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Lee Bane

Lee Bane is a professional actor and film producer originally from Swansea, South Wales.

After Graduating from Gorseinon College in Swansea, he went on to gain a place at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. After playing notable supporting roles in high profile TV productions such as 'Belonging' and 'Doctors' for the BBC, along with many diverse roles in Theatre, Lee has since become one of the most prolific actors in UK independent film. The independent films he has appeared in have been commercially released in numerous countries worldwide such as the UK, North America, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Peru and the Philippines.

Lee's frequent collaborations with prolific production company North Bank Entertainment began with 'Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection', which debuted at #27 on the National UK DVD Chart in May 2013, the only film in the top 40 that week which wasn't produced by a major American studio. A major studio, Lionsgate, subsequently distributed the film in North America.

Other notable collaborations with North Bank include 'The Amityville Asylum', which debuted at #1 in the HMV New Releases DVD Chart in the UK and 'The Exorcism of Anna Ecklund' which opened at #2. 'Robert' reached #30 in the National UK DVD Chart in August 2015, the only independent film to appear in the Top 40 that week. 'Robert' subsequently went on to commercial success in North America, Germany and South America. Other notable appearances for Lee in successful North Bank productions include 'The Last House on Cemetery Lane' and 'Haunting at the Rectory'.

Lee's first film as a producer, 'The Curse of Robert', opened at #25 in the National UK DVD Chart and at #1 in the HMV New Releases Chart. The film was released in North America by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

John A. Russo

With twenty books published internationally and nineteen feature movies in worldwide distribution, John Russo has been called a "living legend." He began by co-authoring the screenplay for Night of the Living Dead, which has become recognized as a "horror classic."

His three books on the art and craft of movie making have become bibles of independent production, and one of them, Scare Tactics, won a national award for Superior Nonfiction. Quentin Tarantino and many other noted filmmakers have stated that Russo's books helped them launch their careers.

John Russo wants people to know he's "just a nice guy who likes to scare people" - and he's done it with novels and films such as Return of The Living Dead, Midnight, The Majorettes, The Awakening and Heartstopper. He has had a long, rewarding career, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Recently his screenplay for Escape of The Living Dead was made into a five-part comic book released by Avatar to great acclaim; it made the Top Ten of Horror Comics nationally and spawned two graphic novels and ten sequels.

Russo's recent novel, The Hungry Dead, was published by Kensington Books. He is also slated to direct two movies: a remake of his cult hit, Midnight, and a brand new take on the "zombie phenomenon" entitled Spawn of The Dead.

Russo's latest novel Dealey Plaza was published by Burning Bulb Publishing. His short story Channel 666 appears in The Big Book of Bizarro.

His popularity among genre fans remains at a high pitch. He appears at many movie conventions each year as a featured guest, and he considers his appearance at the Orion Festival, hosted by Kirk Hammett and Metallica, one of the highlights of his career.

Stefano DiMatteo

Stefano DiMatteo originally from Toronto Ontario began his career in his hometown, but found him self looking for a change of environment, which brought him to Vancouver, where he could study his craft at the Lyric School for acting, while at the same time pursuing his acting career full time. While in Vancouver Stefano appeared in a supporting role on Cold Squad as Manuel Diaz, a man suspected of killing his girlfriend. He also quickly found himself in the pilot for the hit T.V series Stargate Atlantis, as Toran, opposite (Rachel Luttrel), and again in The Lizzie McGuire Movie (Hilary Duff), and The Chronicles Riddick (Vin Diesel).

DiMatteo returned to Toronto to give his hometown a run for its money and found that he was greeted with open arms. Since returning to Toronto, he has appeared in supporting roles on T.V. shows such as Kevin Hill (FOX T.V), Queer as Folk (Showtime), Beautiful People (ABC Family) and again as miracle worker in the made for T.V. movie Absolution, opposite Samantha Mathis (Pump up the Volume). Last year Stefano could be seen in the critically acclaimed and award winning T.V. mini-series, Across the River to Motor City, as Salvador Cruz, the Cuban diplomat, in search of the truth.

Stefano DiMatteo recently completed a co-starring role in the upcoming horror film, Survival of the Dead, the latest installment in George A. Romero's, (Night of the Living Dead) of the Dead series, in which he stars as National Guardsman running around Plum Island, off the Atlantic Coast trying to keep the Dead, dead, opposite Alan Van Sprang (The Tudors), Devon Bostick (Adoration), and Kenneth Welsh (Adoration). Recently the film had its world premiere at the 66th Venice Film Festival, where DiMatteo can be seen standing beside George A. Romero on the Red Carpet promoting the film to rabid fans.

Upon finishing shooting of Survival of the Dead, the up-and coming actor went directly back to work in a supporting role, opposite Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club) on the highly anticipated sequel to Troy Duffy's original cult favorite Boondocks Saints. Boondocks Saints: All Saints Day, is set for theatrical release in November 2009, where Judd Nelson playing Concezio Yakavetta, the new Don of Don's and DiMatteo playing his Capo, plot and scheme on how best to deal with the resurgence of the Saints. There will be guns, big guns!

Stefano has also shared the screen with Matt Lanter (Beverly Hills 90210), in a co-starring role in the third installment of the Cutting Edge Trilogy, Cutting Edge: Chasing the Dream. DiMatteo plays, Lanter's, ambitious coach who covets the Olympic gold medal almost more than the two he is training to win it. The Cutting Edge, was initially made famous, by D.B.Sweeny (Eight Men Out), and Moira Kelly (Chaplin), in 1992, and it would appear as though its lasting effect has found a home among a new generation of fans with the resurgence of the Cutting Edge Films. Look for in now in video stores.

Stefano is working on Crash & Burn, a new T.V. series created by Whizbang Productions (Paul Gross), slated to air on Showcase in January 2010, where he has a recurring role as the character Arlindo.

In 2008 Stefano DiMatteo's directorial debut, Communication Breakdown, a romantic comedy about the trials and tribulations of dating in the 21st century, had its world premiere at the Canadian Film Festival, followed by a screening at the prestigious Maui Film Festival and eventually winning him a Best Short Film award at the MIFF Festival.

Marilyn Eastman

Marilyn Eastman was born in Iowa and later moved to Pittsburgh where her career with Karl Hardman ("Night" co-star and long-time colleague) took off. She was a regular on several local radio shows that achieved much success, and later she and Karl formed Hardman/Eastman, Inc. They eventually joined forces with The Latent Image, Inc, another Pittsburgh company, which was headed by George Romero, to create the phenomonal horror classic Night of the Living Dead, which was filmed in 1967 in and around Pittsburgh, PA and released in October 1968. Eastman not only acted in the film, she worked on make-up, props and contributed to the editing of the screenplay. Marilyn has done many industrial films with Karl Hardman since "Night" and has worked on commercials as well as in theater. She appeared in the _Night of the Living Dead: 25th Anniversary (1993)_ video that chronicled the film's incredible history and success. She is now married to Karl Hardman.

Roger Conners

William Roger Conners was born in Westlake, Ohio which is located just outside of Cleveland. In late 2006 he was was cast as a lead in 529 Films "Hellementary: An Education in Death", which went on to have its national television premiere in 2010. After appearing in an array of independent horror films he was given the title of being horrors first "Scream Queer", a spin on the term "Scream Queen". Since the success of his first project he had major roles in multiple recognizable films such as "Chill: The Killing Games", "Raw Focus", "Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth", and most recently the role of Roy Shaw in Conrad Faraj's "Fighting the Sky".

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon was born in Columbus, GA while her father was stationed at Ft. Benning, GA. Her father was a sergeant in the Army and her mother a convenience store clerk who used to take Kenyon to work with her where Kenyon would stock shelves and price items. Kenyon's father abandoned the family when Kenyon was eight, leaving her mother to raise Kenyon, her younger brother, and her older sister, who has severe cerebral palsy, alone. Kenyon's brother was sent to live with their grandparents in Atlanta, GA while Kenyon stayed in Columbus to help care for her sister. After almost two years of separation, the family was reunited when Kenyon and her mother and sister moved to Atlanta. Kenyon's first recognition for her writing came when she won a contest in third grade by writing an essay about her single mother for Mother's Day and it was followed a year later when she won a DAR Award for a historical story she wrote about a girl living in Colonial Virginia.

Kenyon was raised in the middle of eight boys, but only two of them were actually her brothers. The other six were her cousins who, due to family crisis, lived with her family off an on most of her early life and young adulthood. She also has two much older sisters.

Even as a child, Kenyon knew that she wanted to be a writer as it provided her an escape from an abusive childhood. She is a big advocate against child abuse and participates in fund raisers to help other victims. At age seven she wrote and illustrated her first novel, Sharron's Secret, a horror story about a girl who uses her psychic powers to kill her brothers and take over her school. At fourteen, Kenyon made her first professional sale, and continued to write for school newspapers, yearbooks, local papers and magazines throughout high school and college. She gained her love of horror, zombies and paranormal films and novels from her mother, who never censored what movies the young girl was allowed to watch. Her mother even took her to see Night of the Living Dead at a drive-in theater when she was only four years old.

Kenyon originally intended to major in art in college so that she could work in the comic industry and develop her own series. Her dream was to one day work with Marvel or DC comics (her Dark-Hunter comics were turned down by Marvel, DC and Dark Horse back in the 1980s). Marvel would later go on to publish her international best selling series Lords of Avalon as both comics and Graphic novels. St. Martin's Press adapted her Dark-Hunter series into a New York Times best selling manga series and Yen Press has recently acquired rights to adapt her Chronicles of Nick series into manga.

