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Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey has lived two charming but separate lives on film and television. From an exuberant, somewhat awkward charmer in college comedy films of the late 1980s and early 1990s, he has morphed spectacularly into a dreamy, wavy-haired television hunk of the new-age millennium and this seductive new image has since spilled off into romantic lead roles back on the large screen as a slightly offbeat, self-effacing Prince Charming type.

Patrick Galen Dempsey was born on January 13, 1966 in Lewiston, Maine, to M. Amanda (Casson) and William Allen Dempsey. He is the youngest of three. His father, an insurance agent, and his mother, a school secretary, raised the children in Buckfield (Maine). His parents were both originally from Pennsylvania, and he has German and English ancestry ("Dempsey" was the surname of his stepgrandfather). Patrick, who was diagnosed as dyslexic (he has to fully memorize his scripts), attended St. Dominic Regional High School but dropped out before graduating.

Always interested in entertainment, Patrick studied juggling and entered several competitions. Acting was also a natural for him and, at age 15, he earned the role of the rebellious son in a Maine production of "On Golden Pond". Two years later, he won a prime role as David, the gay teen, in the Harvey Fierstein play "Torch Song Trilogy", spending several months touring the San Francisco area with the show. In between he, found supplementary gigs dancing and juggling. More opportunities came his way after winning the protagonist role of Neil Simon's "Brighton Beach Memoirs" that toured in 1984. Directed by the renowned comedy favorite Gene Saks, Dempsey started looking at the possibility of film work.

He made his movie debut in the secondary part of a Catholic student in the 1960s-era school-age comedy Heaven Help Us starring "Brat Pack" actor Andrew McCarthy. More silliness followed with Meatballs III: Summer Job and a ripe turn in the socially aware television-movie A Fighting Choice in which he played an epileptic teen who sues his parents (Beau Bridges and Karen Valentine) in order to have risky brain surgery. Around the same time, he found himself in a television series entitled Fast Times, based on the ultimate school-age film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which made a star out of Sean Penn. Inheriting the Robert Romanus cool guy role of con artist Mike Damone, expectations were far too big and the television series died a quick death.

However, his movie career got on a faster track and he scored well co-starring with the worldly Beverly D'Angelo in the movie In the Mood, as a young man who makes headlines pursuing older women. Life resembled art that same year when Patrick married actress and drama coach Rocky Parker, who played a bit part in the film. He was 21 and she was 48. By this time, his trademark cuteness and appeal started taking shape. The youthful 21-year old Patrick played a nerd role next in the very funny high school comedy Can't Buy Me Love with Amanda Peterson. A movie favorite for many, Patrick had reached the peak of his early career popularity. He showed a more serious side in the World War II-era drama In a Shallow Grave, which presented a Cyrano de Bergerac-like storyline with Patrick as the Christian de Neuvillette counterpart, but then he went straight back to familiar territory with the college-themed comedies Some Girls with Jennifer Connelly, Loverboy, and Happy Together.

Stretching more in the 1990s, Patrick co-starred on stage in a 1991 production of "The Subject Was Roses" (playing the Martin Sheen film role) as the World War II soldier readjusting to civilian life with his parents (Dana Ivey and "Frasier" co-star John Mahoney). Films included the cross-country comedy-drama Coupe de Ville, the action thriller Run, Mobsters, in which he made a stab at playing major Mafioso Meyer Lansky, Face the Music opposite "Brat Pack" femme Molly Ringwald, the title role in Bank Robber, and the Mark Twain family-geared Ava's Magical Adventure, co-directed by Patrick and wife Rocky. However, the couple divorced that same year. On television, Patrick played a young John Fitzgerald Kennedy in the miniseries J.F.K.: Reckless Youth, Pierre Arronax in the television remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Raskolnikov in a small screen version of Crime and Punishment. The rest of the decade on film was less newsworthy with co-starring or featured movie roles in Hugo Pool, Denial, Life in the Fast Lane and Me and Will.

It was television that gave Patrick a shot in the arm as he progressed into the new millennium. A recurring role as Will's closeted sportscaster amour in the sitcom Will & Grace presented Patrick in a more mature, wry and sexier fashion. Another recurring role in Once and Again earned him a dramatic Emmy nomination in 2001 as Outstanding Guest Actor, and a third on The Practice was also extremely well-received. While the romantic comedy film Sweet Home Alabama opposite Reese Witherspoon really nailed the direction Dempsey was headed, the medical series Grey's Anatomy, as neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd (aka "Dr. McDreamy"), gave distaff audiences the whole heartthrob package. The perfect vehicle to showcase his undeniable charisma and sharp talent for offbeat comedy, he is a two-time Golden Globe nominee and his popularity has absolutely skyrocketed. This reawakening has also swung the door open again on high-profile film offers, registering with the ladies once again in a number of light leading man parts, notably Enchanted and Made of Honor.

Off-camera, Dempsey married a second time in 1999, to make-up artist and Delux Beauty founder Jillian Dempsey. The couple have three children: daughter, Tallulah Fyfe (born 2002), and twin sons Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick (born 2007). An avid sports car racer (he has participated in the Indianapolis and Daytona Beach events), he showed off a more humanitarian side when he started the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing in his hometown of Lewiston after his mother developed ovarian cancer. Befittingly, he has produced a sexy men's fragrance line by Avon called "Unscripted".

Mandy Patinkin

Mandy Patinkin was born Mandel Bruce Patinkin in Chicago, Illinois, to Doris "Doralee" (Sinton), a homemaker and cookbook writer, and Lester Patinkin, who operated two scrap metal plants. He is of Russian Jewish and Latvian Jewish descent. Growing, up he began singing in synagogue choirs at the age of 13-14 and still continues to use his fantastic voice in musicals and in recordings. Attending Juilliard, he became good friends with actor Kelsey Grammer and upon hearing that Cheers was auditioning for the role of Dr. Frasier Crane he immediately put Grammer's name forward for the role. Rumours persist about Patinkin's sudden departure from Criminal Minds. He simply failed to show up one day for a table read. He has contacted the entire cast to explain what is referred to as "personal reasons" for leaving. It seems that although Patinkin was prepared for the show to include violence the actual level of violence portrayed was unacceptable to the actor. He left to do more light hearted work. Patinkin supports many charities including: PAX, Doctors Without Borders, Americans for Peace Now, The September 11th Fund, Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America and Gilda's Club.

Michael Welch

Michael Welch is best known for his role as the popular Mike Newton in The Twilight Saga film series (2008-2011) and Luke Girardi in the beloved TV series Joan of Arcadia (2003-2005).

2014 is shaping up to be an excellent year for Michael with the expected release of 4 films, The Boys of Abu Ghraib, The Well, Boy Meets Girl, and The Grounds, with others potentially on the horizon. In November 2013 and January of this year, he filmed the paranormal thrillers, Cawdor and Until Someone Gets Hurt, respectively.

Films released in 2013 that Welch starred in are: Grace Unplugged, Hansel and Gretel Get Baked, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane and The Demented.

Welch has portrayed intense roles as the leading man in Independent films as Born Bad, Unrequited and Lost Dream.

Michael can be seen in award-winning festival favorites such as Archie's Final Project, An American Crime, United States of Leland, American Son, and The Cover-up.

Welch is familiar to television audiences for his many starring roles on Emmy Award-winning shows, most recently Grimm, CSI: NY, Criminal Minds, and Bones. During the past several years he appeared on CSI, an arc on The Riches, CSI: Miami, Numb3rs, Law & Order: SVU, Crossing Jordan, NCIS, Cold Case, and Without a Trace. His earlier years included performances on Stargate: SG-1, Judging Amy, The District, Touched by an Angel, Malcolm in the Middle, The X-Files, The Pretender, 7th Heaven, Chicago Hope, and Frasier.

Welch won best actor at the 2011 First Glance Film Festival in Hollywood for his portrayal of a troubled young man in Unrequited. He is the recipient of two Young Artist Awards, first for his performance in Star Trek: Insurrection at the age of 10 as Artim, and the second for his work as Luke Girardi on the hit television series Joan of Arcadia, which ran for two seasons on CBS.

In spite of his busy schedule, it is essential to Michael to give back. Welch raised $12,000 in 2013 to drill a clean water well for a village of 500 people in Swatziland. He also received the Pioneering Spirit Award from The Thirst Project in 2011 for his outstanding efforts in raising awareness and money to provide clean drinking water. In 2010, Welch was invited to Germany by the USO to support both wounded soldiers and over 600 military youth. Welch was Co-Chair for 4th annual Walk on The Horizon, an event to raise awareness and resources for adults with disabilities. For over 10 years, Welch hosted and entertained less fortunate youth with Kids With A Cause.

Michael is represented by Curtis Talent Management and The Talent House LA.

Kelsey Grammer

A five-time Emmy Award winner, Kelsey Grammer was born in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, to Sally (Cranmer), a singer, and Frank Allen Grammer, Jr., a musician and restaurateur. He was raised in New Jersey and Florida. Grammer was drawn to the works of William Shakespeare and spent two years at the prestigious Juilliard School. He then dove into the world of regional theater, eventually making the leap to Broadway with roles in "Macbeth" and "Othello". He joined the cast of the situation comedy Cheers in 1984.

Grammer is the first actor in television history to receive multiple Emmy nominations for performing the same role on three series. He received two nominations for his original portrayal of Dr. Frasier Crane on Cheers, another for his guest appearance in that role on Wings, and nine nominations (earning four awards) as Outstanding Actor for his work on Frasier. Over the years, Dr. Frasier Crane has become one of television's most endearing and enduring characters. In addition to his Emmy Awards, Grammer has won two Golden Globe Awards, two American Comedy Awards and a People's Choice Award for his portrait. Grammer's distinctive voice has been heard in several hit animated features, including the voice of Stinky Pete in Disney's hit Toy Story 2 and a role in Anastasia. On television, he has also been seen in several mini-series and movies. In 1996, he hosted an hour-long salute to Jack Benny for which he served as executive producer. He also starred in HBO's award-winning comedy The Pentagon Wars.

Grammer's autobiography, "So Far", was published in fall 1995.

Shelley Duvall

Shelley Alexis Duvall was born in Houston, Texas, to Bobbie Ruth (Massengale) and Robert Richardson Duvall, a lawyer. During her childhood, Shelley's mother humorously gave Shelley the nickname "Manic Mouse", because she would often run around her house and tip over furniture. Shelley however was more than a mouse, but rather quite the little artist. Her favorite thing to do when she was very young was draw. She also has three brothers: Scott, Shane, and Stewart.

Shelley graduated from Waltrip High School in Texas and at first became a cosmetics salesperson. It was in 1970 when Shelley was discovered by talent scouts at a local party. Director Robert Altman wanted to cast Shelley in a film that he was making during the time. Shelley had experience in acting in high school plays at the time and took Altman's offer and she appeared in her first film Brewster McCloud. Altman was so fascinated by her performance that she appeared in his next films including: McCabe and Mrs. Miller in 1971, Thieves Like Us in 1974, and Nashville in 1975. Aside from these three successful films, Duvall's acting blossomed in her leading role as Mille Lammoroux in 3 Women in 1977. Duvall's acting was so superb that she won Best Actress at the 1977 Cannes Film Festival. Shelley also starred as Bernice in Joan Micklin Silver's Bernice Bobs Her Hair in 1976, and had a cameo in Woody Allen's Annie Hall in 1977. In the same year, Shelley also hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live.

When the 1980s hit, Duvall's career was just beginning. She is famously known for playing the role of "Wendy Torrance" in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining with Jack Nicholson. During the making of this film, Kubrick and Duvall would often become very frustrated with each other. The most obvious example is when Kubrick shot the famous "baseball bat scene" with Duvall and Nicholson 127 times, which is the world record for most number of takes in any film set. Despite their differences, Duvall admitted that she learned more from Kubrick than any of her previous films and that she "wouldn't trade the experience for anything." Kubrick also knew that he pushed Shelley and treated her the way he did for a significant reason, as the role of "Wendy Torrance" was even said by Jack Nicholson, "the hardest role anyone has ever had to play."

