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Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is familiar to fans worldwide as the star of action films such as The Hitman, The Delta Force and Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection. He also starred in Missing in Action and its sequels, Firewalker and Sidekicks. He was an executive producer of Walker, Texas Ranger as well as the star.

Chuck Norris was born in Ryan, Oklahoma, to Wilma (Scarberry) and Ray Norris, who was a truck driver, mechanic, and bus driver. The eldest of three children, he helped his mother raise his two younger brothers in Torrance, CA, where his family moved when he was 12. Norris attended North Torrance High School from its inception in September, 1955 until his graduation in June, 1958. He is one of several storied alumni from the school. Other NHS alumni include Bob Hite (1943-1981), who was the lead singer of "Canned Heat," Chris Demaria, who was a professional baseball player in the Kansas City Royals and Milwaukee Brewers organizations, Chris Mortensen, an analyst with ESPN, Hip-Hop DJ "Key-Kool" (Kikuo Nishi), and Wee-Man (Jason Acuna) of "JackAss fame."

Norris joined the Air Force after graduating from high school. During a stint in Korea, he began to study the Asian martial art of Tang Soo Do. After returning home, he worked for Northrop Aviation and moonlighted as a karate instructor. Two years later he was teaching full-time and running a number of martial-arts schools. His students included Steve McQueen, Priscilla Presley and the Osmonds.

Norris's fight career lasted from 1964-1974. Norris started off by losing his first three tournaments but, by 1966, he was almost unbeatable. Among the numerous titles he won were The National Karate Championships (1966), All-Star Championships (1966), World Middleweight Karate Championship (1967), All-American Karate Championship (1967), Internationals (1968), World Professional Middleweight Karate Championship (defeating Louis Delgado on 24 November 1968), All-American Championship (1968), National Tournament of Champions (1968), American Tang Soo Championship, and the North American Karate Championship. Norris compiled a fight record of 65-5 with wins over champions Joe Lewis, Skipper Mullins, Arnold Urquidez, Ronald L. Marchini, Victor Moore, Louis Delgado, and Steve Sanders. Of the five men to beat Norris, three were Allen Steen, Joe Lewis, and Norris's last career defeat to Louis Delgado in 1968. Norris retired as undefeated Professional Full-Contact Middleweight Champion in 1974.

Norris, who was urged to get into acting by his friend Steve McQueen, skillfully incorporates his martial-arts knowledge into his series and feature film projects, stressing action and technique over violence. He is the author of the books "The Secret of Inner Strength" and "The Secret Power Within - Zen Solutions to Real Problems". He works for many charities, including the Funds for Kids, Veterans Administration National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans, the United Way, Make-a-Wish Foundation and KickStart, a nonprofit organization he created to help battle drugs and violence in schools. He also starred in the television movie Blood In, Blood Out, broadcast on CBS.

He lives on a ranch when not filming.

Dom DeLuise

As might be said for the late and great comedians Harvey Korman and Madeline Kahn, it seems that Mel Brooks was the only director on the planet who knew how to best utilize this funnyman's talents on film. Brooks once quipped that, whenever he hired Dom DeLuise for one of his films, he would instinctively add another two days to the schedule because of the constant laughter Dom provided on the set -- especially when the camera started rolling.

The lovable, butterball comedian was a mainstay on 1960s and '70s TV variety as a "second banana" or comedy relief player. While his harsher critics believed his schtick was better served in smaller doses, Dom nevertheless went on to find some range in a few moving, more restrained projects. Those few glimpses behind all the mirth and merriment revealed a dramatic actor waiting to be unleashed. As they say, behind every clown's smile, one can find a few tears.

He was born Dominick DeLuise on August 1, 1933, in Brooklyn, New York, to parents John, a sanitation engineer, and Vicenza (DeStefano) DeLuise, both Italian immigrants. A natural class clown, it helped Dom fit in at school, and he started drawing belly laughs fairly young on stage. His very first school play had him portraying an inert copper penny! He later attended New York's High School of Performing Arts, but when it came to college, he decided to major in biology at Tufts University near Boston. He never got the idea of being a comedian out of his head, however, and the obsession eventually won out.

Dom's formative years as an actor were spent apprenticing at the Cleveland Playhouse in which he gamely played roles in everything from "Guys and Dolls" and "Stalag 17" to "The School for Scandal" and "Hamlet." He earned his first professional paycheck playing Bernie the dog in a production called "Bernie's Last Wish." Dom also got a taste of the camera in Cleveland appearing on the local TV kiddie's show "Tip Top Clubhouse."

Back in NYC, he took over the lead role of Tinker the toymaker in another children's local program, Tinker's Workshop, for one season in 1958. He also started making noise on the off-Broadway scene. Appearing in the plays "The Jackass" and "All in Love," he became part of the featured ensemble of the 1961 musical revue "An Evening with Harry Stoones," which included 19-year-old Barbra Streisand. More outlandish musical roles came his way in the early 1960s with "Little Mary Sunshine" (as Corporal Billy Jester) and "The Student Gypsy, or the Prince of Liederkrantz" (his Broadway debut as Muffin T. Raggamuffin). While appearing in the light-hearted summer stock spoof "Summer & Smirk" in Provincetown, Massachusetts, Dom met fellow performer Carol Arthur (née Carol Arata). They married on November 23, 1965. Their three sons, Peter DeLuise, Michael DeLuise and David DeLuise all got into the show business act. In 1971, Dom returned successfully to Broadway in a perfectly-suited Neil Simon vehicle, "The Last of the Red Hot Lovers."

Dom was first noticed on the smaller screen creating the sketch character of Dominick the Great, a magician who tries in vain to mask his ineptness with feigned dignity on Garry Moore's popular show. The rolypoly comedian truly thrived in this TV variety atmosphere and soon began popping up all over the place (The Hollywood Palace, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, The Jackie Gleason Show). Balding, blushing, dimpled and moon-faced (comparisons of a ripe tomato were not off the mark), he was readily equipped with a beaming, clench-toothed smile that became his trademark. At his best, looking embarrassed or agitated, the laughs usually came at his own expense whether playing a panic-stricken klutz or squirming Nervous Nelly type. Dom took the magician character to the ensemble comedy show The Entertainers, which also showcased Carol Burnett and Bob Newhart, and found more regular employment as a bumbling private eye in puppeteer Shari Lewis' daytime children's program and as a foil for Dean Martin on the entertainer's regular and summer replacement shows. Dom again repeated his Dominick the Great character on Martin's show and received great reception. He later found himself part of Martin's "in-crowd" of comedians on his "celebrity roasts."

Dom's obvious comic genius was more apparent and succeeded better in tandem with others than it did on its own. Hosting duties for his very first comedy/variety program The Dom DeLuise Show, which featured wife Carol as part of the regular roster, lasted only one summer. The sitcom Lotsa Luck, which showcased Dom as bachelor Stanley Belmont having to contend with a live-in mother (a harping Kathleen Freeman) and sister (an ungainly Beverly Sanders), was canceled after its first season. He gave it a rest for awhile before trying once again with the sketch-like sitcom The Dom DeLuise Show, but it, too, quickly faded. Another brief stint was as host of a revamped Candid Camera.

While Dom made an unlikely film debut as a high-strung flier in the gripping nuclear drama Fail-Safe starring Henry Fonda, it was in zany, irreverent comedy that he found his true calling. Appearing in support of others such as Sid Caesar and Mary Tyler Moore, respectively, in the so-so comedies The Busy Body and What's So Bad About Feeling Good?, he proved a delight as an inept, dim-witted spy in the Doris Day caper The Glass Bottom Boat.

Mel Brooks first cast Dom as the miserly Father Fyodor in his film The Twelve Chairs, and found plenty of room for the comedian after that -- as campy director Buddy Bizarre in Blazing Saddles, the silly-ass director's assistant in Silent Movie, Emperor Nero in History of the World: Part I, the voice of the cheese-oozing Pizza the Hutt in the "Star Wars" parody Spaceballs, and as Sherwood Forest's very own puffy-cheeked Godfather, Don Giovanni, in Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

A very close friend of action star Burt Reynolds, Dom romped through a number of Reynolds' freewheeling films as well, including Smokey and the Bandit II, The Cannonball Run and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. One of his finest scene-stealing film roles, in fact, was as Reynolds' schizo pal in The End. Dom went on to direct a number of stage productions for his close friend at the Burt Reynolds Theatre in Jupiter, Florida -- among them "Butterflies Are Free," "Same Time, Next Year" (starring Burt and Carol Burnett), "Brighton Beach Memoirs" (starring son Peter), and the musical "Jump" (featuring wife Carol). Still another comic buddy, Gene Wilder, handed Dom the roles of the indulgent opera star in The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother and perturbed movie mogul Adolf Zitz in The World's Greatest Lover. Dom later joined Wilder once again, along with Wilder's wife Gilda Radner, in the unfunny comedy Haunted Honeymoon, a lame, creaky-house spoof that even Dom in full drag could not salvage.

Change-of-pace roles were few in the offering. One occurred for Dom as the compulsive-eating protagonist in Fatso. Directed by and co-starring Brooks' wife Anne Bancroft, Dom managed to draw both comedy and pathos. Obesity was also a chronic, real-life problem for the comedian and, at one point in 1999, it was reported that he had tipped the scales at 325 lbs. On a positive note, this passion for food actually fed into a more lucrative sideline -- as a respected chef and culinary author ("Eat This" and "Eat This Too") in which he appeared all over the tube cooking and demonstrating his favorite recipes. He also wrote children's books on the sly.