She was accepted into the Savannah College of Art and Design, but was unable to afford the tuition to attend. She entered a state college instead (Georgia College) where she majored in English, hoping to be admitted into the Creative Writing program at the University of Georgia (she transferred there after her first two years at GC). Her first quarter of college, she was placed in a remedial English class due to her dyslexia which resulted in a low score on the placement test. The first day of class, her professor realized the mistake and had her placed in an advanced English course that the professor also taught.

Kenyon spent two years as an English major and as an editor for the school paper. She applied three times for admission to the Creative Writing program at the University of Georgia, but was never admitted. After her third attempt, the professor in charge of the program asked her not to apply again as the program was designed for students who had a serious future in publishing and said that Kenyon lacked the talent it would take to be published in fiction, even though Kenyon had already published numerous short stories in magazines and journals. Ironically, those short stories she submitted were the start of her Dark-Hunter series that would lead her to international fame.

In the early 1990s, Kenyon published six best selling books and then lost her contract. For the next four and a half years, Kenyon continued to write even in the midst of personal tragedy. In 1996 alone, after having published six best selling books, she had over 150 rejections. She made her next sale in 1998 with a historical pirate novel. Her editor at the time (along with many others) turned down her Dark-Hunter series, claiming that the vampire genre was dead and that no one other than Anne Rice could put one on a list. It was for that reason that she ceased using the word vampire and called her villains Daimons. It was a gamble that worked.

Since the Dark-Hunter books were published in 2002, they have sold tens of millions of copies in over 100 countries. She has placed more than 70 novels on the New York Times, with numerous number ones. All of her books debut at the top of the major lists. Unlike most writers, she doesn't have a set demographic. Rather her books are read by young and old, male and female. Kenyon is also the first genre writer to put a vampire novel at number one on a major list.

Kenyon attributes her popularity to her ever growing fan base of self-proclaimed Menyons who routinely hold get-togethers the world over to celebrate her books. She is fiercely loyal to her fans and considers them part of her family.

Kyra Schon

Kyra Schon has the distinction of having portrayed Karen Cooper, the trowel-wielding zombie kid in George Romero's original "Night of the Living Dead." She currently keeps her artistic skills honed by teaching art, creating handmade sterling silver and bronze jewelry and designing whimsical greeting cards featuring her pooch Spiffy, a hound with an abundant personality. Kyra formerly wrote a weekly feature for The Horror Channel website entitled "Ghoulish Guidance", an advice column for zombies and other people.

George Cameron Romero

A commercial and film director for more than 20 years, Romero's style of creative can be seen in more than 100 commercials, 6 feature films and countless short projects including "The Auctioneers," which made its mark in the competitive world of DSLR filmmaking when he addressed the tragedy of human trafficking.

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, George Cameron Romero was born the son of legendary director, George A. Romero ("Night of the Living Dead," "The Dark Half") and after attending Thiel College in Pennsylvania, Romero spent several years moving around the country and working crew jobs on location-based films of all sizes, until he took a break to join the dotcom boom and explore the world of advertising and creative brand strategy. After developing a reputation for delivering impossible results at half the cost of his competitions, Romero's agency caught the attention of a direct marketing company, whose owners bought Romero's agency and creative staff and introduced his fringe style to Fortune 500 clients.

Shortly after, Romero's paths had culminated into one when his vision for a brick and mortar motion picture studio in Western Pennsylvania was realized and the doors to Batpack Studios opened in 2004.

During his time at the head of Batpack Studios, Cameron directed two feature films, developed over 80 creative online marketing strategies and campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, directed over 100 commercials for companies like Verizon, Verizon Wireless, The Lending Tree, Cracker Barrel, and Sony Electronics, to name a few, and he worked to give independent, young filmmakers a place to call home.

Romero has since set off on his own path and has developed and produced a handful of projects on his own under his new moniker, Films Used to be Dangerous, LLC d.b.a. Romero Pictures. He is also responsible for his Direct-to-Audience (D2A) Production Program that allows fans to invest directly in his films and enjoy any profit that Romero's D2A projects may make by being treated as direct investors in his films.

romeropictures.com . #filmisfearless . #filmsusedtobedangerous

George Kosana

George Kosana hails from Clairton, Pennsylvania to parents Stephen and Elizabeth. He has one older brother, also named Stephen. Though he has not married, he has living family throughout the country; three nieces, Lise (Prestine), Deborah (Kosana), and Kimberly (Bednarek). He has two great-nieces, Katherine (Prestine) and Anna (Bednarek), and one great-nephew, Robert (Bednarek).

George's most significant role was that of Sheriff McClelland in the 1968 original, Night of the Living Dead, directed by George A. Romero.

Matt Busch

In the early 90s, Busch began his career in Hollywood, working in every aspect of the movie business, working on films like The Matrix and Con-Air.

Simultaneously, he began illustrating books, magazines, posters, comics, trading cards and toys for notable pop culture properties like Lord of the Rings, The Crow, G.I. Joe, Night of the Living Dead, The Hulk, Battlestar Galactica, Robocop, The Mummy, and Star Trek.

Mostly known for his work with the Star Wars universe, Busch has written and illustrated dozens of Star Wars books and magazines. He created the cover of Tales from the Empire, which became a New York Times Bestseller. Busch was also involved with creating artwork for advertising, marketing, and licensed products for all three Star Wars prequels. Busch also provided nearly 400 drawings and paintings for the critically acclaimed You Can Draw Star Wars book from DK Publishing. Busch also extended his own unique drawing and painting tutorials to video, with episodes Online that shattered records and were later collected on as limited edition volumes on DVD.

A closet musician himself, Busch has worked with major musical artists like Alice Cooper, Beastie Boys, Beck, Black Sabbath, Cinderella, Foo Fighters, Garbage, Kid Rock, L.L. Cool J, Billy Joel, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Ted Nugent, Ozzy Osbourne, Poison, and Jessica Simpson.

The first hardcover collection of his work, "Fantastic Visions: The Art of Matt Busch" was Published by Avatar Press, which included an Introduction by Poison's Rikki Rockett. SQP Publishing released a hardcover collection titled "Pucker: The Seductive Art of Matt Busch" which featured an Introduction by System of a Down's John Dolmayan. In 2007, Hermes Press published the quintessential collection, titled "The Worlds of Matt Busch." Most recently, Busch has published his largest collection to date, "Hollywood is Dead", a 208 page hardcover where he repainted all of the historical iconic movie posters with a zombie twist.

In 2006, Busch released his first independent movie, Conjure, a film he wrote, directed, starred in, and even composed music for. Financing the entire movie himself, the unique film was met with critical acclaim and shattered records. In 2008, Busch released his second feature, Illustration Nation, a documentary of his world travels during his 2007 Planetmatt World Tour.

Aladdin 3477 is Busch's biggest project to date, a feature film that has been in development for more than 2 decades. Based on the classic Arabian Nights tale, the movie is set in Asia 1,500 years in the future. The movie is expected to be released at some point in 2015.

Busch resides in a multiple-studio house set up in Macomb Township, Michigan, with his wife artist/actress Lin Zy and their dog Roxie and a family of Japanese Koi. Both are professors at Macomb College by day and adventure seeking artists at night.

Sean Durrie

Sean seriously thought of acting at the advice of his 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Peterson, who told him he should think about becoming an actor after giving an improv monologue about milk to the class. After attending the University of Tulsa for one year on a theater scholarship, he received a scholarship and transferred to The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood. In between his first and second years at the Academy he performed in his first equity show "Stonewall Country" at the Theater at Lime Kiln in Lexington, Virginia. After the Academy he was invited to the South Coast Repertory Professional Conservatory where he further studied. It was there that he was introduced to Joanne DeNaut who cast him in South Coast Reps productions of "A Christmas Carole" and "Cyrano De Bergerac" (Starring Mark Harelik, Gregory Itzin, and Michael McShane). Sean's first film role was Robber #2 in the indie film "This is Encino". From there he starred in 3 short films: "Foreign Language", "Dark Son", and "Coach". He then booked the lead roles in the feature films "M.O.G" and "P.S. I Know You Love Me". He can also be seen in the upcoming films "Night of the Living Dead 3-D" and "Snakes on a Train" where he plays a college surfer named Dickie.

Mauricio Viteri

Mauricio Viteri is an actor known for Night of the Living dead 2:DeadLock (2017) "Undecided " (TV mini-series) (2016) Honky Holocaust (2014) Shades of Gray (2014) and Noah(2011).Born Mauricio Ernesto Viteri-Rizzo on May 2,1974 in Guayaquil,Ecuador to parents of Italian descent. Mauricio moved from Guayaquil,Ecuador to the United States with his parents and older sibling at the age of 5,speaking no English at all.Arriving and lived in the city of Jersey city,New Jersey for two years before moving up a town over to Paterson,New Jersey for a few more years.In 1986 the whole family moved to Boston,Massachusetts in a small quiet town called Jamaica Plain.It was there where Mauricio would pretty much settle in and would be raised for most of his life.(I Feel like my life has been a journey and I still haven't found what I'm looking for)Mauricio Viteri.

