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Alfonso Cuarón

Alfonso Cuarón Orozco was born on November 28th in Mexico City, Mexico. From an early age, he yearned to be either a film director or an astronaut. However, he did not want to enter the army, so he settled for directing. He didn't receive his first camera until his twelfth birthday, and then immediately started to film everything he saw, showing it afterwards to everyone. In his teen years, films were his hobby. Sometimes he said to his mother he would go to a friend's home, when in fact he would go to the cinema. His ambition was to know every theatre in the city. Near his house there were two studios, Studios Churubusco and Studios 212. After finishing school, Cuarón decided to study cinema right away. He tried to study at C.C.C. (Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica) but wasn't accepted because at that time they weren't accepting students under twenty-four years old. His mother didn't support that idea of cinema, so he studied philosophy in the morning and in the afternoon he went to the C.U.E.C. (Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos). During that time he met many people who would later become his collaborators and friends. One of them was Luis Estrada. Cuaron also became good friends with Carlos Marcovich and Emmanuel Lubezki. Luis Estrada directed a short called "Vengance is Mine", on which Alfonso and Emmanuel collaborated. The film was in English, a fact which bothered many teachers of the C.U.E.C. such as Marcela Fernández Violante. The disagreement caused such arguments that in 1985, Alfonso was expelled from the university.

During his time studying at C.U.E.C. he met Mariana Elizondo, and with her he had his first son, Jonás Cuarón. After Alfonso was expelled, he thought he could never be a director and so went on to work in a Museum so he could sustain his family. One day, José Luis García Agraz and Fernando CáMara went to the museum and made an offer to Cuarón. They asked him to work as cable person in "La víspera", a job which was to prove to be his salvation. After that he was assistant director in Garcia Agraz's "Nocaut", as well as numerous other films.

He was also second unit director in "Gaby: A True Story", and co-wrote and directed some episodes in the series "A Hora Marcada". One New Year's Eve, he decided he would not continue to be an assistant director, and with his brother Carlos started writing what would be his first feature film: "Sólo con tu pareja" (Love in the time of Hysteria). After the screenplay was written, the problem became how to get financial backing for the movie. I.M.C.I.N.E. (Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia), which supports movies financially, had already decided which projects it would support that year, much to Alfonso's initial chagrin. However, the director of one of those already-chosen projects was unable to direct it, so his project was canceled, and "Sólo con tu pareja" took its place. Despite this being chosen, there was a lot of tension between Alfonso and the I.M.C.I.N.E. executives. Nevertheless, after the movie was finished, it was a huge success. In Toronto festival the films won many awards, and Alfonso started to be noticed by Hollywood producers. Sydney Pollack was the first one to invite him to shoot in Hollywood. He proposed a feature film to be directed by Alfonso, but the project didn't work and was canceled. Alfonso moved to Los Angeles without anything concrete, and stayed with some friends, as he had no money. Soon after that, Pollack called him again to direct an episode called "Murder, Obliquely" of the series "Fallen Angels", that was the first job he had in U.S., and also the first time he worked with Alan Rickman.

After a while, and no real directing jobs, Alfonso wanted to direct something as he needed money. He finally signed a contract with Warner Brothers to direct the film Addicted to Love. However, one night, he read the screenplay for another film, A Little Princess and fell in love with it. He talked to Warner Brothers and after some meetings he gave up directing "Addicted to Love" in order to do "A Little Princess". Even thought it wasn't a great box office success, the film received two nominations for the Oscars, and won many other awards. After "A Little Princess" Alfonso developed a project with Richard Gere starring. The project was canceled, but Cuarón got an offer from Twentieth Century Fox to direct the modern adaptation of the Charles Dickens' classic Great Expectations. He initially didn't want to direct it but the studio insisted, and in the end he accepted it. The experience was very painful and difficult for him mainly because there was never a definitive screenplay.

He then reunited with producer Jorge Vergara and founded both Anhelo Productions and Moonson Productions. Anhelo's first picture was also Alfonso's next film, the erotic road movie "Y Tu Mamá También", which was a huge success. During the promotion of the film in Venice, Alfonso met the cinema critic Annalisa Bugliani. They started dating and married that same year. "Children of Men" was to be Alfonso's next film, a futuristic, dystopian story. During the preproduction of the film, Warner Brothers invited Alfonso to direct the third Harry Potter film, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", an offer which he accepted after some consideration. The film would prove to be the greatest box office success of his career.

In 2003, he had a daughter named Tess Bu Cuarón, and in February 2005 another son, called Olmo Teodoro Cuarón. Alfonso Cuarón signed a three-year first-look deal with Warner Brothers, which allowed his films to be distributed world-wide. As a result of that deal, he developed two new projects, _History of Love, The (2007)_ and _Memory of Running, The (2007)_. He also developed another Mexican film "_México '68 (2007)_", about the violent students' revolt that happened in Mexico in 1968. He directed one five-minute segment of the anthology film Paris, je t'aime with Nick Nolte and Ludivine Sagnier. His next project, the futuristic film Children of Men with Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and Michael Caine premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2006 having been nominated for three Academy Awards. After his youngest son was diagnosed with autism and the divorce from Annalisa Bugliani he took a break from directing and settled in London where he plans to work on his next projects.

In 2013, Alfonso directed the space thriller Gravity, which would go win 7 academy awards.

Larry Wilcox

70s and early 80s TV star Larry Wilcox was born on August 8, 1947 in San Diego California, the product of a broken home. His father, a bartender left the house when Larry was but an infant and died soon after divorcing Larry's mother. His mother, a secretary, found the going rough trying to feed four children and moved the family to Wyoming to live with relatives. Raised on his grandfather's ranch in Rawlins, Larry was a quiet, introspective youngster but grew up fast and worked occasionally in the summer on sheep and cattle ranches. He trekked to Los Angeles, following high school and a year in college, and worked a series of menial jobs while learning the piano in order to pursue a music career. The love of acting, however, finally won out. In order to avoid the draft, he interrupted his acting studies by enlisting in the Marine Corps Reserve in 1967, and wound up serving over a year in Vietnam as an artilleryman. Discharged with the rank of Sergeant, he went back to college and focused briefly on a career in dentistry before resuming his acting training on the west coast.

The clean-cut young lad with corn-fed good looks soon went out for commercials and won a number of them including one for Old Spice, the after-shave lotion. In 1972, he found perfect casting as assistant ranch hand "Dale Mitchell" in the revamped Lassie series for two seasons, and also appeared in scattered guest parts on prime-time TV, including M*A*S*H, The Streets of San Francisco and Hawaii Five-O. In 1977, he hit the jackpot when he won the role of "Officer Jon Baker" in CHiPs. An accomplished motorcycle rider, horseman, race car driver, and jet skier, Larry performed many of his own stunts. He and co-star Erik Estrada became major TV idols with Estrada taking a slight edge as the "bad boy" charmer.

There were occasional clashes with Estrada during the run of the series and, in 1982, Larry decided to leave CHiPs in order to pursue other projects. He was replaced by Tom Reilly as a new officer but the series was canceled after only one more season. Larry formed his own production company, "Wilcox Productions", which is still running today. He has continued acting and directing, primarily in action adventures. One of his producing projects early in the game involved the retelling of the murder of actress/Playboy playmate Dorothy Stratten in a mini-movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Nurturing his entrepreneurial talents, Wilcox moved into business outside the entertainment arena with a pharmaceutical company called "Team Elite" in the 1980s. He is also the president of "MediaCore", a software company specializing in CD-ROMs and Internet compression technology. On the humanitarian side, Larry has served with the National Health Foundation Luminary; served as Honorary National Chairman for Toys for Tots; and Honorary Member of the California Highway Patrol. He is also a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association.

In 1999, Wilcox returned to his "Officer Jon Baker" role in the TV-movie reunion movie CHiPs '99 with former co-stars Estrada, Robert Pine and Paul Linke. Not seen much since, the father of five children currently lives on his ranch in the San Fernando Valley with his third wife and their two children.

Brandon Baker

At 12 years old, Brandon landed his first big break with the starring role of "Mowgli" in Walt Disney's "Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story." It went straight to video and is still being shown domestically as well as foreign. That same year, 1997, he filmed the Disney Channel movie "P.U.N.K.S." where he played a leading role as Johnny Pasiotopolis, with Henry Winkler, Randy Quaid and Jessica Alba. Brandon then filmed a movie called "Wind River," where he had a supporting role of a native American Indian named Pantsuk. Brandon's TV career started in late 1997 when he guest starred in the UPN series, "Sparks," starring James Avery, Miguel Nunez & Robin Givens. He went on to guest star on the Saturday morning NBC sit com, "City Guys," as a smart-aleck street kid named Ernesto, in 1998. It was just a few months later when the producers of "City Guys" cast Brandon as the series regular, Cray, the youngest child of a multi-ethnic foster family on their then newest show called "One World." This show filmed 3 seasons and is still running reruns every Saturday morning on NBC. More recently, Brandon has guest starred on the hit FOX TV series, "Boston Public." He also has two recurring roles, one on a Disney Channel TV series called "Even Stevens" playing the role of Zach Estrada, and the other on a mid season replacement on NBC called "Go Fish" where he plays an Eastern Indian teenager, Sumir. Brandon's real claim to fame thus far is his starring role on Disney Channel's hit movie "Johnny Tsunami." He played the title role of Johnny, a Hawaiian teen surfer turned snowboarder. It's a great family movie that both kids as well as adults can enjoy.

Levon Helm

Levon Helm was in the right place at the right time. He saw the birth of rock and roll and though he was too much of a gentleman to say it, his role in helping to keep that rebellious child healthy was more than just instrumental.

On May 26, 1940, Mark Lavon Helm was the second of four children born to Nell and Diamond Helm in Elaine, Arkansas. Diamond was a cotton farmer who entertained occasionally as a musician. The Helm's loved music and often sang together. They listened to The Grand Ole Opry and Sonny Boy Williamson and his King Biscuit Entertainers regularly on the radio. A favorite family pastime was attending traveling music shows in the area. According to his 1993 autobiography, This Wheel's On Fire, Levon recalled seeing his first live show, Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys, at six years old. His description: "This really tattooed my brain. I've never forgotten it." Hearing performers like Monroe and Williamson on the radio was one thing, seeing them live made a huge impression.

Levon's father bought him his first guitar at age nine. At ten and eleven, whenever he wasn't in school or at work on the farm, the boy could be found at KFFA's broadcasting studio in Helena, Arkansas, watching Sonny Boy Williamson do his radio show, King Biscuit Time. Helm made his younger sister Linda a string bass out of a washtub when he was twelve years old. She would play the bass while her brother slapped his thighs and played harmonica and guitar. They would sing songs learned at home and popular hits of the day, and billed themselves as "Lavon and Linda." Because of their fresh faced good looks, obvious musical talent and Levon's natural ability to win an audience with sheer personality and infectious rhythms, the pair consistently won talent contests along the Arkansas 4-H Club circuit.

In 1954, Levon was fourteen years old when he saw Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins do a show at Helena. Also performing was a young Elvis Presley with Scotty Moore on guitar, and Bill Black on stand-up bass. They did not have a drummer. The music was early jazz-fueled rockabilly, and the audience went wild. In '55 he saw Elvis once more, before Presley's star exploded. This time Presley had D.J. Fontana with him on drums and Bill Black was playing electric bass. Helm couldn't get over the difference and thought it was the best band he'd seen. The added instruments gave the music solidity and depth. People jumped out of their seats dancing to the thunderous, heart-pumping, rhythms. The melting pot that was the Mississippi Delta had boiled over and evolved. It's magnificently rich blues was uniting with all the powerful, new, spicy-hot sounds and textures that became rock and roll.

Natural progression led Levon to form his own rock band as a high school junior, called The Jungle Bush Beaters. While Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis were making teens everywhere crazed, Levon would practice, play, watch and learn. After seeing Jerry Lee's drummer Jimmy Van Eaton, he seriously began thinking of playing the drums himself. Around this same time, the seventeen year old musician was invited by Conway Twitty to share the stage with Twitty and his Rock Housers. He had met Twitty when "Lavon and Linda" opened for him at a previous show. Helm was a personable, polite teen who took his music seriously, so Twitty allowed him to sit in whenever the opportunity arose.

Ronnie Hawkins came into Levon Helm's life in 1957. A charismatic entertainer and front-man, Hawkins was gathering musicians to tour Canada where the shows and money were steady. Ronnie had a sharp eye for talent. He needed a drummer and Levon fit the bill. Fulfilling a promise to Nell and Diamond to finish high school, Levon joined Ronnie and his "Hawks" on the road. The young Arkansas farm boy, once a tractor driving champion, found himself driving Hawkins' Cadillac to gigs, happily aware that all the unknown adventures of rock and roll would soon be his destiny.

In '59 Ronnie got The Hawks signed to Roulette Records. They had two hits, Forty Days and Mary Lou, sold 750,000 copies and appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand.

