, but was never released as a single. A pop album called "C.C. Rides Again" released on a newly created "rock" Motown label called "Weed", was never promoted and failed to garner much air play. It remains the only album released on that label.

Chris Clark's recordings of the 1960s went on to become bigger hits in Europe over the next decade in underground disco clubs. The "Northern Soul" movement, particularly in England and the Netherlands in the pre=disco 1970s, came to appreciate the lesser known, more "gritty" Motown recordings as opposed to the larger production styled tunes made for "top 40" music radio stations. Chris Clark traveled to Europe to perform in nightclubs, especially in England, and re-established her recordings as a staple in the Northern Soul catalog.

Already familiar with song and story writing, Chris was asked by Motown founder, Berry Gordy, to help develop a screenplay for a Motown feature film called "Lady Sings the Blues" (1972) starring Diana Ross. Co-written with Terence McCloy and Suzanne De Passe, she received an Oscar nomination for the intensely dramatic script.

In 1982 she married Ernest Tidyman, the man who created the character "Shaft" in his novel and screenplay. He also won the Oscar for his screenplay for "The French Connection" (1971). Sadly, after only 2 years of marriage, Tidyman died of a perforated ulcer.

She was hired as Motown's video editor and later served as Vice President of Creative Development for Motown Films in Los Angeles. Over the years Chris made several attempts to produce major projects in Los Angeles before finally moving to Arizona where her hobby of photography developed into a profession. In 1990, she spent 6 weeks in Africa photographing and taking in the people and culture of the continent.

Today, she creates photo montage artwork from the classic Motown acts she took years before, as well as her African-themed works and has them reproduced on canvas. She has had numerous commissions of her works and has enjoyed several one-man shows in recent years and continues with her writing. In 2010, Daeida Magazine did a cover story on Chris. She has since returned to singing and performing and in 2015, she recorded the original song "The Ghosts of San Francisco" for the motion picture "When the World Came to San Francisco," of which the music video was chosen as an "official selection" for the 2016 New York Jazz Film Festival.

Marc Ostrick

Marc has been working in the entertainment industry as an award-winning content creator, entertainment executive and emerging media specialist since graduating NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 1995.

Ostrick's latest work, Lair of the Sawfish (Director / Producer) and Shark Vortex (Producer) is part of Discovery Channel's 2017 Shark Week lineup.

Marc also recently created the multi-platform video campaigns for currently running IMAX film, Dream Big! - a large-screen experience from MacGillivray Freeman Films to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders. This year Marc also teamed with Radley Studios and produced and co-directed Mega Hammerheads, a TV special for Nat Geo Wild"s Sharkfest and Deadliest Shark for Discovery"s Shark Week.

2015 - 2016 Marc produced and co-created Famous In... - a TV pilot for Travel Channel was the show-runner for the interactive TV series Roku Recommends and oversaw media production for Fabien Cousteau's Mission 31 project.

Fabien's key mission is to bridge the human-ocean connection through educational outreach, scientific research, and multi-purpose filmmaking. Worldwide media coverage and online video campaign shined a spotlight on the need for more ocean research and exploration. Branded video content for Mission 31 sponsors at Nokia/Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Doxa Watches and Backscatter was also created. A documentary film and traveling exhibit are being produced for release in 2018.

From 2013 - 2014, Ostrick Productions was contracted to oversee the digital and interactive media being developed for One Laguna, a division of Firebrand Media, LLC. One Laguna is an innovative, immersive, and entertaining experience that melds state-of-the-future technology, a prime brick-and-mortar location in downtown Laguna, and robust content to give visitors and locals a place to discover everything the world-class seaside city of Laguna Beach has to offer.

Before launching One Laguna, Marc completed his role as Director of Digital Production for the legacy IMAX production company, MacGillivray Freeman Films, and their award-winning One World One Ocean media campaign. Ostrick launched the company"s digital media dept, where he oversaw a team of seven, including producers, editors, and designers who create original multi-platform content. Marc also helps set the vision and strategy of the dept., secures strategic partnerships and produces and directs content that extends the themes and universe of MacGillivray Freeman"s large format (15/70mm) films that play in IMAX theaters around the world.

In addition to writing, producing, directing and editing professional video programming for multiple platforms, Ostrick is also the CEO & Co-Founder of eGuiders.com - a website that uses a remarkable collection of media experts to curate the best videos on the Internet. Marc set company strategy, budgets and vision as well as formed partnerships with Tribune Media Services, Boxee.TV, YouTube, Sony's Crackle.com, Atom.com, and other organizations. In addition, Marc hired and oversaw web design, editorial, public relations and marketing teams. Since its launch in February 2009, eGuiders has received national recognition as a leader in discovering quality entertainment that exists online. USA Today says "eGuiders cuts through the clutter of a gazillion online videos. Their 'human voice' leads the way to worthwhile videos."