Aswan Harris

Aswan Harris is a Marine Corps veteran, actor, stunt performer and model. He stars as Ben in the rebirth of the critically acclaimed, 'Night of the Living Dead,' and is best known for his role as the War Room Intern in 'Draft Day.' Aswan shows his versatility playing three different characters in 'With This Ring: Circus Ring Master,' 'Ice Cream Man' and 'Jeffrey.' His other supporting roles include Isaac in 'Rachel's 9th Inning' and Tripp in 'Swing Lowe, Sweet Chariot.' He has played leading roles in several theatrical productions in Cleveland, Ohio. Aswan's military training has allowed him to showcase his skills in various fighting scenes in 'Criminal Activities, and 'The Charnel House.' He is comedic, optimistic and enjoys photography, playing sports and singing. Aswan is looking forward to winning his first Academy Award, and hopes to achieve the level of success of his two idols, Denzel Washington and Will Smith.

David G.B. Brown

Born David Gabriel Benjamin Brown in 1977 in Illinois, David was raised in Michigan, the oldest of four children. After a few years of college, during which he studied an array of subjects including music and theology, David joined the U.S. Army. Upon completion of his active duty service, David returned to school, this time to study film production, direction and writing. After accepting a job as a restaurant manager, David kept the job until 2007, when he decided he wanted to return to filmmaking - this time in front of the camera. Parts in independent short and feature films continued to be offered, and David signed on with two agencies in the Detroit, Michigan, area. Gravitating back towards writing and directing, David decided to attend The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan, located in Troy, Michigan, to learn how professionals approach filmmaking. David's acting career continues, recently performing in movies such as "Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead" by Dead Wait Productions and Anchor Bay, as well as the small role of Theo on the AMC television show "Low Winter Sun".

Scott Tepperman

Scott Tepperman is formerly one of the stars of Syfy Channel's Ghost Hunters International, the popular spin-off to the most successful paranormal reality show of all time. In recent years, he has made the jump from TV to movies, and is quickly becoming a familiar name in the independent horror film scene, having appeared in such notable horror films as Night of the Living Dead: Genesis, Don't Look in the Basement 2, The Hospital, The Hospital 2, Camp Massacre, Hybrid, and many others. He has recently wrapped I Dared You! Truth or Dare 5, which he is both starring in and co-directing with legendary cult filmmaker Tim Ritter.

Scott is also the co-owner and co-founder of Los Bastardz Productions, an independent film production company which he runs with his close friend and frequent collaborator, Jim O'Rear (ABC's Nashville, Don't Look in the Basement 2). Their first official joint project is the recently-completed 1980's-style cop thriller Nightblade, which stars Jim and Scott, along with fan favorites Robert LaSardo (Nip/Tuck), Betsy Rue (My Bloody Valentine 3D) and Todd Bridges (Diff'rent Strokes).

He is the author of two successful books, Paradise Found: My Complete Paranormal Journey and Overlooked & Underrated: 100 Fantastic Forgotten Films of Horror. Additionally, he is working on an "unofficial companion" book to his favorite movie of all-time, Near Dark.

Aside from his various film projects, Scott is an avid collector of old horror VHS and Beta movies and has several thousand tapes in his collection. He has also hosted and/or judged various film festivals, including the legendary Freak Show Film Fest and Atlanta's long-running movie showcase, Buried Alive.

Since 2008, Scott has been a non-stop guest at various comic cons, fan conventions, charity events, and trade shows and has gained a large, loyal following in both the paranormal and horror genres. He continues to tour extensively in both the U.S. and abroad.

For more about Scott, please visit: www.scott-tepperman.com

Phil Willis

Animator Phil Willis hails from Sydney, Australia. Phil graduated from Maryborough State High School in 1991. In 1995 Willis graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Queensland, where he majored in Engineering and minored in Computer Software. He worked as a software engineer for fourteen years and spent four years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania prior to returning to Australia and becoming an animator. Phil is one of almost 150 artists who contributed to the 2009 feature "Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated." Willis runs the blog AnimationIdeas.com in his spare time. Phil graduated from Animation Mentor in March, 2010 and has made several film shorts. He enjoys reading, running, playing music, writing, theatre sports, and participating in chess, poker, and Scrabble tournaments.

John Landolfi

Born in Brooklyn NY, on August 28th, John Landolfi has been in the movie business since 1990. He is a producer known for Feral (2016), Daylight's End (2015), Night of the Living Dead: Genesis (2015), and Vigilante Diaries (2016). He has been married to Jenna since July 30th 2009; they have 5 children.

Jason Brandt

Jason Brandt recently composed music for A Christmas Reunion (2015), starring Denise Richards, Jake Busey & Patrick Muldoon. It premiered on the ION Network December 13, 2015. The Dog Who Saved Summer (2015) starring Dean Cain and Mario Lopez was released June 9, 2015 through Anchorbay & Starz Home Ent. Jason Brandt has composed music for major theatrical releases, including the cult horror film, Night of the Living Dead 3D (2006) starring Sid Haig and Brianna Brown, and Hardflip (2012) starring John Schneider and Rosanna Arquette, That Guy Dick Miller (2014) premiered at SXSW 2014. Inside (2006) starring Leighton Meester and Nick D'Agosto as well as critically acclaimed documentaries including Tapped (2009), American Grindhouse (2010) which premiered at SXSW in 2010. Other recent movies include The Contractor (2013) starring Danny Trejo.

Jason also creates original music for a wide range of national television programming, including Emmy Award-Winning talk shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, popular entertainment news magazines Extra and TMZ, Crime Watch Daily, reality TV shows American Idol, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and niche programming like Cartoon Network's Teen Titans GO!, Mike Tyson Mysteries, E! Entertainment's Fashion Police, Discovery Channel's American Chopper, Chrisley Knows Best and many more.

Nathaniel Francis

Nathaniel Francis was born May 1989 in Leicester, however he was brought up in Lincolnshire and attended The Kings School Peterborough. He went on to Winchester University where he studied Drama & Psychology. Nathaniel has always been active in the acting industry and performed Chatroom for the young National. He has since moved to London and progressed to screen with notable achievements such as lead in remake of Night of the Living Dead in 3D but still stays active on stage, performing on the fringe.

Brian Huckeba

Brian Huckeba was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his parents and two brothers where he studied broadcast journalism at a local tech college. Graduating at the top of his class, he was soon hired to run the city's first low power independent TV station, WKG-TV, Channel 19. He also helped to create a local sketch comedy group, "Void Where Prohibited," performing at local comedy clubs. His final stand-up comedy show ended with a standing-room only performance. After honing his producing, editing, directing and acting skills, he moved to Los Angeles, CA in 1991, where were began to pursue his Hollywood dream. His acting pursuits have landed him roles in some film, television and commercial projects. One stand out performance is the hyper-kinetic "Chickenboy" in his debut film, Steel Frontier (1995). Brian performed in no less that five television pilots and re-launched his improvisational comedy group with all new performers. "Void Where Prohibited" performed for about a year at local venues, including the main stage at the world famous "The Comedy Store" on Sunset Blvd. Editing took a major role in his survival here in Los Angeles, cutting numerous feature films and trailers, including the 30th anniversary trailer for the horror classic, "Night of the Living Dead." "Void Where Prohibited" also received his cutting skills for a 22-minute pilot. Not wanting to be bored, Brian added yet another area of interest to his every growing resume, that of music. After creating his production company, "Red Wolf Entertainment" in 2003, along came his very own mobile disc jockey service, "Tune Town," which caters to all type of events ranging from corporate and birthday to bar mitzvahs and movie premieres. This company's mission is to provide high quality music and entertainment for events of all types and people of all ages. With all his achievements, the pursuit of his dream still continues...

Chad Zuver

Chad was born to Kimberly and Michael Zuver. He graduated Swanton High School in 1999. Chad decided against college and work for a living. Chad started at a local film company in the Toledo area. He was a crew member on other movies with the company, before starting his own movie.

At the start of 2013, Chad's first movie Unnoticed started production. It officially wrapped in June of 2013.

Chad started his first second feature film, New Blood Rising in August 2013, it officially wrapped in October. Chad received no professional help during his time filming New Blood Rising.

Shortly after finishing up New Blood Rising. Chad started his own production company with Allan Meyette called Shattered Images Films. New Blood Rising has been a huge success for the company. New Blood Rising was shown at the Maumee Indoor Theater on March 8th and sold out the very first show. The second show was 75% filled as well.

Spring 2014, Chad will be directing his third feature movie. A remake of 1968's Night of the Living Dead. Later in the summer of 2014. Chad will be joined by fellow director Michael E. Cullen II to make their movie The Final Act.

Richard Dyszel

Richard E. Dyszel was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating from SIU with a degree in Radio-TV, Dyszel became M.T. Graves, a TV host at WDXR-TV in Paducah, Kentucky in 1971 where he introduced weekly horror films. In 1972, Dyszel took his character to Channel 20 on WDCA-TV in Washington D.C. and there created his famous character of Count Gore De Vol, the vampire host of Creature Feature from 1973 to 1979, and after a five-year hiatus, from 1984 to 1987.

He also portrayed Bozo the Clown (1972-1977) and Captain 20 (1972-1987), the station's kids program host. His program "Kids Break" won an Emmy in 1984. As assistant programming director, he helped them amass an enviable collection of classic horror, Japanese monster, and campy 50s and 60s movies before the video era had changed the entertainment landscape. A major coup in 1976 was helping the station become the first to air, unedited and in its entirety, the original Night of the Living Dead. He also made Creature Feature the first program to be broadcast in stereo in the DC market.