In January of 1979, Robert Altman would offer Duvall yet another role in one of his films. Only the role was a certain role that Altman believed she was born to play. That certain role was "Olive Oyl" in the real life version of Popeye. Shelley was skeptical at first on accepting the role, due to bad memories as a child of negatively being called "Olive Oyl" in grade school. She fortunately decided to take the role and performed admirably. Shelley also sings several songs in this film. The most famous ones would be "He's Large" and "He Needs Me" which also appeared in the film Punch Drunk Love.

As the 1980s rolled on, Shelley's career never slowed down. She appeared as a supporting actress in Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits in 1981; she played "Susan Frankenstein" in Tim Burton's Frankenweenie , and co-starred in the hit comedy film Roxanne in 1987 starring Steve Martin. From 1982 to 1986, Shelley continued her filming career but from a different aspect. Since Shelley was 17, she had a collection of a variety of illustrated classic fairy tale books. During the making of Popeye, she showed her collection to Robin Williams. One particular fairy tale she showed Robin was "The Frog Prince". Picturing Robin as the real life Frog Prince, Shelley created Platypus Productions, her own production company. Shelley went to Showtime with the idea for airing a television program that was based on fairy tales. She produced Fairy Tale Theater which Showtime aired that was a hit television series that was based on several classic fairy tales. Fairy Tale Theatre was on television from 1982-1987. Each episode was a one-hour series and there were a total of twenty six episodes, all hosted by Shelley Duvall. Shelley also starred in four out of the twenty six episodes. In 1985, Ms. Duvall created Tall Tales and Legends that was aired for three years until it ended in 1988. Similar to Fairy Tale Theatre, Tall Tales and Legends was also a one-hour series hosted, produced, and guest starred by Duvall. Although it only consisted of nine episodes, Shelley was nominated for an Emmy from the series. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Shelley discovered Think Entertainment; another production company which helped Shelley create more programs and movies that were made for television that aired on common cable channels. Shelley produced three more programs from these production companies that aired on Showtime: Nightmare Classics, Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories, and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. Her Bedtime Stories program earned her a 2nd Emmy Nomination. Shelley sold Think Entertainment in 1993 and retired as a producer.

Shelley Duvall's later career found her a number of different roles. She appeared in the family comedy Home Fries in 1998 playing "Mrs. Jackson", Drew Barrymore's character's mother. Other comedic films Shelley appeared in were Suburban Commando in 1991, and Changing Habits in 1997. She also had cameos in several TV series' such as: Frasier, L.A. Law, The Ray Bradbury Theater, Wishbone, and several others. Shelley returned to the horror genre when she played "Martha Stewart" in The 4th Floor in 1999 and played the role of "Mrs. Stein" in Big Monster On Campus in 2000; which consisted of both the comedy and horror genre.

Since 2002, Shelley Duvall has not acted in any films, but lives a quiet and peaceful life in Blanco, Texas. She has lived in Blanco since 1994, after her home in Los Angeles got damaged by an earthquake. For the last couple years, there have been several rumors about Duvall being a "recluse" and not being in touch with reality. However, a recent interview in 2010 was conducted by MondoFilm VideoGuide that had heavy proof that Shelley is as normal and aware of reality as ever. She has also noted in this interview that she takes care of several animals at her home in Texas and writes a lot of poetry, and that returning to acting is always a possibility.

Derek Jacobi

Preeminent British classical actor of the first post-Olivier generation, Derek Jacobi was knighted in 1994 for his services to the theatre, and, in fact, is only the second to enjoy the honor of holding TWO knighthoods, Danish and English (Olivier was the other). Modest and unassuming in nature, Jacobi's firm place in theatre history centers around his fearless display of his characters' more unappealingly aspects, their great flaws, eccentricities and, more often than not, their primal torment.

Jacobi was born in Leytonstone, London, England, the only child of Alfred George Jacobi, a department store manager, and Daisy Gertrude (Masters) Jacobi, a secretary. His paternal great-grandfather was German (from Hoxter, Germany). His interest in drama began while quite young. He made his debut at age six in the local library drama group production of "The Prince and the Swineherd" in which he appeared as both the title characters. In his teens he attended Leyton County High School and eventually joined the school's drama club ("The Players of Leyton").

Derek portrayed Hamlet at the English National Youth Theatre prior to receiving his high school diploma, and earned a scholarship to the University of Cambridge, where he initially studied history before focusing completely on the stage. A standout role as Edward II at Cambridge led to an invite by the Birmingham Repertory in 1960 following college graduation. He made an immediate impression wherein his Henry VIII (both in 1960) just happened to catch the interest of Olivier himself, who took him the talented actor under his wing. Derek became one of the eight founding members of Olivier's National Theatre Company and gradually rose in stature with performances in "The Royal Hunt of the Sun," "Othello" (as Cassio) and in "Hay Fever", among others. He also made appearances at the Chichester Festival and the Old Vic.

It was Olivier who provided Derek his film debut, recreating his stage role of Cassio in Olivier's acclaimed cinematic version of Othello. Olivier subsequently cast Derek in his own filmed presentation of Chekhov's Three Sisters. On TV Derek was in celebrated company playing Don John in Much Ado About Nothing alongside Maggie Smith and then-husband Robert Stephens; Derek had played the role earlier at the Chichester Festival in 1965. After eight eventful years at the National Theatre, which included such sterling roles as Touchstone in "As You Like It", Jacobi left the company in 1971 in order to attract other mediums. He continued his dominance on stage as Ivanov, Richard III, Pericles and Orestes (in "Electra"), but his huge breakthrough would occur on TV. Coming into his own with quality support work in Man of Straw, The Strauss Family and especially the series The Pallisers in which he played the ineffectual Lord Fawn, Derek's magnificence was presented front and center in the epic BBC series I, Claudius. His stammering, weak-minded Emperor Claudius was considered a work of genius and won, among other honors, the BAFTA award.

Although he was accomplished in The Day of the Jackal and The Odessa File, films would place a distant third throughout his career. Stage and TV, however, would continue to illustrate his classical icon status. Derek took his Hamlet on a successful world tour throughout England, Egypt, Sweden, Australia, Japan and China; in some of the afore-mentioned countries he was the first actor to perform the role in English. TV audiences relished his performances as Richard II and, of course Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

After making his Broadway bow in "The Suicide" in 1980, Derek suffered from an alarming two-year spell of stage fright. He returned, however, and toured as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company (1982-1985) with award-winning results. During this period he collected Broadway's Tony Award for his Benedick in "Much Ado about Nothing"; earned the coveted Olivier, Drama League and Helen Hayes awards for his Cyrano de Bergerac; and earned equal acclaim for his Prospero in "The Tempest" and Peer Gynt. In 1986, he finally made his West End debut in "Breaking the Code" for which he won another Helen Hayes trophy; the play was then brought to Broadway.

For the rest of the 80s and 90s, he laid stage claim to such historical figures as Lord Byron, Edmund Kean and Thomas Becket. On TV he found resounding success (and an Emmy nomination) as Adolf Hitler in Inside the Third Reich, and finally took home the coveted Emmy opposite Anthony Hopkins in the WWII drama The Tenth Man. He won a second Emmy in an unlikely fashion by spoofing his classical prowess on an episode of "Frasier" (his first guest performance on American TV), in which he played the unsubtle and resoundingly bad Shakespearean actor Jackson Hedley.

Kenneth Branagh was greatly influenced by mentor Jacobi and their own association would include Branagh's films Henry V, Dead Again, and Hamlet, the latter playing Claudius to Branagh's Great Dane. Derek also directed Branagh in the actor's Renaissance Theatre Company's production of "Hamlet". In the 1990s Derek returned to the Chichester Festival, this time as artistic director, and made a fine showing in the title role of Uncle Vanya (1996).

More heralded work of late includes a profound portrayal of the anguished titular painter in Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon, and superb theatre performances as Friedrich Schiller's "Don Carlos" and in "A Voyage Round My Father" (2006).

He and his life-time companion of 27 years, actor Richard Clifford, filed as domestic partners in England in 2006. Clifford, a fine classical actor in his own right, has shared movie time with Jacobi in Little Dorrit, Henry V, and the TV version of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Rosa Blasi

A native of Chicago, Rosa comes from a strong theater background, having performed in more than 40 professional productions beginning at age eight; ranging from comedy at the esteemed Piven Performance Company, as well as Second City, to starring in numerous musicals and touring with Kenny Rogers. Blasi's television debut was a recurring role on the CBS soap opera, "The Bold and the Beautiful." Soon to follow was a starring role on the MTV/UPN sitcom "Hitz." Rosa's rare combination of sex appeal and comedic timing landed her guest roles on hit shows such as "Frasier," "Becker," "Caroline in the City," "Drew Carey," "Grown Up," "Holding the Baby" and "Beverly Hills, 90210." She later starred in the dramatic Showtime film, "Noriega: God's Favorite," which was shot in the Philippines. The film was directed by Roger Spottiswoode, and co-starred Bob Hoskins. Both the film and Blasi's performance were critically acclaimed. Blasi recently starred in the Vagina Monologues at the Apollo Theater and has recorded numerous radio and television voice-overs. Her sharp tongue and quick wit have earned her a reputation as a favorite and often repeat guest on talk shows.

Kevin Weisman

Kevin Weisman is internationally known for his work as "Marshall Flinkman" on the ABC series 'Alias', which ran for five critically acclaimed seasons, and more recently as "Kives" on Stephen Merchant's HBO comedy series, 'Hello Ladies'.

