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Jesse Eisenberg

Curly haired and with a fast-talking voice, Jesse Eisenberg is a movie actor, known for his Academy Award nominated role as Mark Zuckerberg in the 2010 film The Social Network. He has also starred in the films The Squid and the Whale, Adventureland, The Education of Charlie Banks, 30 Minutes or Less, Now You See Me and Zombieland. Additionally, he played Lex Luthor in the 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Jesse Adam Eisenberg was born on October 5, 1983 in Queens, New York, and was raised in East Brunswick Township, New Jersey. His mother, Amy (Fishman), is a professional dressed-up clown who performed at children's birthday parties for a living in their hometown of East Brunswick for 20 years. His father, Barry Eisenberg, ran a hospital before moving on to become a college professor. Jesse has two sisters, Kerri and Hallie Kate Eisenberg, who was a popular child star. His family is Jewish (his ancestors came to the U.S. from Poland, Russia, and Ukraine).

He attended East Brunswick High School, but he didn't really enjoy school. From age 10, he performed in children's theater. Jesse had his first professional role in an off-Broadway play, "The Gathering". Before fame, he made his first television appearance role that came in 1999 when he was 16 with a show on Fox's Get Real, but the show was canceled in 2000. In his senior year of high school, he had landed his first film leading role in the 2002 film Roger Dodger. He won an award for "Most Promising New Actor" at the San Diego film festival.

Jesse attended the New School University, New York, where he was a liberal arts major, with a focus on Democracy and Cultural Pluralism. He also studied at The New School in New York City's Greenwich Village. He applied and was accepted to New York University but declined enrollment to complete a film role. He has been playing the drums since he was age 8.

His breakthrough role came in Zombieland. In 2010, he was nominated for Best Actor at the Golden Globes and Academy Awards for his role of Facebook's creator, Mark Zuckerberg, in the film, The Social Network. He also voiced Blu, a rare blue macaw, in the film Rio, and its sequel Rio 2. He starred alongside Aziz Ansari in the 2011 comedy 30 Minutes Or Less, and played himself in the 2013 comedy film He's Way More Famous Than You.

Alexia Barlier

Alexia Barlier is a French and New-Zealander actress born and raised in Paris. She grew up with French and Anglo Saxon culture, her New-Zealander ballet dancer mother and her French Art Dealer father speaking both languages at home. She started theater at school when she was 14 and landed her first part at 18 in the feature film 24h in the Life of a Woman, alongside Michel Serrault and Bérénice Béjo. Since then, she has worked on numerous feature films, plays, TV movies and had leading roles in TV shows. In France she is best known for playing Magda, Daniel Auteuil's mistress in Conversations with my Gardener, directed by Jean Becker ; for being the lead of the Canal+ action TV series Kali ; and playing Eva Blum, the female investigating cop in the very popular TV show Falco (TF1) for four seasons. 2015 has been a very busy year for Alexia. After filming the French comedy Tout Schuss opposite José Garcia (Now You See Me), she joined the cast of Michael Bay's latest project for Paramount Pictures as lead actress. In 13 Hours, Alexia plays Sona Jilliani, a smart and brave CIA case officer, alongside John Krasinski and James Badge Dale. Shortly after wrapping on 13 Hours, she shot the TV movie Imposture for the French network France 2. This ambitious project in the vein of Gone Girl and The Talented Mr Ripley offered her her first part as a villain.

Justine Wachsberger

Justine was born in Los Angeles and raised in Paris, France. She attended high school in Paris, however she came back to Los Angeles her senior year and attended The Lycee Francais of Los Angeles, where she graduated. Justine went on to further her education, attending the prestigious University of Southern California, earning her Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Theatre.

From her youngest age, she felt irresistibly attracted to classical theater. After years spent on stage, she naturally decided to explore the possibilities of cinema. Shortly after, she got cast in several shorts as well as features.