Dyszel moved to Chicago in 1995 and became the first horror host on the Internet when he began "Creature Feature, the Web Program", a sequel to the TV show, in 1998. He moved back to the DC area in 2005 and continues producing his weekly web program, which is now also available for mobile devices.

Michael J. Tomaso

Michael J. Tomaso started out in the film business shortly after graduating from Port Charlotte High School in 1984 in Charlotte County, Florida. Later that year, he was then hired by George A. Romero to play the role of the 'football player' zombie in his last 'living dead' movie in the Night of the Living Dead trilogy, Day of the Dead; after finding out about the upcoming film from his teacher, mentor and friend, Dr. Paul M. Cleveland; that Mr. Romero was coming to Lee County, Florida to make the movie. Michael immediately contacted his friend, Kyra Schon [who played 'Karen' in the original 'Night of the Living Dead' in 1968], who confirmed it. Kyra referred Michael directly to Mr. Romero; Mr. Romero then referred Michael to his casting directors Christine Forrest-Romero; Gaylen Ross and Gary Brotz; who gave him the part as the 'football player' zombie; subsequently making Michael's character an iconic staple within the 'living dead' movie genre that has acquired a worldwide cult following.

Michael then continued to sporadically appear as an Extra or as a Stand-In in several other films; more notably as an SSTC Extra/Stand-In in Twister; as an E-Deck Passenger Extra in James Cameron's Titanic; as a student protester at Kent State in The '70s; as a doomed prom-goer in Carrie; and as a Ballroom Passenger Extra in Wolfgang Petersen's Poseidon. Michael lobbied for a part in 'Poseidon' because he was a fan of the original _Irwin Allen (I)_ disaster epic, The Poseidon Adventure; despite his fear of heights and rising water.

Michael was also originally slated to do Extras work in the film, Deep Impact for their NYC sequences; but he was bumped from the project and ended up doing the same thing for scenes in Godzilla.

More recently, Michael auditioned for a small part in The Crazies; and shortly before that, Michael was offered a small role as one of Charles Manson's 'followers' in Helter Skelter. However, since Michael treats every character he portrays; no matter how big, small or insignificant; as an extension of himself; and because he always does his best to look for integrity in that particular character, as well as a redeeming value in the story, he was compelled to turn the part down, due to his deeply rooted, moral and ethical principles.

Michael is presently dividing his time between his multimedia business, his law studies and in working with an acting coach to prepare him for a few upcoming roles. After initially desiring to retire from acting, altogether to study Law, Michael decided to pick up a job (in the film business) from time to time to periodically give him a break from his studies to do something he had always enjoyed doing.

Jaysen P. Buterin

As Creative Director of Greensboro, NC's straight jacket-tested/doctor-approved Mad Ones Films, Jaysen Buterin has devoted himself to showing the unbridled kaleidoscopic creativity just waiting to be unleashed when the inmates are finally allowed to run the cinematic asylum. Since 2006, he has specialised in creating character-focused, dialogue-driven genre-juggling indie films including everything from Faustian rock & roll thrillers ("The Devil's Tramping Ground") to dark deadly comedies ("The Decapitator") to femme fatale fantasy ("Flipper Stripper Vixens at the Inferno A-Go-Go!") and more!

Buterin spent four years writing, directing and masterminding the epic short film trilogy, "The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus." Initially released as three separate short films - allowing viewers to literally watch the movie as it was being made - this multiple award-winning set of sinful stories ('Best Grindhouse Film,' Killuride Film Festival; 'Best Feature Film,' MonsterCon Film Festival) is a "Twilight Zone meets Tarantino" thrill ride, a Shakespearean spaghetti western that will serenade your brain and ride off into the sunset with your heart.

Once the HPJ Trilogy was completed, Jaysen turned his attention to a full slate of projects both behind, and in front of, the camera. Having already filmed supporting roles in Brett Mullen's Italian-style zombie splatter film, "Bombshell Bloodbath" and the end of the world killer comedy, "Fix It In Post," from Adrenalin Productions, Jaysen will also be seen onscreen alongside the legendary Judith O'Dea in Matt Cloude's creative reimagining of the cult classic, "Night of the Living Dead: Genesis."

Buterin jumped back in the writer/director's chair for his latest short film, a terrifying tale of revenge from beyond the grave called "Between Hell and a Hard Place," which is already making a killing on the film festival circuit. Up next for the Mad Ones will be a big-screen adaptation of a sinister short story by award-winning author, John Hartness, followed up by the feature-length coulrophobia-courting clown killer thriller, "Kill Giggles." When he's not playing make-believe on a film set or a stage, he spends every waking moment (and most of the sleeping ones) with his gorgeous golden goddess of a wife and his beautiful blue-eyed baby Boy, whom he fondly refers to as "Stormageddon, the Dark Lord of All."

Thomas Rivas

Thomas Miguel Rivas was born July 9, 1988 in Oklahoma City to Julio and Christina Rivas. He started acting at the age of five, has starred in numerous plays through his school-years. In high-school he starred in The Rainmaker, Bye Bye Birdie, Edgar Allen Poe's Nevermore , The Day they Shot John Lennon, Night of the Living Dead, and eventually as Romeo in Romeo And Juliet. He has won various acting awards such as the Marilyn Moon Foundation Acting Award, OECU Fine Arts Award, (2) All-Star Cast Awards in regional competitions. He is the oldest of four children, two sisters (Alexia Rivas, and Ariel Rivas) one brother (Cesar Rivas). At the age 16 he attended at acting convention called Reel to Real 2005 were he met actor Rex Linn in a workshop, and decided it was time to get an agent! He walked into Magna Talent Agency founded by Margie Madden and asked for representation. She wanted him to take a class called Intro to Film Acting. That class is were he found his long time friend and Manager Michelle Delong. He went on to graduate from Northwest Classen HighSchool in 2006 with a Certificate of Distinction and GPA of 3.9875. Two weeks after becoming represented by Magna Thomas landed a training video for 7-eleven convenience stores. It seemed to have a snowball effect for Thomas because he went on to film a training video for Express Personnel Services then a big break came when he booked a principal role in a regional video and commercial for Gear Up. This new found stardom continued with radio voice overs and magazine print ads , Internet , and billboards! He was the face of Gear Up and continued landing roles for various commercials OSRH Education, WIC Psa Tv, Micheal Brooks Jiminez, I-35 Auto Mall, Joey Chiaf, Ocean Dental,Riverwind Casino,Winstar Casino, Remington Park Casino, Hard Rock Casino, Spokies, Kevin Durants MVP Speech, Bob Moore Honda and many more. He had his first chance to be in a big budget production on the set of Ivory. A film starring Beau Garret (Turistas,Fantastic four 2: Rise of Silver Surfer) Travis Fimmel (Calvin Klein Model). Upon his acting success Thomas landed a principal role in a television film Another Family Show produced by Freestyle Productions. Later on he landed a principal role in the U.S Army film Danger Close, and two years later a role in Backbone of the Army. His more recent ventures include an interview with Univision Network, Videos for Oklahoma City Public Schools produced by Almeida Productions, and also the film America directed by John Sullivan. He also graduated from Oklahoma Community College with a degree in Film and Video Production. He is now 27 years old and is married to Lorena Rivas, has 2 daughters the oldest named Eliana Rivas which is 5 years old and started her acting career as the promo figure for Life Church and has a web show on YOUTUBE, and his youngest daughter is Evelynn Sofia Rivas and a step-son named Josue Valle . He still resides in Oklahoma City and is finished working on his directorial debut called: Dawn of a New Age: The Day Walkers: a zombie film that shows the bond and struggle for survival that people make in a post-apocalyptic world. In December of 2014, Thomas started up a production company called Rivas Enterprise Films and has produced a short film called Labyrinth of Horror, and is working on a feature film called No Mans Land set to hit theaters in 2017! His company was hired in late 2015 to film behind the scenes of the film Gosnell. Also, he played the Lead DEA agent and just wrapped the film Gosnell starring Dean Cain. They will attend the Red Carpet Premier in Los Angeles in summer or fall of 2016.

James Plumb

James Plumb is a film director and owner of Cardiff based production company Mad Science Films.

James has been involved in a number of award winning short films. He has written and directed 'Anticipation','Acts of God(Zilla)','Vertical' and 'Final Girl',as well as the documentary 'Julian Doyle Masterclass' and two music videos for the band Don't Tread on Spiders- 'Cheer Up, It Might Never Happen' and 'Get Your Skates On, Billy'. James has also worked as Director of Photography on the short films 'Corridoring','Satnav','Alone with the Dead', 'The Big Pitch', 'The A Bit Bigger Pitch', 'Last Orders' and 'Rotter'.

James made his feature directorial debut in 2011 with 'Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection', a British version of the 1968 zombie classic, which he also co-wrote. Shot on location in South Wales with a low budget, the film was acquired by Grindstone Entertainment Group and Lionsgate Home Entertainment for North American distribution. 4Digital Media acquired the UK distribution rights and the film opened on November 30th 2012 in a limited UK theatrical release in the Cardiff, Newport, Bristol and Wolverhampton branches of Cineworld, with additional screenings at independent venues in Lancashire and Lincolnshire.

James' second feature film was 'Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming', a British remake of the little known American slasher film 'Silent Night, Bloody Night'. Filming took place in South Wales in 2012 with a cast that included cult icon Adrienne King, star of the original 'Friday the 13th'. James once again directed and co-wrote the film which was acquired for UK distribution by 101 Films with Elite Entertainment taking North American and International rights.

