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Phoenix James

Phoenix James has been performing on stage since 1998 and acting for screen since 2009.

He appeared in his first lead acting role in short film, Baby Anne in 2010.

He has gone on to play the lead acting role in several more independent films, Love Dog, A Man Walks Into A Bar, On The Inside, I Luv U, Sober, In The Mourning, 3rd Time Lucky, A Contribution as well as appearances and acting roles in other short and feature length movie productions.

He has also appeared in movies Cleanskin and James Bond's Skyfall.

He has played acting roles for television including BBC One's drama soap opera, Eastenders and BBC Three's comedy sketch show, Lee Nelson's Well Good Show and played acting parts in reconstructions of true events for various TV programmes and documentaries.

He has also featured as a lead actor in several music videos and online commercials and advertising campaigns.

In 2011 he was nominated for a Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television & Arts award for Best Male Actor.

Roger Yuan

Roger Yuan's career in the film industry has seen him wear many hats. As a martial arts fight trainer, action coordinator, actor, writer and producer, he has gained much acclaim. Having worked in US, UK, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Indian "Bollywood" and Vietnam productions, he has cultivated a global appeal

Roger has amassed a wide repertoire of expertise in various martial arts styles and unique physical training regimens and has trained the likes of Michelle Pfeiffer for Catwoman in Batman Returns, Rene Russo, John Cusack, Michael Madsen, Henry Cavill, Immortals, Jason Flemyng and Jennifer Lawrence for X Men:First Class, Keanu Reeves for 47 Ronin and Daniel Craig for Skyfall.

Country singing star Tim McGraw is a recent client enlisting Roger to get him in shape for his 2012 "Brothers of the Sun Summer Tour".

Roger has choreographed action for films such as Son of The Pink Panther, Death Becomes Her, Ella Enchanted, Black Dynamite, X Men: first Class, 47 Ronin and the 50th anniversary 007 film, Skyfall, Once Upon a Time in Vietnam, and Warcraft.

Roger's acting debut came in Red Corner with Richard Gere. As an actor that does his own stunts, He won the respect of Hong Kong action luminaries Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao (Shanghai Noon), Sammo Hung, jet Li (Once Upon a Time in China and America), and Chow Yun Fat (Bulletproof Monk). And action directors Dee Dee Ku, Dion Lam, Hung Yan Yan and Steven Ching su Tung.

Roger has also shaped comedic roles with action, he has lead roles in Warner Bros. Chandni Chowk to China, and sony's Black Dynamite. 2015 will see Roger in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: the Green Destiny, playing Iron Crow, which director and action legend Master Yuen Woo Ping personally chose Roger for this lead role.

Mike Mitchell

Mike was born to be an action man. Joining HM Forces at the age of 16 as a combat frogman, he went on to specialize in small arms, explosives and Bomb disposal and became part of HM Elite Special Forces seeing many theater's of operation worldwide. Leaving the services behind he became involved in the Offshore Oil Industry, moving rapidly from deep sea diver to sub-sea Operations Manager to Company Owner Managing Director of one of the world's largest sub-sea consultancy. It was from his base in Aberdeen that he found time to pursue his love of fitness, power sports, sailing and horse riding in which he has become highly experienced. Competing in such diverse challenges as Britain's Strongest Man, International Horse Three day Eventing in which he won many competitions as well as show-jumping, and bodybuilding, where he became Scottish Champion qualifying him to compete in the international arena, he achieved no less than 5 x Masters Mr World titles and 2 x Mr Universe titles with the World Fitness Federation. He was honored in 2005 in Italy with the Grimek International Award for outstanding contribution to sport. A host of other awards followed - In 2010 he was given the highest Honor within the WFF, a place in the Hall of Fame and the prestigious "Living Legend Award". As a qualified Yacht Skipper Mike regularly competes on his own yacht, in International Regattas around the Mediterranean. His acting career started in 1994 by default, due to his sheer size and physical presence, he found himself in Braveheart, he went on to make several feature films such as, Gladiator, The Planet, One Day Removals, City of Hell, Life on the Line and a brief appearance as Frank Findlay in Emmerdale. After defending his 5th World Fitness title a serious heart attack in 2006 slowed Mike down to a gallop and led him to concentrate on acting; since then he has worked alongside the likes of Andrew Garfield, Sean Bean, David Morrissey, Peter Mullins, Tara Cardinal, John Henshaw, Billy Murray, Craig Fairbrass and many others. More recently he was privileged to secure several major roles, having just returned from Turkey, where he shot the new Corporate Vodafone Commercial in Turkish and was involved in the latest James Bond film, Skyfall. Recently filming in Italy on an all action Hollywood/Italian Horror, Uwe Boll's Zombie Massacre. Whilst there he was given the opportunity to have a Cameo role alongside Tara Cardinal in Legend of the Red Reaper. He is filming Pearls of Africa in Kenya and UK and has just been confirmed in a Hollywood $100million production in which he has a main cast role, due to start filming in early 2014.