She has appeared in blockbusters such as the Twilight Saga: New Moon, Red and Sorority Row. She has also made guest appearances on shows such as The Mentalist and Teen Wolf.

In 2013, she shot Seahorses, where she embodied a suicidal girl haunted by her tragic past. She just wrapped a leading role in the independent feature, Guardian Angel. The ensemble cast includes Ray Wise, Bokeem Woodbine, Colin Cunningham and Costas Mandylor. It will be released in November 2013.

You can see her in Now You See Me alongside Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Isla Fisher. Justine will next be seen in the highly anticipated Lionsgate trilogy, Divergent, starring alongside Oscar nominees Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet and directed by Neil Burger

Justine is slated to star in her first comedy, Rich Kids, as well as the psychological thriller, Stray Dogs.

Just like Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kathy Bates - who inspired her work from the very beginning- Justine never shies away from transforming to embody a role.

Missy Malek

Marianne was born in London and grew up there. When she was 14, she became a member of the National Youth Theatre Group, with whom she participated in a number of productions. She completed a two month acting course at the Met Film School, studied at the Lee Strasberg School of Method Acting in Los Angeles over a Summer and also attended the RADA Shakespeare School, where she played a variety of Shakespearean roles, ranging from 'Juilet', to 'Lady Macbeth', to 'Julius Caesar's 'Portia'. In 2013, she played Beatrice in Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing' at the Chelsea Theatre as well as the part of the Younger Lady in Brecht's 'Caucasian Chalk Circle'. She began acting for film when she starred in the short film 'Mirror Mirror', and subsequently starred in the short films 'In the Garden' and 'Thief'. In 2014 she played the lead role of Myra in the play 'Deathtrap' at the Burton Taylor Studio. She made her feature film debut in Reg Traviss' 'Anti-Social' and will appear in 'Now You See Me: The Second Act' alongside Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fischer and Dave Franco.

Martin Delaney

Martin Delaney is a British actor known for 'Zero Dark Thirty', 'Flags Of Our Fathers', 'Beowulf and Grendel' and 'Now You See Me 2'.

Delaney started acting by performing in theatre in the West End. He starred in 'Oliver!' at the London Palladium, as well 'Peter Pan - The British Musical' at the Cambridge Theatre, Covent Garden. Other stage roles include playing the young lead in Roy Williams' 'Local Boy' at The Hampstead Theatre. He later played the lead role of Rochester in the Theatre 503's production of 'The Ministry of Pleasure' and played the role of Luke in the UK debut of American Broadway hit 'Next Fall' at the Southwark Playhouse.

His screen career started at just 18 when he starred in Nickelodeon's first British TV show, the BAFTA nominated 'Renford Rejects', which he appeared in for 4 years. He starred in 'Family Affairs' for 3 years, earning him multiple award nominations for Best Newcomer and Best Actor. He later joined New Zealand's biggest drama 'Shortland Street' playing a regular in the show. His career is made up of numerous appearances in classic British TV dramas such as 'Wycliffe', 'Pie in The Sky', 'Casualty' as well as hits such as 'The Promise', 'The Shadow Line', 'Robin Hood' and 'Victoria Cross Heroes'.

His comedy work includes 'Rock & Chips', 'Teenage Kicks', 'Two Pints of Lager', BAFTA winning 'Him & Her' and 'Father in Law', as well as writing additional material for multi-award nominated, 'The Kevin Bishop Show'.

Delaney's movie experience, is made up of both British and Hollywood projects. He plays Tony in the British Asian comedy 'Amar, Akbar and Tony'. Other film work includes Oscar-nominated 'Flags of Our Fathers' (Dir: Clint Eastwood), Oscar-winning 'Zero Dark Thirty' (Dir: Kathryn Bigelow), 'The Little Riders', 'Gadgetman', 'Stormhouse', 'Bonded by Blood 2', 'Beowulf & Grendel' and 'Now You See Me 2' (Dir: Jon M. Chu). British feature 'Judas Ghost' has earned him multiple Best Actor nominations, including New York's Buffalo Dreams Festival, as well as one win for Best Actor, at Bram Stoker Festival UK.