Kevin received a BA from Ucla's school of Theatre/Film/Television and studied at New York's Circle in the Square Theater. In the spring of 2014, Kevin appeared as the title character, Francios Villon, in Murray Mednick's world premiere play, 'Villon', at the Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles. Kevin has worked extensively in the theater, recently at the La Mirada Theater for Performing Arts, where he appeared as 'Gabe' in Donald Margulies' Pulitzer prize winning play, "Dinner with Friends", and as 'Uncle Louie' in Neil Simon's Pulitzer prize winning "Lost in Yonkers". A founding member of the award-winning and critically acclaimed Buffalo Nights Theatre Company, Kevin has served as an actor and producer on numerous productions. He starred as Griffith J. Griffith in the award- winning "Crazy Drunk" at the John Anson Ford Theatre. He also appeared in the title role in Arthur Schnitzler's "Anatol," Jean Giraudoux's "Apollo of Bellac," which received a Garland for Production of the Year and seven LA Weekly award nominations, Archibald McCleish's "J.B.," "Suburban Motel," Arthur Miller's "Incident at Vichy," Oscar Wilde's "Salome" and the West Coast premiere of Jonathon Marc Sherman's "Sophistry." Additional theatre credits include "Tis Pity She's a Whore," "The Greeks," which received the LA Weekly 2000 Production of the Year Award, and "The Goldoni Trilogy" at the Mark Taper. Since finishing 'Alias', Weisman has worked with esteemed director Rob Reiner on 'Flipped', reunited with JJ Abrams and Jeff Pinkner on 'Fringe', and with Anthony Zuiker on all three installments of 'CSI', in addition to Zuiker's New York Times Best Selling digi novel, 'Level 26'. Recent television projects include a recurring role simultaneously playing dual roles, both the mysterious 'Mr. Blonde' and the straight shooting, intense 'Detective Hawkins" on NBC's critically acclaimed drama, "Awake". Kevin also portrayed an airplane engineer, who elects to fight the system as a corporate 'whistleblower' on the USA hit show, 'Fairly Legal'. Other recent work includes: the mad genius, Martin Gleason, on 'Human Target' (Fox), the villainous poisoner, Reardon Payne on 'Chuck' (NBC), the snarky college professor, Duncan Bow, on 'October Road' (ABC), the descendant of a circus performance family attempting to hold on to his town's dignity, Ben Pershing, on 'The Glades', and as Dennis Hightower, a young man with high functioning Autism on 'The Ghost Whisperer' (CBS). Additional guest spots include 'Csi Miami' (CBS), 'Miami Medical' (CBS), 'The Forgotten' (ABC), 'Numbers' (CBS) and 'Csi NY' (CBS). He also played Steve Balfour, the 'sarcastic cameraman', on the cult hit, 'Moonlight' starring Alec O'Loughlin (CBS). Previous television credits include recurring and guest starring roles on 'Felicity', 'Roswell', 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (as fan favorite 'Dreg', Glory's right-hand minion), 'The X-Files' (in a memorable season 7 episode entitled "Je Souhaite'), 'Frasier', 'E.R.'., 'Just Shoot Me', and 'The Drew Carey Show'. Kevin's recent film work includes 'Flipped', the Rob Reiner-directed feature adaptation of Wendelin Van Draanen's young adult novel, which revolves around the confusing romantic developments of 2 young neighbors as they age from 7 to 13. Aidan Quinn and Penelope Ann Miller play the girl's parents, and Weisman plays her mentally-challenged uncle. He also stars in the independent horror film, 'Undocumented', playing a member of a documentary crew that is captured by a gang of sadistic radicals while accompanying a group of illegal immigrants crossing the border, as well as the action/comedy 'Bending The Rules', which was filmed entirely on location in the city of New Orleans. Look for Kevin in the soon to be released comedy, 'Unicorn City', which is brought to you by some of the same madmen who worked on Jared Hess' 'Napoleon Dynamite'. Previous film work includes Michael Bay's 'Gone in Sixty Seconds', 'Robbers', 'Buying the Cow', Disney's 'Space Buddies', B.O.H.I.C.A., (2008 Winner of Special Jury Award at the WorldFest-Houston Intl. Film Festival and Audience Award at the Newport Intl. Film Festival), 'Man of the Century', the 1998 Slamdance Audience Award winner, and 'Clerks 2', Kevin Smith's cult classic which featured Kevin as the very popular 'hobbit-lover'. Weisman produced and acted in the feature film Illusion, which was released at theaters in 2006. Fellow Buffalo Nights founder & Emmy winner, Michael Goorjian directed, as well as starred in the film opposite screen legend Kirk Douglas. Illusion won the "Best Screenplay" award at the 12th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival, and it was an official selection of the 16th Annual Palm Springs Int. Film Festival. The film also competed at the 8th Annual Sonoma Valley Film Festival, the 1st Annual Inspiration Film Festival (Santa Monica), & the Maui Film Festival. Kevin has also become quite prolific in the world of voice-over. You've probably heard his soul soothing vocal timbre on radio and television ads for such companies as Apple (Ipad), Nike, Coke, ATT, and as one of the current voices of Honda. Kevin has also been busy in the burgeoning world of Internet content, recurring in Level 26: The Dark Chronicles, written and directed by CSI franchise creator, Anthony Zuiker. Kevin was an original member of 'Trainwreck', the L.A. based band featuring Kyle Gass of Tenacious D. He takes advantage of every opportunity to participate in celebrity golf, ski & poker tournaments (he is an avid player) that benefit organizations such as Tony LaRussa's Celebrities Fore! ARF (Animal Recue Foundation), The Special Olympics, The Urban Health Institute, The Melanoma Research Foundation, and The Clear View Treatment Center, which provides a residential treatment program for adolescent boys who have been neglected,, abused & abandoned. Most importantly, Kevin is the proud parent of Maya Rose (born on 3/31/06) and Eli Samuel (born on 2/11/08). Kevin is an avid supporters of numerous children's charities and Jewish organizations, including the L.A. Children's Hospital, The Children's Defense Fund, Wheels For Humanity, Bet Tzedek, a non-profit law-firm that provides free legal services to low-income, disabled & elderly residents of Los Angeles Country, and Koreh LA, a local Jewish organization that assists kids in advancing their reading skills. Particularly close to his heart is Kevin's involvement in the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, serving as a board member of the Dmd Fund.

Look for Kevin opposite Stephen Merchant in the upcoming HBO movie, 'Hello Ladies the Movie'.

Adrian R'Mante

Adrian grew up in Tampa, Florida and started acting in the 8th grade. Although Adrian started acting at age 14, he didn't take it seriously until his senior year when he landed his first full length theatrical production of the high school musical Fame. He grew up playing many sports such as baseball, football, and basketball but dancing was his life. Adrian was mostly known for his dancing ability and participated in countless hip-hop and break dancing competitions where he was extremely successful. His high school was looking for the lead dancer in the musical Fame, so Adrian auditioned and the rest is history.

Ultimately, dancing is what launched Adrian into acting, where he received a scholarship to the theatre program at the University of Central Florida, Orlando. Adrian had the fortunate opportunity to work with some of the top-acting professionals in the country. During his training at the University of Central Florida, he worked on Nickelodeon's Gamelab, Slimetime Live and the prestigious Orlando Shakespeare Festival. In 1999, Adrian decided with the training, knowledge and experience he obtained through hard work, it was time to move to Hollywood and live out his dream in television and film.

After arriving in Hollywood, Adrian struggled and found himself determined to propel forward... and that he did by landing a co-starring role on the TV show Profiler. From here, Adrian met casting director Anthony Barneo who became the reason Adrian is where he is today. Adrian joined Anthony Barneo's acting company Blue Sphere Alliance and had the opportunity to play multiple characters in the play "A Piece of My Heart." Having no representation, it was this opportunity that landed Adrian an agent, manager, recurring guest star (Battery Park), and a lead in a feature film (Artie). Through the success of his Ovation nominated performance in "A Piece of My Heart", Adrian has not stopped working and continues to enjoy countless television and film roles.

Some of Adrian's favorite guest starring and recurring roles include: CSI: Crime Scene Investagation, 24, CSI: NY, JAG, Alias, Frasier and Summerland. Some of his favorite film roles include S1m0ne (with Al Pacino), Graduation Night (with Abigail Spencer and Kevin Alejandro), All Or Nothing (jury award-winning film at the Hollywood Film Festival), Straight Jacket, and Artie (with Kevin Farley).

Adrian can be seen almost everyday on the Disney Channel and ABC Saturday mornings playing the role of Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya Dela Rosa Ramirez from the mega hit television show "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." This is Adrian's most visible character to date and by far Adrian's favorite role yet.

Aside from acting, Adrian guest directs a syndicated kid's television show called "Kids Unlimited." Not only does Adrian act and direct, he has been a successful host on multiple TV shows. Some of his hosting credits include: The Big Talent Be (syndicated) Beach Diaries (Travel Channel), Slimetime Live (Nickelodeon) Viva TV (ABC), Kids Zone (GSN) and currently can be seen hosting "On the Up" for the SiTV network.


Moose was the youngest of a litter of four, yet was also the biggest, hence his name. Hyper and destructive as a pup, he eventually found his way to Birds & Animals Unlimited, where he got his job playing Eddie on 'Frasier', before going on to act in the film My Dog Skip, along with his son, Enzo.

Harriet Sansom Harris

Born in Texas, Harriet Sansom Harris got involved in acting as a youngster. At seventeen, Harris was accepted at New York's famed Juilliard School. Upon graduation, Harris joined The Acting Company, a repertory group formed by the first alumni of John Houseman's Drama Division of The Juilliard School. She spent three years with the Company before she left to work primarily in regional theater. This led to a successful Broadway and Off-Broadway career. Her life changed after appearing as the sole female in the original cast of "Jeffrey", Paul Rudnick's smash Off-Broadway hit about love in the time of AIDS. "Jeffrey" led to guest shots on series television, including Frasier, where she created the memorable role of "Bebe Glazer", Frasier's cutthroat, neurotic, chain-smoking agent. She also won raves from critics for her role of "Vivian Buchanan" on CBS's The 5 Mrs. Buchanans. She now calls New York her home, but frequently travels to California for film and television appearances.

Madelyn Deutch

Madelyn Deutch is an actress and musician from Los Angeles, California. At the ripe age of 10 she began singing Broadway duets with heavyweights such as Dick Van Dyke, Wayne Brady, the cast of Frasier, Seinfeld, and more. During her time at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts she became a nationally recognized singer - participating in the very selective Grammy Ensemble, and Brubeck Summer Colony. Sweeping the Monterey Jazz Festival's 50th Anniversary, receiving an Outstanding Soloist Award from Downbeat Magazine, winning the esteemed Silver Award from the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts, and being granted a scholarship to the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. And upon high school graduation she performed at the Kennedy Center in Washinton D.C. in support of the Presidential Scholars ceremony. She completed her first film "Mayor Cupcake" in the summer of 2009 starring alongside Judd Nelson and Lea Thompson (for which she also composed three original pieces) - and graduated from the New School in May of 2011 with honors. Madelyn lives in Los Angeles, working as an actress, and performing with her indie-rock band Maddie and the Bad Hats.

Jon Curry

Born Jon Brent Curry in Seattle Washington, he made his professional debut at age 11 with the Spokane Symphony Orchestra singing the boy soprano role in Bernstein's "Chichester Psalms." He went on to study at the Minneapolis Children's Theater and later received his B.A. from the School of Drama at the University of Washington. Jon holds a Master of Fine Arts in acting from Temple University. He has worked extensively in Film and Television with guest starring roles in "Frasier," "Grey's Anatomy," "NCIS," "Rizzoli & Isles," "Bones," "Castle," "Desperate Housewives," among many others. He also appears in James Cameron's "Avatar." Jon is a prolific commercial and voice over artist, appearing in many national network spots. He is married to Ann Curry.

Ed O'Ross

Rough'n'tumble character actor Ed O'Ross was born as Ed Oross on July 4, 1946 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was an alter boy as a kid and graduated from Munhall High in 1964. Following graduation O'Ross attended both Point Park College and Carnegie Tech. He was an amateur Golden Gloves boxing champion and minor league baseball player prior to embarking on an acting career. He studied acting in New York with legendary teachers Stella Adler and Uta Hagen. Ed made his film debut in 1982 in "Dear Mr. Wonderful." A strong actor with an often intense and intimidating screen presence, O'Ross gets frequently cast as ramrod army officers, cynical seen-it-all-twice cops, and mean villains. O'Ross was memorably nasty as brutal Russian drug dealer Viktor 'Rosta' Rostavili in Walter Hill's stirring buddy cop action thriller "Red Heat." Other notable parts include slimy dope pusher Mendez in the exciting blockbuster "Lethal Weapon," the rugged Lt. Touchdown in Stanley Kubrick's powerful "Full Metal Jacket," vicious mobster Ralph Capone in "The Verne Miller Story," hard-boiled detective Cliff Willis in the terrific sci-fi/action winner "The Hidden," the antsy Stringer in the enjoyably trashy "Action Jackson," and the tough Col. Perry in "Universal Soldier." Ed was outstanding as lusty Russian florist Nikolai on the acclaimed cable TV series "Six Feet Under." Among the other TV shows O'Ross has done guest spots on are "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "CSI: NY," "NYPD Blue," "Boston Legal," "Chicago Hope," "Seinfeld," "Frasier," "Walker: Texas Ranger," "Moonlighting," and "Scarecrow and Mrs. King." On stage Ed has appeared in Shakespeare's "King Lear," James Thurber's "Story Theater," and City Center children's theater. He has also acted in several TV commercials. Ed O'Ross lives in both New York and Los Angeles.

