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Danella Lucioni

Runway and fashion model and actress Danella Lucioni, an Italian born in Lima - Peru, has lived in LA for 7 years. She also lived and worked in Italy. She speaks fluent English, Italian, Spanish, and German, and has a B.A. in Communications and an Associate Degree in Arts. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

Danella Lucioni has been featured in national TV shows such as TLC's Untold Stories of the ER Season 4, feature model for HBO's Entourage Season 4, Comedy Central's Not Another High School Show, and TLC's Diagnosis X. Danella's commercial and film agent is Gordon Rael.

Danella has also worked on the intro for September ESPN's Monday Night Football, as well as many music videos including Christina Aguilera. In addition, she has appeared in several TV and Cable commercials such as KIA motors, Cox Cable, and many more. Danella recently finished work on a pilot with CastleBright Studios, an NBC Universal based production company.

She has landed a role in action feature film Mission of Honor (2009), to start shooting in 2008, with executive producers 'Stephen J Downing' and Gabe Videla.

Danella started her modeling career in December 2006. She signed with two major fashion modeling agencies in Beverly Hills: UberWarning for runway/fashion, and Body Parts Models, representing her legs, body double. Her current print/commercial agency is Otto Models, in Hollywood.

She was recently interviewed by E! Entertainment Television for a special segment "12 Sexiest Hollywood Jobs", where she ranked #1 as one of the leg models for one of her agencies, Body Parts Models.

Her different jobs as a model range from a stand-in model for Vogue magazine, to a runway model seen in Fashion TV, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Ethos, and many high fashion shows for several designers including Miguel Torres, ShaDang, Sidaka Kaye, Sterling Williams, David Tupaz, Jelessy Jeans and many more. She has been a runway hair model for Wella, hair stylist Nick Arrojo, and Sebastian's The Doves. She also modeled in beauty conventions representing MAC.

Danella has also appeared in fashion editorials and advertisements in publications such as Seventeen, California Apparel News, 944, Warning, Stuff Magazine, Prequel magazine, Vloss Magazine, and several commercial print ads for CBGB, Sidaka Kaye, Mini Pringles, Levi's, Pita Pit, among many others. She has modeled for over 100 photographers including celebrity photographers Douglas Kirkland, Patrick Hoelck, Steven Silverstein, Joaquin Palacin, and Drew Schwartz. She also shot for VH1's _The Shot (2007)_ with photographers Jason Clevering and Dean Zulich, along with ANTM model Sarah VonderHaar.

She was recently published in Rolando Gomez's newest book, "Glamour Photography". Her photos will also be published in celebrity photographer Patrick Hoelck book in 2008.

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