James is now developing a slate of feature film projects with Mad Science Films for production in 2013 and 2014.

Rich Robinson

Rich Robinson is a professional writer/producer/director of narrative film, television and commercial productions. He began his studies in animation, photography and drawing at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. He went on to further his film studies at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts-School of Filmmaking.

For over a decade, Robinson has worked with several influential filmmakers like George Romero (Night of the Living Dead, Creepshow), Joseph Zito (Missing in Action, Red Scorpion) and Steven Gonzales (George Washington, Shotgun Stories).

He has worked with an amazing pool of talent including Sean Bridgers ("Deadwood", Jug Face, The Graveyard Feeder) and Scoot McNairy (Argo, Killing them Softly) to name a few. He's also worked with a long list of companies such as Warner Home Video, Skywalker Sound, Taurus Entertainment, UTA, Untitled and Big Wheel Production Group in North Carolina.

Robinson has received several remarkable reviews and interviews on many horror websites and published magazines such as Fangoria and Rue Morgue. He has premiered at several international festivals and has spent many years at the annual AFM (American Film Market).

His legal representation is Wayne Alexander of Alexander, Nau, Frumes & Labowitz in Beverly Hills, CA.

Ami Artzi

Ami Artzi has had over 35 years experience in the entertainment industry, serving primarily as producer and executive producer on major motion pictures. Hailing from the Middle East, Artzi, graduated from New York University Film School, and produced his first feature "The Dreamer" which was showcased at the Cannes Film Festival in 1972, before he began a long association with The Cannon Group Inc. which was run by Dennis Friedland and Christopher Dewey, working in various capacities as producer and production executive on features such as "Silent Night, Bloody Night" and "Sugar Cookies".

In 1979, when Israeli cousins Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus bought The Cannon Group Inc. from Friedland and Dewey, Artzi remained employed continuing in diverse years at the now major independent film production/distribution company into the 1980s, working as both Producer and Production Supervisor overseeing films such as "Death Wish III and IV", "Runaway Train" and "The Delta Force".

In 1989, when Golan decided to leave as head of The Cannon Group Inc., he formed 21st Century Film Corporation, with Artzi joining him as President of the newly formed theatrical production and distribution company from 1990 to 1993 working on films such as "The Forbidden Dance", "Phantom of the Opera" and "Night of the Living Dead".

Since his resignation as President of 21st Century Films, Artzi has produced over 20 theatrically released films, became CEO of Tricoast International and Amco Entertainment.

Jerod Howard

Jerod Howard was born early on a Christmas morning, raised in one of the Windy City's predominately blue collar Irish-catholic neighborhoods. Although he attended St. Alphonsus Academy of Chicago, a longtime host to the Athenaeum Theater & Performing Arts Center, Jerod's first exposure to "theater" would be at the Music Box Theater through its feature films. Classics and award winners including "Young Frankenstein" and "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". In time Jerod would win an award for playing one of Cuckoo's Nest key characters himself... for the stage.

After transferring to a local public school just outside his neighborhood, Jerod attended the Walt Disney Magnet School. There he experienced a broad sense of culture which not only ignited his imagination, but fueled his creativity, and in high school his teachers became a great influence. With their faith and support Jerod was able to turn his artistic interest into action. He soon showed real effort with goal achieving effects. After placing first in state for a vocal competition, he was encouraged by his voice teacher Joan Ottolino to seek local performance opportunities. He auditioned and was cast in a local production of "Fiddler on the Roof". Jerod graduated honors in both the fine arts and music departments and received a New York Scholastic Arts award.

Working with a number of amateur and professional companies throughout the Chicago-land area, Jerod built his experience and continued to develop his skills. He studied with Pat Weiss, Robert Hill, at the Second City and the Acting Studio of Chicago... all contributing to his diverse training. He also performed five consecutive company seasons for BP Theater Company and worked diligently under the direction of Chicago veterans to include Maggie Speer (Azusa Productions), Todd Cornils (Circle Theater), and Jen Goodman. Jerod originated the role of Jay for "Thee Trinity", a dark comedy by Emmy nominated producer/writer Richard A. Roberts, with the world premiere at Chicago's Royal George Theater.

Jerod considers his stage debut in the role of Lance, the neurotic suburban drug dealer in a stage adaptation of Quentin Tarantino's cult-hit "Pulp Fiction" for Azusa Productions at the Preston Bradley Center of Chicago.

Jerod dedicated his time to Karen Peake Casting seeking opportunity in film and television, but the underground Indy thriller "October Moon" (Tempe Entertainment) provided him his first principle role in a film. He played Elliot Hamilton opposite Judith O'Dea (known for her performance as Barbara in George A. Romero's 1968 Indy cult classic, "Night of the Living Dead"). He returned to the role of Elliot in "November Son" (Ariztical Entertainment). Over time, October Moon has grown a large and diverse fan base internationally and both titles are scheduled for re-release with a third installment in talk.

Jerod has appeared on stage in Micheal Christofer's "The Shadow Box" and John Olive's "Killers". To include Richard A. Roberts original work "The BenchMark" consecutively. For film, he appeared cameo in Safe Inside (2014). He recently returned to the stage in "Arsenic & Old Lace" as Mortimer Brewster.

Jeff Broadstreet

An experienced director as well as a producer, Jeff Broadstreet has directed short films, music videos and five independent feature films, Sexbomb, Area 51: The Alien Interview, The Straun House, Night of the Living Dead 3D and the prequel, Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation, starring horror icons, Jeffrey Combs and Andrew Divoff. In addition to Combs and Divoff, Broadstreet has also directed Sid Haig, the late Karen Black, Brianna Brown, John Kassir, Denice Duff, Linnea Quigley and the late, great Robert Quarry (Count Yorga, Vampire). Born in Greencastle, Indiana he graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in Film & Television. After his college graduation, he traveled to Los Angeles and broke into the film industry at Empire Pictures as an assistant director on the independent cult hit, Ghoulies. In 2009 Broadstreet executive produced American Grindhouse, a festival hit around the country including SXSW.

Mike Schneider

Mike Schneider was born on June 6, 1984. Mike attended East Stroudsburg University from 2002 to 2004 and Kutztown University from 2004 to 2007. Schneider has BFA degrees in Sculpture and Digital Media and a BS in Art Education. Moreover, he also has a human research certification. Mike's art encompasses everything from drawings to photos to digital artwork to various animated shorts. Schneider has worked as an animator, production tech, curator, sculptor, web designer, and art educator. He does animation in traditional, experimental, and digital animation processes. Mike directed the 2009 feature "Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated," a wildly eclectic, inspired, and imaginative collaborative artistic mash-up that showcases contributions from almost 150 artists from all over the world.

Jacob Hair

Jacob Hair was born in Milford, Delaware due to the Three Mile Island evacuation of his parents' home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His early interest in storytelling was inspired by comic art, fantasy illustration, and "Night of the Living Dead".

In addition to his work in television and film, Jacob is a published cartoonist.

Mary Tallman

A former child prodigy in painting and drawing; Mary's art toured Europe twice in 1974 & 1975. At age 12 began earning college credit (School of the Art Institute Of Chicago and Oxbow Summer School of Art, Saugatuck, MI).

Parents were actors June Campbell and A.H. "Jerry" Tallman. Both had radio shows on WGN/Tribune affiliate in Illinois. Great uncle Frank Tallman was a stunt pilot for feature film and television. Sister Patricia starred in George A. Romero films "Knightriders", "Night Of The Living Dead (1990)." While visiting sister on the set of Knightriders" at age 16 Mary decided to change her major from art to film. Sister Judie Tallman is hair & makeup artist in Los Angeles.

1990 Studied script supervision and film continuity with Martha Pinson in Rockport, Maine.

1989 Assistant Editor, Fine Cut, Inc. Martin Bernstein, Editor Feature Film: "Shaking The Tree", "St. Tony's" Responsibilities: Preparing daily reels for video transfer, coding and logging daily reels, checking script mimic for Edaflex programming, organizing script notes, script, sound, camera and lab reports.

1986 -1987 Production Coordinator/Script Supervisor Michael Dunn Productions, IL "Make A Splash- Volunteer!" film won awards: Best Educational Film, Chicago International Film Festival, Huston International Film Festival, 2 Chicago Emmys (Best Director, Best Producer), Gold: New York International Film Festival, Certificate of Merit: U.S. International Industrial & Education Film Festival.

1983/4 Production Assistant "The Party Animal". She was so funny the director made her a cast member. "Vital Signs" pa and assistant to Edward Asner Pa/Script on Pee Wee Herman's first HBO Special. Intern Orion Pictures

1984 Producer, Universal Pictures / Suski Fallick, Los Angeles Press Junkets for Feature Films: "16 Candles"-John Hughes, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall "Iceman"- Fred Schepsi, John Lone

1984 Graduated with BA in Film Production from Columbia College, Chicago.

Orlando Eastwood

Orlando Eastwood was born on September 21, 1989 in North Carolina. He wanted to persue the movie business around the age of four after watching numerous Godzilla films, mainly Godzilla 1985 and Godzilla Vs The Sea Monster. In March 2005, while living in Germany he made a short film which ended in disaster after being detained while filming on a US base near his home. Footage was destroyed and only fractions of the short film "Maze of Thought" exists which was then edited into a short film which Orlando Eastwood himself calls "an experimental disaster". In May 2005, Eastwood pitched a script called "Hallelujah". While halfway through with the script, the independent studio went bankrupt and the project was canned with the script unfinished. While moving in 2006, he wrote the rough draft for "Paying Dues Vol. 1" and intends to write two more sequels to it. From November 2006 to February 2007, he shoot P.S.A's for his school's film class which aired on Hawaiian TV the following May. In late 2007, he began scripting a remake to George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" and another script called "The Last Dawn". In February 2008, Orlando Eastwood wrote, directed, edited, produced, composed, and acted in a short film called "Crisis". "Crisis" is planned to air on Hawaiian TV in May 2008. Orlando has been branching out contacting other independent and mainstream directors and has put his two scripts aside for a special project that he's working on.