Hawkins and Helm recruited four more talented Canadian musicians in the early sixties, Richard Manuel, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson and Robbie Robertson. Under Ronnie's tutelage they would often perform until midnight and rehearse until four in the morning. Other bands began emulating their style, now they were the ones to watch and learn from.

Eventually, the students surpassed their teacher. Weary of Ronnie's strict regulations, and eager to expand their own musical interests, the five decided to break from Hawkins. They called themselves "Levon and the Hawks."

About 1965, Bob Dylan decided to change his sound. He was ready to "go electric" and wanted Levon and The Hawks to help him fire it up. The boys signed on to tour with Dylan but unfortunately Dylan's die-hard folk fans resisted. Night after night of constant booing left Levon without the pleasure of seeing his audience enjoy themselves. He called his drummer's stool "the best seat in the house," because he could see his fellow musicians and his audience simultaneously. What pleased him most, always, was that his audience had a good time. He temporarily left the group and eventually landed back home in Arkansas. Dylan and the rest of the band took up residence in Woodstock, N.Y. They rented a large, pink house where they wrote and rehearsed new material. Danko called for Helm to join them when Capitol Records gave them a recording contract.

Woodstock residents called them "the band," so they kept the moniker. The name "The Band" fit. The sound was no frills rock and roll but far from simplistic. They fused every musical influence they were exposed to over the years as individuals and as a unit. The result was brilliant. Their development as musicians was perfected by years of playing. Living together at "Big Pink" allowed complete collaboration of their artistic expression. Americana and folklore themes, heart-wrenching ballads filled with naked emotion, majestic harmonies, hard driving rhythms, and exquisite instrumentation made critics, peers and fans realize that this music was unlike any heard before. Their first album, Music from Big Pink, released in July of 1968, made them household names and as a result they were invited to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show in autumn of '69. Following Big Pink's success the next album, called simply The Band, is considered by some as their masterpiece. They made seven albums total, including one live recording in 1972, Rock of Ages. Many of their hits such as The Weight, W.S. Walcott's Medicine Show, and The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, were spawned from stories of Levon's beloved south.

Helm was working in Los Angeles in '74, at a Sunset Blvd. hotel when he spotted a beautiful young brunette taking a dip in the pool. Her name was Sandra Dodd and when she looked up at him smiling, she didn't recognize him at first. The charming musician offered to take the lovely lady for sushi and never looked back. They were married on September 7, 1981 in Woodstock.

The barn and studio Helm built in Woodstock, which became his permanent home, was just about complete in 1975. He invited Muddy Waters to his new studio and they recorded Muddy Waters in Woodstock. To the delight of everyone involved, it won a Grammy.

The Band held a farewell concert at Winterland in San Francisco on Thanksgiving 1976. It was a bittersweet time for many who felt the group's demise was too soon. They called it The Last Waltz which included Ronnie Hawkins, Dr. John, Muddy Waters, Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and an all-star guest list of peers and friends that read like the "Who's Who" of rock and roll. The event eventually sold as a triple album and was also filmed, becoming the first historical "rockumentary."

Group members went on to individual pursuits. Levon cut his debut album The RCO All-Stars, in 1977. His next effort was the self-titled Levon Helm, followed by American Son, released in 1980. That same year was pivotal as Helm turned his attention to acting. He played Loretta Lynn's father in Coal Miner's Daughter, winning great reviews for his first film appearance. He did another self-titled album and Hollywood again came knocking in '83 giving Helm a role in The Right Stuff. The authenticity he brought to his characters earned him numerous movie roles from 1980 until 2009. Levon gave a sensitive, convincing portrayal of a destitute blind man in the 2005 Tommy Lee Jones' vehicle, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. In 2007, he filmed Shooter with Mark Wahlberg. His last role was in 2009. where he portrayed Confederate General John Bell Hood in a movie called In the Electric Mist, again with his friend Tommy Lee Jones.

Rick Danko and Levon reunited to play music after Danko had been living in California. Rick moved back to Woodstock and the friends did an acoustic tour in early '83. In San Jose the following year, they received excellent reviews when Hudson and Manuel joined them for their first U.S. appearance as The Band since 1976. They continued playing together until the tragic death of their dear friend and comrade, the forty-two year old Manuel.

During the 90's three more Band albums were recorded. Jericho, High on the Hog, ending with Jubilation. In 1998, Levon was diagnosed with throat cancer and the famous voice with the rich southern nuances was silenced to a whisper. He still played the drums, mandolin and harmonica, often performing with his daughter, Amy Helm, also a vocalist and instrumentalist. A great emotional support to her father during this time, Amy appeared with him regularly at Levon Helm Studios. In 1999, Helm endured another tragic loss when Rick Danko passed away nineteen days before his fifty sixth birthday. His death marked the end of an era.

Miraculously, Levon's voice slowly returned. He felt comfortable enough to sing again live. With imagination and vision, he conceived The Midnight Ramble Sessions, a series of live performances at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock. Named for the traveling minstrel shows of his youth, the first Midnight Ramble was held in January, 2004. It featured one of the last performances by great blues pianist, Johnnie Johnson. Friends old and new joined Levon on his stage including: Emmylou Harris, Dr. John, John Sebastian, Allan Toussaint, Elvis Costello, Phil Lesh, Jimmy Vivino, Hubert Sumlin, Little Sammy Davis, Billy Bob Thornton and The Boxmasters, The Muddy Waters Band, The Swell Season, Donald Fagen, Steve Jordon, Hot Tuna, Kris Kristofferson, The Black Crows, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Norah Jones, The Bacon Brothers, Robbie Dupree, My Morning Jacket, Shemekia Copeland, The Wood Brothers, Steve Earle, Jackie Greene, Sam Bush, Brewer & Shipley, Carolyn Wonderland, Ollabelle, and The Alexis P. Suter Band. The monthly Rambles at "The Barn," were wildly successful drawing a world wide audience.

Releases produced by Levon Helm Studios from Helm's personal "vault," were Volume I and II of The Midnight Ramble Sessions, plus a live RCO All-Stars performance from New Year's Eve 1977, at the Palladium. The vitality and magnetism of these recordings speak for themselves. In September of 2007, Dirt Farmer Music and Vanguard Records released Dirt Farmer, Levon's first solo, studio album in twenty-five years. A project particularly close to his heart, the CD contains music reminiscent of his past, and songs handed down from his parents. Dirt Farmer was awarded a Grammy for Best Traditional Folk Album in February 2008 and landed Levon a spot in Rolling Stone's The 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. That same year he was also recognized by the Recording Academy with a lifetime achievement award as an original member of The Band and was given the "Artist of the Year" Award by the Americana Music Association. In 2009, Levon released Electric Dirt which marked his highest debut in Soundscan era at #36 and spent six consecutive weeks at #1 on the Americana Radio Chart. He won a second Grammy for Electric Dirt in the inaugural category of Best Americana Album in 2010. In September 2008, Levon took The Midnight Ramble on the road to Nashville's historic Ryman Auditorium. Buddy Miller, John Hiatt, Sheryl Crow, George Receli, Sam Bush and Billy Bob Thornton helped The Levon Helm Band create an evening of unforgettable musical joy. Ramble at the Ryman - Live CD and DVD, (sold individually), won him his third consecutive Grammy, again as Best Album in the Americana category, in February 2012. Sadly, Levon's cancer returned shortly after this last triumph. He passed away on April 19, 2012. His funeral was a tearful, joyful, musical celebration of his life.

The intimacy of the shows performed at Levon's hearth offered a hospitality and warmth found in no other venue, not to mention the excellence of the performances themselves, hosted by a man whose gifts were truly legendary. Though always an enthusiastic and passionate performer, with sheer joy and gratitude, he effortlessly captivated his audience, young and old, with a rhythmic power all his own. During a career that spanned over five decades, Levon Helm nurtured a tradition of professionalism with a deep respect for his craft and remained refreshingly genuine in a world that often compromised integrity. He was a master storyteller who wove his tales with the magic thread of universality that ties us all. He beckoned us to come in, sit awhile and enjoy. We see ourselves in his stories and we are home.

--Dawn LoBue Copyright © 2006 ~ 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Cecilia Suárez

Born in Tampico, México, Cecilia Suárez started her acting career when she entered the Theater Faculty of the Illinois State University (USA) in 1991. She graduated class valedictorian in 1995 and received the Jean Sharfenberg award. She was grantee of Chicago's Steppenwolf Theater Company, where she acted in "The Crucible" and "Everyman", directed by Frank Galati. The Mexican Association of Theater Critics gave her the best actress in a comedy award for her role in "Popcorn". She debuted in films in 1999 in "Sexo, pudor y lágrimas" by Antonio Serrano. She then participated in Todo el poder, Fidel, Sin ton ni Sonia, Punos rosas, Solo Dios sabe, Chicken Little, Spanglish, Los tres entierros de Melquiades Estrada, The Air I Breathe, Parpados azules, El viaje de la Nonna and Cinco dias sin Nora. Suarez has been nominated in the Best Actress category of the 2008 Ariel Awards of the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences for her role in Parpados Azules.

Kimberly Estrada

Kimberly Estrada is an American actress known for playing a wide range of roles, from professional boxer to vixen. Estrada is an ethnic blend of primarily Chinese, Spanish and Native descent and has an extensive background in martial arts and combat including Shaolin Kempo, Jeet Kun Do Kung Fu, Jiu-jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing and Western Boxing. An accomplished athlete, Estrada was the only girl playing on her high school's boys soccer team and then played soccer for the University of Maryland, College Park at the NCAA Division 1 level. At the University of Maryland, Estrada earned scholar-athlete awards, graduating cum laude with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.

Estrada has been directed by Academy Award winners Clint Eastwood, Bill Condon, Oliver Stone and the Coen Brothers. She was cast and directed by Clint Eastwood in Best Picture Million Dollar Baby, as one of Hilary Swank's opponents. She was Spokesmodel #16 on the first 45 episodes of NBC's Deal or No Deal and was named as one of People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People in 2006.

Estrada has been a guest on Good Morning America and The Best Damn Sports Show Period. In 8 episodes of the CW's Easy Money, Estrada (as Cherise Buffkin) had the opportunity to work with Laurie Metcalf, who played her mother-in-law. Recent TV appearances include: Criminal Minds, All My Children, Sons of Anarchy, Castle, and Chuck.

Estrada has expanded to working behind the camera as well and was an associate producer on the latest film by Michael Oblowitz, "The Ganzfeld Experiment". She also produced a web series called "Advent", which was released in 2011. Other projects in development include: Effa, directed by Penny Marshall, and the thriller screenplay David in a co-production with F Comme Film producers Jean-Louis Livi and Victor Livi.

Jacqueline Giroux

Ms. Giroux is co-founder and a director of Global Universal Film Group, Inc., due to her expertise in film financing and World Wide business and film relationships. Giroux was President of the public Company FoneFriend Inc. (OTC: BB) until July 2003, as well as a founder and director. Ms. Giroux is a writer, producer and director of feature films. She won a scholarship to the New York American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and has appeared in many off Broadway and Broadway plays. Her career in films was launched with a lead role in "The Cross and the Switch Blade", starring Pat Boone and Eric Estrada. In addition to starring in the film, Ms. Giroux single-handedly promoted the film by touring, lecturing and selling advance tickets on behalf of the film, to organizations such as The Kiwanis Clubs, The Masons, Church Groups, Colleges, Family Oriented Groups, and drug rehabilitation Centers, which earned Ms. Giroux keys to the various Cities and distinguished achievement awards. Ms. Giroux has appeared in fifteen feature films and several TV series; including the hit film, "To Live and Die in LA", directed by Billy Friedkin for MGM in 1985. Since then, she has written and produced ten feature films and two "Movies of the Week." including Damsel of Death, the only true story, as dictated by Aileen Wuornos and her family and friends. Ms. Giroux has extensive experience in structuring financing and co-production deals, having successfully arranged for co-productions between Canada, France and Germany, as well as Canada, France and Australia. In 2000, she wrote and directed "Coo Coo Café", a satire on the media networks, filmed at Millbrook Studios in New Brunswick Canada. "Coo Coo Café" was a nominee in the New York Film and Video Film Festival, and later invited to participate in the Sundance Film Festival. Ms. Giroux was instrumental in securing the spokeswoman services of bi-lingual actress/artist Barbara Carrera for FoneFriend Promotional Videos/Commercials and created the test market commercials, "Nobody takes MY FoneFriend!" Recently Ms. Giroux completed the television pilot "You've Got the Part!" an online casting show, which will soon debut on You Tube and My Space. Ms. Giroux created the entire show, plus contracted four television sponsors to assist in the production. She has also been recently contracted to assist director Ryan Fleck ("Half Nelson") on his next feature film, Sugar, in the Dominican Republic, utilizing Global's "below the line" service agreement with Santo Domingo Film/Serie 23 Productions. She is a bondable producer via Film Finances, having line produced ten films on time and budget.