Delaney Co-Produced festival favorite and multiple award winning documentary 'Wrath of Gods', as well as Producing and Directing short film 'Queen's Mile'.

Cathy Cavadini

Catherine Cavadini, aka Cathy Cavadini, is an actress, singer, and voice artist perhaps best known as the voice of Blossom in Cartoon Network's The Powerpuff Girls. Fans also know her as the voice of Glitter in Kidd Video, Clash in Jem, and Tanya Mousekewitz in the movie An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. During her long and prolific career, Catherine's voice has been featured in over a hundred radio & television commercials, and in over a thousand films, television movies, and series.

Various animated film credits include The Powerpuff Girls Movie as Blossom, Babes in Toyland as Mary, Sky Blue as Jay, Young Shua, and Cheyenne, Batman: Dark Knight Returns as Carol Ferris, Joannie, and Woman with hot dog, Scooby-Doo Legend of the Phantosaur as Faith, My Little Ponies as North Star, and Pound Puppies: Legend of Big Paw as Collette and her newborn puppies. Also, she has performed guest roles in numerous animated series. Some of Catherine's recent guest roles are Doc McStuffins (Dart), The Cleveland Show (Siri), Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Alanna Strange, Jan, Ruby Ryder, Dr. Myrrha Rhodes), Ben 10 (Cooper), and Teen Titans (Alien Woman/Cironelian Chrysalis Eater). Catherine also originated the series regular roles of Jennifer Jane Parker in Back to the Future, Tanya and Baby Yasha in Fievel's American Tails, and Mom, Terri, and Mrs. Weebles in season 1 of What's with Andy.

In the gaming world, she has voiced the roles of Car'l, Twyla, and Candle Maiden in Broken Age, Mechari Female in Wildstar, Kara in White Knight Chronicles 1 and 2, Felicia in War Hammer, Griffin's Mom, Dr. Hoffstader, and Assassin in Jumper, Valla the Witch of the Tundra, Bolvangar Nurse, and Tartar Leopard in The Golden Compass, Norma Jean in the Happy Feet Interactive Game, Sadie in Gun, and a variety of roles in Final Fantasy X, XIII, and XIII-2.

In addition to her animation and game voice work, Catherine has done ADR (automated dialogue replacement) in innumerable movies and television series. Recently, Catherine has performed additional voices in Guardians of the Galaxy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Hercules, Jersey Boys, The Lego Movie, Twelve Years a Slave, Red 2, The Great Gatsby, and Rise of the Guardians. Listed under the umbrella of "additional voices" are: Pacific Rim (voice of one of the P.A. announcers in the Shatterdome), Now You See Me (reporter voice), Happy Feet Two (emperor penguin voice), How I Met Your Mother (southern teenage mommy), Sleepy Hollow (voice of woman on phone from Oxford College), Fun Size (voice of 911 Operator in the scene with Johnny Knoxville), and Bridge to Terabithia (voice of Judy Burke).

Throughout her career, Catherine has been honored by and nominated for a number of awards. In 2003, Catherine was recognized with an Epic Award from the White House Project for promoting positive images of women's leadership through her work in the film The Powerpuff Girls Movie. In 1998, she was nominated for an Annie Award for "Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting by a Female Performer in an Animated Feature Production" for performing the voice and singing for the role of Mary in the animated movie Babes in Toyland. She also sang "Dreams to Dream" as the character Tanya in the animated movie An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, which was nominated for Best Song at the 1992 Golden Globe Awards. In addition, she has received 2 Emmy Award Certificates for contributing to Outstanding Sound on the television series X-Files.