Samantha Falk

Samantha Falk is originally hailing from sunny California. She now resides in the fabulous city of Atlanta, Georgia and comes from a prominent family in the entertainment industry, as her grandfather was a film maker and her great uncle was known to many as "Colombo". Samantha's parents are musicians and songwriters with performance/songwriting credits with Steve Miller Band, BTO, Mountain, Gregg Rollie and LoverBoy. She first took to the stage at age eight in a children's theatre production of "Little Mermaid". At nine years old, Samantha started touring all over the Gold Coast with a children's touring group called "Pizzazz". Samantha shortly after landed a role with the well-known Bay Shore Lyric Opera Company in California that was accompanied by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra; making her the youngest member of the company. Samantha's first foray into the small screen was when she was invited to be the celebrity guest performer for an episode of "My Super Sweet 16" on MTV. Shortly after she made an appearance on the VH1 show "Mission: Man Band". Later in 2007, she appeared on the Disney Channel Games alongside Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, and Brenda Song, among others. In 2010 Samantha was asked to be a part of a new reality television show "Reality Me". Samantha was happy to sign on to the project and the show aired in May of 2011. Recently she had featured roles in both "The Vampire Diaries" and "Drop Dead Diva" while also getting cast in a supporting role in the Myckel Coleman production "Broken Promises". Ms. Falk also landed roles in independent films like "SB-1070", a politically charged thriller about the recent immigration laws, and "Nerd of the Living Dead", an innovative parody on the classic horror movie "Night of the Living Dead". Living in Atlanta, Samantha has had the opportunity to get to know what it is like behind the scenes as well. She has worked as a 2nd 2nd, Casting Assistant, Executive Assistant, and Production Assistant for titles like Fast and the Furious 7, Ride Along 2, American Idol, Fake Off, and My Other Mother.

Jack Schultz

Jack Schultz was born John Erdmann Schultz, Jr. on September 19, 1953 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He relocated to suburban Chicago, Illinois in 1976 and became involved in the local repertory theater community a few years later, primarily with the Riverfront Playhouse in Aurora, Illinois.

Also an accomplished musician, composer, and lyricist, Jack was the author of the popular musical comedy [I]Fat Bill's Roadside Café. Fat Bill's Roadside Cafe[/I] was originally produced for the Riverfront stage in 1987, but was revived and updated periodically through some dozen incarnations, most recently in 2010. Jack was also the author of the plays [I]Nicht Mara[/I] which featured his wife and soul mate Sherry Winchester Schultz in the leading role, [I]Eretica, Alternatives,[/I] the popular comedy [I]While You Were Out,[/I] a contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare's [I]Macbeth[/I] entitled [I]The M Word,[/I] the popular musical adaptations of George Romero's [I]Night of the Living Dead,[/I] and Charles Dickens' perennial Christmastime classic [I]A Christmas Carol,[/I] both with music and lyrics by Jack.

Shortly after completing an acting role in his first motion picture production [I]Heaven is Hell,[/I] Jack died suddenly and unexpectedly on September 16, 2012 of a massive heart attack. His funeral was held on September 19, 2012, which would've been his 59th birthday. Jack is survived by his widow Sherry Winchester Schultz, also an actress and musician, and two adult children, son Jackson Schultz and daughter Heidi Schultz. Both Jackson and Heidi are involved in the performance arts.

Paige Phillips

Paige Phillips was born in to a family of film creatives- her mother did wardrobe for films such as "Night of the Living Dead" and her father was an assistant director on shows such as "Cheers", "Frasier", and "Star Trek". Paige grew up in the theater, being cast for small roles on shows that her mother would do wardrobe for. Graduating high-school really young, she spent her time learning set etiquette by doing numerous background jobs. Around the age of 20, Paige's grandmother got sick of her saying that acting would be her dream job, and encouraged her to pursue, having always told her she was a fantastic story teller.

With that, Paige was accepted into the Theater Arts program at University of California Santa Cruz. There, she was trained by some of the Bay area's most reputable actors (Danny Scheie, Paul Whitworth, Patty Gallhager), was able to perform in numerous plays ("RENT", "Congress Ladies", "Maria"), and spent her entire college career on an all-female sketch comedy team, where the team wrote, performed, and produced all of their own material, routinely selling out shows.

After graduation, Paige moved to LA. She continues to further her training, having completed Improv workshops at The Groundlings and On-FIlm acting workshops at both Killian's and Alyson Horn. She is represented by Daniel Hoff for commercial, and is excited for her future career with the company. She still writes sketches, and is set to release some of her work by the end of October.

Tyler L. Hall

Tyler L. Hall was born in Oak Hill, West Virginia, to mother Tiffany Ann Hall and father Gregory Lee Hall. His family moved to Luray, Virginia, where his father found a profession working for the National Park Service. Hall graduated from Luray High School in 2014 and attends Lord Fairfax Community College where he's perusing an associates degree in communications. Hall began writing and directing short films at age 15 under mentor Matt Cloude (Director of Night Of The Living Dead Genesis). With years of experience under Hall's belt, he continues pursuing his dream as a young filmmaker with his upcoming feature length film, "Drips".

Robert V. Michelucci

In 1970, Bob was hired as a "Creative Apprentice" at Mel Richman Creative Marketing Services in Pittsburgh. In 1974, he moved on as a graphic production artist with Dick Z Associates, again in downtown Pittsburgh. Bob is one of the "pioneers" of the independent horror publishing field. His first book was THE COLLECTORS GUIDE TO MONSTER MAGAZINES in 1977, self-published along with Dick Zdinak, it was considered the "bible" for film-monster magazine collecting. Bob published an updated second COLLECTORS GUIDE in 1988 complete with Jack Davis cover art. In 1978, he partnered up with Bill Wilson to design and co-publish a slick sci-fi magazine called QUESTAR under the business name of MW Communications and that magazine reached 100,000 circulation at its peak in 1981. In 1979, The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films presented him with their Lifetime Achievement Saturn Award.

In 1981 he formed IMAGINE, INC. and began a long career publishing and designing some now classic trade paperback titles including Tom Savini's GRANDE ILLUSIONS & GRANDE ILLUSIONS BOOK 2, Dick Smith's MONSTER MAKE-UP HANDBOOK, THE COMPLETE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD FILMBOOK, EROTICISM IN THE FANTASY CINEMA (intro by Chris Lee), FORREST J ACKERMAN, FAMOUS MONSTER OF FILMLAND (Intro by Vincent Price) and BRUNO SAMMARTINO, AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF WRESTLING'S LIVING LEGEND.

Bob also began working a full time job as a production artist in the WQED Design Center in the early eighties and worked his way up to Print Production Manager until he left in 1993.

In 1993, Bob acted as Chairman for the ZOMBIE JAMBOREE...The 25th Anniversary Convention for the film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in Pittsburgh, PA that brought together the original cast for the first time in twenty-five years. He had previously chaired two other cons in Pittsburgh FANTASY FILM CELEBRITY CON & CON 2 in 1978 & 1979. The '79 show was Caroline Munro's first US con appearance.

Other publishing projects include another magazine titled SCREAM QUEENS ILLUSTRATED with over twenty Playboy style issues published (Edited by John Russo and Art Directed and Designed by Bob), SCREAM BEAT, DRIVE-IN CINEMA and MAKING MOVIES and several trading card sets including five series of SCREAM QUEENS, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (with FANTACO), TOM SAVINI GRANDE ILLUSIONS (with FANTACO), WRESTLING LEGENDS, FANTASY GIRLS series 1&2, YOU SLAY ME, two series of DARK SHADOWS cards and three DARK SHADOWS limited edition 18X24 illustrated prints by John Graziano.

In 1978, Bob played the "SCOPE ZOMBIE" in George Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD, he also played a priest in CHILDREN OF THE LIVING DEAD and a cop in John Russo's SANTA CLAWS. In 1979, he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Bob's wife Dee and daughter Dawn acted in John Russo's SANTA CLAWS and Dee was the ZOMBIE MOM and Dawn was the ZOMBIE DAUGHTER in the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 30th Anniversary Edition in 1998.

In 2000, Bob reunited with former partner, Jim Aiello, Sr. and worked on a restaurant project called SORRISO PIZZA PERFECT, PASTA PERFECT located in Greenville, PA and in 2001, he managed a full service Italian Restaurant called LOCANTE'S PIZZA & PASTA CAFE located in Mt. Lebanon, PA until late 2004. In 2004 he began and managed, Rossi's Pop-Up Marketplace in North Versailles, PA, a converted twenty screen theater into a discount shopping mall and flea market. As of 2016, he continues as General Manager. Bob's current projects include compiling and publishing his most recent two books titled MEMORIES OF THE LIVING DEAD and "Bob Michelucci's MONSTERous Portfolio". His latest project is creating THE GREATER PITTSBURGH ENTERTAINMENT MUSEUM and a companion book titled "THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE GREATER PITTSBURGH ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY".