Christine Dunford

Born in the Bronx and trained at the Juilliard School, Ms. Dunford began her theater career in NYC. Upon graduating from Juilliard, she was cast in Joseph Papp's NY Shakespeare Festival production of Two Gentlemen of Verona at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. Ms. Dunford spent the next two years working at Mr. Papp's Public Theater in the American premiere of Serious Money (both the off-Broadway & Broadway runs) and in the lead role of Love's Labors Lost, directed by Gerald Freedman. Other NY stage appearances include Infidelities at Primary Stages and the title role in Tamara. On the West Coast, Ms. Dunford starred with Ed Begley, Jr. in David Mamet's Cryptogram at the Geffen Playhouse, and in the Bottom's Dream Theater Company productions of Losing Venice and 7 Blow Jobs, and was directed by fellow Juilliard alum Keith David in The Shadow Box at the Edgemar Theater. Since moving to Los Angeles, Ms. Dunford has appeared in over 100 episodes of television, both as a series regular (Good Sports, Hudson Street with Tony Danza, Something So Right with Jere Burns, Bob with Bob Newhart, and The Secret Lives of Men with Brad Whitford) and as a guest star (Law & Order LA, Harry's Law, Two and a Half Men, Boston Legal, Seinfeld, Frasier, Til Death, Without a Trace and others). She also co-starred with Jon Lovitz in the live broadcast of the FOX comedy special: The Jon Lovitz Show. On film, Ms. Dunford was recently seen in American Dream, the indie award-winner directed by J. Walker Smmith, and Hello Herman, written by John Buffalo Mailer. She starred opposite Peter Fonda in the Oscar-nominated Ulee's Gold, and in Love & Basketball, Date in Queens (opposite Jason Alexander), Reversal of Fortune, Slaves of NY, and the award-winning shorts Dos Corazones and Lost People of Mountain Village, which was written and directed by the creators of The Wonder Years, Carol Black and Neal Marlens. Ms. Dunford is also a playwright, and was invited to perform her series of monologues, Out Loud, at HBO's Aspen Comedy Festival as well as at the Edgemar Theater in Los Angeles. She performed another solo show, Toucan in the Bronx, at the Improv in Los Angeles. In addition to her work on camera and stage, Ms. Dunford is a voice artist on several animated series as well as television and radio commercials. She provides narration for documentary films and museum installments, and does voice work for video and online games such as Mass Effect, Lord of the Rings, Civilizations, Dawn of War, Hitman, Everquest, Warhammer, XCOM & others.

Jill Talley

Jill Talley started her career in acting at the famed Second City Main Stage in Chicago. Where she worked along side Chris Farley, Tim Meadows, Steve Carrell, Amy Sedaris, and others. She was a regular cast member of HBO's critically acclaimed, and cult classic sketch show, Mr. Show with Bob and David. Prior to that, she was a regular on FOX TV's The Edge opposite Jennifer Aniston. She has been seen as the anchor in Not Necessarily the Elections (HBO) and has guest-starred on The Sarah Silverman Program (Comedy Central), The Bernie Mac Show, Drew Carey, Seinfeld, Frasier, Ellen, 3rd Rock From the Sun and more.

On film, Jill starred as "Tammy" in New Line Cinema's Run Ronnie Run, as "Candy" in Paramount's The Ladies Man, along with various roles in Little Miss Sunshine, Sky High, Sour Grapes, Jack Frost, Dumb and Dumberer and the award-winning Comic Book the Movie. She was the lead along with her husband, Tom Kenny, in two music videos; Smashing Pumpkins, Tonight Tonight (MTV Best Video of 1995) and the Travis video for Sing. Both directed by Jonathan Dayon and Valerie Faris

As a voice-over actress, Jill has voiced hundreds of characters including Ramona in American Dad, Karen in Nickelodeon's Sponge Bob Squarepants, Gretchen, Nina and Miss Mucus on Camp Lazlo, Gisell in Pam Anderson's Striperella, Mrs. Sidvarsky in Clifford Puppy Years, Sarah in Boondocks (Adult Swim) the Mother in The Animatrix.

Devika Parikh

Devika Parikh graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in broadcast journalism. Devika has worked in television, commercials, film, voice work and theater. She has guest-starred on Disney's "That's So Raven", UPN's "The Parkers". She also appears in the feature film "Beauty Shop" starring Moni'que and Kellita Smith. Devika has recurred on popular television shows such as: NBC's Emmy-award winning drama "The West Wing", Fox's suspense-filled hit show "24" and the Showtime drama series "Resurrection Blvd." Several of Parikh's other television credits include: "Girlfriends", "Frasier", "Sister/Sister", "The Jamie Foxx Show" and "The Wayans". She has also appeared in several TV and cable movies including: "Dancing in September", "Something to Sing About" and "The Little Richard Story" and has co-starred in the feature films: "SWAT" and "How to Be a Player". Additionally, Devika has appeared in a number of television commercials including: Southern CA Edison, Checkers/Rally's, Vons/Safeway, Kraft and Sears, Parikh also does voice-overs and has performed in a number of stage plays including: "Hatful of Rain", "The Visit", "Hamlet", "South of Where We Live", "1001 Black Inventions" and "Girlfriends". She has also performed sketch comedy/improv with various groups at the Comedy Store, the Upfront Comedy Theatre and the Underground Improv.

Townsend Coleman

As a busy Hollywood voice-actor, Townsend Coleman is perhaps one of the most recognizable voices on TV. For 16 years, he was the voice of NBC's "Must See TV" and "Comedy Night Done Right" primetime comedy promos, including hits from Seinfeld and Frasier to 30 Rock and The Office, as well as the promos for "The Tonight Show" starring Jay Leno (then Conan), "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (then Jimmy Fallon), "Last Call with Carson Daly" and "Saturday Night Live". He currently voices the daily on-air promos for the long-running "Live with Kelly and Michael" and radio spots for "Judge Judy", in addition to regularly voicing primetime promos for ABC Family, The Hub, and now, ABC-TV.

But the character behind the voice really came to life in 1985, when Coleman, having just moved to Los Angeles from Cleveland, Ohio, auditioned for and got a part on the animated hit, "Inspector Gadget". As the voice of Corporal Capeman, Gadget's bumbling assistant, he embarked on an entirely new career, providing the voices for some of the most memorable characters in cartoons and commercials. In addition to thwarting evil as the voice of "The Tick", Fox Kids' hit animated series, he has provided the voices for many popular cartoon characters, including Michaelangelo, Rat King, and Usagi Yojimbo on the original, long-running cartoon series, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". He also voiced Waldo on "Where's Waldo?", Gobo, Architect, and Wrench on NBC's animated "Fraggle Rock", Scott/Teen Wolf on "Teen Wolf", Scratch on "Spacecats", the voice of Wayne Gretzky on "Prostars", Riot on "Jem and the Holograms", Dragonflyer on "Glofriends", Rewind on the 80's "Transformers", and 20 years later, Sentinel Prime on "Transformers: Animated" for Cartoon Network.

In addition to his active animation career, Coleman has also been the voice behind numerous national TV ad campaigns for clients such as Home Depot, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Mattel Hot Wheels, Sunny Delight, Colgate, Jenny Craig, Blockbuster Video, Greyhound, AT&T, Eggo Waffles, Taco Bell and the voice of "Spot", the precocious red 7-Up dot... even a few "Keebler elves" and "Raid bugs".

Born in New York City in 1954, Coleman spent his childhood in Denver, Colorado and Cleveland, Ohio. After studying architecture and theater at the University of Colorado in Boulder, he returned home to Ohio to pursue a radio career. Ten years as a disc jockey at various Cleveland radio stations led to numerous commercial and voiceover jobs. He appeared as host of the nationally syndicated TV series "The Dance Show" prior to moving his family to LA in 1984 to take advantage of career opportunities on the west coast. Coleman's primary career focus was acting in TV and film, but soon changed, as he foresaw a more lucrative career specializing in the field of voiceovers. Having performed in numerous theatrical and musical productions back in Cleveland, the fall of 2013 saw Townsend re-ignite his passion for theatre after a 30 year hiatus by performing the role of Uncle Sid in Eugene O'Neill's 'Ah, Wilderness!' at The Actors Co-op in Hollywood.

Michelle Woods

Michelle Woods first love as a child was in Dance and Theater. She started studying acting at age eleven and her passion for drama grew. She learned about the craft and became intrigued with wonderful actors, teachers, writers and plays . Michelle fell in love with people in stories and creating the imaginary characters to reality . She enjoys the Theatre and one of her favorite playwrights is Tennesse Williams. Her education includes Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute NY, HB Studios, Meisner, Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and the Joffrey Ballet. She performed in New York and was seen in several stage productions. Michelle received a four year Scholarship and attended Marymount Manhattan College where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and also studied at New York University. During College she landed her first soap opera role on As The World Turns. After completing her degree Michelle moved to California and landed a role on Frasier . A few months later she was cast as the Italian Bride in the Wedding Crashers, and also appeared in Bachelor Party Vegas.

Sara Melson

Sara Melson is an actress, singer, and songwriter from West Lafayette, Indiana. She attended Harvard University as an honors student with a degree in English. A theatre actress since childhood, she attended the prestigious Williamstown Theatre Festival and studied theatre under Robert Brustein at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, appearing in leading roles in numerous Harvard productions. Upon moving to Los Angeles after graduation, she landed prominent guest stars and recurring roles on shows such as Beverly Hills 90210, Frasier, The Wonder Years, Murder She Wrote, Melrose Place, and many others, as well as parts in Harold Becker's "Malice", George Hickenlooper's "The Low Life" and "The Big Brass Ring", and teen cult horror flick "Dr. Giggles" for Universal. She then turned her attention from acting to songwriting in the early 2000's, playing live shows with a band, developing material and recording, and ultimately signing to Nettwerk Records in 2008 to release her debut album "Dirty Mind," which was featured in high-profile sync placements on Grey's Anatomy, Lipstick Jungle, and Men In Trees, as well as in a national multi-spot Chevy campaign. She has since released the independent "A Million White Stars", which was awarded a feature on the homepage of iTunes and a national video premiere on Yahoo! Music.

Vincent De Paul

Vincent De Paul was born in Baltimore, Maryland. His father was a mortuary scientist and owned funeral homes in Maryland. His mother, a Maryland socialite, dedicated her time to Chairing committees for the March of Dimes, Children with Birth Defects and Relief to Earthquake victims in Naples. De Paul's acting career began with his first role as Beowolf, in one of the oldest Scandinavian epics. De Paul is a Miami, New York, Los Angeles bi-coastal film and television actor. He's been in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland (Studying Epidemiology, Biomedical ethics and Bio statistics), Vincent De Paul moved to Miami Beach to work at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. While working at the Miami Beach Hospital he was discovered and began doing fashion shows for the late Gianni Versace . www.vincentdepaul1.com Represented by Wilhelmina Creative, Vincent has worked internationally and has appeared, and been interviewed in, numerous magazines including, GQ, Vogue (Spain), Cosmopolitan (Greece, Spain, Poland, Russia) 8 covers of  Men's Health (Peru, Ecuador, USA  edicion en  Espanol, Mexico, & Columbia), Men's Exercise, Vanidades, Complot and Metrosource magazine. Vincent has been featured in the following Campaigns worldwide, L'Oreal (France) w/Stephanie Seymour directed by  Patrick  Dermachelier, El Corte Inglese (Spain with Ricky Martin, Christian  Dior (Latin America) Oscar  De la Renta (Mexico) and FUJI (Mexico) Avon Campaign USA, Guy La Roche Campaign (USA & Canada). His film career spans more than a decade. The first feature film was Hairspray in which he played one of the original Corny Collins Dancers (Dir. John  Waters), Riding in Cars with Boys with Drew  Barrymore as a Line Backer directed by Penny Marshall. His TV career includes  appearances on West Wing, Frasier, Charmed, Sex in the City, HBO's Six Feet Under as a  Hollywood  junkie snorting the ashes of his best friend, and most recently appeared on NBC's Medical Investigation.  He has re-occurred for the last 4 years on As The World Turns as  Charlie the Bartender at the Metro. He has served on the Audrey Hepburn Red Rose Award committee with Sean Hepburn Ferrar.  He volunteers his time at the House of Camillus for battered  women.