Dom tackled broad comedy films with great abandon -- a wallflower he was not -- but it was a hit-and-miss affair. Some of his biggest misses were the Mae West disaster Sextette, the Dudley Moore showcase Wholly Moses! (although Dom was arguably the best thing in it), Loose Cannons, in which he appeared as portly pornographer Harry "The Hippo" Gutterman, Driving Me Crazy, which filmed far away in Germany, and The Silence of the Hams [aka The Silence of the Hams], a parody on the horror genre in which he played Dr. Animal Cannibal Pizza.

Films could also be a family affair. True to life, Dom played a sympathetic kiddie show host in the moving TV-movie Happy. Also the executive producer, he was joined by wife Carol and all three sons in the cast. In addition, Dom offered a cameo in Between the Sheets, a film that was written by Peter, was directed, edited and executive-produced by Michael, and featured roles for the rest of the family.

Dom's voiceover skills did not go by untapped either, which included the animated feature films The Secret of NIMH, An American Tail and All Dogs Go to Heaven, plus all of their offshoots. The heavily-bearded DeLuise even displayed scene-stealing antics on the operatic scene, once playing the speaking part of Frosch the Jailer in the operetta "Die Fledermaus" at the Metropolitan Opera.

Suffering from various physical ailments in later years, some of which were exacerbated by his chronic obesity and diabetes, Dom's health declined, and he died in 2009 at age 75. His wife and three children survived him, as did three grandchildren.

Bam Margera

Brandon Cole Margera, better known as Bam Margera, was born on September 28, 1979 in West Chester, Pennsylvania, to April Margera (née Cole) and Phil Margera. He was given the name Bam at age three, by his grandfather, after his habit of running into walls. He is of Italian (from his paternal grandfather), German, English, and Welsh descent.

In high school, he'd often appear in articles in Jeff Tremaine's Big Brother magazine and made CKY videos with his older brother Jess and his friends Chris Raab, Ryan Dunn, and Brandon DiCamillo. He only attended high school because Chris Raab went. Bam dropped out of high school after Chris Raab got suspended for smearing feces on lockers, but his parents persuaded him to get his GED which he got.

In 2000, Jeff Tremaine made a deal with MTV to make a show called Jackass and Bam got a spot on the show. Even though Jackass lasted two years, Margera would go on to star in the Jackass movies and even have his own reality television series, Viva La Bam featuring his family and CKY members including Jackass star and close friend Ryan Dunn.

Over the years, he starred in other Jackass films and other skateboarding projects. In 2011, he lost his best friend Ryan Dunn from a drunk-driving accident.

He now has his own game show, Bam's Badass Gameshow.


Steve graduated from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1997. He says the program was more like boot camp than college. Out of 2000 applicants, only 33 were accepted and Steve-O was one of them. However, after graduation, 10 were selected for the circus and this didn't include him. So he went back home to Albuquerque, New Mexico to film himself doing dangerous and stupid stunts for submission to skateboarding companies. Steve-O's relationship with Big Brother Magazine began in 1997 when they ran a side-bar article about him catching his face on fire when their Big Brother tour came through Albuquerque. In 1999 he moved from New Mexico to Florida. For six months he worked as a performer on Royal Carribean Cruise Lines and was then offered a job at the Hanneford Family Circus as a clown. During this time he was featured in several more issues of Big Brother Magazine and even filmed a part for the Big Brother video "Boob". This is when he became involved with Jackass. He says he did all his filming for the first season of Jackass within three days.

Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn (June 11, 1977 - June 20, 2011) was an American reality television personality, actor and stunt man. He was a member of the Jackass and Viva La Bam crew.

Ryan Matthew Dunn was born in Medina, Ohio, to Linda Sue (Reese) and Ronald James Dunn. He came to prominence as a member of the CKY Crew along with long-time friend Bam Margera for their extreme stunts and pranks recorded on camera which led to the rise of MTV's Jackass and its three later feature films, which have all been commercial successes. Aside from Jackass, Dunn also hosted Homewrecker and Proving Ground and appeared in feature films such as Street Dreams and Blonde Ambition, as well as in Margera's films Haggard: The Movie and Minghags: The Movie.

Dunn died in an alcohol-related automobile accident in West Goshen Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, on the morning of June 20, 2011, alongside his friend Zachary Hartwell.

Meg Crosbie

Meg Crosbie was born on July 11, 2003 in Charlotte, NC. She recently landed the role of Ruthie in John Green's Paper Towns starring Cara Delevigne and Nat Wolff set to come out June 2015. Meg also has a lead role in the upcoming animated feature film RoboDog (2015) featuring Ellen Page, Steve Zahn, Chris Colfer and Ron Perlman. Meg just wrapped up a film with Director Paul Weitz featuring Lily Tomlin and Julia Garner set to come out in 2015. Meg had her movie debut in Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013) where she played the role of a pageant contestant.

Meg has appeared in several commercials for Beados, Glitzi Globes, and Barbie Fab Sizzle. She can also be seen as a child model in many different catalogs and magazines. Meg also enjoys walking the catwalk in high fashion runway shows.

At age four, Meg began taking dance and gymnastics lessons where she discovered her passion for performing and love of the stage. Meg won several National Dance Awards including Solo and Trio National Titles and had the opportunity to work with many amazing professional choreographers. She has performed with several professional theatrical companies in their productions of Scrooge the Musical, Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat, Miracle on 34th Street, Disney's Tarzan the Musical and The Little Mermaid. Meg has also performed in Beauty & The Beast, Bye, Bye Birdie, and The Nativity Story.

Jeff Tremaine

Jeff Tremaine was born a military brat and hustled from state to state until finally settling in Rockville, Maryland. There, he quickly gravitated towards the alternative world of skateboarding, BMX, reggae music, and art... pursuits that would shape a career to come.

After attending Washington University, Tremaine headed out West, where he slid into the layout jockey position at Go magazine. From there, he became the art/editorial director for Big Brother. At the magazine, Tremaine, Spike Jonze, and Johnny Knoxville laid the seeds for jackass, a television series that would become a cultural phenomenon, spawning a franchise that includes jackass: the movie, jackass number two, jackass 2.5, and jackass 3D, which Paramount Pictures released in October 2010.

Beyond jackass, Tremaine has created and executive produced a number of television series' including MTV's Wildboyz, Rob & Big, Nitro Circus, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, Dudesons in America, and the new series, Ridiculousness.

In 2009, he produced Steve-O: Demise and Rise, an MTV documentary about addiction and the road to recovery. He went on to executive produce The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, a feature-length documentary about a family of outlaws that Tribeca Film acquired and distributed theatrically in 2010.

Most recently, Tremaine directed and produced ESPN 30 For 30's The Birth of Big Air, an inspirational documentary about BMX legend Mat Hoffman. He has also directed music videos for Turbonegro, Andrew WK, The Sahara Hot Nights, and Weezer.

Richard Epcar

Richard Epcar is an actor / voice actor-director who has voiced over 500 characters in Games, Animation and Anime. Best known as the voice of Batou in Ghost in the Shell, The Joker in several Batman games including Injustice: Gods Among Us, Raiden in Mortal Kombat and Ansem in Kingdom Hearts. Starting out in Robotech, you've heard him in Korra, Lupin, Monster, Transformers, Star Wars, Bleach, Gundam, Babylon 5 and Power Rangers to name a few. He's also in many other games including: Final Fantasy, Saints Row, Arkham Origins, Skyrim, MK vs. DC, Call of Duty, Star Wars, Transformers, X-Com, Command & Conquer, Dead or Alive, Dead Space, World of War Craft, League of Legends, Splinter Cell, Guilty Gears, and Resident Evil. Richard has voice directed many games including: Arkham Origins, Dead Island, Blue Dragon, Star Ocean, Unreal Tournament, Jackass, Smackdown vs. Raw, and voice directed many shows including: GITS 2, The Reef, Robotech Shadow Chronicles, Lupin the Third, etc. On Camera Richard has appeared in many shows including: Warehouse 13, Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Columbo, Diagnosis Murder, Matlock, Cheers, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and a lead role in the soon to be released Broken Spirits.

Angie Simms

Angie was exposed to the world of film and music at a young age. Born into a family of artists with two musically gifted siblings and parents that instilled a "follow your dreams" mentality, it was easy for Angie to choose her path. She was always doing impressions and starring in the school play so it was no surprise when she packed up and moved to Hollywood when she was just 17. Independent and hard working, Angie has paid her dues working consistently in all acting mediums. She's an Upright Citizen's Brigade grad and has been studying drama since she was 13. You can find her in myriad of TV shows, such as, "Jackass 3D," "Justified" and various Sketch videos featured on "Funny or Die."

Tony Gardner

Known best for the films "127 Hours," "Zombieland," and"Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa," as well as his work with Daft Punk, Tony Gardner began his film career working on "Michael Jackson's Thriller" under the auspices of Rick Baker.

His very first independent FX job was an animatronic Half-Corpse for Dan O'Bannon's "The Return of the Living Dead," followed by Chuck Russell's feature film remake of "The Blob." Tony quickly established a reputation for delivering innovative effects work, and was quickly considered one of the most creative and reliable artists in Hollywood and abroad.In 1992, Tony created the disfigured title character for director Sam Raimi's classic film,"Darkman." From there, Tony's career took off.

Always once to believe that the on-screen presentation of the effects is equally as important as the design and creation, he has always been directly involved in the filming process on each film or television project, at times storyboarding scenes as well as directing second unit or the effects sequences for the films he's involved with. His collaboration with Daft Punk has led to writing, directing, and co-producing music videos, several of which have been lauded at worldwide festivals.