Lila Downs

Lila Downs, born in Oaxaca, Mexico, is the daughter of Mixtec singer Anita Sanchez and Allen Downs, a Scottish-American art professor and filmmaker. She grew up in Oaxaca, California, and Minnesota, where she graduated from the University of Minnesota in voice and anthropology. Her musical vision is anthropological in nature, as varied as the ancient and earthy cultures that continue to nurture and inspire her. Downs is usually accompanied on her musical journey by her longtime band, La Misteriosa, multi-cultural multi-instrumentalists who include Paul Cohen, her collaborator, producer, and husband.

The topic of her music is often political and social justice, immigration, and transformation, all rooted in the human condition. She strives to make a meaningful connection with her diverse audiences through her music and performances.

For over a decade, Lila Downs has traversed the planet, bringing her dramatic and highly unique reinvention of traditional Mexican music and original compositions fused with blues, jazz, soul, African root, and even klezmer music, all supporting her soaring voice. Some would classify Lila as a Mexican artist, but there is no real way to categorize her music except to say that it is a unique and exciting fusion of international sounds. A musical journey with Lila Downs is always a fascinating one, simultaneously edgy and powerful, yet sumptuous and graceful.

Sometimes the sound feels like a heat fueled road trip from Oaxaca to New Orleans. But then Downs is not afraid to shake things up with a cumbia rock, beat-poet style rap, or even the chirps of an iguana, taking the music to its own enigmatic world. The path can also unexpectedly lead to ancient worlds, when Lila taps into the native Mesoamerican music and language of the Mixtec, Zapotec, Maya and Nahuatl cultures. Few artists can successfully navigate the terrain of such seemingly disparate music. But Lila Downs y La Misteriosa go to the core of it, make it their own, and bring the audience along for an emotional and memorable ride.

Lila Downs has long been recognized by the music industry, receiving a Latin Grammy for the 2004 release "Una Sangre" and a Grammy nomination for 2008's "Shake Away," which was also named one of the top ten albums by WOMEX, the leading world music organization. In addition to headlining venues all over the world, she has appeared at major festival and events including Carnegie Hall, the Sacred Music Festival at the Hollywood Bowl - appearing with such luminaries as the Dalai Lama; WOMAD Festival; and the Latino Inaugural Ball for President Barack Obama.

Hollywood also took notice when Lila played a role in the Salma Hayek film "Frida" and then performed with Caetano Veloso the Oscar-nominated soundtrack song "Burn It Blue" on the Academy Awards telecast. Her music has been included in several other feature films such as "Tortilla Soup," "Real Women Have Curves," and "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada." She also played the role of Sophia in the film "Mariachi Gringo" from SPEAK Productions.

Tony Tarantino

Tony Tarantino was born in Queens, New York, July 4th, 1940 to Dominic and Elizabeth Tarantino and was raised in Brooklyn. In 1952, the family, which included sister Diane, moved to Los Angeles, California. Tony graduated from L.A.'s Washington High School in 1958. Two years later he auditioned for and was accepted to the Pasadena Playhouse, graduating in 1962. He caught the "acting bug" from his father, who in the early thirties appeared in several westerns with stars such as Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Tom Mix, Hoot Gibson and Fred Thompson. During the 60s and 70s Tony acquired many skills. He received his general aviation pilot license for single and multi-engine rating; became proficient in Western quick draw and won awards for excellent marksmanship with handguns and rifles; his Martial Arts training earned him a black belt in Karate and Kung-Fu; and as a member of Malibu Roving Archers he became skilled with a bow and arrow. While a student at the Pasadena Playhouse, where he learned modern dance and fencing, he worked for tips playing guitar and singing folk songs in local coffeehouses. His love for music led him to form several bands, playing lead, rhythm and bass guitar and singing in supper clubs and night-clubs in Los Angeles and the South Bay area. Tony also enjoyed raising and training roping and cutting horses on his ranch in Southern California. He has recently produced a television interview show, co-hosted a radio talk show and in 1998 worked on four films, starring in one. He's a member of "Silver Foxes", the brainchild of producer David Krieff. The "Silver Foxes" is a group of celebrity parents that include: Sal Pacino, father of Al; Patsy Swayze, mother of Patrick; and Jenny Crawford, Cindy's mom; Christine Johnson, Magic's mom; Nikki Robbins, Tony Robbins mom. This exciting team of Silver Foxes led by Stephanie Powers has just completed an exercise video. Tony has completed the writing of his original screenplay titled "New Horizons". From its inception, Tony wrote the lead character for Tom Cruise. To keep in shape he has a personal trainer, PJ Bowen, and a boxing trainer, Hervi Estrada. An involved member of SAG, he joined BookPALS, volunteering three hours a week reading to K-3 classes. Tony makes his home in the beautiful hills of Southern California.

Carlos Ayala

Carlos Ayala a.k.a Project Child Raised in Estrada Courts Housing Projects in the Boyle Heights area, growing up wasn't easy as a youngster. He was always fascinated with gang life, so he became part of it. While going threw all the drama that comes with being in a gang and all the obstacles, He was able to survive that lifestyle and now able to talk about it and relive it threw acting. With all the ups and downs, from getting shot to losing over twenty of his friends, He has been blessed and thankful to be alive. Now he has a positive outlook in life.

Andrés Zuno

A Series Regular in over 100 episodes of television for Televisa and Telemundo, Andy Zuno has become one of the most sought after Latin actors of his generation. His breakthrough performance in the hit series "Al Diablo con los Guapos" (Down with the beautiful) earned him the Best Supporting Actor Award for his role as Hugo. It's U.S. ratings are among the highest for Spanish language TV, alongside CSI and American Idol. Andy went on to Star in "Pasión," "Decisiones Extremas," the mini-series "Mujer Casos de la Vida," and "Amar de Nuevo."

Andy is also a highly acclaimed musical theater performer, honored by the National Theatre Press Association as the Best Actor in a Musical for his performance as "Emmanuel Milares." Andy was the lead in the original cast of the hit "Mentiras, el Musical" (Lies, the musical-the longest running comedy in the history of Mexican musical theater. He also recorded the OTS to the musical which has sold over 30, 000 copies, becoming the highest grossing theater soundtrack to date, in Mexico.

Andy began his film career in 2004 with a supporting role, alongside well-known Mexican actor Rogelio Guerra, in Emisario del Odio (Messenger of Hate). The same year, he made his theatrical debut in Edward Albee's "The Play About the Baby," directed by Victor Weinstock, This success led to his role in "Te Odio" (I hate you), written by one of Mexico's most respected contemporary playwrights, Ximena Escalante, with renown director Mauricio García Lozano. The trio went on to work together in award winning plays "La Luna 100 Watts" and "El Códex Romanoff."

Andy then represented Mexico in the World Music Theater Festival in Holland, Belgium and Italy-starring in "Unos Cuantos Piquetitos" (A few small nips), a musical about legendary artist Frida Kahlo. This was the opening show of the festival and sold-out each night.

Andy's film and theater success lead to his television debut In 2007, in the television series "Pasión," produced by Carla Estrada, Mexico's most renown telenovela producer.

"Pasión" aired in more than 200 countries. That same year, Andy starred in the Miniseries "Loteria," with legendary Mexican actors Isela Vega, Sergio Corona, and Evita Muñoz "Chachita". Andy's big breakthrough came with the telenovela "Al Diablo con Los Guapos" (Down with the Beautiful) playing Lead Hugo Arango.

"Al Diablo con Los Guapos" broke all records in US Spanish speaking TV, competing in ratings with national shows such as CSI, America's Next top Model and American Idol. This show has been one of the most televised in the history of Univision. Andy received the Best Supporting Actor of the Year Award from Fama, in Miami Florida.

In 2008 Andy leads three episodes of the Telemundo series "Decisiones Extremas" (Extreme Decisions) including the opening episode aired in Puerto Rico, the US and Mexico.

From February of 2009 until February 2010 Andy was part of the original cast in the musical comedy Mentiras (Lies, the musical). He starred as Emmanuel Mijares, the leading character of the play. This Musical Comedy has been an absolute phenomenon in the history of musical theater in Mexico. It has become the longest running mexican musical in history. In August of the same year, the CD with the original soundtrack of the play was released becoming one of the top ten best selling albums in Spanish. This had never happened with a theater soundtrack in Mexico. It remained on first place of top selling soundtracks and on the third spot of Spanish speaking records for more than thirteen weeks. Up to today this record is a golden record for all the sold copies.

On March 2, 2010 Andres received the APT Award, which is given by the theater press (mexican Tonys) as the best leading actor in a musical for his work in Mentiras.

In june of the same year, Andy released his first single as a solo pop singer. Suma de Dos, was launched as a free download through www.andyzuno.com Suma de dos was the first single from his debut album: Andy Zuno Más de una vida (More than one life) This album contained 12 tracks and two bonus tracks. Most of the tracks were pop hits from the eighties decade, originally performed by female pop singers or pop bands.

The show Más de una vida (more than one life) premiered at Amapola concert Hall in Mexico City having a couple of months of ongoing concerts every week. The video of the single Suma de Dos premiered in TeleHit the latinamerican Mtv, having great acceptance from the audience. Andy returns to television in 2011 with his role as Lorenzo in the TvSeries Amar de Nuevo (To Love again) written by one of the most important Telenovela writers of all times, Enrique Torres. This tv series is a Telemundo Universal production, and its actually airing in Puerto Rico, Spain, Mexico etc.

In July 2011, Andrés produces with Greenline Entertainment and Spit Magazine Tv AndyZuno Más de una vida Acoustic session, an unplugged concert of his debut album. This show was aired livestream through a digital magazine online and recorded a great number of viewers around the world.

Rebekah Cook

Rebekah Cook is a Christ-follower, actress, voice over artist, singer/song-writer, bilingual, bi-cultural, and middle of five siblings. Born overseas, she lived in Spain for over nineteen years before moving stateside to pursue her passion for screen acting. While in Spain she was a soprano and soloist with the town choir "Voces Del Guadalhorce" (dirs. Mario Porras Estrada and Jerome Thiebeaut) for five years, and studied clarinet under Maria Isabel Gonzalez.

Since 2009 she has worked as both cast and crew for several feature film productions, the first of which was Alone Yet Not Alone. Participating in the casting and production process from both sides has given her unique insights into the industry and helped further her pursuit of acting. Rebekah loves working with directors and fellow actors as they develop their characters from the script and bring them to life on the screen.

Omar Hansen

Actor and award-winning pilot Omar Hansen was born in Santa Barbara, California. Best known for his films Seventy-nine, Treasure Hunters, Ghost Googles and The Good Bad Guy as well as appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! he credits Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale as major influences in his career. During middle school Hanse joined the Civil Air Partrol where he rose to the rank of Cadet Captain. He received the General Billy Mitchel,Goddard, and Presidential Youth Fitness awards.These awards entitled Hansen to fifteen hours of free flight under instruction. He was able to solo fly when he was 13 years old. At the age of 25 as a member of the U.S. Marines, Hansen decided to become an actor while sitting in a pilot briefing day dreaming about films such as Top Gun.Not surprising as he is one of a few Marines to achieve a perfect score in the Marines Fitness Test and completed Survival/Evasion/Resistance/Escape Survival School by training 3 weeks in the Philippines' jungle. He spent 8 years of intense physical training in the U.S. Marines which have become essential and a rel asset to his acting career. In sports, Hansen is an avid mixed martial arts, basketball and fencing enthusiast.He also practices yoga which he credits for helping him focus on his roles and to pay close undivided attention to directors. His favorite role to date is that of Police Captain Raj Zahaire in the TV Series Sangre Negra: The Battle Begins staring Erik Estrada, Danny Arroyo, Antonio McKay and Robert Miano. Sangre Negra is the cross-generational saga of the Santors Family which is told telenovela style and combines the family drama of Dallas and the underworld intrigue of The Sopranos. Produced and Directed by Frank Pinock. Sangre Negra will be release4d in the fall of 2014.

Vanesa Tomasino

Vanesa Maria Tomasino Rodríguez was born and raised in El Salvador, Central America.

Her acting work includes: a supporting lead role in the Syfy TV Movie "Chupacabra vs the Alamo" alongside Erik Estrada and Julia Benson; A recurring role in the animated series'Martha Speaks'(Carolina); a lead role in 'A girl like me: The Gwen Araujo Story'(Directed by Agnieszka Holland); and the Hallmark TV movies 'Mr. Miracle' and 'The most wonderful time of the year.'

Vanesa was also the host for the TV show world.beats and a radio personality for the Beat 94.5 FM in Vancouver,Canada.

Vanesa has a Master's degree in Political Science and is currently a Political Science PhD candidate.