In April of 2010, Marc launched the eGuiders Live HD Studio, the original programming component to eGuiders.com - The B Side Live, eGuiders Live, Two Live Jews. The studio creates niche content that focuses on the converging worlds of tech, emerging media, and the arts. Sponsorships from Telestream's Wirecast, Bit Gravity, Livestream & Blue Microphones helped support the production. Marc also works with outside companies to help create micro-studios and live video programming for their brands in order to build community participation and revenue opportunities.

Prior to launching the eGuiders Studio, Marc co-created, produced and directed The Spark Series, a four-part documentary web series. Spark was shot using HD consumer video equipment to demonstrate the application of emerging tech tools that are empowering the creative process of communication. The series presents conversations with filmmakers, technologists and other thought leaders about the rapid shift in the media landscape.

Ostrick Productions also created Fox's Lie To Me Season 2 DVD. Marc produced and directed Dr. Ekman / Dr. Lightman, a documentary that examines the life of Dr. Paul Ekman - accomplished psychologist, scientist and inspiration for the lead character, Dr. Cal Lightman, played by Tim Roth.

In January of 2010, Lord Of The Rings Executive Producer, Mark Ordesky, hired Ostrick Productions to create a personal documentary about local golf legend, Ed Coleman. Ed has been a PGA golf instructor at L.A.'s Rancho golf course for over sixty years, stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day and is a die-hard tap dancing aficionado. A Charmed Life? The Ed Coleman Story captures Ed doing what Ed does best - swinging it.

Just before the 2008 presidential election, Marc produced and directed segments for the historic Barak Obama TV Special. This thirty- minute program aired on CBS, NBC, FOX and other networks a week prior to the election. Marc followed Juanita & Larry Stuart in Ohio and Mark Dowell"s Family in Louisville, KY.

In April of 2008, Ostrick was contracted to create Frankenheimer in Focus - a documentary on iconic filmmaker John Frankenheimer (Ronin, The Manchurian Candidate) for Fox's French Connection 2 Blu-Ray DVD.

Earlier in 2008, Marc produced, directed and edited the series pilot for the Hallmark Channel: Hallmark Across America. It is a documentary featuring quirky U.S. festivals and events.

In September of 2007, Marc completed work on HBO's John From Cincinnati as the executive producer/director for the show's New Media department. Marc collaborated closely with show creator David Milch (NYPD Blue, Deadwood) and HBO to collaborate on expanding the JFC universe onto the Internet. Working closely with Milch and the cast, Marc was able to create original content featured on the TV series (opening credits, footage for character story arcs, etc.) as well as produce groundbreaking interactive websites using season regulars. Visit our JFC trans-media archive to experience the full scope of the project.

Previous to working on JFC, Marc served as Executive Producer of the newly formed DVD/New Media division for Stun Creative, an L.A. based production, and advertising agency. Marc secured and produced and titles for the company. Clients included Freemantle Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Warner Brothers.

Marc spent the years 2003 - 2005 working with Sparkhill Productions, directing, producing and editing DVD documentaries as well as web and mobile phone content for various studio titles. 24: Conspiracy was the first original mobile series created as a spin-off of the hit TV show 24 and was nominated for an Emmy. Marc has also produced and directed the award-winning and critically acclaimed documentaries and supplemental material for seasons 2 - 5 of 24 and The Shield. Other notable studio DVD titles include the Harold Lloyd Collection, School of Rock, The Commitments, Daredevil among others.

Marc's second feature documentary, Open Hearted (2003), follows the filmmaker through his harrowing journey of preparing for, undergoing and recovering from his third open-heart surgery. The film is currently being broadcast in Europe and Israel and has been showcased at a half dozen international film festivals. Open Hearted is currently being distributed by Fanlight Productions.

Prior to producing works with Sparkhill, Marc created programming with David Milch"s Red Board Productions. Marc's endeavors for the company included producing and directing the award-winning feature-length documentary, Without A Net - Creating NYPD Blue (2001), a provocative portrait of the creative process of David Milch. Marc also created for Red Board a five-part lecture series entitled The Writer's Spirit: An Approach to Storytelling (2002).