And his attention to detail and realism has led to investigations launched by the FBI, the LAPD, the Arizona State Police, and Missing Person's Division - all testaments to the quality of his work, albeit in a VERY roundabout way. His realistic attention to detail on Danny Boyle's film "127 Hours" led to screenings being halted and audience members passing out.

His company Alterian, Inc. is located in Los Angeles, California.

James Logan

James hails from Dallas, Texas but moved to Hollywood to work in the budding film industry in Canada, Louisiana, and Georgia.

Arguably, James' most notable performance was 'Male Victor from District 5' in the 2013 blockbuster 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire', or maybe the greasy Pawn Shop Owner smacked around by Ice Cube in the 2014 blockbuster 'Ride Along', or even the villainous but tragically mute Jorge Lara in the 2010 blockbus... um, indie darling 'The Mechanic' opposite Jason Statham.

James has made quite a dent in TV as well, being fresh off a recurring stint on 'Justified', playing Boyd's not-so-bright bartender, Caleb. James also recently attempted to steal Kerry Washington's purse on ABC's 'Scandal', but was beaten senseless by Guillermo Diaz. And, once again, he attempted to ransack a women's shelter on yet another episode of NCIS, but was again thwarted by Mark Harmon's patented 'HammerPunch'.

If you're starting to see a pattern here, you could be onto something. James has made a nice little niche for himself as that hurtful jackass who steals someone's purse, complains about it (ala the Caretaker on Scooby-Doo), and then gets beat up and/or rolled down a flight of stairs (see 'Beverly Hills 90210').

Luckily for James, the bitter purse snatcher shows up a lot in film and TV.

Matthew Nadu

Matthew Nadu began his acting career as a Water Nation Warrior in M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender although he exaggerated about knowing any type of karate. He eventually adapted and would go on to do his own stunts as Sarge in the comedy "Booted" starring Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Spin City) and Ryan Dunn (Jackass.)

From there he went on to hold supporting leads in two indie slashers "Nobody Gets Out Alive" (2013) with Clint Howard (The Water Boy, Apollo 13) and "Hallow's Eve" (2012) with horror queens Danielle Harris and Ashley C. Williams. In 2013 Nadu again found himself with Howard and Williams along with horror staples Bill Moseley and Lisa Wilcox acting and producing on the thriller "The Church" and its sequel "The Church; Second Offering." In 2013 he also appears briefly alongside Harrison Ford and Liam Hemsworth in the film "Paranoia."

In the Spring of 2012, Nadu appeared in his second national commercial ("Dance, Dance 2," 2010) for ESPN's "Streak for the Stache." Along with film and commercials, Nadu is transitioning into television working on several episodes of MTV's "Guy Code" and "Girl Code" and even appears alongside Corey Parker Robinson (The Wire) in 50Cent/ Trey Songz' 2014 music video "Smoke."

Nadu has also starred in several theater productions including Derrell Lawerence's "Do You Trust Your Best Friend" alongside Sean Blakemore, Monifah, Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins (TLC) Chris Williams and Stockholm Fringe Festival invitee "As Wicked As Dangerous." Nadu is a native of Philadelphia. He's the oldest of nine children and was an on-air talent as a member of CBS3/The CWPhilly's "The Crew."

Jesse Merlin

Jesse Merlin plays Elric in "Beyond the Gates," which won the Nightfall Jury Prize at the LA Film Festival (June 2016), with following screenings at Bruce Campbell's Horror Film Festival in Chicago and Popcorn Frights in Florida. He attends its European premiere at Fright Fest in London (August 2016).

He voices F.A.N.G in "Street Fighter V," and in Ross Patterson films plays 2LT Chandler in "Range 15," William Keller in "Helen Keller vs Nightwolves" and Werewolf Hitler in "FDR: American Badass!"

He plays the Catfish in the "Dream Corp LLC" episode "The Predator" on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim (Fall 2016), and voiced Makube in "Hellsing Ultimate X." Other appearances include as Dr. Jesse Merlin in Jackass 3D/3.5, alongside several upcoming genre features.

He's sung Dr. Hill in Stuart Gordon's award-winning "Re-Animator: The Musical" 200 times in Las Vegas, Edinburgh, New York and Los Angeles as well as on the forthcoming original cast soundtrack. The role earned him an Ovation Award nomination (2011) and a rave review in the New York Times (2012).

Merlin created the role of The President of the USA in the long-running popular operetta "The Beastly Bombing," performing at the Steve Allen Theater, New York Musical Theatre Festival, and Opera aan het Ij (Amsterdam), in addition to musical roles like Hannibal Lecter in "Silence! The Musical" (2012) and the Old Priest in "Exorcistic" (2013). His comedy work includes acting in Matty Simmons' "Sketches From The National Lampoon" (2013). As principal bass and patter-baritone with touring repertory Opera A La Carte for 7 seasons, he sang a variety of roles in The Mikado, The Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore and The Gondoliers.

Merlin was profiled by NPR on Weekend Edition in a nationally aired story about his niche career as "Mr. Horror Musicals" (2013).

He played the Troll King in a concert version of Peer Gynt at Davies Hall with the San Francisco Symphony with Maestro Michael Tilson Thomas (2013).

He sings Professor Upham on the "Dreams in the Witch House" heavy metal Lovecraft double album (2012).

As a younger performer, he had a regional opera career career spanning 11 years and 45 roles such as Mephistopheles in "Faust," Leporello in "Don Giovanni" and the title role in "Don Pasquale." Discovered in the chorus by retired Metropolitan Opera star and legendary General Director Irene Dalis, Merlin was a Principal Artist-in-Residence with Opera San Jose (2002-2006), singing 14 principal roles. He made his international debut in the electronic opera "Le Terrain Vague" at the Théâtre du Rond Point & Théâtre Lucernaire (2005).

Dawn Sobolewski

Dawn has had a magnetic pull towards the stage since the tender age of two. She participated in Summer Theater, Local Township Productions, which ultimately led her to her High School stage career. After graduating High School, Dawn was accepted to the world renowned Stella Adler Studio in New York City. She became certified in everything from Shakespeare to stage combat, as well as voice and speech, movement, scene study, script interpretation, on camera technique, industry profession, and improvisation. A few of her Stella stage debuts include Martini in the all female version of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", playing an old Irish man as The Doctor in "The Cripple of Inishmaan", and won four lead roles as The Waitress, Kit, Shona, and Mrs. Kidd in Caryl Churchill's "Top Girls."

Graduating the Stella Adler Conservatory in June 2009, she was then accepted to One on One Studios in NYC. Dawn has then since studied film with some of Hollywood's Top Casting Directors including Rick Pagano, Lisa Saltou, and Helen Geier. She has won rave reviews in LA for her work as a seriously disturbed serial killer, and she was even called out for the lead role opposite Gywneth Paltrow. Deciding to come back home to New York, she is now represented by Andreadis Talent Agency, American Talent Management, and Broadway Alley Commercial Talent Agency. Dawn is now an avid SAG- AFTRA member, and was been selected to be on last year's SAG-AFTRA Television Nominating Committee as an honorary Board Member for the 2013 SAG-AFTRA Awards! She was honored to have interviewed everyone from George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, and Christian Bale, just to name a few. She is gracious and hopes to continue to represent the board as an honorary member.

Dawn has had minor, supporting, and lead roles for The Biography Channel, HBO, NBC, Columbia Pictures, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros., Discovery ID Network, Time Warner Channel, LandlineTV.com, and The Onion News Network. She also has many commercial, music video, New Media, and modeling credits to her name. Some Independent Feature Films include winning one of the supporting roles of portraying the real life individual Lucy in the true ghost story entitled "Please, Talk With Me", and starring as Hannah Fairfield (opposite Ryann Dunn from all of MTV's "Jackass" installments) in this Augusts' release of "The Bates Haunting'.

Some past prime-time television roles include appearances on NBC's 30 Rock as The Toreanu Watch Shopper, the lead role of Rita Hayworth's friend, who died a mysteriously tragic death, on an episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories on the Biography Channel (she recently co-starred as a young Sonja Henie in a previous season). She also won the lead role of "Summer" on Discovery ID's new series "Scorned: Love Kills." Dawn's portrayal of Summer was based on the true life story of Shannon Reinert and the Craig Lebinowitz murder, in which she received top notch reviews for her uncanny resemblance to the infamous temptress.

Dawn's more mainstream work involve last year's theatrical release of "Excuse Me for Living" starring Christopher Lloyd, Jerry Stiller, and Wayne Knight. She worked opposite Daytime Emmy Award Winner Tom Pelphrey from CBS's Guiding Light and David A. Gregory of One Life to Live as the stunning twin, "Daisy". Ben Affleck HAND picked Dawn for the now Academy Award Winning movie "Argo" (Best Picture) as the only Female Space Trooper. The character is based on the real lead actress from a film in the 1970's, "Superbeast."

Dawn has been chosen out of hundreds of thousands of girls to play the lead role of Wendy in the new series "Vision" directed by world renowned French cinematographer/ director Gerard Gentil! With a superbly talented cast, and opposite the sublimely talented Ms. Amanda Greer as "Rose", Dawn is also on the panel of writers for the new series. Shooting resides in 2015. In conjunction, she is also again teaming with Mr. Gentil for the challenging dual lead role of Daisy du Bois/ Aurora Singer, as well as writing and co-directing in the new film "Aeterna" which will be released in 2017.