Odessa Sykes Feaster

Odessa Sykes Feaster, born Odessa Williams is known for her roles in Now You See Me, Breakout Kings, Moms Night Out and Snitch. Odessa is the youngest born of 6 to Rev. Moses and Fannie Williams. As a young child Odessa always said that she was going to be an actress. She always prided herself on her ability to switch from one character to the next. Some people may call it split personalities, but Odessa always called it embracing everyone inside. When Odessa was only 8 years old, she was at a downtown Woolworth lunch counter in Shreveport Louisiana having lunch with her oldest sister Daisy. It was at that lunch counter she stated that one day she would be an actress. Fast forward 33 years later, Odessa filmed her first movie in Shreveport. Fate would have it that Craft Services was set up in that same old Woolworth building. She noticed the exact stool she sat on years earlier to profess her destiny, that stool was the only one left at the counter, it could not be moved. That was confirmation from God that the words she sent into the Universe as a child,was the life she was destined to live. How powerful is that? Odessa met the love of her life Mr. Kevin Feaster in 2013 and in May of 2014 they were married. Odessa Sykes Feaster loves everything about the business of acting and she has plans to stick around for it all.

Carl Bailey

Carl transformed his life's purpose from being a longtime successful Texas High School football coach and administrator into a flourishing acting career. Carl began on NBC's Chase in 2011 as a recurring U.S. Marshall, he rapidly started being a featured player in major film productions such as the Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" and a host of other projects including, "Now You See Me", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D", "The Iceman" and "Parkland" to name a few. Carl had his major first speaking role as a cop opposite Domenico Lombardozzi in A&E's Breakout Kings. Carl was cast as assistant Coach Alumbaugh in the high school football drama "When the Game Stands Tall" working along-side Jim Caviezel and Michael Chiklis for the seven week shoot. Carl, a native Texan with a distinct talent and experiences, delivers a great on-screen presence with a Southern swagger and accent. He continues training consistently, appearing in Independent and smaller productions to hone his craft, developing his acting skills while seeking his breakout role which many have continued to be in law enforcement and positions of authority. Carl is a true action actor that has law enforcement, stage combat, weapons, and stunt training with actual experience, including film credits, in all areas. Carl's talent, dedication to his craft, and his professional approach to the film industry has allowed him to be cast in over 60 productions in just four years.

Sharon Bolton

Sharon Bolton (also published as SJ Bolton) is the author of seven critically acclaimed novels. Her debut, Sacrifice, was voted Best New Read 2008 on Amazon UK. She has since won the Mystery Writers of America 'Mary Higgins Clark Award' 2010, for Awakening; and, in 2014, the Plume Libre "Plume de Bronze" (International Thriller) for Now You See Me, and the RT Reviewers Choice Award (Contemporary Mystery) for Lost (Like This, For Ever).

She has been shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger, the CWA Dagger in the Library, the Theakston's Award for Crime Novel of the Year, the Prix Du Polar (in France) and the Martin Beck Award (in Sweden).

The Times (England) described her as 'the high priestess of English rural gothic', and the Denver Post (US) as 'one of the most gifted story tellers to emerge in years.'

She lives near Oxford, England with her husband and young son.

Wittney Horton

Wittney Horton won a CSA Artios Award for her work as Casting Associate on Steven Soderbergh's "Behind The Candelabra" for HBO. Starring Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Scott Bakula, Cheyenne Jackson, Rob Lowe and Debbie Reynolds, "Behind The Candelabra" garnered critical praise, record-breaking ratings, and thirteen Emmy Awards.

Horton worked for Emmy-winning Casting Director Carmen Cuba for over five years on a wide range of films (Alien: Covenant, The Martian, Mosaic, Magic Mike, Now You See Me, Side Effects, Dark Places, The Reach), television pilots ("Looking," "Open") and series ("The Girlfriend Experience", "The Knick", "Sense8", "Narcos", "Stranger Things") before going out on her own in 2016.

Together with Cuba, Horton most recently finished a new series "The Girlfriend Experience" for Starz which is set to premiere in April 2016 and is based on Steven Soderbergh's original film of the same name.