David Norona

Born in Hialeah, Florida (a suburb of Miami) to Cuban parents Jorge Norona and Edith Iglesias, David began his acting career in high school with roles in "The Sound of Music" and "The Fantastiks". After receiving his BFA with honors from Carnegie-Mellon University, he set off for New York City where he made his Broadway debut in Love! Valour! Compassion!

An Ovation Award nomination followed soon after for his portrayal of Irving Berlin in "Tin Pan Alley Rag", at the Pasadena Playhouse. Most recently, he received critical acclaim for originating yet another biographical role: Frankie Valli in La Jolla's smash production of "Jersey Boys." Most recognized for his two-season portrayal as the compassionate guidance counselor on "Six Feet Under," other TV appearances include "In Treatment," "CSI: Miami," "Monk," "Boston Legal" and "Frasier," to name a few. Outside of acting, Noroña's work as co-creator and co-lyricist of the groundbreaking musical "Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings" recently garnered 10 Ovation Award nominations, including Best New Musical. Noroña currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and his three sons.

David Angell

David Angell was a multiple Emmy Award winner as the creator/executive producer, along with Peter Casey and David Lee, of the hit comedy series Frasier. David was born in West Barrington, RI, and he received a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Providence College. He entered the army upon graduation and served at the Pentagon until 1972. David then moved to Boston and worked as a methods analyst at an engineering company and later at an insurance firm in Rhode Island. David moved to Los Angeles in 1977. His first first script was sold to the producers of the "Annie Flynn" series. Five years before he sold his second script to "Archie Bunker's Place." David virtually worked in every temporary job known to mankind. In 1983, he joined "Cheers" as a staff writer. In 1985, David Angell joined forces with Peter Casey and David Lee as "Cheers" supervising producers/writers. Since then, the trio has received 37 Emmy Award nominations and won 24 Emmy Awards, including the above-mentioned for FRASIER, as well as an Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy for "Cheers," in 1989, which Angell, Casey, Lee and the series' other producers shared, and Outstanding Writing/Comedy Emmy for "Cheers," which Angell received in 1984. After working together as producers on the hit comedy series "Cheers" for NBC-TV, Angell, Casey and Lee formed "Grub Street Productions." In 1990, they created and executive produced the hit comedy series "Wings," which received critical and ratings success during its seven season run.

Rebecca Davis

Rebecca's first big break came in Academy Award-nominated director, Atom Egoyan's Where the Truth Lies, in which she played a power-hungry publicist opposite Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth. The film had its world premiere in Cannes before making its North American debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

From humble beginnings, Rebecca was born in the small town of Cobourg, Ontario, where her childhood years were devoted to figure skating, horseback riding, and writing and performing plays with her friends. In her teens, Rebecca continued to pursue her interest in drama, performing in regional and youth theater productions. However, her talent at figure skating began to turn into a full time pursuit, and at 16, she moved to Toronto for high level training. By 18, Rebecca was a nationally ranked skater, leading to a contract with Disney On Ice which took her on an extensive tour through the United States, Japan and South East Asia.

After retiring from figure skating at the age of 21, Rebecca turned her attention back to acting which she had been very much missing. Her formal training began in Sydney, Australia studying acting with John Noble (Fringe, Lord of the Rings), and voice with Bill Pepper (National Institute of Dramatic Arts). She also landed roles in a series of short films. After a year and a half in Sydney, Rebecca returned to Toronto where she continued to study acting and pursue her career. At the same time, she also completed a degree in History and English, graduating with distinction from the University of Toronto.

Rebecca has landed roles in feature films and major network television series including Battlestar Galactica, Smallville and Supernatural. In 2010 she worked opposite Heather Locklear in Lifetime Television's He Loves Me and in 2012, her comedy and improv skills were showcased playing a fed up publishing executive alongside Emmanuelle Vaugier and Carson Kressley in Hallmark Channel's It's Christmas, Carol!

In 2013 Rebecca starred in leading roles in the sci-fi thriller The Woods and the comedy Focus, while also guest-starring opposite acclaimed comedian Harland Williams in the hilarious new sitcom Package Deal, produced by Andrew Orenstein (Malcolm in the Middle, 3rd Rock from the Sun) and Denise Moss (Frasier, Roseanne). 2014 will see her working opposite Academy Award winner Christopher Plummer, Simon Pegg and Toni Collette in director Peter Chelsom's much anticipated adaptation "Hector and the Search for Happiness".

She now splits her time between Toronto, Vancouver and LA.

J. Kenneth Campbell

J. Kenneth Campbell's acting career has taken him from Broadway to feature films and television. His many films include Bulworth, Ulee's Gold, Guess Who?, Mars Attacks and The Abyss. He recently completed filming director Kevin Willmott's upcoming feature The Only Good Indian, in which Campbell plays a lead role, alongside Wes Studi (Avatar, Last of the Mohicans). On television, Campbell has appeared in Commander in Chief, Frasier, Charmed, Melrose Place, Ally McBeal, Picket Fences, Matlock, L.A. Law and many other series.

Campbell was born in Flushing, New York, in 1947 the second of seven children. He was raised on Long Island and graduated from Cheshire Academy in Connecticut. It was at The University of Arizona where he discovered his calling. Forsaking the "security" of a college degree, he entered "The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater" to study acting with Sanford Miesner.

Non-academic acting students in 1967 became automatically eligible for the Selective Service and in the middle of his second year at the Playhouse, Campbell was drafted into the U.S. Army. He retaliated, by joining the Marines. He was wounded in action, and after months of recuperation, he returned to The Playhouse and finished the program. Campbell has worked, on stage, in film and on television ever since.

Roger Fan

Roger Fan has been impressing audiences with his range and versatility since his remarkable one-two punch at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival. While co-starring as the charismatic and manipulative Daric Loo in Justin Lin's breakout indie feature "Better Luck Tomorrow," Fan also starred in, co-produced, and co-wrote the racy 17-minute short subject, "The Quest For Length," one of the surprise hits of the festival.

Fan will soon be seen co-starring with James Franco in Lin's first studio feature, Touchstone Pictures' "Annapolis," which recently wrapped production on the East Coast.

Born in Baltimore and raised in Southern California, Fan graduated from Brown University with a degree in Economics. He initially worked on Wall Street and in San Francisco as a financial consultant, but found time to create inspiration and excitement in local theatre. Gifted with a natural ability to perform and a uniquely handsome, leading-man style, Fan incorporated his love of the performing arts with his entrepreneurial flair and quickly parlayed them into a successful film and television career, leaving the financial world behind.

Fan accumulated an extensive background in theatre and has performed in various classic and contemporary productions in Europe and the United States. His most recent stage credits include "Solve for X", "Terminus Americana", and "Texas" with the award-winning Lodestone Theatre Ensemble, and "Performance Anxiety" with San Diego's AART. He has also appeared in plays at Theatre 40, Playhouse West, East West Players and for the Exile's Theatre Ltd. in Ireland.

He made his feature film debut in "Rush Hour," and co-starred as Chris Kattan's FBI partner in the Disney/Touchstone comedy "Corky Romano." Fan recently completed a role in "D.E.B.S." starring Jordana Brewster, and has also appeared in the Farrelly Bros.' film, "Stuck on You." Among his numerous television credits are roles on "ER," "Frasier," "Party of Five," "News Radio," "Arli$$", "Diagnosis Murder."

Today, Roger Fan is one of the industry's most interesting and exciting young actors, redefining the leading man aesthetic through a wide variety of projects and roles on film and on stage. Rave reviews from critics such as Roger Ebert, Richard Roper, Peter Travers, and Elvis Mitchell have pointed out that Roger Fan is a "charismatic and fearless actor" with a limitless future.

Wren T. Brown

A fourth generation Angeleno, Mr. Brown is also a fourth generation theatrical. He is very proud to be in his third decade as an Actor, Producer, and Director. Among Wren's film appearances are: Waiting To Exhale, Heart & Souls, Under Siege II, The Dinner, Hollywood Shuffle, Biker Boyz, The Importance of Being Earnest, Midnight Clear and David Mamet's Edmond. On television, Wren co-starred as Whoopi Goldberg's brother and comic foil in NBC's Whoopi was a regular in the new adventures of Flipper, as well as CBS's Bless This House. He has also guest starred or recurred on: The West Wing, The Practice, Touched By An Angel, Frasier, Seinfeld, Charmed, Star Trek: Voyager and as Professor Wilkins on Half & Half. Wren additionally starred opposite John Larroquette in Hallmark's McBride 5: Tune in for Murder. Most recently, Wren has also been seen on Eli Stone, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Women's Murder Club, Everybody Hates Chris, The Game, Grey's Anatomy (recurring), and as the voice of Virgil Simpson, on The Simpsons. Some of his theatre credits include: Shakespeare's As You Like It (Drama-Logue award winner), On Borrowed Time, Burning Hope and his NAACP Image Award-nominated performance in Jeffrey's Plan. Wren has a broad range of commercial, voice-over and spoken word projects including being tapped by acclaimed pianist Billy Childs to recite the classic Langston Hughes poem The Negro Speaks of Rivers on his Grammy-nominated album I've Known Rivers. His voice has been heard narrating The History Channel's U.S.S. Constellation: Battleground Freedom, The Learning Channel series Scene of the Crime, the E! True Hollywood Story on the life of Diana Ross as well as providing the voice of Disney's Brer Rabbit. It was in this arena that Wren also made his directorial debut, directing over thirty-five actors and actresses in their performances in Inspired By . . . The Bible Experience, winner of the 2006 Audio Book of the Year. For that project, Wren also narrated the book of Matthew. In 1999, Wren made his debut as a producer with the critically acclaimed feature film, Boesman & Lena starring Danny Glover and Angela Bassett, followed by Dianne Reeves' concert film of her Grammy winning CD, In the Moment. He also produced the play, Confessions of Stepin Fetchit and evenings celebrating, Mr. Lloyd Richards, Complexions Cotemporary Ballet as well as an array of short films for new directors. In addition, Mr. Brown is the Founder of the award winning Ebony Repertory Theatre, the first African American professional (Actors' Equity Contract) theatre company in Los Angeles history. Ebony Repertory Theatre, Inc., is the resident company and operator of the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, where Wren serves as the company's Producer.

Lincoln Kilpatrick

Lincoln Kilpatrick was born on February 12, 1932 in St. Louis, Missouri. He was encouraged to pursue an acting career by legendary blues singer Billie Holiday. Kilpatrick earned a degree in drama from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri and got his first big break acting alongside Sidney Poitier in the hit Broadway play "A Raisin in the Sun." Lincoln subsequently appeared in the stage plays "Blues for Mr. Charlie," "The Slave," "Hallelujah Baby!," "Take a Giant Step," and "The Black" (he acted with Cicely Tyson and Louis Gossett, Jr. in this latter play). Kilpatrick made his film debut as the ill-fated Detective Dave Foster in the gritty 1958 crime drama thriller "Cop Hater." His most memorable movie roles include the bitter Zachary in the funky end-of-the-world sci-fi gem "The Omega Man," burnt-out priest Father Paul in "Soylent Green," Olympic athlete Woody Russo in "Chosen Survivors," crazed transvestite homosexual psycho Billy Most in "Together Brothers;" terrific as venerable old felon Cresus in the excellent supernatural horror chiller "Prison," and wise trustee inmate Abraham in Stuart Gordon's exciting futuristic science fiction prison winner "Fortress." Among the TV shows Kilpatrick did guest spots on are "Naked City," "Then Came Bronson," "Medical Center," "Ironside," "McCloud," "Mannix," "Harry O," "Baretta," "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century," "The Jeffersons," "The Greatest American Hero," "Hill Street Blues," "Trapper John, M.D.," "Frasier," "Melrose Place," "NYPD Blue," and "ER." Moreover, Lincoln co-founded the Kilpatrick-Cambridge Theatre Arts School in Hollywood, California in 1971 and holds the distinction of being the first black member of the Lincoln Center Repertory Company. He was married to his wife Helen Ferguson for 47 years. Kilpatrick's sons Erik and Lincoln, Jr. are both actors while his daughter DeCarla is an actress, director and editor. Lincoln Kilpatrick died at age 72 from lung cancer on May 18, 2004.