Chris Cowlin

Born in London in 1980, Chris always wanted to be a part of television and film.

Chris first appeared on television as an 8-year-old on a commercial for Warburton's Bread, playing a school boy. Chris was then offered a role in Grange Hill in the late 1980s.

He then went back to filming when he was 31 years old, and appeared in over 100 productions in his first year back (during 2011-2012). He was offered roles in huge films such as Skyfall (Daniel Craig as James Bond, bumps into him), Rush (playing a German ambulance man).

It seems that Chris gets a lot of roles playing a businessman, police and CID. Chris is a regular CID officer on ITV's Midsomer Murders, and has also appeared in soaps such as Hollyoaks and Emmerdale.

Justin Pearson

From a very young age Justin was thrown into the equestrian world having been born into a thriving family horse business in Shropshire. Through his early life and into his teen years Justin was heavily involved in show jumping and mounted games and with the latter sport he represented England on eight occasions, at the highest level with the Great Britain team and became British MGA Champion in 1995.

At the age of 18, Justin auditioned for a medieval jousting team about to embark on a World Tour which was to take in Europe, Asia and Russia and was successful. Valuable live stunt show experience was gained at this early age and many years on Justin was to form the Knights of the Damned - Jousting Team, an award winning modern day jousting stunt troupe.

Through love of performing action and stunts in a live show format, Justin trained to become a professional stuntman and was accepted onto the prestigious British Stunt Register and since then has gone on to amass over 100 credits in television and film, including Skyfall, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and the Harry Potter Films.

Justin is now an intermediate member of the Stunt Register and can co-ordinate stunts for himself direct for production companies whilst keeping himself fit by performing in live horse stunt shows most weekends. Justin is also Actors Theatre School trained.

Justin is available for all aspects of stunt work and stunt doubling.

Greg P. Russell

Greg P. Russell began his career at T.T.G. Recording Studios in 1977 as an assistant recording engineer on several hit television shows, including The Love Boat, Charlie's Angels, Hart to Hart, Vegas, and Fantasy Island.

In 1981, Greg moved to Evergreen Studios, where he worked with such artists as Neil Diamond, Al Stewart, Heart, and Ringo Starr, among many others. In 1983, he transitioned from recording engineer to re-recording mixer at B&B Sound Studios. During Greg's tenure at B&B he mixed fifty-five feature films, including the original movie Hairspray for John Waters, and numerous television shows, earning him two Emmy nominations and one win.

In 1988 Greg took his passion of mixing to Warner Brothers, and within a year received his first Academy Award nomination for Sound Mixing on Ridley Scott's Black Rain. While at Warner Brothers, Greg mixed such films as Tequila Sunrise, The Bodyguard, Usual Suspects, Steel Magnolias, Star Trek IV, Point Break, and Stargate, to name a few.

In 1995, Greg migrated to Sony Studios, where for the past sixteen years he has mixed some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters and has earned Oscar nominations for his work on The Rock, Con Air, Armageddon, The Mask of Zorro, The Patriot, Pearl Harbor, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Memoirs of a Geisha, Apocalypto, Transformers, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Salt, Transformers:Dark of the Moon.

In 2011 he opened the brand new Technicolor facility on the Paramount lot with 4-time Oscar winner Scott Millan. In the first year they were nominated for the spy-thriller Skyfall directed by Sam Mendes.