Before her transition to casting, Horton spent a decade in development and production. Horton enjoyed a long tenure with Bobby Cohen at his Cohen Pictures, overseeing development on a varied slate of projects, including A.C.O.D., which they set up at Miramax, and Missing Links at Warner Brothers.

In addition to Cohen, Horton has collaborated with Gail Lyon and Arnold Kopelson, director Gurinder Chadha, and ex-Sony studio head Amy Pascal. With them, she has worked on films in a variety of genres, including Bounce, View from the Top, Peter Pan, and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.

Horton set up a number of spec scripts independently, most notably Most Likely Two at Sony with Laurence Mark (As Good As It Gets) and Sex Lives of Married People with Fox Television Studios.

She attended Film Independent's prestigious Producer's Lab in the fall of 2008 with the project Close To Me. Horton studied film and psychology at the University of Michigan. She currently lives in Los Angeles. She currently (2015-2017) serves as a national board member of the Casting Society of America.

Nadia Townsend

Nadia M Townsend is a British actress. She grew up in London and initially chose a career in the City. She began her acting career in 2015. Following her first break in the feature film Now You See Me: The Second Act (2015), she secured a variety of roles in several groundbreaking and iconic films and TV series. She enjoyed a fabulous first year and is enjoying a very exciting start to 2016, with a number of those films and TV series now released with more planned for release In 2016 and 2017.

Catherine Kim Poon

Catherine Kim Poon is a Chinese-American actress in the United States of America. She is an actress of SAG Screen Actors Guild. She had worked hard for many years to become a member of SAG Screen Actors Guild, before the SAG-AFTRA merger. She was born in Canada, and grew up in the San Francisco bay area since the age of 4. Her passion in life is acting in films. She has studied acting and performed in plays since she was a child. She hopes to also be the first Asian-American to win an Academy Award, if given the opportunity to play a challenging role. She knows that it is very competitive to be an actress in the United States, because of the appearance of her Chinese ethnicity. Because of her great passion for acting, she hopes that her acting talent will be realized far more than the selection of her ethnicity. She looks uniquely different than many Asians because of her true authentic single Asian eyelids, whereas, many Asians get double eyelids surgery which steers them away from the true authentic Asian look. She attended Judy Berlin's Kids On Camera acting school in San Francisco when she was a child. She studied drama classes at Mills High School in Millbrae, California. She studied Theatre Arts and Film Acting at San Francisco State University and San Jose State University. She has acted as principal speaking roles in more than 30 independent films in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. She received a Chinese speaking role from the talented director Louis Leterrier in the big budget SAG film called "Now You See Me" (2013), who was the same director in the films Transporter 1 and Transporter 2. The SAG film called "Now You See Me" (2013) has the stars Jeese Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, and Woody Harrelson in it. She received a speaking role playing an ER nurse from the amazingly talented writer and director Shintaro Shimosawa in the SAG-AFTRA film called "Misconduct" (2016). The SAG-AFTRA film called "Misconduct" (2016) has the stars Academy Award winner Al Pacino, Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins, Josh Duhamel, Leah McKendrick, Alice Eve, Byung-hun Lee, and Julia Stiles in it. Catherine was featured in the SAG film called "Pitch Perfect" (2012), where you can see her at the deleted scene section at the end of the DVD, where she was hanging out with a group of Asians playing the Xbox Kinect video games in actress Anna Kendrick's dorm room. Catherine had a lead role playing "Wolf" in an independent feature film called "Taking Care of Business", directed by David Hale and John Hale. The film won first place in Los Positas Film Festival, and was an official selection in the California Film Festival. She had a speaking role playing Jermaine's friend on the TV show set of "I Almost Got Away with it!" as seen on Discovery Channel, Season 4, Episode 5. She had a lead role playing a sexy lover wearing lingerie to the singer Rob Bess in his music video called "Tonight", which was filmed in San Francisco, and can be seen on YouTube.