During the Web 1.0 revolution, Marc was one of the first filmmakers to be commissioned by the digital entertainment world to create original video content. In 1999 -2000, Ostrick Productions crafted two series for the website eveo.com. Studio Visit, which documents the creative process of young visual artists in New York. Lockout follows new bands from their rehearsal sessions to aggressive live performance. One of the bands featured in the Lockout Series, Linkin Park, went on to release a multi-platinum debut album and become one of the biggest bands in the world.

Marc won 2 Gold Cindy Awards at the International Cinema in Industry Conference for writing, producing, and directing a twenty-eight part, international environmental documentary series, Preserving The Legacy (1997-1999). The episodes, funded by the National Science Foundation, feature the most prestigious names in the environmental field and examine such issues as air pollution in China, over-population, nuclear waste, and fuel cell technology among others. Preserving the Legacy continues to air on local and international PBS affiliates.

A graduate of New York University"s film program, Marc co-wrote/produced/directed a 16mm narrative thesis film, Pressure Drop (1994) with Ezra Soiferman. The 18-minute comedy was completed with a production grant from Warner Bros. Pictures, and went on to play at over 20 film festivals worldwide and win several short film awards, including a Silver Medal at the Chicago Intl Film Festival, an Honorable Mention at the Columbus Film Festival, and a Short Film Award at the New Orleans Film Festival. Subsequently, the film completed a tour of twenty U.S. cities opening for the feature film Weed. The website for the film, pressuredrop, has drawn worldwide and constant traffic since launching in 1995.

Marc grew up in New York but spent his formative years in North Miami Beach where he attended the prestigious New World School of the Arts High School, majoring in theater and writing. He is a member of the Producer's Guild of America and International Documentary Association.

Marc resides in Laguna Beach with his wonderful wife and daughter.

Brand Birtwistle

Brand is an LA based producer, director and writer. He has extensive experience working with talent in film, commercials, television, music videos and live events, with such companies as Paramount Studios, Hazy Mills, Core Media Group, TuneCore, and Lionsgate. He has also worked with international brands such as Playstation, Coca Cola, Nike, Guess, French Connection, and Swisher Cigars.

David G. Robinson

David G Robinson is an English actor who is currently playing the lead role as 'Detective Frank Marshall' in the science fiction feature 'Londinium.2032' (Released 2017) and can now be seen in the feature film 'Residue'(2016) as 'Captain Hopkins' and as 'The French Connection' in the feature 'Taking Care of Business'(2016).He will soon be appearing as 'Chief Inspector George Niven' in the feature 'Cute Little Buggers' to be released in 2017. He has made numerous other appearances in film,television and commercials and has experience of Stage acting.

Toby Dammit

Originally left on an East Tennessee doorstep to wander the wacky world of Appalachian orphanages, he found the trusting care of the most significant Tympani instructor in the American South. Tutored for ten years as a tympanist, he transformed into a symphonic terror in the Southeastern U.S.A. as a teenager. Mere sight of his arrival at regional percussion competitions left many an ambitious stick-whacker grinding their teeth on the trail back home.

However Toby's duration in the grown-up symphonic world didn't last. He canceled another year of stuffy attitudes and puffy conductors - turning to teenage punk-rock nightlife and local bands. As the Tennessee walls closed in, he realized he'd have to leave, perhaps not to return. By 1986 he'd fled to California to live and work with Greg Ginn, founder of Black Flag and SST Records. His trail led him into the notorious cow punk band Tex and The Horseheads for a year. He fatefully met organist Luther Hawkins and together they performed with Paul Roessler of The Screamers. During this period he also made an album with producer Lou Adler (producer of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", Mamas and Papas, and Cheech and Chong). But his life changed dramatically when Iggy Pop claimed him for his own in 1990.

Iggy showed Mr. Dammit the real ups and downs in the world of show business, as they toured incessantly from 1990 to 1999. Despite seemingly endless international tours and the thousand familiar blurred faces in so many troubled places, life on the road proved Toby a survivor. Gradually, that buried symphonic percussionist raised a muffled head, as film score productions intrigued Toby. In 1997 Johnny Depp invited Toby to accompany him up the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival for the premier of his first feature film "The Brave," which Toby had painstakingly worked on with both Depp and Iggy.

In 1995 Dammit joined the New York band Swans, relocating to New York soon after. As word got around of his symphonic instrument collection, he harnessed a mind-boggling schedule of productions as a sought-after percussionist - notably scoring the short film "Apple Jack" with a handpicked 21-piece orchestra. While working obsessively in France with Iggy, he befriended French producer Bertrand Burgalat, who began inviting him to Paris for productions. Soon came his invitation to record a solo album at Tricatel studios and the official crowning of his name, both which Bertrand owned! New York record store Other Music released the "Top Dollar" sessions on their label Omplatten in 1999. A French connection continued, as Monsignor Dammit toured and recorded with French artists Paul Personne, Stephan Eicher and Keren Ann.