In her spare time, she is a professional acting teacher / director to children, teenagers, adults, and is also a Broadway director. She is a professional writer, director, and producer.

Shaun Paul Costello

ShaunPaul Costello graduated from Temple University with a degree in Film & Media Arts and with a degree in Theater. Soon after graduation he and his close friend Joe Gariffo got their start making feature films on the award winning comedy "Swooped", which the two co-wrote and starred in. The duo has since gone on and produced three other features "Close-up" starring Costello, Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller's Day Off), Ryan Dunn (Jackass) and James Cagney (white Heat) and the film "Booted" starring Gariffo, Brian Anthony Wilson (The Wire), Marc Summers (unwrapped), Colin Quinn (Saturday Night Live), Tony Luke Jr. (Joey Nardone: The story of the Nail) and directed by ShaunPaul. The two teamed up again to produce their upcoming ice hockey dramedy "The Independents".

These films landed ShaunPaul in other acting roles for such features as "Nobody Gets out Alive" starring Clint Howard. The critically acclaimed indie film "Crossbearer" working with director Adam Alhbrandt. The film "Cash Out" marks his first, of many, collaborations with Chris Newhard.

ShaunPaul has also has had the privilege to act in Motion City Soundtrack's music video for their hit song "True Romance" as well as the recent release from the band Train, directed by Chris Newhard, for their song "Feels Good at First" and the up and coming band The Phoenix Within with their first single "Free Myself". ShaunPaul has made appearances in many television commercials for such companies as Comcast, A.D. Moyer, and Ford Cars to name a few.

Behind the camera ShaunPaul has produced and directed several shorts and music videos of note.

Matt Kutcher

For twenty-eight years, Matt Kutcher has established himself as being a preeminent Special Effects Supervisor.

He and his company, Spectrum Effects, have been recognized with Visual Effects Society, Emmy, and Satellite awards, and have become the "go to" resource for challenging projects involving complex mechanical effects, extreme environments, and challenging action sequences.

Matt has repeatedly proven his ability on large-scale water based environments, most recently on San Andreas, Point Break, and Piranha 3D, and he is often called upon to function as Second Unit Director or Water Unit Director.

In the ever-evolving blend of computer generated imagery and mechanical effects, Matt has gained the respect of producers, directors, and visual effects supervisors, and is an active member of: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Director's Guild of America, Visual Effects Society, Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Television Academy of Arts and Sciences, and The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. The range of institutions that have welcomed and invited him to participate remains ultimately humbling.

Although the feature world gets the bigger name recognition, Matt has done over eighteen hundred hours of television, including: Baywatch, CSI Miami, American Horror Story, True Detectives, and more. He has also produced, stunt coordinated, and supervised effects for some of the most successful reality shows ever, such as; Fear Factor, Wipeout, The Dudesons, and Jackass.

Matt believes that when you love what you do, the medium doesn't matter. Whether it's scripted television, reality television, film, or commercials, it's the creation of those "edge of the seat" moments that makes going to work feel like a dream. Making the impossible possible keeps him coming back for more.

Matt is also a licensed dealer, user, and manufacturer of high explosives and firearms, with licenses and certifications from The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and multiple state police organizations. In addition, Matt is a National Rifle Association (NRA), Certified Pistol and Chief Range Safety Officer, and teaches frequently as a certified concealed carry instructor, and a NRA "Firearm Protection In The Home instructor."

Both he and Spectrum Effects are based at G Street Films in New Orleans, and will expand to Atlanta in mid 2016.

Sam Maccarone

After writing and directing over twenty short films, Sam Maccarone moved from Yosemite, California to Los Angeles when he was 18 years old. He earned his SAG card in 1995 getting Taft-hartleyed by director Amy Heckerling in the film Clueless. In 1998 a short film he made called Disco Masters was seen at a party by an MCA/Universal records A& R person. That quickly led to him directing a handful of music videos for the label, all of which aired on MTV and VH1.

He wrote and directed National Lampoon's TV: The Movie. In the film, he plays Jeffry Sutton, Dick Weston Fernandez and Chad (in Your in the Army Now).

Maccarone created and directed the internet hit "Roommates: the Series" in 2000 with Dian Bachar, from Orgazmo. In the six episodes produced for their website, they had guest appearances from Clifton Collins, Jr. and Ian Somerhalder. An episode called Clifton's Later is rumored to have been shot starring Christian Slater although, it's never popped up on any websites.

Maccarone helped write as well as sang on raps songs with Jackass star Steve-o for Universal Records.

Maccarone wrote, directed and stars in The Life of Lucky Cucumber. Cucumber was co-written by Jackass star Preston Lacy. Lucky stars Dian Bachar and American Pie veteran Chris Owen and Stella Keitell.

He was a writer on the 2006 Billboard Music Awards as well as a music video director for MCA/Universal Records. At age 24, he was the youngest show creator for MTV after then time producer John Miller bought a show called Disco Masters from him. Disco Masters was originally a short film Maccarone directed starring himself as "the Disco Master."

In 1998 he directed a music video for the group Cosmic Slop Shop which included the rapper Big Lurch who is currently serving a life sentence for murdering his girlfriend on PCP.

London May

Raised in Baltimore, Maryland, London May began his acting career early in Baltimore's renowned Children's Theater Association. After a long break to pursue a burgeoning and successful music career, London returned to acting in 2010, studying improv at The iO West and classic theatre with Uranium Madhouse, where he made his 2014 Los Angeles stage debut in The Duchess Of Malfi. He has also co-starred in the pilot episode of Ron Howard's The Great Escape, and Cold Sweat, a short directed by James Cameron's DP Paul Babin.

Besides acting on screen and stage, London May is also a highly regarded musician, best known as drummer and bassist with legendary singer Glenn Danzig's seminal goth punk group Samhain. During his long and continuing music career he has also recorded and performed with such popular artists as Tiger Army, Son Of Sam, Dag Nasty, Lee Ving, Pat Smear, Exene Cervenka, Cold Cave, Reptile House, Jackass star Chris Pontius, and Distorted Pony.

Travis Draft

Travis Draft began his career at Chicago's The Second City in 1992 as an observer, working behind the scenes while attending film school at Columbia College. After working his way through the ranks at the famed theater, Travis directed and acted in a gonzo television pilot in 1994 that chronicled the exploits of three young comedians (Travis, Dave Sheridan and Frank Hudetz) traveling the country in a van shooting sketches using the unknowing public as supporting cast members. This was accomplished by the use of Glasses cam, eventually leading to the creation of the MTV cult-hit Buzzkill, the year was 1995.

the ground-breaking, character-driven, hidden-camera show has been recognized as having paved the way for such shows as Jackass, Tom Green, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment and Spy TV-the latter of which Draft wrote, directed, co-produced and acted in for NBC. In 2002 He directed Oblivious, a hidden camera game show starring Reagan Burns. When Animal Planet wanted in on the then hot genre he was hired to write, and produce a special titled Animal Pranksters.

It was only natural that Travis was called in for The Sci-Fi Channel's first hidden-camera show-the now infamous Scare Tactics. Travis ended up staying with Scare Tactics for three seasons, splitting his time between acting and directing. During that time he was also cast as a regular on the Comedy Central hit Trigger Happy TV, and spent his time flying all over the country, pranking people for two different shows.

Travis Draft has now played over 500 characters on TV.

In the summer of 2003 Travis Co-founded Van Stone, a Shock Rock band that had great success but ultimately no marketability. In 2005 he was cast as homeless rocker "Dirty Don" for a VH1 international show called "Home James". The script-prov show was aired in Brazil, The UK, Japan, Australia and Israel.

In 2006 Travis was hired to write, produce, act and direct Two projects for Playboy TV. The adult hidden camera show "Totally Busted" and "Canoga Park" (BBC's "The Office meets Boogie Nights".)

In 2008 Travis returned to work on Scare Tactics for the Sci-Fi channel, and started a new musical endeavor entitled "Knights of Monte Carlo", a tribute to the genre of Yacht Rock. After a three year hiatus touring with the Knights, Travis returned to TV as a producer of A&E's reality show, "The Hasselhoff's". He shortly exited the show soon after citing "No reality there". Travis has since written and directed a Trigger Happy TV style hidden camera show for NBC "Off Their Rockers " featuring Betty White .

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George Faughnan

George Faughnan is an actor and improviser, known for Krystal (2017), Good Grief: Suicide Hotline (2015), Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013), Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013), A Free Bird (2013), Level Up: The made for TV feature (2011), Lightning Bug (2004), and False River (2005). He has been married to Julia Toth since 2014. He is a founder and ensemble member of Dad's Garage Theatre Company in Atlanta, GA since 1995.

Wayne Kramer

Wayne Kramer is a songwriter, producer and composer whose reputation writing music for television and film risks supplanting his legend as one of music's stellar guitarists. Rolling Stone Magazine recognizes him as one of the top 100 guitarists of all time and highlights from recent composing and playing can be heard in the upcoming Will Ferrell comedy "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" for Sony Pictures. His signature song "Edge of the Switchblade" runs at the end title credits for the film.

On television, Wayne's 2003 title theme for Fox Sports Network's extreme sports program 5-4-3-2-1 was a bona fide hit and he now has three others running there - Spotlight, In My Own Words and Under the Lights. He has been building a catalog of cues for their network library throughout 2005 and 2006.

Wayne's songs have been featured in a wide array of shows, including MTV's Jackass series, Judging Amy for 20th Century Fox TV and Chris Carter's Fox series Millenium. Additionally, his songs are regularly heard in NFL, NBA and MLB Playoff events, as well as BMX extreme videos and many Food Network productions.