Lexie Kendrick

Lexie Kendrick's performance experience is international and well-rounded. Her vocal style and repertoire is expansive and her vocal versatility ensures her regular work as a voice-over artist for dubbings, cartoons (Yakari), documentaries and internationally diffused commercials (Longines, Amla Legend, AccorHotels.com). Since 2013, she is thrilled to be singing at the famous cabaret, the Moulin Rouge, entertaining guests during the dinner pre-show with famous French and international chart-topping hits. Lexie is the lead singer for the Paris-based American jazz quintet, The Don LaRue Combo, with whom she has recorded 3 albums, as well as recording background vocals for French artists: Diam's and Adrien Gallo.

Since 2005, Miss Kendrick has appeared in small roles on television and film and continues to work regularly in theatre. Recently, theatrical improvisation and music were also at the core of helping to create and perform in two new sketches for the French comedian, Alex Lutz, for his One Man Show as well as appearing on French television in his weekly shortcom for Le Petit Journal (Canal+) "La revue de presse de Catherine & Liliane" and for the 28e "Nuit des Molières" (the French equivalent to the American Tony awards). She was also pleased to work as dialect coach with Mélanie Laurent (Now You See Me) and Hugo Becker (Silent Witness).

Jean-Paul Ly

Jean-Paul Ly is an actor and action performer based in London, represented by IAG UK. His major achievements involve action work on the latest "Marvel' Doctor Strange", "Lucy", "24 Live Another Day", "Now You See Me 2", etc He has recently been cast as the lead of the upcoming action feature "Jailbreak", and a role facing Taylor Lautner for the new season of UK TV Show "Cuckoo".

Ryan Svendsen

Ryan Svendsen, Manager of Film Music at Lionsgate, began his music career as Principal Trumpet for the California Youth Symphony. His dream of playing trumpet with the Dave Matthews Band came to fruition in 2009 and he can be seen doing so in their music video entitled "You and Me." After holding positions at United Talent Agency and Azoff Music Management, Svendsen joined Lionsgate in 2012. IMDb

In addition to managing the release of over 40 soundtracks, Svendsen has been credited on franchises such as The Hunger Games, Now You See Me, and Divergent Series. He continues to play trumpet as much as possible and has performed with an array of bands including The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Herbie Hancock and MuteMath. In addition to his love for music, Svendsen is an avid swimmer and swam from Alcatraz in 2015 & 2016.

Anna Wendt

Anna moved to Los Angeles from her home state of Minnesota to attend the Stella Adler Academy of Acting. She completed the Performing Arts program in 2000. This was rich and rewarding experience which included character development, script analysis, classical acting, the history of theater, music, movement, dance, dialect and improvisation.

She then moved on to various roles in television, film and stage in various contemporary and classic productions in L.A. and Las Vegas. This continues today.

For several years she has been one of the number one rehearsal actresses and host for several top awards shows and specials such as Academy of Country Music Awards, since 2006, Miss America, since 2009, Miss USA since 2009, American Country Awards, since 2010, Billboard Awards, since 2006, and CNN Heroes, since 2010.

She was a national spokesperson for XM Satellite Radio from 2001-2008, (before their merger with Sirius Radio).

Anna has also worked as a photo double/and or stand in, most recently for Isla Fisher in "Now You See Me" to be released in 2012.

Alexander Furno

Alexander Furno was born near Turin (Italy) on the 28th of May 1980, in a little village called Volvera, from a Sicilian family.

Having lost his parents at a very young age, he spent most of his childhood between orphanages and foster caring homes.

At 14 years old he developed a passion for acting and cooking, cultivating a desire of becoming either a Chef or an Actor, but these ambitions did not find approval by the institutions as they preferred for him to take a professional course in electromechanics.

Very determined not to let his ambitions slip away, Alexander managed to be enrolled on a hospitality institute, where he gained a degree in Professional Cookery in 1998.