Christopher Panzner

Christopher Panzner (born 1959) is an American writer/producer living and working in France. He has worked for a number of pioneers in the television and film industry, notably as Technical Director for the inventor of interactive television shopping, the Home Shopping Network and as Operations Director, France, for the inventor of the colorization process for black-and-white films, Color Systems Technology. He has developed animation software (Pixibox),[1] designed theme channels (Canal +) and was Managing Director of the Luxembourg-based studio, Luxanima, which shared an International Emmy in 1994 for French CGI series Insektors.[2] He went on to set up an animation/FX studio (motion capture/motion control), Image Effects, where he supervised the creation of 2D animated series The Tidings for Entertainment Rights before creating his own studio in the east of France the following year, Talkie Walkie, specializing in pre-production (design, storyboard and layout) and computer production (ink-and-paint/compositing) and whose clients included a Who's Who of international television animation producers such as SIP,[3] RTV Family Entertainment,[4] Alphanim and Cinar (now called Cookie Jar.)[5] He joined Paris-based production company TEVA in 2001 and was instrumental in the financing and/or the making of five animated features there in 2002-2004: double-Oscar nominated The Triplets of Belleville, Venice Film Festival selection The Dog, the General and the Birds,[6] Jester Till,[7] Blackmor's Treasure[8] (Associate Producer) and Charlie and Mimmo[9] (Co-Producer). In 2002, TEVA and Mistral Films won the grand prize at IMAGINA[10] for an experimental short film, The Tale of the Floating World directed by Alain Escalle,[11] beating such prestigious competition as Shrek, Amélie and The Lord of the Rings, and was entirely responsible for the fabrication of Storimages' Pulcinella-winning[12] and International Emmy-nominated special, Harold Peeble,[13] based on the book by famous French illustrator Sempé. In 2006, The Triplets of Belleville, The Dog, the General and the Pigeons and Blackmor's Treasure were part of an eight-film retrospective of contemporary French animation at the Museum of Modern Art in New York called "Grand Illusions: The Best of Recent French Animation."[14]

Mr. Panzner has written original animated television shows, adapted into English a number of other television shows and feature films and writes regularly for Animation World Network,[15] Animation Magazine, ASIFA, Stylus Magazine,[16] Arts Editor,[17] Artnow Online,[18] etc.

In 2005, he developed a series (5 X 52') of high-definition television documentaries on communication with animals, Talk to Me, and two one-hour specials, The Hermione and Lafayette,[19] about the reconstruction of the ship the Marquis de Lafayette sailed to America on during the American Revolutionary War for Woods TV, Paris.[20] He also did the English adaptation of Michel Fessler's (March of the Penguins) latest feature film, in development, L'Enfant et la Rivière.

In 2006, Mr. Panzner was Director, Short Form Programming for Discovery Communications and was responsible for the development and production of math (80 X 10') and social studies (100 X 5') shorts for Discovery Education's www.unitedstreaming.com.[21] As part of his responsibilities, he also did development of short form programming for the diverse Discovery networks and new media platforms.

Since leaving Discovery, Mr. Panzner has dedicated his time to the development of a new audiovisual industry he has invented. "Re:Naissance" is a revolutionary new concept in animation, conceived as a means of transforming aging catalog and archives into salable, low-cost, high quality audiovisual products. For the first time ever in the 100-year history of animation, Re:Naissance is going to invert the adaptation process by taking existing live-action films and faithfully reproducing them in animation, in a totally original graphic style unique to every film. As astonishing as it might sound, this has never been done. The first Re:Naissance film is George A. Romero's 1968 cult horror classic Night of the Living Dead.

In 2008, Mr. Panzner was script supervisor for live-action, English-language thriller "Being Killed", directed by Volker Maria Arend for Munich-based Avalon Entertainment. In 2009-2010, he worked as a consultant for the world's first English-language general entertainment channel for expats and English speakers around the world, Globepat.

As an illustrator, a work of his was included in "The Graphic Canon: The Definitive Anthology of the World's Great Literature as Comics and Visuals" from Mike Schneider's adaptation of Lewis Carrol's "Alice's Adventures of Wonderland," exclusively in images, "What is the Use of a Book Without Pictures". One of his works was also included in a special traveling exhibition of "Guard Dog: Global Jam" (2011), a shot-by-shot remake of Bill Plympton's Oscar-nominated short "Guard Dog" where each sequence was assigned to "a willing volunteer who would reanimate it in any chosen style or medium." Described as "a flicker frame extravaganza where every individual frame was outsourced to a different artist to interpret in their own way," the sequence the still is from-a collaboration within a collaboration-was also from Mike Schneider, who spearheaded the similar mass collaboration project Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated." "Guard Dog: Global Jam" won the award for Best Experimental Animation at ASIFA-EAST 2011.

Mr. Panzner created New Art and Culture magazine LHOOQ in 2011, a vanity project, and is currently a freelance writer and illustrator.

Jacquelyn Bond

Artist Jacquelyn C. Bond was born on February 9, 1974 in California. Jacquelyn specializes in watercolor illustrations that usually depict modern Americana with a cheeky and satirical California bent and frequently feature risqué portraits of buxom young women. Despite no formal training as an artist, Bond has nonetheless contributed artwork for wine labels and done illustrations for books. Moreover, she has regularly contributed commissioned artwork for the Holiday Ale Festival in Portland, Oregon and was one of almost 150 artists who contributed artwork for the 2009 film "Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated." Her work has been shown in art galleries in Oregon, New Mexico, and California. Jacquelyn lives in Sacramento, California.

David Daniloff

David Daniloff has been in the entertainment, marketing and promotional industry for more than 15 years. He is the definition of entrepreneurial cultural arts endeavors and promotional activity in Toronto, Canada. His affection for film and music has awarded him responsibility as producer, celebrity artist representative, manager, event marketer, publicist, consultant and promoter for various renowned film festivals and events including The Rue Morgue Festival of Fear and The Toronto After Dark Film Festival. After amplifying and elevating his clients for years, David branched out to produce his own Horror Film & Culture Convention named MacabreCon, which launched successfully in Niagara Falls Canada, in June 2012, and reunited for fans various original cast members from the classic Horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), and Night of the Living Dead (1968).

Daniloff Productions is David's part-time independently owned and operated production company which specializes in genre film and music special events, marketing, public relations, consultation and representation for a wide range of filmmakers and actors in North America and Europe, which has included notably: Karen Black, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Ken Russell, John Waters, Crispin Glover, Tobe Hooper, Dario Argento and recently filmmaker John McNaughton.

In 2011, Daniloff co-produced and co-wrote his first short film. A screwball Cult-Horror-Comedy-Musical called Puzzleface. It was an international genre film festival favorite starring Rue Morgue Magazine founder Rodrigo Gudino, independent Canadian music icon Spookey Ruben, legendary Canadian Metal band Voivod and featured a cameo from late great British film director Ken Russell, in his last on screen performance.

David's insatiable appetite for genre film, music and counter-culture entertainment have witnessed his accomplishments transcend genres, conquer borders and impress industries.

Bob Raspet

Bob was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1971 and still resides in he Pittsburgh region. He Graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and puts his education to use traveling the country as a businessman. He played Volleyball in High School and College and is an avid local sports fan. He is also a certified Scuba Diver, and likes to play golf in his spare time. As a child of the 70's he had an immediate attraction to cinema and Television of that time as evidenced by his continual love to this day of movies and TV in general. Some of his favorite movies include: Star Wars, Jaws, E.T The Extra Terrestrial, The Notebook, Forrest Gump, 21, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Hangover. His favorite TV shows include classics such as All in the Family, Married With Children, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Incredible Hulk, and modern shows such as Family Guy and The Walking Dead. Born in Pittsburgh he had a natural attraction to the Zombie genre which was also born in Pittsburgh. A huge fan of George Romero and his movie "Night of the Living Dead" he assisted with the Documentary for that particular film "Autopsy of the Dead". Today he continues to work as an actor in Movies, TV shows, and Commercials as his schedule permits.

Lorenzo P. Lampthwait

Lorenzo Philanius Lampthwait is a legendary film producer and director. In 1968, he got his start in film as a production assistant on the set of Night of the Living Dead, at the personal request of George A. Romero. HE then worked his way up the ranks, working in various departments, until he finally became a full-time producer. His work has influenced numerous generations of filmmakers.

Jason Penarelli

Jason Penarelli was born under a blue moon on May 31, 1980. At De La Salle High School in Concord, California, he made his first short movie, The Thing from the Septic Tank. After high school, he was accepted into the Film Studies program at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). During his time there, he worked on numerous short films and video productions. From Director of Photography on Mr. Wonderful (2002) to Chief Editor and Director of Production for Gaucho Scoreboard, a live-to-tape cable access sports television show, Jason explored the many facets of the art of the motion picture. Nohasfrontwo (2002), Lullaby, Storke Terror, Mind Ride, The Look, and others long forgotten constitute his baby steps into the creative process of video and film production. After interning at Brain-storm Creative, Inc. a corporate film production company, Jason received a B. A., along with a prestigious achievement award from the UCSB Film Studies Department.