In 2000 he started a record label in Hamburg, Germany called Hit Thing (English translation of "drummer" in German) with Guido Randzio, (who partnered the EuroRalph label with legendary band of mystery The Residents). They've since constructed an odd repertoire, combining renegade lost re-issues and new productions of Toby's. Dammit reunited with lifelong friend Luther Hawkins in Los Angeles to record together. Working alone in Luther's house with Grammy Award winning producer Mark Howard (Lucinda Williams, Tom Waits, Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris), they created the mysterious instrumental album called "Karny Sutra". Luther & Toby found warm receptions waiting, as American college radio embraced the odd atmospheres of "Karny Sutra".

Bertrand came to New York City to perform with Toby in 2002. Toby surprised his French producer, as he performed an all-percussion tribute to Tricatel's roster of singers with an all-girl percussion section! Burgalat invited Dammit to become musical director of his prized Tricatel chanteuse April March. Toby redesigned Bertrand's complex studio productions for stage with dynamite New York musicians and they toured Canada, America, Switzerland and France. Bertrand enlisted Toby and his bassist Dana Schechter (of Bee and Flower), forming a trio to debut in Russia in 2003.

Berlin became a new source of inspiration for Dammit, since recording the duet album "Morphosa Harmonia" with another lifelong friend; Bad Seeds drummer, Thomas Wydler. In those pleasurable sessions he met engineer Ingo Krauss, of Conny Plank Studios. In 2004 Dammit brought Schechter's band Bee and Flower to Berlin to produce their second album working with Krauss. Schechter's writing style beckoned a large symphonic setting, and that's exactly what Toby designed. Bee and Flower's relocation to Berlin actually conducted Toby's new future. Inviting many fellow artists from his travels to come to Berlin to work, his own relocation was inevitable.

James Scott Flannery

James was born and raised in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, a small coal-cracker town 16 miles north of Scranton, PA - which fans may recognize as the home of The Office! His love of film and music grew early on from his family, many of who were employed by the hometown theater, The Irving. His uncle Gerard was the projectionist, who even built a theater in the attic of his home and showed 16mm prints of classic films like 'Casablanca' and 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' as well as more modern classics such as 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'. James was inspired himself at a very young age by the film 'Bonnie and Clyde', and he was raised on the classic films of the 70's (The Godfather, Taxi Driver, Chinatown, The French Connection) In 2001, after winning a runner-up prize in a Tommy Hilfiger video commercial contest, James began to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a filmmaker. In 2005, he completed his first feature film, 'Spades', a comedy-drama about 4 convicts and the various troubles that landed them in jail together. He followed that with a prequel titled 'Deal', using many of the same characters and delving further into their history. Both films were very well-received by fans of independent film. James went on to produce a music debut CD for his niece, the singer/songwriter Jade Millon, as well as becoming a Yahoo Contributor covering politics, art and current events for several years. More recently, James has been honing his acting craft on the stage, being featured in productions of 'The Bristol', an original play, as well as 'Glengarry Glen Ross', playing the character of Blake, both under the direction of Paige Balitski at Diva Theater. He also performed in the production Scranton Decameron Goes To the Hospital, which premiered at the Scranton Fringe Festival in 2016, under the direction of playwright Ted LoRusso. 2017 - James has recently completed the screenplay for his newest independent film in development, entitled 'Freaks...A Love Story'. He will once again be handling acting and directing duties. He continues to engage in his hobbies of playing guitar and piano, and is also the proud parent of a son, Dylan James Flannery.

Barry Woloski

As well as playing alongside Al Pacino and Bette Midler in off off Broadway, he was a student of the Actors Studio where he partnered/performed with Al Pacino under the guidance of Lee Strasberg. He was also associated with Harvey Kaitel from the Actors' Studio. He had several walk on roles in The French Connection I, Mortadella,and others.

John Primerano

JOHN PRIMERANO is a singer, pianist, songwriter, actor and author who has appeared throughout the mid- Atlantic region. He is a musical entertainer whose repertoire consists of a wide variety of standard, easy listening and original songs.