Christian Calloway

At a young age Christian viewed the cowboys at Universal Studios as his heroes and people he would want to be. Years later it was a true dream come true as he reached out and shook hands with the very men he had admired. At this point they said "Welcome to the Universal Studios Western Stunt Team." After nearly a decade of work as a funny stunt cowboy using the non-union name of Mikal Dalaney, Christian joined SAG and began working small parts and features. It was during this time that a change was made in his appearance. Having finished a music video for acclaimed rock photographer Kevin Estrada portraying a homeless man in a Serj Tankian System of a Down music video, Christian determined that his rough look could be capitalized on. Now known as "I am Hollywood Homeless" he has been featured in many programs and videos as a realistic and gripping character of homelessness. Still able to do mountain men, bad guys, degenerates and the mentally disturbed he excels as a realistic downtrodden man. A very good actor and nice person it is his goal to star in a feature film about a homeless man. Until this day comes he spends a lot of his time studying and helping the homeless in missions and on the street. Charity organizations benefit from his appearances as he arrives with cardboard signs at special events proclaiming the needs of the charity upon his handwritten signs. An actor with a good eye for his niche and a character that keeps his appearance at the height of realism. Christian is your go to guy for this genre of characterization.

Paul Cross

Paul moved to New York at a young age to pursue an acting career when he was a child. After studying acting, singing and dancing for a few years, Paul got his Equity card while still in his teens acting in summer stock in such productions as Come Blow Your Horn, Butterflies Are Free, Brigadoon and How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, amongst others and then appeared in the Off-Broadway revival of Redhead. Paul has made several commercials for Dodge, Columbia Records, and Coca Cola. In Hollywood, Paul created roles in mini-series and Movies-of-the Week such as Studs Lonigan and Amazons, directed by Paul Michael Glaser. Paul portrayed Walter Richards on the prime-time soap, Rituals. He then wrote and starred in the feature film, Ice Pawn, which had its world premier at the Cannes Film Festival. Paul starred in the series Railaway for European television and has recently appeared in the musicals 1776 and Spoon River, The Musical. For the past several years, besides acting, Paul has directed, written and produced documentaries and feature films which include, West End Story, An Anatomy of the Musical Theatre. West End Story was filmed on location in London and New York and won Best First Documentary at the Thunderbird International Film Festival and Best Music Documentary at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. West End Story stars Petula Clark, Lucie Arnaz, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jerry Herman, Barbara Dickson, Brent Barrett and many others. Paul's second documentary was Follow The Leader, which was filmed at the White House and is the winner of Best Documentary at the Atlantic City Film Festival. Follow the Leader stars President George W. Bush, Wolf Blitzer, Marlin Fitzwater, the Secret Service, Senator Orrin Hatch and others. Paul's documentaries have also been an Official Selection in the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, the Salt Lake City Film Festival, the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, and the Thunderbird International Film Festival. In 2004 Paul won Best Original Screenplay for Champagne & Chocolate at the Thunderbird International Film Festival in Utah. Paul's feature film directorial debut is Severe Visibility which was nominated Best North American Film at the Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival. Severe Visibility was followed by the documentary The Philippines, filmed on location in Manila with President Joseph Estrada, and most recently the feature film Operation Terror in which Paul also acts.

In 2012 Paul directed and starred in the political thriller feature film, Operation Terror. The film was an Official Selection in the Fajr International Film Festival 2012, Riverside International Film Festival 2012, Monaco Charity Film Festival 2012, New Horizon International Independent Filmmakers Festival 2012, Baghdad International Film Festival 2012, Honorable Mention International Film Festival for Peace and Inspiration and Equality 2012, Winner Award of Excellence, Best Genre Film: Best Thriller Film, International Movie Awards 2012.

Paul was nominated Best Director at the Fajr International Film Festival 2012, competing against acclaimed directors such as Kevin MacDonald, Dejan Zechevich, Marius Holst, Rachid Bouchareb and Cannes Film Festival winner, Roschdy Zem

Paul has recently written the published novel, A Counterfeit Priest, and he is the recipient of the prestigious title of Kentucky Colonel which was bestowed on him by the Governor of Kentucky, Steven L. Beshear. He also has a day named after him in his home town in Kentucky.

Sandra Santiago

Sandra Santiago was born in Sinaloa, Mexico and is a graduate of La Sorbonne University in Paris. She has ignited the screen with superstars such as award-winning actors Danny Glover and Danny Trejo. Her most recent production is called Sangre Negra where she plays Erik Estrada's wife on his major comeback role.

Sandra was raised in Mexico. At a young age she gave family and friends a glimpse of what was to come by showing off her acting and dancing skills to patrons at her father's local bar where banda music luminaries such as El Recodo and others performed on a regular basis.

During her senior year in high school, she took part in an exchange program at Washington State's Kent Meridian High School. Sandra studied theater where she impressed audiences with her lively portrayal of the Godmother in Disney's Cinderella. Upon graduation, she returned to Mexico to continue her studies, this time in El Centro De Capacitacion De Televisa, home to stars such as Victoria and Gabriela Rufo, Eugenio Derbez, Eduardo Yanez and many others. Santiago's commercial credits include working alongside Danny Glover for the international market as well as a national commercial for retail giant Walmart.

Film credits include Pendejo with Danny Trejo and Without a Country by Rafi Gargis & Frank Aragon. Theater credits include Reservoir Bitches a take on the Quentin Tarantino's movie. Santiago also starred and produced the short film Chihuahua Day which shot in Los Angeles and received critical acclaim. Santiago has traveled extensively through Spain, England, France, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary Italy, Greece, Russia, Japan and Indonesia.

She is fluent in French, Japanese, English and Spanish, which is her first language.

Sandra Santiago lives in Los Angeles, California where she volunteers helping several non-profit organizations focusing on education and drug rehabilitation.

Maureen Larrazabal

Maureene Larrazabal was born in the Philippine's and has lived and worked there all her life. She got an AB Comm Arts in Interior Design from St. Paul Q.C. Her immediate family consists of a brother, E.J. Leonardo, and a sister, Lorraine Ana. Her mother is called Ana Marie Larrazabal and her father Nestor Vera Cruz.

Maureene is also in a band, Mau's Big Deal, and played abroad. She has been a member for 5 years. The rest of the band are Chanda Espiritu (vocalist), Jelo Morales (vocalist), Arnold Austria (drummer), Arnold Mariano (keyboards), Jun delos Reyes (bass) and Robert Rivera (guitar) respectively.

She is of course a film star but her first break was on TV in Mikee Forever as Carrie, the Weather Girl. She has gone on to star in Sana'y Ikaw Na Nga, GMA 7 (Primetime soap series), Kirara, GMA 7 (Weekly morning series), Kool Ka Lang, GMA 7 (Weekly comedy sitcom), Eat Bulaga, GMA 7 (Daily variety show), Gags Must Be Crazy, Viva TV 13 (Weekly comedy sitcom), Home Along Da Riles, ABS-CBN 2 (Weekly sitcom starring Dolphy and Nova Villa), L, GMA 7 (A drama series on GMA 7 with Ruffa Gutierrez, Sunshine Cruz and Gary Estrada), Iskul Bukol, VTV 13 (A comedy series on VTV 13 starring Joey de Leon and Ruby Rodriguez) and Mikee Forever, GMA 7 (A comedy series).

Commercial appearances include Clown, A tv ad for Condura Refrigirators and Skin Reborn, A tv ad for Hirudoid. Her first big screen role was in Viva Films' Strict ang Payrents Ko starring Amanda Page and Gary Estrada. However she had to go abroad and never finished filming the project.

Laura McKenzie

Laura McKenzie is an award winning television host, actress, writer, producer and director. She has starred in numerous television series and specials as well as a number of motion pictures and TV commercials. Laura has received multiple Emmy nominations and has also won the prestigious Gracie Award from the Alliance for Women in Media for her work as a TV host.

Laura co-hosted the award winning Dangerous and Endangered series for ESPN and she was the host of her own NBC radio program for over ten years. She has starred in several feature-length motion pictures: Chill Factor, Visions, Red Sun Down, and The Lost Samurai.

Laura has written and hosted numerous television series, including Great Moments of the 20th Century for Discovery Channel (26 hours), Laura McKenzie's Round Trip for Travel Channel (52 half hours), Laura McKenzie's Travel Tips for Travel Channel (26 half hours), Laura McKenzie's Travel America for Discovery (52 half hours), and American Adventurer, the longest running adventure program on television, with 270 episodes running in syndication and on Discovery. In addition, she has starred in the following TV series': Platinum, Exposing the DaVinci Code, Unlocking Ancient Secrets of the Bible, The DaVinci Code Tour and Baby Animals (a children's series).

Laura has appeared on the CBS Morning Show, Marie, Extra! And Oprah as a travel expert. Her long-running travel program, Laura McKenzie's Traveler has 100s of episodes played in over 180 markets in the US - more than any other travel program of its kind in the world - and in over 87 countries around the world. She also has a newspaper column, "Laura McKenzie's Travel Tips" and she is a contributing writer for "USA Weekend Magazine" and was honored by being featured on the cover for her travel program.

Laura produced, developed and brought to worldwide markets the first travel home video series designed to help travelers with important travel tips throughout the video. Her insight, unique production, and breakthrough marketing including "vid review," made the series one of the most successful and highest grossing home video series in the world to date.

For ten years in a row, Laura held six of the Top 10 spots on the special interest home video charts for her series, Travel Tips and also won the "Billboard Award of the Decade" for the series, distributed by Republic Pictures and broadcast on the Travel Channel and Discovery.

For four years she was the spokesperson for Best Western Hotels worldwide and also wrote and developed several travel books for Donning Publishing. Titles include "Dining by Candlelight," "Bed & Champagne," "Travel Tips London," "Travel Tips Paris," "Travel Tips San Francisco," "Travel Tips Los Angeles," "Travel Tips New York," "Travel Tips Orlando," "Travel Tips Rome" and "Travel Tips Hawaii." She also developed a unique concept called "Travel Notes" that were portable and easy to carry while actually sightseeing.

Laura is one of the celebrity spokespersons for the Marines Toys for Tots as well as UNICEF.

Laura was also honored with a star by the Thalians at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles for her contribution to the charitable organization dedicated to mental health causes.

Laura, together with Erik Estrada, hosts World's Funniest Moments, a syndicated series of holiday specials. Because of the success of the specials, later this year Laura will also host the World's Funniest Moments series, which will be syndicated nationally. Together with Erik Estrada, Dean Cain and Montel Williams, Laura has hosted The Hollywood Christmas Parade for eight years. Laura serves as the chairperson of the Hollywood Christmas Parade and was in fact the driving force behind the revitalization of this Hollywood tradition. It was her vision that was responsible for restoring the prestige, national exposure, and excitement for the long-running and much-cherished holiday institution.

Stephanie Bettcher

Stephanie Bettcher is a singer, songwriter, actress, model, and dancer.

Singing has always been Stephanie's first love. Beginning her career at an early age, she landed her first professional recording experience as a vocalist on a Veggie Tales CD when she was only seven years old. Quickly realizing her passion, she seized every singing opportunity that came her way. An aspiring country music singer, Stephanie has performed live as a featured soloist for audiences totaling over 40,000 people.

Her love for acting also grew rapidly throughout her teenage years. She has appeared in 30 stage productions, playing many lead roles, including Annie in Annie and Shelby in Steel Magnolias, and has often been featured as a dancer.

Stephanie has since gained experience in front of the camera and in the studio. She made her film debut when she was chosen to play the starring role of Faith Garrett in Finding Faith the movie, released nationally in February of 2014. The film is available on Netflix and at Walmart, Amazon.com, and other retailers. Finding Faith is a full-length narrative motion picture that also features celebrity Erik Estrada. The film soundtrack includes Stephanie singing "Safe In Your Arms" and "The Lord is Looking Down," a lullaby which she composed.

Over the course of only three years, Stephanie completed her degree and graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. At the age of 21, she moved to Nashville in the fall of 2013 to pursue her career full-time. Stephanie's lifelong dream is to captivate and entertain national and international audiences with her singing. A member of BMI, she seeks to write powerful songs that will transcend time. She is signed to an acting and modeling talent agency. Stephanie is passionately committed to using her God-given talents to impact the world.

Jason Solowsky

Composer Jason Solowsky is a multifaceted storyteller of remarkable versatility and singularity of voice. His scores imbue dozens of tales told upon the silver screen with a perfect balance of aesthetic sensibilities, and span a variety of film genres to include drama, horror, mystery, science fiction, adventure, romance, comedy as well as others.

Highlights of Solowsky's recent successes have included full scores for "The Freemason" starring Sean Astin, Lionsgate's "Assassin's Game" starring Tom Sizemore, Bai Ling, and Vivica A. Fox, "Falsely Accused" starring Rosanna Arquette and Jon Gries, "Unsullied" starring Rusty Joiner and Murray Gray which is directed by former NFL star Simeon Rice, "American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James" starring Peter Fonda, "Turbulent Skies" starring Casper Van Dien, Brad Dourif and Nicole Eggert, "Terror Inside" starring Corey Feldman, "Templar Nation" starring Erik Estrada, "Unemployed" and "What Up?" starring Kadeem Hardison, with the latter two released by Lionsgate Films. Solowsky also wrote music for the Sony Pictures release "American Crude" which stars Rob Schneider, Ron Livingston, Michael Clarke Duncan and John C. McGinley.