Moving to Los Angeles in 2003, Jason entered the motion picture industry as a production assistant (PA) on the pilot episode of Threat Matrix for ABC television. After the show was canceled mid season, he continued on as a PA for Desperate Housewives. Deciding to venture off alone, Jason left the show after the pilot episode. That summer, he found himself camera assisting on the set of Novel Romance with Traci Lords, and then again, camera assisting on the reality dating show for kids, Best Friend's Date. Six short months after leaving his PA life behind, Jason found himself as Director of Photography on the low budget feature Go For Broke II. This was quickly followed by shooting and directing the behind the scenes documentary for the feature Brothers In Arms called The Making of a Modern Western.

In early 2005, Jason cut his teeth as gaffer (that's the head of the electric department to you and me) on the super 16mm feature film Virginia. Continuing to pursue his love of light and color, he found more work as Director of Photography. This time it was for the horror feature The Giddeh. It was on this shoot that he was introduced to the high definition format. Following this feature, Jason continued to hone his craft with a number of shorts including The Apartment, Other People's Shoes, and Boyfriend. A quaint short called Beyond the Fence allowed Jason to light for 35mm film for the first time. Fulfilling a life long dream, Jason jumped at a chance to play a zombie in the movie Night of the Living Dead 3-D. Along with all of this movie work, Jason also found himself shooting pilot episodes for two television shows: Ghetto Fabulous Makeover and Mechani-Chicks.

From 2006 to 2008, Jason served as a US Peace Corps youth development volunteer in the impoverished, post-Soviet block country of Bulgaria. This opportunity allowed him to experience the world outside of the silicone and celluloid bubble that is Los Angeles. There Jason worked in an orphanage teaching the children English, computer skills, and music. He even formed a rock band with some of his kids. Known around the Peace Corps community as "the movie guy," he pursued his passion for the silver screen by producing a DVD series for teaching English, helping to facilitate a traveling film festival for human trafficking awareness, and screening films in small villages without movie theaters.

Since returning from his Peace Corps service, Jason produced a fund raising trailer toward the goal of producing a feature length documentary exploring the psychology of volunteerism. He ventured into the world of Education, working at schools in the San Francisco Bay Area as a teacher and Assistant Director of After School. Jason's passion for film making lives on. He produces video projects with former colleagues and for clients. His film making has also taken on an Educational twist inspired by his Peace Corps experience. He teaches Video Production, Photography, and Digital Media classes at grade schools in the Bay Area.

Jason is passionate about harnessing the power of the moving image to achieve educational goals.

Donna 'Chipmunk' McCusker

Donna has been gaining experience in the Film and Television industry significantly through assisting high-end executives of various production companies in Canada and internationally. Starting with Sullivan Entertainment, then moving into Fireworks Entertainment, followed by an in-between contract with Slanted Wheel Entertainment. Her last major gig was assisting Director, Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf, Silent Hill).

Her first taste of the industry, whetting her appetite for showbiz, was during her childhood while modeling and commercial acting in Toronto, Canada. She was in various Television and Radio commercials. She continued her love of the arts, acting in theatre through elementary school and singing in a couple of operas over a season at Hamilton Place conducted by Boris Brott, in the Donald Kendrick conducted, Bach Elgar Choir. Her inner Artist/Producer began exploring other mediums while attending Ancaster High School, such as putting on fund-raising events like a Much Music (Canada's MTV equivalent) Video Dance party, Movie Night on the school's big screen, and a successful sold-out fashion show, for the Girl's Athletic Association.

Fashion became a focus for a few years after the success of the show ignited another inner light. Donna went on to become a competitive national top sales associate for Harry Rosen, in Hamilton at the time. She then segued into the wholesale industry moving to Toronto with Milli Ltd's international distributing/exporting/importing arm, The Milli Showroom. Working closely with one of the partners, Daniel Buchler, assisting him with sales, she also initiated the publicity department there, helping the brands reach a greater public through editorials with publications such as Flare, Fashion, Elle Quebec, Clin D'oeil, The Globe and Mail, DNR, WWD, The Toronto Star etc; She began styling some of Canada's celebrities such as Jeanne Beker for Fashion Television, and then model Cameron Mathison among others, as well as contributing to styles for tours of Celine Dion and Roch Voisine. Hitting another growth spurt, she moved to PYA Importer Ltd, and for the most part, served as the National Sales Manager for the 4 YOU Menswear fashion brand - strategically building a profitable architecture for the brand, together with President/Owner Patrick Assaraf, along with some contribution to Mondo di Marco, and the Gene Meyer collections.

Pulled back by a passion for the Arts and Entertainment world that wouldn't leave her, Donna joined an Improv group performing live at The Oasis on College Street, in Toronto. The group was Y Thru Zed, a successful, un-sketched summer series that was once guest-hosted by comic Shaun Majumder. This experience triggered an inner voice to do more, so she left the fashion world and embarked on the journey led by her heart, although fashion would never leave her entirely.

The journey has twisted through a unique path that tours the Canadian industry, predominantly in the corporate world of Film and Television, working with talented Executives such as Adam Haight, Jay Firestone, Jon Slan, Trudy Grant, Don Carmody, and Gregor Hutchison, among others. She counts herself fortunate to have had these opportunities, and other friendly relations with people globally, through the United States, Great Britain, France, Australia, Canada and other places too. Her position as Assistant to Filmmaker Christophe Gans was a feast of experience, propelling her from the foundation of the Corporate (development/distribution) world, into the mainframe of filmmaking through the scope of prep, production, post and theatrical/DVD release stages.

Her mother is Anna McCusker, former VP of Marketing for PrideVision TV, the world's first LGBT television channel. Donna has 2 sisters, Amanda McCusker, Natalie Cunningham and one brother, Colin McCusker. Her sister Natalie is the Brand Manager for Teletoon Network, an Astral Media/Corus Entertainment company.

Donna can be seen in the upcoming DVD release of Diary of the Dead on the bonus features of short films, as part of a contest by George A. Romero and the Weinstein Company in collaboration with MySpace. It's a short film directed by Shalena Oxley-Butler and written by Doug Howell, called Opening Night of the Living Dead.

Attila Juhasz

Attila Juhasz was born in Yonkers, NY and is a third generation writer following a proud family literary legacy.

He recently wrote, developed and produced Zombie Squash, a video game starring the voice talents of George A. Romero, the iconic director of Night of the Living Dead with music by Roy Z (of Halford, Bruce Dickinson and Tribe of Gypsies).

In 2014, he produced a short film based on his philosophical and spiritual book, The Logical Meaning of God under Quarter of Ten Productions, a division of his company Attila's Creative Works LLC.

In 1992, he published New York Onslaught, a heavy metal magazine circulated by Tower Records in NY, NJ, and CT. His consultation was soon sought after by rock stars like Rob Halford of Judas Priest on the emerging technologies and marketing possibilities of the Internet.

He created the original "HorrorMovies.com" web site in 1995, considered to be the first commercial genre web site. He later sold it to publicly traded Unapix Entertainment, Inc. where he was hired as the Director of Internet Marketing. There, he produced the world's first Internet Seance along with B-Movie Scream Queen Debbie Rochon who at the time was a producer at eYada.com; an Internet radio station. In the late 90s, he wrote freelance articles and columns for genre magazines Fangoria and Sci Fi Teen.

In 2005, he moved to Phoenix, AZ and formed Attila's Creative Works LLC while serving as Marketing Director for Rob Halford's Metal God Entertainment (2005- 2012) where he also wrote and edited several music documentaries distributed globally by Warner ADA, Sony Japan and Universal Fontana.

Aaron Bell

Aaron is a Bridgend based actor. He began attending school productions and local youth theatres at the age of 9. At the age of 16 he managed to get his hands on a role in his first ever film,'Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection' as the character Sam, a shy and naive character.

Aaron studied at Bridgend College, practicing in Stanislavski, Strasberg, Boal, Grotowski and Brecht methods in BTEC Extended Diploma in Performing Arts Level 3. Aaron has always wanted to be a cinematic film actor and was determined to make that happen.

Jonathan C. Ulmer

Jonathan C. Ulmer is an American Composer living in California. Born in Chicago Heights, Illinois and raised between Chicago and Los Angeles, Jonathan has been playing instruments and writing music since the age of 13. Over the years he has had a wide range of musical experiences, from playing the cedar flute to singing in a band. Within the composition industry Jonathan has composed original music for independent projects such as an online comic book (Forgotten Future, 2009), and a webisode pilot (My Brother's Keeper, 2012), as well as writing original music for small business advertising and licensing multiple cues for television use. In 2013 he completed an internship with composer Jermaine Stegall during the post-production of Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D (2014), and in 2014 he participated in his first film project, contributing original music to The Three Dogateers Save Christmas (2014).

Grant A. Balfour

Grant Balfour was born the son of savage African immigrants in the sleepy port town of Miami Beach. He's got a graduate degree in English, a mail-order Doctorate of Divinity, and a Ph.D from the school of the open road. When not recording offbeat independent pop or writing tabloid poetry available at fine supermarkets across the country, he enjoys refurbishing antique sound reproduction equipment (go, Edison Standard, go!) and building mechanical components out of duct tape. His favorite films include: Man Facing South-East, Night Of The Living Dead, Raising Arizona, City Of Lost Children and West Side Story, although most nights he curls up with a good book. OK, he really surfs internet porn while pretending to read, but still.... Also, he is currently married and lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with his wife and three children.

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