Wayne's songs can be heard in various feature films including Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous, the Ramones' Rock 'n' Roll High School, October Films' action film Detour, Mary Harron's I Shot Andy Warhol and Pump Up the Volume starring Christian Slater. His current film scoring work includes composing a jazz score for the full-length feature documentaries "The Narcotics Farm" and "Votergate."

Wayne founded the MC5, widely recognized as the prototype for punk rock and heavy metal. In 1969, they released the ridiculously controversial album Kick Out The Jams on Elektra Records, which included the hit of the same name. After leaving Elektra, they released two albums on Atlantic Records, Back In The USA, produced by Bruce Springsteen's manager Jon Landau, and the critically hailed High Time. Between world tours, Wayne wrote scores for the Caroline Films feature Gold and The Living Theatre's film production of Paradise Now.

Wayne spent the'80s in New York City, where he teamed up with the infamous Johnny Thunders for a short-lived, but headline grabbing, punk rock supergroup Gang War. Soon after, Wayne co-wrote the acclaimed R&B musical The Last Words of Dutch Schultz with Mick Farren, then he co-founded the revolutionary acid funk outfit Was (Not Was) with David and Don Was.

Wayne moved to Los Angeles in 1994, signed with Epitaph Records and recorded four records in as many years: The Hard Stuff (1995), followed by Dangerous Madness (1996), Citizen Wayne (1997) and a live album LLMF (1998). He also produced and co-wrote the album Full Circle with John Sinclair and His Blues Scholars and produced a retrospective collection for Rhino Records entitled The Big Bang: Best of the MC5 as well as the punk compilation Wayne Kramer Presents: Beyond Cyberpunk for MusicBlitz.

Wayne launched MuscleTone Records in 2001. Its flagship release for 2002 was his own album Adult World. In 2003, he music-directed a performance for the DVD entitled Sonic Revolution: A Celebration of the MC5. A 30-minute documentary of that reunion performance was produced by MuscleTone Records in partnership with Levi's Vintage Clothing and was broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom in 2004. The hour-long edit of the concert is now a broadcast staple for Trio Networks in the USA.

Wayne runs the label, tours the world as a musician, speaker and activist. He regularly writes with, and produces, upstart rock `n' roll bands.

The Vapors

The Vapors were a British New Wave power pop band from Guildford, Surrey, England. After an abortive initial attempt at getting the group off the ground in 1978, singer/guitarist David Fenton managed to form a more cohesive and effective line-up for the Vapors in 1979. The other band members were: Edward Bazagette (lead guitar), Howard Smith (drums), and Steve Smith (bass). The group released their debut single "Prisoners" in 1979; this song failed to chart. The Vapors scored a massive international smash with the infectiously bouncy and catchy follow-up single "Turning Japanese;" this delightfully spiky and energetic tune peaked at #3 on the UK pop radio charts in March, 1980 and was also a big hit in Australia. A much beloved cult favorite amongst aficionados of early 1980's New Wave music, "Turning Japanese" has been featured on the soundtracks to such films as "Sixteen Candles," "The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag," "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion," "Charlie's Angels," and "Jackass: The Movie." The group recorded two albums: 1980's "New Clear Day" and 1981's "Magnets." The songs "News at Ten" and "Jimmie Jones" both reached #44 on the UK pop charts. Alas, the Vapors broke up in 1981 because of the poor sales of their second album "Magnets" and their record label's lack of support for their intended seventh single "Red Flag" (this single was canceled sans explanation). The individual band members have all gone on to successful solo careers: David Fenton now earns his living as a solicitor who specializes in music law, Edward Bazagette works for BBC television as a producer, director and editor, Steve Smith continues to play in bands and does sound mixing gigs on the side, and Howard Smith works at PRS.

Stephen Prouty

Oscar nominated make-up artist Stephen Prouty is known for his work on Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013), Zombieland (2009), and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000). He formed FusionFX in 2014 in an effort to provide state of the art makeup effects services that are tailored to individual productions in the ever evolving entertainment industry.

Rob Cristiano

Rob Cristiano is a Brooklyn-born independent filmmaker. His credits include upcoming indie features "Bob and the Trees" (Producer), "My First Kiss and the People Involved" (Co-Producer), "The Mend" (Production Coordinator) as well as the Broadway-themed web series "Understudies" (Producer). Cristiano's experience also includes locations work on upcoming features "The Adderall Diaries" (starring James Franco), "Alone" (starring Ray Liotta), "The Sound and the Fury" (directed by James Franco), and "Before We Go" (starring Chris Evans).

In recent years, Cristiano has produced twelve short films that have screened in more than one hundred film festivals in twenty different countries. They include "Penny Dreadful" (Audience Prize - Clermont-Ferrand Int'l Short Film Fest, Best of Fest - LA Comedy Short Film Fest, IFP Audience Award, National Board of Review Student Grant), "The Painter and the Wife" (Best Comedy Short, Bare Bones Film Festival), "Melon Head" (Atlanta Film Festival), and "The Glitch" (Milwaukee Film Festival). His upcoming film, "The King's Pawn" (dir. Jonah Bleicher), was recently awarded a production grant by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Prior to receiving his MFA in Producing from the Columbia University Film Program, Cristiano spent five years at MTV, where he produced DVDs of the most successful franchises in the history of the channel, including "Beavis and Butt-Head," "Aeon Flux," "The State," "Jackass," and "Nitro Circus." His post-production experience includes time as an assistant editor for numerous TV shows, as well as the feature length documentary "The Redemption of General Butt-Naked" (Winner - Best Cinematography at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival).

Cristiano was selected to participate in the 2013 Making Waves producer's workshop at the Berlinale. Later that year, the Producer's Guild of America presented him with the prestigious Debra Hill Fellowship for emerging producers. Cristiano is currently developing several feature film and scripted television projects under his Inside Voices production banner.

Matt Senior

Matt Senior is a filmmaker from Plymouth.

Before creating high quality commercial film, Senior began creating short home videos from the age of 11, and has continued to do so until today. Following his friend joining a performing arts school, Senior was encouraged to create moving image, and gained an interest in acting . Furthermore, another of Senior's friends bought a video camera, and ever since Senior has continued to develop his skills as a filmmaker.

Focusing primarily on dramatic short subjects, as well as feature length, Senior is fond of the art behind film, as well as controversy.

Usually, Senior works with close friends such as Dan Lyle, Jim Vowden and others, as he believes "Filmmaking gives someone the rare opportunity to live many lives, so why live them alone?"

He covers a wide variety of media skills, from Directing, Producing and Writing, to Cinematography, Editing and Acting. Senior believes that if you're going to make a dramatic film, you should not hold back. He says that "if extreme violence works, use it. If explicit language works. Use it. Don't be afraid to make a masterpiece." Senior owns movie production company "Not Enough Knife", the team behind 'Never Touch' and 'Life (AKA The Boy Who Commits a Murder).' Additionally, Senior is a member of M.A.D Productions, J.A.M Studios, and previously MAStudios, minor companies which assist in his films production.

In regards to social media, Senior primarily uses Instagram to provide updates regarding his work, though uses many other social platforms to reach is audience. Aside from work updates, he posts his personal views and aspirations for life, frequently positive inspiration and confidence required to reach his goals, whilst encouraging others to do the same. He rarely, however, posts about his personal life as he believes too many people are consumed by trying to appear how others want them to be seen on social media. He believes too many people lack individuality, and many are shadows of one another, losing morals and high goals in life. If it doesn't happen on social media then it doesn't happen at all in a modern world, and people change their looks, falsify their attitudes and don't appreciate true art and craftsmanship anymore. Senior becomes frustrated by this, and isn't afraid to let people know.

Senior's confidence drives him on, and though previously down, he now always stays positive to create meaningful media for the world, be it film, photography or storytelling. He wants to affect the world; create something meaningful. Senior is also a big fan of shocking qualities, and believes that it keeps an audience interested. Even if they become surprised or disturbed, it'll stick in their minds for a very long time with a lasting imprint. Senior believes that most modern films are purely focused on money and they lack originality - he thinks that films need to be more about art; creating something unique, powerful and meaningful - which is what he aims to do himself. Even if his films reach a limited audience, he doesn't mind as long as his films are more art & quality based as opposed to money-grabbing blockbusters, sequels and spin-offs. Moreover, Senior is a fan of writing comedy, which can be seen in some of his work.

Senior describes himself as a 'creator' - he enjoys creative writing, directing, producing and lyricising. He aims to think outside of the box, whilst creating media of high technical scope to prove himself to the world as an intelligent and talented, yet humble man. Senior is a hard worker and a perfectionist when it comes to what interests him, and until a project is complete, he will not stop thinking about how to improve it and make it the best it can possibly be. This can be seen in his film 'Life (AKA The Boy Who Commits a Murder)' - the writing has been described as 'genius,' whilst Senior, who worked non-stop on the project, is a great lover of true film, and so method acted his role to make himself more believable. He says although it ruined his social life for a year, he has no regrets, and hopes that his audience appreciates his efforts.

Senior has taken part in many film courses to further expand his knowledge, and has an abundance of film awards from prestigious educational centres such as The University of Birmingham. He believes that you can never learn enough, and never watch enough films. The more you watch, the more you learn. Senior enjoys watching a range of films from micro budget independent films, to blockbusters, to unknown shorts.