Bill Withers

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Bill Withers was born on July 4, 1938 in the small coal-mining town of Slab Fork, West Virginia and was raised in the nearby town of Beckley. He was the youngest of six children. His coal miner father died when Withers was only thirteen. Bill worked a series of odd jobs to help his mother out. At age seventeen he joined the US Navy and first became interested in both singing and songwriting during his tour of duty in the armed forces. After being discharged from the Navy in 1965, Bill moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a music career. Withers worked a full time job making toilet seats at the Boeing aircraft company and recorded demos on the side at night for several years prior to being signed to the Sussex Records label in 1970. In 1971 Bill released his debut album "Just As I Am." The song "Ain't No Sunshine" was a #3 R&B radio hit and won the Grammy Award for Best Rhythm & Blues Song. Withers scored a massive smash in 1972 with the marvelously inspirational "Lean on Me," which reached #1 on the Billboard pop charts on July 8. "Use Me" was likewise successful; it peaked at #2 on the Billboard pop charts. In the summer of 1974 Bill performed in concert along with James Brown, Etta James and BB King at the historic Ali/Frasier fight in Zaire (footage of Withers in concert can be seen in the acclaimed documentary "When We Were Kings"). After parting with Sussex Records, Withers hooked up with Columbia Records in 1975. "Lovely Day" was a Top 30 Billboard pop hit in 1978. "Just the Two of Us," Bill's terrific duet with Grover Washington, Jr., was a #2 Billboard pop hit in 1981 and won the Grammy Award for Best Rhythm & Blues Song. His songs have been covered by a diverse array of artists that include Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Tom Jones, Linda Ronstadt, Joe Cocker, Mick Jagger, Grace Jones, Diana Ross, Club Nouveau (their 1987 cover of "Lean on Me" won the Grammy Award for Best Rhythm & Blues Song in 1988), Morrisey, Paul McCartney, Michael Bolton, Fiona Apple, Sting, Kenny Rogers, and Johnny Mathis. Withers was the recipient of the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Heritage Award in 2006. He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2005 and the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame in 2007. Bill's songs have been featured on the soundtracks to such movies as "Hoot," "Roll Bounce," "Starsky & Hutch," "Bandits," "Exit Wounds," "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," "American Beauty," "Notting Hill," "The Bodyguard," "American Me," "Lean on Me," and "Looking for Mr. Goodbar," plus episodes of the TV shows "Entourage," "LAX," "Cold Case," "Keen Eddie," "Six Feet Under," "The Wire," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigations," and "The Simpsons."

Melinda Chilton

Melinda was born and raised on a farm in Durand, Illinois. Her hometown is two miles wide and two miles long with a population of 1100. There was only 36 students in her high school graduating class. Melinda is extremely proud of being a Midwest Farmer's daughter. She attributes her genuine "what you see is what you get" personality to growing up in a Mayberry kind of town. After high school Melinda moved to Chicago where she immediately was offered a contract with the Elite modeling agency. She fell in love with Shakespeare and joined a Shakespeare theater group called 'Inclusive Theater'. Melinda soon found she was born to play the role of 'Helena' in "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Within a year of moving to Chicago Melinda landed her first film role opposite Patrick Dempsey in the movie "With Honors". This same film also gave Melinda the opportunity to work with Joe Pesci and Branden Frasier. Melinda soon realized she loved film as much as the theater. Later that year Melinda appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah's kind and encouraging words inspired Melinda to move to Hollywood. Once in Hollywood Melinda was quickly introduced to the world of Independent Films. Not only did she get a lot of on camera acting experience on the Indie sets, she got to try her hand at writing, directing, and even producing. This journey has given Melinda great respect for all the jobs that go into making a film. Melinda's first role on a TV show was on her favorite sitcom, "The Office".

Katy Garretson

Garretson is a television director and producer, best known for Frasier as a director, and Hallmark's Garage Sale Mystery Movies as a producer. Garretson's main focus has been directing multi-camera comedies, including One Big Happy, Sullivan & Son, George Lopez, Reba, Titus and others. She has received a DGA nomination for Best Comedy Direction, two BET nods and several of her guest stars have received Emmy nominations and awards. Garretson grew up an Air Force brat, is a graduate of the University of Southern California, and resides in Studio City, California, with her husband, TV Producer Jonathan Axelrod.

Philippe Durand

Actor Philippe Durand was born Philippe Gilbert Durand. His mother, Lucienne, was a ballerina and his father, Roger, a tenor who began his singing career as a baritone. When Philippe was born, his parents were traveling a lot and needed more stability. His mother then worked for a firm overseas as the director's main secretary and his dad became an artist chief baker working with personalities. Philippe was always grateful to his parents for giving him a beautiful childhood and for always being supportive. They encouraged Philippe to practice arts and sports from the very start. Philippe's parents believed in the saying "A sound mind in a healthy body". Raised in the South of France,the only child Philippe Durand started his career with the Alphabet Theater, a reputable independent theater company in Nice, in the play entitled "Dieu aboie-t-il?" by Francois Boyer. Encouraged by the reviews, Philippe pursued acting, mostly stage, playing the leading men in "The School Of Wives", "Don Juan" and "The Misanthrope" among others. Philippe got his first theatrical roles with the studio Of the Victorine: "Ombres", "Heidi", an appearance in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" with Michael Caine and Steve Martin, and "Monte-Carlo" with Joan Collins. But it was on stage, at the National Theater of Nice directed at the time by Jacques Weber, that Philippe caught the attention of the producers and agents with the lead role of the tormented and versatile soldier in love, Woyzeck, in "Woyzeck" by Georg Buchner. Philippe won a critic Award for the role (1994). Philippe is also a singer-songwriter and at a very young age played piano at the well-known Conservatory of Nice He won many prizes from age five to eighteen before starting an acting career a few years later. Philippe began competing in sports at an earlty age and is an accomplished athlete. He won competitions in skiing, swimming, tennis, and soccer. Since said competitions Philippe has continued to practice sports on a regular basis.

It was in Paris that Philippe started to write and to direct while pursuing his acting career. With four shorts (two award-winning in European festivals), three full scripts and his credits as an actor under his belt, Philippe arrived in Los Angeles. He bought an old American car at first and was working hard to smoothe his accent. Being stuck in LA traffic was helpful for Philippe. He practiced constantly that way. He soon appeared in a series of guest-starring roles: "USA High" (1998), "Seven Stages", the co-lead in the independent film "Pinter", and the lead in another independent film "The Islander". He then booked a guest-starring role in the Emmy Award-winning show, "Frasier" (2001), played the role of a mean French lover in the feature film "Not Entirely Awake" (2002), booked the co-lead in the French-English-Italian feature "Two Lonely Friends" (2003), and a challenging co-starring role in "American Dreams" (2004), playing the French Mercenaire, Rene, who gives JJ (played by Will Estes) a hard time. He also played on stage the role of Valmont in "Dangerous Liaisons" by Laclos. Philippe has been seen in a feature film with Christopher Walken entitled "Balls of Fury"(Focus Pictures/Universal)(2007). He went to Brazil to play the role of the race car pilot Symington in "Bluecross". He played on stage Jean-Pierre, the French lover of an American girl named Emma, in a love triangle story entitled "The Innocent Love of a Butterfly". This play was originally a screenplay that will be soon made into a feature film. He passed successfully his first audition at the Actors Studio with a scene from Fool For Love by Sam Sheppard, playing the role of Eddie, a cowboy. For a Frenchman, that was already an accomplishment. Something that will help him later on. Meanwhile Philippe has been pursuing his writing and directing career in the US and in Europe. Philippe's first American movie as a writer-director, "Black and Blue"(2005-2006), was a touching story about missing children. "Black and Blue" received acclaims from associations for the missing children. In 2008 he was approached to be part of an epic story about love and racism with an American cast. Philippe's other focus has been a compelling love story drama entitled "The Innocent Love of a Butterfly". Philippe will be involved in this feature film as an actor, writer, among an international and Award winning cast. One of the main projects that brings Philippe to the US has been a feature film drama entitled "The Devil Never Sleeps", by director Ralph Server, winner of the 2004 New York Independent Film Festival with the film "Without Mercy". Philippe has been approached by the writer-director of the film to play the lead role in this drama, in the style of "Ocean 11". This role went to Alain Delon 15 years ago before the sudden death of one of the producers, Boris Sagal, that stopped the production of the film at that time. Philippe's fascination for westerns took an unexpected turn when a director from New York asked Philippe to play a co leading role in a western. Enthusiastic, Philippe accepted the role and even trained to look and act like a real cowboy. His previous experience as a cowboy in the play Fool for Love was helpful. Philippe has many projects in development and in preparation between now and 2016. On a personal level, Philippe has been engaged 4 times. His third engagement sadly ended at the end of the year 2009 after 3 years. Although Philippe likes to say that being engaged to a girl with all the qualities a man desires and who is not in the same business was such a relief. But life goes on. Finally in 2014 Philippe married a beautiful and talented young woman met in Florida. Philippe and his new bride often travel in the US and around the world while Philippe pursues his career in film and TV.

Barbara Sharma

This lively, petite redhead has one of those distinctively kewpie-doll voices that can instantly make you laugh the moment she opens her mouth, and in her TV heyday that's exactly what Barbara Sharma did. At her peak during the 70s she was juggling musical stage assignments in between regular TV comedy appearances, while pitching household items in commercials on the side.

Barbara was born on September 14, 1943 (reference books often erroneously list her birth year as 1942) in Dallas, Texas. As a child she lived everywhere with her parents -- in Florida, New Orleans and even a pre-Castro Havana. A highly energetic youngster, her parents had her take dance classes at age 4 to find a creative use for all that get-up-and-go. She showed a natural ability and, at one point, was studying under famed Cuban prima ballerina Alicia Alonso. The talented youngster even found ways to work underage in hotels and, by her teens, had her own singing, dancing and comedy club act. With the rising Castro movement, the family quickly left Cuba when Barbara was 13 and settled in the Miami area where she continued to hone her craft on stage. Too short to become a ballerina, she refocused and began excelling in jazz and tap. She worked in niteries with (or for) such luminaries as Martha Raye and Joe E. Brown. She also worked with orchestra leader Paul Whiteman during the early years of TV.

New York was the teenager's next destination, moving there in the mid-50s where she gathered valuable experience performing with the Camp Tamiment group which was run by the producers of TV's "Your Show of Shows" and featured such up-and-coming talents as Larry Kert, with whom she worked alongside. She made her Broadway debut as a replacement for the young Dulcy character in the Julie Andrews musical hit "The Boyfriend" (Julie had already left the show by this time) and later went on tour with it. The early 60s also brought a close professional association with Bob Fosse. Barbara first worked with the famed choreographer on Broadway dancing in "Little Me" (1962), and continued with him as a lead dancer in his company for nearly five years in which Fosse created dances designed specifically with her in mind. Other such Fosse shows: "Pleasure Palaces" and, more notably, "Sweet Charity" in 1966. During that time Barbara appeared in the original production of "Hello Dolly!" (1964) starring Carol Channing as understudy to the Minnie Fay character and as an ensemble player. For the rest of the decade Barbara found plentiful work in Broadway musicals including "Hallelujah, Baby!" (1968) starring Leslie Uggams, and the short-lived shows "Her First Roman" (1968) and "Come Summer" (1969). It was off-Broadway, however, that finally connected Barbara's rising name to TV.

