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Chris Warren

Chris Warren was born in Long Island, New York in 1974. When he was 2 years old, his parents divorced and Chris moved to a town 20 minutes from New York City with his mother. When he was 9, his mother re-married and they moved once again to a town across the Hudson River. It was there that he found something that he loved, music.

Chris always hung out with the older kids who played instruments and were in bands when he was young. He spent every weekend with his cousins, who were into music too. When Chris was 10 years old he received "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath for Christmas. After that Aerosmith and KISS came into his life, which heavily influenced him to decide he wanted to become a rock star.

Time passed, and Chris tried to learn how to play guitar. However, he did not have the patience to practice. When a friend of his wanted to swap a drum-kit in return for a guitar, Chris traded and started playing the drums. He played the drums much better than the guitar, and it wasn't long before he joined bands and jammed with them.

After overcoming drug problems 5 years later, Chris went back to the drums and starting playing with a new group of guys and called themselves 'Meth'. The only problem was that there was no singer. Chris gave it a shot, and soon discovered that he had a talent for singing. From then on, he gave up the drums and focused on vocal work.

It wasn't long before a friend recommended Chris to the WWE (formerly WWF) in 1997. Chris impressed Jim Johnston (head of WWE music) so much that he offered him a contract. Over the course of the next 4 years, Chris recorded such entrance themes as 'DeGeneration-X', 'X-Pac', 'My Time', the 'Superstars' TV theme and part of the Run-DMC entrance music 'Kings'.

It was in 1998 that Chris made his TV debut at WrestleMania XIV, performing an alternative version of 'America The Beautiful' and the National Anthem, as well as the DX entrance music later on in the night. Five months later Chris again performed the DX entrance music live, at SummerSlam 98.

In 1999, Chris recorded the vocals for the hugely popular Triple H theme 'My Time'. This song was featured on the platinum album 'WWF The Music: Vol. 4' which sold thousands of copies worldwide. Unfortunately Chris was not as much involved with the WWE as he would have liked, after 1999. His last appearance was on the Run-DMC 'Kings' music video, which became a hit on MTV in the year 2000.

Chris fronted a modestly successful New York rap rock/metal band called Bro-Kin in 2001, however with no record label interest after years of hard work and gigging, enthusiasm waned and the band separated in 2004.

Chris currently lives in Rockland County, New York.

Jim Johnston

Jim Johnston (also known as Jim D Johnston) was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1947. He attended Edison High School and the University of Oklahoma (BFA, 1969). He has performed on stage since the age of 14 in theaters in Tulsa, OK, Denver, CO, Oklahoma City, OK, Kansas City, MO, Austin, TX, and San Diego, CA. His first film role was in the TV series "Centennial" (Universal Studios, 1979), uncredited. His other film productions include "The Lemon Grove Incident," (KPBS, 1985), "The World Wars" (EFS Entertainment, The History Channel, 2013), "TURN" (Stalwart Films, AMC, 2014), "The American Revolution," (American Heroes Channel, 2014), as Col. John Glover, "Lies and Legends: Jesse James," (Fox Movie Channel, 2015), as Farmer Baynes, and "By the Grace of Bob," (Belltower Pictures, 2017), as Harvey.

In addition, Jim Johnston (also as Jim D Johnston) has also produced several hundred narrative works published by Amazon/Audible.

He resides in Cleveland, OH. He is married and has two children.

2 names.