In addition to his musical career, John has acted in commercials, industrial films and has worked in feature films such as Unbreakable, Philadelphia, Two Bits, Mannequin, and as Father Creighton in episode :Blind Faith" in the CBS series Hack. He also appeared as Lt. Buzz Adams in a production of South Pacific in South New Jersey in 1990. Primerano has also written the musical score to "SOMETHING FOR HANNAH" , book by Melpo Dennis-Scotese, based on his original song, "Philadelphia". "Philadelphia" was listed in Billboard Magazine, the Bible of the music business, as having chart potential among independent labels. He is the owner of JPM records. Primerano has studied acting with Nick Dana at The Actor's Training Studio" in New Jersey and more recently with his friend, the renowned actor. Tony Lo Bianco (The French Connection[ The Ann Jillian Story; Marciano).

A strong live performer, John has worked or appeared with such performers as "Pretty Perky" 'Peggy King', Vaughn Monroe, Woody Herman, Jimmy Durante, Mickey Shaughnessy and Guy Marks. His current CD , "SOMEWHERE SOUTH OF HEAVEN", which he produced and arranged and contains five of his original songs as well as five standards is receiving International airplay and reviews. The CD was the pick of the month in the United Kingdoms record magazine, "In tune International " upon it's release.

Primerano has done dozens of interviews in The USA and abroad, including, a one hour and twenty minute interview from Lagos, Nigeria and eight appearances on Hawaii Public Radio. He is. particularly popular in Chicago and New York City and has done promotional spots and interviews for radio stations in those cities. He has also been heard many times on the Nationally syndicated "Dick Robinson's American Standards by the Sea:. John has appeared on the Joey Reynold's Show with The Amazing Kreskin on WOR radio NYC as well as Jim Lowe and Co. on the same station both Nationally syndicated.

John Primerano has chapters on his life and career in three books: "The Italian Crooners Bedside Companion" and "Stardust: The Bible of the Big Bands" by Richard Grudens and "Philadelphia's History of Music" by Harvey Sheldon. He has also contributed essays in boom he oks by Mr. Grudens on Al Jolson, Frankie Laine, ( with whom he became acquainted), Frank Sinatra, and Al Alberts ( who was a friend) and The Four Aces. An essay on 50's vocalist and friend "Pretty Perky" Peggy King will appear in an upcoming Richard Gruden's book, tentatively titled "The Star Makers". Primerano has also written a two character one act play entitled, " The Retirement Party" dealing with organized crime characters and a novel set in post civil war canvas called "The Return of Reno Martin"

Primerano is a graduate of Temple Universities College of Music with his Bachelor's Degree in composition concentrated in piano. He has had essays published on President John F. Kennedy in Vintage Magazine and The Philadelphia Daily News, is in the midst of producing a musical act for performing art centers intends to continue his acting studies with Mr. Lo Bianco in March 2016.

Darin Eppich

Darin is a graduate of Arizona State University and has worked in entertainment for over 5 years. While studying at Arizona State University, Darin received great advice from Film Professor & retired Producer, Terry Donnelly ("The Exorcist", "The French Connection", "Midnight Cowboy"), who advised him to pursue his vision and move to Hollywood to become a film producer. Years later after a career in the advertising and marketing field, Darin finally made his way to Hollywood and in 2011 launched Eppich Films. Darin has worked for Oscar Winning Producer Scott Rudin ("The Social Network", "True Grit", "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo"), NBC Hit Show "The Voice" and with Chris Innis, Winner for 2010 Best Editing Oscar for "The Hurt Locker", and on her Short Film "It Must Be Nice." Darin recently produced "Reality Bytes", and wrote and produced the Short Film "Douchebags" which will be screening at various Film Festivals in 2012.

Lincoln Fenner

Lincoln Fenner is an International Award Winning Filmmaker (Writer, Director, Producer and Editor) originally from Perth, Western Australia who now lives in London, UK.

Lincoln was a Times Square Audience Award winner at the New York City International Film Festival after his debut feature film More 4 Me screened to the public in New York's famed Times Square.

His work has had multiple theatrical releases (including nationwide) and his official screenings have included those at Tribeca Cinemas and the Cannes Film Market.

Lincoln has a Diploma in Filmmaking from the New York Film Academy (Universal Studios, Hollywood) where he graduated in 2002. He also studied in London's West End at Panico Films (now the London Film Academy).

He began making films in 1999 and has worked on 5 continents including in New York, London and Los Angeles. Fenner's work includes Candles at 3:30 which was entirely shot in Los Angeles and partly on the Universal Studios back lot and Another Chance which had its international premiere in New York City.

Lincoln has travelled to over 300 locations across the globe and has filmed in some remote corners of the planet including travelling across Kenya and filming on elephant-back in Cambodia.

His other credits as Producer include Fame Us - David Hasselhoff (Knight Rider), Jon Polito (Miller's Crossing), Tony Lo Bianco (The French Connection)and Tony Award Winning Broadway Actor Anthony Crivello.

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