Producer George Schlatter, who had hit ratings gold with his popular, irreverent satire Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, caught Barbara starring as Ruby in the tuneful tapper "Dames at Sea" (1970) in which she appeared in both the New York and Los Angeles productions. Looking for replacements at the time for his show, Schlatter took an instant fancy to Barbara's innate talent for comedy, singing and dancing, and immediately signed her up in 1970 for two seasons. A memorable appearance clashing hilariously with Mary Tyler Moore on her classic show led to a recurring role as Myrna Morgenstein on Valerie Harper's sitcom vehicle Rhoda, the spinoff of Ms. Moore's show. Throughout the rest of the 70s and 80s, Barbara continued guesting on various sitcoms including "Tabitha", "Alice", "One Day at a Time", "The Facts of Life" and "Perfect Strangers". She also did scores of commercials, most notably playing the "Glass Plus" girl during the late 70s and early 80s.

The stage was never far away, however, and Barbara returned to her musical roots time and time again in summer stock and regional plays. She amassed a number of singing credits including "Carousel" (as Carrie), "Guys and Dolls" (Adelaide), "Oklahoma!" (Ado Annie), "Annie Get Your Gun" and "Irma La Douce". In 1971, Barbara received great reviews for her work in the comedy "Last of the Red Hot Lovers" opposite James Coco on Broadway and in the late 70s was a replacement in the musical "I Love My Wife". Later L.A. stage shows included "Blame It on the Movies", "Taking a Chance on Love" (Dramalogue Award), the female version of "The Odd Couple" (with both Lee Meriwether and Marcia Wallace) and a promising two-person musical revue entitled "Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride" with musical performer Kay Cole, a show that played both L.A. and New York. Her occasional film work included light comedy parts in Norman... Is That You?, Con Air and Time Share.

With her chatty comedy voice ideally suited to cartoons and voiceover work, Barbara continues to perform "second banana" guest spots, her more recent sitcoms being "Frasier" and "Becker" (the latter a recurring role). Barbara maintains residence in the Los Angeles area and has a daughter, Amy, who is a school teacher.

Suzanne Stokes

Luscious and voluptuous blonde bombshell Suzanne Lee Stokes was born on July 9, 1979 in Naples, Florida. Her parents owned an alligator farm and wildlife refuge in the Everglades. At age fifteen Stokes moved out of her parents' home to live with her boyfriend. Following graduation from high school in 1997, Suzanne moved to Miami, Florida to start her modeling career. She appeared in "Boating" magazine and various swimsuit catalogs. Moreover, Stokes also did TV commercials for foreign companies. In 1999 Suzanne went to Paris, France and appeared in the instructional video "Bicol' Girls." In addition, Suzanne was the winner of two beauty pageants; she won the titles Miss Hawaiian Tropic United States in 1999 and Miss Photogenic at the international final of Miss Hawaiian Tropic in 2000. She submitted an application for the "Playboy" 2000 Playmate Search and was the Playmate of the Month in the February, 2000 issue of "Playboy." Stokes went on to pose for a handful of "Playboy" newsstand special editions and was featured in a few of "Playboy" videos. Suzanne has made several guest appearances on "The Howard Stern Show." She not only has a small part in the lowbrow comedy "Frostbite," but also had guest roles on episodes of the TV shows "Frasier" and "Mortal Kombat: Conquest." Suzanne lives in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Laurence Lau

Laurence Lau began playing the role of Sam Rappaport on On Life to Live in May 2001. Daytime fans remember Lau from his popular roles as "All My Children's" Greg Nelson, which he played from 1981-86, and "Another World's" Jamie Frame, which he left in 1990. In addition to his daytime success, Lau has guest starred on numerous television series such as "Frasier," "Martial Law," "Diagnosis Murder" and "Jag." He also starred in the films "Finders Keepers," "Dare," "Fortune Seller" and "Return to the Secret Garden."

Lau was born in Long Beach, California and raised in Lake Oswego, Oregon. He began his college years at Columbia University and then transferred to Utah's Brigham Young University, where he decided on a career in theater. A move to Hollywood resulted in many television series guest appearances before Lau landed his "All My Children" role. Lau enjoys jogging, skiing and horseback riding. He also holds a first-degree black belt in karate. He resides in New York City.

Lyle Kanouse

Lyle Kanouse was born in Fort Worth, Texas. After graduating from Castleberry High School, he earned a B.A. degree from Texas Wesleyan University (from which he also received the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1998) and a M.S.Ed. degree from Indiana University. Lyle is a former college administrator/teacher at Miami University (Ohio). He made his film debut in Tough Enough, his TV debut on Dallas and his Broadway debut in "The Miser" (1981), followed by "Chaplin" (1983), "City of Angels" (1990) and "Big River" (2003), for which he received a Tony Award Honor for Excellence in Theatre.

He appeared in nine national tours of Broadway shows, including "Fiddler on the Roof" (1978-79), "South Pacific" (1979), "1776" (1980), "Oklahoma!" (1980-81), "Jesus Christ Superstar" (1985), "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" (1989-90), "Chess"(1990-91), "City of Angels" (1992), and "Guys and Dolls" (1992-94).

Lyle once wrestled a 400-pound black bear, fought a bull in Mexico, played in 11 Softball World Series including two World Champion Softball teams and had a tryout with the Dallas Cowboys. He shares homes in Texas and Hollywood, California, with actress Audrey Wasilewski.

Lyle can be seen opposite Annette Bening, Alfred Molina and Frances Fisher in "The Cherry Orchard" at The Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles from Dec.27, 2005 - March 19, 2006. He recently played the Ol' Cap'n in the revival of "Purlie" opposite Loretta Devineat the Pasadena Playhouse and the Goodman Theatre-Chicago and was directed by Playhouse Artistic Director Sheldon Epps. In 2004, Lyle played patriarch H.C. Curry in the Pasadena Playhouse Production of "110 In The Shade" opposite Marin Mazzie, Jason Danieley, Tom Wilson and Adam Wiley and directed by "Frasier" (1993)_ creator David Lee.

Samuel French

Samuel French was born in Waco, TX and raised in Clifton, TX. He began acting at the age of 6 where he played the role of the Nephew in "The Christmas Carol" at the local Theater in his hometown. Samuel went on to perform in plays till the age of 15 then he began to get serious in sports he battled the two passions for both through high school and when he graduated went on to play Semi Pro and Professional indoor football and did so for 11 straight years. Then at the age of 29 Samuel retired from football and got back into acting and living in Austin, TX he started studying Sanford Meisner with David Cox for a whole year before beginning any auditioning and since then Samuel French is 7 years in the acting game and has been in over 22 different Films, his first being Davis Farm which was a drama and the horror thriller- Psympatico which is currently in negotiations with a major distribution company. His big break so far to date was a his role as Gavin McDonough on the upcoming 4 night mini series Texas Rising soon to be released on the History channel in 2015. He recently starred in a short film as a Army SGT Diaz this past summer called AWOL from award winning writer Joshua Tywater. This film will be submitted to many prominent film festivals and has already been inquired for distribution. A true actor through and through, Samuel continues to hone his abilities as an actor and is a very disciplined and serious actor, choosing projects that showcase his talents and is adept at any complicated stunt work. Samuel is also a professional with precision driving. On the TV home front. Samuel French has worked on numerous Tv shows- Dallas, The Lying Game, Killer Women and hit show- Revolutions. Samuel most recently signed on to star in a major Tv min-series Texas Rising as Gavin McDonough that will be shown on The History Channel, with Executive Producers-Leslie Greif and Barry M. Berg from the Hatfields and McCoys. This also stars such notable named actors: Ray Liotta, Thomas Jane, Bill Paxton, Branden Frasier to name a few. Samuel will be playing a prominent role in the mini-series. Samuel French is represented by Avery Sisters Entertainment (Atlanta) and Premier Models and Talent (Florida).

Michael Whaley

Michael Whaley, a California native, has more than 25 years of experience in the television and film industry as an actor, director, writer and producer. He began his adventure while attending Culver City High School and later Occidental College where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts. As an actor, Michael has appeared in dozens of television series and films. He was a series regular on NBC's Profiler and BET's LA Friday. He had recurring roles on CSI Miami playing Detective Paul Armstrong, as well as CBS' Early Edition as Detective Paul Bernstein. He was also a cast member of NBC's hit series Sisters, playing Dr. Wes Hayes for two years.

Michael has guest-starred on numerous primetime television shows, including House, The Event, The Mentalist, Frasier, The Philanthropist, NCIS, JAG, ER, Any Day Now, LA Law, Party of Five, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I'll Fly Away, A Different World, Living Single, and Beverly Hills 90210. Among his feature film credits are A Class Act, The Nation, Fair Game, Retiring Tatiana, and Separate Lives. He has also starred in several television movies, including The Poseidon Adventure, Boy Meets Girl, Running Against Time, and Twice Upon a Time.

Michael began his producing and directing career with the hit comedy GLASSHOUSE, which opened at The Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles. The production received an Image Award nomination for Best Theatre Production from the NAACP in 1991.

In 1992 Michael became a partner of Noir Film, a music video production company. Noir Film produced music videos for such artists as Tupac Shakur, Black Pearl, KRS 1, Four Non Blondes and Technotronics. Noir Film also produced several music videos with the Hughes Brothers (Menace to Society, Dead Presidents and The Book of Eli).

After several years of trying to develop and launch a half a dozen independent film projects Michael finally got his chance. In 2001 he began production of his first independent feature film FAIR GAME, in which he produced, directed and wrote, as well as played the lead character. After collecting several awards on the film festival circuit, the film was released in 2006, and can currently be seen on BounceTV. In 2008 his second feature PEACHES was released for home video and subsequently premiered on TV One in 2009. His third feature APPLAUSE FOR MISS E was released for home video in the summer of 2009 and premiered on BET in 2010. Additional production contributions include TVOne's comedy special roast for John Witherspoon, and consulting for production and distribution for several independent projects.

Michael and his wife Stacey have been married for 24 years. They have two children, Jordan, a student at Occidental College, and Jade a high school student at Flintridge Preparatory School.

Luck Hari

Luck Hari is most widely recognized for her recurring role as a waitress at Cafe Nervosa on "Frasier", and with eleven appearances through the show's first 6 seasons -- a total surpassed among the show's recurring characters only by Edward Hibbert's "Gil Chesterson", 12 appearances -- you'd hope the writers will give her character a name soon. In real life, Ms. Hari's name is familiar to fans of Shakespeare all along the West Coast: she's portrayed major roles at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Shakespeare Santa Cruz and the Los Angeles Women's Shakespeare Company to name a few. She has also acted with the Antaeus Company and Los Angeles' Circle X Theatre where she made her directorial debut in 1999 with Anthony Clarvoe's tragically prescient "Show and Tell". She is an alumnus of UC Irvine and UCLA, receiving the latter's Carol Burnett Award for Musical Theater in 1988.

Marcus Folmar

Marcus started his career in entertainment as a child in Denver, CO where he booked his first network acting job in 1989 on NBC's Father Dowling Mysteries. At Northwestern University, he majored in Radio, Television and Film Production. In addition to his honors production degree, Marcus participated in NU's acclaimed Writing for the Media program. Outside of the classroom Marcus directed several campus productions while serving as Artistic Director of the African American Theater Ensemble, the school's oldest student run theater company. Off campus, Marcus continued to work professionally in Chicago landing several industrials and his first national commercial for AT&T.