Solowsky's flexibility in adapting to various projects and scales has yielded wonderful collaborations with respected directors such as Michael Rissi (Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel Lee), Wes Sullivan (Nightbeasts starring Zach Galligan), Keith Holland (Cage Free starring Dee Wallace), Ted Lange (For Love of Amy) Andrea Olabarría (Rough Winds), Jason Kartalian (Seahorses, Driller) and Derek Maki (award-winning family film, Instant Dads). Solowsky also contributed to "The Life In A Day," the directorial film debut of Joseph Mazzello (Jurassic Park, The Social Network, The River Wild, Simon Birch).

Solowsky was recognized for his contribution to the highly acclaimed, "No One Ever Wins: Lebanon in the Summer of Hezbollah" written and produced by journalist Krisztian K. Orban, an illustrative study of the consequences brought on by the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict.

Hailing from a rich and diverse cultural background, Solowsky is well-versed in performance art, particularly the instrumental intricacies of guitar, piano and vocal repertoire. As a skilled singer, Solowsky was chosen as a back-up singer for the world famous performer Barbra Streisand during her performance at the 53rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Show. Together with his lifelong friend, singer-songwriter Bob Coburn, Solowsky has recorded dozens of guitar instrumental works.

During the composer's studies at the prestigious University of Southern California (USC) Film Scoring Program in Los Angeles, California, then headed by the renowned Walt Disney Studios composer, Buddy Baker, he was privileged to have worked under prolific legends of the film score world, to include Christopher Young (Spiderman 3, The Grudge, Runaway Jury, The Shipping News), Elmer Bernstein (The Magnificent Seven, Ghostbusters, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Ten Commandments), David Raksin (Laura, Forever Amber, The Bad and The Beautiful), David Bell (Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Joe Harnell (The Incredible Hulk, V), Jack Smalley, David Spear and George Burt.

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Jason Solowsky began his musical studies at the keyboard at the age of five, later graduating from the Berklee College of Music with a dual degree in film scoring and composition. He is a descendant of legendary conductor and composer, Leonard Bernstein, whom he credits as a major cultural influence over his work. Jason and his wife, Nina, currently reside in Los Angeles, California.

Dominick Mancino

Born 3 August 1953, Brooklyn, New York. The eldest of 3 sons. Married with 2 grown children. Loves music, and can "still" dance to the likes of Saturday Night Fever, Dirty Dancing and Footloose. Started acting career late to raise and spend time with family. Relaxes by fishing, bowling and woodworking. Has been compared to the likes of Eric Estrada and John Gotti. Known to family and friends as "Big Dom" or "Hollywood". Played (CEO) Bob in "Dark Fantasy" the movie, (Mafia boss) Don Barbetta in "Break a Leg". Appeared in a National Geographic Documentry "Inside The Mafia". Played the (Locksmith) in "The Insideman" with Denzel Washington, and appeared as a (NYC Police Sgt.) in "Pride and Glory" with Colin Farrell. Has been featured in "The New York Post", "Stuff Magazine", and most recently in a "New York State Lottery Commerical" (BA-DA Bling).

Yadhira Carrillo

She started her career in 1994, when she won on one beauty contest, and after that she went to Televisa C.E.A. school of acting. Because of her exotic looks, the producer, Carla Estrada, gave a chance in her telenovela Te sigo amando, and she continued to act in her projects "Maria Isabel" (1998.) and El privilegio de amar), where her partners were Adela Noriega and Cesar Evora. In 1999, Yadhira acted in the telenovela El niño que vino del mar with Saul Lisazo, and in The Beach House with Cynthia Klitbo and Blanca Guerra. Yadhira also played Sandra in _"Precio de tu amor, El" (1999)_, and the producer Ernesto Alonso gave her the leading part in his new telenovela "Otra, La" (2002)_, where she acted with Juan Soler and Mercedes Molto.

Joseph James

Joseph James is a Freemason,Knights Templar,Shriner and a 32nd degree in the Scottish Rite. He is the founder of Joseph James Films L.L.C. He is also an Actor and Producer. He studied film and communications at Woodbury University in Burbank,Ca and earned a B.S in Communications from Utah Valley University. He has been on over 50 films sets and worked with stars like Brenden Fraser, Andrea Roth and Erik Estrada. He is an Associate Producer of the new release "Highway" His most recent feature film is called "Templar Nation" and stars Erik Estrada ( from chip's)and Richard Dutcher. Templar Nation has received international attention and "The Working Tools" masonic magazine wrote a cover story along with and exclusive interview with Joseph James. Joseph James is also the Executive Producer of the new feature film called "The Freemason" starring Sean Astin, Alex Mckenna and Randy Whayne. He is married with 2 children.

Matthew T. Weiner

Recently Executive in Charge of all Television and Feature Film Production for Chung King Studios, New York (2005-2010) filmmaker Matthew T. Weiner has been pursuing his passion for his craft for over 29 years. He has had the privilege to work with a long list of iconic directors, such as Sidney Lumet ("Q & A"), Brian De Palma ("Bonfire of the Vanities"), Alan Pakula ("Presumed Innocent"), Robert Benton ("Billy Bathgate"), Ron Howard ("Parenthood"), Leonard Nimoy ("Funny About Love"), Woody Allen ("Crimes and Misdemeanors", "Alice", "Shadows and Fog"), Gary Marshall ("Frankie and Johnnie"), Joe Dante ("Gremlins II"), John Badham ("The Hardway"), Bill Murray ("Quick Change"), Andrew Bergman ("The Freshman") and Damien Harris ("Deceived"). Weiner credits the diverse set of skills he brings to table to the three-years he spent working on high-end commercial productions and in the episodic television arena on such shows as "The Equalizer", "NY Undercover", "The Cosby Murder Mysteries" and Leonard Nimoy's "Dangerous Games".

Multi-Camera Music Credits - Production coordinator/Production Supervisor: - "The Grateful Dead"(5 summer tours) - "Ozzy Osbourne" (Metal Madness) - "Billy Joel" (River Of Dreams) - "Bruce Hornsby" (And friends) - "Pearl Jam" (Rocking New Years for ABC) - "Keith Richards and the Expensive Winos"(Rocking New Years for ABC) - "Robert Cray"(Rocking New Years for ABC) -"Michael McDonald" - "Tori Amos" - "Songs for Drella with Lou Reed and John Cale" - "Pat Metheny" - "Donald Fagen" (NY Blues Soul Review) - "Peter, Paul & Mary" (Last reunion for PBS) - "The Three Tenors" (The very first one in Los Angeles) - "Pete Townsend" (Psychoderelict) - "Elton John's 60th Birthday Celebration"

Feature Film & Television- Assistant Director - "Used People" (Director, Beeban Kidron, with Marcello Mastrianni, Jessica Tandy, Shirley McClaine and Kathy Bates. -"The Cosby Murder Mysteries" (Exec Prod Bill Cosby) -"Home Alone II" (Director, Chris Columbus) - "Tribeca-The Anthology" (Produced by Robert DeNiro) - "Prelude to a Kiss" (Director, Norman Rene) - "Queen-Roots III" (Director, John Erman) - "Steven King's The Stand" (Director, Mick Garris) - "Missing Persons" (Director, Mario Van Pepples) - "Junior", "Space Jam" (Director, Ivan Reitman) - "Crisis in the Hot Zone" (Director, Ridley Scott) - "NY Undercover" Produced by Dick Wolf - "Dangerous Games"-Exec Prod Leonard Nimoy - "The Nutty Professor" (Director, Tom Shadyac) - "seaQuest" (Director/Exec Producer, Steven Spielberg) -"Fallen" (Director, Gregory Hoblitt) -"Hope Floats" (Directed by Forest Whitaker and Produced by Sandra Bullock) -"Pledge This!!" (Directed by William Heins & starring Paris Hilton) - "Wisteria" (Directed Scott Flynn & starring Patrick Bauchau) -"The Death & Life Of Bobby Z" (Directed John Herzfeld & starring Paul Walker) -"In Between Men" (Directed by Jennifer Gelfer, Show Runner-Quincy Morris) -"Ride" (Directed by Helen Hunt)

Music Videos - Producer: - The Ruff Ryder's ("Eve", "Drag-On", "DMX", "High & Mighty", "Strings") - Interscope Records ("the Lox", "Mos Def") - Rawkus Records ("Shabaam Shadeeq", "Hip Hop for respect featuring Mos Def and De La Sole", "The Deadly Venoms")

Independent Films/TV - Producer: "Big Stone Gap" (Directed by Adriana Trigiani, Produced by Donna Gigliotti starring-Ashley Judd, Whoopie Goldberg, Jenna Elfman, John Benjamin Hickey, Chris Sarandon, Jane Krakowski, Jasmine Guy, Anthony Lapaglia, Justih Ivey, Patrick Wilson)

"A Good Marriage" (Directed By Pester Askin starring-Joan Allen, Anthony LaPaglia, Stephen Lang, Cara Buono)

"An Evening Of Grace - A Concert for Children" / 50-year anniversary for the charity, Childhelp broad casted on Centric. (David Foster, Patti LaBelle, Brian McKnight, Ruben Studdard, Omalie and other special guests.)

-"El Cielo Es Azul" (Directed by Andrew Fierberg starring-Osvaldo, Benavides, Miguel Rodarte, Stephanie Sigmund, Reg Rogers, Barbara Sukowa)

-"Genius On Hold" a crime documentary. (Narrated by Frank Langella. Music by Jack Douglas. Written and Directed by Gregory Marquette)

-"Box" (Directed by Chris Dolman Starring-Mink Stole, Lou Liberatore, Dylan Chalfy)

- "Loose Women" (Directed by Paul Bernard, starring Charlie Sheen, Keith David, Melissa Erico, Giancarlo Espositio, Tom Verrico, and Stephen Lang.)

- "Puppet" (Directed by Felix Limardo and starring Rebecca Gayheart, Artie Lang, Frederick Weller)

- "Undercurrents" (Directed by Gregory Marquette, starring Keith David and Marie Chambers.)

- "Innocents". (directed by Gregory Marquette, starring Mia Kirshner, Connie Nielsen, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Anne Archer, Frank Langella, Keith David and Robert Culp. The film was premiered at the 2001 Sarasota Film Festival and is also in competition at the Brussels Film Festival, The Newport Beach Festival and the Melbourne Film Festival, The Milan Film Festival and The Moscow Film Festival

- "Season Of The Hunted" for ShowTime (Directed by Ron Sperling and starring Muse Watson, Timothy Gibbs, Raynor Scheine and Matthew Cowles.)

- "Helen Of Troy" for USA Films, (Directed by John Kent Harrison)

- The 2003 Land Rover G4 Challenge (east coast), a global high tech adventure challenge spanning four continents.

-"Taylor Made" (Disney pilot starring Eric Estrada, Adrienne Bailon and Candace Bailey).

-Untitled Musical Reality Show (In partnership with John King +Chung King Music Recording Studios)

Danny Rogers

Danny has been in the motion picture industry for the past 42 years as a stuntman and stunt coordinator. He doubled Eric Estrada on CHIPS for 6 years. Danny was voted into "Stunts Unlimited" in 1974 (which he thinks is the top stunt origination in the business). He has done many motorcycle stunts, horse work and fight scenes. Danny has been an all around stunt performer over his many years in the business preforming stunts on some of the "top" movies such as; XXX, Titanic, Fast & the Furious, Pearl Harbor, Hildago, just to name a few.

Christina Fuentes

Born Christina Marie Fuentes on June 3, 1989 in Rochester, NY to parents Larry and Camille Fuentes. She has two younger brothers. Fuentes grew up in the small town of Avon just outside of Rochester where she graduated high school. The family has Puerto Rican roots via her father's side where he was born in Brooklyn, NY. Lucky Luciano Fuentes was her grandfather who was a big gangster in which the film "The Cross and the Switch Blade" (Erik Estrada's first film) was based on the gang. At the age of 15, she began modeling in which she won Miss Teen Rochester in 2005. Over the next several years she has been featured in various print and runway projects. It wasn't until college where Fuentes was bit by the acting bug. Now with several commercials, shorts films and more under her belt; Fuentes is ready to take on more challenging roles.

Jeff Valdez

Multi-talented comic/writer/producer, Jeff Valdez knew show business was his calling. Born in Pueblo, Colorado, in a large Hispanic family, he wanted to see Latinos represented in television beyond subservient or demeaning caricature portrayals. Following several years as a stand-up comic, he actively changed the face of TV. Blocked by much opposition, his relentless efforts ultimately culminated in Sí TV. As co-founder and executive producer of the Latino-themed cable network, Valdez brought English-language programs to television that appealed to Latino audiences and had cross-over appeal. As of 2000, Sí TV's Talent Advisory Board was composed of such luminary figures in the entertainment industry as Cheech Marin, Jimmy Smits, Hector Elizondo, Erik Estrada, Maria Conchita Alonso, Roseanne, Geraldo Rivera, Daisy Fuentes, Mario Lopez, and Carlos Mencia. Valdez was listed in the "Los Angeles Times 36 Faces To Watch in 97" and "100 Most Influential Hispanics by Hispanic Business." He received a 1998 Hispanic Achievement Award in the Entertainment category by "Hispanic Magazine" for his positive impact on the Hispanic community. Valdez also received the 1998 ALMA Award for pioneering bilingual programming that portrayed positive images of contemporary Hispanics in the United States.