Finding inspiration from the minds of people such as Clive Barker, The CKY/Jackass Crew, DiCaprio, Kanye West and Tarantino, Senior is extremely creative, as is his composing/producing friend Kyle Staff, a part of Not Enough Knife. Together, along with the rest of the NEK crew, Senior produces some exceptional ideas, and improves every day when it comes to filmmaking. He offers his friends opportunities to do something different, such as act or manage production. Senior, if impressed with their skills, may invite them to join Not Enough Knife, and says that he always gives people the chance to do something unique. If they turn it down...it's their choice.

Senior's work has been encouraged by established film actors, including Stephen Merchant, Robert Englund and Andrew Lee-Potts.

During the course of the future, Senior plans to expand Not Enough Knife, as well as expand his knowledge to become a better artist.

Joseph Frantz

Joe Frantz is an American filmmaker and author. He is a director, producer, cinematographer, and member of Bam Margera's CKY Crew. His body of works includes the CKY Video Series, Haggard The Movie, MTV reality television shows such as Viva La Bam and Bam's Unholy Union, the Jackass motion pictures, and music videos for bands such as HIM, CKY, and The 69 Eyes Frantz is also a collaborative co-author of the book Dreamseller, which he wrote with MTV / Jackass personality Brandon Novak. Frantz is also a television documentary producer and cinematographer whose works have aired on National Geographic, The History Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and The Travel Channel.

Alan Somers

Alan Somers began his career in the mailroom of the William Morris Agency in 1975. There he became an agent in the television/film department working on the early careers of Robin Williams, Delta Burke, David Letterman, among many others. In 1979, Alan founded his own personal management company. Success followed with his discovery and hard work in the early careers of such talents as Drew Barrymore, Amy Madigan, Amanda Plummer, Martha Plimpton, John Larroquette, Hector Elizondo and Courtney Cox, and many more.

Somers was involved in two significant partnerships over the next 20 years. The International Talent Bank, a partnership with music manager Miles Copeland. The focus was to have a multi-dimensional talent management company that gave opportunities to crossover music talent. The clientele included Sting, Stewart Copeland, The Bangles, Danny Elfman, and Oingo Boingo.

In 1990, Somers began his next successful partnership with Mark Teitelbaum and Alan David. Somers Teitelbaum David had a focus on managing talent and producing television and film projects. With a deal at Warner Brothers they began developing projects for the studio and continued to develop their talent roster. Their philosophy was to help talent achieve their artistic and career goals. Some of the clients included Sela Ward, Treat Williams, Ricki Lake, Robert Forster and Leah Remini. Somers Teitelbaum David continued to gain prestige and respect in the entertainment business and evolved into Beverly Hills based Pure Arts Entertainment. Pure Arts actor clients included Jessica Alba, Marlee Matlin, Allison Janney, Rip Torn, Emmanuel Vaugier, Adam Goldberg, Robert Guillaume, and Ted McGinley. Some of the directors and producers included Irvin Kershner, Stacy Peralta, Craig Piligian, and Tobe Hooper. Some of the projects that Pure Arts played a significant role in were The Ricki Lake Show, Survivior, as well as many television pilots, movies for television, and feature films.

Somers has the prestige and respect of a 35 year career in the entertainment business. His clients have garnered: three Academy Award nominations, over fifteen Emmy nominations, six Emmys, five Tonys, six Cable Aces, Drama Desk, Dramalogue, Obie, and other commendations, nominations, and awards.

Today, Alan Somers has a new partnership, Somers Mauldin The Rose Group, whose focus is branding, producing, and managing creative talent and experts. He continues to manage talent including Jason Acuna of the highly successful "Jackass" franchise, and veteran Academy Award nominee, Bruce Dern. As the entertainment business evolves, so does his business. To keep a hand in the development of future talent managers, Alan Somers has taught a course at the UCLA Extension in "Talent Management and Career Development." A Los Angeles native and an avid surfer, Somers is active with a number of non-profit organizations and charities. He is married and has two children.

Kevin Knotts

Kevin Knotts is an Aerial Film Pilot in the Feature Film and Television Industry. Kevin has worked on various Motion Pictures such as "Act of Valor" (2012) and "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa" (2013). He has also worked on several TV shows like "Homeland" (2012), "Banshee" (2013) and "Army Wives" (2013). He has flown many camera systems including Cineflex, Pictorvision, Spacecam and Tyler.

Kevin was raised in North Carolina. He has been around Helicopters all this life and is the son of notable Film Pilot Buddy Knotts. From a young age, Kevin got to experience and learn the Film and TV industry watching his father work. Today, he still learns from his father while working side by side with him on a number of productions.

Kevin received a degree in Business Administration from Montreat College near Asheville, NC in 2002. After graduation, Kevin started gaining valuable experience in the helicopter that would be crucial while operating in the film environment.

He has a creative eye when it comes to achieving a directors vision. He loves flying and prides himself on doing it safely.

Kevin is the Chief Pilot and COO for Helivision, LLC. He lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and two children.

C.C. Loveheart

C. C. Loveheart, though born in Kansas, grew up in Las Vegas when it was still a cow-town transforming into a gambling mecca. As a child she saw all the shows in town and, in high school hosted"Teen Time With Caroline" on local TV. As soon as she was old enough she became a dancer at the Sahara Hotel. She didn't resume performing until she was in her late twenties as a mime. The producer of "Pinwheel House", Nicklodeon's answer to Sesame Street, saw her and cast her as "Coco" in the children's series. She played "Coco" and wrote for the character for 2 seasons, in 1977 and 1980. She studied acting further at the Strasberg Institute and with Stella Adler, Kim Stanley and especially with Susan Batson. She founded and led an independent acting troupe, "The Company", from 1980 to approximately 1982. In 1990 she became a member of The Actors' Studio. She and her husband, musician John Simon, wrote a play inspired by her Vegas childhood entitled "Jackass Flats". It won the Maxwell Anderson Award for the Best Unproduced Play of 1995.

Kevyn Settle

Kevyn's acting career started with a stage role in "Moonchildren", at the Warehouse Theatre (Washington DC), and shortly thereafter on Terrence Malick's feature The New World (2006) - A epic about the first settlers at Jamestown, Virginia. He continued to land roles on several Indie features including leading roles in Secret Sin (2005) and That's Life (2005), directed by Eugene Martin. He appeared in a supporting role as Garrett in the dramatic feature The Chinese Room (2005) and American Dreamers (2006), written and directed by Dave Musumeci (Jackass, Jackass 2), as Mitch Cooper, the quick talking entertainment agent.

In 2007 Kevyn co-starred in the period film "Sons of Virginia." The film was nominated for 5 awards at the Hollywood HD/Video Film Festival.

In 2007 he co-starred opposite Ben Jones (Cooter from Dukes of Hazard, Primary Colors), former US Congressman from Georgia, in the TV Pilot "Moon Hollow", a story about two animal vets from different backgrounds.

Kevyn has been seen on several commercials for nationally recognized brands such as Best Western, Car Max, and EP Henry. Other regional commercial credits Include EZ-Pass, and First Fidelity Mortgage.

He holds a B.A. degree in Human Relations from High Point University (NC). Where he played baseball on scholarship.

Kevyn Settle has lived abroad in Spain. He owns a small real estate investment portfolio, and rehabs homes when not working.

Brittany Mumford

Brittany is best known for her role and involvement in Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa both on camera as well as behind the scenes in helping to set up the infamous 'Pageant Prank'. She is a Talent Agent and she has clients who have booked major roles in Twilight Breaking Dawn pt.2, The Hunger Games, Homeland, Banshee, Sleepy Hollow, Disney's Million Dollar Arm, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead and numerous Nickelodeon and Disney shows.

In her earlier years, she was the recipient of the National Arion Award and has a degree in Theater with a Film minor from The University of Central Florida. By her early 20's she was a member of AEA and working full time as an Equity actress in various shows at Walt Disney World as well as throughout Central Florida.

Sean Cliver

Sean Cliver is a producer, writer, and photographer known for his work on the Jackass TV series (2000-2001), Jackass: The Movie (2002), Wildboyz (2003-2005), Jackass Number Two (2006), Jackass 3D (2010), and Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013). He also works as an illustrator in the skateboard industry, and published two books on its graphic design history.

Caesar Augustus

Caesar Augustus is a Spanish American Producer, content developer and filmmaker working out from Philadelphia/New York/Los Angeles. Attended School in Philadelphia University of the Arts and NYU. Started a production company in 2005, (Augustus Films) where he worked with Artists such as Justin Bieber and Asher Roth with music mogul Scooter Braun. Augustus also worked with reggae legend Barrington Levy, B.O.B, Kid Kudi on Asher Roth's Great Hangover Tour. Produced MTV special, CKY: The Greatest Hits in 2014. The one-hour special is the story of the crew of misfits led by skater Bam Margera whose home movies became one of the world's first viral videos, exploding into pop culture and becoming part of the blockbuster Jackass franchise. The special includes never-before-seen footage of Bam, Ryan Dunn and the rest of the CKY crew. Directed by Joseph Frantz and Produced by Caesar Augustus.The Remake of Claude Van Damme's 1989 "Kick Boxer" Movie is in theaters 2016. Kickboxer will be re-launched by Radar Pictures (Riddick), with American director John Stockwell. The film is produced and written by Dimitri Logothetis and Nick Celozzi. Caesar Augustus is a co-executive producer on the film.