After moving to L.A., Marcus' first job was being the assistant to television executive Stephen Chao followed by a stint waiting tables at Houstons Restaurant. All the while he studied comedy and Improv with Chris Barnes at the Comedy Dojo...a now defunct school in Santa Monica that followed in the tradition of Second City and Improv Guru Del Close. Roles on shows such as ER, Frasier, Malcolm in the Middle, Boston Legal, and Monk soon followed. More recently, Marcus worked on The Big Bang Theory, The Defenders, Dexter and Community. In all, he's done over fifty TV Shows, films and commercials.

Since 2008, Marcus has been helping other actors master the art of auditioning with his coaching business, The Booking Room. As a screenwriter, his ABC Family original movie The List was nominated in '08 for three NAACP Image Awards including one for Best TV Movie and one for the romantic comedy's leading man Wayne Brady. Recently, Marcus was the lead Writer and Co-Director of Cyber Smack, a recently released animated web series that he co-created for ADASport.com.

Robin Krieger

Contrary to popular belief, Robin was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her East Coast "joie de vivre" often has many people fooled. She got her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama from the University of California, Irvine, spending her junior year abroad at Sussex University, Brighton England. She was fortunate enough to appear in countless productions on both sides of the Atlantic throughout her career.

Since graduating, Robin has been studying her craft continuously with Cameron Watson, Gordon Hunt, Darryl Hickman, Groundlings and many others. She belonged for several years to Actors' Alley and later Moving Arts theatre companies where she performed on stage to rave reviews.

Robin now most happily makes her living as a television actor. Her career includes many great award winning sitcoms from "Modern Family" to "Cheers".

She was a recurring character on "According to Jim" as Jim's neighbor Marilyn Crannis. Her voice could be heard throughout "Frasier's" ten years on the air as she was one of the show's regular voice-over artists.

Saladin K. Patterson

Saladin Patterson Montgomery, Alabama(LAMP(Loveless Academic Magnet Program) Class of 1990) Writer, producer. Mr. Patterson earned an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering graduated from MIT then masters degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University. He was a writer and producer for the TV Show "Frasier" and is presently a writer and co-executive producer for the TV show "Psych."

Scott Thompson Baker

Scott, a native of Minnesota, began his professional career on the stage at the world renowned Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. His credits at the Guthrie include A Christmas Carol and Peer Gynt. He received training at both Oral Roberts University and the University of Minnesota while studying for his B.S. in business administration. Among the shows performed in at this time were: Hamlet, The Sound Of Music, Carnival, The Fantastiks and Oklahoma! In 1986, Scott flew to Los Angeles to compete on Star Search, in the acting category. After winning 13 consecutive weeks during the regular season, he went on to win the final show and took home the $100,000 first prize. Scott's next big break came when he landed the role of Colton Shore on the long running daytime serial, General Hospital. That role lasted three years. From G. H. Scott next landed in Pine Valley as Craig Lawson on All My Children. After a 1 year stint in New York, Scott, wife and child moved back to L.A. where he began a seven year odyssey as Connor Davis on The Bold and The Beautiful. Among Scott's many nighttime television credits are: Frasier, Angel, Savannah, JAG, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Murder One, and Even Stevens, as well as several Movies of the Week. Some feature films include Cutting Edge II, Going For The Gold with Kristi Carlson Romano, A Race to Space with James Woods, and Deeds with Adam Sandler and Winona Ryder. Scott has moved back to MN with his beautiful wife Maria, and their four children, Thane, Micaela, Cassie and Jaden. Scott continues to act in theatre and television in the Minneapolis market and writing scripts for feature films. The family also helps others reach their potential through their Personal Development business opportunity at their miraculous wealth website.

Casey Charland

When Casey was born in Englewood, Colorado - eight minutes after her twin brother - it became clear she wasn't going to let a second place entry into the world get in the way of her creativity and ambition. This was a girl who had ideas, and was going to be noticed and heard! Even in those early days, it was clear she was going to make her mark.

Casey began acting at age 10 and especially loves comedy and improv, although her family maintains she also has a flair for the dramatic! She first gained recognition at the Austin Alliance Actor's Fair where she was selected from hundreds of actors for inclusion on the Director's Reel. Chosen in both the Commercial and the Dramatic categories, she was the only actor to achieve that dual honor. She went on to work on numerous student, independent and studio projects, gaining experience along the way, eventually landing a lead role in the independent Feature Film "The Box".

Casey takes her training seriously and has logged many hours with respected acting coaches and casting directors, learning to bring more depth to her characters. She continues to train on an ongoing basis with Sally Allen of Brock-Allen Casting, Marco Perella at Alleywood Studios and with Cathryn Sullivan's Acting for Film in Dallas. She also recently branched out into voiceover work, studying with Lainie Frasier of VoiceWorks.

When she's not acting, Casey enjoys a wide variety of activities, ranging from archery to track & field to fashion. As both an American and Canadian citizen, Casey enjoys annual visits to Canada to visit her extended family, and is already an experienced traveler.

Don Reed

Don Reed is a multi-talented stand-up comedian and ad executive who has been described as a comedic molotov-cocktail of characters, sound fx, impersonations and improvisation. His performance on an Robert Townsend HBO Special of up and coming comedians years ago caught the attention of Bill Cosby, among others, and led to the creation of a guest-starring role for him on "The Cosby Show." Cosby gave Don some invaluable advice that spurred him to dive into the NACA college circuit, appearing at over 300 colleges.

Concurrently, Don began doing audience warm-up for several sitcoms, which led to writing and consulting on several of those shows. Reed spent the next several years behind the camera successfully writing, producing and doing voice-over work (credits include "Spiderman", "The Flintstones", "Johnny Quest" etc.) He wrote and directed several short films for HBO, once casting himself, inadvertently sparking the revival of his on camera and performing career. His HBO shorts garnered the attention of UPN who cast him as a series regular and writer on the sketch comedy show "Off Limits." His performances on that show caught the eyes of "MAD TV" executives who were producing NBC's "The RERUN Show" where he was cast as a series regular --giving him the freedom to jump back into the arms of his first love - stand-up comedy. (credits include - Comedy Central, Showtime Aspen Comedy Festival, Co-Executive Producer of "Celebrity Home Videos."

Additionally, Don was a promo producer/executive at NBC for 2years (ER, Frasier, Friends, Scrubs, Will & Grace, Law & Order, SNL, Golden Globes) -- and since founded and is Executive Creative Director of reediculous media - advertising & promotion - an entertainment copywriting company that services movie trailers, promos and video games. Recent work includes creative for Columbia/Sony, ABC, NBC, FOX, HBO, TBS, FX, "Bewitched", "Guess Who?", "Nip/Tuck", "Resuce Me", "24", "Desperate Housewives", "Bernie Mac", The "The Simpsons", "The Shield", X-Box/Xenon, PlayStation 2,GameCube - "Ultimate Spiderman", "Shrek SuperSlam", "Call of Duty 2" "Halo 2" and many, many more...

Camille Carida

Camille Carida was born in Newark, New Jersey. She is an American actress, filmmaker, and graphic novelist. Her parents are Karen, a histologist, and Robert Carida, Sr. a quadruple board certified cardiologist and pioneer in medicine. She is the youngest of three children, Diana and Robert, Jr. Camille grew up in South Florida and has described herself as "an intense child with a big imagination." She entertained friends and family with her uncanny ability to imitate people. In her sophomore year of college, Camille started working professionally when she was cast in the Tennessee William's play "Talk To Me Like The Rain And Let Me Listen". She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a major in Theater and Dance from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. After a summer with Shakespeare and Company in Lennox, MA, Camille moved to NYC where she performed in many Off-Broadway plays including originating the role of Renata in Vaclav Havel's "Slum Clearance". She continued working on her craft studying acting with Michael Howard and clown with David Shiner. Camille moved to Los Angeles where she got her first role in television. Casting Director Cathy Reinking introduced Camille to Jeff Greenberg's office where she landed the role of Loretta on the Emmy Award winning show "Frasier". She lives in Los Angeles and continues to work in film, television, and theater. Her directorial debut "Winner Takes All" starring Hunter Hughes and Alec Mapa played ten film festivals and secured distribution on Guest House Film's "Black Briefs".

Walt Frasier

Walt Frasier is an American born stage and film actor originally from Gaithersburg, Maryland. Walt has appeared in guest roles on Blue Bloods, Royal Pains, Lilyhammer and Naked Brothers Band. He has also been featured in several bits on The Late Show riding a bicycle on stage as "Lance Armstrong" and "Tiger Woods." Walt has appeared in over 3000 live improv comedy shows with the NYC based improv troupe "Eight is Never Enough" which he co-founded in 2003. He regularly hosts shows in NYC and has played several roles in their online sketch series "LMAO"

Josh Wise

Born in Dallas, Texas and raised in McAllen, a small town in the Rio Grande Valley, Wise excelled in junior high school drama classes. After winning the Best Actor award in his school's competition two years in a row for his roles in 'I Never Saw Another Butterfly', which was based on the Holocaust, and Close Ties, his mother rewarded him with acting classes in Austin and Dallas where he was introduced to a manager through his acting coach.

After spending a short time in Los Angeles, California, Wise quickly landed guest-starring roles on Frasier as a rival spelling champion competing against Frasier's son and as a love interest to Lizzie on Lizzie McGuire before securing his first big break on Do Over.

Wise and his family recently relocated to Los Angeles. When not working, the high school junior enjoys skateboarding, playing drums and paintball.

Amanda Melby

Amanda Melby, a native Minnesotan, made her way to Phoenix via Southern California, Washington, DC and Cleveland. Amanda is an accomplished cellist and holds a BA in theatre and English from Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota.

In addition to acting, Amanda also works as a teacher, producer, writer and spokeswoman. She is the Executive Director of IFP Phoenix and the owner of Verve Studios.

Amanda can be seen in the feature films Jake's Corner, Farewell Darkness, Madison Hall, Netherbeast Incorporated, The Majestic and The Language Of Kickball. Her shorts include Bondage, Autumn Leaves, Deathbed Blues and Outlet (a 2000 Sundance Festival selection), among others.

Amanda received a 2006 Emmy Nomination for Hosting the first season of the thirty-minute television show Screen Wars. In 2007, she received two nominations- one as On-Camera Performer and one as the Executive Producer; the show was nominated for Best Arts/Entertainment Program. Other television credits include S.I.S. (Spike TV) and Boston Public (Fox).

Her Los Angeles theatrical credits include understudying for Peri Gilpin as Gwendolyn in Frasier Gone Wilde: The Importance Of Being Earnest at the Mark Taper Forum, starring as Sonia in the LA premiere of Life x 3 at the Elephant Asylum, as Doris in Same Time, Next Year at the Long Beach Playhouse, and as Amy in the premiere of Chenille Stems and Coco Midrib at the Secret Rose Theatre.

Other theatre credits include Lady Percy/Helena in Shakespeare's Friends, Polly in Riding to Bethlehem, Tess in the world Premiere of Kissing and Lisa in Collected Stories all at Theatre Artists Studio in Phoenix, Arizona. She has also appeared on stage in Minnesota, Ohio and Washington, DC.

She has studied with Howard Fine in his Master Class in Los Angeles.

Jeremy Bergman

Jeremy Bergman began his professional career at the age of three after it became apparent that he had a strong interest in musical theater. At that age, he booked his first of many commercials for Playskool, followed by many others, including Lysol, Campbell's Soup and Kellogg's.

By the age of six he began his film and television career by booking the role of Young Snidley Whiplash in "Dudley Do-Right" starring Brendon Frasier. Soon to follow was the pilot episode of "Law & Order: SVU" and the role, for five seasons, of Charlie Yokas, son of Faith Yokas, on "Third Watch." He can also be seen in the current film "The Station Agent" as Jacob.

Bergman's dream of being on Broadway was finally realized when he played the role of Chip in "Beauty and the Beast." He is presently in California shooting the new Will Ferrell film, tentatively titled "Kicking and Screaming."

Although Bergman loves being an actor, he is also an avid sports fan and athlete. He loves tennis, baseball, roller hockey and football.

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