Sebastián Buitrón

Sebastián Buitrón was born on July 24, 1993 in Mexico City and raised on Querétaro City, Mexico.

His mother María de Lourdes Estrada is an independent artist, teacher and developer of art and craft technique in Mexico. His Father Luis Buitrón Arriola works on sales in concrete product, Sebastián is in the middle of two siblings, Luisa Fernanda and Alonso.

From an early age Sebastian showed interest in the arts and sports and got involved throughout his life. Dancing has always been part of his inspiration.

At age of 15 in the middle of a mountain in the Sierra of San Luis Potosí he participated as a consequence of life on a film project that led him to migrate his attention to the visual arts as an actor.

Sebastián is an independent, self taught Mexican actor with strength, spirit, courage and understanding to every role he takes.

He finished a starring role in an independent film, which opens in theaters nationwide in 2015, this being his debut in the Mexican film industry.

Perla Bautista

Perla Bautista was born in Feb 18, 1940, in Manila, the fifth of eight children of Vicente Bautista and Carmen Marcial. She finished secondary education at the Torres High School and enrolled in Commerce at the Lyceum of the Philippines. At 17, Ms Bautista took on bit parts until she was formally introduced in Eddie Junior Detective (1958). She appeared in many dramatic films such as Malvarosa (1958), Anak ni Waray (1958), Casa Grande (1958), Ana Maria (1958), Hiwaga ng Pag-Ibig (1958), and Venganza (1958), opposite heartthrob Mario Montenegro. She also appeared in Barrio Fiesta (1959) and Mr Announcer (1959), Black Beauty (1960) with Charito Solis, and Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo (1960). She was given the lead role in Kilabot sa Baril (1960), opposite Zaldy Zshornack. Her other films include Crush Ko Si Sir (1971); Tatlo, Dalawa, Isa (1974); Sa Kagubatan ng Lunsod (1975); Bawal na Pag-Ibig (1977) and Laruan (1983). Ms Bautista has acted opposite Nora Aunor in some ten films, including Minsa'y isang gamugamo (1976), Sapin-sapin, patung-patong (1977), Bakekang (1978), Bulaklak ng City Jail (1985), Till We Meet Again (1985), Bilangin Mo Ang Bituin Sa Langit (1989) and Andrea, paano ba ang maging isang ina? (1990). She also starred as Tiya Isabel in the television movie, Noli Me Tangere (1992), produced by the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Ms Bautista won the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts & Sciences (FAMAS) Best Actress award for Markang Rehas (1962), opposite Joseph Estrada , also the Best Actor awardee. She has also won FAMAS supporting acting awards for Alamat ni Julian Makabayan (1979), Nang Bumuka ang Sampaguita (1980) and Bulaklak ng City Jail (1984). She won the Best Supporting Actress award from the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino (URIAN AWARDS) for Anak ng Cabron (1988).

Sebastian Rio

Sebastian Rio one of the hottest Latin gay model and performer in the industry. Born in Los Angeles, California, in March of 1980. Life has not been easy for this Latin stud. He's the youngest of five, three brothers and one sister. Sebastian grew up in Mexico. He came back at the age of 15 in 1995. He went to school and finished his nursing program. Sebastian worked as a nurse for a while before jumping into the adult industry.

Sebastian started at the age of 18 years old, and by mistake, he entered the world of porn. The first few years he did work for online web sites. He was featured on more 20 web sites all around the globe and on 15 web sites at once! After a couple of years he decided that it was time to jump into films. One of his very first films was "Mexican Truckers" in 1999. For "Allworldsvideo" Then he did live sex for "Falcon Studios" in San Diego, California. In 2001 he was featured in one of the hottest adult movies ever, "knobsquad" for "Zaye Entertainment" with Danny Lopez, and Rico Suave. 2002 he was called to do "Take me Deeper" for the same company, also starring Moreno, and Ereck Estrada. 2003 to 2004 Sebastian Rio started working with one of the hottest, and most famous companies in the industry "Catalina Video" He filmed the movie "Oversized instruments" with the hottie Jason Crew. "Fly fishing" became Sebastian's second film with "Catalina Video" featuring the great Josh Carter. At the same time he was doing films for "Catalina Video" he started working for "GAI Studios" in witch he filmed "Gulp" with Ereck Estrada, he also worked for "Skin2Skinfilms" featured on the cover of "Eric's Little Shop of Porn", also featuring Eric Estrada. The company "Toyboxxxfilms" called Sebastian to start shooting the two versions of, the really hot film "What's up your ass" in which he is on the both covers. In 2004 he started his next film with "Catalina Video" "My Naughty Neighbor" with one of the hottest, and sexiest men in the industry, the ex Falcon exclusive Bobby Williams. In 2005 Sebastian Rio was featured in "Super Hole Sunday" by "Catalina video" A Hot scene with the stud Mike Grant. In the same year Sebastian Was called to do a live sex show for "Videosecrets.com" At the same time he was called once more by "Catalina Video" for the biggest budget film yet for the studio, and the most sold film of all times, "Hot Buttered Cop Porn" a hot, and steamy scene in the great outdoors with Scott Spears, this was the last shoot for the studio before they were acquired by channel'1 releasing.

A lot happened in 2006; Sebastian married the love of his life Scott Andrews. For the very first time in Sebastian's film career he started filming the new "Bacchus studios" movie with his partner Scott Andrews "The Taste of Cum" Sebastian is on the cover as well.. Sebastian and Scott shot "Cock Hungry" For "Kink Video kink video.com and they also filmed "Ass Play".

Sebastian Rio has appeared in over 60 films, in his 10 years in the industry including online web sites and has been featured in numerous magazines, blogs and articles. In 2008 he received The Best Latino adult Star Award for his contribution to the adult Industry. The award was given by Blatino Erotica Awards and the awards were presented at Helios Resort in Palm Springs California on May 10, 2008. Sebastian is now writing a tell all book about his experience in the Industry and his life...

Jackie Torres

Jackie Torres directed, wrote, and starred in her first theater play at the age of 12. By the age of 16 she had already acted in over a dozen national commercials in Puerto Rico. It was no surprise to her close ones when she got a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Theater from the University of Maryland, a Master's Degree in Communications from the University of Puerto Rico, and completed the acting program of HB Studios in New York. Soon enough she became the host of her first TV show: "TVS," at a local cable station in Puerto Rico, which gave her enough exposure to be hired by the top TV Network: Telemundo. There, she produced "Marcano...El Show," "Con lo que Cuenta este Pais," "Pequenos...Grandes Lecciones," and "Videoteces," all among the top ten in ratings, and the first two went up to the number one spot. Later on, Telemundo brought Jackie to Los Angeles California to produce "La Hora Lunatica," the first show to win in its time slot over its strongest competitor. It did not take long for her to venture into the cinema world where she played the lead roles in Mexican films: "El Guero Estrada," "La Paloma y el Gavilan," "Cuatro Meses de Libertad," and "Clave Secreta," among others. Hollywood followed. She has starred in several independent films, including "The Price of the American Dream," which she also directed, and co-wrote, "Perfect Assassins," with Robert Patrick, and "Miss Castaway," with Michael Jackson. In TV she starred in NBC's "ER," and in CBS' "The District." Her directing career also includes "East LA King," and "Crossing Frontiers," both about the Latino reality in the United States.

Bruno Torres

Bruno Torres is an actor, producer and movie director. He has worked in 33 movies in different positions, 18 of them being feature films and 15 short films. He directed the 35 mm short films "O Último Raio De Sol", "A Noite Por Testemunha", "O Tempo Do Plano" and "Encontro Das Águas". As an actor, he worked in the Rede Globo's telenovela "Insensato Coração" and the feature films "Somos Tão Jovens", by Antônio Carlos Da Fontoura; "O Homem Mau Dorme Bem", by Geraldo Moraes; "Sal De Prata", by Carlos Gerbase, "As Vidas De Maria" by Renato Barbieri, among others. In 2014 he can be seen in the features "A Estrada Do Diabo", by André Moraes and "Oxigênio", by Pedro Zimmerman. In 2015 Bruno will be shooting "The Silent Of Liz", his first feature film.

Gary Sax

Gary Sax has been involved in the film, television and entertainment industry for over 25 years as an actor, entertainer, director, producer and promoter. He graduated from the esteemed Center for Media Arts in New York City with an advanced degree in Television Production while also holding an Associate of Arts Degree in Education from the University of Florida. He also studied at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute also in New York City as well as the American Stage Conservatory in residence at Fairleigh Dickenson University in Teaneck, New Jersey under the tutelage of the respected and award winning actor, Paul Sorvino. During his tenure in the music industry, Sax, an accomplished saxophonist and performer, has worked in concert both as backup, opening act and promoter for some of the most well known artists of the early and recent rock era including...Joey Dee, Dick Dale, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, The Coasters, Mary Wilson, Air Supply, Junior Walker, The Shirelles, Sonny Turner, Johnny Rivers, The Association, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, The Crystals, Gary Puckett, Gary US Bonds, Johnny Maestro, Lou Christie, DJ Fontana, Marty Stuart, The Comets, and many others. His succession into the film and television industry first had him as an actor, working with such luminaries as Denzel Washington in "Heart Condition" and Tony Danza in "Who's the Boss". He also appeared in many stage productions including the lead in regional productions of "Grease" and "Bye Bye Birdie" as well as in an off Broadway version of Ipsen's, "Ghosts". In his pursuits behind the scenes and camera, he has worked as a producer, director, videographer, production manager, location manager, etc.. He was a co-producer on an Erica Estrada/Paul Smith vehicle entitled, "Caged Fury". He was also Associate Producer on the campy comedy, "South Beach Academy" starring Corey Feldman, James Hong and Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis. Gary produced, wrote and directed the fifties style musical variety sitcom, "Harmony Street", which ran nationally on the Nostalgia Cable Network. Other productions include a short documentary, "Joe Franklin-Down Memory Lane" and a pilot for a series about disabled athletes entitled, "The Human Race" which was well received at the Paralympic Congress Disability Film Festival. Gary also brings with him a background as a teacher, coach and camp director. Other credits in front and behind the camera include... "Coco Bay Bed Race" with Dana Plato ("Different Strokes"), Spring Break, Spring Fever USA, Can It be Love, Smokey and the Bandit II and III, Porky's 2 and 3, etc..

David N. Donihue

Donihue has been a savage voice in the underground American theater and film scene since his teens.

With his first "mainstream cross over" as a director, Donihue wrote, directed and acted in The Weathered Underground (2010) - an interactive film where the audience uses their remote control (on DVD) or iPhone / iTouch to choose what the live actors do next.

His past plays include Hold My Hand And Tell Me I'm Not Insane and Hey Baby Do Ya Wanna Come Back To My Place And Justify My Existence.

He recently performed a new one act play at the Autumn Lights Festival in Downtown Los Angeles entitled Chasing Death With A Penchant For The Primitive Salvation. The play is currently being shot as a short film on location in East LA where he plays opposite Erik Michael-Estrada (of O'Town fame).

Donihue has also received acclaim for his documentary writing on Tree Of Life and his acting in Buffalo Bill's Defunct. He is currently in development on his next feature, A Boy & His Brain.