Mason Cardwell

Mason Paul Joseph Cardwell was born in 1990 in Peterborough, Ontario, and grew up in the town of Keene, Ontario. He has wanted to be apart of movies since the age of 8, after having a lead role in a school play. From the ages of 10-13 Mason went to a drama summer camp at Market Hall in Peterborough and was trained by Phil Oakley. Mason first picked up a digital camera at the age of 12 and filmed his own Jackass video with his brother and friends. In his early teen years Mason was making music videos and short films with his brother and friends on weekends and after school in his parents or friends basements. Mason continued to pursue in drama by taking it for all four years at Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School. At 18 Mason attended the Toronto Media & Film College where he studied Directing & Film Production. Mason moved back home after film school, had acted in some short films and did some background work while working for his fathers pool company. At 22 Mason studied Screenwriting at Sir Sandford Fleming College. Mason lives with his fiance Samantha Tennant and their three sons in Peterborough.

Joe Dalo

Joseph (Joe) Dalo, is an American born actor, comic, special effects builder and designer who was born in Philadelphia, PA, on August 19, 1966. He is a series regular and the special effects designer for the show CODE:9 on the Disney Channel. Joe started acting in school plays at his high school, Triton Regional, in Runnemede NJ. Although he had passion for acting, he decided to study laser-fiber optics at Camden County College. Joe often snuck over to the theatre department to perform in plays and take an occasional class. With just one course left before graduation, Joe abandoned his science studies and transferred to Montclair State University to pursue his love of theatre and study acting. He also discovered he was talented behind the scenes as well, eventually becoming the Assistant Technical Director. With his junior year approaching, Joe was offered an opportunity he couldn't pass up. Joe left school to perform in the Original Philadelphia Cast of Tony and Tina's Wedding. Joe was thrilled to originate the role of Michael Just (Tina's ex-boyfriend) in his hometown. Bolstered by his success in Tony & Tina's Wedding, Joe started a stand-up comedy career. He played his first show at a small club on South Street called the Funny Bone. His stand-up career flourished and he moved up to a feature comedian slot - performing all over the East Coast and as a headliner at the 1996 Edinburgh festival. Joe also won Comic of the Month at Comic Strip Live in NYC. In the fall of 1996 he was offered the National Tour of Tony and Tina's Wedding as the best man Barry Wheeler. He would tour for three years taking on many different roles, including Technical Director and Assistant Director. Joe then landed in the wildly successful Off Broadway run of the show where he remained for 2 years.

In the past decade, Joe has enjoyed his work behind the scenes at Albuerne, Inc. Recently, he was a special effects designer for Jackass 3D. Joe was one of the designers and creators of the Exploding Port-a-Potty and the giant "High Five" Hand. Around this time, Joe was asked to screen test for a new hidden camera Disney Channel show. His goofy onscreen persona coupled with his technical knowledge won him the job. Joe became the SFX host on The Disney Channel's Code: 9.

Rick Spalla

Coming from a strong family history in Hollywood, Rick Spalla has been involved in film and television production for over thirty years. His father, Rick Spalla Sr., is regarded in the Hollywood production community for pioneering the format of the entertainment news magazine show during the decade of the sixties. The Spalla family owns and operates the Hollywood Newsreel Library, which contains a vast archive of Hollywood-related footage and programs spanning the last five decades.

Rick was introduced to the technical side of film and television production at an early age. In his teens he became proficient as an editor and cameraman, working on a wide range of projects. After attending film school at USC, he ventured into the world of independent filmmaking, producing his first feature film "Drawn to Kill" in 1993. Since then he has produced a number feature films under his company banner Hip Films. In 2001 his short film "Becoming Irish" won Best Comedic Short at the New York Independent Film Festival. His 2004 film "Pledge of Allegiance" was picked up by Universal after being spotted in another festival. In the mid-2000's he directed and produced 24 one-hour specials for TV Guide Network. In 2007 Spalla took over the CBS Studios at Sunset and Gower in Hollywood and turned the former network flagship into a vibrant independent production facility. Shows produced there included MTV's "The Real World", "Jackass", "Dead End City" and countless independent film productions including "Autopsy", "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond" which was released theatrically worldwide.

Rick produced and financed films with the David Lynch company Absurda, including the Werner Herzog thriller "My Son My Son What Have Ye Done" and "Repo Chic" as well as and the indie drama "Janie Jones" which was theatrically distributed by Tribeca Entertainment. He also recently directed the horror feature "Drain Baby" and produced the small-town dramedy "Jesus in Cowboy Boots" which debuted at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Spalla is currently developing the feature film "Zeppelin Rising" which explores the early days of iconic guitarist Jimmy Page and the subsequent formation of the band Led Zeppelin and producing the documentary feature "The History of the Academy Awards" in conjunction with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Telling Pictures. Other future projects include the family-adventure film "The Treasure of Pirate's Cove" (Director) and indie thriller "Don't Kill it" (Producer).

Jim Karol

Jim Karol is truly one of the most unique and amazing individuals of our time. He has risen from the steel mills of PA to become one of the most sought after acts in the industry. His show combines extraordinary feats of the mind with zany comedy and dangerous stunts.

Jim has been seen by millions of people from his appearances on NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the Ellen Degeneres Show, as well as Rosie O'Donnell, Montel, Fox News and numerous other television and news shows. He is also a regular guest on the national radio shows "Howard Stern" and "Coast To Coast AM". Jim was also featured in the movie Jackass Number Two as the card throwing guy who shocked people out of their seats. In November of 2008, Jim also appeared on NBC's Phenomenon as one of the top 10 mentalist's in the world.

Jim's highly energetic and charismatic personality along with his amazing skills have opened up the door for other possibilities as well.

Some of Jim's abilities include memorizing over 80,000 zip codes, the Scrabble dictionary, every country and city on the planet, thousands of digits of Pi, sports almanacs, and thousands of other facts. On the Ellen Show, Jim memorized a shuffled deck of cards in a matter of seconds and on the Tonight Show, he stuck his bare hand in an authentic bear trap. Jim also throws playing cards over 150 feet (His Guinness World Record 201 feet back in the 80's)and performs various feats of strength. His number one hobby is playing Texas Hold-em, and don't be surprised if you see him in a final table on TV in the near future.

Eric Alan Donaldson

Eric Alan Donaldson is a Los Angeles, California based Producer. He had his first experience on the set at the age of four when he appeared on the popular kids' TV program, "Romper Room." He later directed, produced and edited his first music video as a junior in high school.

Donaldson's professional career in production spans nearly 20 years. His first job was as a film runner, driving film dailies to and from the studios. The subsequent years he held a variety below-the-line positions from Grip, to Camera, to Editor, eventually working his way up to Producer, and later, Executive Producer at Los Angeles based FXF Productions.

Donaldson has a keen ability to seek out emerging markets and new technologies. Before the crazy antics of Jackass and before Extreme Sports became a household name, he combined the two genres and created not only a popular DVD series, All My Crazy Friends, but connected a web of domestic and international distributors to sell it. Now, Extreme Sports content is everywhere. It was also at this time (1995) that Donaldson first embraced Digital Technology, enabling him to produce high-quality products at a fraction of the cost.

Donaldson has directed, produced and/or edited a variety of content, from commercials to documentaries. And from music videos to feature films. He has worked on advertising and marketing campaigns for Volkswagen, Philips, Activision, Purina, Nike, Red Bull, and Sea-Doo. From 2005 - 2007 he produced 44 episodes of the popular Docu-TV action sports show "GRR-TV" for The Outdoor Channel. The show currently airs on MavTV (2015).

Donaldson launched advertising and marketing production/post house, NINETEEN87..., in 2013.

On the film festival circuit, Donaldson has had wins with both Documentaries and Narratives, and his recent launch into feature films is the next wide-open chapter in his career.

Henrik Bechman

The Danish comedian Henrik Bechman was born 1973, in the capital city Coprenhagen, Denmark. When he was 7 years he moved to Odense in Funen. He started an education as an graphic designer at "WideScreen grafisk produktion" from 1991 and finished his education in 1995. Then he worked for "WideScreen" for 3 years until 1998.

Afterwards in 1998 he changed to the Danish graphic company "KT Prepress" and in 2001 he took part in a project to start a subdivision in Copenhagen.

Bechmann is not a trained actor but is still acting in amateur theaters. He did a lots of H.C. Andersen's plays, "Korslykke-plays" and at Nedergadeteatret, where he is still is connected. Moreover he has taken part in commercials such as "Polle from Snave" and in 2000 he applied to the Theatre School but was unfortunately rejected.

He has also film experience. His most famous role was as the neglected native of Funen jackass Jøgge in Polle Fiction. He has also taken part in the horror-action-thriller The Last Day, directed by Michael Heimark.

Rydrea Walker

Rydrea is well-known as a deaf filmmaker and owner of the Walker Pictures - ASL and released his first movie titled "Bob Movie" in 2013 at the age of 17.