Soon after, at the age of 18, he got a job in the Michelin Star Restaurant, near Frankfurt in Germany. However, he soon had to move back to Italy for National Military Service and stayed there for 10 months.

Focused on his own plan, and still determined in pursuing an acting career, Alexander moved back to Germany and spent there another 6 months, where he took the time to plan his next steps. Willing to learn English he moved to the Isle of Man, where he spent 2 years working in restaurants as a head-chef. At the age of 20, he was one of the first chefs taking charge of a kitchen at such a young age and his dedication got him two awards as "Best restaurant of the year" (2001;2002).

Finally, with some money in his pockets and after six months of research, he followed his American dream and moved to Washington DC.

There he worked in "Luigino's" for 6 months, working until the very last day before his Visa expired. Not being able to afford a renewal, he moved back to the Isle of Man.

Finally confident with his English, he started researching upon starting an acting career and thought about working as an extra to get to know the industry.

By pure chance, during a walk, Alexander got approached by someone asking him to work as an extra for a movie. Thinking that it was a candid camera, Alexander first laughed at his face, but finally he signed up with Nina's People extras agency, that got him signed for "Fade to Black" (2006).

He continued as a jobbing actor, and while still working as a chef, he enrolled for different workshops and courses, in order to work on his craft and gain confidence and skills as an actor. Hemoved to London and attended the boot-camp with Brian Timony Actors Studio, which left a special mark on Alexander, who was incredibly inspired and grew on his dedication for the industry.

However, for financial restrictions, he could not attend a long-term course and then trained with Alice Acting. After six months, he managed to perform in a showcase for The Royal Acadamy of Dramatic Arts, in London.

Still eager to learn and willing to focus on screen acting, he enrolled at the Kingdom School of Arts for the full year course.

Alexander also appeared in "B33f"(2014), Adam Jones(2015) and Now You See Me: The Second Act (2016).

Between the year 2006 and today, he also gained various roles music videos and BBC programs, such as Sabotage Comedy.

Alexander is an expert in martial arts and also has deep knowledge of stage combat and sword fighting, use of weapons and para-jumping (also due to his military service).

Among other interests, he enjoys sports in general, such as swimming and scuba diving. He is a chef specialized in international fine dining and cuisine and is also fluent in English, Italian and Spanish.

Having had the occasion to work with Alexander on and off set, I can say that he is the kind of professional who is able to turn obstacles into inspirations, which is an enrichment to our industry.

(Written by Francesca May, actor and director)