Bob Underwood

Bob Underwood grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and in St. Petersburg, Florida. During high school he made many short films, including an hour long parody of the Godfather, complete with period costumes, props and cars. He worked his way through college as a camera operator/lighting designer/editor for WTSP-TV News (Tampa-St. Petersburg) and as a reporter for the St. Petersburg Times (a highly respected newspaper considered one of the ten best in the nation). Upon graduating summa cum laude from the University of South Florida, Underwood moved to New York City, where he worked at CBS News as a Desk Assistant, as a production assistant on numerous specials (such as The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade), and as an Assistant Producer in the fledgling TV department of Radio City Music Hall, where he was involved in the production of numerous TV specials shot on the legendary stage, including "A Christmas Spectacular," "It's Spring," "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," the "Grateful Dead" Live and the "Grammy Awards." Underwood segued from news and reality-based specials into fictional programming with a stint on the long-running soap opera, "Guiding Light," where he worked as an Assistant Producer (the term used in soaps for the Line Producer) and later as a Staff Writer. While working in soaps, Underwood co-wrote a TV movie and series pilot titled "The People Versus Rita Loomis," which was produced and syndicated by Viacom and starred Patrick O'Neal, Michael Zaslow and Meg Ryan. Underwood lent his soap writing and production skills to Televisa for the production of the 130 episode telenovela "Together Again" which remade the classic story, "El Derecho De Nacer." It starred Erik Estrada and was broadcast around the world both in English and Spanish. Underwood moved to California for work on the syndicated series, "Rituals," which starred former Bond George Lazenby and Tina Louise. Underwood soon segued into situation comedies, with assignments on "Charles in Charge" and the "Facts of Life." He broke simultaneously into science fiction and top-rated comedy with spec script sales for CBS' new version of "The Twilight Zone" and NBC's "Night Court." Underwood took a staff job at Night Court where he wrote and/or produced 92 episodes over the next four years and rose to Supervising Producer. During his tenure on the show, it was often among the top five rated series and briefly even reached #1. Underwood's numerous other sitcom credits, writing and/or producing, include "Good and Evil," "Nurses," "Daddy Dearest," "Social Studies," and "The Drew Carey Show," among others. Knowing it's easy in Hollywood to get pigeon-holed doing TV comedy, Underwood has stayed active writing, producing and developing projects in other mediums and genres. He has developed film projects for Disney, Largo Films, Dino DeLaurentiis, Lions Gate, Appian Way (Leonard DiCaprio) and Saturn Films (Nicolas Cage), among others. He has worked in variety and satire on "The Washington Byrnes Report" for CNN Headline News and the syndicated hit "Night Stand." He has created, written and produced several animated projects, including "The Marx Brothers Animated," "The Wrong Coast" and "Celebrity Face-Off." Underwood has conducted master classes on scripting and producing for The Warner Brothers Writers Workshop in Los Angeles and Boston, and for Amedia Entertainment in Moscow, as well as guest lecturing for UCLA extension. His internet projects include blogging for sites such as "The Washington Dispatch" and producing "The Pickler Report." Recently Underwood has been involved in a number of international productions. He created the format for "SPF," a telenovela for Sony International and Televisa. He has worked extensively in the USA and other countries, including France, England, Canada, Mexico and Russia, where he supervised writing and/or production on several projects, including the Siberian science fiction themed "Tungusska Effect" and the Moscow-based detective series "Petrovka 38," the hospital drama "General Therapy." He also wrote for "S'chastliy Vmeste," the Russian adaptation of "Married With Children." Underwood is continually developing projects for television, film and the internet.

Tania Estrada

Tania Estrada is a Stand Up Comedian/Bi-lingual Actress/Musician in the Los Angeles/Hollywood/Las Vegas comedy circuits. Born in Los Angeles, California as Tania Patricia Estrada to Colombian mafia refugee parents that relocated to Los Angeles under a witness protection program. Tania Estrada began to play instruments at the age of 12, with her first instrument being the accordion, after being inspired by musical comedian Weird Al Yankovic. She moved onto electric guitar at 13 and joined her first band at 17. By 19, she was trying out for the rhythm guitar position in Bobsled, where she met Jula Bell, Sharon Needles and Judy Cocuzza of Butt Trumpet and Betty Blowtorch. In 2001, she met Lexa Vonn and joined the indie cult band , Ophelia Rising, which has been described as Victorias Secret meets Marilyn Manson. In 2002, the band recorded and released 'Step 1: Acknowledge You Are Part Of The System with the production help of Geza X and Johnny Indovina of Human Drama and mastering at Capitol Records. Tania returned to the music scene as a rhythm guitarist for the band Lose Your Fear and started Stand Up Comedy classes with Comedy store regular , Adam Barnhardt. Tania Estrada has worked with Jeff Garcia, Adam Richmond, Jeff Richards, Bridget Eftekhar, Tammy Jo Dearen, Ralph Figueroa, Anyi Malik, Jeffrey Peterson, Big Mike Mitchell and the great Frazer Smith all over California and Las Vegas. Today, she is considered to be one of the funnniest female hispanic comedians on the circuit, touring with Last Comic standing runner up Adam Richmond and already securing a menu spot on the J Anthony Brown J Spot Comedy Club Celebrity Food Menu as the 'Tania Estrada' Slammin' tacos ' after performing one time at the JSPOT and receiving a standing ovation from all the females in the club. The comedy circuit has helped push Tania into the acting realm in both English and Spanish, already completing movies with lead roles, Tv shows and a YouTube pilot called 'The Real Housewives of Compton'. She is an on air radio personality with Lou Pizarro of Operacion Repo on the #1 rated morning show on 94.3 FM The Duck Radio on "Repo Radio".

Adam H. Hurstfield

Music & Film Producer, Songwriter, Record Executive, and Artist Manager.

In his 20th year in the music and entertainment business, Adam H. has worn several "hats". Adam H. started as a recording artist with International hits on labels such as BMG, Polygram and Universal Music, and soon after graduated to Producer and Music Executive.

Adam H. has written and/or Produced for several artists including Elise Estrada, Ray J., Di'Ja, Def Leppard, Ashley Tisdale, Ne-Yo, Aly Michalka ("Aly & AJ"), Rosette, Faber Drive, Live On Arrival, Bianca, Sharon Leal (star of "Rent" on Broadway, "Dreamgirls"), The 2009 Juno Hall of Fame inductees, Loverboy.

Internationally, Adam H. has written for Megastars including Elin (Universal-Germany), Sarah Burgess (American Idol-29 Entertainment USA), BoA (Avex-Japan & SM Records-Korea), Miho Fukahara (Sony-Japan), Mihiro (Avex Japan), TVXQ (SM Records-Korea), Girls Generation (SM Records-Korea), Super Junior (SM Records-Korea), & Korea's #1 selling CD/Artist Of The Year, Ly Hyori (M-NET-Korea).

Leading the way with the most hit songs Written and Produced by a Canadian on The National TOP 40 Charts, and the most nominations three years in a row at The Canadian Radio Music Awards with an impressive 9 nominations, Adam H. is already the recipient of many awards including 'Best Pop/Dance Single Of The Year' at The West Coast Music Awards, and 'Favourite Pop Artist/Group' at The 2007 CMW Awards, 'Best New Artist or Group" (Rhythmic/Dance/Urban/R&B) at The 2008 Canadian Radio Music Awards, and the recent 'BDS 20,000 Spins Award'. Elise Estrada whom Adam H. also manages was nominated for Best R&B Album of the Year at the 2009 Juno Awards and also for 2 Much Music Video Awards in 2009. In 2011 Adam H. was also awarded a GOLD Sales Album for the DJ Khaled ft. T-Pain, Ludacris, Rick Ross, and Snoop Dogg single "All I Do Is Win".

On the film side, Adam H. served as Co-Producer and Music Supervisor for the Feature Film, "Beverly Hills Ninja II" ("Dancing Ninja") starring Lucas Grabeel ("High School Musical", "Milk"), David Hasselhoff and Elise Estrada.

On the television side, Adam H. is Executive Producer, co-creator, and one of the leads in the reality TV Series "RockStar Academy" shot on location in London, England, Vancouver, Canada, and Los Angeles, California.

Adam H. also served as Music Producer and songwriter for the stars of the CW Network's TV Series "Hellcats"; and wrote and Produced the original music for the Feature Film "Lip Service" starring Christian Serratos from the "Twilight" films.

On the label side, Adam H. co-founded and pioneered the hit record label RockSTAR Music Corp. that has an imprint label partnership with Universal Music.

As a former Recording Artist, Adam H. climbed the international charts with such hits as 'Shining Star' featuring The Manhattans, 'Feel Good', 'Saturday Night', 'Everytime' featuring George Clinton with whom he received a nomination for 'Best Urban/R&B Single Of the Year' at the prestigious West Coast Music Awards, and 'Push It Up' which won Adam H. the 'Best Dance Single Of The Year' award in 1999. Upon his arrival to the American market, Adam H. was embraced by critics from coast to coast with major reviews, including HITS and Billboard Magazine. Adam H. went on to form and produce his group NewSchool which created several hits including; 'Back In The Day', 'Misunderstood', 'The Sweetest Christmas', and 'Alright' released via Universal Music.

As a proud supporter of emerging artists, Adam H. continuously works hard to help "break" new talent, and takes part in numerous initiatives locally and nationally.

Erika Wallner

Sophisticated and respected actress of the Argentinian film industry, Erika Wallner has had a distinguished career since the beginning of the 60s. Married to the leading actor Carlos Estrada, she starred in severals works with him. Also, she headed a very well remember soap opera, "Cuatro Mujers para Adan", with Norma Aleandro, Iris Lainez, and Teresa Blasco. She is still remembered for her very personal and attractive voice. Erika Wallner has a German background. In fact, she speaks German very fluently which has allowed her to work in that country playing supporting roles.

Nowadays, she is playing Marcia in the soap opera, "Padre Coraje" (2004).

Juan Peláez

Son of Spanish refugees in Mexico, Juan Pelaez was born in Mexico on December 12th, 1948. He has the capability of adopting not only nationalities, but essences and characters from drama to comedy, exploring feelings and sensations, in a daring approach.

He obtained a degree in Theater & Arts (UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) and started in movies in the early 70s. In three decades, he has been able to participate in more than 100 films (video, 16 and 35 mm) in both Mexican and international productions, directed by masters such as Gonzalo Martinez, Jose Estrada, Alfonso Arau, and Tony Scott.

His experience includes more than thirty theater plays, by Moliere, Miguel Sabido, Julio Castillo and Ignacio Retes, among others. He also performed in night clubs when this activity imported shows form Las Vegas to Mexico City.

His participation on television shows has been outstanding, in mini-series (forty as an average) as well as soap operas (more than thirty) with special appearances in international shows for Hispanic markets, like Cristina and Don Francisco.

One of his most prominent experiences has been paying the role of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (said to be Father of the Nation), in a 200 chapter mini-series entitled "Independencia", now available in VHS and DVD formats.

Currently, Juan Pelaez has an exclusive contract with Televisa. He has never been married (very eligible bachelor!!!).

Lorena Comparato

Lorena Comparato was born on March 14, 1990 in Portugal. She is a Brazilian Portuguese-English speaking actress, artist and TV presenter. Daughter of the well-known Brazilian author Doc Comparato and the Brazilian speech coach Leila Mendes; she studied theater since she was a child. Together with her sister, the famous Brazilian actress Bianca Comparato, and her parents, she lived in Sintra, Portugal, for 6 years then moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She had drama classes in school (BSRJ), in college (PUC-Rio) where she graduated as a communications major and in her year abroad at UCLA. Her education includes workshops with Daniel Herz, Marcio Libar, Arianne Minouschine, Juan Carlos Corazza, Jandiz Estrada, Cininha de Paula and many others.

Lorena is known for her part Abigail in "Pé Na Cova", the Brazilian TV show by Miguel Falabella, and for many other small participations in other TV shows like "Do Amor", "Open Bar", "Fora de Controle" and others. Back in 2009 she presented the TV Show "TV Globinho", at Globo in Brazil; filmed "Handebol" by Anita Rocha da Silveira, the acclaimed short that awarded her the best actress award in Marilia; and the short "No Caminho dos seus Passos" by Ana Miranda. Amongst theater festivals and tours she was in many plays like "Decote" (2012), "Meu Amigo Bobby" (2013), "Nadistas e Tudistas" (2013) and her theater company Companhia de Quatro Mulheres' first project "Ricardo" (2013/2014).

Gus Reyes

He began his studies in music at the age of 8. Great Mexican teachers had been part of his education, like Xavier Gonzalez Texcucano, Luis Armando Elias Chain and Philippe H. Tolon among others. Since his youth we found in him great disposition for music. He placed all his capacities in studying and practicing composition for images (such as films, documentaries and TV shows), placing his future objective in this specific industry. He studied the careers of Composer, Orchestral and Choral Direction and Musicology in the Institute of liturgy, Music and Art, Cardinal Dario Miranda. After many experiences we are proud to say that he has never been rejected in any of his assignments. He speaks English and Italian, beside studies in Latin. At this time, there are countless works of Gus Reyes in the Mexican film industry, but among them we can find important ones like the music for the next films. El Guero Estrada, El Manco, El Gallo Galindo, El Superpolicia, Magnicidio, Complot en Lomas Taurinas (2005), El Ultimo Evangelio (2005) and the short films Contratiempo, Nia, Ita Yuyu, among others.

Edward Enriquez-Cohen

Actor/Producer Edward Enriquez-Cohen began his career in theater at the early age of 10 in his hometown of Tucson,AZ. He studied at An Actors Studio in Tucson, AZ, sister school to the Actor's Studio in NYC. Immediately upon finishing school Edward began pursuing his career in theater and some of his extensive credits include Felix in Owl and the Pussycat, Bruce in Beyond Therapy, Teen Angel in Grease, Phil in Boys' Life and Chorus Line for which he received critical acclaim playing the role of Paul San Marco to name a few. Since settling in Los Angeles in 2001 Edward has been non-stop pursuing his career both as an actor and producer.

In LA theater his recent credits include the original comedy musical A Compulsive Line written and directed by John McCrite and in April 2012 starred in Cruising Con La Virgin which was part of Car Plays: LA Stories at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. He has had co-star television roles on Will and Grace, Curb Your Enthusiasm and a recurring role as Bryce on the daytime drama The Young and the Restless.