Walker was born deaf on May 3, 1995, in Winfield, Alabama at Northwest Medical Center. He was born to begin passion about a filmmaker. He was raised in Fayette County, Alabama. He is the son of Lillie Billups and Rob Walker and he is the youngest of sibling sister to Yolanda Walker, and four brothers to James Sr., Christopher, SanPadro, and Derrick. On May 27, 2015, he graduated from Alabama School for the Deaf in Talladega, Alabama; he delivered the Salutatorian address of the Class of 2015. In Rochester, New York, he currently as a student of the Rochester Institute Technology, where he taking a major in Design and Imaging studies at National Technical Institute for the Deaf. When he was a little boy; he always played with his many toys daily. He set them as different actors; however, he was concerned how they could speak with voice; therefore, he decided to use his voice to voice over for them. He didn't talk well. He saw his father use the big camera and shoot films for his family, Rydrea was wondering "What is a camera?" His father gave Walker a camera; he recorded with his family and played with it. He learned about it. When he was 13 years old, he watched Iron Man, The Happening, and Jumper movies every day because he was fascinated with the effects and VFX breakdowns; also, he had imagined in his mind about a movie and many different genres. He wondered how he could make films at his school, Alabama School for the Deaf. He created Deaf Jackass and announced to the students at ASD that he would shoot a film, but he was in big trouble. Walker went to the office with ASD Principal, Director Athletics, Director High School, and involved who was there with him. ASD Principal found out that Walker had filmed his classmate in Math Class without his teacher knowing he had made this movie and put it on YouTube. Walker knew his biggest mistakes was shooting a film during school time. They advised him a lot through his film about the life and taught him about film's rules. His goal for the future; he wanted to become a director of all films. On November 22, 2013, he decided to create his own title films, named "Walker Pictures - ASL". In 2013, his teacher gave him a paper from Jacksonville State University Technology Fair Competition, he was going ahead and becoming involved. He created his first title "Bob Movie" in 2013 at the age of 17. He was nervous to show the competition judge his movie. After the competition judge finish watched his movie, the competition judge said, "Your movie is great. Good job." One hour later, the announcer said "3rd place for best movie goes to Alabama School for the Deaf.", Walker was shocked, and his three crews excited and walked through many hearing students; as a result, he saw them use deaf applause. He felt proud of himself and raised his arms. His goal for the future, he wants to become director of all films. On November 22, 2013, he decided to create his own title films, named "Walker Pictures - ASL". In 2013, his teacher gave him a paper from Jacksonville State University Technology Fair Competition, he was going ahead involved, he created his first titled "Bob Movie" in 2013 at the age of 17, his movie had won 3rd place for best movie in the central east regional Alabama at Jacksonville State University Technology Fair Competition in Jacksonville, Alabama. Rydrea Walker is named Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Creative Officer of Walker Pictures - ASL. Walker has completed made five movies the following: Bob Movie (2013), Sleeper Chair (2013), Battle of Evil (2014), Battle of Evil: Part Two (2014), Never Forget... (2016). Battle of Evil: Part Two is first feature-length in November, 2014. He is working on his upcoming movie, Battle of Evil: The Evil of the Dark (2021).

Sean Wyn

American born with strong roots to China and Vietnam, Sean served as technical consultant for most of the movies he's worked on for creating realistic fight scenes and brutal Action. His father, who was trained by one Japan's last samurais, trained Sean who has in turned trained top Hollywood stars. Sean was instrumental in keeping the style and choreography beautiful and accurate, a treat for fans of the style.

Sean is trained in over 20 styles of martial arts, is a world wide licensed TaeKwonDo instructor who trained under his father, an 8th Dan Grand Master, and his Kung-Fu Master Uncles. Sean is skilled in cinematography, picture editing, color correction, visual effects, green screen work, digital wire removal, Musical score and Asian mythology. He's also fluent in Vietnamese.

Sean was hand picked by Bam Margera (Jackass, Viva La Bam) to do crazy insane stunts on the TBS show "Bam's Bad Ass Game Show" in Episode #2 due to his Jackie Chan influenced persona.

Till this day, Sean mostly works as a Fight Choreographer, Stunt Coordinator & Action Editor.

Sean mostly trains his clients during down time.

Konstantin Flemig

Born in 1988, Konstantin Flemig started making films at the age of 13. His first videos were stunts and pranks in the style of MTVs "Jackass" and mockumentaries about his hometown. After finishing school, Flemig attended the Deutsche Journalistenschule, one of Germany's leading journalism schools in Munich. After graduating, he was accepted into Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, were he studied Documentary Filmmaking and Screenwriting. His graduation film "BilderKrieg - Picturing War" won the 2015 Hollywood International Independent Documentary Award and was part of the Official Selection at USA Film Festival in Dallas, Texas. Flemig received training in war reporting by the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) and has filmed in countries like Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Kongo. In 2016, he was participant of Werner Herzog's legendary Rogue Film School.

Jonathan Mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell was born in Richmond, VA and grew up loving film and television, particularly comedy. He was inspired to pick up a video camera and record his friends performing skits and stunts after seeing the popular CKY series which the same footage was used in the popular television series Jackass. He took acting and improv classes in college where he found a keen interest in character and decided to peruse plans to attend film school. While in school he produced three short films two of which he also acted in. He then went on to produce a fourth short film shortly after graduation. After interning for Thunder Road Production's and having major exposure to the film Brooklyn's Finest while in production from an office standpoint he decided to peruse a writer/producer role in his career goals. He has since written a television pilot and has two feature length screenplays in his pipe line. He returned from Los Angeles to his home town of Richmond, VA in 2009 where since he has produced various local commercials, PSA's and other video projects with Jack Hartmann's Studio 108.

Brandy Menefee

Brandy Menefee is a Los Angeles-based director / producer / writer / editor who grew up in the house that gave out walnuts on Halloween.

She is a lifestyle documentary storyteller and a member of the Producers Guild of America who has has held every production position from PA to EP, and has shot/directed/edited a sizzle reel that sold a TV series.

After graduating from Boston's Emerson College with a degree in broadcast journalism, the San Jose, California native started working in local news.

Her production background is diverse -- she's worked in film, video, web and apps, network and cable TV, fiction and non-fiction, scripted and non-scripted, long and short format, big budget and low budget.

Brandy's career in music television started at MTV News where she wrote and produced segments and specials, and was their west coast gangsta rap reporter. She has toured the country profiling unsigned bands, singers, musicians and MCs, produced concert specials, music competition docu-series, and hit the road with country music's Gretchen Wilson to chronicle a nationwide tour.

In the world of food, Brandy directed season 2 of Food Network's Ace of Cakes, co-created and executive produced The Naughty Kitchen With Chef Blythe Beck, and directed some of the country's leading chefs for Panna, a cookbook app named by Apple as one of the best apps of 2012.

Brandy's other non-fiction work includes supervising the docu-series Eyewitness War and Kidnap & Rescue, and producing for Amish In The City and Tornado Road.

Her web work includes directing and editing 19 videos for AwareAwakeAlive.org's alcohol poisoning awareness campaign, and directing/shooting/editing profiles for company websites.

As for feature films, Brandy's tour of duty as Segment Producer on Jackass: The Movie and the blockbuster sequel Jackass Number Two provided her with enough puke, poo and penis footage to last three lifetimes.

In addition to directing/producing real-life stories for broadcast, Brandy creates Birthographies ® for private clients -- feature-length documentaries for expecting families as they prepare for and welcome home their newborn babies.

She is passionate about profiling people and documenting their milestones.

Jp White

JP White, is best known for playing Bass Guitar in the Swedish pop/rock band Vains Of Jenna from 2005 until the bands break up in 2012. Vains Of Jenna did the theme song for the 2007 MTV show "Bam's Unholy Union", which JP appeared in two episodes of (one of which the band preformed in). JP & Vains Of Jenna also appeared in and preformed in an episode of Kat Von D's LA Ink. Vains Of Jenna's music also appeared in the movie "Minghags" (both directed by Bam Margera) and the Jackass 24 Hour special on MTV. Though he lived in Los Angeles while in Vains Of Jenna, JP now resides in Sweden. In 2012 JP narrated the feature length documentary film "The Vision Of Paolo Soleri: Prophet In The Desert".

Anthony J. Preston

Anthony J. Preston, also known as 'The Pest' is an American professional wrestler, stunt man, writer, actor, producer and director born in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1987 but raised in Central Florida where he now, still resides.

In and out of schools constantly because of his grandfathers profession as a truck driver, Anthony grew up moving around a lot. From Scranton, Pennsylvania to Binghamton, New York and then perhaps one of the more defining changes in his life, Orlando, Florida where his aunt secured a job at Walt Disney World and would end up taking him several times weekly for years afterwards when he was a child. This, later on in life would spark a fascination in him with the Walt Disney Company.

Preston was a gifted writer when he was young. His teachers through elementary and middle school would always compliment him on his highly fantasized stories but "his head is in the clouds and is always daydreaming" they told his grandparents "and he doesn't seem to have any friends because he's stuck in his own little world." Regardless of his social life he would go on to win many writing competitions and awards throughout his years in grade school.

Inspired by the "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" at Disney's Hollywood Studios (then MGM Studios) Preston was also enamored with the showmanship of it all which would eventually lead him to get involved with the world of professional wrestling under the alias 'Pest' at a young age. By any means necessary he would get himself booked in various shows by methods such as; lying about his birthday and forging his parents signatures on waivers. Preston went on to overcome great feats in the independent wrestling circuit throughout Central Florida and received many awards such as; 'Rookie of the Year' and 'Most Extreme Wrestler' for his unique style and highly dangerous, hardcore matches.

Preston stepped away from professional wrestling, quoted saying, "I don't like the politics of it all, you reach a certain point in that world where everybody takes it way too seriously and it's just not fun anymore."

After a small break Anthony would meet some friends and become the figure head of a new film group he put together called 'Brain Damage' which dealt in Jackass like stunts and pranks but also threw in bit of acting, parodies, sketches and improvisational comedy where he wrote a majority of the scripts. One of the groups more notable videos 'New Numa' placed on a top tier in a contest held by NewNuma.com

Preston would eventually also grow tired of that and go on to pursue his true passion, Disney, involving himself in any way he can as he's a self proclaimed Disney Historian & Enthusiast. Anthony has lent a hand to several film projects and books and continues to do so to this day. He's recently been quoted saying that he is in the process of working on several of his own projects, books and film both Disney and non-Disney related.

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