Kelvin Boon Hern Tan

Kelvin Tan, the driving force behind K. O. Star Music, specializes in music for TV & Film. His compositions appear on several networks & shows including (Lionsgate) Now You See Me 2, (ABC) Once Upon a Time, (CBS) CHAOS, The 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant (NBC), Trailers for Under the Dome & The Mentalist, (BBC America) No Kitchen Required, Access Hollywood & 100s of shows on NBC, MTV, NAT GEO, Fox Sports, Discovery, just to name a few. Kelvin's music can be heard on the following shows & networks: The 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant (NBC). Once Upon a Time (ABC). Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!). Access Hollywood. Fox Sports. Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC). Saturday Night Live. CHAOS (CBS). VICE (HBO). Goldfathers (Nat Geo). Pythonathon. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (Discovery). Fat N' Furious: Rolling Thunder. Blade Brothers. Auction Kings. Buying Alaska. Porter Ridge. Ultimate Armored Car. Beverly Hills Nannies (ABC Family). No Kitchen Required (BBC America). Hillbilly Handfishin (Animal Planet). The Real Housewives of Miami (Bravo). The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Married to Medicine. 100 Days of Summer. Jersey Belle. Flipping Out. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (TLC). Best Funeral Ever. Welcome to Myrtle Manor. Toddlers & Tiaras. Cheer Perfection. My First Home. What Not to Wear. Snapped Killer Couples (Oxygen). Living Different. Top 20 Countdown (Fuse). Fuse News. Off Beat. Monster Man (Syfy). Naked Vegas. Pawn Stars (History Channel). Counting Cars. American Pickers. WTA Tennis - Katowice Open, Final (Tennis Channel). ATP Tennis - US Men's Clay Court Championships, Semifinals. The Starters (NBA). Texas Women (CMT). Chrissy & Mr Jones (VH1). Miss U Much. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Sorority Sisters. Mob Wives. Levantate (Telemundo). Greatest Holiday Commercials Countdown (CW). I Almost Got Away With It (AHC). Wild Transport (A&E). It Takes a Church (GSN). Brad Meltzer's Lost History (H2). Wives With Knives (Discovery ID). 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. My Strange Criminal Addiction. Sex Sent Me to the Slammer. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (WE). Pregnant & Dating. David Tutera's CELEBrations. Mystery Millionaire. World Arm Wrestling League Championships (ESPN). Armando Montelongo Flipping (Fox Network). Sexy Confessions. America Now. America Declassified. Alien Encounters 3 (Science Channel). Fish Mavericks (NBC Sports). English Premier League Soccer. Disney Cruise Line: Behind the Magic (Planet Green). White Collar Brawlers (Esquire Network). Knife Fight (Style). Lizard Lick Towing (truTV). Loredana, Esq. (Sundance). Morning Drive (Golf Channel). Tornado Alley (The Weather Channel). Brothers on Call (DIY). T.D. Jakes Presents: Mind, Body & Soul. Income Property. Best Daym Takeout. Sand Masters. Trip Flip. Dr Oz Show. 10 on Top (MTV). Catfish. Made. Girl Code. Guy Code Honors. Clean Break. Jump City: Seattle. World Access. Backstage at Z100's Jingle Ball. Theme song for Tao Shu (Nickelodeon) Nickelodeon, Comedy Central etc. Promos on CBS: Under the Dome, The Mentalist. Promos: CSI Miami, Three Kings, Ancient Aliens. Ads for FCUK, Clinique, Campbell's V8 Fusion, Kmart, Delta Airlines, Ford Fiesta.

Michael James Nuells

Michael James Nuells was born November 2 in Victoria, Texas to the parents of Ernest Nuells Jr. and Ruthie Mae Nuells. The youngest of 7 brothers and sisters, he was always one to garner the spotlight at home and at school. He became a standout in some off Broadway productions which include "A Hallelujah Christmas" and "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee".

While excelling on the stage Michael wanted a bigger platform to showcase his natural talents leading him into the world of film and television. Determined not to be your average actor he aspires to work behind and in front of the camera. In some of his most recent work he used his detailed eye and organizational skills to work as a casting assistant on the hit NBC show "The Voice" and feature film "Now You See Me".

From the stage to the screen Michael James Nuells has only just begun to use his charisma, wit, and undeniable adaptability to change what it means to be an entertainer.

Myles William

Myles Moraites, better known as Myles William, is an American music producer and entertainer from New Jersey. Known for his roll in the music community producing for the likes of Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Iggy Azalea , Keyshia Cole , Estelle and many others he has also had work featured in films such as "The Other Women" and "Now You See Me" . Myles William is also the founder of the "Future Moguls" entertainment company.

Kostyantyn Volkov

Kostyantyn Volkov also known as Kosta is an English actor and an aspiring film director. He was born in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine and moved to London, England when he was 7 years old. Kosta went to Portway Primary School and then Lister Community School where his passion for film and television became his main goals in life. He then went onto further education where he studied Media at Epping Forest College and developed his knowledge in television. He then started to get involved in the industry and decided to try out acting as it was his hobby for many years and started taking private lessons when eventually he got involved with acting agencies and persuaded his acting career. His first appearance was on Now You See Me: The Second Act (2016), Pan (2015) and a British comedy series My Mad Fat Diary season 3 (2015) .

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