Over the past 35 years Greg has collaborated with some of the most talented director's in Hollywood. That list includes Michael Bay, Sam Raimi, Ron Howard, Tony Scott, Ridley Scott, James L. Brooks, Phillip Noyce, William Friedkin, Tim Burton, Kathyrn Bigelow, Barry Sonnenfeld, Barbara Streisand, Mel Gibson, Rob Marshall, Gabrielle Muccino, Jon Turteltaub, Rob Riener, Carl Riener, Paul Verhoeven, Diane Keaton, Adrian Lyne, Roland Emmerich, Martin Campbell, Bryan Singer, Jonathan Mostow, Richard Donner, John Avildsen, Herbert Ross, Harold Becker, Jonathan Lynn, Robert Towne, John Waters, Michel Gondry, Simon West, Ron Underwood, Dominic Sena, Lawrence Kasden and Nicolas Meyer.

With over 195 films to his credit and 16 Oscar nominations Greg is one of the most well respected sound mixers in the industry.

Luke Armstrong

Luke Armstrong is a director and visual effects artist. He has attained several awards from competitions and festivals for his short films. In 2009 he created a short film highlighting the dangers of alcohol abuse in young people for Thames Valley Police.

Following graduation from the University of Portsmouth in 2011, he beat hundreds to attain an internship at Hollywood Visual Effects studio Cinesite in Soho, London. Following this he went on to work at both The Moving Picture Company and Cinesite working on several major Hollywood feature films including Skyfall and Iron Man 3. He is now working on his first feature film.

Vi-Dan Tran

Vi-Dan was born in Cologne. At the age of 11, he started his training in Wushu and won several medals in competitions. Besides wushu, he is doing Tricking, Free Running MMA, Boxing, Skateboard and Stunts. In his youth his skateboard and inline skates were of great importance to him. For 4 years he concentrated on skating and achieved the first place in the Powerade Best Trick Contest. After hesitating for a long time, Vi-Dan began his studies in Media Design with the focus on film at the University of Aachen in 2006. At this stage of life, a new passion aroused in him: "Filmmaking". During his studies, he deepened his knowledge in the field of directing, camera, editing, vfx and sound designing. Amongst other things, he also pursued the field of photography and illustration. He does not only take the opportunity to work behind the scenes, but was also allowed to perform as a show artist on stage or as an actor, stuntman and choreographer of stunts in movies and TV shows. His feature films credits include Devil's Kickers, Kleine Morde, Cloud Atlas, Skyfall and Tatort. Other projects as Tricker or Performer in commercial and live shows are for example the strategy (opera), Ebay spot, Madza CR6, Lacoste, Dachser Logistic, X Factor, Formel 1, EA Star Wars the Old Republic, Honda, Audi Q5 and Chronoswiss.

Leon Corbin

Leon started acting at the tender age of 13. He opted to fill in for the lead actor just a couple of months before the 3 performances were due to be played-having never acted before. This was a full on play called A change Of Heart. He then got the bug and done other musicals such as Dracula Spectacular, Grease, where he played the role of Johnny Casino and various other more smaller parts.The year after Grease, with the same production company, he was offered a role in West Side Story, but couldn't commit to the project as he chose to attend Solihull college.

At college, he studied A level drama, Media studies and Sociology. However, he was not settled enough to finish these courses, but gained some great experience, particularly with the Drama course. However, having not achieved at college, he wanted to go back to the drawing board to discover what he wanted to do. After some serious thought, he decided to attend Sandwell college and finished a 2 year Sound Engineering course.

Since, moving to London in 2004, he has restarted his acting and has worked on Eastenders, Man Down, Skyfall, Fast and furious 6, The Harbinger, White Collar Hooligan (1+2), The Fall Of The Essex boys and The Dead Inside.

Rain Elwood

Rain Elwood makes her TV debut alongside Sullivan Stapleton in Cinemax's hit series Strike Back playing the femme fatale Katya. She was discovered as the face of Puredistance, an ultra luxury perfume brand that retails for up to $2,000 a bottle. Rain was then cast in Heineken's 'The Express' commercial starring Daniel Craig made for the Bond film: Skyfall.

Daniel Harland

Daniel Edward Harland was born on the 11th January 1985 in Ipswich, Suffolk. He grew up in Durham in the North of England from the age of four and spent the majority of his life there. At school, he longed to be a professional footballer where he was handed a chance to join the Sunderland FC Youth Academy. He turned it down, and pursued a number of different aspirations which led to many dead ends. Without any idea where his life was going, his parents, who were both teachers at the time, decided to push him towards acting. He joined New College in Durham in 2002 and studied Performing Arts for three years. After graduating with top marks, he auditioned for many top drama schools such as RADA, Mountview and Guildford, without success. Daniel then took a year out working before finally being accepted into Bath Spa University, where he again studied Acting in 2007.