In the last several years he has had continued success with the lead roles in the short films Suripanta (nominated for a 2008 Imagine Award for best short film), Take My Wife (official selection of the 2010 Cannes Independent Film Festival), Laugh and Die (winner of the Big Apple Film Festival for best short), the successful psychological thriller Ellen (official selection of the Hollyshorts Film Festival 2011 and the San Diego Film Festival 2011 where he also was awarded Best Actor in a Short) and a co-star role in the very popular short film Incest! The Musical, which has been in over 30 film festivals in the last several years. He can also be seen in co-star roles in the feature films Because I Said So opposite Diane Keaton and in J Edgar directed by Clint Eastwood and opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. He can be seen in the lead role as Annabelle Berkshire in hysterical web-series Chick Chat the Web-series which he also has co-written/produced with writer/director Luis Bustamante and will soon be starring in as guest star role in the up coming pilot Burnt Out.

As a producer, Edward started his career at CBS Television City working in production for the hit daytime shows The Price Is Right, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. He then began spreading his wings as a producer in 2006 by teaming up with actor/producer Jason Director and his theater production company The Irreputible Theater Co West to co-star and co-produce the play Boys Life by Howard Korder. That same year he was hired as the Unit Production Manager and Background Casting Director for the successful independent feature film Fifty Pills starting Lou Taylor Pucci, Kristen Bell, Jane Lynch and Michael Pena.

After the success of Fifty Pills his producing career has been non-stop producing seven very successful short films. His credits included Take My Wife (official selection of the Cannes Independent Film Festival) and his first short Little Boy Blues, which was sold and distributed by Picture This Distribution. He formed a very successful producing partnership with writer/director David Rodriguez-Estrada producing the successful short films Suripanta (nominated in 2008 for an Imagine Award for best short) and Existes (official selection of Palm Springs International Short Film Festival and Lakino Berlin Film Festival) to name a few. He is also working on his 4 season of The Voice on NBC as the VIP Talent Check-in Coordinator and has re-teamed with writer/director Brett Carlson and actor/producer Kai de Mello as the lead producer in the feature length version of Take My Wife currently in pre-production.

Arkadi Rajkin

Arkadi Isaakovich Rajkin was born on October 24, 1911, in Riga, Russian Empire (now Riga, Latvia). His father, named Isaak Raikin, worked at the Riga sea port. In 1922 his family moved to Petrograd (now St. Petersburg, Russia). There young Rajkin took his first acting lessons at the local drama club. In 1935 he graduated from the Leningrad Theater and Film Institute, where his classmate was actor Georgi Zhzhyonov. Rajkin began his acting career at the Leningrad Theater of Young Workers (TRAM). At that time Rajkin also began his film career by playing small roles, often uncredited.

His great acting talent unfolded in stand-up comedy. His hallmark momentalism, his razor-sharp wit, and a free-spirited humor won him the love of millions. In 1939 Rajkin became the winner of the 1st National All-Soviet Competition of Comedians, where he performed two numbers, a parody of Charley Chaplin and "Mishka" (Little Bear). In 1939 he became one of the founders of the Leningrad Theatre of Estrada and Miniature Comedy. During the Second World War, Arkadi Rajkin made numerous performances for the Red Army soldiers, who were fighting the Nazis on the front-line. In 1942, during the siege of Leningrad, Rajkin became the Artistic Director of the Leningrad Theater of Miniatures. His witty performances helped to lift the spirits of the survivors in Leningrad, while the city was besieged by the Nazis. Rajkin was decorated for his courage and for the numerous stage performances he made during WWII.

Arkadi Rajkin was the undisputed leader among comedians in the former Soviet Union. He was often called a Russian Chaplin. Rajkin had a special way of using comedy to ridicule the Soviet Communism by satirizing the inefficient bureaucracy and absurdity of the Soviet system. Despite the politically sensitive performances and despite his being a Jew, Arkadi Rajkin was lionized both popularly and officially. He performed to consistently "sold out" audiences and toured all over the former USSR and abroad for over 50 years. In 1982 he moved his theatre company from St. Petersburg to Moscow. There he opened the State Theatre of Miniatures which is now "Satirikon" Theatre named after Arkadi Raikin, now run by his son, actor Konstantin Raykin.

Arkadi Rajkin was designated the title of People's Artist of the USSR (1968), was awarded the State Lenin Prize (1980), and also received the highest civilian award in the former Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labour (1981). He died of a heart failure on December 20, 1987, in Moscow, and was laid to rest in the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow, Russia.

Oriol Estrada

Oriol Estrada was born on December 27, 1983 in Capellades, Catalonia, Spain. He is a director and producer. He studied cinema at the International Film School of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. He has directed "Tú y Yo" (2014) winner at the Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival, and "Lejos" (2010) selected at several international short film festivals.

Jade Esteban Estrada

Jade Esteban Estrada was born September 17, 1975 at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. The successful Latin pop singer, comedian, choreographer, actor, political commentator, and human rights activist was christened "the first gay Latin star" by Out Magazine in December 2000.

Born to now-divorced parents David Gonzales Estrada and Aurora Sanchez Estrada, Jade Esteban Estrada has four siblings: Celeste, David, Olga and Sara. As a young boy, he participated in extra-curricular school activities and sang in the school choir, where he first noticed that his talent captivated audiences. Through the encouragement of his choir instructor he began to take voice lessons and eventually traveled to New York where he worked as an assistant to Tony award-winning actress Zoe Caldwell.

Estrada appeared in the German production of Starlight Express and also worked as a dancer for Seventeen Magazine. After two popular appearances as a transgender singer/dancer on NBC's The Jerry Springer Show, he won the attention of Latin TV personality Charo and worked as her chief choreographer and lead dancer. He gained international recognition in 1998 when he released his first Latin pop single, "Reggae Twist" on the Brooklyn-based Total Envision Records label. He later turned his attention to solo theatre and stand-up comedy.

In 2008, he hosted the 19th Annual South Florida GLAAD Media Awards on Bravo. During the Obama Administration, he was invited to The White House to attend the State Arrival Ceremony welcoming the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón and First Lady Margarita Zavala.

Kieron Estrada

Kieron Estrada was born in 1971 on the outskirts of Los Angeles at the UCLA medical center. From early on, Kieron had an immediate interest in making movies. Often he was seen filming family with his 8mm camera...making Latino/soul brother zombie movies with his brother and neighborhood friends and spying on neighbors lurking behind their bushes outside their bathroom window, which eventually landed Kieron in Juvenile Hall...filming undisciplined youths and telling the stories of their lives. Soon Kieron grew up and became a man, but always the child at heart. Currently, Kieron has been working as a TV commercial Location Manager/Location scout for the past 4 years with many of the top directors and production companies in the industry. After working on feature films for 4 years, he jumped into the commercial world to establish his career and allow more personal time to accomplish his goals of producing movies, making chips and salsa, and working on his broken down Corvette. He also edits on Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Efects and is currently learning Lightwave Software and having no success working in 3d, but still trying.

Michelle Boudreau

Michelle began her career in front of the camera in 1981 with a modeling assignment for an album cover. She has appeared in ads for Matrix hair, Jag swimwear, Brides Magazine and Harley Davidson Calendar (Miss March 1993) followed by many more years of modeling in both print and TV commercials. In addition to modeling in 1984, Boudreau was hired by American Airlines as a flight attendant. Michelle moved to Los Angles in 1986 as she gained momentum with her career.

Boudreau's acting debut came shortly after moving to LA with her first audition in 1988, in a costarring role for the TV show; Head of the Class. Other TV and Film roles followed with Murphy Brown, Executive Decision and several featured walk-on roles including: The Flintstones, Naked Gun 33 1/3, Speed 2, Naked Gun 2 ½, Full House, Bay Watch, Murder She Wrote, Models Inc. and Wings to name a few.

Boudreau also had frequent assignments with fortune 500 companies as a live spokesperson in the 1980's and 90's. She also appeared in numerous TV commercials during that time.

In the year 2000, Boudreau starred in a Super Bowl commercial for Jack in the Box, cast in the role of a Leeza Gibbons/Diane Sawyer type interviewer. The spot was shot in late 1998; this marked the beginning of her TV Hosting career.

In 1999 Boudreau was sought out by HSN as a contracted TV host. She accepted the position and they moved her to Florida. Michelle was the first on-air host in HSN's history to do a live broadcast overseas from Germany.

After leaving HSN in 2001, Boudreau began her role as a production and product consultant. Her clients have included 30-year Young and Restless soap opera veteran Jeanne Cooper. Michelle went on to host infomercials with Eric Estrada, Chef Tony, John Beck, Harvey Diamond, Video Professor and Lotus Sanitizer, selling over one billion dollars in product. In 2004 she moved on to a producer and director role with the start of her own production company in Beverly Hills, CA specializing in commercials and infomercials.

Boudreau was invited by infomercial leader Guthy-Renker to join their prestigious advisory team in 2005 to advise on new show concepts, new products, strategic sales planning, pricing, marketing, celebrity casting, up-sells, contingency programs and scripting.

After several years in production, Boudreau decided to make the shift to creating, promoting, and marketing her own financial motivational and self-help products, including books and audio programs. She co-created the Debt Rescue System, an infomercial with coaching modules and membership website. Leading her to become a financial guru helping thousands across the country.

Reggie Banks

Reggie Banks, Sr. was born in Little Rock, Arkansas to Patriarch & Matriarch Willie and Callie Banks, May 15, 1951. Before he was a year old they left the segregationist confines of Arkansas for hopefully greener pastures and better jobs in Kansas City. The family grew to become a large loving Catholic family of eleven children, seven boys and four girls.

Reggie went through the disciplined & orthodox upbringing as an altar boy at Blessed Sacrament elementary school, De La Salle Military Prep Catholic (all boy) high school. Where he first started acting, singing and playing instruments for the young men's glee club. He also lettered in varsity football, track and basketball. Reggie was nicknamed the "Sidney" Poitier of his generation, along with being nominated "Outstanding Teenager of America," Student Council President, and earning various college scholarships.

During his junior and senior year he first became an usher for American Multi-Cinema theaters and his interest was piqued by the projectionist booth and running films. After mentoring and training he became a projectionist and many years later became the President of IATSE & MPMO - International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees & Moving Picture Machine Operators of USA and Canada 170 (there was a black and white projectionist union). Reggie & Business Manager Frank Dowd of 170 negotiated a job with Chief Engineer Steve Smith, at the CBS affiliate KCTV-5 in 1971, thus began his career in film projection, video, 6-10 newscasts, broadcast engineering and thousands of productions "on air" with new and major celebrities.

Personal stability was brought about with the addition of his first marriage to his high school sweetheart Ida and stepson Dennis and sons Reggie Banks, Jr. and Rian Christopher Banks. He designed and built his first home and attended Longview Community College and Ohio State University and studied Electrical Engineering Technology,and earned an FCC Broadcast Engineers license. His second marriage to Willia produced his last and youngest son Regan David Banks, who recently graduated from high school in Indianapolis, Indiana. He received the Presidential award and Blackberry Castle Productions wrote a proposal on his volunteerism but, he received a "full ride" scholarship in biology/pre-med to Indiana University. All of his sons have worked diligently for BCP's Advisory Board.

The Renaissance Man (Reggie Sr.) had a penchant & hobby for motorcycles. He wrote the club by-laws and, co-designed the "colors" of the Kansas City Zodiac Motorcycle Club with Harold O'field and was an original incorporator. Reggie has worked with acts from Bob Hope, George Goebel, Connie Stevens, Diana Ross,Temptations, Spinners, Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, featuring Teddy Pendergrass, B. B. King, Peter Frampton, to President Gerald Ford, Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Leslie Stahl, Jerry Lewis, Al Green et.al.

Most recently through the auspices of his non-profit company Blackberry Castle Productions, inc., he has worked with celebrity benefactors & crew, for children's educational soap opera "The Really Young & The Very Restless" (RYVRtm- river) that has included Leslie Nielsen, Eric Estrada, Dr. Bill Cosby, William Shatner, LeVar Burton, Florence Henderson, Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher, Nicollette Sheridan, Don Knotts, Karen Knotts, Helen Griffiths, Esther Luttrell, Art Still (KC Chiefs), George Brett (KC Royals), former mayors Ed Eilert, Emmanuel Cleaver (now Congressman) and many, many others.

RBSR Enterprises L.L.C. in association with Blackberry Castle Productions,inc. are in the development stages of a major regional, national and international launch of KCKIDZ RECIPEEZtm cookbook "gourmet miracle marinade" and other product extension lines that are a culmination of years of tried and true hard work by family, friends, crew and staff.

Vincent Gironda

Known as the "Iron Guru", Vincent Gironda was considered one of the greatest personal trainers who ever lived. He dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge and acquired an in-depth understanding of physical training, equipment, and nutrition which was decades ahead of its time (he could name every muscle in the human body and describe its function).

In 1946, he opened "Vince's Gym" in Los Angeles, which remained open until shortly before his death in 1997. Movie stars were often sent to shape up under his supervision, as he was able to produce results after only a few weeks or even days of training. Throughout his career Vince trained Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington, James Garner, 'Brian Keith', Tommy Chong', 'Erik Estrada', Michael Landon, Kurt Russell, Burt Reynolds, Carl Weathers, and Cher. He also played a critical role in developing Arnold Schwarzenegger's physique.

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