During his studies, he performed in stage productions such as A Streetcar Named Desire (2007, Faust (2009) and Beautiful Thing (2010) which toured many theatres around the South-East and London. After graduating in 2010, his Film and TV credits included Atonement (2007), The Runner (2008), The White Room (2009), Piggy (2011) and Dark Shadows (2012). He has also appeared in the new James Bond film, Skyfall (2012) and has a number of film projects lined up in the near future.

He also played the role of lead gangster, Terry in Britain's Biggest Heists Season Two (2010). He received critical acclaim for playing 'Jake' in The Runner, who gets mixed up in the murky world of drugs and violence in the slums of Bristol.

He has also trained with Michael Hargreaves of RADA and Gunduz Kalic, founder of East 15 Acting School. He also continues to do a lot of work with the Actors Studio.

Russell Edwards

Russell Edwards is best known for he's work on Papa, Glue, Trespass against us and Skyfall and The Sweeney. He is obtaining more and more production sound mixer work and 2nd unit work in Drama and feature films.He is also an accomplished and very experienced documentary maker and has literally travelled the world making documentaries.

Richard Herdman

Born September 1966 in Hackney, East London, Richard trained at The MetFilm School in Ealing Studios, London as an Actor. He is a very versatile performer being able to take on a range of Characters.

Recently he has played the lead character (Sonny Black) in a 2012 Television Documentary called Mafia's Greatest Hits and has had many other TV roles including two appearances on the the popular long running Midsomer Murders crime drama running on the UK Television Channel, ITV1, Morgan Spurlock's New Brittania on SKY Atlantic & the extremely successful SKY1 Comedy, Trollied.

He has also appeared in various Big Budget Feature films from Skyfall (James Bond 2012) to RUSH, Les Miserbles, The Sweeney, Fast Girls, King of Soho, The Wee Man, Riot, etc etc.

Sammy Broly

Sammy Broly is an Austrian-French actor. He was born in Deutschlandsberg, Austria but he moved to Vienna at age 7. Growing up in a multilingual environment with an Egyptian father and a French mother he speaks English, Arabic, German and French. At the age of 16, he started rapping, winning Freestyle-Battles and performing in front of large audiences. His passion for acting started as a child, when he would act in front of a mirror, and further developed when he joined his high school theatre group. After seeing Austrian actor Christoph Waltz perform in Inglorious Basterds, he got so inspired that he knew he wanted to become an actor himself. Upon graduating from an acting school in Vienna, he decided to move to London. He started training at the International School of Screen Acting, located in the Heart of the prestigious 3 Mills Studios. Since his graduation in 2013 he has been cast in several short and feature films, including three directed by Darren Cook and one directed by Luke Armstrong (Skyfall, World War Z,...).

He now lives in London, United Kingdom.

Darren Lynch

Darren Lynch is a British actor born and raised in Derby, England half British half black Caribbean descent. Being credited for roles such as Reg Traviss prison drama Screwed and most recently James Bond Skyfall.

Lynch attended drama lessons as a child and as an adult further trained at AGF performing arts school. Most recently Lynch has directed and written his first feature horror film Ouija, following the paths of most actors directing movies. Lynch is making a name for himself in such an exciting industry.

Lynch made his TV debut in BBC's Doctors and plans to star alongside his brother in action movie Brothers written and directed by himself.

Donald Mowat

Donald James Mowat born in Montreal, Canada. He is a Canadian, British and naturalized American citizen. He started in amateur theatre and operatic societies as well as community cable television while still in high school. First film was as an assistant make up artist on "Joshua Then and Now" and continued working as assistant make up on numerous projects including "Anne of Green Gables" 'The Fly" "The Believers" and "Frontier" While just in his twenties he was make up department head on "Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future" winning a daytime Emmy nomination in 1988 and continued to department head several network miniseries and movies of the week. He works extensively with out of kit techniques in casualty effects. His stellar credits as a department head and personal make up artist in all aspects of feature film and television make up from period, corrective, casualty, beauty and straight make up as well as tattoo cover has been seen in countless feature films and projects for television. He worked extensively with Mark Wahlberg for many years as well as with Eminem. In recent years Donald has been working with Daniel Craig and continues to work as both a department head(The Fighter,8 Mile, Taking Lives,Repo Men, Prisoners, Everything Will Be Fine) and personal artist(Skyfall, Cowboys and Aliens) In 2012 Mr.Mowat received Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee Medal. Donald has also worked on numerous editorial/print projects with many actors and performers. Focused primarily on feature films from 1992 onwards his stellar career, commitment to the craft and industry as well as active involvement in many charitable causes has earned him an international reputation.

Alina-Jane Rose

Alina-Jane Lovell B.A. (Hons) RFSPG, was born in Wimbledon, London to East End father, John Lovell and Hungarian Mother, Ildiko Lorek.

As well as working as an Actress and Burlesque Performer in a variety of Film, TV and Theatre roles, Alina-Jane has taught 'Acting Techniques' in many prestigious drama schools.

She has been part of the 'Deluxe' Post Production Company for many years, which has credits including 'Woman in Black', 'Skyfall' and 'The Inbetweeners Movie'. This has led her to work with industry talent such as 'Dame Judy Dench' 'Keanu Reeves' and 'Cameron Diaz' as well as director 'Tim Burton' and Bond Cinematographer 'Phil Meheux'.

Alina-Jane developed her love of acting at the prestigious 'Sylvia Young Theatre School. After completing Performing Arts, Theatre Studies and Art A-Levels at College, she was offered a place at The Central School of Speech and Drama which she subsequently turned down in favor of a place at The Academy of Live & Recorded Arts, where she was awarded the prestigious Full Three Year Actors Scholarship. She then went on to achieve a High Honours degree in Drama studies at King Alfred's University, Winchester.

Alina-Jane is the niece of Helena Lawrence, who was an English lecturer at Oxford University and specialized in the work of William Shakespeare. Helena helped Alina-Jane develop an appreciation of Period drama and in particular, a passion for Shakespeare's plays. After many years in theatre, Alina-Jane wanted to enhance her skills on screen and so continued her studies with a Post-Graduate in Screen Acting at the renowned Redroofs Film School in Iver.

Her credits include a lead in Mumtaz Yildimlar's Feature Film, 'Cold Blood' starring Lilly Brown, Judson Lake and James Tweedy. Theatre roles include Titania in The Gantry Theatres production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and Orla in the self-directed 'Girl With a Curl' with 'Voodoo Vaudeville' at Komedia Theatre, Brighton. Voiceover includes work for ITV's 'Episodes', starring 'Matt Le Blanc'.

Christopher Barnett

Chris studied jazz, classical and world music intensively in the UK and US, after a career in mechanical engineering. Since graduation he has scored over thirty films and documentaries, which have premiered at major film festivals worldwide, including the award winning, BAFTA nominated, "Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story", which stars Steve Coogan (Tropic Thunder), Naomie Harris (Skyfall), Kelly MacDonald (No Country for Old Men), Gillian Anderson (X Files) & Stephen Fry (Sherlock Holmes: A Games of Shadows); "K" starring Colin Salmon (Resident Evil) & Tamar Hassan (Batman Begins) and "Borrowed Time" starring Philip Davis (Alien 3).

He also composes on high profile commercial projects. His music for The London Eye tourist attraction plays on site to an estimated 20,000 tourists daily and he wrote the music for the ceremony of the prestigious 'TheWIFTS' Awards in Los Angeles.

Peter Smick

Peter D. Smick is a Producer and Marketing Strategist based in Los Angeles, CA. A Washington, D.C. native, Peter came to LA by way of New York City, where he graduated with honors from Columbia University in 2005. Upon graduation, Peter joined News Corporation, supporting the company's television business with media and market research.

In 2008 Peter was accepted at the UCLA Film School Producers Program where he received his MFA. Upon graduation he received the Dan Angel Award for the pitch of his thesis film, The Umpire Strikes Back, before a panel of Academy Award winning studio executives. Peter has produced several short films, including Detroit Summer, a documentary on the state of education for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Upon graduating from UCLA, Peter pursued his love of entertainment marketing at Sony Pictures Interactive, guiding creative strategy on award-winning digital marketing campaigns for the studio's film and television properties, including, 21 Jump Street, Skyfall and Elysium. Passionate about storytelling and technology, Peter strives to connect brands and audiences in new and innovative ways.

When he's not on the clock, Peter enjoys mentoring foster youth in Inglewood and taking in baseball games with his wife Amanda and daughter Grace.

Sophie Scott

Sophie Scott read Film & American Studies at the University of East Anglia with 1 year study at Occidental College in Los Angeles. After graduation she joined the New Producers Alliance (NPA) as Event and Communications Manager. The NPA were a membership organisation and lobbying body for new and emerging filmmakers offering services in London throughout the year and supporting members at international film festivals.

In 2007 Sophie left the NPA to join Idea Generation and manage the publicity on the Brit Doc Film Festival, after which she joined the in house publicity team at Icon Film Distribution in London.

Between 2007 - 2012 Sophie worked on the UK & International publicity and awards campaigns for numerous highly acclaimed films including Looking For Eric, Drive, Man on Wire, A Single Man, Nowhere Boy, Precious, Oranges & Sunshine and Project Nim.

Since the beginning of 2012 Sophie has worked as a freelance publicity and communications consultant on a range of projects including: Unit publicity for The Quiet Ones & London Fields International publicity for The Woman in Black & Street Dance 2 3D UK campaign management for Interstellar, Edge of Tomorrow, The Great Gatsby, Gravity, Great Expectations, The Conjuring, Annabelle Red carpet premiere media management for Total Recall, Skyfall, The Dictator, The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Awards campaigning for The Weinstein Company.

Miklós Vámos

He's a Hungarian writer, successful in his country and known in other countries where some of his short stories, novels, plays and films have been published and produced. Three of his plays were produced also in the USA: Skyfall at the Source Theater in Washington DC, 1986; Doubletakes at The Actor's Outlet in New York, 1989; Somebody Else at The Yale Cabaret in New Haven, 1989. One film, Love Mother, was shown in the USA and 17 other countries in 1989.

Josan Sandeep

Mr. Josan Sandeep was raised in the small town of Yuba City, California. He has always been a visionary from childhood. When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he commented "everything". Josan comes from a very traditional, religious and loving family. In additions to his parents, he is blessed with 1 brother and 1 sister. Some of his pastime activities include figuring out how to bring his dreams and visions into realty, which is why he chose to pursue the field of a film Directing. He graduated with a MFA from the New York Film Academy in 2010 and started working with Columbia Pictures and Sony Picture Entertainment as Assistant & Chief Director.

He has been recognized as being a renowned movie director for Sam Mendes' Hollywood flicks such as SkyFall, Ghost Rider 2, Total Recall, The Amazing Spider-Man 4, The Tourist and Salt. All of his works seem to spring fully formed out of his mind and onto the screen, like daydreams with impeccable cinematography. His taut, meticulous vision reflects his own passion and determination. One of the most dynamic directors to emerge in the last few years, Josan makes movies that crackle with energy and typically showcase volcanic performances.

Finally in early 2013, Josan decided to branch out and form JBEI, Josan Bros. Entertainment Inc. and is now getting ready to make his directorial debut with a bilingual film titled 'THE JOURNEY'. The film is based on the life of Jesus Christ and will be made in English. It showcases the protagonist discovering the truth about life and the path of God while inspiring people around him. It is an international project and will be released worldwide and shot in London, Italy and India.

The movie begins in the modern era where today's youth struggle with life to handle his responsibilities and falling prey to his over pleasure and extravagant life style resulting in him diverting off path and against the teachings. One unfortunate day when he faces severe challenges, he is guided to fight with full faith in Lord Jesus and there he begins to battle and emerge victorious. But the desire to know God arises and he plans his visit to Jerusalem and there he meets Pastor to guide him to the path of lord. Then the movie completely switches to an era where Jesus preached and is depicted; as well as how the conspiracy was planned against him and how he was crucified is all what is shown in rest of the movie.

Josan Sandeep is on track for exerting a powerful, if unacknowledged, influence on mainstream event cinema. He is an independent-minded filmmaker who has forged a happy working relationship with not only Hollywood but Bollywood as well. India's film industry will greatly benefit and prosper from an increased collaboration and revenue with this Hollywood /Bollywood venture in the areas of film entertainment, education and tourism, cultural and technological exchange, a boost in local talent. He is extremely excited and honored to be able to play an integral role in boosting the Indian and U.S. economy with the production of "The Journey".

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